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The Elizabethtown post. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1884-1920, March 12, 1884, Image 2

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GAZETTE. Hi, .nil \IK* lMrtf.i ffSoww. P.M. •IM i.nn \i.'tn i.'jn l'i.40 I'J.'JT I'J.t'J 11.4(1 II 18 P.M Il.M i'l.tVi io.ni V.iii „ A.M..;JWMI a.w) v.M., „(. ||).4|»I'.M.. Mid N.IO Kngh ^\«|''|\' (1 Ji '\!•' Kr^lrtlii' Train*. In- P^ii 1 !! 11 '''frr'rrV'I!n*Mpn'' from* 1 \ he I Local and Mlaoell «„«.!«• of Hhrnr | Will\\- ^timlori JIHH M'<\\ Hi ten. In (lice here (,h« jm»l t w „„„ )ltl ,l family huvr Lift. I^Vilsoi. fi.rni nml rj-turnf.l to I, „,,,( |> ( >.,<l Marlr.l for 'pork a\yrnirrdiiy 1 nU.rnliig to nt M ii( licfori- I!\'\. ''• H - I\i»l«««'r. rtr , }ll ... I win l)i-ldnc«\ f-»r K. <>. Tll( , lllltl( | r ,, 1 ar,.|l.rfou.A,km « 11. J u II- l,lv will lie Mi l nl Hi 'l''<' ll f ' IHII.I, l-:si|.. Mi'tulu.V rvrnltiK Than an, MV aad thai, j pet. wctlonofth-ootatorbotow (b« fObteid ta which if not«d would t» Ttr y i n | WMtll ,. to the trchaoloifet, or, toiled, to at* nolnUrmtedtoU^bbrtfU The Greatclosf SfKfcs mron if hel« not a student of l u anttqul- tie*. We have eever * which, undoubtedly, were found In a place where the native Indian or aboriginal had at wm i remote time bora engaged the manufacture of amrtr.baads. On a pert of tbe farm of J. 0 . Living, •ton, In Lewis, locally called \the plain,\ the -now water, when tbe fro* I* \coming out,\ and heavy spring rain* have, within the laat fifteen to twenty-five yean, wash, ed out a coniitderable gnlly on tbe eauterly edge of tbe locality. It wan attempted at diver* time* to atop the trenching of the »andy formation by putting In bro-h and straw, and similar obstructive materi- al, hut wlthont permanent effect. During the *ummer hut p**t, Mimo chtl drcn wandering about chanced to (Uncover •omc bite of pecuBar atone on tbe (ride of the gully, and out of childish curlowlty picked up many piece* and carried them nway. There I* no Hone around there, other than rounded lilt* of roanw gravel, and, Indeed, Imt little nf that; and what there In. U of the greylnh color of the rock of the country broken and iliilntegratlng Thw hit* of flint are of very dark color, entirely unlike anything of rock kind found In place In the *iirronndltig conn, try, with a clravagp, If not peculiar to the flint formation at l«a*t unlike any of our nnllvr rock. Tbn piece* we have m»*>n »rc ohvloiiMly lilt* which were aU*mpt«l to hn fn.hlonrfl Into arr«w.|g»t* and spoiled In the prucft**. TJie HilUtrert r*>ri rrnrntrd Hint I hern WAR IJIIIIP n largo rjimnttty of tlir*« Ml. there. nml It wouM •in that the jjullf liad Ju*t Irenrl.cl on tljn rdtte iif the ilrp<m|l of flint m* ny fully formwl Arrowhead* c Infer from (|,r*e »l|gf)t c|e»e|«,j,tne»»U. I liia WOM n»t, per hup*, a permanent t- of rr«l<l<n< r for the aborigines, lint one nt which they retTmliteii for a » a I different Brtt.unB, ami nt .A H.C. (•o'H lllir hntvy fall of mi l iid high wliidn. wnkr whrn ft vn r.ilhrlor, H. II. Wood.