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V* THE HUB Volume .24. Number 49 Thursday, February 13, 1919 The Whiskey Still on Earth Morton’s Store Destroyed Methodist Centenary Program^ nn. 1 X , The Methodist Centenary Pro- There y a s an extraordinary ses |6 n e r a l store b e lon g in g to gram iS the raising of a hundred s ^ n of svirrogate’s court- at th e ^ V a lley million dollars to finance olhce in th is p lace on M o n d a y and jna the first store b u ilding built ^he following work for five- years ^ a rather queer coineidenee devel- there, nearly eighty years - ago, to come: oped there we undrstand. was destroyed by fire of an un-; \ European war reconstriie- Shrifif Mallery appeared before Monday night. The tion j this, to care for the orphans, Judge Bird bearing a bottle of ® ^ i contents the wounded and insure rich, red old-fashioned “ snake-, ® ^ eight and safety in the battle- bite*’ whiskey, sealed up with a ousan dollars and was torn countries of France, Belgi- few red seals (five in aU) and covered by insurance, Italy, Russia and ^the Bal- bore upon a stained and faded la * discovered about-, hans. bel these words: “ In the matter Vfst nine about twenty inin-j 2. * Foreign field opportunities of the estaty of Eenas Rice, dy p^^es after the store had been clos-j . this is schools, hos- ceased. This bottle of whiskey is day. deposited with, the surrogate for safe keeping, and is to be prod- What caused the blaze is not * churches, ipedical and Oeorge B. Spring, clerk of the sur traoted to the Are hy the barkmg gej^oiagtie atheism of the ten rogate’s court.” | of a dog within the biiildmg Th China The sheriff tumbled onto the ,,.eanimal was burned to death so j Maylasia, the PhiUppines time-honored and venerable hot-! rapidly did the flames Spread. All tie of Jinx water while delving a efiorts to save the contents of aemoeratie gospel, round in certain old black wal-1 the store were in vain 1 3 Home if eld issues; this is a nut cupboards in the court house I For many years the Morton [ „^dern, adaptable twentieth een- harn, and tis said that he refused, store has been one of the princi- ehristian program for the to give It up evOT to th.e surro- pal business plnees m the settle- industrial, gate without a judicial order. ; mtent of Great Valley. It was for and polyglot commun in W “' m i by financial medical and those that for twenty years grac- Wilham Morton, up to a year a- educational aid for re- ed the office of Surrogate Carey go. when his son, Howard Morton turnine- soldiers widows and or- Davie in Salamanca and which assumed possession. It occupied ^ ’ I -irere strategically retired to the a oue-story frame hirdding thisjP +bmi- ^>nrt huuse barn in Little Valley side of the bridge at Creat Val-’ V » t ;+ a • ■ * ^ when the surrogate’s official dom ley. The building was an old ministers, missionaries, idle was moved to Glean by Sur one, having been put up original- re^tio^nai SredorTLd social wor rogate Larkin and new cases in- ly about 80 years ago but since [ 3^ C thTworid of t o m ~ stalled. ' I its erection ik had been remodel-j • -j-* ^ How the bottle remained unmo Rd. Whether or not the ^ Centenary Program is fn it the Farmer Pays His Bills ! Will They Be the. Champions? Written and submitted for pub' . Tomorrow nigt at the Champ- lieation as a reply to Oweu opera house is couiing off a Huges’ recent effusion on ‘'Who haskethall scrimnMge that win .Pays the Cost?” Owen is supposed to take this; wear the champion in good part. ship belt or not. To my old friend Owen, who ' tween S f boys^ of tfe Val- between «eo r p Msh of works down in the shop ’ [ ley fegb School and the fast ¥flton Borel o f And writes such pretty verses,— ' team from the Griffith Institute brothex-iu-Iaw of fee ne can hardly make him stop ■ at Springville, N. Y. . ; editor—and that s why and how Not miany yeare.ago,-! well re- ' Tbe^boys of Grfflth ^ You w k f d ^ ^ f e a t old farmer teams oT thirJeetiL If t t siaieanU will no doubt come r« both ot CattaraugUs, an«t on the top of that old hill. You worked there rather ^arly, you worked there rather late And when the old man paid you Little Valley with their hunger of the two men it’s oiir all whetted up for another feast ‘ Tinee is the beSt. opinion He is but a lad, as you ' might say, only seyenteen years of ago* store iested in its hiding place through -^^111 be rebuilt was not stated by commemoration of the 100th an niversary of Methodist Missions. It is a movement that is gain- the administrations of Surro- the owners as we go to press. S t h f p S . * t S A f i t I L‘i — r . . \ ! , ; : '. '\ f ‘r ifiX rSi f reme^ court, who keep their au- understand that the total, will succeed we are sure, chiles there, and by jurors, juguranee on the building and its rt officrs and inmates of the contents was $5,400. who on summer days loll a- —maybe. . - xj-X have done some good-, i xi, i small wages were your fate, work in their line during the makings of a rear Taat old farmer that 3mu worked season and have won and held a tr^nmg^ for was as-docile as a lamb: place in the confidence of their 7.