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|iejlHnit,v ® 0«nJg g e n w a t Herliisner Ste^,tioi^Jll\ I*. C. JB. -K. ^ .^ T r a in s stopping a t tliis Station, leave the Depot, G o in g W e s t . « o i n g E a s t , 5g = g « ii 5S H T O A D V J ^ T I S E R S . i S S S l r S < = = ^ rates on the first page. , S e n t e n c e d . —^Young M ooney , convicted of murder a t Dabu<iue, Iow a, has been sentenced to be hung on the 27th of the present month. E l e c t ' on of D ir e c t o k s . — Seven directors of the Salisbury and M anheim Pfank Road Company will be elected at the office of A. Loomis, E s q . , in t i e village of Little Falls, on the 1st Monday of February next. E rra t a .— Our paper of last w eek had more than a reasonable allowance of typographical and other errors. W e tru s t the perceptic th e reader was suet as to m ake the neces Corrections. A necessary absence prevented personal supervision of the proofs. “ J anuary T h a w .” — On Saturday 1 there was a decided change in the weathei from extreirie cold to a temperature so mild as.to seriously damage the splendid sleighing, and leave the s treets “ sloshy” to an u n f “‘ fo’-table degree. H e r k im e r C od .' jty P oor . — W e observe notice has been given in the Assembly of a bill to distinguish between the town and county poof in this county. This bill, we. presume is in pursuance of the resolution to that im]mport visors a tt adopted by the Board of Super- > a tlieir late session. ;SISLAT1 isem b ly of .Assembly from this county have been as­ signed positions on the following standing committies ; M r. rfolcomb—Two-thirds and Three-fifths Bills ; Roads and Bridges-, Mr. M illington—Colleges,Academies and Schools; Joint Library—of which committee M r. M . is the chairmen. CfiDAEviLLE. — The Cedarviile Debating Society, which was organized some tw enty years since is s till in existence, and holds reg­ ular meetings once a week during the w inter season, for discussions §-6. A festival for the benefit of the Universa- ’’ / list church will be given at the CedarviHe H o tel, on the 17fh inst. C ounty C ourts fo r 1860.— Hon. Ezrj Graves, county Judge, has appointed four terms of the County C o u rt and two terms of th e Court' of Sessions for the year I860, as follows : The first Monday, respectively, in February, June, September and December.— The two last named terms are designated for the trial of issues of law, and such other pro­ ceedings a s require no ju r y to attend. The February and Jiine term s are designated as County Courts and Courts os Sessions, at which a grand and petit jury will he required to attend. . T axes fo r t h e Y ear 1859.—Every one who has paid his taxes for the year just closi ed, has been sensible of the fact th a t they are Very high; but the causes are not so well un­ derstood. For the purpose of showing these. \ve publish a comparative table of the taxes Invied in the town of H erkim er for the years 1S5S and 1S59. as follows: ; ; ; s:mi,75 ■S ; : : 3,0S9’03 Town Tax for Highways - ’ 1250’00 2040,00 iTrorii the foregoing it $7,423,77 $9^14,11 will be observed there is a material increase in the county tax, find in that for highw a y purposes, A portion of the increase in the county tax is owing to an assessment of about S3.800, to pay off the principal and interest of the County debt, of •which sum about § .00 is the pi-pportidii a s­ signed to this town. In addition, the county expenses have been augmented in other towns than Herkim e r. The increase of 'the H ighi way ta'x is for the purpose of paying off the reeling and rep a irin g debt contracted bridges. The aggregate amount of money to be coD lected in the entire county, the current, yeeir, is $84,168,94; total amount in 1858, $73,782,- 25—showing an excess in 1859, of $8,386,- 69, and making the rate of taxation ninety cents and six m ills, on the hundred dollars valuation. A H e r k im e r C ounty F a r m .