* •portUrnrvNiilurdny la«l ntul n-firl rmiNuiTuW.vinmi \ receipt In full I'tnxrH nf Ilii* lown. Tucwlay ln»l .orK. Wnnliboii.1, of Jay. railed nl lice while on hU way <<> I'orl Henry IcliifulltlM-taxcHorihal town. |-MI» Amilr [.IT. who ha* hern very iinioniii I he im«t (wo week*, nt rofA . F. WomlniiT. in thl* um rapidly ivrovrrlng. Her )F C.1MI 1 0.. 8TATI0M I ONTBEAL 1 SB M 7jl IT /Jl ROUTE. Ill ing WwtrJ -•\\ftiSM 1 to. arrivlw* • ! Obiawo tfrfl oago AQmtm 1.00 r.K..(8iu-9 rait ».» '•*•• £\\\• ..\5*31 its** • \Li'lDic !<r|)i • And nuiki- • TlK'mnn • Thr 1 Hon, will la •ir'Chupi •lii ' iimprrl Hrli'H Inn m Krm in L.i HlitU-li M B n lit' tnn I Yi.«t«<n •raditinnul < BlhlT liybri •vi-llh.T n m thrv m •))<-ilmli'lv r 1 Tl.,.,1,, Im-li,,,,, f. 11 |iM . | lwil ' III!' KHH <i .•1 in kc p w\ 1 [ ly In V, fll ,V!H fi r. .1 1ir.ll, .lay •tiulii i- \ Y ir «•«• usiin .•|K-Ht ll)li < Illl ' !•• I I ori ' imii )•',. 1 •I T ; III.- m.r' lirir •i-li'f X! t VI' .'„„ Alt V\I\I out ll ill 11 '!• :«K ii niy lldlll Si n U'lli s Al llui . xlr. trv'\ \tr'r lav i iwrl HIIO ! lu- ll ic nn\r Ihr nplr nrli l illl Mi h I k.- ' il .L u I-P ; for ..„„. f (I K vr II >f II< ml RI niorrtlie vc\u nt iiplr. >f W W inl i li r 1» Io IV ich. 'I, I. »har Mini mil.- .TU. V *lng ne» lirlnit \ piilill <• auc »m»' Mill- of the ho All il by 'eulport, Hal Heara out ,)U i If V if 111. <<' IH m .litV « in BO the 1 W '» rh ii ta Ilir mxl fro m if lli< mil\-. r<y ilo U> In lik e r i n tlii i iil K l> t .Irpll. in drjfling Illn—iii' ml fnllowril in Hi. ,„.,1 Ihul fun Wit! H1 ,1,-if.H. ll.<- .am ,. bad p.rll V | ,o wrrk. IU*m ' ri( |,. l n „]) thill llnir - al il.r Thi ioiml llnnk of New uitumllv. ICtny K>an i torv iiiYmllj(aliott*«Ut'llc<J W. II. »'AUH. I Ut>lUUng.r..it Henry. N Y LOCAL NOTIOBS. .II A H..N kr«p ihtrnl l«* . ,,,,1 , lam C / HWBI , „, ft,, , ,, m , ,, f FUw>r <,!,„ «,!,. N «te.T»U«-o ami w urmir. of 'iVa at hrii-4* mnglng V u no !; A H- n.iininwn rimir *c.. OM •tanlly an te«4 al 1MB , )i. .n)io hie Ii Ihry prrpnrfil Ihrlr wr«tpori« for the ,np.c or for wnr WP hnvn prornlp^.1 .,,., If n rnrllx-r Ir.vrDligBtl,,.! r.f fhj\ drp., o |( n|. ntiiiH n tnnnct i».. nponi y of ll ( r...tin y, hut d«|ny»d until thn fi.).| a ami •mmi wttilrr <-fTp(iually uliiil u« off; but w pe yet In learn aoiiirthlng more «lw>u looking hfl thr niur t.-i.t. of n hom tlie dcxi and tnwfnhlc pon< At.-i.t. of nearly half lr nortl.r.ly fr dUn life were f.iurnl. on a l»» oii K h whi. b wtnda a Inrgp br« er, whli-b t» Haelf a t irtne(pal bianrh of Ilmjiiel river, and p«irt\und«1 by iwamp, (now. we believe, \r|e«re«l off\ I A remarkable bllbw>k >>r mound of earth la, perhaps, now only alK»ut flftwn fp** liPlghl arw.ve ibe pwamp, nearly round. ,vrr« proUbly IPM than an eighth nt an re, and WM «-nrered, a fow yearn (rinr*. Ith foreat growth. It baa been ronjt* d to be HIP work of forntsr »t«nipante ,e country. I'roftHi.or DeHaa., who ,a» made •omewbat of a atudy of the ndi and ntber evident worki \f an an t and forgotten rare In the wenrt, and i auth'trtly on that and kindred *u»> i, baa pronottured II worthy of aerloua atlgatlon whether It bo a work of man ,r of nattire. H U alike difficult for a maatng olikerver to declare It to )K> a do »r*ted hk chanty Hck Flyna, dUld. Michael Lynn. Jr., m * with a aad MM*. d»>nt on th« lit Iwrt at NpwMmib. WhD» rhoppttw in th# wonda a lodged UP* f«fl on hfm.T»r«ifclng hi* 1 « ah»rT» «» RM# , He wa« taken hnm» f h 4 *d by Dr, J, 0 . Wall. Afl*r a long waiting to bear hnw th« P. O. matt** Wrrald be dwided an ord«r ramp to have H rnnmred, flo mmh f«*» politic. The mump* ar«« PVPT Mikttl MIMTV* wtll }>« th» d«Uh -1 thPm th^uh At l«Ml WP bop*» *». a« Ibey are very dkMCTwa. ablf The writ*? t# at prtm»ni a vjrtbn of March 11 We have had rfMip\llnn.\an<l wmiMllk. .. 'lamli,\ for a ^h*r»t c M'irt> than a fon« nf «nm«r i*i\ -•' m4 Ifnr»Wy W« BeatMtlielM. HU) gnenta win eoaiplaiwd of havtsg no ap- \T»to • «wp of hot w*t«r and a a«4 yon w{0 f»al batter,\ we* Uw fnm»t*» adopted, aad tbe imp of >olwat«? a Mttto boi wat*r with a drop of Umtm Jok» toHto tak* aw«y Ow bMlpWIty. f or Uri. arrttWlkron OM caterer* ebarfed, Ifee priot of way to pf \IVw r*opl* karrw htm to Oook Cfearfe* na«d to aftm. \The acerat la I fmttlng good, fraah watar Into a s«M k U )d l l l g g U« v a)r«»dy <|ttlt« warm, awl The —h In O»- take MIM Marnle FVl.l l.na a litrthdar p*nr (n.nlcbt. Mr* Margaret Ur,ffr,« t lo I. ,,„ the atrll Hal frr Atain* U in alicndanre A large nwmli«f nf «rfn|>*tht*tn* frf«nd >ni)icr(><) at Ihc t|c4h<wi)ci < t«t|ir h U*4 Ann roa^io^ l»i their l«lc ttUn<\ «mt ncigftlmi. |J\Vur.V7wi.Vm'. n * ' Ti.J'fJln^i •crrlroo *ctc r.rttriurie^ Ny I.U [M<llt Ari't fciihrtUaa rhiMicn have the hMiHfol. Hliertnan »!»»« r .,.rn!»c. u. {I. , a flrrl rale opportunity h,r the T »«.ng r** ^ nf the tH»t<r »« etijfv UtetnceUe* at hU farewell h,. t ,. Marrn i« tjem*n U «n «,<, m[.JUh«1 tttkt in hW At the i««n l H«t«* »•** hejrt l»e»». (4 II Hhefrn«n'« \Wm <i tu n t|>e m-'tve-y jy HrertetatyfrMawtaer Uv» | botlliHi Richly, aod tb*e taking H rlfbl off for mm ts t«s, rmtlm m drinka. t«for« H te ap^l«4, TttMtt awl atmmar awl «*an«>r»4» wntfl tb* gnod water WM all (s Ih* a**»o(rpH*r«. and Uv» U«at ki wb*t m*k«« a gr«ai MM* . and to wnra» than no water al - Kv^y bw)y who rwarta thto vafeabfe r««tp« >if a great and rgtrvfttj mnli H»mtld n*rti fnfget H\W In Nut Wtler {K T f \bU-ago Rv JminiaJ n in f aj*r ioap a b«my. wfet. t Tortcrriar. «r»«f *rrl|cv} hU Han't* In *a»lni Klm»clf ftrrro apt^wHtM f«H l»o»lt» on trmiH+mj. -mtmi ISWn a \Inn (rt«f» Ui w«*h hU h«n.<t* r»o« «nr »par« *«tap r IM» HM Tro«t OTMH, UM eoafMt tutkma to th« a«la«. Ubibittvwed t,000 mlocn from tfo Oieb Hffii akme wfll go to d*Abw«. Abo«l$0 am* day am report. cd arrirtog at & otaes and flfu*n lear. IR|, M !