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The Elizabethtown post and gazette. (Elizabethtown, N.Y.) 1879-1884, May 29, 1879, Image 1

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_free.· ., • ' . .• • l . :. ~·. _'.; ;~ .· JV ' . : __ i ll- GAZETTE. ____ .... --···-~--- ·o ' . l ' '·· . . ' ,. . VOL. 3. ELIZ4;BE::r'Hf'OWN, 1 ESSEX COUNTY, N.Y., THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1879. NO. 41. argument§ (Jf a man and lawyer in the course. of time proved .efi'ee~ • and afterward the : JDIJlley was ·;ri ~mp~y paid. Bnt Mr. Stickney htfs roo ed away; Myra's mother is '\tv mo er now. We a.re living iu ~}~'a h e, and, w~tever other people may 'nk, it is· enough for m( to ·know that she ill satisfied wi1;h. her new tenQ1tt. 'l.'his is the 1·eason why I thAnk Gpl\~hatMyrl(s mot~~r wp~ lllY ~t oU~t. A SECOND T:&IAL. W, T, CJjAY, ... _____ Poetry. OABINE'J MAKER AND UPROL-~INlllll 10 tm'J ~T ll'l.i'X' QJr STEBER l.A71), ' Danoo on my no~e wlih yourtlokllngfoet, ~~~~e~~~~~~/ Elizabethtown, N.Y. - Blue b:attle'Jli 1 ·' :::: Sin in my aars 1rlth your buzz to greet Mn.unfa.ctory nt Williams' iMill, near Me. ass I Ue. Rico's Gri•t Mlll. You willseok me out ill my dark rcb:eat, With DJ:1 eager ze~l thAt nO screen oan best, And try to slap :J'OU olear lnt.o the aweet, All kinds of JOBBING Promtly a.ttended to --!ND- PRICES REASONABLE. Hotelo a.nd Summer !loardlog Houses having a lu.rge amount of repnirtng to be done. ca.n make ,;peciBI nnd satielaotory contrn.cts. Elizabethtown, Jan. 21st; 1879. LOOK HEREl ~~ FRIENDS & STRANGERS Von can gel your Watohea Clennod and Repaired for lf'ss tbae. yot:. can a.t an.:r oth- ~f plneA in tn [ggox oounty, by s~ndina or leo.vmg them n.t my t'esidonco on Water Street, wboro I will be found ready to do all kinds of F~ncy Work, such o.s Making Solid Go!~ anrl Silver Rings, Broaches, Badges o£ all kindg to order. Also ne~t}J RepGir Jewdry. Old gold and 81lver tak- en iu exchange for work. G<>ld and R!lver Plating dQ:s.e at a price tQ suit customers. !:lee W•tcb Sign on Water Street, Eliza. bethtown, N. Y. C1EORGE H. ARCHAMBEAU. A. CtARX Bwe,et, by·nl)d·)Jye. I have• 't seen ;y.ou Iince 'senuty elg)lt, Litt1e hot!Se 11y ; And I see you now wit.h the bitterest hate Yon c~n defy. Oh. how I hate J'OU, nobody knows, hulllor of half DliY summor woee, Ob, how I pmye,d that ybn might be fro..,, Villaltoous fly, All l~hrougb the ·winter JfOU did not freeze. Not Mlnob, 1d$ty Ann. Now nil tho stummeT :rou'U do liS you , ....... _ IJlh!t lA ,an? PlAn. . When, in the warm aftem~s.. we would sleep. Nea.t' u.s your wa,kefulest. vigils you'll keep; Precious is sloel!llllg, b11t wald.nl! ie oheap, Sleep. DlSll', if you oan. Oh, bow I wish that my two broad hands, Spread le!t fl1ld right, Stret..hed from lhe poles -to EqllBtor's bAnda, Gin.nts ot might. Some summer dla.1 iD mJ wruth I 'Would rise, Sweeping all spaoo witl• my b11Ddl Of onz~ And emash a.ll the nn6Qonted million of flies Oleatr out of $i~ht. Vain are my wlebes, oll, little bouoo lly, You 'tte hard to mash; Strong men ma..y swear and Womau may cry, •Tee,t.hlng thnl.r I!DAih I .'6u.t ipto the bo,ase you~ frie.nda yPu\lllua• You'lt bathe yo'o.r !eel In the BJ1'1'11P jU(I, And your oa:ree you'll drOwn in tlie-baby's mug. Obecky nnd bmb. ~=====~=~~~==========~=~~-=;--- -- ------ ·- It.wa.s Commencement at G--- worried !hAl it wottld ~ book. I W!l8 primed to fight for thought he h~d lots of money th~>ot \One woman stood upon a chair, College. The people were pouring boon a rt~lief to go 1nmy Myrn, but I hadn't allowed for this, they might as well pick up as not. and, poked up her parasol to a mark into the church as I entered. it, jf ~ to lu>ve .. t.oot;h <>nd X \\\ ~=h an old fool tha~ I w:sh Ahra.luun Sb-Mt hrul MVQl' a.s bia !l.ll 0. fly, o.sked if that WO.B a r~t.her tardy. Finding