— The U tica Herald truthfully rem arks t h a t the profits of the farmers and dairymen in Herkim er are Increasing year after year, and the value of land in that county is steadily on the advance W e need cite but a single illustration to show w h a t Herkim er is producing and how rapidly the work of progress goes o n . Take the farm of Sylvester Hadcock, E sq., in Schuyler, em­ bracing 206 acres, which w-as purchased by that enterprising citizen some fifteen years ago lor $3,500. L a st year from this farm M r. H. sent to m a rket 2 l 037 lbs. of cheese and about 500 lbs, of butter, all produced from 40 cows. These products of the dairy were of the choicest quality and commanded tSte highest prices. Probably not less than $2,200 was realized by M r. Hadcock from his dairy last .year. His lands meantime yield the ordinary fruits, vegetables and other pro­ ducts of the farm, and are constantly under a xtate of cultivation and tillage which is calcu­ lated to enhance their value. Competent judges estim ate the value of h is farm at $10,- 000, and from the value of the products sent to Diarket Ibis year we should think this esti­ mate low enough. B u t the lesson w e w-ish • to enforce, i f one may be drawn fiom this al- _ j^ a s iO n , is that of th rift among farmers. Cer­ tainly the e xperience of M r. Hadcock furnish­ es an incentive to farmers everywhere to adapt their lands to the best possible uses and apply themselves diligently to the particular department to h ic h 'th e i r lands are adapted. In thiis way farming would not only be much piore profitable but the value of land would jnereare rapidly year after year. T em t e e a n o e .— Rev. S. B. Loomis has con­ sented to act as an agent of the New York State Temperance Society, in and for H e rki­ mer county, and w ill commence his labors im­ mediately. H is special o lject w ill be to pro­ cure signatures to the petition adopted hy the State Society, praying the Legislature to make the sale of liquor a misdemeanor. His postoffice'address is Litchfield, H erkim er Co. N e w P la n ih » M ini..—F o r some time past it has been understood that M r. George Broomhall, of M ohawk, has been negotiating for thn purchase o f a w ater power, on. the H y ­ draulic canal, in this village, for the erection of a large planing m ill. We understand that a purchase has been m a d e and that M r. Broom- hall will proceed, at the earliest practicable moment, to construct h ia buildings, and p u t in the requisite m.achfnery. M r. B , is exten­ sively known as the proprietor of the mills destroyed by fire at Moh'awk in November last, and ranks foremost among the men of en­ terprise and probity in this county. The very fine w ater power afforded by the H y ­ draulic, together with raihoad facilities, ren­ dered the location at this place exceeding! desirable, and we lake pleasure in recording the favorable conclusion of the negotiation. 'T'ERMS of the Herkimer County JL Courts and Courts of Sessions : By virtue of the authority conferred upon mo h y s ta t­ ute, I appoint four terms of the County Court and two terms of tho Court of Sessions, t.i he held in and for the county of Herkimer, a t the Court House in the village of Herkimer, in each year a t the foUovring times, viz : First Monday in February: Third Monday In Juno ; First Monday in Septem ber; First Monday in Decem­ ber. And I designate the September and December terms for tho trial of Issues of law and hearing and de­ cisions of iiiotions and other proceedings at -which no jury wUi ho required to attend. And I designate the ; Feb; uary and June terms as County Courts and Courts' Of Sessions,at which a grand and p e tit jury Will he re­ quired to a ttend, and a t which there will he no trial of issues of law, hearing of motions, &c., vmtil the ^etit jury is discharged— ^Dated a t Herkimer the 10th day- of January, 1860. • EZRA GRAVBS, County Judge. HERKIMER. OSWEQO COMMERCIAI. CoLI-EQE.— W e haV6 repeatedly noticed in brief w ith our cotempo­ raries, the prosperity and success of the Com­ mercial College, located in this city, where ail the branches of a thorough business education are professedly taught. We doubt however. „ that very few if any have an adequate idea of the completeness and beauty of the system up- \ on which this establishment is conducted.