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The Elizabethtown post. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1884-1920, February 28, 1884, Image 1

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By A. C.H.LIVINGSTON tDITOBANDPBOPWCTOB. DEVOTED TO POLITICS, SCIENCE, AGRICULTURE, AND WHOLE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. ELIZABBTHTOWN, ESSEX COUNTY, N. Y., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1884. NO. 29, •notices, among reading matter, 5 oenta per line. ;uBineas cards (not occupying more than on£ inch Bpace) $8 per year. LegaladTertfeingatratesprescribedbylaw. OtSer advertising rates made knoWn on marriage and death notices are free. Correspondence of public interest solicited from all parts of the county. The subscription price of the POST AND QAZXTTB is $1.60 per year,-payable strict- ly in advance. mev ana-Counsellor-at Law, Jonah. &*ezJJo™t» : KT- s and Counsellors at Law, ^etille. N. Y. T. F. CONWAT. t^VlTT STAFFOHI>, and. Counsellor at Law, ' 54 Wall fitjff*\ York'. • KOffBi irnC y8 and Counsellors at Law, KerseviUr. N. Y. FltAKKMN A. ROWE. ttorney and Counsellor at Law, g Mrt'oriiiirk- lilork. Chicago. 111. and Counsellor at Law, rlhto.rn. B.^_CA)_i«|J._/V L r : __ Hl-'-K, ! Korney and Counsellor at Law, onA^Mbanv.N.Y. i-*i<.n Notary, Doti^tlvo Sorvioo ,.orneys and Counsellors a t Law , [\ CTroWMtxrrt. Essrs. CVmnft/, JV. 1'. ,Utl> I>- HAND, , Counsellor a t Law , Kliznlirdilmni. N. Y. orney and Counsellor at Law, rihtoim. Ewr<'ou>itu. A. r J'. \'.Jt tJROVElt/ s and Counsellors at Law, Foi-t Tfi-mv, EwsCoitntu. N. Y. \PHOTOGRAPHERS. M, JOHNSON, THOTOGRAPHEB, | r,-ntn> Point. Essex County. N. Y. HOTELS. THE BEirELEYT '. WOODRUFF, - Pnpritlor \anac Lake Village, Franklin Co., If^Y. TLLENHOIJSE, 'JV, - - Proprietor. 8 Flacld, N. Y. if tho most desirable summer roaorlfi in the AdiroudackH. ( ADIRONDA CKS.) ELLOOG, ' - - Proprietor. mzabethtoivn, Essex Co.. X. Y. ANSION HOllSE, |E/.4.1f SIMQXDS, - ProprlM. Eltzabethtotrn, S. I. &CHARDS HOtlSE, |WTA (7/,1/i'A', - Proprietor Wfitport, If. Y. -v enniiurtod with houso. IWEEI) HOUSE, fr/'n/.'T ir/i/iV>. - Proprietor, Weitport, JV. V. hlRMAN HOUSE, I BUTTERFIELD, - ProprMvi | Jform/i, Jijijfx County, JV. Y. ' iFirnVvllio BANKS. | OF POUT HENRY, N. Y. t-ilcsiiYius of i-xli'iulinjroiir n-liilti 1111 pi'oplc of Kssi-x county, mid tnk< t f'ttfloiv lo invite the oponlng of ck \('counts tlic purrhanc iiml wile < \ ••'\! domcHlir bill* of exrlmnjro, Hi i \f coupons, and Uie trimim' ' |P'IKTUI Imnking buisini'M. I-AH ATTKNTION (llVKN TO Hd IWIISVKHTOKH W.TII UNIT*. *T\TW BONDH, \ \'\ lomlllomlHinniKhtuiid F. S. ATWEIX, Ciw SCHOOLS HLIZABETHTOWN IONFREESCHOO , EfHKX Oo , N . Y. U.TXUM, 18«a, of tUU ftrhool, w •<'HrpU>inlM«rlOtli. Thiwwllll '\THCIUHH during Uila term ftmltboi Klo joinltHliouliUpplylininrdl* «l«n admirable; hmtrurtlon pr 1 thorough. Term* IM roaaor r\>v ttlmllur H(<hi>,)l In Northern Nr t 1 ho Hirer d<'|mrlini<rilH will Iw cni to n«iu-hi.ni. > will 1K> glvi'ti In Inntrumot .'»impilH <l<>nlrln R It. wjroin othorsrhonl* nml twndldi int* (••>rililcnti>« may b« join's oxnmlnntloit upon J\i* e<tntnlnlng further parti princlral. wr of IJonra of K.hic U. I,. HANI), ouoa, Clwk, At yonder turn in ttnf l«d wood!, t The mountain tnr^ok to lmt to n»{ And ret l know »tUU nowi on And downward to the ae*. With song, Into the wutee of air; And ret I know he'wlU