the choice pnlled. ' although I was in tlw.l grnnci parlor I known how to Wl'its. Nobody ever spot on tbe paper j 6 he could not seats in tho center of the ~'11\lillllce u It 119!1)1ed DJI i1 yon were tho boo.hoad right out, for Myra waa got any good of all thess ~. quite see, she said. I wished. it had room already taken, I pressed for- whole wol:jld to yo= mother, didn't the apple of my eye. 1 ca.n't tell but he was cheated and tormented been one of those t.rantulas that ward, looking to the righ' and to it 1 But +omehow o. boy can't be so yon how I felt ; I believe I could and pestered till hie life bec&me a come in bunches of bananas, and the left for a vacancy. On thi very dear as a girl; B girl is always a.t have lain right down a!ld let Mru. burden. He sold the big hoqs~ had dropped on her, I felt so spite- front row of seats I found one. yo= spro11 strings. At ni~rht, when Street walk over my body into and satin fnmature end great glass- fnl. Myra had borne such great Here a little girl moved al(')ng to tbe dishep ~ washed and every heaven while I st.syed outside. I es t.nd ull, but he never got any troubles I ooold not bear such tiny make room for me, looking into my thing settled down, there was Myra, felt she would be eo good for Myra. money. Bomebody cs.bba.ged the pins stuck into her. face with large gray iyes, whose al~ays swpet and innocent looking. I seemed to be wn~ng on the air, money Mr. Street had wo~~ and \The visitors were afraid t.b.e brightness was softened by verv · Did you ~ver see a. brown, scaly and it sparkled mth gold dllllt.- raked and scraped all hie 1ife house leakad 01 ' smoked or did some- long lashes.' Her face wa.s open :root like I~'\' onion T That'B\ me; And the young people I Mj'l'a went make. Then Mr. and Mrs. Street thing else; they were 1' 0 crabbed and fresh as a newly blown l'OJle be- and did y~ ever see the p=e white about as if she were moving to some. moved into Myra's house, o.nd his and contrary th!lt I was about fore sunrise. Again and 'again I lilly thllt ~trew out of itt She was tune tlmt was singing inside of her, troubles kept the poor man awake plagued to death. They came and found my eyes turning to the rose- like ker !father tlmt !me been in and Frank looked as if he owned nights till he just gave up a.nd died, went, o.nd came and wen_t like night- like faoe, and lli>Ch time the gray heaven mrmy a. year-where your heaven for himself, and had to give and hie wife died soon after of a m~es ~fter welch rab~lt. At last eyes moved, half smiling to ,meet IDOlllllli ~~ Wll~ \\!Jh~ ca=e it \~J w \\\\7bodl be$id= h=ken heart.. Mr. 'Stic~ey came-amce, respe~ta- mine. Evidently the child was juet reste4 me to look o.t her. She .. After a while they were married. .. And. when iris .Jt.Jrs wera loobd blo looldng Il~fSDll: .ftiO H_lllliDI/11 up MMY to oi mttkll up .. With me. .lind trotted. np and down stairs nncl She was such o. 'Picture in her wed. into tbere was not a. cent left i !Pnly to the mark, prO!rused fa>r, agreed when, with a bright smile, she re- a.long thQ. paYementa after me 116 ding dre&sl Frnnk had her painted the house tlmt was given to Myra to pay p1mctua.lly every month. I turned my dropped handkerchiei, busy as a. )lee, but ;rou'd thought to playing on\ harp, and put in,. gilt when she was married. That was took a long b~eath, and we thought and I said\ Thankyoa !\we seemed see her Rsteep, she'd bean plsying frame over the mantlepiece. It kind hers. She could not eat it or drink all would be nght. The first month fairly introduced. Other persons, in paro.disl) a.ll chy, and dreaming of of made the whole room bright, and it or lll.l>ke it into jackets for Frankie, he said the stove needed tinkering now coming into the seet, crowded heaven all inight. Bhe WHB tho real II body felt 1\ij if tbere 'IVlll> DO you know; 50 I persuaded her to 'SJld the. gass fixtures wel•e out ~f me quite close up to the little girl, oontented)tind. I was williDg to ..