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r-TT;;; e-5L»« t»AGE 4 ^IS E HUB, IiMKDMB VAMiBY, N,T* THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1016 MBfCrai The Little Valley Hub THE COUNTY SEAT REPUBLICAN PAPER W ith Good Live M a tter on Every Page. Subscription Price .$1.50 a Year, Strictly in Advance E n tered as second class m a tter a t th e P o s t Office at L ittle Valley, N. Y. HERBERT H. SHIPHERD, Owner. LEON ED STRANG, E d itor and M anager. : LEAGUE SCHEME AIDS : GERMANY T h e league to enforce peace, the president of which is Mr. Taft, has dopted a new slogan “Don’t let Ger m a n y win the w a r through the U. B. Senate.” W ith th a t as tlfeii' w atchw o rd they are to start a cam paign throughout the country to de­ fe a t the Knox resoultion for a sep­ aratio n of the league and the treaty F o r w h a te v e r concessions Germa­ n y has won from the allies the res­ ponsibility is on the league of n a ­ tions. H ad the league been post­ po n e d and the conference a t Paris proceeded to directly to the prepa- xation of a peace treaty there would have been little tim e for Germany to effectuate h e r propaganda to les­ sening th e severing of the term s. B u t throughout the prolonged dis­ cussion of the .league Germany was busy creating sentim e n t in her he- haif, w ith th e result th a t we have seen a reduction of the original de­ m a n d for reparation and the term s for its paym ent and w ith so many o th e r changes in the first d r a f t of th e treaty th a t wc are now inform ed th a t «it is to be rew ritten to ac- commodate the German demands. N o t only is the delay th a t has m a d e these changes necessary to be •charged to the controversy over the league, but, according to reports from- Paris, Germany is to be made a m e m b er of tbe league if it shall com e into being. If-, th a t is a fact Germany will be tn, a position to veto anything th t an y other m e m b er nation may wish to accomplish under th e protection of the league, and w ill be alm o st as m u c L the m istress of the world as if her conquest by the force of arm s had succeededr W ith Germ any a m e m b e r her capacity for working m ischief would he practically unlim ited. T h e anarchists and the bolshevik in this country do not constitute a dangerous menace. Their activities and. outbursts are sporadic and sep -larated and are confined to lim ited a reas and are easily controlled by de ■termined officials of law and order. B u t the ram ifications of the league to ' enforce peace extend through the nation. They have headquarters in evejfy state w ith am p le funds to car ry them on in their vicious propa­ ganda. No attem p t is being made a t th e ir suppression becau^se th e y are preaching the same doctrines p u t up by the president and by the adm inistration at W ashington, and yet th e ir influence tow ard the disin­ tegration of our political structure and the loss of our con|titutional rights- and liberties is, by reason of th e ir great resources and ability to reach the people, far greater than th a t of ny group of soviets or nest of anarchists can possibly be. Gas bombs filled with insidious in Vitations to desert our teachings of a century are substituted B u t suppose the m a tter is not sub m itted to arbitration; then the m a t­ ter is subm itted to the council. If the council is unable to settle the dispute it shali “either unanim o u s­ ly or by a m a jority vote” report and recommend. If this report is unan imously agreed to by the council the m em bers of the league agree they will not go to w ar w ith w ith any party to the dispute who lives up to the recom em n ’dations. If th e re­ port is not unanim o u s then the mem bers of the Leagaue reserve the right-ct,. BearMn^5^iind th a t Japan has her eye on Mexican territo r ian conces­ sions and th a t she is a m e m b er of the council. The report of the as­ sembly (composed of league mem­ bers) m u st be concurred by all mem on bers of the league represented the council and a m a jority of the other m em b ers of the league the in - . clear-cut statem e n t of w h a t the sen the proposal for a league of na­ tions tb Msuve th e : permaxieht peace of th e world Should hie then taken up for careful and serious consideration.”