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Four T ( The Hub, Littlo Valley, K. Y., Thursday, January 3D, 1919 W / ^ The Little Valley Hob The County Seat i^publican Paper Subscription $1.50 Per Year, Strictly in Advance, ties. Periodical publications are price down to a figure tbat will resorts by which most of the bu- be somewhere within reasonable reaus acquaint the public with bounds in consideration of the ex their wonderful (?* achievements isting price of the commodity, and a lot of which periodicals are, There is a feeling that the gov looked at just about once by-the ernment will go ahead and'keep JSntered as second class mater at the post office at Little Valley,N.Y. average man and then chucked in its pledge. The price fixing was the waste basket, thereby Wasting adopted by the president and Mr. Herbert H. Shipherd, Owner. Strang, a lot of good paper that might Hoover witffithe opposition of the have been put to bettert uses. | farmers. Alter having fixed a Ed. and Prop. CATTARAUGUS COUNTY BANK EDITORIAL NOTES The Training of a Presidient about our polities. 5;i Up to the tiine that Theodore Secrecy Necessary xCoosevelt, now deceased, entered' During the war this burden of price upon them, the grain farm­ advertising has become enormous ers have laid their plans with that While the Official Bulletin has price in mind. By fixing the borne the brunt of congressional price in 1917-18 the government criticism a great many other bought the farmer’s wheat for I weekly and monthly leaflets and less than its value in the Open mar pamphlets have been turned out ket and now it will pay up for its LITTLE VALLEY, NEW YORK f R e s o u r c e s over $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 the White House, all but four of? government printing office mismanagement by losing in 19- 11 discuss the remain- di-^tributed to all parts of the 19 allthat it saved in 1917H8; pro- H __ / Safe D eposit B o x e s For Rent I ij i a Cattaraugus County Bank Do you doubt it! # # # The First Nomination If we are to have a league of the 24 presidents that had sue-; i x- needed liim had had national legis thirteen principles oi the pi^s country free of postage. ^ i videde it sticks, to the figure, lative experience The first tlire ® peace program to the Senator Sherman of Illinois has And thus is our government op f | had been delegats to the Conti-extent that^ point 1 has himself to collect information crated under the hands of a few jf nential Congress; ten had served discussed. one seems to subject with a view to put men who do as they darn please - -^erms in the senate, 14 had been sure just what President ^ check rein on what he con- about some things upon which members of the house of represeii , stated m ”a menace to the free press devolves considerable expense to tatives and seven had occupied ^ ^ possible country.” He has intro- the whole country. p, .seats in both branches of congress Program, as we see it, calls for (i^ced a resolution in the Senate If the four liberty loans are |! O f the four presidents who came covenants ot P^ace openly which* is quoted later in this edi- managed the way the railroad ad- ^ or who went to the White House arrived at, after which there shaj. torial. It has been referred to ministration has been where in without previous service in the mternaticml under- the Committee on Printing, and Sam Hill will the fellows come cur just as long as they are re- business done.- legislative branch of the govern- standings of any kind but dipio- anyone acquainted with Mr. Sher out who have so loyally suported tained under federal control, mfmtj Uxz, Tcjlor and Grant, a- ^acy shall, proceed always frank- j^^n knows that it will not be per the loans even with their last dol- ^ ^ ohieved distinction in war* one -v public view. ^ mitted to he m a pigeonhole with- lar? Chrapcr Than Government Oper- Arthur, was \ ice-President and ^ same aa ress in out action. The resolution is as The time pay olf those loan^ i ation ^assumed the presidency upon the The^Pr^id^ifi . mu \Wilson has' At a hearing .before a eongres-' nations then King Albert of Bel- untimely death of Garfield; and 'f w’ ,, . -.i \ ‘ xvcsolved, That fibwspa- no interest m government affairs gional committee’ recently the 'gium, wha made the heroic stand one, Cleveland, came into the pub .