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The Elizabethtown post and gazette. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1879-1884, July 03, 1879, Image 2

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6 u-. 0 to 12 TO • lD dra.b AND DDY yelled J.>eople vs. John Obapman. As~~anltand Battery. Over to nex' eoBHIOD, on ball UiOO People vs. Henry Bobare As~~anl~ and''\\'\'''\ Battery, Tried, Cound guilty, Rn\' lined '\f!!itl&tlion. B:r biB eameoti and la- IJI gl'ring Oro-n. Point pmeot dts IHJO, or 100 lll\JSID JBII. Dta~rioU1~ &u thU!II'I•v of tl\110fttl~ \' liM WQB d9951Jf 9Mll11J JNio ~I'! oltpl!~ ft\9 of the Adtl andack: .Yatwnal, Wesoport by Dr W. H. been ahanged to the on Monday, m All perJ must have been t.bl5 season, f11r he 1• Satarilay next after All m wmt pnces. will d~ well new regnlc.tunl caps The capa are bl11e with two ljlOld ban<ls escutcheon with the D & H 0. Oo ,\ 1n and yard men lu!ve wb1te oaps announcement w our 'g London Show ~rn.ve m om village last a>n<l evening filled by an appreom- bllliOOU !ll!OenBIOn oey Kettogg £o~ people A... K Dadlel' f~ the high est.Aelrn. of ottr aitk6na and of hit: now emplo3'a All ~cad joUl'Ileym&n. def't. • lllhOWI fill! wlllom 1111 bill II bond, anll Tile Indim DIIdgllJID, nur OOllll w. ,f'eople vB, Vanoorou Bodsseu. Assault wo hope hU s!~y amoni us ma;y not be Broob 1 p~ :hsa been ma.ah improTcc! and Baltery <!ettled with eomnlainent, lhort. _ I , bt ~jng up P~!heJoot., a.nd. JL.e1larse.i on po.ym.AII.l t.f liM llf llfi. Tll8 WOrt oJf llODiiif'\oU\'m,on l'nifi !AJnlit iJ lllli!IDJIJU long TIIOI< People va. Frank l!'annlnlr. .Borglur naU worb 18 Jllrogr~g u fiat &ion, 'Jnne to September. 'l'hl ~ totm ) w1tb mtent to oomm1t orimo. Trle.t, ble, consl.lera.blo Um.e wil1 be 1pant, la.a l:.een & mOAt 1t1~11tfnl lll!cl ll&lft!M- fonnd gntlty of A!811Dit and llaUory, null O'Jor, m ~=01TUI6 the old buililmp and toq on\ oeutenoed to CouDty Ja.ll lo~ 011b yruu., the QI!Onnd. Plot. Goo. H. Rud, at th!l omt?e, will D•striot Attoiney and H. Bale for people, Ill! the M. E. Ohuroh held a oloaa h1J 1ohool and yoar thla weU. I f.., li, Dullloy 11011 I'll, p, Qwver ror dan. ot=.wbe=.f\ r..,ti....t n>oentl;r at the ochool a= aa!e in \\;rh>S ..., teacher ~ late, bas I JohnBurweii,BreachofExolse,linodS60 house hall, of which we neglecteil to men- i!von moh tml.veD&!. mil well mented Ch\\ Burwell, Breaah of EIOise Ben• tion, lllld we moto tbt It Will a mooeu lliUI!aotion, anil thoro 11 a general tAnoa QUAP8llded bo~ m \9Q'~il; and j!nanoo 1 the reo.il't that he bo retained another ;ear- Rob- l'lnrris, IJ~ach of E\<oJae. !!'fnAtt baing tw1mt]l' ilnllam. (bMfdal ~} Fall\\ fll u!Jbr.g Umq, t!l11ilo. lildfM b!W! $60. whloh were d~toted to ).nlrc1W1!1g a new !or II conta ptr p&Jr-oheaJ?. Orrin Hlorrle Hreaoll or E:tOIBO. Sen· ohlul>b~\ .ut.$ ~~ tho ~8.. All J'ohn :ttobb ...a -t.omll:r emlpted to tence suspended houor to the IJ'dl11. We bellovo In wo- ~tho ll~ !n.lt. Enr,y one ,.Uhea James H. P1eroe, Breach of Excise, Fined mlJJl workers but not womloll pzu.ohen, thi!l!l ll!llUU and happlneu ln tholr now home Alox 'llrimble wll1 ooaupy tho $50 llJI.d we1lelim 1 & '1Vt1DWI called of God to Uobb plaoo in futm11. By.f.ho.way, AIM People ve Thomas Kennedy Assault UBo tho m1ghty power for good,..hioh •h• Ia OODllect.<lln r. b'ILOID- w•Y ..rith ~t and Battery Settled w1th aomplailllln~ possesses, bnt UJe fall to find where our 0 Fisher and biB balloon, whloh go_ee up ond d1sobarged, on payment of fine ol$20 Savior enr cwlled one to tht ministry at ~ber.'1 Point the !th. .M:eaan. O .... klna and G:rover'e bre~~th also goee up Willlam Morrison Breach of EniBo E. J, O. UIOD and 'hero; ill pattlotio, on~tionlll N ol. Pros ent.ewd James Scally Droacb of,Exoiso No!. & llim I!DliEVILLE. July 1.-Jaunes Molnerney, while work- In~ on \ pl&~orm in the m111es 1aat Sat= ~~!;?i~~~~~~!