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y I ' I ,_y lil ■ Pirfeima Coaittj -Jttnfftrat Q q ^ c ^ gs ^ h SXericifner SUntionJV*^ 'X** f** J** J®* )Ki“Trains stopping a t this Station, leave tie Depot, » the following tim es:— O. VIBBABD* General Supt. G oin g W » w . - ‘I t o c t . E t h r i d g e , l o n g a re s ­ ident of LittlaFaBs, 1« about to remove to Hastings, Minnssota, wliere b e has already landed interests, P db . D ocs .— W e are indebted to Hon’s. S. A. Douglas, Lansing Stout, of Oregon, and F. E, Spin­ ner of th is District for noSgressional favors. C ounty C ourt .—A term of the County Court andrfnurt of Sessions will be held a t the Court - S g ^ e , in this village, on the 18th day of Jone. E d i t o r i a i .— X . A . WiLLABD, E sQ ., fo r two years past the editor of the Little Fails Journal, =annaunces h is withdrawal from that position. He takes ■charge of the Collector’s office at the port of Little' Falls, on the « raging canawL« E et d r n e d .— W e a r e p le a s e d t c le a r n tih a t LoEESZo C akrtl , Esq., h as returned from Charleston in good h ealth and feeling weH. He has rendered good • service.to the old line Democracy, and will, n o doubt, Ipursuo the same inflexible course a t Baltimore on the 18th proximo. F ie e in t h e W ood s .— T h e e x c e s s iv e ly dry weather, for some time past, has rendered every thing ready for the Are. The woods south of Mohawk, on Monday evening, were on fire, and we hear Of other A C h e a p T r i p .— ^Th e a r r a u g e m e n ts w liich the Railroad companies have made to convey persons to the Chicago Convention, affords-an opportunity for a re­ markably cheap western toCr. Tickets can be procured a t Ctica, for $15 which seepres a passage to Chicago and return, and sixteen days to do i t in. F ir e a t M o h a w k .— T h e m a t c h fac to r y o f Mr. H. Stanton, in Mohawk, was-destroyed h y fire this morning. The fire was discovered about four o’clock, but had made such progress that very little of the ma­ chinery was saved. The firemen from this village were on hand, h u t too late to render much assistance. CHEESB.~Our dairymen have no occasion to complain of the liberality of the cheese buyers.— They pay a price which leaves only a small m a rgin; and there a re many to predict that it is so small as to leave some of the speculators in the condition of » lame ducks,” before the season closes. The quotations in New York up to Saturday were SolO^c- A g ita t in g .— T h e te m p e r a n c e n o t a t i o n is progressing in several of the adjacent towns. The •*Chr- Eon T.eague,” and it* mode o f operations has been the subject of considerable discussion a t L ittle Falls during the past week. The meeting of the Board of Excise-on the loth of the month will excite more attention from temperance men and doubtless more solicitude from the liquor sellers, than heretofore. S tra w P a p e r .— ^Ma n y e x p e r im e n ts h a v e boOT made toBupply the place of rags in the manufacture of paper,and among the most successful articles made use of IS that o f strawr « A portion of the edition of this i>a- per is printed on paper thus made, and although it is not equal, a s y e t, to rags, i t does very well. Still, we think we will adhere to the old style, and leave our friends the m anufacturers, to try a little longer. L lttle F alls .— ^Th e P o l i c e C o n s t a b le is attempting to suppress rowlyism. The remarks ol the Xhurier are. not inapplicable to other places than Little Falls “ Noisy and boisterous loungers have been in the habit of gathering a t street corners and behaving rudely and offensivolj to passers b y , whether male or female. Other oflenses against good order have been *nd if oue-PoHco Odustabro does fifa whole _ -duty in the promises, people who approve of order and quiet ought and we trust will, uphold that officer.” T o P ostmasters .—W e would call the at­ tention of the Pcstmasters of our county to the follow­ ing p.aragraph which we clip from a n exchange p a p er: County Postmasters should bear in mind, for . their advantage as well as that of the local press, that lor ev­ ery county paper delivered by them to subscribers, ■they .are entitle-d to retain of the Post-office funds, ten and one half cents per year. It is for their interest as ■wMl as that o f the publisher, that the county papers be preferred, since th re is no trouble of making collec­ tions or keeping accounts thereof, as on papers printed <*-it of the county, the commission on which will not average more thmi from six to eight cents p er year. M ohawk .— Mr. Geo. BroomhaIl,is framing the timber for a new Malt House to bo erected on the old site. Messrs. Hammond a nd Paine have completed their buildings, and a re receiving their stock of lumber. Messrs. Cunningham, Dygert, Prince, Band, Shall, and Crim, have returned from New York, and a re receiving their spring goods. Four new Mercantile establish­ ments, have been opened this spring: P. J . Casler, Ste- [Advertisemeat.] “ A in e n y h e a r t d o e t h g o o d lik e a m e d i­ cine,” says the good book, b u t there must first be a healthy liver before a “ merry heart” and health will abide w ith yon. Da. GRiawotp’a T eipibx C athabhc PHIS a re a specific for all liver complaints and impuri­ ties of the hloOd, constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion, &c. When taken early they prevent fevers of all kinds. They a re justly celebrated, try them, only 25 cents a box, and for sale everywhere. apUlyl. [Business Notice.] W h a t o n e E sta b l ish m e n t is D o in g .