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1 the pa>f- T ^ E F A U L ? ? rv 1 ^ f S i f m J S in the pay-! p iE F A u J ^ h r ^ f ^ f e ln ^ ^ S J d e in . * 1 ^ meat of a certain mortg«|;e exccrtted oy X-' ment according to the condition of a cer- ^njam in Yan Attsh and ElijSabeth his wife of taip ^fprtgage hearing <Jate the first,^ay^f thp- Town of Ohio in the County of Herkimer, Aprii, 1849, made and executed by DavidJPe- to John Budlong (now deceased) to secure the trie and Lydia Petrie, his yrife, tl payment of the sum of $353, hearing date the 28d.of October, 1848, and recorded in lhe Her- r County Clerk’s OfBce th< trie and Lydia Petrie, town of Columbia, in tb( le 31st o f Octo- jcimer County the first publication of this notice the sutr '* ’ imises are sit- on .at! mar, and.described as follows', viz : Being part of XiOt pio. 45, in Jefseyfield Patent and Jbound- folh then ofthe county of Herldnier, tmto Jacob N . House, of the town and county aforesaid, to- secure the payment of the sum pf eight hundred ($800,00) dollars and interelt thereon, Which said Mortgage was duly re­ corded in the office of the County Clerk of the county of Herkimer, in Book X, ot M ' on page 402, od the 14th day of May, inninjr then< •hains and eighty-six links to a stake j thence gage, and recorded then south 31** 45' west 17 chains and 14 links to a of the statute in such c; ■take in the highway thence north 68 ° 30' j the Mortgaged premises, ^ west along said highway 24 chains and 25 f in said Mortgage as folk links to the westerl; a stake } thence noi westarly line of said chains and 45 links to the place ling forty-six acres of land highway 24 chains and 25 ! in said Mortgage as ft iriy line of said lot No, 45 to that certain'piece or pai lorth 31° 45' east along sard the town of Columbia i I lot No. 45 twenty-i ‘ 0 the place of beginnii containing forty-six acres of land : And where­ as, no suit or proceedings have been instituted at law to recover the debt, or any part thereof, secured by said mortgage :—Now therefore, notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of the power of sale, and of tl made and provided, i ises in pursuance statute in such. c£ i, and in pursuance ! made and provided, which are described xs, to w i t ; “ All of land situate in and county aforesaid, known and described by being part of lot No, !, in the second tract of St 1 provided, the said mortgagt s wHl be sold at public auction, at Road House in the village of Herkimer. the 30th day of Decern! [, of that di PHILANDER BDDLONG, Ex Of JOHN BUDLO . WiLtARO CHArTS, Htica, Att’y. by Mr. Spooner, the 301 next, at eleven o’clock A, M, Dated Sept. 30th, 1854 PHILANDER BDDLONG, Executor, ONG, Deceased. [Ttica, Att’y. ghway, a few rods westerly of the house occupied and owned by Peter Hawn, and runs from thence N 52* W eight rods to a stake and stones j thence N 38° E 21 rods to a stake and stones ; thence S 52° em-! E eight rods to a stake and stones; thence tail I along on the public highway S 38° W 27 rods :ept to the place of beginning, contaimng oneacj iher and fifty-six rods of land Will be sold j public auction, and said Mortgage foreclos< at the Mohawk House, an Ini Ib li e r i f f ’s lhale. Y virtue of an execution issued out of the :ate of New York, rered, against the and real property of neline his wife, Nanc; ill tb personal property a n d r^ l property of J^per Babcock and Emelm ^his^wig^ |famr~^^T to Wit: All that certain Village Lot, thereon, situated in the village of Mohawk, County 6 f Herkimer, and hounded as follows, to w it: On the W'est by Columbia street; on the north by lands owned by L. L. Merry 5 qh the east by lands owned by J. R. Davis and D . Talcott ;• on the south by lands o tvned by the heirs of Frederick Bellinger, deceased, and also by lands formerly owned by the estat< Frederick Starring, deceased, and also by la owned by L. L. Lowell, and also by lands formerly ov/ned' by the heirs.of Frederick Star-* —, deceased, aforesaid, and also by lands . Gray, and also by 1 anningham—^all of hth ' ffor ring, deceased, aforesaid, and also by 1 owned by I. N. Gray, and also by lands owned by Thomas Cunningham—^all of which, to­ gether with the beraditaments and appurtenan-' ces thereunto belonging or appertaining, Ishc’^ expose for sale auction, to the highest bidder, house now kept by John Golden, lage of Mohawk, County aforesaid, day, the 16tb day of December, A. D, lS54, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day. Da­ ted November 1 , A, D- 1864. LORENZO CAERYL, Sheriff. By Jons B rowk , Deputy Sheriff. jE x e e w t o r s ’ W o fice. ■pUESlTANT to an order of Ezra Grave*,. X acting Surrogate of Herkimer County, no- is hereby given to all persons having the estate of Sally Denison, late man FJatts in said County, it the same With the vouch- ihn Gorslineand Peter H. War- lers, Executors of the will of I, at their respectn-------.den- m -.:. claims against of the town of Germi the’said deceased, ice*, in the town oi f Octob( respective resi e*, in the town of Columbia, on or before the lOth day of April next. Dated Herkimer, the 14th day 0 ! ler, 1854. JOHN GDRSLINE, PETER H . WARREN, Executor*. lE l e c t i o i a W o ti c e . HERKIMER COUNTY,) S heriff ’ s O ffice , ) H e r k i m e r , August 14, lS54. by given that at the Gener- be seen by from the S«ecretary o be elected, as will le annexed notice to me directed retary of State, to w i t —A Gfov- Hofatid i:g officers are the annexed i S of Sta _ •nor, in the place of Hofatid Seymour ; a ■ ” ■ - — of Sanford [tenant GpVemor, in the place _ Ihurc^ a Canal Commissioner, in the place will expire on the last imher next. A Representative in !S 8 of the Seventeenth ct, composed of the of St. Lawrence and Herkimer. hose ten day of Dei thin County Officers also to be elected for said County: ■ 'o Members of Assembly j a Treaurer, N . Johnson ; Two Jus- Alonzo Bur- Tw< in the place o f Horatio 1 at se, an Inn now kept by John Golden, in the village of Mohawk, in said len, 1 mty, on Thi 1855, at 10 o’cloi IS, 1854. JEFI lllage of Mohawk, ir iday, the Hth day pf January, ack A. M, Dated October PERSON P. ROWLAND, Administrator. MARY A. HOUSE, Administratrix, te of said Jacob N. House, Deceased. Of the Estate OwEM PssscoTT. acohN. House, ] :scoTT, Atty’s, Residing at Mohawk, N ■ Y . Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the / ment of the monies secured to he rtain Indenture of Mortgage^ i pay- paid by lade and ^ town of ler, to Pardon trway, in said inies sect certain Indenture of Mortgi muted by George Parsons, 0 Ohio, iij the County of Herkir Tillinghast, of the town of Norway, County, bearing date March 13lh, 1849, and recorded in the Herkimer County Clerk’s ( fice November Hth. 1851, in Book B. Ired Of- . of 1, in : Mortgages, page 40, on which is claimed jo. he due at the date of the first pi lication of this notice the sum of one hunda and thirty-two dollars and forty-five cents, §132 45, and no proceedings at law having been instituted for the recovery of the said monies dr any part thereof, notice is therefom hereby given in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, and by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained, t the premises therein mortgaged will be Euate in the town pf aforesaid, beifig part of the easterly part of Great lot number nine, in the Patent of i th 6 ‘ north by land described as folldv)*-, to w; piece or parcel of land sit 1 Ohio aforesaid, beifig pail of Great lot number nine Jerseyfield, bounded Oh owned by Fletcher Blaisdellj' Oh the east by the division line between Great lots Eight and Nine in said patent; on the ^ u t h by lands owned by Jo.sdpb and Jason W«/strdn ; on the west by lahdx formerly contracted to Henry Andrews, No 1-and is hereby coiiveyed which has heretofore been overflowedby the mill'pdml now owned by Joseph 'V^estron'. The lafid hereby conveyed is supposed to cdiitaiii- about ninety acres, and is the same'which was deed* ed by Alvin Stuart to Wheelock Wood in De- ■, 1854' itor‘, ^c., tyed 18 suppi J and is the s I by Alvin Stuart to W1 cetnber, 1S34. Dated October 25th DAYU) HUMPHREVILLE, Execut. Of Pardon Tillinghast, Deceased. J. H. WoosysR, Attorney. £xecuSor’s Sale* 1854, T> Y virtue of an order of Ezra Graves, Jjro g a te o f the County of Herkimer, made on the-thirtieth day of September, 1854, the subscriber, Elijah Bennett, the E: the will of Horace EJ hire ■ ■ Sennett, the Executor ol lly, deceased, will sell at late dwelling house of the November, •wing de- t certain town of •unded „ folloi scribed premises, to w i t : All that , piece or parcel of land situated in the Warren, in, the county of Herkimer, bounded the Great Western Turnpike, and yrest by and north by Gad Ely’s, east by Samuel Ely’s, containing seventeen acres of land : And also seven acres of^ood-Iand, hounded on the south by Alonz< ' and lies fort] _Wo|lQ!e. . i TVJGTICE 1 * hereby 4 styen tbathn^ppUca.} 1 1 Jioa will be made to the Board of S«per-l visori of the County of Herkiraaf, at their next annual meeting. ‘ (on the .second Tuefday* of November next,) to alter the Uivision Line between the town of Stark and the tpwn of Little FaHs, in said County, and to^nexthat part of Little Falls to th&towU of Stark, com*: iwn Line of Stark, hear the Sloughtei; thence along the' irren end Little Falls to the mencing at the barn of Nicholas Town Line of Warren j Towm Line of -Germai the Line of German Fb the proposed Divisi* eighty-eight degrees et ------ ^ fifty Jinks to the centre of the highway, near the dwellings of John M Morrison and Hiram Harris J thence north eighty three-fourths de­ grees east aeventy-two chains and fifty links the Town Line of Stark; thence along the and Little Falls to thp and n Flatts; thence alp^g latts and'Little Falls to Line; thence south ^•seven chains and tot To! iwn Line of Stark s place of beginning, containing about acres of land according to tbe map and survey on file with the Clerk of the Board pf Super-t visors of said \county. Dated Sept. 22 , 1854. CORNELIUS FILEINS, JOHN G. WICK, And 22 others. O L D E S T A B L I S H E D H O S P I - T A L —O N T H E F R E N C H S Y S T E M . J J R . L I S P E N - * ARD, the old in’s f r i e n d ,ar.d young man’s com­ panion, continues to be cpiisulted on all forms of private Dis­ eases, a t his old quar­ ters, No, 6 Beaver street, Albany, N- Y. By the aid of dreds weekly; ni warranted. . Dr “ bis matchless reme dies, he cures bun iry used, and cure! case* cured in sis days. Dr. L. employ* no students—separah rooms for consultation. N. B,—Letters by mail received, and packages by Express sent to all parts of the world. TO THE LADIES.