- Since th e prom u lgation of th a t resolution the league covenant, has assum ed definite form and has been linked w ith the peace treaty by th e president in open defiance of the ad­ vice of the senate. Accepting the challenge of the president and cour ageously adhering to the principles enunciated in the second declara-1 tion. Senator Knox him self, one of the signers of th a t now fam o us doc um ent, has draw n the issue in un­ m istakable term s. There is no equi vocation in the language used. It is an unqualified announcem e n t to Mr. W ilson and to the world th a t if the league is subm itted to the senate as a p a r t of the treaty it will be re'- prom p ted. Couched in dignified yet unm istakable phrases the Knox res­ olution reads in part as follows. “Resolved by the Senate of the United States, T h a t it will regard as fully adequate for our national needs and as com­ pletely responsive to the duties and ofbligations we owe to our cobeliigerents and to hum a n ity a peace treaty which shall assure to the United States and its peo pie the attainm e n t of those ends for which we entered the war, and th a t it will look w ith dis­ favor upon all treaty provis­ ions going beyond these ends.” This is not m ere advice. It is a CATTARAUGUS COUNTY BANK LITTLE VAILEY, NEW YORK terested parties excluded. This Would have the same effect as a u- nanim o u s report of the council, but Japan again has a vote and so do 17 Datin-American republics who are being v.mrned by Europe to fear the colossus of the north. In fact the other fellows all get in their say-so before we even have a chance to protest and even then if the .thing com.es out in our favor we couldn’t step across the border and give the greasers a poke in the slats to avenge our injured dignity. Should Mexico still continue to m ake w a r aginst the United States the league would all have to get to­ gether and agree to m ake w a r on the offending state and th a t would take m o n ths. And after th a t all the m em b ers of the league would have to be m a rshalled to the scrap and,— oh, w h a t’s the use. W e are not a m em ber of the league of nations and we hope we won’t be. * * * STRIKING AT WASTE BUCKTOOTH There is not a new spaper office sylvania. Mr. and 'Mrs. Jam e s Riddle and ^ ^ i i a ^ r °Gummin^^ ^^ort^°o ^^corr^^ Ralph visited at the h o m e . of and ! P ‘TI i qt 'I o w I ity lO aavi/MialYT ill these bureaus under one head thus to elim inate a useless waste of public money. The am o u n t of u t­ terly useless propaganda th a t is be­ ing poured upon the country much of it duplicated and none of it es­ sential, is simply appalling. Each m o rning it is a considera­ ble portion of the editorial task in every newspaper office to load the P. E a rle who is seriously ill. ^ Paul and H a ttie Luce were visit ors of L a u ra and Florence Crance on Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cornell and son W illiam of Falconer were in this place on Sunday. Mrs. Jam e s Riddle and nephew, E a rl Plough of Salam anca were cal . 1 t . t ^lieir cousin, Mrs. Vinnie w f i w ^^^l;:Studd Monday. Mrs. M. J. Crosby returned to her p, . home last Saturday after spending th e physical aestructioh-of their T ic, scFe'nceT'SSS from “m a k ing c X S i f S e t o f V T f ' th e greater danger to th e country? i involved in \all th is Von'sense w a ste ^ Luella Crosby is spending W ith reverence for our A m e rican' of man power, print paper engrav- ^ her vacation at home. She traditions dissapated, and with a c . - : i r , c T « i r t t c t y t i t t y o u 0 ™ , ? ^ i e-^Pects to attend a sum m er school ceptance of foreign cont national affairs through a league ' trenchm e n t is for the ____ ___ _ deadly explosives of the anarchist, letins the departm e n t reports and i M e n tal perversion is the aim of the the bundles and bales of statistics league propagandists rath e r than from bridge w h ist to ceptance of foreign control over our ; dous. At a tim e like this when re- S will leave about the 6th of July nbs 1 t 1 ' Riddle was in L ittle Valley council, under the spacious cUim | s a r y .'