— Nor are we able to give within the space a reasonably extended a r ticle, meritorious de­ scription of this- admirably conducted school. Doubtless many have thought that simply to instruct the student in the a rt of Fenraanship, and give him a theoretical idea of the science •of Book Keeping. T h is , although -well enough, by no means qualifies a man'for b usi­ ness. The theory w ithout the p ractice, neces­ sarily leaves the learner as ignorant o f the du­ ties that make up the life of a business man, as when he first entered upon a course of com­ mercial education This has not escaped the notice of the proprietors of this Institution, but has called out from them a new end nov­ el system of teaching—the result o f inventive genius—wherein the practiee and theory are united, bat the theory follows, not precedes the practice, the operations are performed and the principles and rules follow, making facts originate theory, and not theory facts The rooms appropriately fitted and elegantly furnished, are located in the large and splen- did buildingh of J . M. H a rt Co., and to the visitor presents the appearance of a large and well regulated counting house. T h a t the il­ lusion may be as complete as is possible to make it, a Bank of issue ii^stablished w ith a c a p ita l of se v e r a l thousand dollars, and th e op­ erations Of each student in whatever particu­ lar branch of business he m a y be engaged, is based upon a certain amount of capital dr&wn from the bank. The student first initiated in th'e most Simple branches ol trade, soon finds him self actually engaged in various transac­ tions with his fellow students as customers and 'creditors. Entering w ith them into various specualtions of Profit and Loss, ahd keeping w ith them and the Bank a complicated set of accounts, thus placing him in a business bear­ ing all the appearance of reality. He is first obliged to commence in the most simple kinds of business, gradually passi'ng tbrouah the different departments, sufch as wholesaling, shipping commission, , aUd finally com­ pleting hia course by performing the different offices in tlie Bank. Such A System so com­ plete, as well as novel, Cannot fail to make the learner a ready active man of business, fully, p r e p a red ro enter upon the dUliesoflife w ith the fullest coefideitco of bis abrlrries-to act w ith safety and success. In connection with this is introduced a course of M athematics, designed to give a full development o f its Philosophy, and its various applications to business pursuits, which forms a large ahd im p ortant p a rt of a complete busi­ ness education. Also a department for in­ struction in the art of Penmanship, un ler the supervision of one of the' ablest .and most suc- ce.^sful chirographic artists in the land. Here ay be found specimens of the art, in all its ifferent gradations, forming a gallery of •tistic beauty equalled hy few, surpassed by frienda^ »nd «och as wer® not redognw ed were taken to the City Hall, thie way as many as could-find roi u p o n th e : p ile labored u n r e irn t tin g ly lo hours. John Porter, Marshal, and all the officers of the pt lice, worked nobly# and were suecessfi in saving many bodi^, W HA T T B B RBSCOBH SA Y . From the Boston papers we e»tra^ rowly escaped an awful death. Unaj prised of the fall o f the building unt the terrible catastrophe itself cam upon her, she was at work in the thir story.’ She only-knows that the who flooring above her was precipitated u on that on which she stood, adcompa ied by a terrific noise. She was crus ed beneath some machinery near whi^ she was at work, her head being pres ed against a beam, seeming as she d scribed it, as if her head w w ld “ sp in two at every moment.”