^:7 developed. Me was just^ a At that time the dealers told him friends ’ and they will be Up a- than hlS antagonist what they “ can’t ” and what gainsta team that’s said to be un x?^^^ xx. they “ can.” j beatable tomorrow night but our method that Mr. Snyder- fjiitb in tbATYi T’OTnaina kucw of was brought into plajr You remember that you used to, y . L the referee had to call it a draw like to dre^ right up in style | W^howTt’sT n e \ I about two hours of goo^ The game will be called at 8 : Jl “ T*®** o’clock and in the prelinfinaries ' ^ ® before the mam game the Second when Team will meet the All Stars. ’ Dancingis to follow the game ^ ^ and a good time is assured all a-, _ round. The admission, including the war tax, will be 15c and 25c and _ did yon ever see a. good game cannot wasn’t really worth half a dollar? That yon could not get enough clean cash to buy y o u r s e lf hair oid? They Will Bowl T , , , - 1 X ^ The mbn of the Methodist Epis- rrt its doors, is a deep and nn-^ e?ntaininr>-rcorfs Vf “H^te'and’' inkable mystery. ! gig^t gf great Valley are having a howling An investigation conducted 5y office is held by Howard alley installed in -the basement of the church on which we have al- Surrogate Bird among the mm ]\iorton,and the other the books ohallpTivpH Xonrsp files oi the long-gone decedents .p Morton store , leady challenged Aourse estates disclosed facts about as contents'of the safes were -rfollows: utterly ruined ' Zenas Rice died thirty years a-, 1 _ . of \vhich^Hon^ l1ensoi7 of . . Business men s uiuu | enough so that there will East Randolph was the executoi' ’ to a either The allej^ isn’t as long as the average two-man affair, but it is And well do I remember you took your best girl dance; Yon sure would have looke^; nif­ ty but for those patches on your pants. Then you.said, “ When I get mar­ ried, on the farm I stay, 1 will move into the city where I sure will get more paj''. Then .yon moved down to the city, and make razors, so they say. And in the evening use your pen to while the time away. Now, since jmn’ve left the hill- yor in the fiirst bout. >, The second preliminary, was boxing bout between a couple of a f good, lively scrimmage and only too short. The match ^ between Messrs. Irish and Borel was short and snappy, both being artists at tho game and the winner was Mr. Irish. Tomorrow night Mr. Bo­ rel and Mr. Irish will meet in Glean for another match. Died at Napoli Harry Steed passed away at j his home in Napoli on Tuesday,' ^ Letter'From Clair BaU after an illness of one week. D e a th cam e to him at 2 o ’clock in the afternoon The following letter has been cib ^ u vj.±uoi^ I qj . p ^I j _ Me IS s u r v ived _ __ ___ tLc __________ V ui. ..d .i. top ra old lormot, have T O o r ot Arry, p l , Botort imd “ up; i Paul in Prance and Fairfield of woke We noticed as we came to town ^Little Valley’'. that 3\ou looked all dressed' His sons, Irving, Walter and And when that same old farmer compared himself with yon, His clothes they were all ragged nlness and he hadn’t but a few. •Fairfield were in constant atten­ dance at his bedside during his con­ tains, besides it being an interes­ ting article from overseas. St. Naples, Jan 22. Dear Mother: I received your ever-welcome mi J? 1 • -n 1 1 11 letter some time ago and will try The tueral services will be held ^ and answer it today. New Business Men’s Club _ Salamanca, Feb. 12.