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Allegany County news. (Whitesville, Allegany County, N.Y.) 1913-1916, December 30, 1915, Image 1

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Y' T h e id e - A w a k e W e e k ly N e w s p a p e r P y b iish e d in A iieiganf O o u n ty A llegam \ C ounty N ews voi_yi^^E XXI W HITESVILLE, ALLEGANY COUNTY, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER 30, 1915 NUMBER i35 Wi U i a . G. VvhiU K^d a Very '\Ovv .Ercap »5 Last Thursday VVhii3 'AcxkiiQ in Kitchen. — Has Now Recovered. WJi£t ca'iiie very r.c?r to Ueliig a G a tavtj cccuiTGcl last Thursday, when Air,s.. A. Ch Wh-itc cf Westt Maep St. wrais -overcome t y fum es cf buiMit gas .Mx W h i-e w as “butcheriug” that £ 1 x 1 had a gi's lict-ph te buiin- -ns' in th e ke t c h cm on. .whikh he wa^s Cir!iaitiim„g w a fer to scald the licg. Mrs. W M te li£:d been ironlrg, amd at 11 ^5’«;’;ock she begam to feel very badly, wemit into 'the bedrooiin and rest- for a few miic.utes, then return- 3x> the kiltc hem to get djimner. She mcit bee'll' in tlie room very long, the sock feeling cam e over liei -iSkl «Iie aigaiih w ent to the bedroom.' Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Entertain The fou 111 dioror psrty in a ser­ ies Y.'?s held l3ut Tuesday evening at the home cf l\ir rxcl I\^r^'.. Ifenry N. icM i-'end. Jr. A very i h rt ev- .d .y k A \:i ng lh<: gu ?*- v. i',% : \i V K : tl.erh o oi . rrh'.-i., M!.-n Hmc i I'vi.b i:' i/5 'U .r'g luh’w dJ-rie A!u-'' it i ’ h'K ar d idxdiu r i r d l ' k < ' th ’- ! ‘ : j'ln U l ITi-t (T Perry, J. II-ynx'iol Ulin,.^e oi' U yssrs, ami Ho- bf rt and hi: ik Pe; { ard Lehu d T. ilidiixiOiid of this pla e. in mm ;..isc *mn-.!A F, vvkc.: .. d F. rvlcA.Uo'*:^ vVv.e lUritfid in ric no c.i Parents. Kcir.c of the Enidr o Number on W h itesville Er^ter- talnm ent Course Come Highly Rec- ornmended.^—Sing Jubiiee Choruses, Plantation Melodies, Etc. A very and qiU<-t we xlhug uciuire.l at tun in.u.i:* oi 'Sir, and Mr... John H. W fod of ih's placu lust e eniiig. Dee. fl», 1915, &t 8 o’c oek. v.die.n iliCiir eldest daughter, Camiil? Prancet”. wdA united in .carriage to John Fiianei.c McA/Ii«ter cf th.is place Th e ceremony w a s pel formed by Bev J. E. Ta.ksol, pi ?tor t i the M etliod’‘'-:t Episcopal church, under a«n arMnvay of frosted pine. The hoi^se w a s dec­ orated ’ll red XM orc-en. The b*'de wore cream ctdxred wool bltiiste, trimimed in bri’id and’ Follo-’'/lng the cerem&r-g a Dcunto- Gave B r s s k fasl Party 'M/sj. A lice :vi. R o lh irs errort.^iiied at a b icik iifst pmtf’ :ax vV'^Um.-.-: day m e n . 1-5 a? unine i<’tjr-rk. .T h e K P h -nu-- Zv’-,- w\ g r i f Pvr'Vteo, Miss Hazel im . f F p n r g b lils, AMssn. Ma- ’ rcctlf.-! L' d .'-he't..;e l-’a. fp.P:. rup, 111', a ” ll ..Jc iP L jy Id. ltu h : i: .- d , ,'r., of Ih’v lia i : ; Ikrold Ui e ' ct iG'i'y, Rayti i ..si rlx'^e ci I I> u y i \ d Iholn : :r.cLMark Fm t und De- I' nd Rh.