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The Lowville leader. (Lowville, N.Y.) 1943-1953, July 15, 1943, Image 8

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PAGE EIGHT Subscription $2.60 In tewto County LOWVILLE (N.Y j, 1 ^-^- SURROGATE'S NEWS.iff Letters of administration on the estate of Fred C. Wilcox, late of . the town of Leyden, have been is- sued to Anna M. Wilcox | j Letters of administration an the | estate of Frank Jones, late of the i town of Diana, have been issued td Evelyn Datush iLast will and testament of Kath.- erme E Dunn, late ot the town of (Lowville, was admitted to prohate and letters testamentary issued to Grace D. Brown > UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT For the Northern District of New York Civil Action No. 1078 \UNITED .STATES OF ' AMERICA, Petitioner vs. » 2213.89 ACRES OF LAND, MORE OR LESS, SITU- ATE J!N LEWIS AND JEF- iFEHSON COUNTIES, STATE OF NEW YORK, ANiD NORA E. GARD- NER, et al, Defendants TO: Otis Aldrich and John Doe and Mary Roe, said names toeing fie titious and being intended to de- signate the heirs at law and next of km, distributors and suc- cessors m interest, if any, of Ot is Aldrich, if he be deceased, whose true names and addresses cannot be ascertained YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the Petition herein, which has been duly filed m the Office of the Clerk of the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York for the condemnation and acquirement of the complete fee simple title, subject, however, to all gold and silver lights re served ,by the State of New York, and to existing easements for pub lie roads and highways tor public utilities, foi railroads and for pipe lines, of the lands and mteiest de scribed in said Petition has been amended by Order ot this Couit, as briefly described m the Notice herewith published and for fixing ( the 3ust compensation to be paid | by the Petitioner to the interested ! persons entitled thereto, and said petition <v. ill be presented at a' term 'of this Court to be held at, the Federal Bmldipg, Syi acuse, I New York, on the 13th day of Sep | temiber, 1&43, at 10 00 on the fore noon of that day oi as soon there after as counsel can be heard, and i you are hereby notified to appear ' at satd time and place and file , your answer, claim, objection, or exceptions thereto, if any >ou have, and m case of your neglect or default in appearing and prov- t ing your claim, lien, or interest m | and to said property, if any vou have, proceedings will be taken fixing the just compensation to be paid to the parties entitled there to, and Judgment be entered m ac cordance with the facts appearing from the amended Petition or es taiblished herein and barring any other or further claims or interest you may have in said proceeding; a copy of said answer, claim, ob^ 3ection, or exceptions, if any, ^fo appearance should be served ^og the Attorney for the Petitioner A1LSO PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Judgment on a Declaration of taking herein was duly filed m the Office of the Clerk of this court ot Utica, New York, on the 24th day of July, 1943, and is also referred to in the Notice herewith published Dated July 2, 1943 IRVING J HIGBEE You'll f JUS! LIKE THE FRUIT IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR COAL IN BE- FORE THE SUMMMER IS OVER it your order in and let us deliver as /%;f*£ ,tne Coal gets in CALL TODAY LOUIS BUSH AND SONS Phone 46 LOWVILLE I ntViING J HIGBEE, United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York, Attorney for the Pe titioner, Office and Post Office Address Federal Building, Syracuse, New York TO- The aforesaid defendants The foregoing Notice is served upon you by publication pursuant to the Order of Hon Frederick H Bryant, United States District Judge for the Northern District of New York, dated the 29th day of June, 19 3, and filed with the Or der amending the Petition bere'n in the Office of the Clferk of the i United States District Court at TJtica, iNew York, and you are fur ther notified that a Declaration of Taking m proper statutory fs-rm has been filed m this action and that a deposit has 'been made bv the Petitioner herein and that ev- erything has been done entitling the Petitioner to the title to the premises hereinafter briefly de scribed, and that the Judge of this Court has, on the 23rd day of July, 1942, given a Decree on the Dec- laration of Taking wherein it is recited that all of the statutory requirements have been met and that title to the said land has vest- ed in the United States of Amer ica; and you are further notified that the object of this action is to condemn the fee title to one acre , of land in the Town of Wilna County of Jefferson and State of New York and ibemg at the inter section of the Antwerp-Carthage Road and the North Wilna-Lewis I burg Road, and being right at North Wilna, New York and being I bounded generally on two sides by I the farm of Henry Lewis and Kate HJewis and on two sides bv public roads, and being premises on which the Mfihodist Protesta-nt parsonage stands and is more par ticularly described m a certified copy of a Decree on Declaration of Taking recorded in the Jeff°r=on County Clerk's Office in Book U2 of Deeds at page 26 and following as Tract W-1455 , Dated: July 2, X943 IRVING 5 J HIGBEE. United States Attorney for the Northern district of N»w York, Attorney for the Pe titioner, Office and Post Office Address Federal Building, Syracuse, New York-, .