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The Lowville leader. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1943-1953, August 26, 1943, Image 3

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u^^w* ii qgjium,im^.n\i 'nji«iMm. <!~^l•^|^^^tn^u m w\l»•«.^».\Wf4 i ^,mvmn'i'^• wnjf<m*<sf^i\ \ '- \^-''\wvii.i miuiMPHimiiH »- • IWiPl^jPlliil! 1 ; 1 EffD|SSDAT, AUGUST 26, 1043 THE LOWVILLE LEADER ssifiP*-® Normandie Floats Again—Soon to Be Erect ,.- The BSS-.Lafayette,, formerly the French luxury Uiier, Normandie, will once again sau ine seas uespite ^he^deTastajKng fir£ ; offJfebrjnairy 9, 1941> which- £*fepi through her and the 100,000 ions of water which were IJoared into her iull senaing- ligi? crashing to the' bottom of the Hudson river. A corps of 70 divers' and 700 work- 3nen have her rapidly oh the way np in the final stages of the second tremendous naval salvage operation of recent iweeks^ The other record settmg sMp raismgaiid refitting, was at Pearl Harbor. Jteft:; The Nor- mandie just after she rolled, over... Despite the- intense fire and the hundreds of workmen aboard only one life was lost.. Bight: It has been \necessary to paint new numbers oh this measuring tape' to keep pace with the rapid rise of the ship; Stifeell Kaps While Flying Over Himalayas By VIRGINIA VASM . Released by jWestern Newspaper Union. M AYBE\ a rose by any other name will smell as sweet, but Jimmy Simms, of Horace Heidt's \Treasure Chest\ troupe, is convinced that that doesn't apply to trombone players. Since con> ing east with Heidt he's been continually _ confused with Ginny .Simms—that is, his name has. Dur- ing his first week in New York he liyed at a hotel fox a week wider the name of \Ginny Simms\ with* out even knowing it; found put ; when he'paid* his bHl.\ lie hadn't'received his phone calls because the mariage- mentnhought, \she\ didn't want to be\ disturbed! Olga-- Rasenova of \Bachelor's dhildren'*-tnought that she v?as hav- ing^just-one ihore photograph- taken and f that was that.' But-^-it was printed in a radio magazine, and a FlRST-AfD to the AILING HOUSE .Eoger B^ t^tn^S^WT^'Teatiires, \ \Son may not be 'aile ttf -replace sworn or broken household equipment. This is war> Government ftS^ties' come flrst. So tafee.care of rthat you have'. . : 4 as well as you possibly can. this column by tne homeowner's friend tells yon how. OfcDBARN A veteran of many flights over \The Hump/* military; sling for the,Himalayan mountains, Lieut. Gen, Joseph StUweU, commander of the United States forces in the China, India and Burma theaters of warfare, -naps on his rnbber mattress, left^Wha General Stilwell, carrying his own •duffle bag, chats with Maj. Gen. Claire Chennanlt, commander of the 14th Air Force in China and former lead- er of the \Flying Tigers,*^ pioneer American air fighters in this sector.. Bottom right: Stilwell studies srequests for supplies while flying to the.nest point on a tour of the bases-of the vast area which he commands. Mgkkig G^sliane: J£r<M& Coal Dr. E. E. Sayers, director of the national Bhreau of? mines, turns a spigot-and ont'pours gasoline which shortly-before was ltanps of coal. Watching the demonstration in Pittsburgh are members of the senate- house subcommittee oh'wa^materials. * Allied BoniMhg Victims Receiving Aid Victim* of Alliedfbotnbinss over I<e Crensot^ .France*, are^ shown*re- ce&mg tj^ani cliJkiBg, ijecprding; t * a. Fi^chipaptto* m% Na^onC trolled magazine.. Th«-bombing referrgd 'W apparently was the seicohd attack by (he Allies on tte huge SermeTdei' wbr^ -orie of the biggest war plants in Europe wJiere muniHons have been turned out for Germany,, . New Type Litter .\ One or -fwo'-vmen can carry a casualty with this new type of litter ->which i s pietured adjusted for a two- man carry. Designed by. Lieut. Col. S. H.- Bingham\; it is said to ease the strain on .both bearers and the casualty. Movement over narrow tracks, through, '-jungles, or moun- tain trails &l4aade~mneh easier with fee'nfew^litter.\ -' Peace by Nov., 1944 • ^e war wm^oveif before It is*'ia|eti# pimm &&taxt*pr£8i« > dehtlal elec^..