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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1854-1855, May 10, 1854, Image 2

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m m BAYS lATUB FEOit a r r i v a l or t h e A P R K j i, ^ ‘ S V - T o a - ' i a ] ^ - ? . ' T h e s t e a m e ^ l f t l c a arriT«a^h|^ttQm^ ing; w itli t i v e r p o o l dates o f t q e ifcllt T h e t r e a t y ,o f oloe?r fied betw e e a f r a n c a aa^ E n g la n d . , A treaty o f a lliance offensiva and de­ fensive has. b e e n signed - b e tw e e n ^ M s - tria and P r u s s ia. , , . 7- T b e w a r news>from : t h e Baltb* and B lack S e a and l)an u b d il_ nnohanged, and presents n o feattii-e w 'lm p o r tan p e . T h e expulsion o f th e B r c t k f w a s rigordnsly enforced-^ ^'v ' ‘ T b e ' 0 ree^ihA tti*rett|b« thb shape o f gdem lla^ bnt not form idable,- i,-'\ . L o r d Stratford has-^u b llsbeda sttbng m a n ifesto against th e 6 f e e f i Gaverr m e n t for fav€rt-i% fhe^insurfe’clr o n / T h e m a s s a c r e o f th e G r^efo a t V o lo, is reported, but i s doubted*. A c c o u n ts are still vagub* respeotihg th e violation o f th e Servian territory. Prince D a n iel is reported\ to.* havd sum m o n ed blord;cgrin td* a rm s “ a g a inst th e T u r k s . ' f-* ^ ''-t T h e CampaignTri A s i a Was ^xpecfed to open in the m iddle o f A p r il. ! N o t h in g ito p o ftan f from E n g lan d oi* T r a n c e . ^ ' Afr; SouFe Is reported to he strll.jifg-^ -ing a settlernent o f th e B lack ^W arrigf S a i^ in ia a n d H o flaiid repudie^e'pH* vateering. • T h e Journal o f Petersburgh'Tvhl'isk-* es the C z a r ’s reply to T h e dem r a tipn; o f w a r . \ ' * r N e s selrod’s circular favors the C r e e k insurrection. ^ B er l in , F r id a y .— ^Yesterday an o f ,>i\ fensive and defensive alliance A u s tria and P r u s s i a - w a s sig n e d b y B a ron M antenffel o n ,o n e s ide, and B a ­ ron H e s s and'Baron T h n n on t^e o ther. ®ljV HDrmocmt. W c d i t e s d a x , R l a y 1 0 , 1 8 ? 4 . IMBORTA^Y ^ O K W ashington , M a y t , 1854. A n official copy of, th e n e w treaty or con v e n tion w ith M e x ico wjls ofcly. m iinicated to d e n e f a l The cb.paitt*rsU pher^pforp tor,i,feiy exhtfns te-i fear one should g e t sickV w it^T h e o^y.-J *w n j^ n d e r .ign e * in t b e m ^ ^ ^ ^ ___ nts‘th a t-ffie T u fks^w d re t w e e ‘sub-, ce s |f u l against superior forces at* tbrej p a s sage o f the D a n u b e, b u t in ohbdi- en c e to orders* they f e treatedm ' th e line* to K a rasen. \ ^ ’ T h e fet. Pdtersburgh p a p e r s contain a m a n ifesto in reply to \the E n g lish and F r e n c h declaration o f war. It throw a th e responsibility o f the war w h o lly on E n g land and F r a n c e . ^ ® N o foin g ,lafor from *tha B^Jtic. It is asserted-from Copehhagen* that' Sw e d e n has p o s it iv e ly entered info a secret treaty w ith R u s s ia by w h ich’ ani obsolete enactm ent* forbidding' more' than fOur'shlps at o'ffcg'.to en t e r ,a bar-' bor has been restored, and ex t in d s to' N o r w a y , ' ,i . i L ond oh\ S a turday, 5 P . M .— N o thing n e w to-day ‘except ruinors from Paris and V ienna, o f a n e w P r u s s ian im m e- diation. * ^ . H amburgj A p r il SO.