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H E R I I M i R M i l W E A T . o . c . ^ EDITOR AND S>tsb:^®'IETOU.^ m R B E R m i S lis;]^0€R45, for $2,00 peraniraiii. Mail Subscribers, ?^,00, per annum, or $ 1,50 in advance, RATES OF ADYEBttS^ei, o One square or less^ one insertion,. . . $1. 00, Each subsequent ihserlfon, 0, S5' One square 2nionthSj i . ‘2 ‘ 05- [uare 3 months,' [uare 6 months,, One sQuare one year,. . a uu i O ^ A liberal deduction ivillbb niade to t^oSe hoo advertisedvertise byy thehe ye&r.e&r. • One squ! ^ rSlOo wh a b t y BOOK AND JOB PRINTING; in branches, executed witbinealjness and dispatch, and on reasonable term s.' *■ From tbe Home Journal. NEAR THE BANKS OF THAT ROSE RIVER. tJE R M S - ^ I ^ A 'T E A R .: - S O - m A D t A N g R f Q t U M I I I , r QEOEGS p. mqrhis . Near the banks of that lone l^iver.. W h e re the water-lilies gxow^ Breathed the fairest fiotyel* that Over ’ Bloomed and faded, years, ago. ■ ) How we met and loved and parted. None on earth can ever knoW— Nor how pure and gentle hearted ‘' Beamed the mourned One Tears ago i Like the streams with lilies laden, Will life’s future current flow, Till in heaven I meet the maiden Fondly cherished years h g o ., Hearts that like mine, forget not; They’re tbe same in weal or wo; And that star of memory set In the grave o f years ago. sets not A N T H O N Y lyiA R T E l-- TSE 3TATH W arrant -’ ' , BV war. K. HAYDEN, Irtlmmhn; m o n ster! I miuM ratber die 'a .thousand deaths iHsH.Mt^riaeeyoar w^fe y6u the ^proad^Emiie- rot of France** Anthony fehrft ndt aitfd would jratheT; give Ms life than to hAvb me prove, false lo him.” , — Mad girl, yoji are inm y’powhr, and; I use you As I plea&e since you hhTe so insultingly .spoken*” . r u - , ] :i.“ Never.” „(-/ .n:, . Eou you; dare defy i Sue a t ihy fifcef .Thus^ thfin, let me prove ^ words h'y! snatching a breath of the Rweet fra- gi’ance o f your scornful lips*”' ■ Add clasping .his arms About the fair forat o f Cadeline, Col. Eavalier endeav­ ored to\pUtJiis threats into execution. . , H e lp! mercy ! help!” ' exclaimed she-*., -i - ' ■ A t this.m o m euta rCport of a pistol, in the hands o£ the stranger Whom sre before mentioned^ was heardj add .the bullet shattered the,arm of the aggVess- ;or* rendering ‘ him ’powerless,^ but from Avheace the'.shot chme, both wereund- ble to.tell, for no.sooner Was the weap-, oh di^eharged, than the, deliverer dis­ appeared,; a n d Anthony Marljel rudhed into the room. ’ Observing the wild ap- Anthony Martel was a brave young soldier as ever bore arms on tbCheld- of battle. He was an almost Universal favorite in his regiment. He loved bis country and a maiden named Cadeline, who was consiSered tbe prettiest girl in Viselle, and many were the hearts that beat with love and joy when the fair ; “ ’lle is 'ilih h b h tf spare him ; toot hullty, and he diaJhbt^shoot Cof. XiAvalier.l’.f \'t | n & q u f r y J ^ S S « | With pity save o n e ., He stood unmoved .the.ball JEmll which only sliAttered jyodr'armi pearance :of Cadeline, breaking' i from; -Unmoved AT the apptdaehiilg' OrimS.- the arms :of the Colohel,, in Ahihstarit ‘TwHue of his f \ ,he divined the whole, - ahd w ith a;pow- :.er£ol hlow^hellaid^the baseinsulter.ht his feet. By this time the report of dre-arms-broaght Alarge detachment of soldier^ to the :spot, ivho, on eUtorihg, were immediately commanded to arlest Aathohy for attempting to murder; a Cadeline turned her fair eyes upon 1.superior officer. Ini vain d id Cadeline them and returned their salutations protest hia inaoc&nce,they draggedhim avray under a'strong, guard. ' On the following raorningaii unusual activity atnon^ the officersUold that; something of more than ordinary am-1 portanc-Qi was to take .place,, each one hastemiig 7 .fo the quarter^ o f the hoiir- mander. Altho'ngh.a court martialiis; not .an unusual affair*yet it is .sufficient-' ly rare to a ttract g reat attention in the eamp* . ■ .; . '-i jlT . ;Noon The .quick roll of the dmin told that a. court , had convenedi and 'Vere -ready to try a criminal.! Within a spa­ cious te n t' w.0re igathered a.Jarge num­ ber of officerl in full uttifarmw - Seated on a raised platform was Cfeii. LaVer- ack, acting as Judge. Another roll of the- drtim aiHiounceff the^ eritrahee of , ^ _____ , ____ Jod[ unmoved % ^ h e r supplications.' ffie ju d ^ 'i n - , formed' her^tbalt^vi^ WAN ImpOsSibTO To alter the sentence df.the bphrt; A ^ t h e vain d id ’Cad^ine plead w itW m f he' was inexorAhle?.'4he: w s t borne -sinse- .l§^ari:omThe,tent»v„;,,i Cln the fo^ot^fhfhiorniag A little, b e­ fore sunrise, some ^soldiers were busjly efi^agid in pladdg ffed flags At Shdrt intervals, on.* beatififul plain hot far from the «Amp* Noi sodnev-had this fae^n accQmpJishgd. than,the bandjJlay- ing the .dead marcfi ?vae heard. .A | company ofsoldlers' drew, hear, accom­ panied by' A largernutobel- ^ offic'ds, hrhh eanie to witness the punishffieat o f D eath . it, ' Martel artel with a winning smile. There was mot a brave soldier in the whole regiment but .would have been proud to shed the la s t drop o f blood to resent any in.suFt to the bright.star of Viselle. -Many were they who worshipp.ed at her shrine, but Only on© received any*' re­ turn to his passion, and h e was th e g a l­ lant Anthony Martel. .. ■ T h e Colonel o f the r e g im ent to which he belonged w a s a man o f violent pas­ sions, insolent and overbearing in the extrem e to his subordinates, and w a s universally detested a s M artel was he-, On .several occasions be had made infamous proposals to Cadeline, ^tbicli, she resenU-d with scorn, but he became more importunate until finding biirtseif baffied ui all bis endeavors, he deter­ mined to adopt anew mode of prbceed- iire, hoping to be more successful ih his designs. Accordingly be called opan Cadeline one evening. When she was alone, and mad^ an apology for bis for­ mer .rudeness, and asked for forgive­ ness, which she readily granted, pre­ suming that he wcmld trouble her no further; but in this she was disappoint­ ed, for he immediately made new over­ tures of love to her, if she would listen to his suit, he would load her with presents and make her bis lawful bride. But all these flattering indueements had no effect upon her, for shA was true to her first love. “ Consider, Cadeline,” said he, iny rank and station, and th s t your poAi- tion . would be higher than the proudest lady in our village; besides, you shall have attendants, and. ail the luxuries and refinements that wealth can fttf- nish.” I . “ Ah, Col. Lavaliev, what' wdtild these splendid gifts be without the heartlj^ . , “ You would soon learn to love me.^’ “ No, C o l Lavaliery we can ineVer love but one.” ' Then Why not love m©^” “ Because f already love another,*’ returned'Cadelinei ■ i “ Indeed, my dear charmer,” said the Colonel, ironically,. “ may I be permit­ ted to ask tbe faame of the cherished gallant*” ' \ Anthony Martel,” was the innocent “ What, a common soldiel—a mker- ablo hireling for a r iv a l! By heavens!” he exclaimed in a terrible passion, “ un­ less you accept my suit and reject the beggarly churl, I will have him shot like a dog for his audacious presump^ tion, and I will give you but one moment to decide his fate.” 1’ . > > “ Qb, sir,” exclaimed CadellUe, ^*^^he is guilty o f no’crim