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■\ Methodist Episcopal Church Jas. Brent Cook, Pastor Services next Sabbath as foh lows: 10:30 a. m., Class meeting. 11:00 a. m., preaching by the pastor on the subject: ’’The Com­ ing of the Morning.” Sabbath school after the morn­ ing preaching service. 6 :30 p. m., Epworth League. 7 :3G p. m., Stereopticon lecture The midweek service this even­ ing at half past seven followed by the meeting of the official board. ^ ^^ ---------- ■ Christian Science Services Christian Science services will be held in their rooms at the cor­ ner of 7th and Erie streets on Sun day and the subject will be’Love’ There will be a testimonial meet ing every first and third Wednes day of each month at 7 :45 p. m. The free reading room is open every, Tuesday from 2:30 until 4 o ’clock. The public is welcome. Lutheran Church Annual Report The annual report lor 1918 of the Lutheran church and congre­ gation of this place and Otto, of which E. J. Sander is the pastor shows: Membership, 575; con­ firmed members, 400; voting mem bers, 138; parochial school, 33 pu­ pils; sessions, 170 days; 28 daj^'s lost through influenza; baptisms, 21; funerals, 13; communicants, 724; collections for mission and charity work, $1,534.05; Fourth iiherty Loan Bonds, $21,600. Congregational Church [.ev. Kingsley F. Norris, Pastor Morning service next Sabbath at 11 o’clock and Sunday school immediately following. In the evening the services are at half past seven and the pastor will^speak at both the morning and evening services. He has a message for you. All are most cordially invited. THE LOCAL. NEWS Marion Edlburn was in town on Miss Heen EUis spent Wednes- Monday. day in Salamanca. Mrs. George Ellis went to Elk- Duke‘Kilby of Jamestown was dale to visit her son Tuesday. in town on Thursday. A. L. Peebles and family of Sal- Mrs. Faulkner was in Salaman- vil- ca on Wednesdav. Big Strike, on in Great Britain London, Jan. 28—It is estimat­ ed that nearly two hundred thou­ sand men and women are idle in the United Kingdom of Ireland because of the strikes in the vari­ ous trades, creating one of the most serious situations industrial ly that the country has had to face in many years. Approximately half of the stri- amanca were visitors in our kers are in the Belfast district lage Sunday. , -ii- -nj -r^ r. -m-, where the strike movement is com / n . Mrs. Edward Bryant oi Elk- ing to spread. * Kickbush was up from Ole dale visited her parents Tuesday, There'is no change in the Clyde “ staid over Sunday. : ^ section where twenty thousand Spencer Stoughton and wife of visitor in town Wednesday, ship workers are out, nor in Lon- Conewango visited his son C. D. don where hfteen thousand ship Stoughton one day recently. , C h a p lin moved his repairers have gone on strike and nousenoicl goods here iromBuffalo have refused an offer to refer the Mrs. Mary Stewart was in Sal Saturday. He will occupy the wage ('iuestion to a committee. | amanca several days last week. farm with Dean Case for awhile. 94 OOQ^ Fifeshire mkere six\ho°u' ^^anton Kilburn, Donald Wil- Leonard Swan of Salamanca sand South Wales mkers* -five Blanche Murphy were in who has been at home on a fur- Whiting’S StoreNews Fur Coats At greatly re,duced prices. One black 36 and ^ n e black 42 at 12.00; one |>rey, sixe 16 at 11.75 and one navy color, size 3S at 18.75. The regular prices on these coats was 19.50 to 27.50. four thousand M a n c h e ster dock ers four thousand Sfiuth W a le s shipyard m en and a num b e r of new plate glass window. Glasgow m u n icipal w o rkers. 1 -j-v 1 . . . T_. was the guest of friends here last (jharies hisher is improving his TTridav residence by the addition of a fine Read THE HUB. Wilson Gives Them ’’Near Beer” Reports from the food admin­ istration at Washington Tuesday announced that President Wilson had signed a proclamation in Par­ is on January 23rd, removing all Mr. Darling of Coldspring is pressing hay for William Stevens. T rum a n Chase of E lkdale is at tending our high school a t pres- Mrs. Lizzie KilbUrn and C. D. restrictions from the manufacture Stoughton were in Conewango on and sale of the drink known as Friday last. ’’near beer’—a drink so near like beer that a drunk who is loaded with near heen can’t he distin­ guished from a drunk who is load ed with the real old stuff. Wonder what the friends of the president among the W. C. T. U. will think of this latest fantastic move on his part. Near beer should not be al- A pleasant time will result we are sure and all members of the order should be there. i Mrs. Hilsle was in Salamanca Tuesday. Frank Eldredge of Salamanca was in town the last of the week. Little Mary Evans had a birth day party on Saturday, celebrat­ ing her fifth birthday. Ray Wilson and son Billy of Buffalo, visited relatives here the last-of the week. .