^ Thti? spoke Sim Farley m Stiattle where'he was plc- tared witt ^ so^:9im St. OLGA RASENOVA youns m.m who saw it promptly be- gm trjing to learn which'-of his fnenas also knew her; in New York thei c 's always somebody who knows sorreboti}. The result, just like the nio\ie , 3, was that she married him. Robeit Stark, 22, a U. S. coast- gu i' ci man, has his post-war plans E II bot he'll join the ranks of the Da\id O Selznick film players. He I v i s ( hu-.i:n to pose as a model for coa^t t,uard posters, Selznick saw a pobtLi, and gave him a screen test, Robert Young will have one of the year's most rpmantic and dash- ing roles in Metro's \The Canter- ville Ghost,\ m which he'll co star with Charles Laughton and Mar- garet O'Brien He'll play an Ameri- can banger in this modernized ver- sion of the delightful story. Metro seems to be going in for Oscar Wilde stories these days; they're also domg \The Portrait of Dorian Gray\ x Alan Carney's film debnt as Car> Grant's thick-witted bodyguard m \Mr. Lucky\ so impressed KKO ex- ecutives that they gave him a star- ring contract. His second film role will be as co-star with Wally Brown in the company's new comedy se- ries, \Adventures of a Bookie.\ Car- ney did impersonations m vaude- ville and night clnbs before enter- ing pictures. » The potency of radio as a star- builder is shown in Beatrice Kay's highly successful theater tour Her career has been built solely in radio, in her theater tour she's working on a percentage basis, an arrange- ment reserved for the biggest draw- ing cards. * Raya Letz, sister of George Mont- gomery, will make her own bid for screen stardom in * The Girl From Leningrad,\ which stars Arjjja Sten and Kent Smith. She'd been Asso- ciate Producer Eugene Frencke's secretary, and watched numerous actresses get tests for the role of a Red army nurse. \When none suit- ed, she asked for a test, and got the role Eight years ago, when Phil Spi- talny startedjns Quest for girl mu- sicians, his friends told him that there, just weren't enough in the country to form a top-notch orches- tra. Over the week-end the \Hour of Charm\ conductor auditioned his 6,000th one! On the Culver City stage where Atlanta burned m \Gone With the Wind\ the fire of love will soon be burning David Selzmck's going to make \Since You Went Away,\ star- ring Claudette Colbert, Shirley Tem- ple, Joseph Gotten, Monty Woolley and several others, on the stages where he made \Rebecca\ and the Civil war drama ODDS AND ENDS—Samuel Gold- veyn has signed Margaret Dumonl for the role of a flighty dowager in \Up in Arm*\ ... Frank Sinatra wdl sing four songs, in \Higher and Higher,\ starring Michele Morgan\ and-Jack Haley . . . Metro plans to re-make \The Belle of New York n next spring, with Fred Aslaire and Judy Garland .. . It's cred- ited to Corporal Brodenck Crawford — \Even my Doberman pinscher outranks me since he's jained.dggs.fQr defense; * ^M» iergearni>m&flBpei'ttGfa baric t at vuP .i.. Alixander'GrahachiU^hit escaped from Germahy a few jump* ahead of the Gestapo* made his movie reputation portraying' Gestapo agent*. Questioii:'' A very old barn and tendnt house were' constructed of .©nfelnchj^iisbite • oak an4 .. poplar bbar3s,''mifinished. Buildings have -never been painted or finished. How can we finish and preserve the walls, preferably in a/rich'brown? AnstyeK A. good, .quality shingle stalh 'wifi^prcjbabiy; \be-; best suited for 'the: roUgh* lulnbe'r. Many paint -main2aeturers make a creosote shingle stam in a wide range of colors; ,or you can make your ovra by._mixing four parts raw lin- seed oil, two parts coal tar creosote oil and .one part' japan drier. For'a darker, brown ' add cdlor-inx>il> thinned with linseed oil. to the con- sistency of. paint, Use the color in ;the proportion ;of tvro parts in the above formula. Apply with a brush. • * * * . • • Overcoating Question: My white clapboard house is in a section made smoky by a nearby milL We had planned to paint the house, but now have been advised to cover it with a rough cement-like product blown on the 31f - Lucky Baby. PERFECT stunmer. Wardrobe * that will give motlier as nnich pleasure as baby^ Fun to make and easy to launder. Barbara BeH Pattern No. K65-B de- signed for sizes 6 mo.. 1, 2. 3 and 4 years. Size 1 play suit and dress require 2% yards 35-inch material, slip and panties 1% yards. Slenderizing, Vy GNPEBFULLY designed slip ^* andpantie set t o make every last one of your clothes fit better. Note the slenderizing details. One-little part ot her painting les- son, has been forgotten by this wom- an, who has been studying at the American Women's-Vorantary Serv- ice course. She has forgotten to spread some newspapers on the floor under her wotk. When she finds her floor -spotted with paint, she will wish she had taken this pre- caution. wood This can be washed when- ever necessary We know nothing about it and would like your opinion Answer I should not advise any- thing With a rough surface for it will catch dirt and make washing difficult Find out whether the ma terial is in use