-oublea.nywhereand nothing- but comee.ndlivewitbme a.nd let the order; Itwouldt.o.keo.wholemonths so that we soon f4lltvery wellnc- work m1 lingers to the txme tor :routh a.nd hope in the worl.l I1 hc.uae flll'niJllied. I llllOUl'l!d it M nmt tQ lili tbem up, but these were qulllinted. Myra E1erybody loved thw child Myra could go straight to heaven clean BJ! a new pin, fixed all Myra's permanent improvements and would \Tbere's going to be a great when she~ little, and they loved looking thu.t way, no one would n<r pretty vases and things about oJi. increase the valu? of the pr?per~y. crowd,\ she said to me. her Illore \'I she grew bigger. She 11ce ths.i sh!l wa.s dill'&-ent from the the cunning littlll brnc!rntll, and ~t He seemed plausible; Frankie need- \Yes I replied, \people always was tip top a.t her lessons. She other angela. looked BO nice a.nd cozy th\1-t !I ed some new clothes, but we had no like to see how school-boys a.re did her BlllllB beautifully and sang \Mr. Street gave them the nicest thought everybody would rush fo~ mon~y that mon~. Well, next PELY made into men.\ lllte ~ bird.. Sometimes I used to little boilee, and it wan fixed up it. Then I a.dvertilled it for , Mty day It Wll.B something else, and he Her f~tce beamed with pleasure tbiJlk I ought to to!Wh ber abwt with the 'cutest· fu;niture. I didn't dollars a month. Myra. was not one took ii out o£ the rent-permnnent and pride as she ;,ud: WESTPORT, N. Y. housework and such like. Bot girls, think MYl\' would know mnch about of the ta.lking kind, so I did not impt•ovement again i o.nd ijO it h~s ''My brother's going to graduate; if they live long =Otl€h, a.re pretty money mo.U.ers; I should a.s soon wnnt her put down or imposed been for six months; he has never be's going to speak; I've brought snre to have u. heart-breaking ti!D-e have A-rneoted one of the winged upon; so I went to stay with her p~d ~' cent. He looked as satudied these fiower5 to tbrow to !Jim.\ StLll. precious lil!lSSons, 4ear little house fly, -r d d if h d th ld You te!L(lh ttl me. somewhere~, somehow; so I did my boys on tbe vsleDtines to lmve a when people ca.me to look a.t the an gran as e owne e wor They were not greenhouse favor- Hated orlovod, yon toll mo thal I potwall~~;pl\'g myself, and lilt my bit pocket for Clll!b IUl Mym to be BIIV- house. when I BJ!k him as civil as I ca.n ites; just old-fashioned domestic Hs.prpy may 1>e. \'~' \ ' t.. It -' 1 B U 1 L D E R Why should I 10aro, wlljlD I t!olllo ~ IIOSO, of sunshl:q~~e it easy while she ing; but she took to ms.no.ging o.nd \11 you ever want to know how .w.yra s ren maa.e me rea saucy flowers, such as. we associate with • Whether its owner'• conduct onowo could. I on't s= I ought to have kept house beautifully. Everythlng lmtelnl and i.ossy and bossy !Uld to Bee him, with hls chew of tobac- the deo.r gr!1IldmOtherB ,· ''lmt,\ I J That he likes i'l or ha~sit, jWI~ so it soes -, hi h d · · -AND DEALER IS nlS Ple\\\\'t to In• done jllllt ~o; I only so.y I did.- went on like clockwork, and they snubby real nioe people can be, just co in 8 mont ommeermg over thought, \they will seem sweet to -- Mvm. wo.snr.t one to scnfile through lived lilra birds for two years. She let them come to rent a hpuse of daughter and me. 'Mrs. Coutts,' him for little si.!!teris se.ka\ & M t h b \This line \hould rood! \Gn ... hlns \·- d • 1m ythi Dressed a 0 ed Lum er, tbetr teeth,\ but a littlo poetio lloonoe the world !Is I could. So, like the was as nest nnd handy in the kitoh- yon when you're nothing but a he said' women on t ow an ng \That is my brother,\ she went w\\ neceseary t.o b~},;,.