-hii ( r-1 c'. this piaee. ly I OG.S wcdd’pg diri'Tier was served at The third number on the W h ites-i^ b k h nil m e wedding guests were -s^elf jgr.ad.u.a.]Oy losiirg censciiousn ss.h'Y''^ E-niterlainmen-t Course w ill be I p resent, which included only tke im- •fls&Ish&irg danger she mainaged f'o get j Saturday evem r g , Jan. 8 1916 ju-tdiate relatives of the conitralati.n.g window which she opened and j Varginkus,\ a mixed quartet I bii© fresh adr revived h r snffioiently i colored siingers and players, come j xht? bride received many pretty feast She maniaged 'to get back in ; h ighly recomm-ended. j vaHiiable m e ,e a t s Each singer is a soilcist— thero is, Among many exp.’es^dars ; Among m.any exp.’esudors cf joy ■^m^iCFW for help, and tiben she c c i-; quaifet, o.iie reads |am i w ishes, the evening wms ^pfss?d. Mr. 'Wlidte cam e in, s-'^rA for ■ \ tpl99ent miU'Ical SkOtohes. , pIea.‘:'Urc .1I3-.S Netitle Chase and Dr. R e m in g -' will be a feature cf j Txe IvP -.i-.e - f t today for 'o.j-m ■and by ddligent efforts, she l l . y i e^wei-sn-e re-. Bz'ockway vill Pa., where “£*si3scitoted. . noit-^ro irciiV o s juh’.l o chorm es,; tbty .-^T a i. .. fo v Jays’ noiiey- Cfeily for the fact that Mrs. W hite ' n.e.udh'S, uc\;- iilive s j ' g s rieor. VO J ,,u rteo , iiom o i aiM >o’rs.: -nicy will P- :P Ivow after pvb. P> m:P! .m t P O ., c. x. . , 3 . . G. k .! -..w ■* 0 :.,t ly,.'. , ' 'x:-ad presence of mind t.o k'^ep Iv !• in action ai'd to iv'] i< r licla. GL:^e wculd unci cub tedly liivc been «-'ompl^tely overcom e, beyond hope t'-i 'recovery, in a 'few .second.- mor-- ■Aa laiEit rero it she had frliy reci .- Whiicih wiill be good nev.us to her ) fv-KEuiy friends. i-J' O;- O;' I t i p,.> ; r V ' r ^ ' r : U'di Ud ip’. iai .r. W in !.-■’'Ule, ikliui tf ii:’-'’ te r i c .: 'th X .'ligi c -• d ti.i s •. ■oed Sf.Cc. ikum o” Gcuth Hill. j pr. 1 , 1 : 11 1 i u,. ^ . }jp irrjuuj i.i u suo of Arch-e. M<\‘- ' 'uh.-lc.r of Wi-st rnio.n, -ind in Wfi’.i )e ai'oa>i; P'd:Jyand favorably known in this se 11 x 1 ..; m' Class ;h rtch-. .-nd It. e i s of H-’s Both the oletii adis.t end U.-d versa list Surday S^ncols Had Very Inter- fcstsng Programs at their Respec­ tive Churches. Dg&t Friday ev e n i'g w itnessed >eiy inleresiting program s by th e tw< Suiiiday Schools in this vlilage. The nartiicip,?!nit's in each chfont 'are to be jongra'lula.ted for itho success of •aach. Methodist, Sunday School t.org, “Joy to th e Would” by the ►‘ llOJl. Respousjive Reading. Prayer, Rev. Tal-iart. Exercise, by Claes 1. Seng. V-irgira 'Vllll.vpPngh, Rht'ik'tior:, Milford M attpoii. Song, “Tlappy D'?y,'’ t y School. E-v-rrite ami Ur;l , C’a^s Six. 'ReciPt.cn, Hugh Fc.ui.Gr. Solo. C era I d i n e Lf roi moi e. Redtvtion,, CarPon CivtkT.deii. Bxercis' 0 , Ciiikamaa Beks, by boys li • : 1 \ I'is 1 tide have rbe coin> latu- .Ud i-i xm a irg frkn \s. ,, 1,^0 in a t t e n - i ________________ at.ult ■, 8.-C. r-?