• «MU tn Mcb ca««a. TlMitariei abpot UMI mUm mn rwy oonfllctlng, but a** poo^« b«Hrvt lb«m to be rich. BMOi. a UK»o«ghJy reliable man and a frfeod of Om. BrWrtn, writee hera to hlmi \ tott CM b« M*or«d Uw mlmw are g«aoltM. Tb>n»cttlxKqowtioo ahoot tbe rich, of to* TnarU todtc discovered daring U* fan and wistar, Tbe m% Matya away I U bd Thl «f Into UK y y perton, Theplac*T ) d il il d f p p min«i UM are etri«m)ve, and will y h f f ? to 990 and #100 per y. tb# ba»d. The Hogget* found weigh tS\ to #140, aod tbey are not aoarce. TV» oW«t Pvifk alop* ollaera and tboM froa Oolondo and tbe Black HiUa are Urn mem e»ttntiita«to, and there la hut one g tb«m aad all practical minor* about tb# mint*, asd that In, they ar* vary rVb and «ite»«ive, I wtll be ofMrfn** for what I aay to you and you can nat It to wfeoprer ymi ph»ac,\No one , know* Mr NnHh w»l doubt the en- of what be my*. Hllll he COM JO co aoelraoeaMfa]. Toon* b* H plats and bhml, to aiwOm iarimaMag, glib of tooftu, ifeaUnf, perl»p«. When h- begiaa opera. ll oftw hUM*n Qnd«r a oqt—Tb* man a ikt pt«kla« »p,\ Mr* th* TH* mm »t» taJuw m^Wrwi »'«• In for \U f % it u. ih*m** Tk- l< 1-, t,U vqrptW. (*M*t « pf •nap and U )t»a< «a gnnrl a« UU | WltU fa h t i hdng »r>t pOu*** In I II* * I J r<*Jre rrf *ri«p \ Rttravaf aan* hU MiMt*. i r«gti)ar • rh fMMwli* a with the almtw* Inr p <ienr« and aitrtniMiK* '•* the negr\** Of the fn(nr« they ta b m \Ml* thm.gt.1 M ^^ aartr hi Omaha i t/. braak xp a * a flh|o*m»n In 0 M rmrgla* «a tiM i r ««n a —Id map,\ aald i hbK ld H la wA «a#y In |4 W». V, wvMh a »» • AfW>« • minnU Wan •) ! IMMMa* ha 0 ^ hU* . A II Vm*m In a RirtM mA> A aWwy la «»te)f rnwnd tKa* Honry Irrln* natural < Ihe noightwirtng nn.l Wgher plateau ly twenty or thirty r««l* of Aeep iwimii, tnrk of hitman hand* for «tefon*lre ir of tier purp\*<>* • fcmld H have »»en a Are Jmllt up for refuge nnrt .lefonw «n.1 111. (I «u «li\>>t to tie *aa«U«1 with the row* manufacture*! at the n*tnp Jn*t rcxNI the narrow •trip «•* \*'»«VT l^» **\1 .yci««l the k lick Ing M.umi of the prime nl hammer* of the wr.>krt«on » !*t the nrnp.l and the cutl«u* In atK.H e tn«i *h [jutfiro iletermloe Horse for »ala Tl * *,..-rr|.».r offer, fn, aalo .m- «•»••• .ur yrar.<iM .-\Us »\»«»»* «IH.UI «» H-: well hroke nrxl * &«** #«O«<1T ^»<»l\e naal, (n n !«- »ren hr «t'[flr in e '\ \ l l iah. nt meat market I.AM.K. MAO< ti Hrth, l lx>lnj hel<1 h«»o with w»n*-l» lnU»««t TnaVtv llnlln* - t ,,n,««U,m V* f<l « r,« ergetirf and faithful rnrrler f». VA vf had a hard Urn* l« «Ur. • • lalU Thr ruMt* two hour* l«l*» Inoou woul.l I- -ll-' 4ull *l It n<.l for Ihe mM>l» irta*l»C U>lng* ( Therr are *l«.ut «*q bumlrvd ,1noi-B in the village *«\1 »U l*ll.r !.n.l WrtlneKlar, Wa»«\e WllAt.n.l ..Luc ,..fl-n...... I»a . -Hart. »!!«.* I , mlol lita lir«.lh*f IHfln . le» \Wr* A gr.K-cry «lof* U IxHng erpetea aUml William <i l«Un«|ait«l w»|o. »l»4. »»•• l^cii .