return, For itlll hia neat la there. Tho thoughts I bare of one I lore, Go henoe, and so ere loet to me; Ana ret I know they pees to him Who dwell! beyond the m. Bow wend the waters to the see. How finds the bird again Ita neet, Or thought Cerloeps the oonUnenU ' Upon love* high behest r <annotsee, Icannottell, \lie put my finding out; Tot if I know, HI believe, . Oh, wherefore can I doubt ft F. Randolph, in (At \No w » fee jap*. «KPg too ideal iftdn. Dj^ooqJd get up one etttfcd, 1 jOne Heart end Four Spades,' ii wo*i eel weU k Chicago. BMU & picture weald appeal to fee, artiette nature e* <*r eaoat \ Good day, ate,\ aa*d the young lid*. \Iamanwh ob)%e4 far young •oxaiu, ItrtBM yon loak at SOQM of o w prtoa aUMiea.' > -^9UMM 7Whx» MISCELLANY. THEBROTHEBrlN-UW, The slant February miimhino WM obeorfully noroee th« kitohon ftnor,- flro In tho oookinK-ntwo »nApp«fl, nnd oklod, and tho knttlo Nnri K mnrrlly when [r. Suldon onmo in from Um burn with the •iramlng milk-pull. Mr*. BoMcn rt«rU<l athobrlnf dom thut Iwd momoritartl; oome hnr, «ron while Ihn lust rnggftd king, pulled over thn dry gnnrd to be dirned, wtw hold lu one haud, and Iho dfrning-noedlo in tho \other. \ Aaloop, oh ?\ wild thn fnnn«r, dryly I dou't huvo UIQ tltnn to Uko nnjm Iu Um tytlmo!\ n sorry,\ (inld Mm. HnMnji, oolor- lhit I droppnd off Imforn I knnw It ihin^ wtui vnry hmvvy thin momiuif, Mid I n<>t over-tired, 1 supponn.\ \ Work in alwnyn h«mvy,\ anid Mr. Rol- len, gloobiily. \HuppAr ain't rn»<1y ynt f .nd tho iirod mnu In walltn' out In the Bhod, tmd you atn utttin' horo MIPO P . <M Wt tho cold pork and be*ns M qulok M on oan I ; Tirn« onoo loot <)<vn n<«v<tr he found a#in. Brory inimilo oountii in nn-work^ Mn. 8oldc|a put Mlde tho »looVln K -hMk- *, und made all U>e%Mte «lio wrald, In e lorvoon, uu<|ortain wi»y -and -Jnet then the loor oponod, and a tall, luiudiKitno y<**u# sred^ wlUi a oluatar of 4*rk-green mihtletoo In hU hand, Boo what I fonnd In the woodii,\ MM \ You u»od to lot» mistletoe, Fenny, when you woro n «irl.\ ' It's rery pr«tty,\ mid Mm. H«.l<Un, with a qnick, nldnloug K 1AU<W at It, for har Nhnnd'a eyo wan upon hnr, Mid ibe fnlt cold nnruUny. '' Put it on the window- I, Carton. I am too briny to Ux»k mt It lost uow. Hupper is trahludhand I\ \ And la that nny reaaon you ahonld hur . youraolf to death 1\ retorted hvt brother, u he took tha hoary Iron knltU from hand. \ You wiU kill yatumif with lh«w tondoroua weight* yet I\ •' Humph I\ remarked Hi, H*A<\tm. \ Y<w dont iionrn in any hurry, young Why ahould I be r\ «atd Oarlue Ihm, eareleMly, aa he finug hlfitaelf Into a \ the window. , You're boon all d*y Ununpin 1 abont the ds,\ wid Selden, \aad youWfl f«tch«d korne a bunch o' wbtietoe I\ Yet I haro not been unoooapiod,\ eald Uarlon, quietly. \lBl\ooldn't make asueh profit at the 9M'» end,\ eaid hi* Wod.or ),. Uw, griml- tf I worked in Uw»t iwrt wf way. G«mi Fanny, uako haftte, the nn U down, ei le ohormi are all to be don* y«t And on't want to be dli»«r«»ble, D«rr,\ with •inintor glanoe, \ but if ynn mw i t» ater on hare much loturer, I xhnll nipwit yoe to tip arouud the plao« a little. Dorr took hi* neat oomrKModly M th« tabln, bnaldo hl» «Utor, wh<m« faint oak* varied painfully, ae al»e Iwkod fr«m one t« the other of tho up Out I don't mean to »t*y on here,\ ealf nuruph I\ aaid Hnlden. '' That .WM jood offar Doaoou rUo»n» nwio y«w t«> w<nk Me farm on aharne. I •'IKHW yon'U that?