^ Her lim were forced in one direction, her an in another. But one arm could be us at all. Every second the heavy weig appeared to be settling closer and clo! FALL AND WINTER GOODS, ' wo are prepared to offer the latest styles and v arietlasat V E R Y L O W P B I G E S . In point of quality, stylo and price, these Goods -will compare favorably with those to bo procured any where in tha County. Among them, may bo found STAPlfi AND FANCY DRY GflODS, X j ^ I flE S JOEESS GOOES, O L - O T H S O H A I _ l _ K I N D S , WHite Gooas, SUeetinsSt Sfc. Qrooeriesj Groceries, In this department may hg found a complete assortment, which will be sold as cheap as the cheapest. Attention df is also invited to tho assortment of . d t i JH K . l E E . ^ ^ j a O O T S A W » S H O E S , In brief, a general assortmentof merchandise is now of­ fered to the purchasing community, a t such prices as to preclude the necessity for going out of town to get what, ever is wanted. It is not assumed that we can distance n n n n her She SaW nOthiog but deia ever is wanted. I t is not assumed th a t we can distance Her feelings were the awaiting h e r .. ----- „ of the most agonizing nature, o __ nlia nravfttl fl-od that 8 l! S ? i u tM 'i f I 0 511 { I i 2 S II | l e. B. - 8.® if w I f si f i L , A* art instit-utlo'n for t i e prom o tion o f th o s e Sciences'which are the foundation of business th is is, indeed w o r t h y o f pu b lic at- Thehe termserms aree .moderate,erate, and the not es(cap.e on. T t ar .mod C a talogue for th e en s u in g se a s o n , should i the notice of any who seek the ad- je s h e re afforded f o r o b ta in in g a n educa- ifulness fand honor.— Oswego Com- Jrhe JKtesr/ceis. Tort Markets. t—v T elegraph . J AsKe^—Market quiet with, trifling gales a t 0,20 for pots and 5,37 for pearls Flour—TransactriTnS in tlie flour market aro to a moderate extent, and. prices are -aritbout material change. The demaud is chiefly speculative, and a lim- \ - d Dusmess doiny -------- 'ly - ----- I'tad DMia .,3 dojQg tbr th^svp p oc“ ho p r l s ^ w a ^ ill fair d emand: Provisions—Pork market more active, hut prices $12 s ta te ; $14,50 western prime. Prime mess Beef in moJerate request Sales 250 tierces on p. t. Dressed Albany Cattle Markets. per head. Hogs—One lot of “ stock,” averaging about 115 lbs, sold for 4|o. Fat are held a t 5J^ a 5Je, a nd 5j a 54c of­ fered. On Saturday a lot averaging 248 Ibssold-af 54c. ■ sed Hoggs—The receipts during tho past five days . :ly loio per day. The “•the w eek: State Htioa Markets. ■ UnCA, Saturday, Jan. 7. J f l a r r i a g c s ^ iff! M g . - . 1 ^ 1 2 i “ i O ; 2 - t j £ 6 |Ep » i i f ' '8 jS a d d i e , H a r n e s s T i ? . x j 3 s r K : j MANUFACTORY ''PHE subsunber respectfully announ X ceS to his friends and the pliblic generally, that hi will continue the above business in all its various branches a t h is old stand on the corner of Main and Ann streets, opposite the BCntoallouse, Little Falls,-N. Y., where he is constantly manul'aoturing and has lor sale a superior quality of line ■ H o r s e <§ i - 6 x h i N q . J L ig lit iS in g 'le H a r n e s s . of different styles; also flno j D ouhls CU rrtage H arx £: ss DRIFT i H akness , G estixmen ’ s S jiafioes and L adus ’ Bnroixs, BamiES, MARrLVGAiES, and H altees TEtf^•K.s,-V alises , #- c ., & c ., together with all such articles as are usually found in a Saddler’s shop. The subscriber feels confident from a practical and thorough acquaintance of 28 years tvith the business. that he will be able to execute all orders in a prompt and W o r k m a n lik e M a n n e r . Allarticles manufactured b y him will bo warranted equal in work­ manship, neatness of finish and durability, to tho best ever made. He also pledges himself to sell as cheaply as the same quality of work can be bought in this State. Any of theabove articles made to order or repaired on short notice. Particular pains taken in naaking H a m e C o lla r s a n d Gif^ S a d d le s . N. B.— The suhscribir is grateful for the liberal pa­ tronage of his friends, and hopes for a continuance of their favors.