—Dr. Lispenard is the sole agent for Dr. Vichois’ Female Monthly Pills. Among the many thousand boxes r ' these Pills annually sold, not one complaint h: ever been made against them. Ladies in a ' yoyno. men with certain situation should not use them—the ' ^^ne. I have particulars of which will bo found on the di- i„vigorator six months, rectiqns accompamng each box. Price § ^ — ^ of whiskers ’ 3 B . D E N T O N VEGETABLE H A I R I l f V X d O R A T O R ! It is universally admitted, ihajfe ONE .OE THE MOST a d m i r e d OHNAMENTBOF t h e p e r s o n is : X j a .R H A I R ! THIS AETIPLE IS , Tp 6 j l preserving, J- restorihg a n d Jieautifying the hair^ \'’lauding it to grow luxuriantly and giv-j ;ipg i t a soft curling Uppearance, of the ■mq^t delightful char** The'^ Invigbrator neutralizes the e fietts ,)f disease, climated >ld age, ini pre- Dg and restoring luman Hair, e- purities; immediately: tacks of NERVOUS,H all Cutaneous Diseases, such as Kalt Rheum, nations, i§-c. As a Toilet Article, for the Hair a rich, soft, glossy, and curl- learance, nothing has ever been discov- “ equal its incontested—incontestible It exhales the perfume of the most delightful and exotic flowers, and is free from all mineral properties, or any substance which can color the skin, or stain a lady’s hat. BALDNESS AND GRAY HEADS it is pre-eminently beneficial., ___ 'he use of the i r ing^appea The use of the\INYIGORATOR is adopt­ ed by the first Physicians in America ; and it has a patronage and sale unprecedented history of the Materia Medica. Profits only on extensive sales. Sold to the trade at a liberal discount. B aetoh D enton , sole proprietor and manu- only on extensive sales. liberal discoi D enton , sole proprietor and man facturer, to whom all orders should be addrei ed 123 Foster’s block, Auburn, N. Y, All orders should be accompanied with the money. ms accorapaning eacn box. Price $l .- Sent by mail to any part of the world. 015c open day and evening. All cures wanqnted. No mercury used, and secrecy inviolable. Et^Hospital open from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. and on Sundays from 1 to 4 P . M . No charge for advice, although no medicine maybe de- Good board and private rooms for those who wish to remain in the city, . J)K. lilSPJJJtAKP’S akBAX WORK, A PRIVATE JIEDIC&Ir TREATISE. MTU DOM E STIC MIDW IEERY. The only work on this subject ever publi ed in any Country, or in any language, for cent*. Illustrated with Magnificent Eng vings, showing both «exe*, In a state of nature, Pregnancy, and Delivery of the Feet 27tb Edition.;—Over 200 pages—s ______ seal Post Paid to any part of the World, pn the receipt of 25 cents, or 5 copies lbr,$jl,~ lank bills perfectly safe in a weR seal- It Tells how to disti B. DENTON’S NORWEGIAN HAIR DYE, FOR SALK BY THE SAME AGENTS A urora , N ov . 24 1850. M r . D enton ;—^That Hair Invigorator that make my whiskers h i s k g r oow, w , has lair of whiskers, I have used Denton’s Hair I have now as hand- best of them. you gave me to make my w gr I had a desired effect. I felt very bad to seeoth- a handsome pair of whiskers used Denton’s Hai Sp. ed letter. stinguish Pregnancy, and how to Avoid it. How to distinguish Secret habits in Young I'len, And how to Cpre them, ft cOntians the Author’s [nj-. vietv* on matripio- :o Tuunicliff’s, ad lies near the seventeen acre lot, and about »rty or fifty rods distant from it. Dated Sep- smber 30, 1854.- 5w6 ELIJAH BENNETT, Executor. ^LOI office will S t a t e o f N e w Y o u k . \ Secretary's Office. ) A lbany , August 10, 1554. To the Sheriff-of the County of Herkimer: SIR—Notice is hereby given,' that at the General Election to be held in this State on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November next, the following officers are to of .be elected, to of Horatio Seymour ; a in the place of Sanford Coismussioner, in the hugh ; and an Inspector the place of Henry >W’iOg officers I : A Governor, in the place a Lieutentant Governor, Church ; a Canal of Heiiry Fitz- State Prisons, ii Storms ; all whose term! e on the last day of Decem- tepresentative hr the thii-ty- ofthe United States, for the jressional District, h ; a dana Coismussioner, in the place of Heiiry Fitz hugh ; and an Insp of State Prisons, in the place of Hei of office will exi her next. A Re] fourth Congress ol Seventeenth Congressional District, composed of the Gountiesof St. Lawrence and Herkimer. County Officers also to he elected for said. County: Two Members of Assembly; a Treasurer, n the place of Horatio N. Johnson ; two Jns- the place of Alons 11; a Coro of William Cqppernoll; all of office will expire on the last Yours respectfully, ELIAS W-. LEAVEN’ sr, in the place of -whose terms of day of December r^.^NW ORTH, Secretaty of State. HE'RKIMER COUNTY, h S heriff ’ s O ffice , y H tokisier , September 21, 1854; ■j^OTICE is hereby given that in pursuance X * of the annexed notice from the Secretary of State, to me directed| that at the General Election to be held in this State, on the Tues­ day succeeding the first Monday of November next the following o0cer in addition to those t,..^ -i-^ady been given, i? to iTpner ip the place of osp term of office will he lastday day of December, 1855. LORENZO CA R E T ti Sheriff. of which nblicp has airei be elected, tonvit; A Job Wait, deceased.,, whospterm expire on the li^r of Decembe S tate of N ew Y ore ,L Secretarfs Office, J A lbany , Septembcf Iff, lS54f of the County o f Herkimer SIR-—You Will pdease take netice that at the General Election to be U U m this State, en the Tnaaday succeeding the first Monday of Jfevemher next, the following officer in dd- d f ^ i i to tboseof which notice has already been to he elected, fo w it; A Corpner in :^effiaceof Job Wait, deceased, whose term of office will expire opi lhe last day o f Decem.