^ V h f ana purpose pers, magazmes, and Other instru and if the funds are mismanaged bead of a large meat packing bus- that saved Prance from immedi- lie eye by being elected governor i^ientahties Of a free press serve now, then the situation will be in j^ess submitted figures showing ate destruction, should, in our of the state of New York. wnm ^ ara «naii be ab- adequately all publicity purposes dged regrettable, and may entail ^^at his company received a prof opinion, be the first in line for the It is probable that if the M§xi w ' t tmnsmission of news and considerable private loss to the it of only two cents on every dol presidency of that leabgue. feUn and civil wars had nbt focus- nnde?standiims of‘ anv t ? iojal ones. u -ii i- business done. '''''' ed the attention of the neoole no- \ ^ understandings ot an> the practice Avhich has de- Let ns hope that such will not ^bile the meat packers prob- And the Professors Predominate ■on two of our military leaders *thp correct internret^tm of ^ some sins to atone for The personnel list of the pres­ it would have become an nnwrit- the collect interpretation ot departments ot publishing what i qibe most other people, it is safe ident’s corps of ’’experts and spe- ten law that a nresidential eandi- president s words means, as ig in effect a newspaper or a per -1 SoUilew'hat Under a Cloud iq g^y that no government operat eialists” who are accompanying date must have served terms in ^ v ’ ^ ■''nr ' ^ ostensibly reports . There has arisen a very lively or could take over the packing him in Europe reads like the ros- ther- or both houses of congress i! P^olicity should be giv- to the public news from that de- bit of procedure following the ac- plants and run them for a two ter of a college faculty. The pro- in order to he sneeeqsfiil Rut phases oi the peace con- partment has become a system for tions of investigation begun by pgr cent increase over the present fessional atmosphere no doubt the voters denarted from ’ their ^h® opposition to promoting various economic pro- the committee on sheriff’s reports! cost of the business. will serve to give the chief execu practice of former vears when steadily gaming ground posals, schemes for extending the and which committee is composed jn other words, if a government tive pleasant renfinders of happy they sent Grover Cleveland to the Uemenceau, whom the power of the department or bu- of some of the county supervisors operator bought the animals of days in Princeton. W h ite House and with the elee P^^^ident named tor chairman ot reau concerned, and in securing as an executive order for the m- the farmer and sold the meat 4o -------------------- tion of 1884 as a precedent three sT e lfrooliev appropriations; it is a vestigation and adoption of such the consumer there would be lost George Woodard and famUy other presidents have been ebios- has been backed bv tbe Re • .q- ™ transaction more than two .spent the week end with bis par- en without previous service in fht ° ® * f ' “ 001®»n and to visit hia congress. Col. Roosevelt had pre ?Mef amon^trom h S efficient f r t l 1 ^ ^ ’’ — -------- -- ------------ - ----- - ®«t®rs who are at home on a sided over the senate for a short ^ ^ n g whom has been bena- tui purpose in promotmg efficient sheriff Nichols, ^nd that the dis-. - Lodge, who believes that such economis or sound principles of crepancy or discrepancies are not Citation time before he entered the White House, and thus may be said to ^j-acSce <Tfc -TT- r-v -v^ ^ 4-/-V y/y.'y y\ r\ ~<fr- 4- y-v -*-» 4- ^ a policy will not hold in actual government. L T r S t u t * n e X r T a f t s Z T c T r ^ J ^ ^ o n Prinlg^S^ and aff Tx^eTd^reH n ' ^ i ^ t h e grace of God free . ^ b ^ in legislation, but neither Taft .^y^^hington have more and is hereby directed to investi- conneetion with the county. independeSt. ' ' Mrs.-OtOtoKahlerhasheenquite- ®“®® denied that the Presi- gate the number of such period!