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-i- iPAGE e M E HUB, liITTI/E VAUIiBY, N.Y. MUESDAY, TO fE 20 , 1910 ' ‘ ' _ _ ~ ___ t. F o f S P R M M S S@re Mtsicle.^- Brulses, ISS!'' D o n ’t 6ixffer, M ercliaiit’s G a tgling G il Linimetit, T * - • ! R e g a rding federal aid in C a tarau gus county it will be rem em b ered Ib a t tb e tentative state map prepar­ ed by tiie departm e n t under Com­ m issioner and approved by the legis latu re Chap. 462 laws of 1917) allotted tw enty-tw o m iles to this county. The sections w ere placed on order of building as tollows: Ma- chias-A rcade seven m iles; E a s t Ran dolph-Little Valley 7.5 m iles; B rad ford-C a rrollton 7.5 miles. By plac­ ing the B radford-C a rroilton road at the top of the list our road becomes Ia,st on the order of construction. W a iter S. JBrewster, wife of th e Ron m a intain ‘ Consul in Chicago, C h a ir m a n of the Chicago Com m ittee and Vice P resident of the N ational. Com­ m ittee of the F a therless Ghildiren of F rance has charge of the prom otion^ Of th is campaign. Mrs. B rew ster has ju s t returned from a to u r of investigation through the devastated regions of France. The highest French officials pro­ vided her w ith m ilitary escort and bestowed upon ber every courtesy during her vi^it to the vmr zone.She lived in the appalling conditions of these children and th e ir m o thers— V/hen the map was prepared, it was m e se cjuiiui«ju estim a te d that?l6,C 0 0 a m ile w o u ld;she knows th a t thousands of child- build the average road — n o w the ex I ron oVer th e re are undernourished, pense is a lot more so th a t the m ile | starving, and succum b ing to sick- Our Boys Over There Angelo, O tto/ P rivate, B a ttery B., 307th F. A., Camp Dix, N. J. Ball, Clair, P rivate, A m erican E. F „ via N. Y. City. BufCum, H e rbert J., Private, A m eri­ can E. F., via N. Y. City. Beardsley, Myron Fred, Co. B., 301st Fd. Sig. Bn., Camp Devens, Mass. to he built i ^ ^ S h e says th a t in all the northern Has pto'ven to he tHe J« 3 E -B E S T Fos: N e a r ly a C e n tury Ask for good, old. Honest' NERCHANTlSl G A R 6 U R G 0 1 L IINIMIMI Stops Pain, 25 c Bottle, C. li. McLOUTH, D ruggist L ittle Valley, N. Y. MAY DELAY ROAD WORK , 3 . ^ © L .V / K / W ------ ----- I to the county is cut in half. In fact j the s t a t e m e n t s which come from A1- j bany indicate th a t $352,000 foderal ! aid allotted to this county will not J b u ild m o re than two or th r e e m iles ’ m o re th a n the B radford-C a rrollton road. So far as through traffic is con- I c e rned the E a s t R a n d o lph-Little I V alley highw ay is vastly m o re im- i tionportant than the B radford con­ nection, which adm ittedly is a dead end construction solely for the ben- , efit of the Pennsylvania m o torists, I T h rough traffic is held up indefinite ly on two m ain lines to give prefer­ ence to out-of-the state connections and it is argued th a t the ninety thousand dollars donated by the cit- zens of B radford w a ranted this change from the established order, and certain it is th a t C a ttaraugus county m e t the Pennsylvanians in a cordial spirit and gave them ev­ ery assistance possible. The result however, is not th e less disastrous to the people of Cat taraugus county who now find the entire program, disarranged and much needed construction delayed into the far future. Assemblyman Ames is outspoken in regard to his position in th e m at- iter. To the R e g ister he said.'T have j n o thing against th e C a rrollton road I c o n struction and am glad to have a road b u ilt to accom m o d ate B rad­ ford providing the result is not in­ jurious to our county program . I W ith his retu r n from the special session of the legislature at Albany last week Assemblyman D. H. Ames brings the report th a t the construc­ tion of the Bradford-C a