--•--.| 7-&-7te THRIFT IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF Gone are the dayb -when it wat binait to vpend. Toda> Amenca neecfc thiitt. Everyone mu^t ^ave. The war must be paid for. You can ^ell be pioud of a gi owing hav- ing;: account. S5.000.00 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor MEMBER OF Federal Deposit Insurance Oorporatiou BLiCKBvffiJimQAIflLBflNK loWYILLE./I.Y. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM I BUSINESS Dl OF WATERTO it, t f» WE- DO JO* PRINTING. T€U 553 THURSDAY, JULY 15, U4g T*S AUTO SERVICE State Street Body Works The Bear System of Frame and Axle Straightening Keeps Your Car Running Longer Collision Senvice 420 State Watestown 3362 DRUGGIST BalcOme's Pharmacy Professional ^Truss Fitting For Men and Women Experienced Akron Graduates Private Fitting Rooms Y. W. C A Bldg. Watertown OBITUARY MARY ELIZABETH POWERS IMrs. Mary Elizabeth Powers, who has been ill for the past few months, died at her home an Clin- ton, New York, Thursday, July 8 Surviving are four sons, David E Powers, Oswego high school faculty member, T A Powers- of Brooklyn, J Searl Powers, Low- ville Academy History C teacher, FMMQCIS K. Powers of Clinton; two brothers, Joseph G-. Searl, 'Clinton, and Attorney D F Searl of Rome, and seven, grand children FOOTWEAR E. P. Elitharp, Inc. Get the most for your shoe ration Coupon Quality Footwear For the Entire Family Y M. C. A. Blag. Watertown FURRIER Plan, to See Lennon & Clarke For Your New Fur Coat Choice Skins — Lovely Designs Reasonable Prices 127 Arsenal -Watertown 660 FURNITURE Household Merit, Inc. When* In Need Of Ank Kind of Modern Furniture Reasonably Priced and Guaranteed See Northern New York's Deader 133 Court Watertown 2458 GIFTS The Bee Hive Store For Glassware and Pottery Silverware and Gifts Pictaies and Pictuie Framing Dolls and Toys 1M Court Wateitown 3202 MEN'S WEAR J; E. -Miller For 75 Years On the Square—Watertown Has Been Headquarters for Northern New York's Well Rressed Men PINE GROVE Mr and IMrs Eugene Allen of Syracuse have been the guests of Mrs Allen's grandmother, Mrs Nettie Burke. Hev, Jiahn Josslyn, who is a chaplain in the army, is now on furlough and, with his family, cal- led, on Mr and Mrs Win. Higby Saturday Mr and Mrs Donald White of Ogdensburg spent the week end with Mrs. White's sister, Mrs Har- ry Edick and called on other friends and relatives here. Mrs. William Wormwood of Old Forge visited friends here Sunday. Mrs Edwin Burke and Mr and Mrs. Churchill of Lowville were Sunday callers at William Higby's Pauline Austin, Grace Wilder, and Mrs Arvina Clark, employed at Rome Air Depot, also Mr. and Mrs Fenton Clark and shildren spent the week end at their homes here Mrs Cecil Clark is employed as a guard at Rome Air Depot. Mrs Frank Western and two daughters spent the week end with Grant Western and family The aid society meeting with 'Mrs Clark Wormwood as hostess was well attended The next meet ing will be held Fuday, July 23 To lengthen the life of your pil- lows put them in a current of cool dry air frequently to keep them dij, iresJi and sweet Don't air them m the snn too long for heat dues the natural oils of the fea thers Mrs. Andrew Lyndaker, Crogh- an, is a surgical patient in the Lewis -county general hospital. Parents of daughter—Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bush of Croghan are the parents of a daughter born Thursday at the*Lewis county gen- eral hospital. Charles George >s a medical pa- tient at the Lewis county general' hospital. ' NOTICE Notice is hereby given {hat li- cense GB-13056 has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer at re- tail under t!he Alcoholic Beverage- Control Law next to Post Office, Croghan, N Y, for off-premise consumption THE GRAND UNION COMPANY\ 50 Church St, New York City 7-8-2tc NOTICE Notice is hereby given that li- cense EB-3526 ias been issued to the undersigned to sell beer at re tail under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law at Lowville, R F. D for on-prenuse consumption VrNiCENT BO'LLrVAR, 7-8-2tc Lowville, N Y NOTICE Notice is hereoy given that li- cense EB 3525 has been issued to the undersigned to sell beer at re- tail under tihe Alcoholic Beverage Control 'Law at Mam St, Harris- ( ville, N Y., for on premise con- sumption WAfLTER iF. LOOMS,. 