— There are many indications of increasing prosperity in eur city, in its mechanical industry and its various de­ partm ents of traffic. An example is furnished by the hoot and shoe establishment of L ewis B roihebs , 180 Genesee street. It is stocked from b asement to g arret. With the m a terial for mannfacture and manufactured a r­ ticles. By division o f labor, and the latest machinery, they compete with eastern m ^ e r ? , and by using the * best leather and taking especial pains w ith the manu­ facture, they offer ready-made articles that compare fa- yorably w ith custom work. They m ^ e heavy kip boots for farmers’ wear t h a t look as if they would last forever j and all the intermediate kinds to the costliest Aress varieties. Besides the copper-toe shoes Which have become so popular w ith youngsters, they are now getting up ladies’ shoes which instead of beingsewed, have the soles fastened on b y copper tacks, and are sold cheaply. The fashionable ladies will b e interested to know that the style of shoes h a s changed greatly, and th a t opera gaiters (round toe) are decidedly the ton in i^ w Y o r k . About sixty workmen are employed in manufacturing, by L ewis B roxh X rs , and they sell largely to country dealers, as-well as to retail buyers, lb that class of people who grumble that no business can be done in Utica, wo cite the establishment of L ewis B soxhebs as a permanent and palpable contradiction .— XTHca ’ Harold. f J E R K I M E E C O U N T r O l e b k ’ s IE, County Clerk. S - A * o i s : i i s r o _ H a ig lit & Co», laCPOEIBEa OF S O O X C H & I R I S H L I N E N S , a f t and* g s t B a r c l a r S t r e e t , N e w Y o r k , T J A V E c o n s t a n t l y o n h a n d a fu l l 1 . x stock of HOP SACKING, aU weights. Also, KHN CLOTH and FIELD BAGGING, which will be sold in quantities to suit the trade. my2ml SPECIAL NOTICES. bat it is, or how it is cored. Every case of Piles hether manifested in the form of external tumors, equeht bleedings, or in violent Itohinr and Irritation, spends essentially unon congestion of the abdominal sttous circulation. This produces engorgement, tUIa- __on of the veins, formation of tumors, hemorrhages, pain and suffering; and the disease can o n i y ^ funda­ mentally cured b y medicines which, taken internally, relieve this venous congestion. Hence omtments Jwasb- <j8, and even injections, are so ineffectual. ■HUMPHREY’S HOMEOPATHIO PILE SPJiCIFIO, a Ample sugar piU, taken two or throe tinM^Per day, jures the condition upon which the disease depends — Hundreds h ave been cured by it, even of the most ob Btinate cases. All will be promptly benefited by it.. Price, 50 cents a box. Price, with fuU directions, < F bty CsaraS p k B ox . N. B.—A f\ll set of Htwpmiwra' H okxopatbio S pbcw - IC3, with Book of Directions, and twenty different Bern- edies, Inlarge vials, morocco case, $ 5 ; do in plain, $4 ; case Of fifteen b oxes,and book, $2. These Remedies, b y the single box or case, are sent by mail o r express, free of charge, to ih y addn ss, on receipt of the p rice. Address ^ DR. P. HUMPHREYS to CO., No. 662 Broadway, New T'ork. Sold b y Warren Caswell. Herkimer. Com m o n S e n s e h le d icn t lo n .—To administer dras­ tic Cathartics H|Diarrhoea or Dysentary is about as rea­ sonable os it would be to rub a raw wound w ith a nut­ meg grater. The result in both cases must necessarily be increased Inliamation. In ail acute diseases of the bowels, the first thing to be done is to administer a counter irritant, and KADWAY-'S BEADY BELIEF Is the b e st and safest in the world. The profession may say purge 1 parge'f I p u rge! I i hut common senao say sooth the irritated surfaces, regulate the secretions, equalize the circulation. This is the true course in fe- vers Of every descripflbn, remittent, intermittent, and of the more dangerous types. The Relief and Regula­ ting Pills are all snfficlent in such cases, in fact every spqcies of active inflammfitiou is removed by their com- blned operations. Persona exposed to malarious-poisons either in the form o f Cholera, Dysentery, Flux, Billions Fever, Fever and Ague, Yellow, Typhoid, or Congestive Fever, will positively escape illness if they take the pre­ caution to fortify their systems with Radway’s Beady Relief, and regulate the organs of their bodies with Badway’s Eegulsrting Pills. Bear in mind you cannot have Pain, never can remain slek under the treatment of Kadway’s Beady Belief and Begulating Pills. 3>y«I»cpsia.-^This is a vqry distressing complaint, and gives the patient more suft’aring than almost any other disease ; in fact i t is a'combination of many com­ plaints in one. The symptoms are numerous, and are of the nature of Almost aU.other complaints combined. From this fact arise the, very many oases where this dis­ ease is mistaken for some other, and so improperly treated.