rrollton road is likely to reduce the federal aid funds to the extent th a t i t will be im p o ssible to construct other roads this season, says the RandolphRegis ter. Added to this is the situation th a t Governor Sm ith has vetoed the federal aid hill for the coming year so it is entirely possible th a t the roads th a t w ere to he improved with th i s fund w ill have to go over for another two years. T h e local point to this story con­ tin u e s the R e g ister, is the fact th a t th e E a s t R a n d o lph-Little Valley ro a d was one of those so scheduled an d Which will have to go over indef initely. w a n t to see such towns as Napoli and M achias and Arcade taken care of befox’e I am interested in B rad­ ford; and so f a r as I m concerned personally I am opposed to moving these roads back on the order of construction to please the B radford people.” Ju s t w h a t action w ill be taken it is not known, for the purpose of keeping the old order of construc­ tion in force but it is a m a tter th a t should be understood thoroughly in these . sections particularly interest­ ed ih^ the roads which were placed ahead of the C a rrollton road on the supervisor’s schedule. country there is no village untouch­ ed and scarcely a house w ith a roof There is not a bridge th a t has not been dynam ited, a factory th a t has not been ruined. The tales t h a t are told of the Germ an invasion are un thinkable, shocking. Still the peo­ ple of the north tell them dispassion ately. They have borne so much th a t they have no energy to show passion over th e ir sufferings. They are coming back into these terrible towns as soon.as they are allowed. They usually bring th e ir possessions w ith them in tw o -string hags. Possi­ bly they have enough to fill a red tablecloth knotted a t the corners. To Cambria, 17,000 out of a pre­ w a r population of 29,000 have re­ turned. They live ten and twelve in a room, and m any of the rooms have no roofs. “F o r two days we m o tored over this northern country before we saw a cow, a chicken or a horse. The country is stripped bare of every­ thing th a t m akes it liveable. B u t to the French it is still lovable. As you ride through it your pity for France is infinite. B u t in your own m ind a r e . no w o rds to express your feelings tow a rd Germany. There are m iles and m iles of grayish- brown dust which were fertile farm s and pleasant valleys, forests and or­ chards and orchards. About Ver­ dun as far as you can see, are.g r e a t heaps of sand, no sign of life th a t was, no prom ise of any life to come. H e re and there some cross m a rks the spot w h ere some soldier, killed in the. last days of the war, lies bur-, ied. Those who died in the frightful- ness of the earlier battles lie some­ w h ere beneath th a t aw ful heap of dust. All along this strip of dead country are soldiers’ graves, singly in the m iddle of plowed fields, in groups along the roads, or row after row in some fibld cemetery. The fathers of m any of the little child­ ren for whom we are seeking to care are buried there, and m ore have left no trace,” says Mrs. Brews ter. Every day of her stay in the war zone it was m ade vividly clear to Mrs. B rew ster th a t we muM work harder and faster than ever before - - —•n -^^4, Case, Alton D., P rvt., Go. D., 59th N. Y. Pioneer Infantry, via New York. * Champlin, Jesse T., 1st class private, 2nd Engineering, 2nd B a ttalion, American E. Forces, via N. Y.City. Cool, Glenn, P rivate, IT. S. S. lowa, via New Y o rk City. Cook, Jam e s L e s ter Shearer Jr., Co. F . 