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r I* *g!ie Muhf Little Valley, K. Y., Ylmrsday, February 6 , 1919 irrmag tiriiani.tfn i f^.: ^4 er it, but a t a bint from tbe State the United States senate, wbieb llepartment it. was, sidetracked-^as a bard and cruel thing for a at once and there is no indication Democrat to say, particnlariy so I th a t it will be taken up again. [when tbe administration is so ea- Why this mysterious attitude ger to seat the automobile manu- ___________________ ________ _ __________________ 'toward Costa Rica? Ijet us have 'facturer as senator from Michi- Entereyas second class mater at the post office a t Little Valley, N.T, a little light on the subject and a 'g a n , and for that he merits a vol- _ ___ _ — ------------------ littic Icss 01 ths secret diplomacy j ley from the Dearborn Independ- JEerbert H. Bhipherd, ■ Leon Ed Strang', against which ^ the President hagjeiit that would place him on the Owner. • nr.-. -r. ... The Little Valley Htih The County Seat Republican Paper Subscription $1.50 Per Year, Strictly in Advance. EDITORIAL NOTES Ed. and-Prop. SO ostentatiously proclaimed. The ■present government of that coun­ try has been recognized by all the casuality list. Bnt speaking of Hank Ford one naturally gets to thinking of liis countries of the western liemis -1 little black fiivvers, and of the fa m iC E S FOR ADVEE'nSING ting to be ever comes along and U n ffed^gtaS 'fleT iflv S e h L CATTARAUGUS ■ •COUNTY BANK LITTLE V A L L E Y , T jE W Y O S S Resources over . ’ , Come on, boys, l®t s raise gggjj reasou^Tvhy we should not La^vrenee. The committee on in The following rates for rsader heJl they will jump m o i send, diplomatic, representatives formation for the public which is advertisements which are to. ap- and we will have some more fight ^ goTernment that has proved apparently friendlv to Ford, has j ^ r in some other column than on our hands, only quite likely a ,,tayiity over a period of two ju-st released some'pietures of the ^ regular Want ad” column deal worse than the one gust end- ^ .j. ^ theywere \ or other tha,n Regular display ad- f may seem a little fai- let the State Depart, snapped by the camera actually wiU be effective M ment proceed at once to place frozen in the ice of the St.Law- February 15 th with this pa- this bat it isn i ve y i | ™ n g riyer-those doughty! ?)lit- Readers on first page of an ad- helping the Bolsheviki tvith one J^ors, ^ to believe were being turned vertising natuiie will be 5 c per uand behind dieir backs while , , . , I trainload to hunt the 12316 . the other hand is extended in \ ^ ^ axix - * r Readers run in the local column mock submissiveness to the man- ' Sedfield Suggests More War '^vaters of the Atlantic for the wmbeTcSperUne. “ dates of the peace conference just - udging from the remarks of s u b ™ the ^ Cards of thanks will be 25 c. shows that they are looking for 'jfc ^ before , A „ . Z Sale BeposU Boxes For Rent ■ f r i l ~ > w — i H i n i ^ i i i i mmmm IIW I i ■■ pibimwi — i» i — ■ i M i w i i W M w ^ M i i . i _ M j a j L i m _ i L d i _ i L _ L a i u m i m Cattaraugus County Bank y 1 , XL- 1 the Council of Poreiffn rp 1 fltinn« of these little craft but from what conference is a gathering of men world would rather kear ^i>at is t i ^ ^ t o S r S c R a l o n s ” etc X r e ' - t n d ma -b: uTt very xa!' ' r e c e X tbe Uiited Ik t e s - have heard of them recently to decide the fate of that base ua- going on at the peace c o n ^ ^ laces to Ci editors. Citations etc ’ . , - army may yet he in for a high “^^ey did was to Chase their tion, Germany, or whether it is a with regard to punishing the hiBl^ 11 j f V ^ 1 11 1 1 ■ vrT.n /vn-{- Q VTT Q - m - n o T* ■ n l c / . o ei-T- ' / I f i i r r i l s + T i a + l i a - t r o rlc i v r o c < - f / a Q - f i a / l +1 at the full price allowed by law. di^ant eitiiei. Koiiovro old time aiid*^those who'dFd n\S out into a warmer place af- mere social affair. f t w t w r f i e ? s , s ti . „ fint. If any advance in display Ihat she is no friend of che Bol- y x these craft were no more power- over the controlled cables it gQjj^g other questions: advertising is contemplated at a .shevik, but don't you be fooled. ?i„ nurse to what * - ‘ ' nroved to be apparently is so far but a social jj* j+ jg forbidden to divulse ffuture time ample notice of same Lay by day tlie evidence is Redheld terms the ’’barely born” affiir. The mmstion reallv needs' devils that have devasteated the ^ ^ ^ . j sacred things of Europe. According to the stories com- ■; Qj^igago citizen also ask- .lU b. given In advance. poveeg ia ihet there ie a eertain fL'’L-rtpi,'tati‘o’: ’ai'’a’ bvdVV aiisjver. Bet here is the hal- i^ i d --'a;.'- r, Oh, Why Did We Let Up? While they were'about it^why “‘id Russia, and i t ’s on- *he election oi .i.-.3„’x XI-. . nt \ !v ii (mention ot time when tlie <exui-e Liie eiernon of lantic even though they might fbere trifling personal affairs. Also is _ . .. .. . .................^ , a ax® criticism i-pl have possessed all the inward cun noRepublicans of note over there that a good sample of democra- ^ d o r b o S ' g o Z through Ge“ surprise of their lives will come b 'eSly rihnb''anvtid^^^^^^ w a r lh lT e ^ f e m lh e d 'S a T p ^ ie lX iS ® ’'^ ' tL^d ^ M ^ ^ g S ^ e f u I e n T a i r ’’^ ^ “ L a S ^ i r there^in Russia^that aie ^ many seems in chaos; Russia w^e H was jioor publicity on the | read a lot about Mr. and % t v no secret Diplomacy With Costa t ^ ' f u ^ ^ 5^‘^ S e S r J e l l s t ^ h l i ^ V S t r u f d S ^ i Lent this year begins more deseiviiig of decent treat- ^ ’nn’i'-ao nonii declaration ^agle boats frozen in the ice right Y^rjj^e, but accepts cigarette,” and 5th of March and Easter on Ap- W been k L k S 7 a “ d have beiligerent country''on^he side niany people eve of the senate^ mvesri- others, as ^ I r s . Wilson goes i | 20th, Palm apparently kicked int^ some sem of the allies shall have at the big brermany is ,kicking tborw e fe to have been Who cares about any- Good Friday on April 18th and blance of submission. . peace conference has been deeid- ^ <Rsturbanee merely in order a labor of l o v t - o X S u ? tfs- of M ^cb ^ The real trouble is that the Bol ed upon The countries are rep- j j , business out a«y thought of profit-hut on 3 ™ time and we beheve that the I ________ ^ _____ ^he^ki haY been like the eon- fWcuLed somewhat^ in Proportion sfes fit, L d th i ^'-® 1®®“ that the Detroit I sstxi^SA st'ihTi: M i f L s r : z x ' s “- ‘f' -«*>»•' ~ f “i ™ : Citation February 9th or next Sunday, !has been named as Roosevelt Me- uer of some uuthought-of garret members at the conference. Cu- ouo^might °rigM y ^say^^ a n d -in’th e ', The peopIe'orthe“state of New - to the mei ....... _x„,. _ ___ +L„x ,-,^-rvr o . v . . . , . ! . , . i ory OI a great American soldi just waiting for the ehance puff ba, Guatemala, Haiti, -Honduras, There is another portion cireumstaiices that have now a-; York: » . -1 * • ■».-4 i-H-vn-* y y-\/TT T rs Cl 1 /X-F FT y d OF \ * \D- tt 4-1 of wind to fan them out into bus- Liberia, Nicaragua, and Panama American peoplh who be- somebody has let the cat o u t' 'Ey the grace of God free and delegate each, Russia should be per- bag for Hank and it is go- independent. jory vix ce and statesman. m- ier «iness. . ■ aru allowed one While the war was on full tilt But what of Costa di a .Rica ? the operations of this gang of country severed diplomatic rela- uut’ceiTo vvo^Four^eTiiVTO salVa .v Two liogs butchered by Mark - . . . 