e; ho has never in-* jured you.” • . , r “ Has he not dared to supplant an officer of the French army, and h e only a common soldier ?” ' ‘ ■ “Nay, Colonel-^I loved him ere I saw you. He is generous, noble, and would not injure any one.” . t ' “ Do not lose time in idle Words; consent to be mine, or ere the morning sun has risen an hour ip the heavdns, bis heart shall have ceased to beat*?? “ Oh, Heavens I spare him 1” cried Cadeline, in anguish. . , —. “ You plead in vain,” “ Hive me but a single day to de- “ N o t an hour.” , ' A t this moment a ma|estic form Cast a slight shadow in the door*way, hut it w a s n o t observed by cith e r o f the per­ son s in the room , so deeply were they in their awn affairs, Stopping a little Qsida BO as to Jbe unseen, the stranger remained a sRept spectator, to all that passed. ' “ I implore you to let racRpeak ivith Anthony before I give you ® flualan- .&wer.” ■ , , , iT \ r I ^ “ Not .a word with him?' Iberefbi© instantly give, me your consent to be; of M a rtel” Where is t^e, I accuser ?” continued , “ Here, may please your exijMlen- cy,” T m li^ A&Cplqxi^l, know not,” said Lavalier* ................ ... ’ insult?” llfef “ What provoked the . “ A conversation w'ith a young girl, with whom the prisoner IS acquainted.*’ “ It is, your exceilency.” ' , After, a short consultation with the “ Anthoxgr Martel, you have been found guilty of an attempt to,murder a superior officer^pf theiFrenoh array; the punisl^raent fpr which crime is death. Whnt have yon to say why you should not suffer the exWine penalty. <of the law which you have uffended.?” ' t , i Martel, who had stood unconsbrous until now, > raised . bis manly > form; standing exrect. he bent his searching **Your excellency', T am \ w a r e thaV any vindication Which I ihay. make, Would bo o f nO avail.httl befi^ thus per­ mitted, I will speak the truth that toy felloW-^Soldiei'S may know that I d ie in- hdceiit of the chargb Which has been brought against me* I did not fire up- 'on Col* Dav'afier, and had no Weapon when arrested; at the iqoment when I ehtOr^d' the. dwelling o f Cadelme, I foiind her struggling in his arms. „ I stopped not to' enquire hig ^ank, but it been the Empgrbi* himself ■; In his palabe, f wduld haVe done likewise, for the duty of a true! ^bldier is to protect thb inhocent ah A ' defeheble.ss.' 1 am willing to die, .but my deAth will mot bo unavengfed; fdr the'grass ' willnbt grow over my grave before the weapons bf my coihrlade's Shall have fdhnd the heart of my murderer, for ^thore is nbt one who will shrink when thb hour comes, I am .rcady--i>hss: ^ ‘ r aurjr uux. ‘ j W . Tru% ‘becomes a m a n a^ all-times,” time' the prisoper was fpsatipgi.seemed. greatly eiicifed. ,aftd ,tiirne4, p^e./ar .beknow AnthoV Martel,” said the judge, “ the sentence of-the\ court is that you die;to*toOT,rowrat-saurisc, and that'yon bo shot h”y twelve of yoiir comrades^-^ ■ Again the tbll of theldrum\ told that ttife oss0--tod'beencdecidcM,’ And that 4hsy were about t5 conduct the prison* ^ et .-torfils q a a r t e ^ -when-u. girl rushed, _ V- .y *^***, wio, p a s t th e into Hi© teJRt, and piroff-! my bride, or you gjga tho deMh W4r*; tratjng A o r ltlfat thd’ ftet e f Ihb pre* I ” T * siding officer, cxclsfia?d^ Anthony M iy,aa walking wit! firm step to meet his doom. A rrm n g 'at the desigrtated spot,he Was*calm and ippi'dachiilg OrimS.