302nd Engineers, Am. Expd. Forces, via Ne^v' Y o rk City. Field, Jam e s, P rivate, Co. C., 502 Eng, S. Bn., American E. F., 1st L t. J. G. L o tt, via N. Y. Ciiy. Field, Ralph, U. S. S. Leviathan, Care of P o stm a ster N. Y. City. F is h e r, Clarence, P rivate, Aviaton Squadron, 357 H a z e lhurst Field, via Postm a ster, N. Y. Goodrich, F rank, P rivate, Co. F., 305th Infantry, ,4.merican E. P., via N. Y. City. G arrison, Clark, Private, Division 595 U. S. A. A. C., A llentown, Pa. H all, F ranklin, m a c h inist m a te, IT. S. N., U.S.S. M alang, Care post­ m a ster, N. Y. City. H eher, A. P., Serg’t. 4th Co., G. S. I. P o r t Slocum, N. Y. H eber, A. G., Chief Mechanic, H d q r. F. A. Brigade, 2nd Division, Amer­ ican E. P ., via N. Y. City. Hemenway, W a rd I., Ordnance Sergt Ordnance Hdq., A. P. O. 762 CatsrrMDeafifiess Cannot Be Cored by local appii<;iations, as they cannot reach, the diseased portion of tho eaiv There is only one way to cure catarrhal deafness, and that is by a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal SJeafness is caused by an in- flamed condition of the mucous lining of th e Kustachian Tube. W'hen this tube Is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or im ­ perfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed. Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can be reduced and this tube restored to its normal condition, i» hearing Will be destroyed forever. Many cases of deafness are caused by catarrh, which is an inflamed condition of the mucous sur­ faces. H all’s Catarrh Medicine act^ t h r u the blood on the mucous surfacesiPP the * system. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Catai-rhal Deafness that cannot be cured by H a ll’s Catarrh Medicine. Cir-' Vzi&ra free. All Druggists, 75c. F. J. CHENET & CO., Toledo, O. H e a l t e r diild ren . MERCHANT’S yieETlBLE WORM TIBIETS Remove Wonns in Children and Adults and correct disorders of the-stomach and bowels, relieve feverishness, constipation, restore the child or adult to health and vigor. Usdd for 82 years '’'At ail druggists, or sent post­ paid for 25 c. ^ ------- Merchant’s ' AN APPEALING CAMPAIGN One of the m o st appealing cam ­ paigns of the after-the-w a r period will be lau n c h e r . this m o n th, asking j ixai -------- foster-parents for sixty th o u - ' or thousands of children , will yet n/r— ■m.ar’ia'h in Frauce. for lOStei'-pai'eni/C) jux . OXXXV.J ------ _ _ sand w ar orphans of France. Mrs. perish m France. CHARGE PARTIALITY W ashington, June 2 U n fairness by the w a r departm e n t in adopting a system of unequal benefits to reg ular and national arm y officers wounded in the service of th e ir country has been charged by Rep­ resentative Stevenson of Illinois, in a recent speech to the house. He said: “I w a n t to direct th e attention of Conrgess to an injustice it seems to me, in providing for the disabled soldiers of the N a tional arm y . I was out a t W a lter Reed H o spital recent­ ly and saw a young m a n from my country, a young lieutenant, who had lost his arm . H e called m y at­ tention to the fact t h a t he w as cer­ tified as being partially disabled and was entitled to one-half th e pay of a private soldier, $15 per m o n th. He was in th e national army. He was a m an w ith a business which was W^orth $2,500 a yeiar to him,. He w ent into a training camp. He got to be first lieutenant and in th e Ar- gonne F o rest he lost his arm ju s t at the shoulder and is now entitled to fifteen dollars a m o n th compensa tion. “On the other hand, a first lieu­ ten a n t who is in the regular arm y — and this is w h ere the injustice ap­ pears— ^in th e sam e w a rd suffered the sam;e way and is retired at three fourths of his pay, which am o u n ts to about a hundred and fifty-seven dollars a m o n th. V ery naturally the distinction betw een the m a n who w ent into the national arm y and who. suffered the same disability i dollars WESTERN NEW YORK AND PENN­ SYLVANIA TRACTION COMPANY TIM E T A B L E V S c h e d u le for Glean, Bradford and Sal­ amanca Division via Seneca Junctionv a lso L i t t l e Y a l l e y D iv isio n , In E ffect Jamiary 2, 1018. A. M. fig u r e s are sh o w n in lig h t fa c e . P. M. fig u r e s a r e sh o w n in d a r k fa c e . t} fi 0 ^ 5 0 K Q> 1 {S i^PQOw 'd in (S . T3 • 0 P! Wr-H Tj c3 u <j) >> 2; ® (« 5 SO 7 00 7 00 7 05 7 00 7 '3 0 8 30 8 30 8 35 8 30 9 00 10 00 10 00 10 05 10 00 10 30 11 30 11 30 11 35 11 30 12 1 00 1 00 1 05 Y 00 1 30 2 SO 2 30 2 35 2 30 3 00 4 00 4 00 4 05 4 00 4 3 # 5 30 5 30 5 35 5 30 6 o e 7 00 7 00 7 05 7 00 7 3 0 8 15 8 15 8 20 8 20 8 s e 8 30 9 30 9 35 9 35 10 i » 10 45 10 50 10 50 11 15 'X and was given fifteen dolla rs a H anson, Lee H., Prvt., Co. D. 59 th P i-j m o n th and th e m a n who was p u t on oneer Infantry, A. E. F., via New j $157 a m o n th is bound to raise eon siderable criticism and properly so. In th e same hospital there is a col­ onel who lost his leg. He certified 1 , X SOCONY TRACTOR OIL \ York. Holmes, Carl A., Mech., Troop 3rd U. S. Cavalry, A.’ E. P. Milks, Allen G., 413 Casual Co., Am. Expd. Forces, via New York City. V a illant, C. G., Corporal, Co. C., 102nd A m m u n ition Train, 27th Division, Am erican E. P. W est, Charles, Private, B a ttery B., 19th P. A., American E. F. Whitmore Harold F., Private, Co. B., 25th Engineers, i^merican E. F., via N. Y. City. W hipple, W H „ C. Y., C. S. N. xNa- val Intelligence Office, W ashing­ ton, D. C. Wood, Corp. Gerald D., 330 Supply Co, Q u a rterm a s ter’s Corps^ A. \3. P., via Nev/ York. Crandall, H arvey E „ U. S. S. Min­ nesota, cfo Postm a ster at F o rtress Monroe, Va. iiiilijiiiii 111111 i i i i p ■ P I iyliylHliSmlhl iiiiiil l i i l i i i i ■n Keep Your Tractor Investment at Par Only correct lubrication can keep your tractor en­ gine as good as new—free from destructive wear— full-poweredfor every pui’- pose. It needs an oil that retainsitslubricatingqual- ities at the high operating heat of tractor engines. SoGOny Gas Engine Trac­ tor Oil is the oil recommend­ ed by leading farm tractor manufacturers. Keeps pistons, cylinders, valve mechanism and bearings con­ tinuously cushioned with a we^-preventing film of pure lubricant. Enables the crank­ shaft to receive and transmit the power from the flying pis­ tons with the minimum of fric­ tion, jar, vibration and strain. Maintains full compression and gets from the fuel every usable ounce o f power. Means small bills for repairs. Polarine Gear Oil Polarine Transmission Gup Grease For satisfactory engine service and economy o f operation, buy all your oils, greases and fuel under the SoGOny si— .J l l l ll iik . i i . n • at about fifty per cent disability and is given fifteen dollars a m o n th com pensation,— ^half a soldier’s pay. A colonel in the regular arm y who has the same disability is retired a t a- round $325 a m onth. That is a condition th a t is arising everyw h ere and the House is going to be confronted w ith a pretty per­ sistent demand from those who have been in the national arm y to bring about some appearance of justice as between the men who served in the national and in the regular army. “W ith th e private soldiers it is practically th e same. I rem e m b er the enthusiasm w ith which we here sought to put everybody on an equal iay in th is m a tter of com p ensation and by which a private and an offi­ cer w ere placed on the same equal­ ity. B u t if you do th a t and do not put the regular arm y officer on the sam e plane then you are doing an injustice to the m an who dropped his business and w ent across with Under the plan of campaign being , undertaken each Amecican fo s ter-: the .national army. parent pledges ten cents a day or $3 a m o nth, or $36.50 a year, and this added to a tiny allowance of the same am o u n t allowed by the gov­ ernm e n t m eans sav in g , g race to a French child, allowing it not onlyj l^IANY KILLED IN TORNADO St. Paul,M inn.,June 23.