—Little Falls,December 28, 1859. GEOEGE H. CAE-VER. La.dles* a n d G h ild r e u ’s §liocs. New Boot and Shoe Shop! la the Building adjoiiung Washburn’s Hotel, Street, GEORGE REJNHARD would respectfully announce to the cltiz-in§ of Herkimer and vicinity tlinf. V ia Tina o ---- HOES, as wml'i _ ____ , men’s Coarse and Fine Boots. Ladies’ Vi, drne proihptiy and in tho very best and i tial style. A full assortment of superior LADIES WORE, of the b est manufacture and style, together w ith an as­ sortment of Shoes for Children. •Cw^ He solicits a liberal patronage from the pub­ lic, believing that he can give satisfaction both as to work and prices. GEOEGE REINHAED. Herkimer, Dec. 6,1859. n ly l iHatiiematical Institute.^ 'X ’O Y O D N G 'M E N desirous of o b tain- X ing- a thorough and practical knowledge of the transactions of business, in all its various departments, in a few weeks’ tithe, with trifling expense, this old and tried Institution aflbrds superior advantages. By a new and novel course of instruction recently in­ troduced, original in its design, and peculiar to this In­ stitution alone, the student is enabled not only to learn the theory b ut secures a practical knowledge—thereby t. At , a tsactionsof a real ial College, •Oswego, j C O M E a A N L s e e . THE LARGEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF f i i x e jR . e a d y - 7 1 a . d l e C l o t l i ' i u g Ever offered for sale in Utica. 'T^HE Goods are fine, the style first J. rate and the -prices full thirty per cent, lower h a a such goods a re gcueraly sold. I f you -want FINE CLOTHING, well made in every espcct equal to tho b est Custom work, a t OW PllIOES. LOW PBIGES, LOW PEIOES, LOW PRICES, G o to th o GreatWatdijobe.. • . . t h e m o n s t e r c l o t h i n g s t o r e , N o . 1 1 3 GencNce stre e t , U tic a . N . Tti T. Ii. HINGSIiEY & SONi TVTEW.and choice styles of Cassi- X Y meres \and Coating a t MOHGAN’S. - H E A R A E E j§ U > E ! S ! Herkimer, tfev, 1869. .JALL AND WINTER GOODS H. H , MORG-AIN JPost OITice Bloch Merhitter.. \OAVINGompletedhenlargement c t e X*X of our Store, which aflbrds increased facilities for business, and being thus delayed in tho receipt of mcly claimed that we can offer equal, 4 superior inducements to purchasers. All we ask is a C a ll before purchasing, elsew h e re. , H. MORGAN. Post OIBce Block Herkimer, NTov. 8,1850. 1859. 1859. C 5 r o t o R a s h a c h ’s: New Goods ! NW Goods! I N H E R K I M E K , Forthe Fall and Winter Trade. nPHE ATTENTION of the purchas- -t- ing comm.unity is reapectfully invited to the large and well selected stock of Goods, now instore .A T R J l S B A C H ’S purchased expressly for this market, Ifaving had long experience h ere, he is conversant with the wauls or the' public, and believes ho has such goods as will suit in re­ spect to V a r ie ty , Q u a lity a n d B e a u t y , and they will bo sold Very Cheap As those who are judges of gooris can easily ascertain by examining goods and prices. The old stock having been reduced very low, and having enlarged his store, i,pver hel i. In tho lepai-tment. IN THE GENTLEMENS’ DEPARTMENT season of the year, either for comfort or embellishment. GBOCEBTf B E B ^ B 'r J I t E J ^ T his Stock is complete, and he pledges binisolf to soil gro­ ceries as cheap as they can Tie bought a t any establish­ ment in town. ^ 'Hoots an<i Shoes, In this d epartment his stock is largo and embi kinds men's and women’s and children’s S I 3 ; C Rubbers, &c. AVitbont enui ome and see oi ell as cheap as Hwkimer, Hov. 1. 1859. Exclusive JPrice Stove l Rich Fali and WiaterDry Goods FOR THE IfitUOX SO-ff RECEIVING AT Wi Williams & Co.’s . TTXTENSIVE MANDF'OTURERS J J j of the Latest F r U and Winter Styles of ladies and Misses C L O A K S , and Jobbers and R#ailers of Dry Goods and isotioua LQ-W- FOR CASH, 1 6 0 G e u e s e e s i . , c o r n e v E a y e t t e ^ U T I C A . W. W. & Co. invitehe t special at­ tention of close buyers'to the immense stockof new Fall which they are prepared to offer now, covering over spacious .floors comprising a splendid stock of C Xi O A K S F r o m $ 4 T O $ 4 0 . Rich Black Silks from 6s to lOs. A magnificent- assortment o f Fancy great reduction from Extra Brosha Shawls w $4,50 to $30,00; Blanket Shawls from $1,00 to $20,00, new styles j R I C H D R E S S G O O D S - t E R Y L O W . Beautiful styles Delaines, I s ahd sold regularly a t I s 3d,; “ “ “ a t Is 6d. sold regularly a t 22d. j Fast colol-ed prints 6d. worth 8 d .; Best Merrlmao prints, a t l id , trimmings thrown in : Heavy English Ginghams a t 12Jc.