“— feJlow^soMiers. were -brpught igtO: Jine;, every .tpipveraept told th ^ r unwillingness tg perform the odious (jiuty th^t hi^d been assigned '; A n being arranged, th e eom m a iidant walked; up to Martcfi q n d ta k in g him by th e hand, shook it warm ly. B id­ ding him farew e ll, h e ^ a y e .h im p e r m is- sioh t6 address his com p a n ions in arins. •This* nfiVk’df^kindness m o v ed thebort- dem n ed m a n , arid a tehri s tarted im liiS e y e ; hut g a in in g W s composure* be ad-^ dressed those who we^e ^o lay him low in death. * f‘ 'Comrades, i b a v c com e here to die m e « m sh and a sioldier, ' T am' g iillty o f n o crim e— I have n e v e r dishonored ‘i th e which onlysliattered ^ofir'armi was fired by me, an.4hftd;itinotihefen; t\^®?Sermg faingirli }h< <my .epnnyry or ,my regiment]; 1 1 have fougd't by your side in the thickest of ’th e b a ttle, When the guiisqf the enem y- poured hot loadl into otir ranks* 4bd swept drip lira V0 coUnlrynieri down lik e bhaff before'‘thewind. But you all cah it an honor, and the last sound that shaH-greet niy ears will be The gloriousrdyingmustcdf yburi oWh Abris, As { t a l i '' I-knowi that y o u will uotjduffer my ;iehes to jest una- .yenged. not your hands tremble, but with a firm, steady aim, level your pieces at my breast, when f give the word rihE';.'for f wbUldhdve the mark ■of every man, if you loYeme. Com­ rades, farewell, and may* wg t |l meet where The warrior rests from his bat- tlesTand his victecies.’t , : ^ ; The soldiers brought tl^eir pieces, to 'arms i f her'lover. - irwf;.(. i ” Oh, Ahtlionjv Anthony, you must not die. Col. Davalier will have mer­ cy, he cannot be so cruel as to murder you.” , ' '' I *; . .i - , ‘>Cadeliob. therg is no hope, *T had prepared tojlie, but this,;m?et|ng, un­ nerves me. r cQul<| have wishe^ you had been, spared' tbisL s c e n e b u t calm yourself and do not weep when Dam gone,. Y'onyill upt; want for .defenders, for my regimgnf will protect; you,; Arid i t ,will go hard with fiim who dares to offer an insult to Cadeiine,,l)e.hiarank “fComm^dantj^’ said the; Colouelj in impatient tone, ,“»it is p ast ,tfie ,time ordered for execution ; .havatfiem P?U^tr ed and a t once perform ypnr duty.” ,; , With gre.af dpcu lty , CadgUpe^ wag torn from the embrace of, M artel and conveyed a distance from the spot., Ti , T he word “, bbapy ,” was 'giyen i and quickly followed by tfig jsecond t com­ mand,,';. PRESENT:.” 1 ,, , A im ,” and fourth And last fatal word, “ FIKB,V was ©n the lip ro f thd commandant,! when a atem voice from Rperaon; who stood a.short distance apart* and closely, touffled np,-ga.ve the command to “ recover AkMS.’*^ < - ;! * vSo sudden dnd l ’brtipt was'the order, that every eye ^wais -tfirhed cwpota' fh© person who had . thus dared io ebimter- mand an -brder on so im p irtant an oe^ easion.-' '-\v ■' ' ' ■■\ ' ‘^OMcr 'that man under arrest,”'aaid Col XaValior asThe person approabhdd rapidly^ the place where tie?stood; throwing his> cloak ' frem hi4 face, The aktonisbed officer beheld in him Field Marshal MbDo'nald.. r .: ’ i > i . i Will Col. -LiaValier inform'ffig fdr wfiat crimeAhevealpret'suflfers:?*’’ * • “ F or an attempt-On* my life with a d^tol” was thf'answer. — ' ” A m y o u turb iie-'is the,|ut!t¥ bhdf’' Will yon not pkrdbfi'him ^ ^ “ I t h as been decided' by the coUrl- marsbahtbatHre -shafi-die.-”' - ------ Still>ybu' haya th«t shtoe poWer^fo pardon him\;” ” IdecUnb’ allintdffermicO ihtho codW bflustiee,^ replied .thdcblohei:-2-\t , “ I do not.” saidiM eM a ld, ‘^arid lu; therefore I Stop thS execution/ A h W itti n y Maitgl is not 7- * 1-i yanre.mileimyiWhdfs?» inquired Dayalief, kntli Ah UheaSy aiW^ >»T,arii»”- saidAltDohaM;-'^ '■ i-; havlfgblisihcss.'of ImpbrtlileS Willi you o» the night of th e assault, • I galled a t your quarters but found ^*bu ty rr* r ■ ■ your ease, and who h ^ been filessedto' Teceivftlbe fire'oF-thds0%htfs Which a fewmintitesjgnwfernairnbdht the heart flagr; *^1nikbe fearfur: order wAs given, blit hia h eart h u n k ; with|i|*him, land he few moments ago you refused to grant ta Aft InnSdeht man I” ’ ^ \ f *. •u Owh my fahlVi’l^dstbe'irepIy. ; i IFfeen : I refer you J o Cql M artel - .