-h^Yesiterday four m e rchant vess.els'B eldnging' to R u s s ia w e r e captured b y the E n g lish \crfosers and taker! to. D o p e iihageh, , i T h e num b er o f p r izes th e f e am o u n ti,. therefore^.At present, to 14, . . A ll th e E s g U s lT tnca o f w a r h a j ^ left the roadstead o f C o p enhagen, , * T h e correspondent o£ th e London T im e s , writingTrom Paris, 18tb, %ays private letters state th a t-the affair iff* the B lack W arrior,. s‘o fa r ir b m being^ settled, has been urged on' w ith extrernff violence by Mr. Soule, and at th e p r e s ­ ent moment wears a very threatening aspect. * . A n o ther letter from M adrid, d^ted 13th, contains th e s e w o r d s : is stated that the A n ierm a n M inister has d'emanded o f this governm ent fhq recall o f Capt. G eneral P e z u e la, and further, th a t the officer who shall succeed him shall h a v e pow e r f o settle on the spot such disputes as th a t arising out the affair o f the B lack W a rrior, A la ig e sura is also said to h a v e been dem a n d ­ ed, but the am o u n t nam ed is so dispro­ portionately large, th a t we forbear to mention it,” ^ A c c o u n ts from tbe scenes o f the la te to m e e t th e fib a m e r at N e w D r leana o f 14th in s t ., and proceed w ith i t to iSanta A n n a . T h e y le f t la s t night. T h e F u lt o n has left th e N |iv y Y a r d h e r e fo r .N o r folk, w h ere fh e is tm^wait f»r G e n m l Gadsden, M I tkkd th e 4 v e a t y it s e lf 4 o - S a n t a A n n a . - T h i^ e Is no doubf y^afever but th a t S a n ta ^AnUA -will a c c e |it tk e term s offer- -H r r ^ ' a l r e a d f t t y p m e c a S b i m miUfons o f thA indem n ity. JEiw aqxib*- ty o f G eheral A lm o iite to gefclan official copy o f t h a treaty sh o w s how th e w ind blow s « . . ■' '■ ' I t , '* Thfi-pinch of Aha affair will come on* w h e n B a n t* Auna*'^agTK£B to th e CoH; ventio.n,..»njd5 CongiBasis'asked fot* the mCnmp' The. prospfect is'iai piresBni very dnbioiisi; * . . ‘T h e itriends o f the NeBraska-dEan«as ^ Vkrntholding at> caucu* • tdm ight. It h** beew d e term in id to: oppose all.a: isen d o iea t s ex c e p t th e 's trild B g out o f ;|h e C layton clauaaJ A gc^lrt. niMnber o f aF^n tjm e m b e r l h&]fe;i»tttrned, and a fu ll H o n s e d s anCicipated, It -is ioapos- to-nigh t -to touaped a goes# a s to i h e probaUd xeautt to-m o rrow . T h is jJaidJtlw t'sevdral m e m b m , w iio are Un- d e r s tood.to h a opposed to. the h ill, h a v e oonaenfed to xM sistrirs,|akifig i t \ ^ . — - B u t ihift. w i l l b e h a lf J h e 'hhftle. i f true. I f i h e b p isJaken u p , i t wH tuadoubted-; jy Im’psaafse.d ra „ T h h aotionedf*^ t h e Shcrifciitycof th e .Navy, iiETauailidgiHe Japan expedition, m e e ts ^with th e unqualified approval o f C g i^ fess.’- - ■ * . « <. * ' ‘ ' 1 I t iuBelieved the President:will send in ajnessage M h ; fegarAId oUf fela- Ikma with Spaihy in a vOTy short time, -t>f,a Highly bfelligeralt chara'cter. T h e N e I ua ' ska d e s p e r a t e effort wHl be m a d e this w e e k to -take -up th® K a ft’a s k a M il, b y “ tiifp m r a n ly .disposing i f f th e p r icM in g business on the: d u c it it . T h e opponents b L Ihe meiKnare threaten th a t i f th e regnlas* busiaess^is: ne|||i»'cted tO tea c h th e Mil, th e y w ill op p o s e s e v e r a l im p o r tant ^ i l s i when th e y co m e ^ p , afid throw th e re- s p o n ^ i l i t y upon th e friends o f the N e ­ braska m o v e m ent. M u ch feelings ex-1 ists, and a factious leg isla tiv e warfare ip u s t results ' B o th p a r ties are prepared for th e ap­ proaching stfiiggle.