-' The first symptoms—-indigestion, flatulency, loss of appetite, h eartburn, heidaol-e, e tc., if negleC e 1 almost always awaken some dormant disease, and — •0 sold b y all Medicine Judsons Dealers. The Fem ale Organization is often as frail- as as that of a tender flower. Many of the sox enter into marriage relations without being able to undergo the labors and trials of maternity. In this country thousands of young and b eautiful -women are sacrificed every year from this cause alone. Hostettar’a Celebra­ ted stomach Bitters will save many of this class from ■ imely grave. This medicine has been used with leneflt by immense numbers of people throughout .labile, and the proprietors have received grateful communications from ail setions of the country. The Bitters will be found tod>e v ery pleasant to the taste, even as a bevarage, and prompt and powerful in. its\ ef­ fect as a medicine. It infuses ne’er vitality into tlio frame, and strengthens the whole system, so that wo­ men who use i t are enabled to go tbroogh w ith labors which would, without i t , bd certain to prostrate them. Sold b y all druggists. I » o e l r y o f P t a y s l c , Let the sick to Herrick go, ■Who’d be sick I ’d like to know, Such cures his Pills do make, Smiles, lovely smileS shall deck the brow, ■Whoie gloominess is rampant now. And hops anew shall wake. C O M J V I E E O m ^ or Coimtry Prodooei SESDAT, M at 2, 1 K P rodcci :.—-Put N. Y. WliolMale Haiket for Coimtry P F ob ibe VT bek exdixq W edsesdat , M at 2, I860. N otice to C onsigssks of F a « x P rodcci :.—-Put avery thing in neat order. Mark plain indelible directions on irkedrked “ Bill,”ill,” andnd alwayslways senden one by name of articles. Also tuck a bill of particulai of one package ma “ B a a s mail with notice when and how things are forw. CojDUssiOiiS— For selling Berries, Fruit, &o , whore packages a re returned, and en small lots of stuff 10 per cent. Other farm produce generally 5 per cent. QUOTATIONS a re tor sales o f good produce, in good or­ der a t wholesale; such as farmers realize, and not job­ bers or speculators prices. B ctter —The receipts of New are quite large, fully iqualing the receipts of a year ago. The downward ten iency intimated in our last report has been fully resi­ zed. All things considered theButter m arkethas adu- ilous Took. 'Ocoasionia saws OF very ohOlBer-WBtJdr *rs* made in a retail tray a t 20c, and very choice half firkin tubs a t 2 I c .; but these flgurrs are getting to be quite unexceptional. Orange county is held a t the same fig­ ures b u t drags h eavily, an-d lower rates arc anticipated by the receivers. Our quotations represent the present s p ' i ! Orange Co.palls i Welsh t ’bs,strict., ______ , _________ , ______ Half ftrk. tubs “ ch.l9o20('Western, fair to “ : Oli Butte • fair to good, lOoltC.; Gaease 8]o9Jc. CasESK—The receipts a re increasing, and the tenden­ cy or the mnrkot is downward. The proportion of poor oh ese seems to be in;, easing. A good deal that would be fair quality, if retained on the shilvesuntil w ellcui- ed, is hurried into market so groau and curdy thut it is really unfit to eat, and almost unsaleable. Old Cheese disappea d except; except the FJiglish Dairy. Extra quality,per ib.,.llnl2 I E nglshd’y, Goshen 11 JaI3 Fair to good q u a lity ___ 8a9 NowCheeaa,common..5o7 Ohio choice.....................8a9 | - ------- --— -nr --------- Best grades per lb. ICc lUnned v e ry large ti _ ir than this day W0i_, _ are mostly a t 12jcc. We q u ote: Jersay&Phila.per doz.l2ial3 | Western, p e r doz. .12i<il3 State, p er d o z .......... 12iol31 Market!. Buokwhe^ ITOlbs. Wheat. :e double e x tra western $9 62]n3 871;( !Seo e xtras 6,87o7; doable extra do $7,50. h t Flonr—Very dull. Sales a t $l,02ol,7.5per None in market. Corn dull. Buyers Plenty and dull. Salci . tslSc for good to choice new. Cheese—Selling a t cinuu. Eggs—Selling a t 12oirc per dozen. Lard—Quiet at. l l a l l i c per lb -=Whito Beans $laSl,25 per bus.— Smoked Meats—Quiet.qt lOalOjc forhams ; 8c for should­ ers. Maple Sugar—We quote sales -* J P J t l C J S S M M JD UCJEJO D r u g an d G r o c e r y Store, B E L A MAIN S T ., PALM ER. - * H B B K IM B B . NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. D E a r O X T S E , S X Q - a r T , C o X M M i o g i G J s j p a X i u r T i j r G , p i i a r l e s O. E o l p e , D E S P E O F U L I j X a n n o u n c e s t h a t h e CV is prepared to do all kinds of House, Sign, and €ar» riage Fainting, w ith despatch, and in the very best manner, and at the lowest rates. His work hereto­ fore done in this commnnity is the guaranty he offers that h e will dd work well in the future. jl^ S h o p o n M lllstreet, where orders for work may be left. Herkimer, May 8,1860. mySyl T H E F I G H T S E T T E E E . I . E E & S O N S , have -workea H j g h P b i c e s o u t o f t h e E i n g . The RACE now is for their which are being, sold b y retail, a t wholesale prices. B o a t S i S h o e s a n d G a i t e r S f a t lower prices than can possibly bo sold, elsewhere. • a m - - < » a E 3 t m MKT « E 3 - 9 not surpassed for style and durability, far below the nsusal prices. The irrepressible conflict has commenc­ ed, Will a liberal public sustain our pnnc ^ l ^ ^ ^ myDtf Main Street, Little Falls. N e w A r r a n g e m e n t ! 