~~~!i~~:l!! day, fell air 811ld broke bla leg near the Pros entered Wm a Treadway Broach ol Ezolse, Nol Ftoe entere<L Wm Wballeu Assault o.nd :Raltery 8 Ov•r to next session Hall $300 John Ginty Drel\ch of Excise Tbe school in West :Mineville o!osed t:~:a.; blp It Is pl!Ollounced a Ter\f bad breuk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 laat 1M~~ aJso tha oneJn Fl.llteherville. WJO~ g •LE tl We unde~d.f:Utl'rot.l3una'abrother, .,EJ- .!L~ ~...S. ' $60. John Gwt,Y Hreaoh of E.%c:iae Pros entered === BLOOJtDl'j6DA.Idlo \Famlliartty breeds oontempt W\ bad become ao thoroughly fanullRr }'Dd accustomed to cold, wet, nuny weather that our contempt had become mtensifted, o.nd we have sat for the last t.broe weeks w1th shrugged shoulders OTer o. stove, wondermg whether there ever bad be~n or ever would be again the bright, clear sun- shmy days that we read about. Bat. all this I!! over. old Bol h1111 agt1m made h1o appepranoe and we are happy D N. Burke. or ¥iddl6bury, la to b• our -c-- noxt pnndpaL u the re~ .. true. it 1s Fresh Ground a good soleotllon. WEB'I'l'ORT. N S t Pl Dame! Rooman, whole &CIJUI8d or eteaJ, Juno 28 -Wa=and ch;y, jlll!t the right ova co Ia aster, ~an of woathet to hoo your ~rden at 6 Pure PariS Green wg a cow fro 111 the farm of G G Roe, Is 0 olook a. m , llDd then mt dOWD under ' m the county jail to await bla trlel at the the 11oppl\ treea and aoe tho mdustriollll Rosendale Cement, nen oow:t. chiolr.eDA knoolc over the young pepper Chazy Lime, • Frank Fonmin, of this plnoe, baa beau Ef::'~ed.!,~abbages m the twinckling Tu k.s I 1 d 1::! 1 B ene&nced to one yeafll eonllllement In Oovet up the pretty ploturee 1 l:i an oa t, the oountv JM'1 !or breaking tfelonlously That i'l.o haJ:ig upon the wall Dairy Salt, (7) IDIO tho bDUBO of Mrll Bouobrd, Ho l:lllng the akeoter netting over them, Fyler's Churns, onaeavorod to escapo b7 provmg her \' 0v01' thll!D bot.h great and email Boll liD omon m IWIDO 'lfllWr, proatltute, llllld for tbllt purp1ae mbpm. Wll!h tho frameR in eyory IIPOt. naed several of our strictest (to all ap- For tho 111l1DlllO:r flioa aro with us, pearanoes) oln.urchmen, ana mon of fnml And will soon bogJ.D to doL liee. But t.he~lr testimony did not aid him. SUJDilm m co>l!N' Solne think be sub.,..nned these men for This mOl:Olng at 5 o'olook (we Me par .. - tioular about the holll') we consulted a JOke, but tllle tables are turned, IIDd he Robert B Thon>as' old IA.rmere' Bl.manac ca.n joke witla the jailor for a. whl111. ror 16711, tmd !onnd oppouno Juno ~1m SeTe:ml aeaths haTe ~ h~e since theao worcU. '\ .llllllmer Oegm.s.\ We nl· Fnd\v M:ns Bri<lgat Stan =d :&hs. WII:YD 'llllil I lllKil I'OTUIVJIOO fur UDOIU • l!.Gblll1i 13 'l'hoiDM, and we think tho old Mo01111'ley WIIIO IDtllTCd m ~llll Qll~holio ~IWliDIIO 18 quno wonegt 111 llliJlUS op- ceme$m'Y A child of Beuj ThompBOn'a polite tbis Junw 2111, summer be~a. bo \\'\ b11ried lin :Mineville cemetery. ROd cau.ee, l1 our memory servee us ngbt, we llllvo b11il llll ou.mmer ;rot tim bl-•a Mr. Phillips who i11od yesterday, will year Thoro woro mdeed o. few W!U'Ill t>loo be mtez red in Uineville cemetexy ilaya sandwlohe<l betu-Mn Dl.IUl;Y cold Our new Oongre11at1onal (beg pllfdon, ones, j11at at the tail end of May \nd tho PreabyterlallJ) minlator preached y88te% beginning of June But aa somebody bas ~d, \Ouo onrallov dooa not make a day He 1B • very fait talker, and baa 8ll111mor \ and we reolr.on two WIU1Jiish Butter Tubs r Ilk Pat!'< and Pans, Wne Sc . .::n Clo~h, Sheathing Paper, Mm;qmtu Nettmg, No 1 a Scotia Grmd St.om'8, Lake Huron Gund Stone~, Urmd Btonc Fixture~. Haj mg Tools, and a. full lme of GROCERIES. H. H. RICHA.RDS. WEii''l'PonT, Juno 16th, 18711 -IS- J unulh, 1Mt. lUND k PERRY • l'liiiiiUif ~ Att~>rnen, Ollloo addreas and Post,.ollloe address Ellz- Q.~town, &oe.x Coun.ty, New York.. To thO' Defendant. witb.1n ~ed Take nolioe that uvon default JllJilzolent wm ll8 liken lor tho Bum o! Ono Hundred nlxtJ'·seven dollare, In money, with io- te1rest 4'<>'1' the eth,.9!'7. or Jan112tl819, be- a des Q!>ets ~D &: PEBR • Pia..ln.t:lft 's mays_ To Alphonso fi Soymour, Defendllllt '.flhe !OI'Q4'o~ summons Is served nDon )·qq IJJ pnllll Qll, PIUIIIII>IJHQ 1\n oruer Of Frnncls A Sro CJOunty Jud.lre of the conn ty a! Ee8ox dated the 2Sd day or June 1879 IIlith d filed With tho complaint In the oii!oo of a Clerk of Ess.e% Oountv at El.lmbethtown N Y IllND It PJlllllY L!5.v.