^ ttlj'p r o d i g a lity fs a po“sUive' th a t It IS in the interests of w o r ld ; crime against the people and it is peace, the A m erican republic will' sincerely to be trusted th a t S e n a - ' Mr. and Mrs. J. Riddle and Miss Luella Crosby were in Salam anca be a quite as effectually as if ‘ to r Cummins will m ake good. If he anarchy secured' the upper hand. W h a t a spectacle it presents to see a horde of speakers and tons of inspired literatu r e circulating th r u . o u t th e country backed by the mon ey of international bankers on W all stre e t trying to persuade their conn trym e n to repudiate their popularly electedr representatives in the Unit­ ed States senate. Of course the a t­ tem p t Will fail, but the m ere fact th a t, it is being allowed to proceed a n d develop unchecked is a sad com m e n tary on the quality of citienship that characteries some of our lead­ ing men. « « : AND W E RAMB j LED T h e situation in Mexico having once m o re reached an acute stage, necessitating the sending of Amerj can troops into th a t territory to pro te c t A m erican lives, a , discussion is p e r tin e n t as to w h a t would be th e m o d u s operand! in dealing w ith Mfexiso -if the U n ited States w ere a m e m b e r of the proposed league of nations, and Mexico, adhering to h e r officially expressed determ ina­ tio n w ere not a member. W h a t: then? A rticle 17 of the league covenant provides th a t “in th e event of a dispute between a m e m b e r of th e league and a nation th a t is n o t a m e m b e r th e non-mem­ b e r sta t e shall be called to accept th e league for the purpose of such d i l u t e .” If. this- invitation is accepted the provisions of articles 12 to 16, in­ clusive, shall be applied w ith such m o d ifications as m ay be deemed ne c e ^ r y by th e council. A rticle 12 gives th e choice of subm itting tbe Question eith e r to arbitration or in­ quiry of th e council, th e m em b ers a greeing in no case to resort to w a r u n til th r e e months after the aw ard by th e arb itrato r s or the report of th© council, T h e aw a rd of th e a r ­ bitrators m u st be made within a reasonable jfcime, the repo r t of the council may be made any time with in six months after the submission o f the dispute. F o r th r e e m o u ths a t least Am erica and Mexico would be on honor bound not to resort to war but that wouldn dt prevent the M exicans from taking American Jlves.- does V76 may depend on it th a t the dism issals from the public service will greatly relieve the congestion in the capital city of the nation. The Hub office also gets an influx of w aste basket m a tter every- day from the postoffice,— ^matter th a t has no bearing nor no interest for any reader of .the paper, because it is drier than a plank road in Aug­ ust,— ^much like the Congressional Record,— though once in a while we glean out some article for char­ ity’s sake on the fellows who are shooting it to us through the mailL And often we w o n d er how much m o re good paper there, w auld be and how much cheaper i t would be were it not for all these afficial bulletins th a t go into the waste basket every day in this office. W e too hope th a t Senator Cum­ m ins succeeds in getting at the root of the waste. 9 • 9 : THE SEQUENCE : •••••*•••• •••« •,-••• •••• The Knox resolution declaring for a separation of the league covenant from the peace treaty is the logical sequence of the ■’^“Second Declara­ tion of Independence,” subscribed to by thirty-nine senators on the 4th day of last March, At th a t pe­ riod the league of nations was only in tentative form , everybody being aw a re of the fact t h a t i t would un­ doubtedly be changed in g r e a ter or less degree before it became a p a r t of the peace treaty. It was even hoped th a t the president would re­ alize his m istake and not encum b er the treaty w ith th e league. In view of the uncertainty of the situation a t th a t tim e the resolutions in the second declaration were in the na­ ture of advice to the president. The second paragraph of th e resolution read: That it is the sense of the senate that the negotiations on the part \of “the United States should be immediately tlirect- ed to the utmost expedition of the' urgent business negotia^ ting peace term s w ith G erm any satisfactory to th e U n ited States and the nations with whom the United States is as­ sociated in the w a r ag in s t the German government^ and ' that on Tuesday. : - DUBLIN : Carl W e stendorf and fam ily en­ tertained the Buelow reunion Sat­ urday. There were about 71 pres­ ent. F red Glow and wife of B radford visited his parents Sunday. Mrs. H enry Rice entertained the L. O. E. G. of Elydale and Ladies of the L ittle Valley Grange T h u rs­ day. M ark W indson and wife were in Bikdale F riday evening. P. C. K ilburn is driving a new Overland auto. He ju s t purchased the car. \ A rthur O’Brien of Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien and son Stanley*; Mrs. C. D. Crowley anu family, Mr and Mrs. Healy, Mrs. William, Mur^- phy, Mr. and Mrs. George Rejmolds of Ellicottville visited at the hom e of P. C. C u rtin Sunday. Joel C randall and