3 S T E W O O o i ^ s i B u y T o u r G O 0 4 s t o r C a s h —AND ------ F r o m T e a t o T w e n t y p e r C e n t , ( T i n A K D A T E E t h i s a a t e t h e s u b - BcriUerwin ad6pt.thoB*^PAYSY8TEM,witb- out any devifttlon whatever* a long expvience in tlie RetJill Busineee, I liavo learned the fact that C^h hnvftra have nhliffed tO Davuot onlv for dheir own i 3 © o , - i s e o ^ F U R N I T U R E ! A ‘Whole Block full of F U R N IT U R E , MIRBORS, MATTRESSE3, - SPRING BEDS, FEATHERS, - &c., &c, T. iLeimehacliier & Co.,“ N o . i d , 12, 1 4 , 1 6 a n d 1 8 , C a th a r in e S t ., (adjoining; the Catharine S treet House, Utica,) are just opening an e n |jre NEW STOCNof all kinds of furnitore,- C H B A P E S T K I T C H E N F U E N I T U E E to the most Elegant Rosewood Parlor Setts, and respectfully solicits an examination of Goods and Prices. W e i&anufactaro every known kind of M A T R E S S E S . S P R I N G B E D S and keep always on hand the best PURE LIVE GEESE FEATHERS, in the market An endless Tariety of Enameled and Painted Chamber Setts a t all prices. Gome and see us and don’t forget the Nos. 10,12,14,16, and 18, CSitharino street, Utica, N. Y. May 9, 18CO. * T. LENNEBACKER & CO. ^illagre O rdiniaiice. A T ' a m e e t in g o f th e B o a r d o f T r u s - X lL tecs Of the Tillage of Herkimer, held May 2, 1860. The following ordinances were adopted: Whereas, The persons managing and controlling the oranibU'Ses and carriages which run between the villages of Herkimer and Mohawk, for the purpose of conveying passengers t-i and from the Bail Bead, frequently disturb and violate the peace and create disorder at the Bail Rood station in this place, and among onr own citizens and the public generally, h y the manner in which they solicit jiassenger* and conduct their husim-ss, and, whereas, complaint has been made to the Board of TriiMees on the subject. Now, therefore, Jbtsolvtd. That all agents and runners for omnibnsscs, fiarriages, 'ahd vehicles, he and a re hereby prohibited and forbidden from interfering with or annoying pas sengors arriving h y the c:irs a t the Itail Road station in this village, and while the cars are standing a t the sta­ tion from coming wifhin ten feet of such cars for the purpose of soliciting passengers to he carried npon their vochlcles. Setolved, That any person who violates tlie foregoing ordinance in any of its provisions shall bo liable to a penalty of two dollars for each offense, to be sued for and collected in the name of the village, before any jus ties of the peace of the town of Herkimer. Rttohed, That no omnibus or vehicle for the purpose of carrying passengers to and from the Rail Road be­ tween the village of Herkimor and Moliowk, shall under pretense whatever, be allowed to reataln stanling ’■ ferther east than a line eight fet-t west of Main St., ;he village of Herkimer, hut such oranibussfs and licles shall take their stand while waitingfor.passen- gers in Canai s treet, in our village, west of Main street, eight feet from the west line of said street, in such way as to interfere as little as possible with the public trav­ el; a n d a u y person violating this ordinance shall bo lia­ ble to a penalty of live dollars for each offense, to be or vehicle may be a t the time of any violation shall be deemed the offender and liable to the penalty aforesaid. i i l l t e r i f f s P r o c l n m a i k o u . Q T A T E O F N E \ y iX O R K , O o u iV T or H ebkihee , s s :—The undersigned Sheriff of sa; county, !a conformity to ' directed, by this his pro< Court, o r who have taken any prisoner o r witness, to rr- turn said recognizances, inquisitions and examinatioi s, to the said Court a t the opening thereof, on the first day of Its sitting.—Dated May 5,1880. JAMES J . COOK, Sheriff. Scrofula, or King’s Evil, a corrup. ;his fluid becomes vitia- ;ho circulation, i t per- hurst out in dis^ago on from its attacks, nor gtroy. The scrofulous lurial disease, low liv- ■, Impurempure air,ir, flit’ilthy is there one which i t may nc taint is variously caused b y . _ ing, disordered or unhealthy food i a f habits, the Uepre-ssing vices, and, above all, by the ve- cereal infection. Its effects commonco b y depositl6u from tho Wood o t corrupt ox ulcerous m a tter, which* iu tbe lungs, liver, and internal organs, is term ef ■ swellings; and on the snr&ce,-eruptions or sores.— Most of the consumption which decimates tha human iamily has its origin directly in this scrofulous contami­ nation ; and many destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or are aggravated by the same cause. One quarter of all our people are scrofulous; their persons are invaded b y this lurking infection, and their health is undermined b y it. To cleanse it from the sys­ tem we must renovate the blood b y an alterativo med­ icine, and invigorate i t b y healthy food and exercise. Such a medicine we supply in A Y E R ’ S Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla. X F . J B , ^ o r g a n t XT AS the Agency and will receive ap X X plicationsforinsuranc^tlf tha following Compa­ nies. v iz ; H a r tf o r d Im s h tance Conmany^ Apply a t the Post Office, Herkimer,N. Y Herkimer, Feb. 22,1860. T T A Y I N G r e c e i v e d a n u n u s u a l l y la r g i X X stock of Goods, the undersigned respectfully iu forms his customers and the public generally that he is prepared to soil them & M e d i c i n e s , GROCERIES, HARDWARE, ETiOITR AND SAXT, AND WATER DIME* &C., _ ______lOSTBBASOI ____________ The public will also find a t his establishment every riety of pare Drugs, Mediciihts and