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The Little Valley hub. (Little Valley, N.Y.) 1???-????, June 26, 1919, Image 5

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\ * ■ m T B B HTO» J l m J B VAIiIiEY, N ,ir. THPRSBAY, m J im 1^19 THE LOCAL NEWS PA G E S Warm WeatKerGoods # # O u r stocks have again been fille<4,,,in where styles and sizes were lacking. W e are showing some very attractive values in new goods. The hosiery and underwear lines have been made complete. Everything in Separate gar­ ments and union suits for men, wo- msn and children. WOMEN’S NECKW E A R \ r _ Some very pretty styles in Col- llrs- and a beautiful line of New isbades in Crepe Ties at 30c |New Styles in Auto Veils at 13c and 23c t NEW PATTERNS Some very pretty patteris in [this week at i 33c NEW SHIRTS Tbe p r e ttiest patterns we have lever shown in Silk and crepe [Shirts in sizes 14 to 16 at prices lall the way from |$1.30 t o $ 6 .3 0 NEW SOFT COIxLARS STRAW HATS You'll want- a new H a t fori next week’s program . W e are showing ^ variety of styles in Straw s and Panam s, priced from $1.30 to$3.00 New Caps priced from 30c to $2 MEN’S SUITS W e ,are showing some very at­ tractive values in Suits for Men! and young m en in Solid Col-I ors and Fancy M ixtures,— b o thj nobby and conservative m o delsi priced from $18 to $ 3 3 E x tra Trousers $1.73 t o $ 7 .30| G. ASHBY Little Valley New York \ I t isn ’t th e fact th a t you h a v e ' A girl thinks th a t after she is m a r m ade a fool of yourself th a t counts ‘ ried she will have everything her for everybody has done that, but own way,— and often she is right, w h e ther you keep on m a k ing a fo o l' __ , _______________ of yourself in the same way. j W h a t’s scandal for the goose is Your grouch hurts you worse scandal for the gander hut the gan- than it h u r ts those about you. ; d e r won’t always adm it it. SE&SBMRAILEDOOEHSfiTiffHt' S T Z S Fiercely, Ferocious Denizens of the Forest, Performing Feats that Stagger Belief I ( SOMETHINQ NEW—A TRAiNINQ TREUMPH Acrobatio Riding Lion exciting E q u e s trianism toy a n U n tam e a Jungle-Born Wild Beast TWO HOORS OF IftUGHS AHO THRILLS f? rOREST'BREb EbqC4TEb LEOF/IRbSI SCHOOL o r TIfiERS & FUnriSl BI9 BEAR ACTORBI ELEFHANTS & FONIESI BEHUINE BOXINQ KANBAROOSI T i$50,000 Group of Blaok-ManeiiJtfrieaiifinas The Group of E«dlurfrrfy Fw u t-Brsd lions •!!> EbdttonciB [scores of Gymnastic Stars from Everywheref An Army Furiously FUnny Olowns I M ’S Largest Safety-First Steel ls$M '3 Rings—2 Stages—Vast Aerial Spates f»i\. . .................. . ■ ............. . ' . ........ . EVERY MORNING AT 10:30-*RAIN O R SHINE Big New Free Strait Parade A Spectacular Introduction to th« World’* Greateet Wild Animal <3rcuo b rEBFOaiMNOES BMLY; AFTEBNOONT, A 2 NIHTT 6 A i D o o r s o p e n o n e ,h o u r e a r l ie r I O h — '-if— UESDAY.JUlYlIl Ralph Lawton of Elmira was in town Tuesday. M aude W ilder was in Salam anca Monday. Miss M a ragret M iller of Olean is spending th e week a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. W h iting. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Miller, M ar­ garet M iller and Mrs. McNall were Sunday guests at A. G. W h iting’s. Mr. and Mrs. Jean E. Reed, Mrs. Adah M. Boiler and Miss Blanche C h ristian spent Sunday on Lake Chautauqua. E a rl Fuss spent the week end at home. Mrs. Adell F rantz of H o rnell is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Mosher. Mary Leach is the guest of her sis ter Mrs. George W a tson for a few days. Rena Boberg suent the week end With her m o ther. Mrs. M artha N e w ton has been vis iting her son H u g h Newton for a week past. Mrs. M. J. Rich was in Salam an­ ca Monday. Mrs. Ralph Adye of Jam estow n is visiting a t the hom e of H iram Adye Mr. Richardson who has been oc­ cupying Mrs. W h ipple’s house has moved to W arsaw, Pa. Francis Eyre who has been visit­ ing his m o ther left for M ontana on Monday where he will- continue his w o rk in forestry this sum m er. Ray Shanon is visiting his sister Mrs. George Botsford. J. H. Davidson and wife of Olean w ere in town Tuesday. Mrs. J. H. H eber was in Jam e s­ town Tuesday. H arvey C randall has received his honorable discharge from the ser­ vice of Uncle Sam overseas and has returned home. Joseph P latts and fam ily were in Jam estow n Tuesday. Dorothy