■(. Mrs. Ed Merow spent the Week end in Springville as the gueSt of . aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linton were in Salamanca on Saturday, j Rush Hout has so far recovered from recent illness that he has re- Miss Edna Merow was at home turned to his school work in from Otto for the week end. Jamestown. InWPfl if thp rpal avtiolp i«s to hp Underwood spent the Henry Gerwitz of Cattaraugus * f,® ^ week end with his family m Fran -j^as here Tuesday visiting his klinville. daughter, Mrs. Wallace Grube. stopped, for the difference tween the two is so very trifling that they remind one of the trifl­ ing difference between the huns and the Bolsheviki. Mrs. Chas. Glover was in Brad-, Howard Wright of Salamanca Organization is the key to suc­ cessful community and county rural development work. • ford Tuesday. iwas a' business visitor in this viL IHBBBSISan! MKN WANTED! r* ^ M o torm eii and No ^ b o r troub le. P a y w h ile learning. Minimum w a g e s a£. ter learning the rou tes, 3 8 c per hour. G o o d opportuni­ ties for ad v a n c e u ien t. * A d d r e ss: O . L^ FREEMAN, SupG Northern Ohio Traction and Li^ht C o ., Terminal Building, Akron, Ohio. S H B S H n n H H f l B B B H B H H l R M B H H B n B a H a H ^BBllMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBflBflBBBBBBBBBB I Here it is! A G reat N e w Son^ A Son^ w ith a heart A Son^ o f the heai^ w a r son^ that is j^ood' after he war; ^ood an y tim e — Never Miss the Sunshine If^^^louds Gonie Drifting By” fords a^g^t^gsic by Leon Ed Strand rnmmm pnd edit'foa-jHSt arrived sa le at The Hub O ffice a copy w h ile il’stnew---you*ll like it. \ 'jBaiBiai Charles Carr spent Saturday in Tuesday. Salamanca. j Miss Lana Lang , has been visit Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bowen were aunt in Springville. in Bradford on Saturday. j Harold Waite and family were Menzo Ellis was up from the in town Sunday. Power house on Thursday. | Qeqil Armstrong spent Monday Lewie Stoll of Napoli was here Braciford. on business Thursday. ' . j , Herman Puss has been on the Mrs. Frank Shultz w^s in , , manca .on Saturday. Mra Lizzie; Kuski who has’been Thomas Reed was in ioabrnTue^daViJ-- • >‘*5iLin ir. • r:her dlEessihasjretotfe^iB'to - h^^ ..’home ih South Dayton. Mrs. Hayes of,: .Bradford., Fas -r-. “ '. \ , faen^vimting ^r^.'Timothy. . W.as mrSalamaUifea , ^ P n losi-fc . £ t r , > s I ! ' i / J J.,,,, .^ill, StonCi has returned 'from Hrad^oru. ^ . j . The > King’s Daughters ’expect Floyd Winship was in town last to hoI4 their next meeting with week Thursday. Mrs. Harry Alsdorf was in Sal amanca Satnrday, Luman Lamb was here on busi­ ness Monday- Mrs. Jennie King was in Sala­ manca last Friday. Mrs. Prank Merrill on Monday, February 2nd. Mrs. Litchfield of Salamanca called ,at her father’s home, Mr. Chas. Green, on Saturday. Mrs. Melvina Torrence spent Tuesday in Gowanda. Wallace Brown visited his fa­ ther §^turday. Mrs. Ida Whipple has been pas', ^ sing several days as the guest of her daughter. Mrs. Sam Elhs of Lanfeborough Pa., IS visiting at the home of Geo Ellis. Mrs. Burt Whitney was in Sala Semi Annual Millinery Sale: manca' Thursday. All trimmed and untrimmed h ats! Miss -Margaret Green of Sala- in stock at 25 .per cent off. The manca was the guest of her fath- sale began January 14th and is er here Monday, now on. G. S. Whitney, Milliner | Thomjas Reed was in Salamam ca on Tuesday. .. Earl Puss was a Bradford:wisit- Furs at a Price Not less than one.