\'7 A.tt'ys for Prtr.. lllorl(qo 5ale. D EFAULT HAB BEEN HADE IN THE oondltion of a mo~ executed by Nel sao Kingman to Stephen KlnJ<ma.n do.ted 21st Mariih. !!lM e.nd recorded with the 11ower of sale therein coota.laed In the Essu ooun ty Olerk 8 omoo in book of morte&~~sa z. ])DJ;0508 The sald mortgage baa been duly assigned to Joseph Wilson o! Lewis Essex (Jaunty New York, and the sa.me Is now owned by him Theft' !s due on said mortg,>ge o.t this date the sum ol t>lQ.I!O to wit 110 of principle s.D.d $'18.80 or interll!!t, of the sum secured ny said mortm111:e l'lo 01111 or proce<>dinll' at law has been In stltuted to rooover the debt 8eoured by said morllzege or any part thereof. By yirtue ot tile power of sale therein oon talned> said mortgage will be foreclosed by oale at the promliies theroln d086rlbe1L e.t the V allay House so called In Ellzabewtown 1 In 8&fd county of Essex. on the !3th daY o S~tember lS'iSI at 10 o clock a.. m... 'l:hemQ~d premises are d.escrlbed in sa.ld mortmiiresuli6tantially aa follows \All the r\ta~ tlt.Te. and tnt.erest whatever in and t\> tho touowln~r plooe of lalld 1 It beinll' the south pllrl of number two nundred and !orty-SIX, In the Essex Tmct.ln the town o! Lowl!! oounty o! El!sox , BeJllnntmr at the north west oorner or lot number twOli'undred and forty-live at a stake eighteen links west of a blJ'Cil tree omrked o 215 aod 2i6 , thence north twelve chains ft!ty llnka, thence east forty chWDe, thence eouth twelve chaine aod llfty links to a hemloclr. tree number 215 aod 2i6, thence west torty obalos to the place o! be~rlnnin.l1c oontAlnlna ftfty Mres of Jo.nd. The nUlllDC'r beiJJg put down agrf\ea.ble to j!•~ifnnl eurvey aiade by Enoch F Henry Dated 18th June 187il JOSEPI'l WILSON Assignee IIALR. KRLLOGO &: lllLE Atiorner~ uma Ellzaoothtown 1'1 Y l!IORTG.lGE SALE. W HEII.EAS DEFAULT HAS nEEN made ln the payment ot the mDUQY se cured by n certain morll:aa-e bearing d111Al Juno 23d Il!llB, mllde u.nd oxoouwa by Arohlbald Fortun~ 2d and Christiana Fortune his wi1El of J:!:SSex Esse3: County RA!.ulll ol Now Yo•lt. IIJI morlall.I!Ol'Q w Ln.urll Noble ndm!nl.stratrlx o! l:fimnon Noble dllOO!lllW, or the \\m~ pl!IY\' which \\ld mort:sa.Re wns recorded In the Olerk 1 a office ot the county o• Essex.. aforesaid in book of Mortgo.ges nmnber so._ on page 338 &o. July loth IOOil !It o o olook \ M. aratl011\ are bemg mc.de Regatto. Aesoomtion Dunng the week we have had the ploos- ure of meet1ng some old Malone 1nenda Mr Wm B Earle aDd Judge Adc.ma, with theulo.d1es, bavmg made a tour of the !dil'ondllolnl tnkinl! m upon thorr routo Mr Fnll•r s of the Med.oham P!Lu!Sm!th g of the Bt RefllS, the Berksley and Mil ler a at Samnao La.ko, Blld St Armo.nd of tile Hub at tllo lattor plaoo rom11mlng over mght on which oooas1oo we epent a very pleo.sant evenmg 1D thetr oompROy W1th the exception of tbe Judge none of the party had ever vls1wd the Adirondacks before and all expressed their delight w1tb. thetr !.rip the roc.ds the hotels the beauty of o11r httle VIllage, and Indeed wttb everythma excepting, perhaps, tho weather two weeks probstlQn, t.bat Is, trill, but aa:r• don ~aooomplfllb it either We thillk rureBdy the grow lara are begilllrlng, nod It hiqh tlmo $hat summer beglna,lt we are are finding hult at his yooth 8lld beonuae to havo any OOrll this ;rear, o.ltbough J 0 Osborne uya he baa com that begnn to he piRy& croquet, sa1d game bemg de- touell out the 20th oC th1a month. Ours clared fnVIIlous by our snnot1moolous Ill abon~ knee big!