—A new so ' some “ juice” burned there o’ fhe\ imwntory mdde bv Enoch ^ial organization is about to open nights while the boye try each Holdridge and Wilimm^E. Searle club rooms here. It is the ^ general run the appraisers on August 9th of Salamanca Business J^Ien’s Club ^e-^^ear 1890, has as its last item ^ worth}^ successor to the old Bowling is good sport if it is after several thousand dollars of Club and other predecessors misused. The thing that is ' assets • ■ that hae included the comniuni-1 objectionable to any game is the ! A pair buck mittens au^t a t.v s m o st prom ising business and which m a y be carried ; atcel containing caving utensils profesional men in their roste.s. connection with it. I \anda bottle of whiskej\. ’ ’ | The new organization has its Manj’’ a good game has been; Upon the filing of the inveiito (Uiarters m handsomely' appoint- queered in the eyes of Christian ry the executor made an applica- ed rooms above the Palace Cafe ' peopie because of the gambling tion to Surrogate AlfredE.Spring on Main street, and it is expect-1 1^^® been conncted with it lor instructions, reciting that he ed that they will be thrown open ‘ W ld not sell the khiskey because to members this week some time, the expense of obtaining a govern , Theentire second floor of the ment license would b twenty-five buildingis now devoted to the us- dollars; that he could not give i t , es of the Club and it is likely that away, as that would violate the the third floor of the building vdll law; and that he could not drink be utilized in the near future. ^ |t as that would make him liable 1 The big reception and loung- for niisappropriation of the as- ing room of the new Club occu- ing hand.” Then those pesky, howling farm­ ers got together every man, beautiful day here,-fee cousin you must lend a help , that were installed in fee P. H. j C. Oraer on a recent evenmg: Past president, Sister y m g ; ^ j. president Brother Ernest Lang- •'y pans; vide president, Brother sets of the estate. Surrogate Spring made an or- pies the front of the suite and is richly furnished, brown leather der directing that the bottle be chairs and davenports and maho- sealedand deposited with George gany pieces being used. Grey is ^Spring, clerk of the surrogate’s the tone of the decorative scheme urt, to await final judicial set- of th walls and woodwork, and ttlement.- tlie hangings and rugs are in har ten judicial sottlement came mony, ler^years of litigation over the Back of the longing room are toe, Alfred Spring was out of card and billiard rooms, also com Vej and the bottle so carefully forthbly and conveniently equip i.away by George Spring, the with grey as the prevailing •k of the surrogate s court, tone in the decorations. The mined where he concealed it lighting throughout is artistic as li S ^ r ^ Mallery dug it up. adequate. The big * bil- ffierifi^ Mallery wont give it hard room- can be*^illzgd as a told the attention of Surogate dining rom arid cafe. -Service having beeh called to l^®*from the Palace n the first floor ^tte^j he is now considering inst.j^o^g been arranged for. ■hat order Im shall make m re- | rpj^g gl.^h has forty-'mem- ®^’d to the Zenas Bice snake at present, . * ■ ' IfeE, if the thing dawdles a- ■ nineh ionger that bottle of \e' hite^wiil 'beeome' outlawed of Itrs. AlUe .SQllef; ,Mr§. :Affie B. Miller* oE i - * » r fcave fee.chanee to Monday mglit at U o ^ in t o its dreamy contenfe. ^ ^ j-. ' , ^ . “ •-;. ^ ’ __ 1. ' \ - She ;was hom at Little Yalley JloiiM of Clttb /andijhad’been; a. resident in Sala- . . l inan^a for.the past 46 years. ' le lien s Ch^ a is -survived.by her father^ ji0ven o’clock sharp this,,*B. South street ing. All members are expech y^ g^ho ^ eral is private and is be to be. in a^^idone^ _ - j x [ i^g held t o m the home this le^ -^v.-Km gsley half^p^t bne o^eloch /fhat of A Trip up theNile, church officiating, and remaina will be laid to the j Jong rest in the family plot in YTildiVqod eem(etery. at the idererSr Postponed of Trade meeting have been held on ig has\ been postpon Monday evening. Wanted* Help wanted at the milk plant, tteadance is desired,^steady position for good men, Epworth League. Notes The fifth in the series of the Centenary topics will be givhn on Sunday evening. It will be “ The Christian Mas­ tery of the Pacific.” The leader is Laura Eddy. This is a very interesting chap ter so don’t fail to come. Our Valentine Party will he next Wednesday evening, Feb. 19th. Come and find the rest of your heart. The comic hand will he well worth hearing. Refreshments will he on sale, so bring your poeketbook. Seeds for Distribution Congressman C. M. Hamilton announces that he has a limited quantity of vegetable, and flower seed for distribution in this dis­ trict, and that he will he pleased to send an assortment to those to apply. Communications are to have the