— A death list of hetv/een sixty and seventy killed and m ore than one hundred injured is indicated by the latest re TT1 _ n _ The 5:30 A. M. car from Glean only g o e s to S a lam a n c a . T h e 10:45 P . M. car from B r a d ford g o e s to O lean on ly. T h e la s t car le a v i n g L i t t l e V a lle y th a t m a k e s co n n e c t io n s for O lean and B r a d ford is th e on e le a v i n g L i t t l e V a l ­ le y a t 10:10 P . M. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE Made Promptly Deeds Mortgages, Leases, Con­ tracts, Wills and other legal papers draivn an short notice. Notary Public with Seal MARION J. RICH, Ex-Co. Clerk, Little Valley, N.Y. Bell Phone 52-W J. H- WILSON, General Insurance Agent, L ittle VaUey, N. I . Old reliable companies represented. Fire, Life and Accident policies w rit­ ten. DENTIST. A. D. Ames, D. D. S., of Ellicott- ville, N. will be a t th e R e c k Oltjr H o tel every Saturday until fu rth e r notice. PIANO AND ORGAN TUNING R e g u lating and R e p a iiing M arvin J. Milks Little Valley, N. Y. Fhone 76-M to remain in its ow-n country, but ; ports today from Fergus Falls. ■With its widowed mother instead of All wires were torn down foi’ m a­ in an institution. Thus ate the bro ny miles around the city and the ken rem n a n ts of the little war lam - roads are reported to be impassable, ilies kept together. . Each foster pa i Tv’^o relief trains of nurses and rent is put in direct touch w ith the child for whom she has pledged the necessary ten cents a day, and v/ith it its m o ther through correspond­ ence. Every cent subscribed goes to th e child. The expenses of this doctors are on the v/ay there. The num b e r of persons injured when the O riental Lim ited was hit by the tornado and swept from the track is still unknown. The storm swept through the busi b C l C V iJJL J L X L I . -L. J_L ^ J.X k .7 ^ ■ ■. - - ~ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ _ generous philanthropy are borne by | n ess section of the towru demolish the generous friends of the org a n i- ;in g everything in its path. At the*! zation. To adopt a child or to m ake 1 least fifty bodies are said to be in a donation large or small, w rite for j th e wreckage of the hotel which was inform a tion to Mrs. W a lter S.Brews - ter, Room 634,'410 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111., w ith whom all lo razed as w e re all the buildings w ith in two blocks. liiliiiiiiiiiiiililllliiH .... i i i i i l i i i p i : i J i l i i i i l RIIH STANDARD OIL CO OJHcn New York Albility O F NEW YORK BaSalo cal chairm en of the F a therless Chil | ,St. Paul, Ju n e 23.— ^Reports from ‘F e rgus F a lls Minn., early today es­ tim a ted the num b e r of personskil- ied in the tornado which swept over th a t town last night at from two to four hundred and th e num b e r of in ju r e d at seven hundred. ' The tornado wiped out three of the business blocks of the city. A report from Staples said th a t the G rand H o tel has been razed by th e wind and the N o rthern Pacific depot demolished. The telephone operaton a t B a t­ tle Lake, about eighteen m iles w est of F e rgus F a lls reported th a t th e en tire town between the Grand H o tel and th e brew ery had been wiped out The hotel is situated on the eastern side of th e city and the brew ery on th e w est side. The operator reported also th a t two hundred persons had been il- led in the tornado. Fergus Falls has a population of about seven thousand. dren of France, in' every com m unity are now co-operating. An officer of the fleet just returned from abroad says the queerest ship mascot he ever saw was a full-sized boa constrictor on H. M. S. Valiant, one of the dreadnaughts of the Brit­ ish grand fleet—^long enougb> he ^ y s , to use for a homeward-bound pennant, it slightly flattened out. I t is com forting to. know th a t the other woman is more often seen