^ N : Y. Hemld*, i and Snaragossa. , T h e * Russian ship T r o jan had been captured in the E n g lish Channel and taken fo P o r tsm o u th , MvsTERious,--Coroner’ Richard- EP.* Francis, received a letter to-day from Peter Minggold, Evan’s M ils, Jeff. Oo., *asldng him to hold an Inquest b n the body o f hil'daughter^ the wffebf-one Peter Cron, living in Ditchfield, Herk. Co.,, who died on the 20th 'April and was brought to Utis-city; aMfShrled ift the Calhoiic- biityrn^-ground. Tbe fa­ ther .writes- that was- well in* the looming andT' dfrectly * after brcakfdlt was-^eized with-spasms, vomiting Ate;, and died abouf noon o f the same day; ‘He requests the Coroner to hold ah in-; quest and examinetas to the cause, aifd refers ifo the Hon. Joshua A; Spencer as fo his own- character. - - Coroner Francis willllaVB the body exhumbd and exaromed*^ to-morrow moming,-—-DWro Gd^erver^ M^y: T h e L oss on the L a k e s .-— The Obi- caso Tribune estimates the loss by*the late; - “ T h e _ _______ ____ _________ b t $2,100’; cargo, $2,35C1, no insurjp,nce; the Eocky,''MQuatain,- total Idss, valued at $2,000, insured for $1,000, cal^o’$I,- 000, no ihsafance; the Merchant, total loss, valued at $2^000, cargo, $000, no’ insurance j the Arrow,valued at $S,000, iftsurerf $ t,000; tlieP. Haydeh, Valued at $5,000, insured $4,000, cargo $1^00, no insurance; the Lizzie Throop, valued at $4,500, eargo no'insuran.ee ^he Maine, valuftd at $7,000* insured' $61000, cargo $ 2 ,^ 0 , no insuranSej the* schooner A. C, Tan Bsaltee, tiamaged about $200,>«% strfeing the hreak-water.i T e u d a s p E E A C B i N O .-^ T f a e - L o n d o n s.ghipptng -Gazette .has tho follgwkg:— ‘ “ That Cuba wifi be added fo tlie<Do» ifeJaitU.- of I he I Jmtedr •States,_ w# .s’OHiiilr er a,motter of ofertafoty; a^,d. setting aside thc-^elicy- otthe.A*u«»jieitr i t WHI rhe a forlnfiate fivqnlHcv humanitv.''’ ' *■- N ew M a n at th e W h e e l ,— L a st w e e k , as th e steam e r L a d y Elgin', was, m a k ing her. w a y up the lake w ith A la ig e load o f freight an d passengerf, am o n g wTiich w a s a colle'cticm b f ani­ m a ls for exh ibition ,th e . w h eelsm k n W d -, denly found difficulty in changing^the b o a t’s co u r s d ., I ’bf*' fo g k«d pUll, and bbaV'on'ks'm u ch askfe% b u l3, th e M f e e l would n o t b u d g e Ah inch. Port \helm 1” cried: the C a p t a i n . , ., w h eelsm a n . ^ B u t still t h e helm Was “ hard a star­ board,^’ and the boat w a s f&king a turn i n th e m iddle o f t h e l a k e . T h e C a p ­ tain sw o r e, and th e m k tesm a d e for the w h e e l'honse. P u s h ing th e than aside, he book hold him self. I t w a s o f no use -—th e m a te w a s no m o r e s u c c e s s ful than th e w h eelsm a n , “ T o r t h e l m ! for G od’s s a k e ! Can’t you see*where the boat Is g o in g ■?” s h o u t­ ed* th e G a p faih. . ; . ^ . T h e .m a te declared th a t som e thing w a s th e m a tter o f th e w h e e l, ^s he cd u ld n o t s t i r it. T h e th in g w a s p e r ­ fectly ine:^liC a b le, The' engine was stop p e d , and m a ster, m a te and a ll hands w e n t below to see M a t coitld -b e the m a tter. A f ter a search o f som e m inutds, it w a s discovered th a t M r. Smm, the “ e lephant” o‘f the m e n a g e r ie,not liking th e noisy rattling o f chains overhead hkd taken upon himself the responsibili* ty o f giving n e w ‘turn, tb .affairs .