‘“C o l JTartelb aald thadisgrihed Of- ficer«i‘“dare l-bppe forrmerey l!’ ' . ' . .1 you ^:free auAuncondrtion- 1 % tpig time CadpIiMihOard the.glad .tidings ^*:hich soon spread with rapidity through the camp, and hastily return­ ing, she was clasped in his warm em­ brace. ' T h a i May was a gldrious biieto the regiment, and a^ grand cMbbralion was given in honor of Field Marshal McDonal4 and Q q K S lartel , Was overflowed by th'bie who assembled W witness the nuptials Of Colonel Slarr tel artd his lovelylbride, Cadeline Da- pey%,afpd manj^wefe iho UtUo, presents Iheir brave afld generous cbmthkhdb^!’ „.S! cene ' , on TAB''QHia.-*Qur boat stOp- pockets, and his Under, lip fian’kihg down. A Hahdy,.ripfefor a scrape, tip­ ped nodg and wiijks^at all around, say- “ Now Til hare sorae fun..; t ’ll fright: en the gfeenhbrhi” ^ Ho jumped 'ashore %ifh long, dra’wn bowe-knife, brAndishlbg it in th© face of the “ green , ud /> oxjBlaiming:, “ Now I’ll punish you—I ’ve been skiTaritt he^’evideiitly had hot sense bn'dugh to%b scared ; but as the bowlb knife caunS’-near his fiibe, one of his huge fistpiiuddenlvtvacated his pockets, and fell hard and heavy, between the dandy’s eyes, ana th'e poor fellow wa;s floundering in the Ohio* Ori^eny jump­ ed bn board b u r boat; put his h ands' in hia^.ppckftf/ap^d lookedAround^ ,, , • *'*-*fA>inTdma1h’s'Montbly.- ’ ‘ ft ¥JSff L‘bcE ©F-THE-#kl.K4 . ‘ Tpu-Td stuffed as fuH o f wrath ?iad spite .r , 4l< ? ‘®bopBonnpr. , , Toll «uff and tVihhle everywRere 7. i In every weather. •TSJday, Wh'eff ¥ e hadfloife r i^ a f m . tT^ A'Dirtchmah wbb whs about IB expiate a crime on the gallows,.*wa$ asked by the executioner, while adjust­ ing the fatal jcord about his neck, if he had^ny request to make before he Wa» ' unched into eternity; to. ^hich he kmokdi' -The' implemeuls- baviflgbfeeH gratttMd lbim,. he stooiMtobonsciously nbUBed.^ The awful time arrived: the lathi RjiriBg ' was touched; And-the drojp felli! iThe COrd provingloo slendef to ppr&rn the qffice;:assigned it. lodged the Dutchman and|iif|^pipe qn the ea^th, where be.lay_for a,mdment stunned.— \ s eye.jVhem hb Ibokfed up at fh§ bxecir- tioner ahdlndfgnantly exclaimed pofrit- ing to bi^ pipej-n‘AGpi vay rMityourtt- ■^ij>ed^i«iEte0ES.^N6 tairrieS lai j y sbdifla her Buibindslin- yate.borrespqndeiicei f iByxiolating this wholesome rule,, Ahqy?il® of John Mil* hone, ofRitchfe county*, Va. has made the^ disa^eablediscovery^bat her hus­ band IsadTcourted and promised to mar­ ry uriQtficr^’bWn.Wfierehpori she pi^ ddllip diSTi dudslc^pd jretttrned' to the bouie^ of l|iPr,cbildhoQdi jThe, husband foUowbd,.and^fter^some words knocked drcwalkiriffirjmd art»bbddriiim-.lto;'t1icl hekrt-rl--n..M ;v/ ; ‘ \!?HB'WbVst.Japanese made it^point_when^ ehteftalned oh board tbe American vessels, to taste o f otwy'dish; am'-to fake notes of eVery- tbcig.i iOnepfiihem tkankcd-wine-Alk^, qf;3f eyt' qiji:and sain^ bus toAdow what epmwent-Ao made upbn it,* applied for an interpretation, whbn it wAAfou'fld to ttad. - t i l s is tho f w Qnt w|»^ t h f iiAte got;” 1“ * :: .^-Bnts|-qlpbbis tbmatbnflmpqk ^ And knocked h r a 'sp r ^ lin ^ ; * ‘. ‘ Down in a'tsvink as’straigM’s'krail--- :L Astfinisb&d into being civil— i Bii| thoiigh -yonr,prowess yon mayTboast* ’ And. though in dreary damps so. sad he-^ . 