-j The deficiency are in connec- Tol George H. Tarbox, Napoli, but is better at this writing. T ^ ^ dent intended his first point to cals or papers published by the tion with the disposal of certain N. Y .; Clarence J. Bushnell, Na-i assumed tneir executive duties. interpreted, rather that departments, bureaus, boards and produce from, the plot of ground polijYda Tarhox, Napoli; Myrtie'. Mrs. George Gampp of-Lilydale It cannot be said that the coun- publicity should come only after commissions, the number of per-,belonging-to the county and.work Waite, Napoli, Mabel Brisley, Na Is visiting Mrs. John Brhseh and ,try has profited by its desertion the preliminary differences had sons employed therein..and the es ed by the prisoners at the conn- poli,%-Dynn Bushnell, Kane, Pa., other friends for a few days, of the principles of £QMer^e|rs- been adjusted anCthe real pfo- timited-costvofHhe same, and r&- ty jail, u ‘ ; • •.lo-fB. FyD: 2; Louis LeRoy,punki^. that none but the tried legislators o-T’a.rn UTeuaTefi. Tvr\-»’+^ +<-\ -f-VKi Rckna-tA fUl-./-. i ^ ^ X ' -, atoned tor with the proper vouch; The people of the State of New the ers that should accompany such , York : furlough from Camp Pike Hospi­ tal in Arkansas. # * * Needless Time and Traybl The committee on sheHl^’s fer-^^Mvan^eRoy, Washington, C§^ ports has met. in'a. special session ..Cla^pBurroughs, Manila,.^ P h ilip ? -and ha§f cMled in'what witheSse's i^me xislands; Fred Whipple, Lit- ^ere procurable a'hd has gained 'tie Yhleey, N. Y ,; Geo. H. Tar- A;yell that the WarDepaftyieht-uo ' particular ..information; ,np.gn .box, ||ittle Yaffey, N. Y.q;. and t<| affair, a^S.'sp; they fiLave.'sum-V^ll.IWSons iM in'the es- mone^d f]&e aid^..gi the ^state comp- tatejyf Amelia E. Blake, late of troller to help straighten the af- Napoli, in the County of Cattar- fair out and.see who is at fault, j augus, deceased, as creditors, le- The witnesses wouldn’t all talk gatees, next^of kin .or..^otherwise, _ ^^Sisiators gram prepared. . ^ ’Spnh, matter to. the Senate shoffid be elected to the p3j.esiden j The Allies still fsav^.a^. epeffi^ q'or ]its further consideration. ’ H ^ cy. ' Judge Taft had servM ini The United States still l\§s . an. the cabinet as governor of the enemy to discuss every phase*.of Philippines, and lienee had an un the hundreds of pointswhich, derstanding of legislation that he nmst-be weighed'ha’Ck 'pnd^ n]ot would not otherwise have posses- in the blaze of unshadowed c.alpi-^this tim e __ __________________ , sed, but even with the knqp’ledge um,'is,' according'to- many who who are^bombarding .seliators and that he had obtained through his. b^ve carefully studied the situar representatives with letters, tffi- -exeeutive positions with the gov-|tiri, the’same as laying your hand Ung how they are 'compelled to ernment it ^ajinot be doubted but^Qf cards,''face up on the table, report to Washington in order to and under the power of the com- send Greeting: that he would have made a more Yon can’t win. obtain their discharge, lit does : mittee Of supervisors they were! You and each of you are here- popnlar president if he could' Much disappointment is expres not seem to be a case of an Isoia-'not compelled to talk if they did by cited to show cause .before the have relied upon experience gain that President Wilson should ted few, but hundreds oi officers not wish to do so. But when the Surrogate of the County of Cat- ed by ^ e v io^ service in con-,go word Point 1 (the only one to have been coippelled to make the state comptroller gets hold of the taraugus at the .Surrogate’s gress. But the climax has been,he exposed to existing and exact- trip to Washington in order to case they will talk up or be com Court of said county, held at Sal- reached in Professor Y ilson ^ ith , i^g criticism to date) that it assist in the unwinding of the redjpelled to do so, as he has the right amanca in the County , of no connection Yvith the federal should he necessary to debate its tape relative to their discharge, j to make the witnesses speak ei- angus on the 17th day of Febru- actual meaning. Then, too, the Such a procedure not only means ?ther by persuasion or force of the 1919, at 11 o’clock in , tho relation of point 1 to peace con- that the government is paying'Jut law which he has behind him to forenoon of that day, why the ac- ference publicity is causing quite the rate of 7 cents a mile for the a; surprising degree. % Mif 1; ..X.,* -.A t f e r e it i s tft^ ■i/f’ i>E ilt04JdH f The cpmplete; E{e^lc ; JUght hod ' ». Po^er Pla^ government in any