\ h i am not fond of forming,\ aald Oarloe. And thnre'n a fair lookout If yon Joli UiAt lMul-mining buainmw a| ^KKW ITU), Mod Beldou. ** \ Neither do I inUnd to ixHwm* a l«w linor,\ aaid Oarloa, aa unrufflnd aa *rer. , \ And Dutton Mill <MU bo Iwuiod rnr K>ng—ft capital plaee for tmd»,\ Soldnn. Thnnka,\ Don- indlffor«ntly awwi \ But 1 dou't think. I alknild ahlua ae a Knmph,\ growled Rcldon, aa ha MTT*! the ooltl pork Into aliowa of |«..rt«nUm» thlek and «or»pd ont eolld nweaea of balwd i with them. \ 1 a«* yw do«H ID work, that'a tha mnlUr with yon.\ Dou't, John,\ aaid Mm. Belden, togly. It alu't my duty to onimurag\ idlenoea, pomlrtod Hflldon, drinking off hia Um Iu Molding draught*. \ H«ro. lUnnali.\ ee blooming girl, anffltienUy Uk« him In f«a j* k> do^Ure their relationahip aa fcroUi aad aletar, but tuA at all reeea>bMn« him eipreealoa, oeoie In- '' Hha eaetne to U>1K »BITrUU» PtQ WOr>PUr>PT. A ttery O»ee Teld b T H«rr A. WUe M tka Hutlno. A dear friend of mine, who has a narer- falling fond of aneodotea, wa. telling the other day how the expreaaion of \neither J pig nor imppy\ originated. During the Knew Nothing oampaign in Virginia Jam* Lyoa. met Henry A. Wiae, hia kinnan, on the atnmp. Mr Lyosa accrued hia antago- nist of haring ehanged from one party to another with rudicroua facUity. Wiae. in turn, retorted in kind and aaid farther on: In my neighborhood dwelt two fexmen. One was hospitable and the other unsociable. They were differently constituted by nature. The first hid an intimation that Hon. Abel P. Upahnr, then Seoretary of the Interior, would spund a day at hia house while Tint- ing the oounty. Mr. Upshur was inordinate-' ly fond of roMt pig, but his expectant hoeV discovered that tnis dainty waa not proem* %ble, so far as he knew, in time to gratify * • appetite of the Secretary. The other farmer happened to hear of this and, in a , gonerotifl moment, ordered a negro to oatoh It t«aohea them bualmees habite. A | 0B e o f i^ fa^ pig 8 an d c^ i t to hia nmny poor people now keep their friend. The boy did as he wae ordered and .riags in deposit vaulte. Borne of them j forthwith proceeded on his journey. Half. way there waa a public louse and Sambo atopped to get a drink of whisky. The bag containing the pig was put behind a door for fancied 1 security. Warmed with the liquor, the negro told the whole utory'.of his niasion. Some wild fellows bieaxdit and de- termined to have ft bit of fun. They remote- «d the pig from the bag and introduced a ' pappy in it* place. The negro shouldered his load, resumed his journey, and fatally appeared with hie burden before the delighted farmer, who waa profuse in thanks. He told the boy to matte the bag and let him aee the present To the consternation of the negro and ng* of the farmer the pnppy darted oat, with % li-rely berk. The negro waa wreatbfuUy eommanded to pat the pappy back and go to bis master, who would braaea lat- er. Beaching the tarem on hia return trip, the young scamps who had previously persona desiring greater security for brisked them plied him with whisky, others • •• • 'tastily removed the puppy and watered the pig to hia old quarters. The negro again took up hia bag and trudged homeward in a state of mellow bat otter perplexity. Confronted by his meatet he told how he had started with » p^.tM had turned to a puppy and eonld axA ,ae- •hToeA set with her benda folded the real efttieday ta.t*d o' settio' e rat- work «|«iK, s«oh as «y »•*»!