7-8 2tc Harnsville, N. Y. , PROXY Know all \men by these presents that I, the undersigned, a Member of the, Lewis County War and Community Chest Association, Jnc,, do hereby designate and appoint •• -* • my true and lawful attorney, as for me and in my name to vote at the annual meeting of said organization to be held at the Court House, Lowville, N. Y., 8:00 p. m. July 26, 1943, or at any adjourned date, as fully as I might or could do were these presents not \executed. Witness Signature .L. S. 'tfHr^KU** OPTICIAN Dispensing Optician Occulists' Pi escriptions Filled Bioken Lenses Duplicated Mail In Pieces The Arcade Watertown 5187W WALLPAPER AND PAINT r Jason I. Phelps Foi A Complet'eJLme Of Wallpaper Directly from Our Shelves Paints and Painters' Supplies 267 State WWatertown 586 OPTOMETRISTS HA Y NES, Optometrist Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted and Repaired Prescriptions F'lled 115 Public So. Watertown 1603W JEWELER S. L. GEORGE ESTATE Established\ 1868 JEWELERS Watertown New York KE3-MA-73 To Identify Future Army Fliers Young men of 17, who volunteer and are accepted for enlistment in the Air Corps Reserve, will be presented with this official Air Corps lapel button to be worn with civilian dress -while they are on an inactive status, the United States Army announces. The new badge, which will identify its wearer as a member of the United States Army Air Forces, is silver- finished with a blue enamel center. Upon reaching the age of 18, the young Air Corps Reservists will be eligible to begin their preflight train- ing. If they are high school or college students at that time, their call to active duty may be deferred until the end of the current semester, pro- vided it is completed within 6 months after they reach the age of 18. ANY thousands oi American families have moved because oi war work bom their old towns to strange com- munities. A convenient way to,acquaint newcomers with your services is to advertise in the telephone direc- tory. For details call the Telephone company and ask for the Directory Advertising Representative. *B8& v Jtf' UPSTATE TELEPHONE CORP. OF li Y. Stanley Lovendowski is! a pa- tient in the Lewis county general hospital, suffering from burns on his hands and face The Cos Hell Burn This Morning Would Toke You 7500 Miles! • The;sM|r&r-ttf '\Fighter X\ is going hunting * . J. for the next five haws he'll be combing the skies for signs of Jap marauders. J And on hi$ patrol, he will burn 500 gallons of gasoline ... enough for a year of peacetime driving in the average family car! Maybe that will give you some idea of the enormous amount £»f oil— for aviation gas and other petroleum products—that it takes to win a war. Oil to fuel 10Q,0~00 planes ... a quarter- million tanks and motorized vehicles ... the world's greatest fleet of warships ?->&. transports ... the furnaces of thousands of roaring war plants. Oil that must be carried from the wells of the Southwest to the refineries, factories and ports of the East. •And, though it's one of the war's toughest ' jobs; the oil is coming through! Rolling ' like a mighty civet over America's rails... ' almost a'million barrels a day! It's coming in trains a half-mile long... in old tank cars, rebuilt tank cars, box cars loaded with drums—and a few tank cars that are new ., .all pinch-hitting for the coast- wise tankers now in trans-Atlantic service. The New York Central alone hauls nearly a third of the oil that moves into the eastern area. And this extra load is in addition to the Central's regular war job of transporting military supplies, troops, essential freight and passengers on war business. \How can you help win this vital home- front battle? In two ways: , ?xve every precious gallon of gasoline\ and hszting oil that you possibly canl When planning a trip or shipping by'rail, remember that every inch of railway space is vitally important today. Please don't waste it! New York Central -AUVH/rEDFOXY/CrORY/ ; - 7 RHYMES SQ^Y *»**• tlMB* • ** Your Vacuum Cleaner T ; byS o m ecoUea«—\ . vest results, *ese «^ rjecember- Tog**** wfaoin Ia B .tooug^ DeCe *ee P <he*a g e*** ^^ ^ed... SOME PONT'S ABOUT YOUR VACUUM CLEANER 1. DOICT run cleaner over pins. . .always pick up pins, paper clips, hair pins, etc., first. They're apt to dent the fan of your cleaner, or even cut • the fan belt. 2. POH'T pjfsb cleaner fast ... it'll miss some of the dirt if ypu do! Allow about 20 minutes weekly cleaning time for 9x12 rugs and proportionate time for other sizes. 3. DONT wash dust bag ... make sure you empty bag after every using, but never wash it because soap and 'water \will ruin it?. Once a month clean bag thoroughly. 4. DON'T neglectlrusb^..i snip string 'and threads wh#a they tangle in brush. If threads aren't picked up look for worn bristles.'Replace brush, if needed. - CENTRAL NEW YORK POWER CORPORATION ' >5 Vrt L ^ Waste in war is a crhne.JSo not waste electricity just because it isn't rationed! * BUY HOIB WAB BONDS AND STAHPS it

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