> to an mch meaaure people No doubt n parson of tho Henry Tho proapoot Of hnvinll DO Johnny cake w d B b ta uld b product; thio yoar ral!Jes oertOWI forebod CONSUMPTION CURABLE? And ;'hereaa the sa.ld mort.:~e was a.ft.er wards t.a wit On the 15th ae.y o! May 1879 by nn aaslgoment In wrltlllll bearlni; dare on that dn.Y, for u. vnlu11ble oonalderntton dulx 58!1ilmed o.nd transferred unt.a the sub Borlber Which sal.d mortgage iB now owned by him and the nsal~ent thereof duly rocorded tn an.ld Olerk s oDloo May 19th 1879 allO o clock A M In book number 2 o! AB sfgnmente and Sa.tle!aaUon of Mortgages on 'Paga 231 &c.. And whereas the amount clo.!med to be due on the said mortm111:e at the date of the ftrst publication o! tbis notice Is the eom of $2 038 67 namely $1 GOO tor Principal ao.d Sl38 67 !or Intereet and that elloid sum !a tho whole amount of sa.ld mortm111:e both Drinci oal and lnteroot remnl~ unpo.ld. w hicb •• to be Tbe events are au eoo er B mp wo 6 more no- inga, while we are quite amo wo ~ have oepto.ble to aame of onr people fhllD & co Tbankllgiving wfthout pumpkin _pies. good, hones!~ virtuous mlnlsw To-day the ann, aooord!Dg to unolo ~o celebrmtion will take place here the Thomas's o.l..m.an.e.o. will res.oh his e'% t!ame point of northom doolln&tion. tllo fonrtb but Rhe day wlll bo observed at au.mmer solatlee will begin. o.nd &! will Port Henry, by reading of Declaration of stand still without tho ald of Joshno, !o Independel:l oe and orations, o!:c enjoy a little satiaf.aotion that be bas Fever IIIldi ague 1.8 beoomlng prevalent reached the half way boUBe on his JOur nay On the 25t.h lim., reminded that here several CBileS are reported as being that day will be one minute ohortm- Sol at 8lld e.roumd the mines. w:tll hiwb up his trou.!ers, tie his Shoen 'l'he Webb Brothers' g:mod ehow will and prooeed on lua journey a.t c. plUle to e~lbit her\' on the 8th Thair large tent astonish the wallr.illts on this planet will be pltollled in tho eobool hou.a. yard B. F Hatoh lisa left town, bag ond baggage, gQne to Vermont. Oroq11et ili the prevailing grune hare tn Wo had green pcas !or dinner to day, Modem modiome w ~ progressive sm once and among the mast vRluablo dis- coveries of modern tlmes is t.be use of the Soluble Halls of Phosphorus ln tbe t.ren.tment of Cousumpt.lOD- The opl.Dl.on ~bat thl4 hllhi!!lo lnt.ra.o!Abl~ dla~ ll! In the zu~ority ol oases cuna.bley is now adopted by R very large and respootnble portion ol the medlcal profess1oo M.r own experience during the lnst \20 yefll'll JUBtlflea me In saying, Wlhosltetlng- l,y, Uuit & mllJOnt.,y of casea of P:tlmonary Gonsnnmnon can no Gnron Now therefore notice ~hereby given ao- oordlo~r to the Statute In such oasema.de and provldoo 1 tll!lt by virtue o! the power o! sale contninea In eald mortm111:e dulY recorded thdorewitb aa td.:- tlie said m.G~ wW bo !orool 11 s8.lo or tl!o DromiHilH therein deso tho subscriber the aa str;nes as o.t pubUo a.uction on the 2Sd day of Aw:us 1879 at ten o clock in the forenoon of that day, at the front door of the hotel ca.lled the Balaw!n House kevt by J wnes C BBld win in Esse>: Essex County afor0118ld The toUowing is o.descrlption of the mort- ltlllled premises so aa aforesaid to be sold ~~pstantlally as they are contained in the ..wd morlilnlre All the following described I!IORTGAG£ SAL£, W HEREAS default has been made In tho _payment of the money sec>ured by a certa.tn mortgage bea.rlng do.te the 12th day of rll 18'12 executed bv Bemamin Borto li!M Berta his wlte of the town or In the county er .l!;seex and Btate York w secure the payment or $752 61 wit.h interest thereon which said mo!Wage with tbe power of sale therein contalDed was recorded in the office of the Clork ot said Oouaty of Essex on the 16th day of April 1872 at 2 o clock P >L In book No 34.: ot Mort.r;:ages on page 116 &o said mortgage wa.s dul.Y assigned to Michael Lav ery ancfWilllam LBvery on the 15th day of Bej));emberk !873,.,and recorded In the office of the Oler of usox County ou the ~th day of October, 1873 at eo olock P H in book No 85 of :Mortgagee; at IJRJr8 593 on which mort IIRI!e there Is claimM to be due at the time of 1he 1lrst publieatlon of this notice the sum ol 1881 59 and no proooodlnll;~ at Jaw or In ountty hav!na boon had w coueot the same or BDY pl\rt tliereor Now notloo Is hereby given that the prem lses described In eo.ld mort.