#• «*ad ake.\ Baanah tb4d«fl sat 4uwn to UM tabte. •• I'm s«»rry I was lass,\ saW SIM. meant to IMI P rawy IM Hliakspaanaa Cl«b was a tUtM usual. We finished ' Hmtrj Wftal enr« «* tta* kUwltraehrrtntoUtuywir \Nothtni I •ipiwee,\ esM Bi OHJBED BY AN ENGINE. \ Well, I hardly www onder that tast> ,\ s»Jd Oaxlos. \ I 6an work-but H i't to pttohlng hay and meanriilg owt f^ hai bee. nMiwd, and she wae running nOMkrreil le aeottMr aalmte ahe wottW A rruAH* jfiMrsw YOUK SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. 1 saa tall ywi UM* pm aead imsr Wtah I •>«* elalm UM prirlkf* no buaisr apot hi all Vwv York •M afate, U 1 MB to be o%t-4oor« to K. own profssriop, aod— mtevm U4 atUssptod to reaeh a railroad tMtoe by , Mr. Selden-<rf saanaglng n y g •ngiiM alartod drrwa UM grade In pursuit of their valuables aad securities has lost man) a*k»y<m MaJWrry, Worth. a»4 Bayard •tree*, aad H to rary dxmbtfol if UM N la their fortunes,\ remarked a manager of the safety-deposit Taolto. \I t Ha§ tost, UM Ml of night found KM IB sa A WWII Ml IMT f brtseas eotd had I sot few* MUghty ladepesdent, to be rled UM farmer. \But I \ 1 Smgbt t had *nff«r«d menUI agonlea awywbam a AIUBMT oaa. » to a baahtra, was only this morning that one of our de- but I now nuatil then did 1 hare UM of bow mtioh a h and MM raga ara walking abool. positors left a note for $8,000 lying upon a fortaMla moogb a* teat to SM garbage heap, aad UM garbage la for aala at d*k In one of the retiring-rooms, but we tfnderstand that artor to-morrow, y*«r will be wanted for th«m as work for their Mrln 1 1\ Y<n a n weloome to H to-night, Mr Set. \ aald Oarloa Dorr, eatraly U rhat yon hare said jn ean hardly capeel to remain h«re linger. I wtll go to UM ^araonage, wlwre Mr. Mlldway will. I nsalsi me as a gn«rt 1\ And he widked 'ml of Ute Oh, John I oh, John I\ nrted Uie U wife, wringing her thin hands \ Afsf ixlos Is the <mij bmthsr t I.STO U4\ US UM b«iag em mf«r to a brief epaoe. \ 9n rapid! r did the iM a»d« oyn the fmemi a»-«* thM my bmatb wae faJry Uken so* kmk be«k after I had been gftne; tm a few aeermda, fir ao swiftly tM f «rr*ta« O*t M rvinlr^ my In t*Jd« OM al«d. One mad iae beedloog down tlaaooaraattoBofpaopiawhoawora ware fortunate enough to find the raluable wrrsr to wadi ttMaaaslrsa, aad hara paper and restore it to the owner before It fa a bedlaa to which aU It would surprise you to tea Tbe ed wm a algMikeWlon of the la efeavr** of e tetegreph op-»**of by Ibe nf im Otimm Aft-f eUnMBf tb« ma< m aide of lb* ihm reJlroad at thie p^tni lhrmj<|h a g«p \» d^preeaino, a»<? erVi* sr. Jsbbertng. geatkmlatog, JoMltog, aad to how thoughtless people a n in tearing rain. which at UnMS there ara UM fisabings at kalvas, UM hnpraoattoM of rage, UM shrieks * fear or aagooy, and UM groans of UM dying. It Istll UMW, awarding to UM •Wtor's oapadiy aad opporfetntty for ob- -9nratloii lit it. Ye« UMT« are hers also fro. gality, indnstry, snd o4h«r bamhw rirtnes ables lying around.\ What kinds of valuablea are usually left by depositors ?