Amadou of Frew sburg is visiting at th e home of H iram Adye. Chas. Miller and wife of Olean were in town visiting the first of the week. George W, K o rn and fam ily were visiting in Jam estow n Sunday. W m. W iarner had theea-sM wRE Mrs. Leach of Randolph spent the week end w ith her daughter Mrs. George W atson. Mrs. A. J. Hevieux visited her hro ther, Joshua Jackson Monday even­ ing. Lena Backus has returned from Randolph where she has been attend ing the teacher’s training class for the past season. Hov/ard Sm ith of Olean spent Sun day in town. H enry Carroll has arrived home from service overseas and has re­ ceived his honorable discharge from the service of his country. Mrs. Ellen Jackson is visiting her daughter Mrs. S. L. Sweetland Jr., in Salamanca. Josephine P latts has been spend­ ing several days w ith her parents. Mrs. Simons was the guest of her son John Sim o n s and fam ily of Rock City street this week. Howard W right of Salam anca was in town W ednesday. Mr. H o ag and fam ily m o tored to Geneseo W ednesday to attend the graduation exercises of the school there in which his daughter M ilicent had a part. A rthur B ridenhaker of Ellicott ville and Helen McClusky of this vil l?.sge were united in m a rriage at the People’s M. B. parsonage on Satur­ day morning. Francis Buskist has been home, several days from the Jam estow n business college. - D. C. Sherm an and family spent Sunday a t Lake Chautauqua. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ansell of Sal am anca visited am o n g friends in tow n Sunday. Mrs. K. F. Norms is visiting at Syracuse this week. Beulah K ing has returned home after closing her school at B e lfast. Eva Green returned Saturday from W a shington w h ere she has been employed. Mrs. Sullivan Skeels of Otto was in town Monday. Ida May Eddy was in Salam anca W ednesday. C. P. Rice attended a convention in celebration of the 22nd anniver sary of the W. R. C. a t Elm ira this week. E thel Niles who is living w ith her sister in Cleveland, is visiting here for a few days. Mrs. C. M etzgar continues very ill and many friends are hoping th a t she may come through her illness safely and again regain her health. Mary Kelley found business in Salam anca on Saturday. Jah n Stoll is moving his residene onto Rock City street. Mrs. H a rry W ilder was in Sala­ m anca Saturday. W e nearly overlooked the fact th a t M rs.-Alm a Covert is the ow n er of a fine new NaSh five-passenger car, purchased through the Backus agency. Many friends are adm iring the m achine and w ishing h e r happi­ ness w ith it. Daniel Gibson was in E lm ira Tues day. L, H. Bushnell and wife visited am o n g friends and relatives in Sal­ am anca Friday. Miss M a rjorie Bore! of Bldred is the guest of her sister Mrs. Leon Strang for a few days, and taking in the Chautauqua. The C h a u tauqua has been quite well attended this week by our peP? pie. We hope we will be ablepio have another course next year. j,ti. F red W illard and children arc'ajt Geneva w h ere they will pass a few m o n ths of sum m er vacation. They w ent Tuesday m o rning. Many friends are wishing them the best tim e ever. Mrs. Bishop received a card from her son F r a n k Saturday th a t he had landed safely in New York. He is a corporal in the m o tor supply com­ pany, and we have had several in ter esting articles sent by him from the other side to the Huh for publica­ tion in past editions. Corporal Bish­ op has been overseas for two years and th a t is quite a while to go w ith out a sight of the loved ones at home. He will arrive at home as soon as possible. F o r R e n t. Rooms on Seventh St. Inquire of Mrs. Mary W hipple. Mrs. Thos. Knowles was in Buffa­ lo over the week end and heard the famous Sousa Band at the Elmwood Music H all while there. She reports it as being a very pleasing treat. Mrs, Joseph M e rkt of Moran, Tex as, and daughter. Miss M a rguerite jN,utting of Dallas, Tex., have been ! the guests of Mrs. Thos. Knowles for a few days. The m em bers of the Junior Chau tauqua took breakfast on the hill I T u esday m o rning with th e ir play I leader Miss Norm an and had a very ‘ h appy tinie. ! We put this little note in here for j fun to see if it will catch the eye of ' the person for whom we intend it. We are nearly out of poetry,— send over some more. Sinful City