- Secretary of State. B r i g a d e O r d e r , No* ! • HEAD QUARTERS, 17TH BRIGADE,) M ohawk , October 12th, 1854. J T HEREBY appoint a Court Martial lor the X trial of Offences, Delinquencies and Deficien-' cie? ip Jhd 3Sth Regimentegiment of thishis asth R o f t Brigade, Z ; Gapt W lL L lA M W. WoowojM irt will meet at the House of John Golden, Inn-Keeper in Mohawk, on Thursday, November 9th, 1854, at 9 o’clock, A. M., and will adjourn from time to time as shall be ne- ■y for the transaction of business. But the whole session thereof, from the day on which it shall convene until its dissolution, shall not exceed three weeks. Cornmandants of C • turns to the said. Coni Delim And bdw to choose a partner, : H tell* how to Care Gonorrhcee, How to ciire Syphelas , i And the j^eceipt's of the Remedies used. How to cute Spme Diseases—NerVous L tation—Despoiidericy—Loss, of* Memory—A- versiop to Society—And Love df Solitude. It Contains Fatherly advicd td Young La- Young Men, and sdi’ contemplating Matri­ mony. . It teaches the Young Mother, of .tlfose ex­ pecting to become Mothers, how to year' their Offspring. How to remove Pimple&’from the F?ce' It tells how to GUre Leuc'orhcea or‘Whites —Falling df the Wdmb—Inffaro^tidn of the Bladder, ’ ' And h JI diseases of the-Private*.. ,, How to cure JR^ijeiupatism—Spine' com­ plaints, - 4 -c. How to promote the Growth of the Hair, And to Prevent it Falling Off. Married persons and others, who desire to escape the perils of disease, should enclose the price of the -work, and receive a copy by retuni mail. This book has received more than 5.000 re­ commendation's from the public press; and Physicians are reccommending persons in their vicinity to send for it. \ A ddress C. W . LISPENARD, 5 Beaver Street, Albany, N. Y. iquents and D( their comn said GdUft. iencies occurring wit mmand, and -within the jurisdiction of i-... ... ^ appointed ] thei) , ift, on or before the meeting thereof. AMOi >S H. PRESCOTT, Brigadier General, E i t e c n i o r s ’ N o t i c e . ^U R S U A N T to an order of Ezra Graves^ ± acting Surrogate of Herkimer County,n 0 - ■e is hereby given to all persons haying iims against the estate of Aaron Budlbng, e of the town of Frankfort, in sqid County, deceased, to present the same With' the vouch­ ers thereof to Erastus S. Budfong, one of the Subscribers, Executor, ^c., of tbe said deceas­ ed. at his dwelling he—e, Frankfort, on or before next, Dated Herkime LEANUr ERASTI 8 m 6 ‘ Executors. •us in said town of the 26th day of April ‘ ' ■ S54. , October 21, L BDDLONG, rU S S. BUDLONG, Executor’s Notice* \PURSUANT to an order of Ezra, Graves, ± Hctmg Surrogate of Herkimer County, no- tic# IS hereby eriven to all persons Having clBlhB* against the estate of Richard Schooley, of Warren, ifo \ - Isa# of the town 0 town of Warren, ifo said County, (kcwised, to present the same with the Vouch­ ers thereof to William Schooley, the suh- scriber, the executor of the will o f the said deceased, at liis dwelling house, in said town of Warrerf, on or before tbe 28th day of March next'. Dated Herkimer, the 20th day ofBeptemhert 1854i W ILLIAM SCHOOLEY, Executor. Execuioa^’ Notice, p u r s u a n t J o art order of Ezra Graves, JT acting Surrogate o f Herkimer County, no­ tice is-hereby gtveis tb all hiving claim* agaiftjst Com^ins Deloiig^ ’ldteof ffie town qf Little Falls, in paid county, deceased, tp preSefiJ’ thff same WitM 't' Charles DCh ity, deceased, the same with the vouchers to of the in said town of Little Falls., on or be twenfy-sei'ehth day of ^anmaiy next. ■ Dated July 19, 1854. ipiO D LIVERS tHL.---The WenHlce“arUcTe, ' . • BELA-PADMpRf: BCridioerj Augifft 15, DOCTOR YOURSELF. X W E P O C K E T A E S C U L A P I U S : . OR, EVERY ONE HIS OWN PinTSICIAN, married people, or those contemplating mar­ riage, by WILLIAM YOUNG. M. D. Let no father be ashamed to present a copy of the -ESCULATIUS to bis child. It may *ave him from, an early grave. Let no young man ! ; qbligatioins he some a pair of whiskers as the best of them I novr say to those who have light whiskers 01 one side and heavy on the other, they can hi made mates, or entire whiskers made by thi above article. It will make hair grow on children’s heads When nothing else will. B. SLOC'JM. tract from a letter, dated Weedsport, 3d^iS50. Mr. Denton, Dear sir—I am satisfied that your Vegetable Hair Invigo- is a good article, and the best Hair Tonic used for the hair. Please send me om quart; I want ii for my own use. w . V. h a v e n s . Auburn, April 15th, 1851. Dr. Denton, Sir :— have used your Haii Invigorator, and found it to be all that it is recommended to be. It preserves the hair, and prevents it from coming out, and leaves it pe;rfectly soft and pliable ; and for dandruff I never saw anything that equals it. I have used it on several persons, where their heads were pore from the effects of dandruff and Exti Nov. 3* vy, and two bottles cured them perfectly well and added to the growth of the hair. LUKE FREEMAN. Barber and Hair Dresser. American Hotel. Aohurn, Dec, 5, 1850. We are barbers, and have used and sold Den­ ton’s Vegetable Hair Invigorator, and it has given good satisfaction to all who have used it for the hair, to stop it from coming out, to soften it and to make it grow, and to the scurvy or dandruff from collecting, cleans the scalp from both. O h a r S & ^ w ’. s m i t h , } WHQLE3ALE AGENTS. Ofoott McKesson ^ Robbins, Druggists, 127 Majden Lane, New York. G. y.^Clickener iJ-Co, Druggist 81 Barclay strdef, New York. D. S. Ariibld 4\ Co., Fancy Goods and Yan­ kee Notions', 19 Courtlandt Street, New York. Perego ^ Bulkley, Fancy Goods and Yan­ kee Notions, 83 Cedar Street. New York. Wm, H, Lyon^ Co., Fancy Goods and Yan­ kee Notions 4 Dey Street, New York. A. McClure §• Gd., Druggists, 72 State S t., Albany, N. Y. John L. Thompson ^ Co., Druggists, 161 iver Street, Troy, -N. Y. throughout twenty-five River Street, Troy, -] S. Li Bradley, Auburn, N. Y. Sold by aU' repuiabfo dealers Americaerica s North Am and Canada, for twenty-five cents. Bottles enlarged and tbe article im­ proved. J,. For sale in this ylace by J. G. Burrill; Mo­ hawk, D. J>. West} Hion, L. L. Merry; Frankfort, Joel Pruyn; Little Falls, 0. P, (nd James Wheeler. 