~,!!.rM,~Zey.. wind from ithe ga.r.len bed, my pet 80 as il I had done nothing but woman. You would haYe thought about business (the old fogy!) they on, pointing with her nosegay. SliiNGLES. LATR. &c. crune n.nd went through the house teach her cooking and then she'd everybody had come from a marble can't understand the ways and the \The one with the light hair!\ I 1 -· 3- -,.H- YE~ii-oF ;:HE'(iaAMPLAl.N JV!Lgeellany. a.s she pleniled, Bild made everybody awo.y to tho pio.n~ and you'd he~~r palace, and that Myra's house WB.B ... wherefores of.trade-':-' You_lll'e ~ery ~sl:ed. Y ALLEY glfld tllllt l~oked upon bar. her voice ringing o.ll throngb the shanty, they seemed eo stuck up. A sma.ri, ~- 9b.c~ey, I replied, o.nd '· Oh uo,\ she said, smiling nnd ,.._EYE & EAR(\ MYRA.'S :HOUSE. \Well Street livea opposite hon&e. Just as a swallow dives stranger in a linen blouse rampaged very polite, beBldes; but anyone, sblring her heau in innocent .re- \'~ Fl-om Llpplnoo/t's Magazine. us.. Mr. ,Street. had tha biggest down a chimney and attends to it! through the house all if he had but e~n u. woman, oan tell t~at ~h~n a prvof ; \not that homely oDe with ~Iyruo'B mother WllB my tirnii client. store, filii~ with !lilil! IIDd oo~nu, hoUBokooping and thon BpliDilJ up two minutes to catch the train, mere man rents a honae and ~ves m It he red hair; that handsome one with IN FIRMA T{ Y • I have good reason to thank God and he had.J no end- of money in the fresher and bri£'hter t.ho.n ever, and ly remarking, 'No modern improve- o~ht to pay. W, e don t kno~ o.ny. Lrown wavy ha.ir. His eyes look Plattsburgh and Saranac, N. Y. for that. lt had been wa.it:inli:' 90 bank. Hid son Frank need to walk skims through the a.h- shove the ment.s.' I ouppooe the words came thin!'\' about bnsmess-more s the brown, too; but they arenot,-they over ll;; veoro Experlenco In ••· long for bllJBinelis th!A never Ollllle to school w\ith my Myra. !llld carry tree-tops, t'lfittering with all its from his throe.~ and not from a. pity. If we_ were not mea~t to are dark blue. There! he's got llrm:~t:\H:!'O::P~':'~~L 1 ~!'.llol!'o• tlhat when at last the door did opelb her books ~d slste. I can't ramem- mi ht, because it is 80 chookful of pocket st.ea.m·whistle. .Another gen- know something about busmess, his hand up to his head now. You D•. H~,·nesisusnanyattheCu\'berland and I saw it was neither the news-- her when tJI.ey wera flr.l!t sweet on 'o git cannot hold in another min- tleman tip-toed through the rooms why were our natural protectors see him don't youf' Hut~se, l?lattsbnrgh, N. Y. For oon•nlta- boy, the nsln man :nor the washer· eaoh other. I mijzht hBove Jmown ~~. with his hands under hie coat-Wls taken o.wa;' ~hey would n_ot allow In\\+ eager way she looked £rom tion ann operotion• in di•••••\ o~hodeye. woman, bu~ \ possible client, iny bow it w~\\ all end. It waa not \When people are jnat satisfied and hie nose in the air. lie never wolves and Stickneys to swmdle US; me to him, and frllm him to me, 1!.8 oar and for catarrh. clan <I 4th < ues &ys v\\'!\' t t of enob month. l'dtients have found • beart warmed toward the new na.tuml thu.b rich folks ehoold want a.nd happy, then· look out for a. so.id 'Good morning' to Myra., but o.nd it stands to reason ha we if some important fate dependel} ~~~~~':n~!t~ ~~r~~6:; 8 ·/ 0 ;e~~:.\t!~~ta:~.~ comer. Only last week I asked her. their only B'l)n to marry a girl who olumge; from the time of tlie shin- only •Too much, too much, and ongbt to know enough to take care upon my identifying her brother. Propt' t.or. &ves, ohny color or size. and artlllo>al how she came to talk so freely to hadn't a cent and whose mother ing mount till now-you IllBY know you'll find it so.' Then with his of olll'Selves.' \I see him,'' I said. \He's a \Ear-drums\ snpplierl. For pa.rticulo.n: th t . 