capacity' be­ fore assuming the office of chief •executive, his ignorance of prac­ tical legislation has been painful­ ly evident from the start. Con­ stant clashes with congress have laid emphasis on the possibility of substituting merely the theory of government, treated of at such length in Wilson’s earlier writ­ ings for a working knowledge of the methods followed in the enact ment of legislation: for governing the country. The a^arent wil- lingnes. of congress, toi give ap­ proval to suggestions from Mr. Wilson has been because of the anxiety of the Democrats in con­ trol of both houses to maintain a party soliditary, and to avoid, all indication of friction between their political leader and his sup­ porters. The war, tog, has given an added weight to feeqmmfenda- tions from the Comhiander-in- chief that they would pever have carried out in times of peace. In the next two years Congress is to be engaged in the passage.of reconstruction legislation that will revolutionize the economic structure of the nation. To get the best results from .these laws we should have a man in the presi dential chair who is able to put the interpretation upon them that congress and the people intended. Was there ever mpre.negd for us to return to the rule of ourforefa thers and elect a president from among the membership of the sen ate or house? There' is ample timber from! which to select, and Then we will see where the as much excitement in Pans as it trip from the port of embarka is on this side of the water. As a tion to Y^ashington, hut that the | fault lies. <-« 1 4 - r‘\ -P yy *v% 4- ry \vs ^ r^« / J ^ XN * _ ___ ___ ___ ___ _.J_ __ — _____ -i_ 1 _ — 1 —. .... .i. I I«. . a l l ^ fTY \I J /V * • Y t To nave any county omeial put under such a cloud is regrettable, not only to the man himself but count of Clarence J. Bushnell .as administrator of the goods, cliat- tels and credits of said deceased should not be judicially settled and allowed. D. H. Andrew D e a l e r L U t i ^ i V a lle y result of Senator Borah’s discus- officer must pay the hotel bill and Sion of this same policy of ’’open other necessary expenses while in diplomacy” in his stand for the wait for the wheels of govern- open consideration of peace treat ment to grind out the necessary ies in the senate the administra- papers in the case, tion brought* out a letter written, Why is such poor management by Mr. Wilson to Secretary Lan- permitted when, it is said, that,him with the responsibilities con sing last year, in which he said: almost without exception, the va- nected v/ith his office. ’ ’And certainly when I pro- rious branches of the service have Mr. Nichols has, we believe, en- nonneed for open diplomacy 1 personal officers at the ports of devored to serve the county well meant not that there should be no debarkation, where the necessary; during his term of office and we 1919. private discussions of delicate discharge papers could be filled'have heard no complaints as to KATHARINE H. MAYER, matters, but that no secret agree- out, thus saving the government his laxness or inability to carry $10© Reward, $100 . The readers of this'*philer -will pleased to learn tbat there is at lea s t one dreaded, disease that science h a s In testimony whereof, we have! V JJ .J 1 n .*1 U. y I f S U C b t<X J ll.lJI* V / C t L A i A i i U C i i i g ^ 1. to those who are his friends and caused tne seal oi tliefeurrogate s influenced .by constitutional conditions- those with whom he has dealt; Court of said eoimty of Cattarau- SO to those who have entrusted be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon. Albert A. Bird, Surrogate of said county of Cat acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur­ faces of the System thereby destroyinsr the foundation of the disease, giving the patient strength by building up the con- taraugus, atOlean, in saidCounty this 14th day of January, A. D.. faith in _the curative powers of Hairs out and uphold the law, and we are sorry that he has been placed under a cloud, even 'though that cloud may he the result of his own past errors, and we hope that when the state comptroller gets the facts boiled down that Mr. Nichols won’t be such a great of­ fender as some may think him to be. # # # Phone Rates Oposed - The Illinois