\ ' \ Well, all kinds; ttooks and securities most frequently. Men oome in here, take their bonds to a retiriig-room, and rat off swt>»l onl to b« abU to note the r*nfT«* *>* *h\ p^nwlng lo«m»iH!TS ^ly •ft wmtpaUble with iganraaov, poverty, aod of the bonds lying on thl Men, as a rule, are more m, nf r%» swifUy nrr-tteklng ar« In tbk eol<my aVmt 15,000 It H» ths \*rpmi Italian ootony In kri«t dffy. Th* n« t in a|»« to on Creeby «*r«i*, M 4 ih» smAlliwt ia v*tU-r°<\ along from 107tb to 117Ui »ir«-i on tb« eeet sida ift^wn. Altog^Uwrr, UJ*T«> are abowt 40,000 lU)i»n» In K=» Tort. Five years nan thin awHlrm was him'mi <?etir<ily inhaWt- •d >ry Irluli Thn f«w f>)tno»>, J»w», null noftftm tnliad In aovmg them W«T« arercely nn«™,W,. Th<> ttolMtM r, >h»f«t van rmij a man, a nv>nk«r, «v) a hatxl *wjpm tn r»prn—tit Italy. The artt, Italy t«m>««i in haT. »W«M m*t tn re. tareleas than ladles. If I should toll you to UM frmt OO UM OUMT twin* the largest amount of bonds left to that whn knnM op Me nnm aft tbeoi as r him '«t half a tomm KHMW \ ' John, yrm aball not tp<wk an T mM trkly. \Mr T>nrr to no *ay, the ousto'mer would be very mad. It would surprise you, too, for It ran away up to the thousands.\ \ What class of people usually patrontos deposit faults r | Uiw pntnt and g*i A»«r> UM grttdo nnttl ba had s%w4«4 II In 4n n \ Yon nxiit AM II iwrn-tmnnt b«?«. •». l»«l«llr N UM. winter.\ 1 «M<i to bbn. M * « fir* l«te In Uw »^ bias* AU obuses—bankers, profoMiontJ men, all others are baring valuables they do lot oare to keep at home. Indies are patron- braroly. J bnnm hie Ul eap their Jewelry In fee rault. Tbey are i and ro«|» Ih-nty wf w«rfk, o»l, All Ib. tlm«, •» If llf« w.». rtinl Uosd mill ! YOM'T. | f down «o s moro rs»rh|n=. ll Py. Hnd I fhinli .T<..I know my nfHttUm *b<nt« H. good may It !\m y§n \ HUlo f>eoomlng oar beLt oustoaaers, for qne lady who Is pleased %ith UM system tetls her bout It, and thea they ooaaa ^ are huuarnni, who «rm>» to Ulis Win- ib«y H* T° noU»ln« to lose and to gota hj any rhsnga In UM na. If «n Iteliaa rooad. This is a good esperlenoe for have had unpleasant szperienoes with sar- %M an'rttgh to HT. rm at><n!»a b* is nit likely togs banks, and, not oaring to resort to th« langoroua prualtive method of keeping their boardings between the bed-ticke, the] ramt pkoes at deposit vaults. Young r« also using the vaulte as a means of sav- ing money. I knpw a young man who be- saving In that way- The flat 7*** found him §300 ahead, instead of behind, as usual. He acquired business habits to that way that have obtained him a poaitto* worth 95,000 a year.\ Safety-depoeK veftlto aee of mod«xn eases. are sll hri- Ho, th*y are tn<l«striotia, frugal, almpia. miwted, hon-M M th«ir nMgh. d |gn«ranl Mos* ?»f UWM who yo«rs did ny H*to UM United Btetea, M wilrtwg l kl*w*r«. a»pa<4s4|y for rall- aivt »?• steady in tb«ir T» gaWng drank, and itna «w«y * im*«ina thM . «r *hi»T«a hate •~n««. t ' mM ****** y.\ to U>« blro.1 A rw!d*r UM <taUU «Tin> It* •-*• to *>* Mb dark. The WORWRI will w h* M H Ml T wir«S th« m-mnlnln w.n» -l-.w growth. Originally, raiMoiaa wata kept me secret plaoe about UM house, aod M WM not lninqudat for persoas to eonaeal large sums of mott«y or vsh—rili papers to Uietr beds. This led to freamsnt losses by my pr«w»en«e,\ DPI alHMeti Ms o* in, roMmry, and other oauses, to say aotb- tag of those oooasloned by fee oareleasness sUok to It, ft»4 s<M«|t owl.»' mtn*.