<atzo to \it Thnt J2!1orl of lot No B1\ty six In tho Hoff mao Towo~blo which lies east of Trout Brook and on the fiOutherly side of a small brook being the northerly hne ot the part or said lot sixty sb now owned by tb~ par ties or the tlret part being the south east corner o-f said lot a.11d <.\'ontu.lning ~tbnut onf'i hundred acres belnKhounded by the brooks abovo !loscrlbml nn we north ana weHt 5I do a.nd by the lot lines on the south a.nd eRRt .sidea wlll by virtue of a pov.:er of sale In sa.ld mortJt!l,l!e oonts.ined and In pursu u.nce of the statute in such case made and provided be sold at 'Public a uti on at the .n.l pine Hotc1 in the village of Olmstea.ddUe In the town ol Minerva und countv of EABex on tbe 23d de.y of August 1R79 at 2 o clock P :u o.nd said mortgage thereby foreclosed D..Wd May 2Sth'rJ:f&nAEL LA VERY Surviving 32..a.rtner of Michael La.vP.ry &. Wllllwn Lavery ~lw13 I!IOBTfllGE 8.lLE, W HEREAS DEFAULT HAS BEEN made 1n tbe payment of the money secured by a mortgage dated Jnne lOth 1876, executed by V1otor C Spencer and Augustle M Spencer, h1s Wife to Barnet M. K. Loveland And whereas satd Har net M. K Loveland d•d on the 20th do.y Pensions! Moldiera wounded or ID]Ured can now olltmu pen~lonH nnaer tbe new 111w to llnto from dt•ohur~a Address at oace w1tb stawp for blBuk5 nud new sold1er lj CJrou Iars \\. c • .B.E.RINGER & Co , i6W4 Plttobargh, Po, Oldest Clalm Ag;e~>cY 1n the State --- ~-- 'D\':'!'U'!:I.TOW!:I. Every wonnd or ... .,, ..,.. •1 \''JnJOfl even by Dom• dent or a.ny d1sease entttles n. Roldier of the late War to II J)6DIIIOD All penSIOns by the law of Jan 1879 be(!IU baclc c.t date of cliMhMrt~ liP d~i.!ih of thB 80idl9r All ent1tled ehoultl apply Bt onae Thou- sands who are now drawmg peoBJODB !lTC entitled to au mcreasa Soldier• aud Wld owe of the war of 161Z n.nd Mutllll.n war, entiUed to penetorul. Fees tn all ca.aes only $10,00 Send two Htnmps ror new lA.u-s blankR a.nd JnRtructlODB to N.&X, 1Y~D l!l'IiHUfEII.I,'D, u ,., r- .wn Clafm. ..iUforneU, Bo-z J$S8, Wa.J&.4MV .. ton. 1 D C ~W!l or :Matob 1879 aestgn aud transfer sa1d mortgage to Fletcher J Avery who IS now tbe holder and owner of the same wh1ch ~ sB.ld O.SBlgnment 1R recorded 1n the office of the Olork of Bssex oonnty, Apnlll, 1879 m Liber 2 of .AsBlgnments of Mort,. gages on page 196 And whereas there 1B due on satd mort. gage, at the tim• of the fimt pn blioat10n of thJB nohoe the sum of one tbonsand two hundred dollars ($1 200) and uo o.e t1on at Jaw Ol'/10 eqmty has been mstituted for the collection of the same c • HALF A CENTURY OLD, D~WN~'WXIRI :Jlllo z a ~ It IS well known that when two ladies fight, op.e of the great obJective pomts is each other e bonnets and to tear and des- troy enoh other a olothmg 11ppe11m to be In theu m:m.da the very acme of pngaliatio sctence T!As was very lore!hly llluatraied to us a few days emoe by 11 oonversatiw we overheard between two young lad1ea, dnnng which they were dlaonsslng what they wo11ld do to 11 thud party 10 case oertam contingenCies should nrlao Sn1d one, ' I would fly o.t her and I would :aot leave 11 whole rag upon. her ' Alld I, ' sa1d the other (II tender 11entle dove eyed little damsel,) I wo11ld leave a lot of bolas 1n her rags Volumos cool~ not have &ud more Every yec.r developes something new- a new mventJon, a new specie of bttg or 10sect, or a new d1sease ReoenQy we beard of t.bo cnse of a woman who filed commnnicatwn. Tbe first case we t!f1nk au reeord although we have frequentiy seen persoDB so brim fnll of somet.bing to com- municate that we considered It a mimole thlll they did not buret before they bad an opportun1ty to relieve them.,selves. In. thiS onse however the woman died wo have tt 11pon the a11thorlty of c. young lc.dy of Franklin, who read It 10 c. newspaper, conseqnontly It mu!lt be so t.be eveninJl They play both by the bgbt Monday, the 30th. of the moon and tbe doll lllnre or a lllD• The Boston Tmvellng Store ~~'\\ m town t ern laat Batardey Foor oloe largo g:my borsee and a hancUom& turnout. Any persan who comee to towu and E IlL lilame• IJJld aon were onmplng wants blsolmlm1tblng, c~>ll on Jobn Pin outaU!arber'sPointlnseweek. Splendid •• ._ luck tllbing d~rs Uiuolll Square, ,ID,..l.D.eYille. and. yoU% The Wmstport Farmer a Club bovo o.d work will b B done with neatness and dis· Jonrnod their moetillgu nnl.ll tho 1 Dth or patoh, and thae at low figures Oall and next month see It tokes the edge off our IDJilkots ln thl.ll northern. aeotion to read the figures or BYTHE USE OF The Hypophosphites -OF- LIME & If treated 10 season.. The utmost care abould be UBed in procuring the Medicine Chcmumlh Pore parcel of land Bltul1t8u lying a.nd belnJtln Essex !Essex (Jaunt known aa the Wll lett Farm situate on at pllrl ot the West shore of Lake Chwnplaln oa.lled Whellon's Bo.l, a.nd bounded aa follows on tb«il East - by Lake Champlain and the hl~rbwa)' lend· l~t~t Southws.rdly past the house of Philip 8. Baldw!n,_o.nd a sma.ll lot heretofore sold by Joseph :~.· Willett to one Wells on the SOuth by Phlli]) 8 Baldwin's land, on the West by_ the land ot Warren Cross and on the l'lorth by the h]gltway lea.dlng from Wballon 'e Bay to WballoDBbnl'(lb except hu< thereout from the &bove describGd Is:Dd two sm.e.ll lots with the bouses thereon In tho North-elll!t oornPr e.nd lying North of tbePhilllttB lot. said !arm supposed to con tnlo ol(rhty-one acree of lalld same more or , ... Therefore, notice lS hereby g~ven by virtue of the power of sale oootBmed m Batd mortgage, wb10b IS recorded 111 the ffierk's office of the county ot Essex, on the 21st day of June 1876 tn Book No 38, on page 74. & m pursuance of the statute tn such case made nod proVlded, that the Bald mortga13e Wlll be foreclosed by sole of the premmes therem descnbed, at tbe Hotel m Essex village known as the Bald WID House, in the town and county of Essex, on the 19th day of July .A..D 1879 at 10 o olook m the forenoon of that day The premises to be sold are descnbed m BB1d mortgage ss follows All that par· eel of land situate and lymg lU Wbo.llons- bnrgb, lU the town of Essex, county of Essex and Stnto of New York, and de scnbed as follows to w1t Beg1nnmg at a pomt IB the centJ:e ol the h1gbway lead- In!! fram Whallonsburgh to Westport on a !me between the lauds of ea1d Vtclor 0 Spencer and of Ohver Benway and the l!lnd llf the New York IJ:; Canada nnl ron.d company thence easterly o.long the line between the lands of Nald Bpenoer IJ:; g 0 0 ~ 0 c: CD i ,. z CJ Is a sure remedy for ~ Coughs, Colds, Whoopmg Cough, and all Lung ells- .. Ill eases, when used 10 season. Fifty years s.go, Elder • Downs was gtven up by his 0 phJSICIJlDS, to d1e With Con· 0 a sumption Under these c1r- > cumstances he compounded 01 thts ;Elixiri, was cured, anti ma.1d, Master Mrs R. M Sire· teoe•ll'\· Master Hnrold 8. a.nd Oond wae m session at the to pross lnst wer11:, fin. Hatuxds.y momJDS sketcll of tho pi(Ifl!JEid~l Pathma.ater Let&ntt has been doms some good work on the streets during tho past week, pnrtfoolnrly in front of the St Armand, but W!e really wish that our Oom. mass1oner of Hlghways woold add to the unprovement u.t thm p01nt by compelling Mr Monroe HRll to pat his fenoe at the d1Htanoo from tho centro Qf tlle street. As 1t sto.nda now 1t 18 an unlawful aggression upon tho rtghts of the pubHo and a. not1oe to- remove It should be served Some of Uhe m1nee are rnODJDg night soma o! the wotbern oit:r n>arkolll, Bo.lti Blbfts 8lld llJMdooJug plenty of Ol'e, but mOJO, fo:re:ramp}e, They have IJiore DOW the compllilly, through their aupermtond- blueboni..., bl&clr:benifle and rospb•rncs ent, s .. y they can.not sell a pound of ore and ~pploa, fllllOll pea~ 12 ole. 11 pook, string liOllllll 20 olll , potatoos, (now) $1 It IB very sllrnngo tbon, lwhy the oro on per htlllhel, IJllrlll!l obJCktlii! $2 liO per Port Henry doak does not mcreo.se, but i'l.oz61l, new apples bring 75 eta. a bushel d.lminishealt anything We believe t.b& The ont two monUIJ 1111! find molU· story O{ thCII not dillp011ng Of tbuir Ofllll ~ ~~;: =~~~ mo~;. to ba oni:v o. pretext to lndnae tho men taina, while other thollllaDdB will bast•m not to oak Cor more wages, and sovoral towards t.bo sea. the moat fAmous or Bl.l moves towll\l'd that ob)eot, by