7 ^ .You’ll- kayo yoor day to str^V;;th«^ODr ■. Cock-sure* with pluck and voice aspiranl . I f i s h o f o ftliedripping-4n-^ 7 Buf W s f M l you: TO]^! spirit level-tdtnO ; With time’s dotniiuon, ; Think you this bantum, now so green, iVill then forget thesfeAeaSlygriCdge He’ll give your mci T pofnesavi lygriCdgesV - iraory,|lw«en, . ; , “ ; ' tbETAY.; I. —s' t-.i. ' .,0 I • JGenuiiia Poetry has r .natural- r T liance with Our best affections. Ittde'f lights i n the beauty and sublimity of outward nature androf.ihe/souL It infieed porjtrays w ithj ferrible -energy the iexcesses o f the passionsq blit they are passions Which -^bw a* mighty na- ttire, which are full ofrpoWer, which command awe, and Yixcitqf a ’? deep, though • shuddering, ‘^m p athyciu Its great tepdqncy andj,p|Trpqs^is|o parry the mind beyond, aqdabqye the beaten, ■lift It; into arpurer*,el.^mfip%a:nd to breathe into it more^profound-and gen­ erous emotions. It f r e v e # . .rif the Iqyeliness of- nature,\ _ brings back\' the freshness lof; youthful, ifeelin^, reyiyes the relish o f simple pleqsui-es* keeps un- quenched the enthusiasm which.warm­ ed the spring-time of our being* re- atiqns of its tendefest a n d loftiest feel­ ings*; spreads 'pur sympathies over all plasesof society, knits us ‘by nevv tifes with universal .being* arid through, the ., A NiaHT;,ScENEr—thcl-. plosmg m s p a c e i even thebqm/o^busy ipse^st life, was ,dying away, lo n g Streaks.of,,orange; an.d purple shewed Wherq the sup was sinking lato i^ - ^ p - rious repose I whue the tqpmostbrancb- , ibCf ripple p t tl^e ‘ S f p - T a f S J j f f i f S ; ness p i the evening ; .the ^opd; night of each peasant rung,on..the air |i|ce earth felt blessings SKitiseeined ffiatdhe '^pw: are beatowed^upop tbeni to compensate ... !;■ I A 'v;: -v, J.-ty riil .n i? ii7 );j^E;:oF':&RE*'--A frlcpd*4lr?o»r.f S \ . ® i ’4 . S « ; 7 S . S i S ^ f , r a s 5 ? - ‘ 2 a ! 5 S J : l i S S S H S i myself right in.” If any flye; yeaf pl4 of horses which he bad lost said;:-* “ Day wash very mooch arlike specially de off pue. iQpB looks . so «njclh dike I i m H ^ o t tell tother^from whiebj Fbcffff} w enk # e r the .qno l Mways caufefhffodey, and I whip the quo most deaddiecause tb© other kicked a t me,” • ir> WlijJ 1 § a widows^. Mach Ilko a* m m - bh dSfeidatibu f ■ lethu# Shof w a r i t i t o b e f e ^ i r e d . ' '■-? -\i -:&NJAMEBtoAH IN-THR TURKI&H ARlffT. ^ Mrilii^,.,phhe ^ e J o u x m h e s fe- ; f “ P f \rar goes qh at' a distance.! hut we:afeundisturbed., ' Tfiefejs at dafli- poli, ayouiig riian from ISfew York,in ffie'Turkish army,, who -excites a grpat deal o f a ttelifio n .; He'fights eM/rqJy brave* as, a lion. But in advancing or always has a peciniar fran5p--r'%hmP:” tfainp— from wbJQhbe W t ^ v p s , ^ w 5 ^ e v e r m y be t>^ style p f mp.ch a p p a d .him; and he has often , S B * ! S , 5 ‘S , ? S : 5 S S 'Work again against the Russians. One o f my friends,; w^o has just. come fioiri me’.^q u t' it yes- from, thy, qonseiousness W a charmed Aeath-canppt ,^uch.” su n s ^ or add one ray to the magnifi­ cence o f ■hlghl-~Tlle ■ iamg' a if’swblls 'all lungs. ’Each oh© po'sSes^es,‘ r'eally, only his owu thoughts -arid* his • own senses. Soul and body—these are the property which a man owns. All that is yaluah'le. is to be had foV notbing rih, fhik woHd. Genius,' beauty, and love' are not bought smd doid. You iiiky buy & Hch -braGelet, But H6i a weH'tiirhed afih 'td wear it—a pearl neefelace, but hof a pretly OirBat witb whicffit’shall ‘vie. T h e ’- richest banker oh earth vvonid yMhfy ofier a fortune to write A vefse like Byron. One coriies into the world naked, and goes out naked ; the difibr^ ehde in the fitness of a b ito f linen for a Shroud is ndt much. Man is a handful clay, which