fam ily called at J. P. C randall’s Sunday evening. Harvey Crandall is home on a 15 day furlough. Several from this vicinity are B,t- te n d i:^ th© Conijmunity C h a u tauqua this w e e p in L ittle Valley. H irain^^ohnson is attending court im L i ^ f e ^ a l l e y this week. Vs -------------- - — - -------- If yo'uTl j u s t reconcile yourself to the idea th a t the other fellow has all th e soft snaps you m ay find one and if you don’t it will be no more than you expected. T h e re is no pot of.gold a t th e end of the rainbow b u t if you accumu­ late a pot of gold you m ay find a rainbow a t the end of life. Sometimes you scare an enemy by giving him tb e laugh for then he thinks you have something on him. When you find you have made a wrong decision think of how manv the courts make and cheer up. Sometimes -life doesn’t offer you m uch does it? B u t really, then, are you offering life very much? There may be worse people in the w o rld i h a a you b u t you never h e a r them say anything about it. N ew F a r m D e s c r ip tion s W e e k ly IF YOU ARE IN THE iVIAR- KET FOR A FARM THIS SEASON, CONSULT US BE­ FORE BUYING. WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF SATISFIED OUSTOaiEKS WHO HAVE DEALT WITH THIS OFFICE DURING THE PAST TWELVE YEARS. WE HAVE HELPED OTHERS; IVIAY WB HELP YOU? C a p ita Surplus U n d ivided P r o fits R e s e r v e d for T a x e s R e s e r v e d for Interest $ 3 3 ,0 0 0 4 0 ,0 0 0 4,318.68 1,000 3 ,0 0 0 3 0 0 ,0 0 0 R e s o u r c e s A SAFE PLACE TO DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY COURTEOUS TREATMENT TO AIL Cattaraugus County Bank ate will do if a treaty is presented to it th a t goes beyond the ends for which we entered the war. The pream b le of the resolution recites th a t those ends w ere so solemnly declared by congress as to be unm is takable. It was because the German gov­ ernm e n t had “com m itted repeated acts of w a r against this governm ent and the people of the U n itedStates” th a t we became a belligerent, and pledged the resources of the country to bring th e conflict to a successful term ination. It is the sense of the senate as given expression in the Knox resolution th a t the treaty should be confined to those facts, and form a l notice is given th a t inso­ far as the treaty undertakes to fas­ ten upon the United States proposi tions totally unrelated to our quar­ rel with Germany it will receive the fate th a t it deserves. If the Knox resolution is brought to a vote there is little doubt th a t it will be adopted by a substantial m a jority, but even though it be de feated, unless the opposition inclu­ des tw o -thirds of the senate it will A FEW OF THE MANY PLA­ CES WE HAVE FOR SALE; CHAUTAUQUA JCOUNTY FARM 145 ACRES This farm is located four mi from the village of Frew sburg . and nine miles from the city of Jam estow n . The soil is grav elly loam and clay loam, about one-half of farm is level, bal­ ance rolling and hilly. Twen­ ty acres of first and second, growth timber. About five a- cres of black m u ck soil th a t needs draining. Two-story, 10 room hose; Barn 42x80 with 26 stanchions. Basem ent stable; cem ent floors in stable; hog house, hen house toolhouse and granary; silo 13x28. R u n n ing w a ter at the house and barn. 14 extra good cows, 2 year­ lings, 2 calves and all farm ing tools go with the farm . Tel­ ephone at the farm and also R. F. D. PRICE FOR ALL ONLY $8,400 , , be a victory for the league oppo- Senator Cummins has introduced nents, for it will require a two-4hird ^ ^®®^sned to do away w ith the yote to adopt the covenant, m u ltitude of press bureaus ’now operating in 'W ashington at govern m ent expense. Every governm ental department and every sub-depart m ent are m a intaining independent bureaus giving em ployment to a Bucktooth, June 24.— Mr. and ost of clerks and alleged experts, jy W etm o re n ave returned duplicatm g efforts, engaging in use- home after spending several days less activivies and spending govern v isiting their parents down in Penn m ent funds w ith a lavish hand. 176 1-2 ACRE CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY FARM This good farm is owned by widow who is offering i t for sale on account of having no one to look after it. It has been in the same fam ily for seventy years. It is located 2 1-2 miles from Frew sburg, 7 6 1-2 acres are level and a hundred acres rol­ ling; about th ir ty acres of sec­ ond growth tim b er, balnce all tillable. Soil is in good condi­ tion and very productive. Gjoo;d 17-room housie paint­ ed. Twa tenant houses. Main barn 46x140; horse barn 36x 46; hog house 16x40: granary 16x70; ice house 16x16. Orchard of 200 trees in good bearing. Good w ater. On R. F, D. Two brood sows; 25 hens harnesses, wagons and all farm ­ ing tools go Avith farm . PRICE FOR ALL $12,000 160 ACRES A s plendid farm , located on the main road from Bast R a n ­ dolph to Steam b u rg 160 a- cres practically level, land fer­ tile and very productWe. Large 10 room, 2story house house with furnace. House in good condition. W ould cost $5,000 to buil. B a rns 32x68 and 68x28; hog house and gran ary. Orchard of 85 trees. 