1 y-i 'don or at least; that it is not un for the administration force N. Y.'; Clarence J. Bnshnell, Na- Loomis of Otto recently weighed gueriLas, (to use the term applied tions with Germany on tue 21st . ’ /jmf-efi tn restnrp nr deliver to him that seat in the poll; Ida Tarbox, Napoli; Myrtie d llO pounds. They were of the, to the followers of old Mosby in of September 1917 and declared ^ g • g\ood many loy senate, and so, even in the eyes of Waite, xYapoli, Mabel Brisley, Na barred Yorkshire breed and were } al Americans who have been re- b’ord, George Creel has once more 3 j: sjs 5 j: s:c The Rank cf Full General poli; Lynn Bushnell, Kane, P a .,. 14 months old. were hampered somewhat in their of lack of material strength Cos- passports to Europe\sin'e'e t’bovvn big unfitness ii-eer operations because of the ta Rica was unable to take a very ,, ^ i j. , _ i xi congested conditions in operation active part in the struggle, bnt as . which the war and the grips on an evidence of good faith she of- ®^®L rX rfpH i d i C ' ' X ' iXeiv,t Qpp,-»t,vv Rnkor P™® Islands; Fred Whipple, Lit- the western front brought about, lered to the United Lenine of « ! e X r “h L H . Tar- R. F. D. 2; Louis LeRoy,Dunkirk Ivan LeRoy, Washington, D. C.; j Clara Burroughs, Manila, Philip e r e i t i s , Another thing: The limelight of her waters r f t h f A X T e L s h f t L big s \ ^^^^^ any ®®‘ although ,,0 ted by f h e government to the ; ®- sle and the Bolsheviki wLe left other wav within her cower to ‘‘® 'seereey had been observed by -auk of full general of the Amer-; (?te or Amelia E. xtaKe,-tate or S T .L t ’X ’r s i ; ? S‘z:z:iz.:-szx.x zi . » .j. i , . « ^ i s : ; - r s r i S z ' only we couldn’t see their eonnee- as the smaller countries that have are ap lo lave p e j o con uicDdations fot eithei oi diem in > each of you are here- tion with the hulls because they, been permitted representation a- aL“C C v ? t h o u C x X o S o f ou? ^ X X V ‘X X o h w C i X t n i ^7 ®ited to show cause before the lisiT7T7anorl fii Ka nnmia+7nn> 777 T?770 I’m ilT/l flip IIADPA fn h i p \Wlivy tVlP vll..llO U t gO lU g OUt Ot OUl gH ^ U S t i f y t h e l l b e l l l g raiSCCl tO W, x R xl ri x H n - t - way to meet it, and Democratic the highest military rank we ev- = ot me c..ounty or i^ai- Thz) cc-n^plete Electric LigM and Power Plant sia tured to deny that there is ever a thing i Costa Rica that should be cleared ^ x j 7 • x wrong anywhere. Germany is ! up. The present government of ^.S'fc cieve oping here.^ ji^g of tne proposed promotion in directly or indirectly feeding up;that Central 'American cQuntry oices aie lai&ecl ipaeeato^say evening’s edition says: her little pet fighters up there in;has never been recognized by the ^ ^ 1 x ’’Congress has been very chary Russia and we have no doubt t h a t , United States. This radical de- p^,, ^so iYeanelci laments, y ia per ji^^ gii/ing the rank of full general her soldiers are even helping the parture from our Pan American ^ wrong to in er that 'There have been not a lew lieiiten Bolsheviki on, while the conferees'policy of bringing about closer re ^ b^^y wou a argue t lat we have a gj 2 t generals, but only five United of the world’s peace sit at the iiations with our neighbors to the soldiers have ever been con big table in Versailles with all south has never been explained loices oi TOat is to be sidered worthy of the rank^ot a by the present administration. In 4^® Geimany. We have been general,-“-Washington, Grant '’/line last year the late Senator fi§'hting, liowevei, the battle of Sliemian, Sheridan and Pershing. Gallinger tried to bring the mat- freedom against autocracy; are 'The title is equal to that of mar- ter to a head by presenting a res- therefore su^osed to have gpgi gg held by Foch and Haig, olution that ”it is the imperative conce-rmin the tight of ireefiom, ’’March saw very litle service