-.tkird redtiction on any fur muff or scarf. ‘^‘Every piece is new this sea­ son. Colors brown, grey, black and taupe. t Dresses Reduced All wool serge and . woo! taffeta dresses worth 14:50 and 15.50 gb at 13.50. A few higher priced dresses in s e r ^ and J e r­ sey cloth at special prices. ’ ‘ ( Men's Caps Reduced Men’s 1.50 Caps for - - - 1 , 2 3 Men’s 1.00 Caps for - - Z 3 c Men’s and Boy’s 50c Caps for 3 5 c Cotton Batting Anew, full 10-ounce weight, in large-size rolls, one for a Comfortable, at 50c to 1.85, These weigh from one pound to two and three-fourths pounds. They come in two or three grades. a ;: '.'Li I'lt Dr. Schoors Foot Cpihforts Men’s and Women’s sizes in an ji supporters at'2.00.. - ' jfoMl Piads Ond Cushions at 35c;^ Coi^ni Buaion Padiat 25c and 30c. a box. Corn Files 10c. Cork and Felt Insoles 15c. Foot Powder, Foot Balm and Foot Soap at 35c a package. The three packages in a' box with a booklet on “Treatment and Care of the Feet”, fer 1.00. ' ■ J « Archie G. Whiting LITTLE VALLEY. .n i Mrs. Virginia M. Rieger of Mrs. Joseph Aust^ entertained Mr. Beardsley of Arcade was a visitor at the local milk plant on Tuesday. Mrs. D. J. Bushnell spent Tues­ day in Buffalo. Mrs. Carl Lang visited her dau­ ghter the last of the week. or on Tuesda,y. - - - tvjifi Pat Connelly was in Gowan­ da Pridaj’’. He went there to vis it his mother, who was leaving on Saturday for California. E. E. Kelly is in New York for a few days bn business. The .Eastern Stars had a social afternoon and evening Wednes day and a supper was served a- on Lancaster, Pa'., arrived Monday the girls of Miss Stubbins’ Sun- at 58 Swan street, Salamanca, to day school class last evening and be with ,her husband, Corporal! though we havenH heard from‘ib Francis B. Rieger who has been | this morning\ yet we feel sure that honorably discharged from the the girls had a vtime toge- serviee of his country. ther. CliftonMilks has enlisted in the United States Navy, so we learn.' mong the other good things will meet with Bushnell has be- Mrs. Wm Williams on Pi-iday, the study of voice with Prof. January 31st at two o clock p. mi jiyer in BuHalo, so we learn, and M. J. Conklin and wife spent there on Monday to take her last week in Buffalo the guests of lesson, Edward Audrews spentMonday • *rv M t ■*’ ^ in Buffalo. Miss Neva Armstrong spent the afternoon of yesterday in Sala­ manca. Pauline Newton was on the sick Born to Mr. and. Mrs. C. D. Stoughton on January 8tb, a dau­ ghter. The little lady has been named Clara Ethel, seems to like her home folks and has about de­ cided to stay, we believe. The Sunday sebopl classes of Mrs. Fisher and Mrs: Eyre held a party in the parfers of the Congre gaMonal ehureit-Monday evening. Mrs. Edwin Langbans very pleasantly entertajned the girls of Corporal Francis B. Rieger o f , her Sunday scbbol class at a can- the U. S. National Guards arrived dy pull bn Tuesday evening. home Saturday having been hon- ------------ : -------- orably discharged from the ser- Rear Admiral F. H. Bailey, U. vice of the eonntry. His home isjS. N., and Mrs. Bailey of Gowanda at 58 Swan street Salamaiffea. \^08 ' relatives and friends. Freeman Sherman and daugh­ ter Mary Jepson, visited relatives in Otto last week. Word comes to us this week. Will Entertain Lady ”Bees” Mrs. J. J. SuHivan will enter­ tain the Lady Maccabees at her home tomorrow afternoon. were the guests , of iis niece, Mrs. H. G. Hall on Stiiiday, Mrs. Marion Herrick has been visiting at the home of her broth­ er. Mrs. WaHaee Grabe went to West Valley recently to be in at­ tendance ai^ the ftmeral of ^ her brother. Mrs. Emory Sweetland is visit­ ing in. Bradford. and w o r th it 2 5 c W M M M M i l M i l f l i B M M B — ■ g ’Sradford. that Corporal Cedric Griffith has i yesterday, arrived safely on this side and 4s omorrow evening there is to at Camp Merritt. . ’ parlors of the Con­ gregational ehnreh a reception _ Miss Rose Faulkner who has for the new pastor of that church been having an attack of the inflii Rev. K. F. Norris and wife in the M enzo in Jamestown has so far re- which they will be duly welcomed B covered as to he able to come to our village by thffir church i 5 » 7 B r O a d S t home. ,She came Wednesday. (people as well as many othCr m ■-# iJCiu Dr. Goss of Cattaraugus has'S^^*^ I beeu in this viUage on profession- io„fo,d i t 1 al business several tunes lately Forness Garage « • SALAMANCA mg looked forward to, and tbo 1 we do^’t know what is on the pro M Mrs. Fred Veeder and daugb- gr^m, yet we feel assured that all 1 ter Alice spent Wednesday in,attend will enjoy the evp^ing ^ thoroughly. NEW CARS ALWAYS IN STOCK A.FeJw I’sed Cars at a Bargain

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