- Ohilrir-n ’jlc. Notice of / lual Meeting ;Vc»vvn Clerks Notice to Reg ster Degs '\ewn o' Jiid^pcrdence, C vur.ttv of -At ns any. State of New orf — To the owrer.i; or hai'borer- of lo-a: You are hereb}' nnfified th-a'. I le Suffers Arsjother Shock i Wsvfe wds receivied in Wliiites.vtlie i >’e?Sterd.ay Ihiat Mrs. V. V. Bes.gle ofi martaXisvlHe, formerI> of G-mosee.i ^.rtered;anotl,erj.lu>..l. of ^ r a l- ! ■ j :, ]. s m a ver, o w cvn-.u... Fir-.f 1.i n k o i Supervisors cf said cjui-ty — D. c Oliapitt has. purehaseci a e f ■« iv'tesville, v-j.; be. held ,.v -he'b.'' i'etcslutic);. adoivtcd at .s r t s « m f-uHlioodcd. .H„!stsui oaw i.t Ol.a.rer”'’\’^'''^ *!> 9r;- 11 niec-Uos thereof, held -an the first ■-'^C'blx j 1916, at 2 o ’clock, p. m., for be ?nr j of December, IfiOS. did d8tol 1 Qft jl'ox? of ^lertiv^ ^ hoard of dir.x.toi’s ' ^!‘‘at tlie aRlOyiisiOh Of gl'Ctidns lw8 tO ........ ..................... .:, a—r j ensuing year 0 .id theU ild in re-iatlcn to the r<^gi!?!tra't.’oit of t.hsiuess a>'j'-Y-6--W -oP' Pictuj-iMve, cf chapter 455 •E U C W a prop-riv come before the m' ^t-jnf the lavv’s of N eu Y-rk, for the[ SoEg, “Men-y Be’W.s of Cm-ifat'nvas.” by School. RecM ation, Ralph He xe. R e c itation, A lberta F \tner. Song, “T idings of Joy\ by School. Reeltaliom , T r u m a n B; - iet.t. Exercii'^es, “ F e tlielhrm S t a r y by f-’inls of G lass 3. Song, Lultoby, Doris P ' .vie-. Ada M ae D a rgdon a r d D o rclh; W ilba azi. R e c itation, Leona (Maticyon \cX'g \T h e C iiiivt Ckilh’s L.-llahy. to ^ hc-j. R e o itetion, W a y n e Slack. .Song, “G lo iirg H o u r Dhu.ys N igh.” Gave “ Coasting^’ Party T h e k fct ii’ a sen e s of d i c i e r pe.r- lies during th e F?sf w e rk vras given I a t i!.- hon-e of M ss Me r ‘e F o i l r e r jia s t fe\0‘nirg. If wa? io have t-i-en !a ecest'- v; r .‘ ry To’c w 'r g the d im e r , h u t the Zi e ) srew ) r u e . \ ' i d Hie syert, ui u ivP r ul su■g^ n uj> in^hsaJ. Tlx- yiii s is w n 'o: M' u Kvih. orirtp cf {'■:!■-if d . Miss M ilis-■ H a z ti lenrH u m of S n 'n g MiHis, ?fr. and M rs. H e n ry N. PJehn o r n , Jr., and Miss-. s Alice Robbins and Hat-. A t ti-e reg u lar session of Critten-1 tie Paddock cY this pla'ce; Eiarold den Canhp No. 40, S.- O. V,, S a tui- P e e t of P e r iju R aym o n d Chaso of C'-ilten-.R:-! Cr.i'op Met Lnc: Satyr-1 day Evonirg. — Eugene Griggs is j Hovi; Commander and Lee paugn, Senior Vice Commander. day evt'Eihg, Dec. 25, th e following o itic-rs V8te 8'Iected for the ensu­ ing yea,r: Com nander, Eugene Griggs. S udor Viee Gxmman'der, Lee Mills- paugli Junior Vice. ' Commiander, Kow«*xd AYTiRe. Camp Omir.ioil. Aftiviaa MaUeson, L efferts Critoenden, Geoxge Diediioe. Secretary, EOaroid Crittt.exii-en. A sst. Secretairy, Diaviiii iMabteson: Tneasurer, John. Cniitten;die.n. Ratrdotic feislTuctor, J. R. M^atte-* son. Chiap]!a.itn, Orlas E. Gira.ve,s. Gufide, George Bledisoe Colior Dearer, Viiyeiu Alatteson. Insid'g Guard, Charles Matteson,, U'lyss'is, .nnd Herbert r>nd Mark P e e t and Lela-nd Richmonid of this place. 10 IE MMED iVsIss Margaret Stephens of Coudeps- port and Louis F. Potter, Former­ ly of .Genesee, Will Be Married N ext Saturday. GENESEE, Dec. 27.~Mi'Ss Margar­ et Stevens of Couder.