ChtmieaU, P a i n t s , O i l s a n d V c trn isT ies, D y e - S t u f f s , O a m f f h e n e , Spirits Turpentine, and BURNING FLUID. Also, Thomp- soniaffand 'B o tanic Medicines, SUPERIOR FRENCH, ENGLISH AND GERMAN P E R F U M E R Y . m m WINES A N D LIQUORS, R E C T I F I E D A L .C O H O I ., and all the most popular, b est, and thoroughly attested ' J P a t e n t J f r e d i ' i i u e s . H A R D . W A R E . We have always On hand alargo and well selectad as sortmeni of HARDWARE, consisting of Carpeater|^gM Kaiv«s and Fork!, InBhon.hewouldsaytothe WbM that’he has on l ^ d and intends to keep a genarM assortment of a rti­ cles to supply their wants, a ndas i t is imposslblo to enu arise from it, snob as Eruptive and Skin JOitesses, St, .Anthony’* Fire, Rote or Erytipelat, JPimplet, Putlule*, Blotchet, Blaint and Soilt; Tumort, Tetter, and Salt RAeum, Scald Head, Ringtoorm, Rkeuniatitm, Sypkililie, and Mercurial Diseattt, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Debility, and, indeed, all complaints arising from Vitiated or Im­ pure Blood. The popular belief in “ Bnpunty of the Blood” is founded in truth, for scrofula is a degenera­ tion of the blood. The particular purpose and v irtue of this Sarsajiarila is to purify and zegouerate this vital fluid, withoat which sound health is impossible in taminated. constitutions. Ayer’i Cathartie Pills, • F o r a l l t h e p u r p o s e s o f a F a m i l y P h y s i c , _______ to find his health or energj _ _ .. ------ ., . :medy a t once so simple and inviting. Not only do they cure tho every-day complaints of ev­ ery body, b u t also many formidable and dangerous dis­ eases. Tne agent below named is pleased toXnrnisb my American Almanac containing certificates of their cures and directions for their use in the following complaints. : Costiveness, Heartburn, Headacho arising from disor­ dered Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, F ain in and Mor- , bid inaction of the bowels, Flatnlency, Loss of appetite, ' Janndice, and other kindred complaints, arising from a low statemf the body or obstruction of its functions. Ayer^s Cherry Pectoral, von THs Kiinn cub * ov C oughs , C ouds , iNmuEsZA, H oabsexess , C roup . BROxofin IS, IsciPKOT CoxsuMPnox.'and for. tho feljef of Con Bumptive P atients in advanced s t ^ e s ot the disease So wide is the field of its usefnlnesa and so numerous are the cases of its cures, that almost'every section of cinntry abounds in persons publicly known, who have been restored from alarming and even desperate disea­ ses of tb» lungs by its use. When once tried its supe­ riority ever every other medicine of its kind is too ap­ parent to escape observation, and where its virtues are known, the public no longer hesitate w h at antidote to employjor tho distressing and dangerous affocnonsof the pulmonary organs that are incident to our climate. While ainany inferior remedies thrust upon the commu­ nity have failed and been discarded, this has gained friends by every trial, conferred benefits on the afflict­ ed they can never forget, and produced cures too nu- .merpus and too remarkable to be for otteg.. *a*P*RED DT D R . t C . A f E R ^ C O ', toliroLL, M a ! kim e r; T- C Dealers eVoty tnisep21. would cordially % v U e them to call and e.xamine for I j A R G E B U p p ly o f gO O d W O O D thgnselves, b r fw y i^chasing elsewhere. XX- And ^EJGLES on hand a’ld S l i l n g ^ l e s a n d - W o b d i H lB K IlQ iE. le commnnlt; folded by B U Y I N O FO R C A S H SELLING FORREADY PAY, SO that those who uselhclr nwwy in the purchase of Goods may buy them a t the lowest rates, -without paying the losses unavoidably attendiiqc,'<?io time trade, Wjth this view I have determined to relihquMi the credit business and. to direct my energies to the Ready Pay Trade, entirely, and will pledge myself to offer to ready pay buyers a t a small advance from cost, a large and omplete assortment (which I have just bought for H R Y a O O H S , UrugB and. BSedioixies, G B O C B B i k S C n O C B E M T o BOOTS, SHOES, H 4 TS, CAPS, PAPER HANGIXGS, &c. Those Wishing Goods in my Une ■Will do well to call and examine my stock before purebasing elsewhere, and save ffom 10 to 20 per cent. I have'recently purchased the stock of Drugs and Med- icines of Mr. J. G. BUBEILL, and secured the^ervices of Mr. A. « . m c jE , i competent DRUGGIST, who will take charge of that iepartment. Physicians and others can rely on having heir prescriptions and family receipts crrefully com- qunded, and of the purest qualities. Herkimer, May 1,1860. , G. TV. CONDE. N o tic e .—AU those indebted to the undersigned by ■ot© p r account^ will pleas© callafid settle immediately. mySyl , Gr. W- CONDE Ixnportaitt to ilPiircliasers, NEW SPRING GOODS, M O R O A k U ’ S . 'T'HE purchasing community are re- X spectfuUy informed that aJarge and complete as- — *,ment of !P R I N < ^ A N D - S U M M E R G O O D S , has been received by the undersigned, mid it is per- haps enough to say that it win he k ept t:p during the entire season. There may be found; B R O A D C L - O - T H ^ , S A T T I N E T S . C A S S I M E E E S , T W E E D S , J E A N S , SHEETINGS gaiRTINGS, a largo variety of x > s • P A P E R H A N G I N G S I in the market, which embraces every design necessary for any and every part of the house, of all qualities, trom the cheapest to the best and most expensive.