1 Sh too od to '--t. .,.,._ __ ._ b h kick d . littl ' f t ad~ res\ lll6 a IIIIOrnmg 011g ago. e kept B boarii'!ing house. I o.lwa;rs it is go \\\ -\ru.u.H. was a. oot e e to p1eoes a e \Its no use or me ever o go very good-looking brother.\ s. HAYNES. M.D. a.nswered: \The truth is, Charlie. liked~ though, he had B'ooh lawy.er nnd a real smart one, too. dandelion that grew in the court- there again: I came to you to help \Yes he is beautiful,\ she ll!}id, e.n<l !:!aranac. Ul!ulon Con~Lv. N. ~ .. __ . I suppose I had got so hungry for straightlornu.rd eyes. And Mrs. He had lots of business, he had yard. It waa one of Frankie's plsy· us, for I am at my wits' end.\ with artless delight; \and P,e's so tills CHAIRS ] CHAIRS ! ] kindness, n.ud so tired of keeping Street used .ro aak Myra. to tea every snch o. pleasaut w~y. You have a thinas, !llld there was a yellow posy \What about tl!e libel, Mrs. good, and he studies 80 hard. He Tbe undersi~.tntHl ha~ con~tant1y on hn.n£1 [ d qnantlty of S~liut Bottom :rruvrjJotor. Ri.tchen, Office and Rock- ing r!hairs, things to myself, tbat when I sa.w once iJl a wbile-~ust on OoC<l<>un~ of look in your eyes like Fra.nk. But O\- it e .. ery morning for him. I was Coutts!\ I ventured to ILSk. has taken c!ll'e of me ever since somebody who looked as if he didn't Frank, you !mow:. Why, I watohed he grew wenldy-bnd some inwlll'd real gla.d tha.t mo.n did not take the A. slight drawing of the corner of mamma died. fiere\5 his name on the mean to lake advantage of mo I those two jtist M I would ahiJ.dren diswe, and his fathor wanted him house. Plenty of pleasant-looking her mouth indicated tbn.t the subject programme. He is not the valedic- oouldn't lualp talking. I WEIS like playing ja.ct.lstmws, they had tlllCh to go to Europe. So Myra left her people came, but there wa.s too wa.s not an nnpleasant one to my torian, but he has an honor, for all . y. the sb when it was frozen by a. good tim:r ba.by with me, o.nd they went in a mo.ny cubbyholes or too high, too cliGnt \Do you think,\ she replied, that.\ wb>d .. 4e will oell vory cheap. All ordors long · ter, and feele at last aome- \One dsJjnbe!ore I began to think big ship to tbe old country. Dear small, too big, too this and too tha.t, \there. is any harm in sending a I saw in the little creature's fa- how t it is spritlg. I think I felt ol snch a g (Myra blld just put bought EIDd far-fetahed msy be goDd till at last u. sweet--spoken lsdy Cllllle, Bible to a msn. who don't seem ever miliarity with these technica.l col- like e icll' does when the warm a.ir on Ion\ dr~ea) Fnmk came to me for well people, but home is the with a.n oatrich fE!_ather on har hat to \-ve read one?\ I made a present lege terms that she had clo,.ely Ut\ted E1izab~:~tbluwo, ::>eourobor, 1878. e, ~ ,L.J.Ho LEVI BULLARD. sets it 11liUJling.\ aa elmmefa.c a.a a girl, md real place for sick folks. Myra always tbn.L must have oost o. m.o.nth's rent. to the Stickney man of 11. tweDty- identified herself with her brother's Hereby giv~s notioer, tho.t be is ready, at. all times, La set up, to put into opern- tinn, o.nd to r£'pairu.lmotlt all kmds of I rememlbered tbtfiiDUOliS, lonely, ma.nly-looki*g, too, u.nd he said: wrote that. Frank was getting bet- She seemed so sorry for Myra.- five cent testiment. ,vith the leaf studies, hopes and snooe 88 es. oore-worn ]ook which had quite Tllll.. 'Mrs. Cout~ I vro.nt M:rro. for my ter, but he had taken a. little cold or said. her hea.r~ ache~ for her, a.nd turned down at the verse ghout de- \lie thought., at first,\ she con- ished from the dl)ar fa.ce now, and wile, a.noi 1'1/1 try and take good Clll'e he w~W l.irGd, hut he would soon be she lme~ bow b~rd ~t !llUijt be foJ vouring widows· housos 1 and ;you'd tinued \tbu.t be would write on the thanked G1~d that she had been IllY of her.' w:lmt oonld I say f 'Mr. strong again. You see, she couldn't her to g>ve up a dear home where have thought it waB a rattlesnake, , RoUU:nce of Monastic Life:\ fir!lt client. II ahe b1ld COllie in Frank, rn ~Te you an a.nawer to face it, bot I knew what waa coming. she had been so happy. !;!he prowl- he wail so fmious; do you think.