Dying. Hopewell, Va., the “wickedest city,” which arose out of nothing like a town of the Klondike three and a half years ago, has died a sudden death. The great powder mills are be^ ing dismantled. Forty thousand in­ habitants of the town have begun an exo(^us. In-a'few months the cornhelds from which .the town sprang will be restored. Only, stories of unbelievable vice and pistol duels will survive. The DuPonts built a $75,000,000 powder plant and Hopewell grew up with .it in a few months. Cornfields sold for $20,000 an acre. Dance halls, gambling rooms and saloons brought desperate men into the town. Revolvers were a part of every man’s equipment. The old strong arm law of the Wild West days prevailed. And now the inhabi­ tants are scattering to the four cor­ ners of the country.—Boston Globe. Then and Now, “Seventy-five cents a dozen for eggs, why, man, that’s downright rob­ bery,” protested, the College avenue customer to the Bellefontaine street grocer. “When I was a little shaver,” said a man who was leaving the store, with five cracked eggs, “my father and I hauled four tubs of hen fruit to the country store and were offered, what do you suppose? Two cents a dozen,' instead of the usual four pennies. But did we sell the eggs at that? Not on your life. “ ‘We’ll take our own time getting home,’ my father said, as we climbed Into the wagon, ‘and if you see any­ thing you feel like throwing at, son, get busy with these blamed eggs.’ ”— fodianapolls News. _____ Welcome Home! to returned soldiers and sailors, and 4th OF JULY CELEBRATIOIVa at Cattaraugus, N . Y., this year Hon. L ^ l i e A. Pease, will speak. F a n tastic and Industrial Parade. B a ll Game and H o rse Race O ther sports and races. Open A ir M otion Pictures. Band Concert. - TWO HAMiS HAVE BEEN SECDBED FO B BANGING IN TMm EVENING ONE FOB AM / SQUARE RANGES AND THE OTHER FOB AIA* BOUNB BANCaSS , , . Come to Cattarauj^us ' July Fourth f — — — — — —— w Wiiting’sSt(n«NeMrs The Glorious Fourth is one week from tomorrow. Of course you will celebrate the day. We offer many things you will need for this day. New Dresses Several new Voile dresses in this week. Cool dresses in white, lig'ht and dark colors. Pric^s„3*75 to 9.75. Every silk dress in our store has been reduced; foulards, taffeta and taffeta with ^eor^ette sleeves: navy copen tan, rose. Prices are from 9.00 to 25.00. New smocks in rose, copen and shades of green at 2.48 to 3.98. White voile waists at 1.75 to 4.98. Georgette crepe and crepe de chene waists at 3.75 to 7.50. Tub Silk Waists in beautiful colors at 3.75 and 4.98. _________________^ Underwear Knit underwear for men, women and children. Suits are selling very well We ofier a splendid assortment of mus­ lin underwear. Fine cambrics and bat­ iste in white and flesh color. Envelope combinations; bloomers, gowns; skirts, drawers and corset covers. Archie G. Wlnting LITTLE VALLEY C. B. Corsets A new shipment this week. Front and back lace models. Prices 1.00 to 2.50. & For Men New silk ties for the Fourth; prices 65c, 75c and 1.00; wash ties at 25c *and 50c. Fine belts at 25c to 1.00; suspenders S9c to a silk suspender with gold plated buckles at 1.00 Men’s black and brown Walkover shoes at 6.50, 7.00 and 7.50; men’s shoes will be higkerr now is a good time to buy; Men’s cotton hose st lie to 29c; mercer­ ized at 45c; Phoenix silk hose at 75c. New Shirts, soft collars, caps and cloth hats Pont* Throw Away the Old Tires! We will buy them a V i X l l l e x ' 5 0 0 0 JS/E±1 g X F L E 3 .. L ist P r ic e A l l o w a n c e o n O ld T ir e s 30x3 $15.75 $1.00 30x31-2 20.00 2.00 32x31-2 28.35 2.10 31x4 3.0ft 32x4 31.85 ■ •. 3.{M>- • 33x4 83.85 3.15 - R4x4 34.10 3 .m 35x4 1-2 47.30 jon . 450 36x41-2 48.00 . 5.00 35x5 55.55 5 .^ 37x5 '58,85 ■ 6.00 - V -1 . X m JES 1ST C. Shaw, Prop. Erie Street JLlitle I ■V Where did you get the idea that your frieuds are as much interested [in your business as you are. ^ Bushy eyebrows may serve some wise purpose hut who the land pro­ fesses to know what it is. Lewis Stoll and family spent Sun day in town with relatives. Housekeeping may be m<moton-- ous but then quite a few housekeep ers are not.- : T a k e care of your pennies and y o u r h e ir s will- take emee of them ­ selves. Neal Fuss of Olean spent Sunday w ith his parents. • --a :

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