the tnon, resorts, whora the healthful and mVIgor bo.vo been !ID.Bde D U 0 ating breezes Wlll glvo a now lt!Wie of llfe, ROd tho very slgbt of the ocean will tn· 8pll'e their mlndB Wlth new and grand emotiona Cltf{)\VN POINT CifflTRE, Jul;r 1 -Ye m.e._\PTY season ol b$y ma.k mg has co=enoed. Ye merry oliolr. ol yo mowmg mn.oll1no 1111111ree yo ponslvo cow of win te% f\ood while 11 Tis music in A nice nun mOAt. of the day yeaterd.a. r (Sunday), and vegetation Is looking splen· didW day Lo!IT on Prlday the 27th of thla month at or near the ferry landing on Bnrbor u ye horses' oar,\ Point. a memorandum boolr. with 110mo Jas Ploof to.kea tho lead W1th biB potato 10 or 12 aollimiRDd aomo valuable p~&;:;: patoh-m lb!oeeom and no bnga nor even balonl!lng to Oscu Daoon, of Wal • Pam \\Oel:l Vt The IInder 1rill be rewartlca by Jeav .,... log tho u.me l!.t tho light home on tho Our formor Jeweler, 0 A MaFarland, point. M. T 18 ID town for a few ilaya Fourth Jfuly S S , a.nd gencra.l oelebra.- tJon. m All m s grove, JUBt south of Olnne and DePmutoe a, Orowu Potnt Oentro. Picnlo mrnsic, spealr.lnll, BWini!B oroquet. &;c , &;c See Him Buakmao'e BrtiStic streamer (l)Ver the road between Obnrob and Tmp. Spxapeo a ':Ihe • good time u begins at Ill a m eh11rp Hlma B ook bas on solo o. line lot of fire works rockets, Hommn c1>0dleo, whc~ls, .to , for tile itn Blllet.t exhibtts 1n biS en.nef.ur.c. a. hand. aomo G ot potato, grown by A. Andre• wnrtha Wlll sborougb. who bas ~ soze or the same aDd they are not Early llose tlthor. IJI)I:IIO ball. Js ~ t:.ho B T o.u~ =oro Dr Kennody a Fa vorlte Remlldy pw venta the !ormauou or t;tono In tbe 51..0 der, Jf taltou in time Bc-o Dr Kannedy s advortiSemon~l·====:==o \HOBAC>l WATl!llll 40 Eut 14th Bl , New York, Is 00 hi• Jell• agaiD snid\ was to a pliUio maa tho other day, how ls tbae Bf.ld the plano man! the wau 1mnrored, why, a few weeks ~go Waters used to ndc, bnt now he wallu Is he not en bill lege again? the plaoo mao alnrod at tho \\1;1 for a mom~nt. ani! Mld \I aee t.ba pllll' anA s~elM....\ 'Phe wag_waa right. in ruon aenoulll&n on~, ror wawra 1a on blS legs agan:r. witb hm Gre~t Of[\er llncceaa to biro;;'==== :tteb1nfr 1'11n. • eym}toma aro moisture hke per ~~!?~~ ~!!r;·~~~lo!!~~·s l=!L~! If pin woont wue or&wUog tho parta aft'~, il ..Uow OOlltUJIU~, seriOWI tfiU!IB mf\y 'i:c•:;;:~~~ J.LL lliw.n<o O=r Jlln!T Is ~ I' and earo cnro. Reader, yon aro euft'orlng fwm tb!A dlatrees!llg Complalot, or 'l'ctter, !toll Scald Hel\d, Ring Worm, Barber's Ttob any Orn~ty l!cafy Skin Emption•. 11se Dr. S\\)'Do'a Olnhnent 1>nd be onred - 6on.l by llllllllo l\111 Rdllno~• on recelp~ of price, tin oorroocy or postage Atamps,) 00 llODI!l r. b9X. tb:roo bo,.;oa 5l,ijij, Ad drtos latte!J. Dr Swayne & Bon. S30 N Sixth street, l'hllad~lpbla. No chargo ror adrico. tiold by leading druggl.llt•· l'rojudioo xru.. Illllrlll mnnu erut!ll now 1mdm' !Nalm~11~ wlltc/a prom£1• faroralJlc rc:nUU. I nm prepnred to fnrn!Bb the 8} rop of thaae Sallll. W !lill!NTED PU:RE, With directl.OJ:Ufo for nse.. on o.pplien.t:ion a.t n:t.y office at Woetport, N.Y., or by lettor, W H. RICH.ARDSON, M. D. BE!UTIPY YOIJR HOMES WITH FLOW ERS 51\L£1IDID FWWEBJJYG rL1JiT!I, A T prll!<lll BOiow ll.l! Ill Aururlsnpurt'ltMnrs 1'\\..imQ 1068 thRD (':an be bought for from any other Established Florist. lmmca.a.e t!toek of Plant-, lloamt~-Larce o.ud smo.ll for lwuse and _,don FLowEBnlo Sanuns- E\ r>ry vnr1etr of Groonhouso Wld Boddl1111 Plan18 VE:lUlBM'.a.B and P.L\iS.Ilm by dozell hundred nod thousWld. A largo stock or new and rare l)la.nt:~~~. Novm.TII!1! now olrorod for tho firl!t Umo 6ond tor,.Dce-;rlpd'\\\6 and ~C'O Cs.ta.toguc. Ve-actnb1o rJ•uta b7 Usc Doz.en, Ha.ndt\e'd IU:UliJ.'JteWJn.Dd .. Tomatocl>, CAbbage,. Cnul!Jiow ors,Poppers Eirll PIRO!Jl !Ielons,_velciY uAVID LITTLE & CO Platteburg Gre&Dh\'us\\ Aprll 1870 NUB8EBoY STOCK. Ap ~lee a.nd Pc.nr Treoo Btando.rd and dwlii1 Orlll> Apple Plum cnern Grape Vlnoe-811 tho oorly nnd bftit mrla\ll<' ault- ~~~ ~~~· t,.m.wberrl~~lb 01'111\lllental Trera. Prl00Lf8t'iioqt on liP• ,.u<=ion. .fOftH W !l.!JU!V Pl.a.ttSbuq;h N Ul'1ioerlea. !orll nh !870 FEED! Feed I Feed I Tho nnderaigued kocpa conetantl)' on band Peed mane from the best of CORN & OATS. It can be found nt Stower'a llriBt Iltill, in Lewia, -OE ... 