duty of the government of ti,Q f ipO&sihie tmavchy^. ^ed- i^Yvance. There-he was chief of United States to recognize the ad admonishes ns comfider artillery but_ it was at a time vantage of this alliance (referring newly born naUons Y^hen the American forces Yv^e to CoMa Rica’s offer of harbors amid the pging little in the front hue. He U} f —• /««j ~^Z '”: 1 Y0 W H. Andr* D e a ler L ittie V a l l e y peace and harmony and apparent ly think that the little handful of fighters that they have assigned to the quarter from Vi^hence the new cloud is rising can go up there into Russia, look crosseyed -at the Bolsheviki and they will wilt right doivn. There’s nothing to it. They’re all wrong. It must he a source of great so lace to old Wilhelm over there a- eross the Holland border to wit­ ness the hell that his understudies are raising np there in Russia. etc ) of Costa Rica in the war ®i' /'it barely bom ^,,as reoalled to -Washington and with Germany.” The resolution boundaries are .^^as made chief of staff, suceeed- was preceded by a preamble show i\ some cases yet undefined, then jj^g gtiss who ha’d not been eonsid ing the good will of the Costa ffi- orgaiuzation tar complete, gred a marked success in that can government toward ouk oxvn. ^1 by ^1 these hints and sug- pogt. .. -F — -- — Ever since the day of its introdue gestions Brother Eedfield is pre- ”BH ss since that time has been And if he ever has opportunity tion it has reposed in the files of ^ f o r America largely employed in quasi-diplo- to egg them on you can bet he wil the Committee of Foreign Rela- .^neriean troops in Europe raatie offices. He was sent toVer never let the ehance go hy. tions without any action having country is m or an era ggHies and did good work there. In the . words of Dr Claire who been taken on it. trouble and tax-raimng the end is now with President Wilson lectured here with the Chaiitaii- Public attention was again fo- which no man can see', which peace eoifferenee as niili- qua last summer, the word ”Bol- cused upon the subject by Sena- was certauuy not nominated in advisor, arid p r e s ^ a h ly is shevik” means ’’greater” sort of tor George H. Moses ofNewHamp Yvhen onr boys were bus acquitting himself creditably. As a ’’Bolshevik uber alles” as you shire in a resolution reciting the Bed and equipped to meet me dQef of staff March has also done might say, supplementing th e : declaration of the president in Yvell as an effectiTe executive al- name Bolshevik for Germany. jone of his addresses to congress, heilishness and to upmoid our though his office is now under the In pur own Yvords Bolshevik Emphasizing the ’’capital import- ^^ght^ on the seas. AS tor tne 14 g£ Representative Gallivan of means a bunch of fellOYVS who hy lance” of action which shall make pnneiples, not one out of a thou lyfassachusetts. their willingness to risk their liv-iclear all grounds of misimderstan sand 01 ^ur soldiers ever read. ’’And, granting that there is «s for a time are able, by the an -1 ding^ with our immediate neigh- thhm ^ d that one didn t xnow question of the v a l u e of the dacity of their attacks, to win j hors and^give proof of the friend- they meant. tit -o service rendered by March or by quite tremendous victories in a'ship we really feel. In his resolu. tt might be well for Mr. Red- g]|gg^ they still woidd not meas- country where sturdy opposition | tion Senator Moses declared it to fi^td to be calie^ u^on^for an -(; q Am^ican staiffiard to their operations is impossible, ~ ' .. . ^ x^ « ^v. .1 ,,-1 . „ „ 7 m 7 x 7 t ,.,., and they are a menace to.the fu­ ture peace of the whole YYorld. The time is coming, unless a different policy is adopted over there, when our war Yveary he­ roes who are now returning to us will be called again to go across and fight a fo^ Yvith whom un­ doubtedly wOl be added the for­ ces of the buns that we are* con­ sidering licked already. - For the buns are not licked yet and if the time comes Yvhen a big . Jorce like the Bolsheviki is get** State o f Ohio,, C.