on the stage than elsewhere. Your life may he a tragedy but do you think th a t death is a com­ edy If you’ve never been tempted you don’t know what you have missed. Notice to Creditors P u rsu a n t to an order of Hon. Al­ b e r t A. Bird, S u rrogate of C a ttarau­ gus County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claim s against the estate of Alice E. M iller, de­ ceased, late of th e City ofSalam anca C a ttaraugus County, New Y o rk, th a t they are required to present th e sam e w ith proper vouchers, to A. S . Chase, adm inistrator of the estate of said deceased, a t th e law office of Dowd & Quigley in th e city of Sal­ am anca, N. Y., on o r before t h e 1st day of Septem b er, 1919. A. E. C h a s e . . Administrator of the estate of Alice E. Miller, deceased, Dowd & Quigley, Attorneys for the Administrator, Salamanca, N. Y. D a ted Feb. 2 Jst, 1519. feb27 «epl P o l i s h l a d h u r t Joe Vehass, aged nine years, resid ing w ith his parents a t 59 E lm St., Salam anca, narrow ly escaped a ser­ ious injury or perhaps on last F r i­ day evening when h e was h it by one of the local trolley cars th a t run from W est to E a s t Salam anca every h o u r or so during the day. The m a rvelous thing about the ac sident was th a t th e car threw him ta one side .of the track instead of in fro n t of th e car. 'The accident occurred n e a r th e boy*s home on Elm street. He sart- ed to cross the street, stepping out froni behind a teiphone pole and on to th e track so close to the car that the motorman hadn’t the ghost of a show of stopping th e car before i t h it \the lad. T h e motoJ*man sound­ ed his gong and shouted a warning to the lad to prevent Mm from be­ ing struck squarely by th e car. As it was the ear hit him a glancing blow, throwing him to one side of the track, and saving him from h is , death. T h e car was going at mod­ erate speed at the time of the acci­ dent* Notice to Creditors P u rsuant to an order of Hon. .Al­ bert A. Bird, surrogate of C a ttarau­ gus County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claim s against the estate of M illard E. Jackson, late of the tow n of L ittle Valley, C a ttaraugus County, New York, de­ ceased, th a t they are required to present the same, w ith proper vouchers, to D. M. Brown, adm inis­ tra to r of the estate of said deceas­ ed, at his residence, 82 K e n t ave­ nue, city of Salam anca, on or before the 14th day of June, 1919. Dated December 9th, 1918. 6 mo D. M. BROWN, Adm’r. Notice to C reditors P u rsu a n t to an order of Hon. Al­ bert a Bird, S u rrogate of C a ttarau­ gus county, notice is hereby given to all persons having claim s against the estate of Thom a s Brodie, de- % ceased, late of the City of Salam an­ ca, C a ttaraugus County, N ew Y o rk, deceased, th a t they are required to present the same, w ith proper vouch, ers, to Johnston Brodie, adm inistra to r of the estate of s a id deceased, a t the law office of Dowd & Quigley No. 52 M ain street, Salam anca, N. Y., on or before th e 22nd day of Au­ gust, 1919. JOHNSTON BRODIE, A d m ’r. Dowd & Quigley, Atty^s for Adm’r, F e b ruary 15, 1919. feb20Aug22 V ■\, .. Notice t o C reditors P u r s u a n t to an order of H o n . Al­ bert A. Bird, S u rrogate of C a ttarau­ gus County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claim s a g a inst tho estate of Tim o thy H . Sweeney, late of th e city of Salam anca, C a ttarau­ gus' C ounty, New Y o rk, deceased, t h a t they are required to present th e sapie w ith proper Touchers to William Sweeney, executor o f the last will and testam e n t of said deceased, a t the of­ fice of Dowd & Quigley, 52 M ain S t„ in t h e city of Salam anca, on o r be­ fore th e 20th day of Ju n e , 1919- WILLLAM SWEENEY, Executor Dated Dec. l i t h , 1918 . 41 «mOi

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