\ Itthea beeame owtootary their valuables to deposit tin boxes with Ut«tr bankers, and soon bank vaults became overcrowded with them. This demand for •fepoeitortes finally led to UM of Wety-deposit vaults. The first one eon- vtnioted i s Uiis country wae at New York ebont a quarter of a century ago. They a n a pri»tiMf Mi •»• UM farm d M 80s wif* haw 01 Th* I^s4 Mining <\-* y •nd-Vmly «.)Upw*1 w»Ui of his hard -wn-d wmoj l« y I A»4, for U*# I had )*»** q**Ma Uu n WM fi« my <x»»a I WM ni fn. wbM. I waf.t to ttmnt for it short of diabolical intervention, being organized all over the country, aad ara oonstruoted with a special view to pra- The farmer swore that there way no puppj about his and emphatically ordered the poor vwtttng loss by fire. The demand for them negro to'vntie the bag and lei the dashed has materially increased since bankers be- g g thing go. Obeying the order, ont reafaei fas hia tfcrtfty w d mMbMinai W/., i«fc* IM, i ' A |nwIBK * \ ** ^ M. H» . h, -rwy mmMt to «M eoapany, TteSan labwira w-r- paid tts. to take soon deposit-, even g g the pig, with a grunt of delight at deliver- Th te d t t th bank presidents and directors making ance. The master mvmed out at the negro la some of them large quantities (or his lying propensities and threatened rfeoto and idle bank funds are kept. When people who are known to hare valuables to ished darkey flung up his hands to deepen- l burglaries and murders by house-breakers p •\For* God, masea, when I first started B»y become MSS frequent, for ti e toot la a pig and it tamed to • poppy, y q well established thai many orimes of (his and when I started again it waa a puppy •bareoter are committed because the per- •' WI»IM < was 4or SIM togly, to borsoJr ••» the WM j« nnr%> to *!»• w»y to UM afok-rorm. \ t>n ! arytng to UM Aral pU«» «s>4 to UM ***** have articles of value oonoealed oy their ehooeeal\ M>. Wiae had no oeeaaion to make, the .ppUoatioo to hi* opponent. The ctowd took m off on their aho*ldan in triunfn. •tOUI B1ALWM WANTED ttM War* •< « >• OooA Any. gentlemen.\ . A rMher pwtty yo«f lady stood In the doorway of the Ohloego Trtoum editorial la gneefnl espeet POSTOFFIOB MTSTHRim. And <W d, and .mUinj, abcid tw<» afto enwrnneinf her praeooe. \ 1)9 yo» objee*,\ ahe oontlnued, y a*y telktog to yw, gentlemen, a littk toll yean, charged with 1 -teeling from his employer, Mr. Ef P. TUfany, ol g o« a matter which may oe of tolereal py ^ No, 196 Fulton •treet, inadeafaUeenfea-Iwi of hi* guilt Detective lfewoome, of tha l toyovl\ 4eo't,\ replied the horse reporter g Poet Offlo^ detected Oille-pie with atolea ' 'postal notes to hit pocket*. SMttMyarewslPoinatodoso. Heaven forbid l fl A reporter asked DetectiveNewoWefaehv di ti dt i Its all rtettt. J«*••.\ at* «•*«, •• Th* tori's SKW*T wlH hs aftt fral. y s»d UM« I should by the tbonghtfol refaaal p formation regarding til dutie-. t \ My duties,\ he said, \ are to look after \ My duties,\ he said, \ are to look l q Hfe UtM w<rald OUMTWUM be bright aad all hregnlariUee against the portal law* g g « The tofide workings of our bureau mut d h What direction would you like to The tof g neeeaaarily be kept a aeoret,\ oonttnned thi i to ppy ka**«Mem>**rea1l<mteker I know eetotnj UM trUda to which d • y offlee know how many persoarl employ. My work la nearly aU done by ibadowtog. y •rly etisekmartee to Afrlee were subjected Mgleeitog to take nwaqulto ban l y y I investigate a ease and my suspicion feJli lhitttiW g gg ii—x. and a oorker about » mu ll g y OBaeertatopereon. BometimeKlhitttiigW OkU> «to , rorteettag tkai bJe wife wee bora p to th* first Instano* and sometimes I harsh fciks • back track several times. Who •kUf eeoretof the ofioe. 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