\ What a strange sound these long a.n ery, 1!. Gr a.mg. umps. C., · plenty she might have tound. m me m.ade.up m nund to go to Ml'l!.. post: thoy went to Oarl!!bad for tbe 61Ud t.o us, as loft as a. pul;llly~t, 1 could not harm Myra because I gan childish lip~: Her interest in her M hin W t R p & &c busy d!>ys when <lllents had ~own morrnw,'as w?\'t I told him. I They tmvoled about from piller to ed_ around for an hour, an\l then s~e she asked a little anxiously, \they words had, whispered from her If anl of oii fr!etHlY r~qlllfO ~uy oftb~l rnoio of win tel' than of snmmer.- Btroot'B, if l'llym WIII!Il'~ welcome bii~btl i to Nice for the climate; to will take th• house-the fm:=~=e I him that Teotiment' He told me he hrother'b WOl\k had st:>mped them 'fir.~t-'cl,O:.s't't..;;',.Y kin:i o work, tbey wtll pleo.se ghe hlw a iJ n '-- ' h t J onll. lila cbarues won be reasonable, aud Only yeste~day, vthen I> WOI:D!Ul ...... in the .fa.milr I'd rather Dhe would somewhere else for the good living. w' l.a..uo~ to Br.wut 'IV ere l 1~; would sue us for libeL anrl on ac- on the ehilJ's memC>ry, ana to her . v. h~'Ei:~~t~:l~~~~~- y '\ept 21 • 1878 _ tered the office, I sB:id tP> myeell, brenk hexl !heart at once than be I don't believe they ever got no dou ~ ub]ect e~en to t.ho plotures~ count uf u Jog's ear in the good they were orilinary thing~. \Women-everlasting talkers~nev- snubbed \\'d die by inches. She such beefsteak \\ I c-ould broil for and I would like a door cut through book,\ sh .. ,~,· . 1 .,. 1 ·th a •='lo. h .. h L ,, h 1 ------ ·-- er know their own ~ds-always w.... =Y Jf.t. but. sh.. waa. good u,.,.,, they had uo fu•l!l!: thoy Wlll'll thll BMt bedroom to the next cham- •• A.nothQ;·~~~e~ticn I w11nt to ~6k !•i.i~~~~~t 1:· 1\~0~d;:tb:;·wri.t: ~~~ !illia,rd. Ta, bla u.ink .~verybod~ is gomg to oheat enough to ~e the wife of the king of stArved for homo comforts, and t!Jo btr, tmd ll\w ff=WI',.. the p=lor. I yon iH, why dill J\9U ct\11 on roe!.. 'lii 3 torical rarsllels,· 11ond be's so~ .. ·s A I..J E them. Butt !I VlVid momory checked Eugl!llld. jM;r uyea were OJlen mder doct.c>ra could do notbmg but would !il.-e the whole hollSe thor- st.~ nmouthe·l her ha.n,lker<\hief ~'\\1 !'(OOJ oration, and he sa.yil it ~ tL~ thouglht, I hopo, before a glance than a bnw~·s all that night., nnd I charge. charge. At lnst my little oughly painted, whitowashsd and very ,lelibemtely over htr bees nnd beautifully. He has so.i<l it to me a ruul discl10seJ it. 'Whenever t.b.e kept thinkipg over u.nd over how I Myra was left alone in that gl'eat cleaned. I will pay tl!U-ty dollllrs 11 ironed it with her hand, \~ she r\- rrreat many time~. I 'most know it ~~~~= \;:\~'1'~~; 1 \.~~\~ 1 '\~ltiMhne88 u! agl;l begins to chill in would s~ Up to Mrs. !;treat and big strange country. Her mother month and you will get a. first class plied, '\WeJI you m;ed t., JMBs b,r by heart. Oh! it begins 80 pretty •-t. Oho~ndeh•t .• h I~ •11 bo ... t•l v··f'Y rue tile gentle memories of youth, bnttle !or Ji:[yrs. The ne,:t morning, was not with her-then the great genteel tenant' my house every morning, n.nd you and so grand. This is the w 11 y it '••aro. Fur ~~~;~ ·~·;;~~TY. m~y ~orne goo~ ~ngel move me to after I h~ brought my ~a.sket home sorrow rolled over her. . ': e don't \.My hands were smarting with stepp&J , 0 peart and lookeJ so frebh I.Jegine\ she added, encouraged by Ellzo~Lothtown. N. Y. ' look mto :M'~ s eye8. . from marJt,· I determined to go. kno~ what we can stand til.ll~ comes. BCl'Ubbing and dusting; this line and yotmg I thon~ht