15yl P H E a c o \ OF HERKAIVI^JR U N T Y , N . Y . D R . J . B. MARCHISUS C E L ^ J ^ I X A r r E p . P A X H Q L J P O N FbR THE MELIEF JUTD .qURE OF SUFFER- isre FEMSLES. It stands -pre eminent for its curative powers in air tfiecUspases for which it is re­ commended, usu-‘ led FE-- . J COM- P-t A i'N T S , of these are Prolap­ sus Uteri or Fall­ ing pf the Wpmb; Fluor Albus, ,or Whites; Chronic JpflanPmajfongpd Ulceration ofibe j y Womb; Inciden­ tal H e m o rrhage, pf Flooding; Painful, Sup­ pressed, and irregular Menstruation, etc. With, all their accompanying evils. (Cancer except­ ed) no matter how severe or of how long stand- The Catholicon far surpas in being more certain, les leaving tfai le r t a in , 1 in' a better coi isses otherremedii epensivi mdition. llet (free) I.D ., Concord, «.114, ; J . -P. INewland. JS Utica, N. Y. ; Rev. S. S. Beard, Glei -prings, S. ,C. amphlets had gratis a t' the Store LiMER, Agent, Druggist, Herkimi \ ■ • H. J D., p a l m ; Also sold by J . tind W. H. Pruyn, Frfink- fort; C. P. Hunt and J. Wheeler, Little Falls; L. L. Merry, Ilion ; J . Baker, Jr., Gold Brook; Mrs. Sarah Tunecliff and M. R. Hos- ford, Richfield Springs. 0 ^ Better addresse4 to care of Mr. Curtis Hatch., Agent at Ravenna, Ohio. To Dr. M aechisi I have been ten years troubled with Female Complaints—-prolapsus uteri, and all the attending difficulties ; at times rendering my life most miserable. I have had the attendance of some of the best physicians, %rith but little success ; the most they could do was to relieve—a cure was out of the question. For five months before com­ mencing with your medicine, I had not been able to perform any labor, could walk but a few steps at a time, and scarcely went out of doors—^in short, I was completely prostrated, both in body and mind, and expected to drag out the rest of my days in suffering and misery. But, reading your advertisement, I was induced to try your invaluable medicine called Uterine Catholicon, as the last resort. I had not used it a week before I felt like another woman.- By the use of three bottles I was enabled perform all the b - - Tog.,her»i.l to state my case to the public, I can lend the preparation to all thi suffering like myself. (Signedj)^ M es . S abah .A. B ishop . FESEDori, Pdrfage Co., Ohio, Dec. 27, 1853. D ^ J . B. MARCHISI ^ Co,, Proprietors. C enteal D epot , 304 Broad-way, N. Y. 16yl A F F L I C T E D R E A D ! P hiladelphia M edical H ouse — Establish­ ed 20 ye^ars ago by Dr, KINKELIN, corner of Third apd Union sts. between Spruce and Pinej'Philadelpto, Par. M r A h i i S Are apprised that Dr. KINKELIN confines his practice to a particular branch of medicine, which engages his -'”’*’\ns tbe unforti y; thousands are annual!^ mercurial­ ized put of life. Recent affections are prompt­ ly extinguished. TWENTY YEARS ,OF EXPERlM ci* In the treatment of a class of diseases hithert‘ 6 ' neglected and imperfectly understood, ha? en­ abled D t ., KINKELIN, {Author of a.work on Self Breseryafion^) to prove that nine tenths of the Causes of nervous debility, local and con­ stitutional weakness, mental and physical suf­ fering, are traceable to certain habits,' forming the secret yet deadly and fatal springs of do­ mestic misery and premature mortality. TAKE p a r t i c u l a r NOTICE. ffiere is an evil habit sometimes indulged in -J boys, in solitude, often growing up with them to manhood, and-which, if hot reformec in due time, pot only begets serious obstacle! to matrimonial happinessi, but gives rise to s ed, insidiou!ns series of protracted, i affections. Few of the it gives 1 lus, and devastating ;ctions. Few of those -who give way to this ■nicious practice are aware of the consequen­ ces, until they find the nervous system shat­ tered, feel strange and nnacCoiiptable feelings apd Vague fears in th® mind. sufficient number of subscribers can I ed.) a N e w Map of HERKIMER C O U N T Y , plotted from entirely actual survey made for the purpose. It will be laid down on a large scale, so as to include all the Roads, Lanes, Slreainf, Ponds, Hills, Locatii >m an early grave. r woman enter into the secret obligatio of 1 larriedarried lifee withoutithout reading the POCKET j m lif w 1 JESCULAPIUS. Let a hackenied —gh, l PIUS. Let nO one suffering froi id Cou Pain in the Side, restlea rvousous feelings,ings, andd thee wholehole trairain nights, nerv feel an th w t of Dyspeptic sensations, and given up by their physician, be another moment without cousult- rCad this truly usefnj book, as it has been the means of saving fhoupnds of unfortunate crea­ tures from the very jaws of death. Ct^Any person sending: TWENTY-FIVE CENTS enclosed in a letter, will receive one Copy of this work by mail, or five copies \ be sent for One Dollar. Address, (postpaid.) 36yl DR. W-M. YOUNG. __ _______ __________ Philadelphia, Pa. /E Q L I A N P I A N O S . A FINE ASSORTMENT OP BOSTON j C jl PIANOS, with or without the admirable .ffiolian accohopaniment, made by tba old hi of Halleb,- Davis and Co., maybe found at t Prices to all cufetomer^ the sameme ass inn Boston.oston, A full commodated here, na a i B -hand Pianos, Piduos to let. ‘Music at sale and retail. Liberal discount to the T . S. BERRl apply of second ‘Music at wholi T . S. BERRY, 297 Broadway, Neiv'Tork. Sole Agent forL. Gilbert’s Boudoir Pianos. \*T* S. B. is an extensive publisher and , -wholesale and retail, in Sheet Music dealer, wholesale and retail, in Sheet M and Musical Publications. Dealers in Piano's Music supplied on liberal ertas, I Sy 1- D E N I S Q M j W lLLTA ISflE 5^ 9 0 ,, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in St*a.w Good% Hate Gaps, Furs apd UmbfeUdiv and Parasols, , NOS'. 