—usual price 15c. Heavy C one shilling. ^ extra flno and wide a t Is. sold reg-‘ Bleached 6o 8c 9o 10c sold a t l i e do l i e sold at Is, do Is. vith a large stock of Embroideries, White, Linen Goods; leached 6o 8c 9 sold a t Is. 3d. igether with t Woolen, Liner Broadcloths, Cassimeres, &c., which willbe sold a t proportionately low prices ; Merchants supplied with Sheetings, Bafts, Wicks, Twine, Prints, Ticks, Denims, Strines-Drills, &o.,by bale,case or pieces., a t ® * UTew E'oric ’^ o b h in s P r ices. I i E W I S R R O T H E R ’ S . Ahead of all Competition ! W I T H . A Q I A N X S T O O K O F BOOTS AINTO SHOES A t L i l i p u t i a n P r ices; < & r KIP AND THICK BOOTS, Of Our Own M amtfaduv'Z A T L O W P B l C P h . A N E W E . A R o r » y . Am —Tom Bolin. Bryan O’Linn had a poor pair of shoes, So to Lewis’ g realstyre he did go, saith tho muse, Ho foimd such a stock there, (1 tell you no lies,) That tho sight was refreshing to Bryan's b right eyes. he pr’icf ant,” said Bryan O' Then Bryan O’Linn from his pocket drew out A wallet as large as his loot near a b o u t; “ ^ e e r up, Misther Lewis—there’s pldnty within, It is foolin’ I -Was,” said Bryan O’Linn. rothers, At one finhdred and eighty, ye’ll find ’em within, Is the last wordS I ’m spakin,” says Bryan O’Linn. Unprecedented Winter sales-of Boots, Shoos, Gaiter* and Bubbers, a t Lewis’ Brothers Great Store, 1 8 0 , istetteseC^'Street,—Up ^Town,- Now is thS time to buy. ' * 5 0 0 0 pairs of Men’s and Laaies\ ust received which we will sell a t lower prices than any ther concern in Central Nowgow York. LEWIS BROTHBRS, . Genesee Street, Utica. Rlacksmlthiiig. T S. WHITEHEAD, at bis • old Stand, Main street, Herkimer, T is prepared to execute -work in all branches of the trade, a t tha shortest no'tico, in the voryJSest manner, and a t the lowest terniSr mviog^Dcnred the services of a capital fallow of the cr.itt froa»lbany,-he is confioent of satisfying, in quality and price.s, all who may fovor him With patronage. ,«S» Particular attention paid to HOUSE SHOEING __ Herkimer, Deceinber 7,1859. ^ -dccTma I J ^ O R G A N has m Belatae's and GAFFNEY, FITZSIMONS & CO., N o . R r a u k liu S q u a r e , P R I M T J S D W O O J L I > E J L A ! I f E S 3VC E Oa I 3ST O S R E D U C C D PRICES. Trench Printed Wool Delaines, 45o., worth 5s., French Printed Wool Delaines, 55c., French Printed Merinos, 7s., worth 8's. French Printed Merinos, Ss., worth 9.s ench-^-ufc ed Merinos, 9s. worth 10. We have also marked down our entire stock of J f l E n i J T O S . Plain F r’nch Merinos at’3s. 6d., w’th 5s. Plain French Merinos at 6s, worth 8s. Plain French Merinos at 7s.r.worth 9s. Plain French Merinos at 8s. worth 10s. Plain French Meridhs at 9s., worth 12s. P I_A 1 N I A N D P R i r ^ X E D O O B T J R Gt S ut Greater Bargains thm em. before O P E R feo IN 'THIS G.4FFNBY, FITZSBIONS & CO., . 57 Franklin Square, Utica, N. Y. l^E L A PALMEH, A X X H £ O L .D S X A N D Drug and Grocery Store, MAIN S T .. L * H£ia& IM J3R. OULD respectfully inform his cus- T T tomers and friends that h e still continues tho Drug, Grocery and Hardware. DRUGS, GROCJERIJES, F L O U R A N D s a l t , A N D W A T E R D I M E . STORE, and 1 on tho MOST REASONABLE TERMS. The public will also find a t his 'establis riety o fp u r e prugs. Medicines and 'Chemicals, Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Dye-Stuffs, Camphene, Spirits Turpentine, and BURNING FLUID. Also, Thomp­ sonian and R o f a n i c M e d i c i n e s , SUPEBIOE FRENCH, ENGLISH AND GERMAN PEBFUMERY. F U E E W I N E S A N D D I Q U O E S , R E C T I F I E D A L C O H O U and all the most popular, best, and thoroughly attssted P a t e n t M e d i ' c i n e s . ' HARDWARE. We have always on h and a large and well selectod as irtmeni of HARDWARE, consisting of Carpenters and Joiners Tools, Knives and Forks, _ shovel and Tongs,. & lo , &c . In short, he would say to the - - - - - hand and Intends to keep a gen< . ............ ...... ’■• \ \ilr wants, a adi layhe found cordially invite them themselves, before purchasini - - ---16 1,1859. public th a t ho has on Herkimer. June ] THAT PROMISE HEDEEMED! to sell my Goods, and to continue to sell them a t a small advance from cost, ily friends have generously second­ ed my efi'orts^and I am now able to announce to the in habitants of ctica and surrounding country that mi stockof a X i O T H I D N T G - Oents^ Fnrjaishing Goods, NOW OX ^A^'D AT No. 90, Genesee Street, tlTICA, roR THE FALij ANB WLNTER CAMPAIGN OF 1899. Is the largest and most complete stock of any in Central Now yorkjANd that it will be sold at prices that defy impetition. Hies or O T J B fecdA T » & U N D E R C O A T S AS BIG AS BAY STACKS, ^ P A N T S -A N D . V E S T S , Enough to cover every boy in the County! I have on C I .O T H I N G O F A l i t , k l N D S . R E A D Y M a d e c l o t h i n g . All I ask is a fair examination of my goods, and then,-^ if youare not satisUed,! wlU not ask vou to buy. CALL AND SEE. _____________ M. J. SHANLY. m m « s. Albany Botlege of Health. - MtahlishedtlSSS., .. ^Scrriclt^s Stiigar Coated P f iis. CHIL'DEEN CRY FOB T H E M . - ^ ■TThisemarkable r Americanemedy r il A carrying tho world hy storm. Over five miUlone of boxes are sold annually. Composed entirely of Flowers, Roofs, Baisaqis and e x tracts, their effect o a the human system is pleasan+, satisfactory .and sue? cessful .Acting directly on the blood, glands, aolids and fluids of the body, thier use is a ttended with th e happiest effect. In sudden attacks of disease one o r two doses always cures. In old standing cases of sick­ ness, Email doses—repeated frequently—so cleanser the system, th a t good h e alth is the result. No change in employment or diet is necessary. They nevee cause sore mouths,{swelled joints, aching limbs, etc., as do mnny other kinds. They are w arranted to give satisfaction, or the price will be refunded. They are considered cheaper, safer, p rettier, and in a ll respects superior to any p urgative Pill in the world. j^y’Th^ discovery of coaling a. pill -^7ith sugar emanated w ith Dr. Herrick. AH o thers'are counterfeits, and if.'used will do harm, and disappoint the sick. Herrick’s pills a re elegantly p u t up, 30 in a box. with a large sheet o f diiections. and s'ell foi cents her box : 6 boxes for $1. Herrick’S Eid Strengthening Plasters. T H E B r E A T S T U E N G T E i E i d AND F A IN D E S T R O Y E R . THE BEST and CHEAPEST HO03J2HQD RIlSIEDYm tHO-WOBI-a These renowned Plasters cure pains, wea'Snosa a n d distress in the back^ sides and b reast, in fire hours.— Indeed, so c ertain a re they to do this, that the pr.o- prietor w arrants them. Spre; * ' * - - ‘ prove their voices ly wearing them on their breast.— P „ ..S S £ S S .f I £ ” %*v. l a : O S _ T B T T B i t = s STOMAOH BITTERS, CBEDElt, PIERSftN & CO. No. 41 North Pearl streeti Two Blocks fioM Stanwiz Hall & BeloVAn' Hoiise, A L B A N Y Would call attention to their L arge and M agnificent stock of 0 - 0 0 3 D S CO N S ISTIN G OF , Silks, Plain ahd Bayad , Silk velvet Robes, Delaine, Cashmere and Cloth do. . A SPLENDID STOCK OF , E M B R O I D E R I E S , of all kinds, including some beautiful designs in R eil . P oixt S ehs , Goix-ljiS, R vrbs AX’D COFFECES. . A full assortment of all descriptions of H O S I E R Y , SH IR T S , d r a w e r s , 4- c ., or liddlos,Gents andChildren.-* We would call particular attention to our O L O A K D E P A R T M E N T , Having our goods' manufactured on our own premises,' under the supervision Of an pxporienqed and competent person. We cheerfully invite inspection to this branch of our establishment, satisfied thai for style, quality and -rice, will compare with any house in tho union. Remember the number, 41. North Pearl Stseet. ALBANY, OPPOSITE THE FEMALE ACADEMY. scpt21-f GIFTS! GIFTS! GIFTS! ^ 1 o 0 :,o o d W O R T H QE O I E T S To he distributed among tho purchasers of Books at THE 6BEAT SEIBOFOL’’TAN j Gift Book Establisliineiit! ' Herkimer; t