400 bu­ shels of choice fru it in 1918. R u n n ing w a te r to house and to barn. On R. F. D. with tele­ phone at the farm . Gross in­ come from this farm in 1918 ws $5,713.79. A fine faram, in splendid lo­ cation. PRICE $8,500 72 ACRES Located in the town of G reat Valley on the m ain road from G reat Valley to P rank- linville, about three miles from G reat Valley and 5 1-2 miles from Ellicottville. Forty a- eres of this farm is gently slo­ ping and practically level, the the balance hilly pasture and tim b e r land. The land is in a good state of cultivation. Seven room house in good condition. Excellent barn 42x 42, gam b rel roof, basem e n t sta­ ble. Horse barn 26x34; hog house and hen house. Ten good adiry cows, 4 year­ lings, 5 calves, team , hogs, far­ m ing tols, harnesses, wagons, buggies, cutters, etc., go w ith the farm , PRICE $6,500 This is th e oldest farm agen<^y in C a ttaraugus county and h a s been successful because i t has rendered real service to those who wish to buy. Those having farm s for s ^ e are invited to list them w ith us and have th e benefit of our special service. W e aim to deal fairly w ith buyer and seller. Our Weekly Poem A TRADING A F F A IR Tho’ high above the hilltop shone th e sun, 'One farm e r’s day of toil was ju s t be gun, B u t doomed to be unfinished, since his team H ad failed to pull together like a (dream. Old K it had balked and shook de­ fiant head, “I won’t plow w ith Old Jim ,” ' she plainly said, And so the farm e r left the heavy W ell, they ‘doctored” the old plug up one fine day - Young Billy hitched' him* UP a n d ; . hied away Into the field,— the wagon he would . draw. The load was sm all,— said Billy, “Git up,— ^hawl” - . / . M ethinks the horse endeavored \to , v. -^ b e y , But, like the dog, th a t horse had , -had his day. • *. Instead of getting up he ju s t fellv*-, * down Tv, r X And then the farm e r who had come from town A p p eared upon the scene (the boy, dismayed. W as of his fath e r ’s ridicule afraid)' And registered the sam e upon his face J \ , plow There in th e furrow while he m a d e W h e re smiles and dim ples usually took place. B u t the farm e r didn’t heaves a vow,-— “I’ll trade off th a t hulk o’ or eat a h a t,” He told his old clay pipe, “th a t set­ tles th a t.” He led the ill-m atched pair back to th e barn W hen his wife would know the cause he m u ttered “D a rn!” offer any “chaff” ,— H e even went behind the barn to laugh. Old Kit was used to haul the plug inside And for the .medicine the farm er quickly hied They yanked me off my feet first Dut when, to give th e ' dose, poor The Hazard- Rhodes 52 Main St. 1 Salamanca Phone 6 2 3 • . N- Y. tim e around Plowed clean into the road, tore up the ground In spots, and m a d e half hitches in the next furrow . And then K it balked. Id trade Jim •’ off_,tomorrow If I had a chance; he can’t keep up w ith K it; I’ll trade him off if Bill does have a fit.” Now old Jim had seen a lot of bet­ ter days And was quite a big expense in va­ rious ways, The farm e r didn’t own him, as we ..'find; He bUionged to B rother Bill “ ju s t '' going blind, Who ,w ith . th is younger— b rother m ade his home, ^ Old Jim ^ h a d “settled” too, no m ore to roam;; His appetite was good, too good, in­ deed It took much cash to keep old Jim in feed. * * H: One day th a t way a strange tin-ped­ dler came Who drove a pony black, footsore and lame; About three tim es sm a ller than Old Jim But really a good m iniature of him. The peddler “stum p ed” the farm e r for a trade And (unknow n to B rother Bill) a change was made, The farm e r got some boot,— tbe ped dler m a n Threw in a medium-sized re-tinned dishpan The trading done the farm e r secur­ ed his prize And chuckled, “Though he’s lack­ ing some in size H e’ll average w ith old Jim and I w o n t need ’To shell out cash so often now for feed. T h a t