by owners in your neighborhood and get their opinions of it * * * Leaky Cellar Question In heavy rams, water •seeps into my cellar where the foun- dation wall and the upper frame and brick veneer meet How can this be cured' Answer In a brick veneer house, water soaking through the brick- work runs down inside and may col lect at the bottom of-the space be- tween the veneer and the sheathing It is then likely to run off through the cellar The remedy is to drill small holes through the brickwork at the bottom of the space, so that wa- ter can drain off to the outside * » • Swollen Shingles Question Shingles on the back o£ my new house are swollen out of place., I am told that this is due to dampness, but that m dry weather the shingles will return to place Can you advise me on this' Answer^ In dry weather\ your will undoubtedly find\*fhat the shingles will shrink and that no harm will be done I should recommend giv- ing them a coat of top quality shin- gle stam at that time * * » Blnestpne Binder Question Our driveway consists of several inches of cinders, with two or three inches of bluestone. What can be used as a binder for the bluestone* Answer An asphalt emulsion is made for the purpose Your road commissioner can furnish you with the names of firms who carry this product. * * * Island Sanitation Question I own a cottage on a small island in a New Hampshire lake, and am anxious to have proper sanitation. Can- a flush toilet be used with safety? If not; what is best? Answer: In most localities flush- ing of sewage into a lake Js not per- m^siblft^Cbj^p^^ifete a,res<wjde- ly wedwhere seivasediipesal i* dif- ficult Most plumbers m ruraf com- munities are faMiliaE with-thi* type of eauipment If yon like the flavor of curry add some^to :#crainbled eggs the next time Vou-make %?rri> of put a little i n veal, pork or beef gravy Curry also adds -flavor to rice and cheese or macaroni and tomato sauce Use sparingly, however * * * Marks caused by match-striking on a painted surface can be re- moved by rubbing with a cut lemon * • * Household ammonia will remove finger prints from window panes and glass tabletops * » • After filling jars i n canning sea- son test them for leaks by tapping the bottoms with a knife or spoon. The sound will tell whether or not the jar is sealed * * * Oil, grease and tar stains re- spond to kerosene Some women put a cup of kerosene in the suds when washing work clothes. * * * People with normal digestions will have no trouble digesting hot, new breads if they are eaten to- gether with roughage foods and not in excess * * * A large piece of cellophane placed behind your table-top stove keeps grease spots off the wall- paper and is much more attrac- tive than a piece of oilcloth, as it allows the wallpaper design to show through. * • • These hot nights place your fan in an open window, facing the room The air should not strike sleejSlsrs.^ Barbara BeH Pattern No. 1832-B de- sig4ed for sizes 36, ,38,. 4ft, 42, 44, 46, .48. 50 and 52. Size 38 reguires 2% yards'39- inoh material, panties 1 J ,£ yariis. . Due to an unusually large, demand and current war conditions, slight^. inure' time is required in fining orders for a few ot the most popular pattern numbers. Send your order to: SEWJNG CIRCLE PATTERN; DEPT. 106 Seventh Ave- New York Enclose' 20 cents in coins for each pattern desired. '\•'' Pattern No Size........ Address The General Tire and Rubber Company presents THANKS TO AMERICA' Musical variety program featuring -*\\ General lite Orchestra • Trio and Chorus Ted Cole, Singer • William L Stidger, News • Guest Stars on Every Program from the New England Mutual Hall 1 • i Every Sunday—5:30-6 p. m. Over Yankee Hetvratfi of Hew England Look for the NAME UlARItl moRninG When You Select a COALHEATEI zSStim Modal VttL Pat,JT» r stSUST If am* Sigtr.Sl Ctm.Pat.OSr . Amazing, Exclusive, Patented Features ,• Don't be misled! Be sure the name^is spelled SP-A-R-M M-O-R-N-I-N-G. The name *J?AfeAf MORK(ING3S your assurance of getting the-gen- nine I.. the heater with amazing, patented interior construction features that are giving remarkable results toTiundredsof thousands of users through- out the nation. It's the only heater\ of its kind in the woridf >• * -^ „_ • Semi-automatic, magazine feed Jgfty • Holds 100 lbs. coal • Buros-any Tsind of coal, coke, briquets !»V»JSP ' CLBHKERa f You need s*rt<i£jt«H butonce a yeto *> He^alLdkif M5I night^thbuttefc«%s*xojttr|K»i is WARM ercry MOtNlNGjwt «t*T YQVR OEJM.E* * • m LOCJKE STOVE COMFAHY .$£?? **A~*\.- »* *«ilw

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