\ty of Toledo, LiUcas County, ss. F r a n k J, C h eney m a k e s oath th a t hs^ is senior partner of the firm of F . C h eney & Co., doing’ busine.^s in th e C ity augus on the 17th day Of Febru­ ary, 1919, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, Yvhy the ac­ count of Clarence J. Bushnell as administrator of the goods, chat­ tels and credits of said deceased should not he judicially settled an'd allowed. In testimony YVhereof, we have > of Toledo, County and state aforesaid, caused the seal 01 tiieourrogate s . one nuKDUED doli /A us for, oach. Gourfof said county of Cattarau- j gus to be hereunto affixed. j medicime . fhajsk . j . chetm H x . Y?vri +77 0 C !0 TTnn AlUfiT-f A ‘Rii’rl ’ Sworn to before ms and SUh! 3 Crib€W in w i t n e s s , n o n . iAlDert J 31 i a , . ^ay presxmce, this 6 th day of Decem W , Surrogate of said county of Cat-, taraUgUS, atOlean, i n . SaidCounty lfn,iro catarrh Medicine is taken +1770 T'i+b rla-tr nf ToTmnn’o- A TY tcrnally and acts through the jBlODii on tins Ixtn day 01 J a n u a r y , JA. JJ., the mucous surface.^ of the System. S &ncf 1919. ‘ for testimonials, froe. KATHARINE H. MAYER, | sM /i/'aFdnSSt.? S?.’' Clerk of the Surrogate’s Court. ' . Haii’j? Family rnis for constipntioi 5 s PERUNA In the House All the time Breaks op a Cold. Good for Bronchial InflammaHnns, Those who object to Hquid medi­ cines can secure Peruria Tablets Btr, Robert McDougall, R,^ R. No. 6, Liberty, lndiaiia, writes:. “I w i s h to sta t e th a t I a l w a y s k e e p P e r u n a in th e house. I th in k i t is a g o o d m e d icin e to h a v e o n h a n d . I f I co m m e n c e m k in g a cold, I ta k e P e r u n a a n d It b r e a k s jt u p fo r m e . I t is a l s o g o o d fo r th e B r o n c h ia l T u b e s .” _ P e r u n a has served th e A m e r -. lean people for more than fortyl years. Those who< know its value ] alw a y s h a v e it a t hand. W h y no^you? B j SHO SHO be the opiaion of the senate that plfiation as to whether he has m general. That honor h p .a M M M g B S a a a iH B B B W a B S B a B W B H g B e M a B e e B a iB i the existing government in Costa side information on what it is gone to soldiers for services in; . - T 'M P Rica should he recognized formal pi-oposed to do with^ om troops j.],g —to battle leaders, not to> -■ ly hy the United States the pres- ^ Europe, in vioiy ot his 'ilor- flesk men. And even as good sol- ident having declared that ’’the anees, and ot the lairt that the gg Jackson and Taylor and stage of affairs is uoyv set for State Department refuses to in-, were denied the rank. Con-1 g such action as vqil be not only the senate ox its proposed, g^ggg -^gg reluctant to even give j ^ just bnt generous and in tbe spin- plans. # » » * ■ it to Sheridan- The honor, even. ^ it of the new hge upon which we then, did not eome to him until. ^ haYm so happily entered.” 1 ' UnMnd to H e ^ ihe was on his death bed.” g That resolution like the former Senator Reed is credited vrith 1 ♦ » ♦ , | one of Senator Gallinger, lies in' saying wMle the Newberry-Pord | Tea and Trinkets I ■ the pigeonholes of the Foreign Re ease was, on that it wasn’t his in-| ^ Dhigoan wrote to the editor H lations Committee. A subcommit tention to engage in any second- the Chicago Tribune the other tee has been appointed to eonsid- story work to put Henry Ford in and asked whether the peace O ver _^WHITiVEY’S Stor. A l l w o r k n e a t l y A o ^ _ J J. S. MILUEENI s s i H E n n i s s u M B S B E E S E E B i i m B m ^ r a m : ’

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