night when all the stock was housed and fed Came Bill unto the barn, by young­ sters led To do his usual stunt of bedding Jim So he groped round the stall in search of him. “W h a t’s happened to Old Jim ,” he fl nally cried And for answ er came the farm e r to his side, 'Well, Bill, Jim ’s represented,” he began By this pony in stall and one dishpan. . You’ll find, no d o u l ^ ,t i S |t we have draw n a p r iz^ ^ ^ \ A lthough Old Jim hasfe'shrunk some w h a t In size.” w;e draw a curtain o’er th e bid old m a n ’s w rath F o r another “boss trad e ” crosses soon th e pp.tjh Of this tru e talepfdr^-though it m ay seem strange T h a t “trading called for yet anoth­ er change; The pony!s lam eness got no better fast,— His sore feet even m a d e 'h im seem downcast The while he stood each \day w ithin a brook W hich crossed the barnyard, ( but his rations took). The farm e rs son,, a youth whose nam e was Billy Sai’d, “P a , to keep th a t plug' seem s silly.” “W ell, boy,” th e farm e r som ewhat grimly said, “If you can b e tter things ju s t go a- head.H And go Jhe did, and eventually did trad© The pony for a horse th a t soon dis- j^Iayed The fdet th a t he’d been ^‘doped” in d Billy “ d uped” And th e farm e r w e n t, behind th e b a r n and whooped. - . - For he would not have hurt the feelings of the hoy W hose face expressed em otions m i­ nus joy. Billy tried The plug, too weak to swallow, choked and died. — M ary G. Niemann. * This incident really took place m, the mem ory of our poetess years a.- . go, and is interesting. The --only thing it lacks is for “Billy” to come , out ahead on a horse tra d e ,. which, i we hoped he would.— E d itor. ’ ‘X HERE AHO THERE T h e best lia r s m ake the best pre­ tentions to truth. ' Courts sentence men for getting caught, . i A wise m e rchant not only knows which way th ^ w\jhd'hlD:5ys'bht which way his debtors blow. You are no bigger than the m an you consent to quarrel with. You cannot w rong a m an who is right. Dead men m ake no sales. The easiest m a rks never seem to know it. Love may be the greatest thing in the world for all anybody knows, but one who has had a lot of world­ ly experience will tell you th a t a com fortable income is not a bad righthand m a n to go w ith the lave business. The prom ise you m ake when you are over-enthused always comes home to roost. If you could see yourself as oth­ ers see you you’d often mend your ways m ighty quick. W omen do a lot of crazy things ' but they don’t stay up all night play ing pool. Then there is the sim p of a hus— band who loves his w ife -because she attracts so much attenflbu from the other men. W omen are different from the oth er fur-bearing anim als. The others shed theirs in sum m er. ■ . , . W ho rememibers when a m an w as judged by the com p any-he k e p t ra­ th e r than by the company th a t kept him ? - r Sure, you’ve been m isjudged, I£ you’d been correctly judged in ev— 7-- . erything you’d probably be in jalL - .1 Girls with hollow teeth should: X chew gum softly. y. W h e n women -seek to -say ” 7 thing pleasant about a hom ely X m a n they say she has expressive ; eyes .X - , - • Give a few m o m ents dvery djiy'.to . - silent m e d itation and th p i perh4pa . - ^ you won’t talk so m u ch. : ‘ ' - Nobody seema..to sow m a n y q t: , them as the m a n w h o sbym h is w ild .. oats late. , . ' : 7 ? J: Relieved itcfiing By Easy Reiiie% Suffering w ith irritatin g skhi ease, under arm s, legs 4nd dtheT- parts of the body for yearsv My life w as a m isery, tried m any 'p r ^ a f a - tions, treated by s p e c i a l i s t s b u t t could get no relief: A t n^m f sl© ^ was impossible f o r the^aw ful itching The flesh was raw from scratching. A friend advised m e to t r y Zem e rine and-after a few applicatfoius m y skim began to heal a n d 'a f t e r a few mon th s ’ treatm e n t m y sores w e re eatire ly gone, itching J iad stopped and to­ day I am entirely healed and my wonderful, success I. owe to th e tre a t m e n t of Zem erine. No endorsem ent can be ctrong enough to do i t ju s tice In the treatment of Eczema, Piles, Itch, Scrofula,Old^ores, or any form of irritatin g sk in disease. Sold un­ der a positive m oney-back guaran­ tee hy all rellahle draggists eyery*\ where, recommended by phyMcimie. if your d r n s ^ s t cannot SHpIy yon send ^ nam e and $1 to Zem erine Chemical Company, Orangeburg, S. G. and we will send you a large size bottle postpaid. No. 13 lyr. J - 'm

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