&port, who for The next regular m-eeting c f th e ' years ira-s been a m o st Camip will! be held Friiiday eveiKiimg,. ^ffi'dioiEt cleik im the First N*a».!xo'niai Jian. 7, inistc-teid cf Jan. 8, biecause of the “VingiiEiiians”, fee next num­ ber on the EntertaiDni'ent Course. It will be a ioint itrstallation o f o f f icers, w ith .the W . R. C. and G. A. R. W h itesviiie Univercaiist Church Rev. C. Ii. Itoddc'k, Pastui- Regular services will J-e held next Sundajx 11 a. m.~(M orhiiig WorHliip. Sub­ ject “Amuseni'enits.” 12 m.— Suxelay Schoch It to dfe- siied that eveiy nienrber in so far as are abie, sha'Jl be present. 7:30 p. m.—Evening W orship. Sub­ ject “We B e lieve,” fc'eing the first of a sei’iies of sermoi'-s on “Our Faith.” Pew s are IrYO. if ,, '•u have no church hrome, w e v/i'.I be g3.a:d to have you worship w ith us. By m m ^ A iRVIMG Stop thio?! , T h e old year goes O’er th e d r ifted snow'-ti. : im,. I Le--'ier J. Pu. fee i Dated VvhitCrviHo. Bee. 2, 1915, I G 3 ,ve a Reception. w —---------------- - . v.itriji, C'JI LT 1efore th e gray old year hath brou-ght I About fifty friends a” d ii-^g*'bcn‘3 rae grief. j of Mr s-ud Mrs. '^YilMs Wils:m gatb *’■\*’ ‘ * ‘ - _k«v,o , . , t v e . . . . : „ , th e dear little robin th.-'t a\-:^d t o I evening a: u end. ntol .1-- tr;^^tiQr. R e or be subject io the p?i. year 1901 ;-balI apply to said County cn f-r.d bfter Janiiaiy 1st. lUlO. You are required by said act to register in tliG office of the To'vn t.’ierk, cn or b the i.'Lh d\;y nf and all degs or idteues over four m onths old owned sin.g ‘A t say -window sill in the sprin g , zAsd th e rapturous kisses m y lovor IZe h a th h idden him , too, in a n a r r o w grave, oteep dovru fi’om the light o f tho broad, blue cky, Jstrd s o through th e rush o f m y tear j “ S top t b l e f r Ac- th e old year goes O’er tb.-3 driftG'd s n o w s , th e gray old year hath brought me grief. A ll h a ill The n e w year com es With, th e beat o f drum s .A^'d clangor o f bells in th e w in d y S l e b r in g e th th e s o n g o f th e nightin- w h a t i f h is robe is fringed v/itli I^re A p r il buds on M s bosom blow. JH jesendsth a n e w love unto m e an ancient country aei'oss the «ea, far to th e south w e w ill sail ^away ''S’hrts’gh the p u r p le dusk o f a per- lu m e d M ay. A d hail! The n e w year eom es i W ith th e beat o i Hmras ; m u sic o f be.bu in th e v.*nt ry v a le, j : xcvlywcd.A a recepticn. At ten balic.y ' ’Icdi a Iirr.cbeon was j^erv ’ti. w r y pit'a .-art eveu'rg 'to rernrttd. Mrs. L ivtfm o 5 t£ Dead 1D>. Ki becea Ltoenr.o-e, age ; 97 yeui'.-, dit li i.h..' bcuie of i f ' -iau- g’’f.:'r, Slv~., li-a, Forc:-tC'r. rea.- Suon ‘o, H’to mornirg. SU'd. Lou.>'a tor cl H.iivj to i: >.v a irurv’ . Ire ik-n>;-.:i r riia..r . { ’ rrangt it t u t - -av .■ C l :d ibis U;'lt;ito. NOTJCE G v :!’!!■? W c tucuck lc.it iny p late u; •■'jsiiderce the 6:b ray ut C c tait-i. 1916, w itlicnt cause o r provccatior and I shall r.tt pay any debt? of h;.'- contracting. totiet in.pc:-'cil by said act. LtoHed 5Xd .togred ^his aCii. q. ^ Dccc-niiior. 1915. GUY F. l.ASSETT Town Clerk. Tins law will be .