pet·he.ps you the interest she must have seen in ! \I came, ~d my .lil-at; cliept. Fil'at, I nght I would put on my A friend heard of her aflllction and ln.dy did not know a. clean house might not know a~ much law as my face: \' A.mid the permutations ' \t.o see yrlnab 1,1.t my dnugher My· blAck llilk tbat my hUBband'e pm1i- brOJ)g~t her home:·. when she ssw it. Do you wonder I I50ille of the big bug•, but I didn't aud combinations of the.actors s.nd li'Oll BALE OR TO RENT. rae hous*· It all she bas, the ner bn.d s t me four yoora before. A p1teona express10n passed over was ou: of patienoe_and tired of believe you\d have tiurt to forget the forces which wake up the great THE tonnn t dou't lik to P~l ~e ;rent- l3ut 1 Wll too Froud ; she must ta.ke my client's fuce as she looked a.t me p~vermg t 1 W~ .tilling up fiYili.Y your mother. and m.-ybe you would kaleidoscope of llistoryl we often E I G HAN G B H o T B L we've been greatly bothered about me &s I ~as, and I would g-o in my and said. \When I firet\saw Myra nunute, nnd _I B!Ud 1? the madam, have the heart to h .. lp o. pool' <lis- find that a turn of Destiny's hand it-nnd n•OW Mr. ~tiokDey says he'll every ~ ~· So I crossed over to you dont know ~ow she ~ad broken. about a.s =bly liB. if I was, fust tracted mother get the nght for ber At Wadhnm's llllls. N. Y. Fully fur- sue me ftor libel if I say a word Mrs. Str t a house. There were She stood oppoa1te her ptcture, look ao\;l~ to _a !!Ilf~PP~g-turtle, You obild.. 1 never meant to talk llO 1 \Why. bleo;s the baby!,; I thought, nialled · abont money. Myrn don't ?J.IIlt ill the plll'lor, IIJ;Id when ing p11le 1111 a ghoet m her bla.ck cant have lt rna rm. -She to.BBed.up loll\. bnt the way you spok\ of yoU!' J~uking down into her bri·At, proud Folf pn.rtioula.~;s enquire of .\.. Cba.t,pel. head. d walk c1 crlf h h n \' gu Propdetor, 00 the preml •••. 3Lf ll.llY fo.es iin court, 80 I thought rd I saw . 'I'I'OIDOII in bJ;O'Im ututf !,'lreae e>nd widow's cap i ;on would h:\' • an e ~ tg mother ol'eue<l my heart, n.nd every- face. I ea.n't describe how very odd TIOllfis hereby given tbat a! persona are fGrbidden to Shoot, .!fish or Bant on n.ny ot' the proper- ty of tho Adirondack :Iron and St~el Oo. 6itualtcd in town~::~hip -:!.& .. 46&4fi',t:uclcdinf!f tho '\'Old MUU«171 1'ruc!. 11 In tho ~ounty of E•••~. I:\ tate ol N. Y. and are torbldiletl to tr~o.ss thereon In any waf, uniler the penul€y of tbe law, Allpersouo \r· epos ... mg theteon, for the porp&sc of Shootlna, Runti:ng or lii8hin&,, Will be- proseoa td'd th~!~fo• . •f MilES R, Tl'lO!rU'60N, Prol!iao.,t, · Mirondnck IJiub, IDWI'flll'lt~d, ~reb. G, 1&'1'7. - 3431. BOOTS and SBOHS. just etep in o.nd: ask you wbn.t we froa.b) toward me O?t of the lmve known. tliat the river of death ills~ her ,feather sb-eammg out thing c:tme out b03fore I could stop.\ and el'tish it did seem to have those bad better da~ sf!eing- fO'Il are a law- I sort of wished had rolled between her and the girl behind her. Thnt deotded we. The appetL! ~.moruus .words rolling out of the yer, and ·we're. #ro lone w:omen.\ the other dress that Wa.3 who waa hCJlding the harp. Maybe \It. ~ natuml I should fire· 00 to one 811 fferiug !rom an swilling infantile mouth . ·'\Sit d(()wn, llliJ. 1 a.m,\ I so.id; \my 11p'in the oloaet.at home. I ought to b!lve told her of the sometimes when people t:\'ned up =~:ck ot home sickne~s which never Tile bOLni! striking up, put an mother was a wl.dow. I will help waa in the room wat,.. Hlmdow t<•-•t Wll8 coming. But their noses at onr preit;J-httle house \ t h th th h ld t tl e 'quotation aud' to the l ' 1 ~.1. . ... 1.1 h d li1 h \' f ;a f'NJ+. t m,t; ·th ·t nd comes un once, w en tl yuu as c1 o 1 . you if Jf can;, let ,me bear Vl<!O, 41:111 auAIWu, Vl!l'Y how ... ,u.t ltl.\' lll'UJ! 0 y ave 1\fiy Q\Uh.o,,n_•l ~- s ~ . 