— Those wishing anything in tho lino of W I N D O W A N D . W A L L ] ? A P E R A N D BORDERS, ail are invited to caU and exan ine this stock before purchasing elsewhere. He has as usual a good stock of Groceries, Hardware, Nails, Flour, Feed, Wood and Shingles, &c., to which the attention of the com- mnnity is invited, and which will bo sold a t the very lowest prices 'H . H. MORGAN. Herkimer, April 1 0 ,18C0. Post Office Block S P R I ] ¥ » T B A B JB , THE FIRST -OF TEE SEASOM New and Seasonable Goods, a i T elfl. If*. BedLSBalCBPS. TTAVINGr just peturiied from marlret .X X -with a large and varied aMtartment o f Goods for th e spring ti*de, the htleaMwl irvwwwKTOty Jnvitou -to-tb»WD«.- Th»etyten e f botii- ladios and gentlemen, a re unusually attractive, and among those now received is, a beautiful variety of JLadies B r e s s Goods^ includ ing American and French Prints, Delaines, Gingh­ ams, a large stock of W H I T E a o o i D S . cst prices. We do n ot deem i t necessary to enumerii onr goods, it being sufficient to say that we havo stock of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. daptod especially to the trade of this vicinity, and In- luding some of the best and most stylish goods ever irongbt into this market ■ F O R M E N ' S W E A R . We have taken unusual pains in the selection of dif- erent grades of Cloths from tho v ery best Plain Black aUd Fancy Cassimeres. to those suited for comjnoii; Jeans, Vestings, in fact ev« for the present season of tl\ serving of an examination G r b e e r i e s ! G x o c e r i e s ! B o o t s a n d S K o e ^ lYithout enumerating further, we invito every body to come and see our stock, feeling well assured that we can soli as cheap as tho cheapest, and as good as the best M. W. HASBAPH. Herkimer, March 28,1859. , FASHIOIfABLE HILLINERYt M E S . M A R V I N , tTAYING taken the tuiiaing known X J - as tho « Agricultural Bank/* in Herkimer, lias brought from New York, a large and ^icsiraWo jstock of MILLINERY AND PANGY GOODS, Indies’ Caps, Hosiery, ( together with a good assortn desire, and that having been selected and purcl with great care, she is able to sell them a t the lowest-prices. Particular Attention will be given to Trimming Bonnets. MRS. B. MARVIN. , Herkimer, April 18,1860. apll8m6 jlL a < U e s \ a n d C f t i l d r e n ’s f c l i o e s . New Boet .and Shoe Shop ! ia the Sttiiaing aajohiuiig Waakbam'i Hotel, M a i n Slreei, MerJkimer, GEOECiE EEINHABD •ne promptly am al style. A full that h e h as opened ___ __ for the manufacture o„ ^ROBS, as well as to do all kinds of Repairing. Genth pen’s CoarSeand Fine Boots, Lodiee’ W o rk,!» ., w ill im id In tho v e ry best and m e et substaa- i assortment ot superior F O i L A D I E S W O R K . , manufacture and style, together wi of the best jrkimw, Dec. 6,1859. dieving th a t 1 and prices. THOMAS S. AENOLD, Attorney & Coimselior at iiaWj H E R K I M K R , N . Y . AHD JlOKIlTro* IB* F ire Iiisiir^acc 6 # K A R T F b l l D , I N O 'O R P O R A T E D ’ X 8 I d I O A P I T A B A N D a s s e t s Policies Issued and BenawM; Xaam equitably adjusted and y«»Ji’Hw*Jfafc^.in^saMsC»cte- ry proofs, New y«r*/H!«dr,hytlHi nnliCTigh«d, the (inly authorized agent. • feb29yl T. 8. ARNOU’’, jTgect. T a l » t g 0 i e J L a m d S a f e . ' 'UHE Subscriber \vrill sell at plitaie X sala a piece of F iat Land near thg village o f Herki­ mer, containing aliout 12 acreil, known as the CbrkUnim Lot, and laying abont 40 rods froip the Herkimer Depot. The land is jn a good state Cultivation a nd weUato>t- ed to grain o r grass. Terms o f payment can be made easy. Inquire of Hda. E Graves, or th e Subscriber a t Mokawk. J. saONGm February 16,1859. . UTICA. GAEFm, FimilNS, & CO., NEW GO0DS! NEW GOODS! No. S7 M ranklte Square. W e w o u l ^ c a l l th e s p e c i a l a t t e n t i o n of our customers to our stock of ' B L A C K S I L K S , which we offer to the trade or a t retail-priceswhich can not fall to please. Cnstomorg can always rely on finding nothing h u t tho b est makes iu our stock. 24-inch Black Silks, ''■■inch Black Silks, 28.inch Black Silks, 30-inch Black Silks, 32-incb Block Silks, 34-lnch Black Silks, Also a choice lot of Fancy Silks, in Solid Colors. Plain Brown, all shades. Plain Green all shades, Plain Blue, all shades. Dotted Silks, Solid Colors. Bayadere Silks. MOURNING 'SILKS. Housekeepers can always-find a stock of « Irish Linens, Table Damasks, Damask Cloths, Napkins, Toweling, Doylies, Crash, nd other desirable fabric in L I N E N d O O E S - ■whlch we guarantee to sell twenty-five per cent, loss than any other house in Central New York. Onr stock of D O M E S T IC GOODS. is now complete, consisting of Mercjnac and Cocheco Prints, Porter Bleach Shirting, And every other iiopular brand of Bleached Goods. 