15 ^ 17 COURTLANDT S T ./N t Y of stew'gOods, i|‘c., “8el^m met wit! ah extenm® gnd entirely i»*niicited. [ Thus making the Map mo^t valuable both for present and future reference. Farmers and Property-Holders•operty-Holders inn thehe country,ountry, who ! their i t c scribe for a eppy of this map, previo completion of the survey, shall hi names or fancy name engraved oppoi house on the map, and a Easiness Directory on the margin for the village subscriber?. The price of this map to subscribers will he only FIVE DOLLARS TER COPY, Handsomely colored, mounted, and on rollers, payable on delivery of tbe Map. It will be issued as soon as is compatible with correct­ ness. Persons wishing to have Vignettes or Views of their House on this Map will please give notice, - Subscribers will give-their names tothe Surveyor, and a t the office nf this paper. R. F . O’CONNOR, Surveyor, Itf New York* mg ma from making from education' ly befriend R A I L R O A D H O U S E H E R K l IVIBR. , ffiksigned has the pleasure tha TMihu^ that he property e vRlage known as the of Herkimi ■rsigned has the pleasurt to ajjnoancO to the public that he ecently purchased the Railroad He and others may be se has bi the Railroad Houses in the village aer, which he has greatly imprOired ihed anew throughout. Travellers LS gres lughout assured that neither pair or expense has been, or -will be, spared to ren­ der their sojourn agreeable ut the Herkimer^ ilroad House. k S tage leaves this 'House a t I I J ofolocfc A . M., on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for Mohawk, Denison’s Comers, Henderson in Warren, JordanvRle, Paige’s Corngrs , Rich­ field Springs, LeRoy, Oaksville, Fly Creek, and CooperstovvU; ^en.connecting with $tq- •m SharOa Springs' and the valley of the ’ ’ Returning—Leaves Coopers- tyThU:I?d*y® Saturdays, •kimer'in time for the cars and arrives in Her! •east ok w est, - \ , ^ A S tage also rpns - daily,' Starting- clocJcyP: MffidlevjJle, FSIrfieIdi'’'afid Newport, r - ’ ------- -x:.— QUSAR, 1 L. for cash a dy and. has done its worst, and enter matrimopy, his marriage is unfruitful, and his sefise tells him that this is caused by his early follies. These dre considerations which should aysaken the at­ tention of time similarly situated: MA^^RIAGE Requires the fulfilment of several conditional, m order that, it way he the cause of mutual happiness. Could the veE which covers the origin of domestic wretchedness be raised, and its true soyrce in every instence disclosed—-in how-many could it' bO traced to physical dis­ qualifications and their attendant disappoint- mentsl Apply, .then, while it is yet time, in order to have: your-nnstrung and relaxed c ganizatiop rebraepd, revivified and strengl REMEMBER. NOTIGE OF r e m o v a l . \T^R. L a . C noixhas the pleasure of annouu- >U dag to the public, that he has faken pos­ session of his splendid new edifice, which he has erected a t No, 3l M aiden , L ake , and will be happy to-meet with those who are desirous of consulting him in the *‘speefalty,” to which hodevotes his undivided attention. D R . M . B. L.A C R O I X , /^ L D GALEN HEAD ^ d i s p e n s a r y . N o . 3 1 M m IDERT l a n e , AL-BANY, N. Ym-h, 0 ^-“ the oldest institution under the name in this ^ Disease without Mercuiy. NEW REMEDIES-^iUICK CURES. Slight, hew h o u r s b j ai$ without causing pai ANOTHER NEW BOGK ! PEICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS A COPT, The -Most Wonderful! Astonishing and Curi­ ous Work ever published in the English lan­ guage, entitled m a t r y m o n y m a d e e a s y ; OB, HOW TO WIN A LOVER. The secret principle of love, interspersed with directions for the preservation and exalt­ ation of personal beauty and lovjiness, and for prolonging human .life, healthily and hap­ pily .to the very longest period of human ex­ istence!— SPLENDIDLY ILLUSTRATED ON STEEL. Brief exposition of the nature and treatment of the contagious and other diseases of the urinary and sexnal organs and their remedies. A lecture on love to married Ladies and lity and barr remedy impotency, ^ Teness—how to beget off­ spring—the danger of excesses—and of absolute continence. id - tbe ter­ rors of absolute continence, etc. Together with a vast amount of useful information, aptly termed—“ Knowledge for the Million” —embracing hundreds of recipes which have been kept a secret from the world by those who have made millions out of them. Perfect Safeguard against Quackery! The cheapest Book ever published!—250 pages and 130 plates—Price, only 25 cents a copy, or five copies for $l—Mail free of post­ age throughout the United States; entitled— DK- LA CEOIX’S rniV A T E MEDICAL XKEATISE, OR, PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF KARRIAGE. ^ertieik Edition —^ 100.000 Copies suld annually. A popular Treatise on the secret infirmities of youth and maturity, arising from genital diseases in both sexes, with one hundred thirty colored and plain lithographs and ‘gravings, illustrating the Anatomy, Physi I Sexual unctions, inn them luced i them by Solitary I Infection. Causes, iffects of Venereal Dis- Together with plain directions for the !es. Together pferfect ettreof Syi without merci extensive practical observations on sexual d( bility, arising from nocturnal seminal emis sions, or constitutional weakness, and its a: lathies. The whole illustrated :e practice. ! of females, illus- ir tbr - - tendant sympathies. The whi Dr. La Croix’s privati irregularity,i or 1 $ reproductive organs lation, i trated. Mensti tire suppression of tb< jnaiicy, jllustrated man, and rely upon tl nets of Dr, K.’s patien Young man—-let no false modesty defer'you lee knownnown to one who,ho, your cas k to one w I and respectability, can certain- Too many think they -will conceal the Secret in their own hearts, and core themselves,— Alas! how often is this a fatal delusion, and how man^r d promising young man, who folght have Been; an ornament to society, has faded from tJie earth. Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed by the application of anew tberapeuticalagenf, nsed only by Dr. K. IV eaeness and consti ­ tutional nEBTLlTV tEDSt riLV CUSSD, A.ND FULL VieOR EXSTOBED. COUNTRY INVALIDS licine, ap­ propriated accordingly. Forwarded to any part of the United States, arid packed secure from DAMAGE ox CURI­ OSITY. _ , . YOUTH ^IRJSrANHOOR. Vtgarous Hife.^ or a Prmedure Death HtnJi- . elin on Self-Prmrvation-^Only Cents. it i§ a Work emioently required, as-a means of reforming the vices of the age ia which we live. Also, NATURE’S GUIDE. WUh rules for the Piolongatim of Life, just from the Press. A letter with a remittance of 25 cent*, or the value ill post stamps; addressed to Dr. KINK- ELJN, JPMlsdelpbia, Pa., will secure a copy qf eithfsr'^flhf'sbbve hooks by Wtutn bf mail; w R h e nwitfrm of poftaga for $ i . tup] ------- —Viipn ■»fiTY,iT rrr a larVA rirntiT. _ Sayj remedy; pregnaiicy, illust by plates, at different stages of gestation; how to prevent, howto determine' when it exists ; the diseases attend­ ing it, and their remedies, b y ll. B. La Croix, M. D,, of Albany, N. Y. The above two Books will be mailed free of postage, on the receipt of fifty cents in money, or Post Office stamps, if addressed, free, to Dr. M, B. LaCroix^ Albany, N. Y. - S-EC-RET DISEASES. Weakness, loss of organic powers, pain in the loins, diseases of tbe kidneys, affection of the head, thrOat, nose and skin; eonstitufion- af debility, and all those horrid affectit arising'from a pertain secret habit of you which blight their most brilliant hopes of t ticipafi'oris'jgendering Marriage, ^c., impossi- A CURE* #A ^ R A N tE D , OR NO CHARGE. Young Men, especratly, who have become the -victims' of solitary vice, that dreadful and destructive habit which annually sweeps to an untimely grave thousands Of yoiing men of the most excellent talents and brilliant intel­ lect, who might otherwise have entranced listening Senates with the thunders of elo- ice, or -waked to ecstacy the living lyre, call With full confidence. MARRIAGE. Married Persons, or those contemplating marriage, being aware of physical weakness, should immediately consult Dr. La Crix, or his -wmrk on Marriage, which contains impi irets that ought to be know-n person, or those coptempl THE ELECTRO GALVANIC PRO­ TECTOR, For married ladies ; -w’hose health -wdll not ad­ mit, or who have no desire to increase their fam­ ily may be obtained as above. It is perfectly safe and certain, and has been extensively used during the past eight years. Price reduced to $ 10 : FRENCH FEMALE PILLS. Ladh 1 0 0 F A R M S , WORTflWEE a n d i_jv--| 2 0 0 ^ JS U S I i li O f ® 'Ii03E « , To beMstrihutedamong 600 Subscribers ondhe I f l T n i °/ ^^Snst, 1854. A number are already engaged.— YX Many of the Lots near these havt heea sold for from 200 to 500 per cent advance over the price for -which these Lots are now sold showingthat the purchase -will be agood iu- vestment- D ^ E a c h subscriber, f o b o n l y $15, payable in instalments of .$ 5 each, will receive fo u r BUILDING LOTS, 25 h v : from 2 to 20 acres. These lots are beautifully located at Rosevale, Long Island, where u,new Church and Schooi-Ho.use, and a number of p r ivate d w e llin g s , sto r e s , lories, have already been are now beinn built, and 100 feet, or a farm of 'ots are beautifully 'ork-shop s and fac- _ erected, several more built, and several hundred will -clear of idown- ir the city, family circle can be fully realized, and where 25,000 build­ ing lots and about 570 farms have lately been sold , and sales are daily being made to indi­ viduals who, after careful examination of its location and ascertaining the qnality of the soil, are selecting Farms for agricultural purposes, being confident that no land so cheapand calcu­ lated to increase so rapidly in value can be had within 50 miles of the city. This land would have been all taken up years back, but has been an entailed estate for the last century, and com­ pletely locked up for up-wards ot two hundred years—since which forge sales have been made, and -where the wild deer roamed at forge may ;s and cultivated in t productions of sold , and sales are fields ou^m^ ae seen beautiful c waving with the a lother earth. and leave their fa saries of life. Among all the various locations which have been selected near the city, as suitable and convenient for those who have al­ ready left, and the many who are about to leave, we know of no place so suitable, and at the same time offering so many inducements to actual settlers, as the pleasant and delightful village of Lakeland ; its situation is such, be­ ing half-way from Brooklyn to Greenport, near the centre of the island, with the beautiful ike Ronkonkoma lying one mile north, and (antic bn the mrifyingaii eze around J iDg it a delightful residence for thegentlf • of leisure or man of bi Lake Ronkonkoma lying one mile north, and the Great South Bay and broad Atlantic bn the south, with the most healthy and purify continually wafting its gentle breeze a making it a delightful residence for thegenti man of leisure or man of business. Here 20 000 families, -who now occupy crowded ar j unhealthy apartments in this city, payung en­ ormous rents, might find pleasant homesteads e they do business in the city, or manufac- arlicles for the city