|io»c!lrtg Ih* wtnte» *t <««•• fWJ>< Mr* I' » H«« I, ar« • la)ll#g frletuU Krank t>anleU t* UiUdwjg ^t^. i r^n ^S-HiTlw &rtfi£-»T T£ i\\ • \^*-»»«•* «• *^ **»» *»*• ovrn F*»»i»»i wan eek «.f rrmmmp cU-m [Kxt^n dU.1 I *. ag«1 » ye,™ AMgai! AndrtM dt r, f In the •• » mill fell * ( «l n «4 tEo «t«. icrcmi lie die.] . «. h*« rerlttr. J A Wright ha*' gone tr. Ohl» and • r hare h m, th- P*W-« fr-m long! ' M*«« hi * II «HMMII \ tati* w«y • Ho»r«» « rJlii h*«flk«^ in pql )< of boUla, and to^Uy abjoi big enekeblaJo^Mand praaata to tfa* htm wHh a Uoarity of pnrpoM that to Ha k a gmfoa fat naagr ra. Ht U MI anhnrtifl innjnlnTjaiiifa •• regwde U» arrival of tMna, boato and wbai bow of the 4»F or Vb» n%b* atrangm arrhra at tbe wnarvei of th* oitr be ia In tha front rank to waleojoM tben aad taoda* lb«ra tba frat- dom of the •Mtropolh and tb* ao«pHallty of hie boMe et the He lodge of enanetet and at a gJanea wbettier a man win be aatfefled wtth the aeeonmc •ad torhe be eea ofer bin or win 1 praeeblag aew arrifak, the 1 r bettor. 80, In ep- ahlptfa., « ii * arrlvala by. an o q p Be wttl, wMh tfae vtnoet aooillty. bowcrer, epproeoh artei •d tnTflUer, aad wttb < i tbe rO«ap» M * fancy | . WW M Ifc* ria.tm * , Th* |iw*J*ii mtrm I*, mm • *M vkn f- ihe 'ttUH Un.V rcTlT»l U rtili : tK» . ling* h^ing Hcirl j « ^te, r . ,rf U^ UtWtte« 'lie tb* I b» a er<xH *»•»*<»• tfwt k»«n* i berl e* pteee*. tbHvU A M ht Hbt J •ooa, offer bin a eard, whlU the DM* who down «h* gasfl-ptank awy Uve hk arm half twletod off by tbe MOM runner affrlgbtedly witnaae a itraggle between two or three of UM epeeke for poaNerfoa of bis baggage, wl m a eoaatav or eoe of tbe anivte, with Midento of tbe Interior aboard, tbe ranaer la la hie glory. Th* oellow youth from UM valley, making hlatlratvieit to th* «Hy, Ignorant of Ua *tr*eta asd bnlldlnga, le a deUgbtf ol viaion to th* nrawr, who \ ipote the fraab H and •no* ha* hi* owrpet laok in tb* boot of tb* botel ooaeb, whll* tba aw*d young man U g<M|ring for air within UM T.hJol* Itaalf. rtMRibfo a itald old faraer warn on the •am«baatw|U> tb* \freeh* yooag nan, •n-1 hy wmlorlty of y*ara •»>» th* light of npm\*mm In^UxUo* a preftreooe for tbe fuTOTlU hot»l of hi* taut TI*H to UM etty. Ma I* qntokly langbed Io **ora j that 1 U w t o< <Ul* -tnrrwKl Into a Ohiaa** opium 1*o «r aom* OUMI borrieU abod*; and UM ntniMV allooh-* UM fettert upon hla Ti«tira try r#*ranttag UM etyllah loxory erf I*M brrt*l whlnh b* U working for-ell to b* htA at remarkably Urw nbm. Nina Um«* Mt of Um UM farrow u Uk«n along with U>* fr<Mh yonag mas, ar>4 tb* driver of UM •wee U mn*m»i not to paav the X. Hotel, \kM«WN(te<4ld booakr inaida ta etraek after III\ II It aonwwbat different from in* tovtom *mploy*4 in e*««jring UM patron- ag« if <rr*?Ua4 ioiaignHst*. Tb* immi- grant* nateUy eroaa UM f*rry ta UM mom. Ing, wfe** UM *tearner* wr* not overb«rd«a- •d witb Uumi trmB*. 