1 l \ I fl h fot' YM!l. i~ in th~ midst CJDfillenot~. ' t \ . lit.,_ ' ood mo.,..,in·g ure. to d . . I u b a. hail torm T were not willing to gtve llalf the e Om<! g . g ory. I • ll\\\~ g •-t- I. \\' 5 0 11 o · 1 • 1 ~• 11 0 6 of stran~rer~ waiting for business AR the exercises progressed, She to,ok the proJfered chair, and wOU:t. you Bit. ,dow,u t · ·No, All the prt>po.rstion in the world price they ought to. They haggled d h. \' . u . . h. ' d the tind expJs.non slowly faded . ' w.11111ill I could could not Jmve helped her. o.bout the rent and abused the•pla.ce au 1 1 ~ unu<=cnp~\ ttu~e gllnves t~~ :~o'r,.t,\'-o~ h:; in~~:~ wJilt'll\•~. h & 'IJ· b h ' \ · t,' d 11 !ill!, couldn't stand it. Wasn't it amp e opportun1ty o uwe on \\' di' lrom h.,., IMe I l!.ll s ~ pj!OMA d! -mnAt IOOU 0 omo 0 Ever.rbody WIUl 110 ,.Jn to . er, - . . Htlltll of things fonmr behind bilu. C()jl()entrated, my little frien~ ,. My ll,lllffi~ iD MI'Ho QQ!ritv.. l'vll: I j\Uit OOilla to 1188 you .n.nd little Frankie grew more like Bgg<l'iWI>til>jO w!>- .t ha.<l been go~oi \I will attend to vuur case, Mrs. came te;>cit-ed IIJld r\stJess. Jrep~·.11tJrurdiug illOUH O:tr'DD!l 'lm.m.-· -d t.hen X his fa.t.her ~ ,ds.;r. So=e ol !.be 1!116~h flll' my MJI'll.l Omnmm l!~d &u~w,\ I \\..id l'r:=~tly, ''anJ ,t ey~s ,_,..,..,\' kt·~l;l' wd bril,l'hWl'. mostly <>n-for,nigh fifteen it tight out at_ once: 'It's ·hopeless look wo;ro wt ol my dar- thel'e WAs !lO t!fAti!J'~ DO dUIDb·WIDiio shall 'not be my fault if t.h.is awiuJ Jeep·reJ spots ~tlowecl 011 hAl' !t n:1ay lua.ve baeu my baA lueft. btd. I hava n~l!.l! ~ntioad lin~'s fa.l!e, nnd in time sho seemed er, lllld he wu!$ am. 1 ~ of ~~ dnst; in~ goM 011 n.ny longer.. Bhe touched-up tbe flo}vers, · it has ahvays bl!fln o. hard life for and. 11. \tott -would mora 'IVillini to live for he.r child. he tlloug.ht ~~e YJer~ too many W d ~ f th waking the offering· E, Trmlean has on banclu. lJURQ lot of me +->~ng t(l rfle\\\~&VtiTfbntlY!a'nd . liOIP1 riot\ nne .. \Whlt.t -with ~ei for his son, \\\SOnB going by. ;·So I •pnnked e hear ll great. ea 0 t> op. .h. ,__. ~ . . couzse-tl.ne bo~.... mn.d~ n.t his own ahop ' II4J• ~· \1\··..,..' . -~- \'r;\' \\'1 i. . I • d 'd 'N . th . and cruelties of lp,ndlordt;; t l' .,..,-me. trQD) GlN nmke OD& dolli¢ ov~e a.noioher = suif; .,.. l i ...... well and nol ha.\':lng & lAwylll'. to a. Hen 11&1 •. . JJ, Sir,. ore ~8 . jl;\.~ '\-· 't' BEST KIP LEA.'Jl\HEB. h.ma. WhAt ~!h fnY ~ ln ~hiH lwlim hOld OD to hi! bll8in818 fiftor lfmlll •l/lll1o 1 fl~i>-~t.;e\? J>.\»\ ~s Ed,g-wort.h's represent.a... ' ~~:Ow .l g M0\1'h 111n lllllJOtmtJJ! :fi11J,IJOU61 I)J.Itif, ll!f]ilt lrJillml :I'<Ir- s~...- seemed to ~\\. sJ1 =or • hanging-gardens, MM to ilill h!U'd-hll91 1 Wd rn~y n.re ~~h'~O.:n\ 0 s~il tiitn?re•=tea. ohildl'ellf, and lleOJ!I,o tnrl>U>g :Ill' Mrs. Stroot took sorts of trouble. :He . of helk.;. ~hlii.oa ~4 no. fu!(l. ' ~UilliJigH in vur IJ#l'll 'IDiina-lE h theirno•ses•t ,_butter, . .,.a lw.n(l ~ ~er soft ll!ldLfiV(IllUphiiutore tllrownJn 1 'IVe·.j)&u.'ti taJ<e dB. .e.l!. FOl'' COHn. at $3 DDt PIUP. m,lng ar.A~ . ilb01iU.M.p1'iM if I.wu ljnk Wiwn fl ~QHie WI\$ olq; he . t-o tP...ve ~ Ulu boar~ l\llltlbi ftteta Cltlll'illi . llllidt J~;tQ. Jris =ttel::a to atrans-& :r · an~~ ' . ' ALL KINDS OF . ~d fOJ:!ettin ·to pay; . · . . ·.girl in mg,old top,'' she,Atni.lt)a. ...f~WI)n& Coarse or Firre· ·Work always r. ... · hort, iwagooll. abontit.\ • but eontmued u .Ot:11Jl.e -~,~9,;·~h~\ 1ie.Jl~~.~~ • lltallt to· Otf;ler Pr~ptl'~ .. ~ · · gettmg drunk · d. · I couldn't Was eu::r•te,mp,w:&~l alltdl:ipt iigl:lillg IIi Ill~ IIIQp i.\.' 'Wjl.li.J~i!ia· ~. ~jl.a;.iiS ~··~ ~.~.;., . into biJ t:~~-.~id:B'Ifi•E~a~_,etJ\t~n, ~tell 11,·1~1)1• ..:. \ ·• _.:.:;. f ;n- th~:'l~llUit ~ . i!IIJ lll.v ·I 1 . .

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