8-4 9-4 and 10-4 Bleached and Brown Sheetings, and all the best brands of lino and heavy 4-4 Brown Shooting. A fresh invoice of . X > B X i - A . I 3 N ' E S just received. Wo arc offering unusual bargains iu all kinds of WHITE GOODS. Marsailles and White Brilliante, English and French Cambrics. Jacohnotts, Nainsooks, Bishop and Victoria Lawns. Barred Cambrics, Stripped Cambrics, Swiss and Book Muslins, Marsailles, Allendale and irklsh Quilts, a t great bargains. LITTLE FAjiLS. g b m A l t i m o u c B m E d c i t s t An S t o c k oir SPH1N& &OODS, GAFFNEY, FITZSIMONS & CO., 57 Franklin Square, Utica, N. Y. W . W iO iam s & Co.’s EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURERS or THK rJiTEST SPKINa SU M 3 M E E K S T Y L E S C J O O a l M S A l J V B M A i J V T I X s E . l S , and dealers in D R Y G O O D S &, N O X I O N S , 1 6 © G enesee streets U T I C A . cash only,) at from 7 to 20 per found in the market in which will bo found an im; stock of ladios B i c r a : 3 D R B S S s i X i i c a i a t a tremendous reduction from usual prices. Splendid Silks a t only $2,Mpor ymd,yeguIUr prjico Ladies Rich Dress Goods entirelynew styles. A great DELAINES, LAWNS, JACONETS, IPravding and H o iu a isg D ress Goods,' of superb d c ii^ s , w y low. Ah unsurpassed stock of SHAW L S , CLOAKS. AND M A N T I L I . A S , Great bargains in E ldB B O ID E R I E S L A D IE S ’ COLLARS. & e ., & e .. nearly half less than usual prices, a choice stock of B B O A I > C L O T H S , D O H E S T I G G O O D S , traordmary inducements. We feel confident that can make it decidedly to the interest o f 'Wholesale -Retail Cash buyers, to make their selections and pur­ chases from our mammoth stock, as wo arg th e only house that buy and sell for cash. .#3” Terms invariably cash on delivery and strictly ne price. iS p r l n g ^ & S u m m e r i > K . Y r c a - o o i D S C O N V E K S & S A W Y E B , U T I C A , N . Y . - E E E G a S l J r T B M E S S S I E S J S s Chintz, Brocades, Stripes and Plaids. The best makes of Rich Black Silks. Foulards, Cantons, Goat’s Hair, and many choice styles, of . ’ R I C H D R E S S G O O D S , . Shawls aid Duaiws, in new and attractive styles. Lace ana Silk MtotiUas, a. splendid im rietyi Bareges, Jaconets, Organdie Muslins, Cballlos,DMAlaes, French, EnglisbandMerrlmsc F r e r u i k E l k l r o i d S r i e s , R e a l L a c e s , T H m - ' m i n g s , ^cu . Parasols, G l o ^ and Hosic, „. A complete assortment of Sheetings, Shirtings, Lin­ ens and White Goods. . M O U R N I N G G O O D S , ef every d e scri^k®. I.yoa’s b e st VjlslTSts a n d heanti- ful crochet fringas. Thompeon's Corrugated Parisian Belle and Woven TrailSKixiB,iiiho^a2dgraeefhl sty}os. W e a ^ r e all who m ay favor us wflih a call„thaC they -will receive oourteout a ttention and nnifozm' iSidces.— Our storic is all new, and n n s u r p s a ^ in .m s ^ ta d e variety, and wUlheBcdd a t the fowSsLprioeiB; Carpets, Oil Cfd&s, AND HOUSE YtMffiSlirG eOODS. . - S f e Also, a large variety o f Curtain Materlais, Satin, Da- Laine, Damk&, Lace. Ctartalns, Embroidered Muslitt, ComicB,.Jtc. 8 © G i ^ e e ' i w l t i s f f a i8 « o . HILLINERY WaODS. B ^ A B l S r A J a i > ' . 85 SSNISSB STREET, RTIPA, A si:' file Atienfi^' tA CQVHTEY Xl:MIILlNS8S,le ttafrfifwitlwfc Goods lugs, tad WMimield.M vary OMms from make iiitaQVWBSiafeSOoaii on ns « r « flo!ioi^ ctM inatM . fOrtberetattti^e.'W & itavecinHyti**'**^^ and fwill sell now , ^ - - R r s ^ o K s , , r i _ o w ' f i « G ; . 3B0^3Sr2BT3, of the latest style* and beet qualities, a s low a* can ^ ^ ^ i t n n y where. call and examine our N .R .W ear* InW csiptdaily dnrteg'Cjesesios of all novelties to th e market, spMUyl JUST RECEIVED A T F R A L I C K ’S . CA&H S TORE, l i U T T X t E F . . A . X 4 X 4 S , l U H I C f l a r e t o b e s o l d a t s u c h u n - V T heard ot low rates, that w e think I t best to give yon an idea of What we are prepared to do. Therefore we name the prices of sonie few goods wo sball sell.— To begin, we have uofv on band 3000 Yards fine spring styles Of Dsianes, Which we sell a t 8oi per y ard, usual price 14c. 2OOO Yards best style and quality o f Ginghams,whioh we sell a t 9c. per y a rd, usnal price iSo. 6 0 0 0 Yards cb&rse and fine yard w hite sheetings, which we sell a t i^c. per yard,usual price 8c. 1.0 jOOO Yardl .Calico, good, quality and fast colors, which wo sell.at 6Jci per yard, usual price lOo. ■Wo sell Merrim’acj CocHeeb and all the very best prints m a d e .a t 9c. per y a rd, usual price 12J cents. . . . We sell fine bleaobed sbeetings yard wide, a t 10 cents, sual price 12i cents. ... i We have an extensive assortment c f spring .and Silm- mor ladies dress good^ of the latest and afosl desirable styles, on-which we offer great inducements. O F S I L K S ; We have the largest and best a ssortment ever offered in this section of country, and at the prices we sell them, we think every body will have a silk dress. We sell wide black silk good quality, a t 75o. per yard, ■‘Bual price $l,12Ic. We sell Foulanf silks, fancy colors nearly a yard wide, ir 62o., usual price $1,60 We sell fancy plaid silks a t 44o. usual price 75 cents. s i a : - A . w x , s , We sell a fine square Brocha Slmwls, aUsilk and wool, at $4,00, usnal jirioe $8,00. We have a large a ssortment of Stella and other spring styles of shawl, which we sell chejip; b u t to/orm a correct idea of the induements we offer on them, i t will be necessary for you to see the goods. OF TABLE LINENS, We havo a large assortmentj and seE a t the lowest pos- sihlo price* * 100 Dozen Linen Handk’s H O S I E B Y , ■We sell good cotton hose both white and colored, a t 6c. per pair, usual price 12J cts. « C e e l S K e i e t o u S H i r e s , We sell none b u t the best kind, 8 Hoop Skirts we sell a t 40c., usual price 75. 