Public Utility Com mission has entered an order sus­ pending for five months the en- Clerk of the Surrogate’s Catarrh ^Medicine tha.t they ofler One Hundrer Dollars for any case that it f a ils to cure Send for ll.st of teptimonials. Addre ,s P. .T. C H P N E T & CO.. Toledo. Court. Ohio. Sold h y all Druggist, 75c. ment of any sort should be enter- and the officers a tremendous a- edfintg and that all international mount of time and money? rMations, when fixed, should be o-; Maybe it is to keep some prime pen and above board and exploit, favorite in a spnr-gripping job. in This letter, of which there ap- Washington, pears to be little known hy those And then they wonder why it on the other side, apparently con- was that the first year of the gov- tradiets point 1. In other words, ernment owrjgrship of the radl- the first article of the basis upon roads have run so sadly alack as which the peace of the world is to a paying investment. The rea- be made, is found the subject for son, for one, is that there hasn’t a strongly J | ^ e d sentiment. If been a careful enough record the right sort of peace is to be kept on some of these foolish ex- made in the shortest time possi- penditures of money until now ble, the basis for such peace the records (those that have been should be set forth in unmistak- kept) have to be revised and ad- forcement of the new telephone able terms. Let us have plain justed to tell how much of an ex rates inaugurated by Mr. Burle- language and no misunderstand- pense has been entailed through son. The Florida Railroad Com ings and above all, keep in mind carelessness and favoritism. . . , ni that the enemy has ears to hear * * * and eyes to see. i. Balancing Wheat Accounts * * Much speculation • S ’n r w PE R U N A M 2 ide a. W e ll M a n evi- Would Curb Expensive Publicity dence concerning the policy that mission has made application m the courts to restrain the South­ ern Bell Telephone and Tele­ graph Company from putting in- Mr. Louis Young, 205 Merrimac St., Rochester, N. Y., “I suffered th ir t y y e s ^ s w ith chronic hoW el •teoublc, »tom - a c h traab le and bem o r r h a s e a o f th e bow e la. W e bou g h t a b o t tle o f Peruna an d I to\^ it faithfu U y , and I bekan to fe e l b e tter. M y w ife persuaded m e to con­ tinue, and I took it for som e tim e as directed. N o w I am a w e ll m an,” Suffer^ thirly years with. trouble and hemorrhages of the bowels. > I' ’■) V ‘ > ■vi I / One of the greatest abuses of the government will pursue with the bureaucratic system of gov- regard to the purchase of the 19- some whose names have been men | ernment is the publicity and self- 19 wheat crop at the price fixed tioned already in connection with i advertising for which each divis- by the government, $2.26, Chiea- the presidential project for 1920. lion of the federal organization is go basis. Indications are that The fact that Wilson has been' constantly striving. A species of the crop will be so large and the a fairly good war president ad'ds competition exists by which each market \ipriee so small that the lustre to his prestige that other- bureau attempts to outshine government will lose in the neigh wise would riot have been there, all tbe rest, and by attractihg at- horhood of a billion dollars by and that lustre should not hinder tention to itself and to its work to paying the price it has set. - ^ us from correcting what appears prevail upon Congress to grant its Some are wondering if the ^ov to have been a grave mistake o f . enlarged appropriations needed ernment will adhere to the under tbe years %vhen we were caxelesa for the extensions of its activi- taking or call it Off and knock the to effect the new rates. The State Railroad Commission __ of Michigan has declined to give M immediate approval to the rate ^ change on the ground that the ^ new rates have not been adver- ^ tised sufficiently, nor have they P been published in an application § for a hearing, as reqijired by the law in Michigan. ' QS And so it goes. State sovereign M ty and government operation of g pubHe utilities are incompatible, ^ and clashes will continue to be- immmmmmmmmimmmmwm SHOE SHOl O ver WHITNEY’S Store All work HOatly done S. MILLIKEN / ' - /

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