'I'- J'. 0. PARRISH'S, IN ELIZAI!ETifiOWN Co1m1mers may lind ilo to their advant,. age to trr 1t. Port 1IeJI!'Y club o.,me down and played r. gamo m the OlQ:wJl J,>olll£ ratr gronndl wtth a mt:<ed D\neof'~ l'omt,drOwn Point Oeilltl:e, and the mm•a. for tho \galt m0111oy, 'as ~ho grolesqueadverlise- ment rend. The lat&e11were badly beaten. 11nd tho \ i&it money \ only amounted to SO. Orown Pomt Omt.tro 3d nino, com• posed of lads from B to lQ yeaH old, lllm.a. ]}uok, O\ptaio lwalked to Ironvllle ana. baa!< aomo '1 I!lllea. ancl t>la:red thl'l Ironville gd nine, ROd liOIOO (i:I'OWB up memboll of Podllnk olnb rooently, and wero WOII!ted at the di.IAdviUlt&fiO of men against liiltlo boys. The lronvil1e club, subsequemtly, camo hero wiUI a ltylilh team and larll<> w&&on, btlt the little nb:te- yellf•Oldll beat tbom badly, \EleYon years our daughter ao11'ercd, ou a bod or mltery under tho CGro or eenml of the beat (and some or the worst) slolaD8. wbo (!ave her dlnae ~do!tsl 114D1I!JI bnt no rtllel, ll!i now 1he ro- atored Ill ua lb gOO<l health by M Kimple a remed.Y a,11 Hop Bme;~~, tl)at we bad pooh· ed at for two yur.tl.' ba!ore mlng lt. We camtaU;r bopo tbat 110 ono el•o will let tllelr eloll; etltfer aa wa !lldz on a®ount or prejudice aga!n.lt 10 goon a mea1clne u Lewl!J, Jnu&l'l, 18'10. 44m2 S. A. BURPEE. Eddor BU1e~t gave ue, u & newaltem, th11t kit•I~S was aU tho; ~ Q')mmro>tllte, and hisne:lg'liboll &I tbat l! llleU bim•elt ia the hll!hea£ among th i kite own em. Dr.'!l'UilXter, we. h!IU, lJ kep~ vra;r b1J81 .Rop Bl!f,ers.\-Tha J.>aunl.to ' Dated at Easox N Y ¥&~ 1879 JOHN N OLIY .lili Assignee noaa & noes Attorners [4.1!\TU ~ z Q and bved to a good old age. .. You can trY. 1t for the pnce !2 - 01 of one doctor's v1s1t. For sale .t;verywhere. CURED ANKUAUY. ., the aa1d mil road company to the line of OLD AND RELIABLE said ratlroad thenc~ nwtberly along the I liDo of Bind railroad between the track ana the land of the sat~ Spencer to a p01nt IDa line between the laud~ of sa1d Spencer and Joseph Enghsh thence wese&rly along a !we between the lands of AA.td Spencer and said EngllRh to the centre of the htghwny aforesB!d thence northerly along the centre of the said highway to the centre of the btt::hway Jeaumg from Whalloosburgb to the vii !age of Essex, thence along tho centre of stnd h1gh way leadJDg from WhallonR- borgh to the vi!IRI!e of Essex 111 a west· erly dlrPotton through tbc co-u•rcd bndge to the m!drlle of tho Boqnet nver thPn6e alon~ the mtddle of sa1cf r1ver m o. sont.h erly dueotton to a pomt m thlil lice mtar sectmg the !me between tho land of sa111 Spencer and tbe sa.Hi Oh,t:r BtmwnJ thence along: stud hnc buh,:etJD tlu~ la.nrlR of sald Spencer n.n(l Bll-Hl ni\nWR.V t.o the centre of the btghwny len.thng from \l_: hn.l !onsburgh to Westport tbe pomt of hr g1nnmg e1:eeptmg: 10 said bonnrla:n thE> wbeelwngbt shop and prenns\\o\nod by John R. !Iatb~r mcludm<! m ruud bound a.rtea three dwelhng boiJReR botween the hlllh\ay leading from Whallonshurgb to Westport and the rmlroJ\11 o11e dwelhng house known ns tha f>bll House on the corner bet\WoAen t.be !wo ht~h\a~s before n11med, nnd tbe aaw m1ll w1th All the ma chmery wheels &.e ned all t.Uo w-utt:>r privilege belonging w Hatd !lpen< or, lhe sa.td parcel of land conllunrnp; ~~ acrefl more or Jess Dated Essex, A pnl 17 ur·<J FLETCHER J A\ 1 RY Assignee of' Mortga~E\ I> E HAVl!Ns Attcrne1 (3'iw13] N Ull()l:£l.:;iH,BR~tlY bl,EN !HAl nil pomons nro fori•Jdden to H'h m Lha\t porhon of the ~:>treo.nl cowmonl~ known \\ the Pholn6 Hrook m L•w•~ rqnnin~ lhrongh the prewnt-s c \\1 fli \\ the und~rulgHeC uud~I pe1 1\h' of Lhr law All perNQns tTP~'>'J n~klug 11 t>rf'OU for tho pltrpllliO ol fioh1ag w1U he } r \cnt~<l therelor t.•u G lE\\~\ M I' J~Nli.I~S HOP BITTERS, (A Medicine, not a. Dr1nk,)

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