turns quickly back again; the trial in the Supreme Court, ,'t'o sus­ tain thb wifi of the Iflte William Bus­ sell waM bat only a few days..before be Madd tbeAj^ill, he called;at,thebffice of the D ^ ldcfat/and paid for his paper a in :adyance,^tlfer5by saving, fifty cents. Tflis faM v^as'dwelt, ailength upon bj_Gpunsel‘, and com merited bpon by the judge in his charge as orie* of great importance. ’ The veVdietof the jri'r>:>’ould Aeem to siistaiu the position that 'a mail who has mind aiid memory Enough to pay. for bis newspaper in ad- ^,, M bs -. T artingto n o n . th e AI ississip - PI,— W h e n w ill the F a th e r o f th e W a- ters-com e uiqngT ’’ asked M rs. Parting- pB '4 l o t after a w m h e j . s r a u W c a l l t i i i g s . t i y prepfr- t.Tnererwa^^orneibmg of disupfl9‘*^^’ ment in her tone; but whep* aftewards she rera.arkeC.t<Lh'erself,Jvlwohder if ^thpt vTUft^ will pvasb I” it .was a beau- jtjfuljtribute frpmBeuevoIenqe to'Gen* .1^- *. ‘71 JI u |4 beb ! . qf B laves in . thr W obld .--^ The. Alficah Institute a t Paris, an as- s a g s m s s s ’s ; OpO in the-% anish cblobies,; 85,000 in Holland,' 140;006 iri Vthe tepublics of p K B i ^ J i,-J m k e p -1,-^ AT.-* apd % -S?atb^rner ivero p % ip g .polder an a:ste%mboatf,. , ■, - : “ I havn’t seen an ace for sonio time,” remarked the Southerner. “ W elll^guess you W t * ”] tankee* f c ^ t e l l yomwb^re they m o f l w is ap-& ysj.r;,sWtf - ■ Y?HATTS RESPRCTABiRITV 1, : ■To judge-from-tbe cDuduct and ideas ofAqine p m o n s among both sexes, re­ spectability consists, in driving fast hor­ ses, wearing rich laces* ffiankibg cham- paigae or idling away life. To cut a figure'in society, on’lle-prOrrienades or :a't a. Watering place* appears to -be ribe soJaairaLof.Imany women,'wlro Were Aurely boiAfijf better things- To Cul- fivMe.a motisiaelie, spnrt-a “t'wo-fprty V trotter, or act as a inodef exhibitor, of coats for some ffishlouabie tailor, seems i& b e lhe conception of .a dignified and respectable career^ formed by not a few oflhe.meri.'! - ' - ' . . . . Now, being reripectaUe, in eitlier in.;ri -or woman is, our notion, doing'wHal is duty.. The’ poorest person, even in wbai is corisidereii. popularly the hum­ blest avocation, who pays bis .debts, obeys the law, and-falfils 'his other ob­ ligations to society, and' to his fellow- creatures,^is'a'thousand times more r e ­ spectable than rihe wealthy Idler, the educated spendthrift, the callous miser or the fashionable fool. ' So the modest ■female* whether* seamstress or booki folder, press-tender,' store-keeper or even housfe-servani, is, in flis'’truesejise ofthriword, infinitely uioro respeetAble fbanthe extravagant wife vvho.is.Tiiin- ing her' husband, than tbe thoughtless votary of fashion, than, the buriterfiv flirt—in a Word, worth, not wealth, constitutes respectability. , Again, it is what really is, not What merely :§eems to, respectable, that men ofs-serise. honor as such. Tbe mfllion- ai^e»«Wlto ha4 obtained'wealth by knsv- ikb praoticesf, though, he: may creep through the meshes of the law, Cannot ejscape ,the.indignant verdict of an hon­ est public. He may givC'grand dinners —drive a showy equippage, inhabit a palace -and even subscribe ostentatious­ ly to benevolent-purposes; -yet, with all his outside guildirig, people recognize the rotteunesa, within*—and from the very summit of his splendor-track back the slimy path by which he rose. Siich a man. let him do what be vriU* *caa riever become respectable. lA .gulf as .wide a | that between Dives and Laza­ rus, seperates him from the esteem of the ^oodi. So, also, the low minded in ail tfteir p ursuits; those cruel and un­ feeling: towards their fellow-men, char- letans of every hue, hypocrites, dema­ gogues; sharpers, and others of a srau- fer kind, cannot be respectable. ■Pineh- ■beck never.yet passed long for g o ld; or as the proverb has it. “ you • cannot make a silk purs© out of a sow’s ear,” ■ As people are Igenenally what habit renders them, it is,for the young that these .remarks are meant. The. old cannot be ■ cured. I f they are shams SOW, shams they w illrem a m : nothing, alas* can'ever make them respectable. But the young have yet their habits to form-, Det tirem, take, a high stand and become truly,- resp.eotable.-PAiia de IpJi ia L e d g e r ^ ■ ; know my j wfthorit it . . , , ----- tenfold force to yonng men and those who are ia the prime-of manhodd.. For, after a certain time of life, the literary man maltes a shift—ra poor oue*, I grant—to j^o without the society o f ladies. To a •young man nothing is so important as a spirit o f devotion—tnext to, his Drea- tor—to ‘ Some amiable woman>. whose image may 'qcCupy his heart and guard it from the pollution that besets if ou all sides. A man ought to choose his wife, as Mrs. Pritn'rose did her Wedding gown, for qualities. ■h t a t. will, V wear w ell” One thing at least is tru e : tliat matritriony has it ca'res-^celib'acy has ho pleasures. 'A, Newton of a mere scholar^ may find enjoyment in ’ s tudy; but a. man ‘must have a bosom friend drid children around him to cherish and support the\ dreariness of old age.-^- ‘ John Randolph, ' . O ne Of, the H ints .—A schoolboy, ......................... ' idcket'radn- . - , __ s addressed !^e, papa, tell me if the words E pluridus unum*, are still on our quarter dollars I” ~ “ Ofeourse they are, yriu'stupitibby,” said papa ; “ but why did you ask .that ?” “ Because,” re­ plied-yourig ‘hopeful, “ it is sueb'a loii^ time sihe’e I' had'orie that X alriibsf for* got.”'^ - P uritan 'D ogs .—Hay w i f i ’s-Massa* -rriSirii.. giyes'tfif the ancjtj^t. ..w . . . --------- ..^veading^\-\: *-‘ 1667.. This y ear ihe town confain- ; ed flfly direlling houses; It- wds o rder­ ed th'al‘eTery;dog that’'comes; into thb meeting house I n time of. service, shall pay sis pence fbf feVery time he comes.^’ 0I?“-A gfentleman dined onedaywltB a dull preacher. -Dinner-was scarcely er, before the. geritlemafi fell asleep; but 'was awakened, b y the divine and invited tolgo andhearhim.preach.’ \ I beseech you, eipf excuse me, loan sleep vdry Weil ivAere I am-.” ^ ^ > ■ A man whoriived 'nirich in soeii ety, s4id that hfs* acquaintance would fill a 'cathedral,'but that the' pulpit Would hold his friends. . M eatriJ wbnfaff mb* birig hed-clBthesrijVei^ A wdsh-feoard from till ffight* 4nd burculeaff gon:#- tlcmari niriiisurifig OritToilA o f ladeiand dOliOriteyibboas, wduld m'ake ^ Tawnco' I&dish 'k iig b 'S i torir Assumptions c>| U f u T r h l tli0 d^ridarif! w ild w a s ' not fam iliar w ith iliri toUltl- tu d e o f w o r d s w h ich the la w em p loys to|m a k e a trifling charge* affeM istr^ing in- structof W k h o iv of is d young widowl jshe IdnHVkndw, there is no use Iffyarning.: ^ ........ , ^ , 6:5^ T h e yoUiJg lady who let dowa the whidoW'Btoaw ta Aeep life man in thg .fribafi tmiri seeing her in her night* ClothesrhAa been seen at >Charcii witti a hole in her stocking!- - — - ; 'ID*Frankl'm npeor ma-ffmus|■ tro'rk to i-ueat for h is‘Stomoeh; d ricii^ono, -to ;\!id a gtomach- fur- his iucat*” ' 4 the h S c tm ;nt. iumped np ID^ M p l e # nf onn liiRd a r i d s h i d th e m ’ er©-allegations Is false,' provuions-^they get tho cold shou!- and that 'ere alfigator knows It 1” I almost everybody. ,

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