10 “ “ “ 50c., “ 1,00 12 “ “ “ 6O0., “ 1,25 15 « “ 75c., “ 1,50 20 “ “ “ 90o., “ 2,00 We have a large a ssortment o f 8 and 6 hoop skirts, hich we sell a t 25 and 30 cts. K I D G L 0 V E S i .. We sell Alexander’s b est Kid Gloves a t 60c per ^ i r , uSu. al price $1,00 A large assortment of G O L D Sc S I L V E R W A T C H E S , and GoiD jEWitRT to b e closed out cheap. B o n n e t s a n d J f U m n e r y r G o o d s , attention to our stock* oL _ inducements we offer are great. M E N ’S A N D B O Y ’S W E A R ; ■We sell heavy Kentucky Jeans at IScts. per yard, usual *'price 25 cents. We sell fancy tweeds a t 33 cts., per yard, usual price ■ ^ s e il double mailed Mechanic’s cloth at 22 cts. per yard, naual p'Tffi'e 3 7 | afehtS. C A R P E T I N Q S , have a large assortment of Carpetings, to which we are receiving additions from the Auction Sales every few days,you cansavo'about 20per cent.hy buying of us. In Boots and Shoesj We hold out the greatest inducements, 760 pair of wd mob’s calf kip and morocco bootees, to be sold a t 60 cts. per pair, usual price $1,00 per pair. We sell good lasting gaiters a t 44 cents p er pair, usu­ al price 76 eta. We sell good heel morocco hoots a t 76 cts, usual price ^ We have every variety of styles and q uality of shoes: but we cannot name them here. If yon want goods call on us, and save a t least 25 per cent. Wo are receiving large additions to our already large stock, every few days from the auction sales. N. B. We would call th e :attenlion..ofMerchBnta, Mil­ liners and Pedlars to our stock, as we'pay particular at- \tention to the wholesale trade. Little Falls, April, I860. ADAM FEAUCK. MOHAWK. Z ^ e i j o n t e s t ^ h e t w d e m ' >- H e e It a n a * ¥ W A b 1 PSIEB'S, T M e O h a m p io o n s b i p o f E n g l a n d X ^ O R T H E C b a m p l n s b l p o f E n g l J t and America has not been decided by the sm tojt it is a positive fact tbat iP* J. easier, in Mdliawkj G R O C E R lh s ^ -t i'- . . H OOTS AND SHOES, and he would inibrm oil-those who are-inclined to favoV him with a ^11 that he is determined to .sell Goods so , E J f t r e m e l Y C ili© a p . . the present, season that people will, he astonished a t the present low prices compared ,^itu thosuitheisama qual­ ity were sold for last y e d r.: He does n ot intend td give goods away, b u t is willing to sell them for- a fair re- muneratiop, and sell them atONE PRICE, and ■ - O N E > R I G E O N U Y . A list i f prices wjll a t once convince the most skepticqi that it is no humbug, b u t a positive fact, that he is for ISJc others a re selling for 250., Sprij^ Detones _ lack Prints^ JlOe “ _____ n and gpraghe, 9c “ Beautiful fast col’d, 6c “ Domestic Ginghams, l i e “ Farmers &M’cs CasSimers, 20o. Denims, , , 11c - “ Sheeting, y ’d wide, heavy, So. « “ lOq. Cheese Bandage, y ’d wide, 5c. “• ■ “ ' . 7c. - And all other Goods in proportion. All it ask is a call and the Goods will be freely shown, whether purchas­ ing or not. P. J. CASLER. Mohawk, 1860. my2yl A Q o e o A M D S i l v e r m i n e I N MOHjfiLWK f TWO BOORS E A ^ T OF TBEMANK. ^ ‘^TIME I S ?IYONJEir«' A' Ni> th e place to. buy a fine watch' store of .. ■ .. . , V -. X i - : e > - < s ^ s - g C > : e ^‘ in the village of Mohawk, where wiR he foimfi, fine ^ Gold and ^ v e r WaMes/ 'EEL S pectacles ; Manv/actured Expressly for us,’ hothptoin and ornamental. Thohesl plated goods made Tka Setts; Castors CaTce.and ■ . CardBaskeis; M A S O N I C J E W C i i R Y , F O R T E ^ ' V from the b e st marfu&itorios, ^ d -aold less than the f ^ tory price. Give ns a call, and .examine our goods b«- BOOTS, SHOE s : C 3 l - . A . Z T * X ] X t S : , CLOTHING, H^ts and J/aps’ l < e e & S o n s M A I N S T . . . I-IT T L - E F A i - L S , (Orrosira BEsinEtr’s D ry Goons S toks ,) TTAVING EEMOVED to their large want BleaoLed Goods Xineni C L O T H I N G m a d e u p m t l i e b e s t i^tyle. AND THE W O i^ WELL PERFORMED. O u r B o o t s , S L d e s a n d G a i t e r s , are all made by experienced AYorktoen. O u r Mats . Are direct from the Manufacturer, who has authorized ; US to sell b y nSHTXZL AT WHOLESALE PHICES- ,Onrstock of , - C H i m r e n ^ s X W ^ a r ' very extehsive-own^ising all tho humerons styles, made. AHtoeatoove wiBhesoldatsuch ldw' prices as to give aatisfactiiki. to ALL BUYERS WHO 'WANT THE3R MOHEF’S WORTH- my2tf J . B . B A - B E MANUFACTURER A ^ D E ^ m IN , BUNDS, lin ^ lN G S ,’ B o o r s , W H n a o . 0 anABFaekets of everf deserlptioa H E H S I M E R , H l R K t M E R 0 0 . , N . Y . Sigiit M ratts . P A ^ ^ A Q E T I C K E T S . \ Herkimer,^- t i Herkimer, Feb. 32. I860. ________ . ^ A . ’ s u i t e r , ' 0ad£e aiij Harness ^ . BfAtSr *STBUSJST U S R K j k J B k Fonrtli A rrfvai of N E W S P R I N G g o o f s '^ W i l c o x & SM igpii’S / 58 G E i ^ E S E B '^ T . ; M A R B L E B L O C K .\ Ji waft V « ^ ^ I f y o u w a n t B leaoheiJ G o o ^ s , lifn e n s ,' [to^te^anes,EtobroW er. .IVH.boX&SMIXB’S. * Jf.you per oent; W i l c o x s m i t s - s / 58 Oenesc'e Sfeeet', Marhle BlbcE' 1^6 inviih spebtfit'afietitibH of Merchants to our Mammoth Stock tit We have an exclusive JOBBING BEPARimFNT, Where we keep'constantly a complete assortment o f jidv dboiis' AND Y A rnfiEi NOTibsiT which w sw fll guarantee to sefl*« NEyr YO& jaioEs;' ■^ ilcoxa sitts; ■-,. . Biisk

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