-trtotly e-iiforceu. He.<3 Used CharnteHains’ Cough Rem­ edy for Twenty Years AH-. \V. Lirr'eto. NYv.port. N. Y.. v r H - - “I d-in uto'^ayt; i-r-r-ak a ycod ! v’c rd r’O) ''harnlcrla:;!'.-, Coua’. R'-C’i-i a ni'^CTsalsst Sunday Sshooi Song, “ C row n Him K ing,’’ by the Choir. Kespon.H.ive Reading. R e c itation, R o b e r t Richm.Kid Song, “ P e L ike H im ” by ilie Choir “ H a rk, D S a n ta rp-tuF Cton i r g ? ” b: F o u r Girls. Rzc'tatiori, by Eva Richmond. P; a y c r So\g Chri.stii r;. Thre Ha.K (’enu' .Vy,-!n.’’ by Choir. ‘ Vv'.-’i-ome,” L e ’Ia W a g er. Recitotion, C r: T e a ter. Seng, \T h e C lci.in - . S 'a r , ” ly the Chr.Ir. “Kecpi.’ig C h r is iiras E v e ry L a v \ 1 v I G ^ orge Probapco. I “ W hy We C e lebrate Chri'amc.-:\ i y j G er evlt-ve Harr.to. Song. ■’O n r H e a v e r Iy K .ny.”'i>y tb! WhUegviil© M. £. Church Rev, J, E. q’alla.Bt, Pastor -10:30 a. m.—.Sacra.m-euta.l servaCOS.. Everytc.dy cordially inviited. Sunday iSchool at 12 m. Junior League at 4 p. m. Epworth Lea-gue at 6:30. 7:30 — Eveniing ’Worsibip. A New Year’s di&couree. . • You are welcome. Come. P’Peacbiin.g at Nor. h Bixgbam Sun­ day at 2 p. m. Bank of lh.to pliace, le lt on Saturday for her home in, Ccuden&poi't. New Y ear’s day she w ill leave for Washin.gt.o.ri, D. C., 'where silie w ill be married to Louis F. Potter of that place, Mr, Potter is the son of M\ end Mr.s, J. D. Potiter cf Ibis place and has a fine pcsltiou in W a shinglcn v/itli the O y s'er Mi k Co. I h e Ir.pjy c tuple have many iTienus in this plaoe who wish them much jcy. J. G. Sharman J. G. S'barma'n, aged 57, a former residei-.t cf tihi’s place, died in the German-Ameriican Hotel at W elilsville last w eek Wedmeedia'y, Dec. 22, 1915, of acute ind.iigestlon. Funexa'l services were held Mo-n- day, December 27fe, 1915. in the M- E, Church, Rev.*J, E Talilaaiit offici­ ating. Intermient w a s in,’ Rural Ceme tery. The deceased 1-s iSUrvivGd by *a mo* tiler aDd a brother in Montouia. Gave Dinner P^rty ivvii-k-m ai -eynolds; cj * LMnnd T. Richmond very pleasant-j Grover; Choiaeter, Ma-rca Reynolds; iy entertained a number of friends ' As.st Chorister, Mildred Erway; Or-^ (ton Monday evening at a neveu o'-i Paul Erway. ‘clock dinner. The giieets were ;Har ' R w a s voi.td to al:ow tire Ladies' I o ld L P e e t of P e r ry , J, R ’^ymoxto ;^^^ th e sexten ma.fe^uch an C h a s e of G^lysses, M r. a n j M rs. th a t -ociety pay.'? htol- i H e n ry N.RicIim o n d, Misse^^ A lice YI. Spring Mills S. S. Election of oifficeri <3 for th e Spring MiilliS Sunday School for the ensuiFs year v/s;s held at the 'Churoh lasf Sun day.. Follow ing is the result; Sup­ er in t ndent, Mildred Erway; A sst. Superintendent, Frank G. Righy, Sec­ retary, Pearl Smith; A sst. Secy, W illL m R Treasurer, Anna e-i y, :x iie'-n u--vi ixi nry fam; y v.n evi-a-ion.-j vvItb.ont number for t ie; Rciitutiun, Eni:a Ljy IH-A tw e n ty years, and h a ; u e i'erj Sung, • S ’.ar B r ’s i t l y -Befimivg\ by la i ’t d to speedily cure colds and Hi^' Choir. coughs.’’ For saio by E. S. Batter-i Recitation, by Grace Lailrin. Robbirs, H, Mari^ Foitner, Hattie *G. Paddock, Mar’oii F. Chs.s;e, Leola .W ood amiMes'-r.-'. Herbert m , Peet ami H Mark Peek Farmers* Institute I A Fa<u:e^'-’ P - c c r ' e v.-’-i: x,c- h-'-M j in Chaptoi Opera. I io l o j , W h ite; Collec'’'or’s Notice N o tice ;« h e r e ly given that I, the (iv.bj.-’gre'l Co.to-ctcr of Ts?:e>: In and I. the q'l.v.'n of In (leper den CO, Coiin- ■y or' -Mtog'T V, Sttoe cf Nev/ 7'cr!: I)CTO Tf\\toed the t £, x rc’l and '.vor- rri'r T, y ^ coI’ecPei?' cf taxes for tlic pi-.Skit yerr, end Tiat I will at* £on, W h itesville, X. Y ^ and H. O. EFzrbelh ’W ccdicU;. '^TeJk-n, Genesee, Pa. j G enesee, Pa. , j ------- ----- , Annua! Meeting I Dinner in Honor of Brother j ^ n e annual m e e tirg of the stock- j Herbert M. P e e t entertained a holders of the First N a tional Bank 'party o f frier da ct the hem e of Mr. ^of Genesee, Pa., w in be held a t their land Mrs. Fred -Wlidman last T h u r s-: b a n k irg office. Tuesday, j?n . ISth,! I day ever.ing, the occasion being a 1916. at 10 o’clock, a.m ., for tha j-ur- jdiurer in licrcr cf hig brother, Hrr- p ose cf electing a board of directors loid L. F e e t, of Perry. Among fee for the ensuing yeer and for the tran j g n e sts were: Mr. and Mrs. Hem-y \ sacticn cf iuch ether business as I n Richmond, J., M isses M a r e Foil^-jmay properly c o n e le i o i e th-e meet- , r y A lice Robbins, H a ttie Paddock j iug. LeRn-a Rieiimond. i Edw. F. LawRr, CT-thier, Christmas Time Drawing Near, by M iss Jclinson. ‘D o lly’s Lullaby” by Four Girls. Song, “H a il th e Fdrth of Heaven’s K ing,” by fee C h o ’r. Remarks by the Paster. Distribution of Presorts. “Gcd be With You ‘Till we Meet A g ain.” Entertained W h itesville Friends E. R Fortner ii! Mtord lies been recelvrd by Whotes- viUe friends that E. R. Fortner of De^ ■cli H ill is very i’ll w ith leakage cX the ya'ves cf the heart jjrui. £4:h. 1916 , undtr the au.s: tend ni L y Pro'bice Office, x e x t ci' tliG S tete DepuiCl *^.gric'”.- i].p la'ln .f d stot'er, 'Whitesvil e ,-oi* lure. Thfe farmei.s in tlto.-j seettox Mondays, Tuesd&y.s and Weda-esd^ys are urged to make tia r a to atterd -n each week, for Hie thirty the m eeting. xrem the date hereef, fiom 9 o’clock in the ferfenoen 4 o’clcck in* the jffternocn; end at the P e s t Office at j j Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Graves of Sprfeg Mills on Thurscay, Jar. to.- j shGngo, very pleasantly en tertoin e d ; i916; end at the Telephone Office [the following ycu r g people at th e ir , Independence on 'Thursday, Jan, j [hem e Sunday rfternoon and evening: ! 2 .), 1916, .for'the pul’pose of recOhihg j ! Harold L. P e e t cf Perry, M 'sses M a -: the taxes assessed upon suc-h roll, s t j trie Fortner, A lice Robbins, H a t t i e j i per cent. Paddock and Myrtle Criittecden and ■ c . S. BLOSS M essrs- Lelard Richmond, Herbert j Collector M. P e e t Lira Mark; P e e t o f W h ites-{Dated thto X9:h day cf December.^ Tille. ‘ I 1 1915. S-

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