trade. .The improve- ture articles for the city trade. .The improve- lents which are being made at Lakeland, and her places on the line of the Long Island Rail- >ad, have induced the Railroad Company to lower to ac- ^ base home- The price at which this land is offered is less than its value for agricultural purposes alone, so that we doo not seee how anyny man of commonommoi not se how a man of c sense can hesitate to secure a portion of it,— This land is -well worth the altenttion of both settlers and speculators, as it t ' tunity for the safe investi day is not far distant whe of any railroad or steamboat New York, - as i affords an oppor- stment of money. Tbs hen all lands it to be know by every mplating mar- pfecaution necessary '^ould not take them if tl bdieve that they are in are^hey. Price $1 per ,bo.x» Thi :tt off thehe t any par o t United States. PERSONS AT A d i s t a n c e may con­ sult Dr. La Croix by letter, post paid, des­ cribing case, hhd have medicines securely put up and Jorwarded to an]^ part of tbe United Stt;tes, alw'ays accompanied with full and ex­ plicit directions for use. ” Communications « sityAtions (the can be mailed to strii [ctly confidential. lunications , Office ar- ;th separate’apartments, so-that tiehfo .................................... - - self. _ ___________ ing till 9 a t'night, Address DR. LA CROIX,, [or box, 579 P 0 . ,j No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, K..Y. April 12. 1854. 32vl WINTER DRY GOODS!! W I L L A R D Si, S H E F F I E L D , 76 Genesee Street, Utica, present stock ofBTAPLE GOODS. They offer French Meripoes at prices far ?lp\y anything ever before knotvn in Dry oods experience. Plaid MerinoeS in great variety, and very Silks at about half their former prices, De Lqines, Pripts, Poplins, De Baige, ^c„ 4-c., ju$t being opened at low figures. > ; ' Donaostic G<^s, such as Sheeting Shirting, f l a n n e l , t i c k i n g s , b l a n k e t s , Quilts attd Table Covers, with the largest as- Borlment of all kinds of Table Linen. Utica, September 22, 1S54. 4 tf WILLARD 4* SHEFFIELD. money. Th ids on the lim lUte. and within fifty miles of New York, will be .worth tea times the prices now asked for property in Lakeland. “ With respect to Long Island Lands which have been so much talked of at the two previ­ ous meetings, when discussing the subject of ‘ this soil,’ the following fact was recorded :— A gentleman has from one to two thousand acres on the south side of Long Island, about 47 miles from New York, where the land is no better, if as good, as about Lakeland Station. He has this year — - ---- — s year grot acres ; beets, eight acres. He estimates the carrot crop at eight hundred bushels per acre, worth from 30 to 40 cents per bushel, or from six to seven thousand dollars for the crop. Mr. Ireland, who has a farm in the vicinity, thinks e Lakeland Station soil better than his. \ the best opportunities i ' small meal their o^ twenty-two timates tbe This is one of tbe best opportunities now fered to those of small means who are destiti home of their own, tO purchase one foi few Fan mere trifle , also, a few Farms, containing each five andd ten acres, and upviiards, at from Tn t $25 to $35 per acre. All persons wishing to avail themselves of the opportunity now offered to procure a fine Farm or splendid Building Lot near the Em- GiiAiii.ES WOUil, 20S JBroadwav, corner of Fultoh street, N. Y., or to J . S. HAYS, Lo­ cal Agent, Democrat Office, Herkimer. Maps and Pamphlets can be had, if de­ sired, by application to either of the above. I M P O R T A N T T o AKT.. ity and its vicinity, to the superi­ or advantages they are offering to purchasers of Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. Our stock of Watches, Gold and Silver, for Ladies or Gents, will he found e.ttensive and well selected style.s, and accurate time-keepers. Our assortment of J e - welkt , embraces ev­ er j' confeeivable pattern, of good quality, and at prices to suit the most economical. OUR SILVER WARE CHALLENGES COMPETITION. 1 st, It is of good qnality. Being extensive laaufactviers of this article we can confident­ ly guarantee oqr -work to give satisfaction. .2d, We can sell lower than other dealers -who buy their -W'are and are obliged to p ay the manufacturer a profit. 3d, Our representations shall hs fully sus­ tained or we will refund the purchase money. Persons Vrbo are not'judges of gold or silver will run no risk of being deceived in the qual­ ity of our goods as every a.rticle is warranted precisely as represented. MAYNARD ^ TAYLOR, Sm3 _____ 72 Gonesee Street, Ujica, N. Y. “FO L O A N . r f iHE sufe^eriber wishes to fohn § 1,000 oa JL good real estate security for five years, or m NISHTS :W k BAl E^OM, A M © 'W M A T I S A W ^B L J S ISE, BY T. S. ARTHUR. Ten Thousand Copies sold in a Month. npH IS powerful work, acknowledged by all X who have read it to be the best ever Writ- lividua selves, but on comronnities at large. Tbe story of little Mary Morgan imd her father, who is reformed by her devotion and deatbj is alone worth the price of the book. Temperance men and others can Jo more for the cause by its circulation than by any other means. _ . . Agents are -wanted in every town and coun­ ty of the Uniteff States, to sell an edition got­ ten up specially for them, beautifully illustra- itint engraving by Si Copy will be sent 1 b?^^* ml (post paid. Ad- “ H. A™YATES, No. 57, Genesee Street^' Auburn, N . T . C L A I R V O Y A N C E . for 1 irtumty of const her, 1854, for the purpose of giving tbe sick an opportunity of the clairvoyant power, in regard to their dii \ T es fForn 10 A. M.,

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