the Store of J. &. Biirfiil. LOCATED PEBIVIAJfBIsrTLT. TVAISOELLANEOUS and Standard tA »-L Works, together with a fine lot of S T A T I O N E R Y O F A L L K I N D S All the New and' l^opular-Works of the day received soon as published, and sold at the lowest retail prices, da IGrIET.given R«hetime of purcht^o ■Worth fcom 50 Heats to 65 Jloltew. “ T h e r e ’s i f i a ^ i c i i i T h e m . ” Silk and Woolen- Wrappers and Drawers, D om ' ESIJC AXD IJIPOETEI. G U O V E S ; L I N E D A N D I L N D I N E D of every description. SUSPENDERS HOSIERY, &c., and the New York styles of ’ R A N T ^ A d S T H C O A T S , Now on hand a t the gM P O R IU M OF F A S H IO N , No. -90 Genesee Street, GIICA. CALL AND S E E TH E S T Y L E S . oct.l2tG ^ M. J. SHANLY. BOOTS AND SHO^S. T B E i ilA S ' C O M M E N C E D A T T H E Old Utica Boot and Shoe Store, No; 87 QOnesee Street, UTICA, We wish to call public attention to the bes? assortment of our own custom malco ]fleii’§ and Boy^g Boots, teat can be found in this market. We aro also making Youth’s and Childfen’s^ Tip Boots, great iihprovemenl. Please call and see them. Aisc Chiidren’s Metallic Tip Shoos, R U B R E R S , and all other kinds of overshoes, a ll offered 1^* As Cheap as ihi Chedpesi. ilB I O E - . bottles. immense hmoniff .co^ld never have tafi?el°in, th e prep,tratton,“ u^°the sanctiln^f^th^^ most prominent phy.sicians in those sections of the -eady at ail times to give testimonials to its etacacy Sse^^MsUlting flmrefrom . s s y s r t s ‘^“Hostette^” stom ach Bitters have proved a Godsend to regions -Prhere fever .and ague and various other bilious complaints have counted their victims hy hundreds. To be able to state oonfldently thaa the Bitters” are certain cure for Dyspepsia and Hk? stomach, purifies the blood, and imparts renewed vl- tality to the nerypus system, giving it that tone dud the functions of nature. .ns bowels, excellent as a tonic, and rejuvenating goner- A: few words to the gentler sex. There are certain s u s t s m s i responsibilities. Nursing mothers generally prefer the Bitters to all other invigorators that reeewe tho crease of . bodily strength. . 1869. 1859 ISrfeW W I N T E R M I I j f c I W E B Y O O O H 8 B a r n a r d Sons, S 5 G e n e s e e S t r e e t i l t i c a j N ; Y . i TJAV E just received a full Supply of JL ± NEW aud desirable GOS d S for winter purposes. Country JtriiUiiers, l find it to their in-terest fo give -u-s acaU as our goods purchased foa cash and we WUI supply them AT N E W Y fiB K B B I d E S ,. BARNARD & SONS' i^^OOD for Sale at MOEGAN'g. a o : p : p e h , t ? o e i M l t c l i c l l ’s P a t e n t H l e l a l U c T l p s r t E S I G r N E D . e s p e c i a lly fo r B o y s ’, ■ L / YOUTHS’ and CHILDREN’S B O O T S A N D S H O E S , An improvement has been applied to Boots and Shoes, by whicb a saving of expense to tbe consumer, of two- thirds, is realized, by actual experiment. T r J O E 1 0 3 T T J & I B P * Consists of apiece of copper or other indestructible ma­ terial, neatly fastened to the toe Q fthe hoot or shoe; forming a complete protection. This invention is now presented to the public, with the fullest knowledge o f its practical Utility, having been lested over two y e ars,and is destined entirely to supercede the old style, for Cliildren's, Boys, and Youths Boots & Shoes The imporCance of this inventioa will be readily a p ­ preciated, as it is well known that children invariably wear out their boots and shoes jriR S T J IT T H E TO E . and w ith this protection, they xvill upon an average wear at least two to three times as long as the old style, whU^ tnc expenseis U T A X K I F L E K O B E - or shoe to h e cut or worn. Merchants, a nd the public generally, will seeth e ii. (Owners of the Patent.I T i i e C t r e e a B o o k . Just PublisliBa- 150 Pages, Price «6 Cents? . .......... - - .......... - “ psrmatorrhoeaandpfh’aye diseases generally, r ;sand- at but little expense to themselves. Seni (by mail in a secure envelope, on the receipt of ooi - - - r, h y addressinr

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