11M majority of UM ImmVgrwjt* betng <H MM Uboring elaai famMni, gw&cewr*, VOO4BMO, nabermen *o4 kis4r«<t fxenpattooe -UM raaoer affeota gnat fwnllMftty wiU« U>Mf fntar* welfare eM pmttn eage %Af\m ragaHimg QM bee) fof *tr*iaf on te eetUe. Be reUtee •teJwmrt eoQple of vttetloM re- hie botel from HnnboUU laboren at nabeard- taMMgrMi U a famMr Wt nwmnptAM by Vm wif* aad brood, why vnly b*tf r*U* will be ftbarged for ebJldreo, Botbtag for UM baby aa4 UM teoet Ubml r^m «t*«xV»4 to UM •oopU. Tbea, wlth- ont aUowiac MI 9FportaaHy to think, the runiMf g«UM«« UM IKUKU** ead paroek I taekl* ! kaaket m <MM ens. UM farmer's vattee on •taMeer. »W». oe arrival et UM wharf, UM Witel i • ibim wtU ftad fbeaa, pro. *tM«k#4. WMM UM reuw k looking after OM faenNPr** k«**te« lafgafe- w b*a UM only wttb a roll of of elotbiag be baa The Goods must be swept from our counters at once Regardless of Cost. Almost Given AWAY BOOT®, Ike 11 inmii t's ii,w fn* all (i-a't**•* A new M«<1 U |Mc<T4«« I,t»*e t\ • *»*•»•! 'Twill toofce I*N»* <• — \IT. »*i». *»*«>d TwtP .^- t ' tW (*W~te bo l—U»g •iUce*. tw«4 O*i *vmA-K*m ****' •rfal I»4Ua tDrwirinffl -Tk* Aft Cre-|*wt% » b»* a»*ie« (fe*y meet be • WVy 4M*>t r-\» tete aiavvt e*r(a« mn*Ji»» T M«* rt.«| > *. eft '«**«, «w4 ttk* IN*!* »•*• («* U ktl a T«*al •*-» The r«i« ••-- t !»»««<« t r-*f« Ud b a^r«*i 1 I.H«*.U..1 UM I •»• »*rf* <W e * ! 4 UU* ilK*t«t«Mr Itaf 1MB. ««•«. «• _ . . 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Two 1 : &g5 . LMng- ng qut sale at L K. TBtlN' till continues; L. HAND, President. JIJSW ASvJ TEACHERS CLASS! I 1 1 \ SHERMAN ACADEMY Sprinq Term, Mwifoy, H&reh 31st, IBM. Ifuition Free! Apply at once for admioeion, to E. J. OWEN, Principal. DRY CTOODS BARGAINS BARGAfflSjj Wishine to close out some lines of goods, and all o to make room forSpring stock I will offer until April 1st, Mens', Youths' and Boys' Kip Boots it greatly reduced prices. Mens' Beaver and Wool-Lined Boots at less than cost. One lot of Mens' fine HAHD-SZWED Bals., D and E widths, half sizes, double soles, scotch edges, for $4.75} former price J5.50. 1 lot Boys calf Bals.,«2, former price $3.85 1 lot Ladies fine Kid Button, B, C and D, for $8.75, former price $4.50. 1 lot Ladies' fine Ekl Button, C snd D, for .$9.75, for. mer price $8.26. Hot ladies heavy Kid button, E, low heels, $1.65, former mice $3. 1 lot ladies Im. Calf button, D, $V.40l former price $1.65. 1 lot ladies fine Serge button, TJ and C, $1.50, former price$2.50l 1 lot ladies fine Kid foxed button, B and 0, $1.75, former price $3.75. 1 lot ladle* fine Kid foxed Land, BandC, $1.50, former price $».5O, All Flannel Lined Shoes, SUp- pers and Velvet Emb. Slip- pers at Cost. JUST RECEIVED, A NEW LOT OF 3. N. OIiOTES FINE SHOES, THE HOST ELEGANT AND PEBFBCT FTTTINO LINE OF LADIES SHOES EVEB 0FFEBED.IN ESSEX COUNT*. SZL7EEWAEE, BIO BARGAINS IN FLANNEL GOODS. BVERTLADT WITH TSNDSSPEET SHOULD TRY HIS \G0QDYSAB WELTJDBH0E8!\ N0NAIL8 OR \WAZ THUBAD TO . WEAR OUT TBB8T0CK- fNO OR HURT I THE FEET. B. F. HUKD00K, • PORT H*KBT, N. Y. J. E. BARNES, Licensed Auctioneer JOB X88EX OOuxiTxi *| Within (he NEXT 10

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