name and the postof- flee address of thee writer plainly written thereon and shoidd be mailed - so ^ ^ to/ reach the Capitol, before Marcli fourth, and ahoffid. be addte^ed to Congress­ man ;C, ;3S4. ' Hamilton, * Uapitol, W^hlngton, D* C. . , . The Uhited States government has extended the time when far-.; meis may place orders for govern meat hitrirte of adda a t $81 per, toil t p» h., Baltimore tom the 25th of January to the 15th of this mofith. If interested make ii^plmation at dnee-^tO'your Goun ty Agricultural Agent. H. K, Crofoot at Clean, ordering in lots of 200, 400, and 600 pounds. Mrs. 2^L J* Kenyon was in this and AifredWilliams called ly. A n d formfad the F a r m e r ’sLeagxie the stron g e s t in the land. Those same old hilltop farmers zero there now. We never ^kave any snow here, but it hails' qow and then. I had my picture taken yester- ,> ... ^ . day and will send one just as V 1 1 lamiiiar hgure which we rec- j “d h ^ /h : v e th:% elrel giend “ W^eato^ f and W r i g h t well who’s j t,ot back froni down ^ says he has had a ^ut it’s a .token. “ Stan” is Back Again . . - There came into this office the torgive your wit, they are other day (guess it was Tuesdav) not sore,— ’Tis true, my old friend Owen,: glorious time, and that for all those old farmers on the hill j that he is glad to be with ns a- Must surely get their price for gain and take chanee.s on getting milk if they would pay their his feet chilled, bills. - j Well, taken altogether, Mr. Wm. H. STEVENS j Wheaton says Florida^ is a dan- anyhow. The hoys are leaving here ev­ ery day for the good old U. S. A. and I am glad to see them go. It ■willbe my turn Sometime and so please don’t worry, because I am Boln.s at fee Milk Plant , ^ As portrayed by Owen Hughes | t u i v T S \ ' We have a pair of heavyweights down at the milk plant here; One of them is a teamster and the other an engineer The teamster’s quite a talker,— the other’s quite a sport; The teamster did too much talk­ ing,-at least that’s the re­ port. One day these two Mg men clash Death of Mollie Glazier The local friends of Mollie Gla used to this country now’ that^ I don’t mind it at ail. i.anil still i on detached service vrith, the A. , , , £ T. S., and probably will be until zier regret ’^e^.^much to leam of j ^ju j,e ohe year her ^ a th which took place at of tMs .month f e a f ' we. the W. C: A. hospital m James- sunny, o r , mtaddy town last Thursday. She had been in poor health for some time and went to the hospital for treat ment. ' id y.. ' • 4 *4 Funeral services wer^jbcld ed,-gee, how the fnr did fly C Monday and the interment was in . sunny, Prance, whichever ybii may caH- It. But I think it is mudd^. Am closing fur this tiine, hop­ ing all are* well. > Your lovmg 'Som, . - k W GJiAip 1). BALLt The teamster lost Ms. pet front s made at Leon. 1 dhftfW'^Viixnlv On A M-C A P. to6t^~the engineer got ai ’ She is survived by one brother-' tfll^A^E P J^aiee? * tooth,—the engineer got black eye;. .. | Henry P. Glazier of.Etsa Ban- The boys puH^ them asunder dolph- ■-V . c. o. r a ^ -, B ^ ^ h ^ t w H o D ’i • erence to hbrn^ma^ tbuiXr ___ deir Af any.Mnd. ^ i:0 l :-'*'-*. and sent them on. their .way; Now they Say mean things to each othei^^—effi, they’R have it out some ^ y . They’ve made aiasn^ments , so .they say, fear'founds on ^ r% r, Don’t m i» it ftr ’twiU be » New York 4 t ^ fee best fefey ypuVe ever, .f The trill 'be im sdiiBssion. chare- 'suhihier ‘kte^beroe*,, ed btet tve-trill pass around ^ 'laatbAa'aaa a-ifto'-itippy ’MMht^ thehrij *,S 'T e iel»¥l«8 dffd^ed idr-«ab at The reeei^ triUj^o to the t. M:IW'do^ waAwepIiwted somV fe a ^ ^ e y ’U W good *. You' had better make ches la h e i^ t and bUf cabbi^ ia ' had better mafe? up and he] Martha Hughes was a Salamah , J . good l»yir,-shate hands and ea caBer l a s t W y . I ^ apologize; ^ Be good' &iends as in days of yore, just like tke rest of we Oh, come, boys, pass aroohd the boy»; (Say, it WM some sigiit, first one and then t ’other, smokes and let the war talk drop. STCB’=^ I ready on pur vines and beans m M o m m We have had vegetables for a couple of weeks. ; Bespectffuily youri^ Was a Good Match Last Friday evening the Editor of the Hub witnessed about €is o- v e n ly m a tched a w r e s t lin g bouk decide whether or not Little Val fair was staged . ati Cattaraugua:^ aiid the bbnt whereof we speak was only the pfeliminary» to a. \ t'

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