—* W ith his trunk vfound round th‘d Chaim he w a s holding on w ith the g tasp o f a v ice , and i t w a s w ith som e difficulty th a t the^ keeper persuaded h im th a t such lib e r ties could riot be allow e d . It ia s a i d th a t h e behaved quite w e ll du­ rin g th e rest o f th e voyage .— D e tr o it Tribtm el cb-partUCrsliip ‘ e tli#.fmdersignediin tbepr\irtii „ , Ushing this dissolved by mu­ tual c6hsent.''\’lt thcTefore'’becoifl'es necessary that all note* and accounts due them should be settled immediately. As all our friends must see the justness of this request, we hope they will call and settle and save us the trouble anA expense of waiting' upon them personally. Pay­ ments may bd made to either o f the undersigm ed. Herkimei», March 15, 1854. JfeQBSdrit.EA.RL, V Q. W iTHERSTINE e‘ This ’ Paper is filed,-and may b e see: free of charge, at Hoi.nowJ»v’sPn:.n-AN:D O jkt - jjENT E stablishmekt , 244 S trakd , L ondon , where advertiseiqents and Suhsjcriptions will he, recriytd for thist pagejr^* TSSv^uavbT i h l * tbd T la c k ^Warrior affah* R a d b^efiT s& tisfoctorily settled , turns o u t to be unfounded, A m e ssage from P r e s id e n t P ierce, l o ^ n g ¥ § s S , o f , a highly ibelligerqnt charaftfo* concern^ fng our roratiohS 'Vrith Spain, is daily expected. E v e n i f satisfaction b e m a d e by Ih e Spanish G o v eram fnjt in the^^aqk War* rio r affair, oiiV -With’ S p i f o Rre far from being-’-settle!. T h e long list, o f its outrages upon us date back as far as 1835, and the P r e s ident hast w isely selec t e d 't h is opportune mo-« m e a t for their s e ttlem e n t. H e dem a n d s sequrity for exem p tion from*them in fu­ ture. T h e rae|ins o f outrage upon us in- Cuba iueb close upon , our shores, w h ilst t b s rem e d y fo r i t i s far from us in S p a in . T h e PnEsident d em a n d s v ery propefly\ that, t h e Cubmn authorities sbpffid b e cloth e d ifo p o w e r to givet jiftiaBdiftte arid p r o i^ tT p d r e s s .- ^ ; ^How is th e m o m ent for a settlem e n t w ith S p a in for^past fold against, future outrages, and the P r e s ident seem s de- teaminedt to m cert the^whole pow e r o f th e G o v e r n m e n t to b r ing m a tters to perm a n e n t arid^m ickble adjustm ent. At the annua! Charter Election held in this village on Monday last; the fol-. lowing persons were elected. The <son- test on President was very dose, ML Spinper having bftt xnajority. PresidSnf—-J ohn D . S p i n n e r . T r u s tees— B vron L a f l in , W illiam HawEim* J r ., J acob G. B ellin g e r , W ah R e n C akwell . . Treusurer-rM ABCus W . R asbach , . ClerJs^— U ^ ^ W S . H , R a p r y . ^ -V i.- jLsSeSSOrS-^ft’A'Ati flELLiS, WiLLIASI B e N c HLBV, FREBERfCK A . H e LMER. * Police Constable — T haddeus S te ­ vens . ' CplletCior~^So^ M iddleton . ; T h e * foliow ing resolutions wore intro- -duced,*and hnam m o u sly ad o p t e d : ' Ptsolved, T h a t R . P . B ellinger, Ezfo^ Graves^. Charles A . B u r ton ,.,H a r v e y i Y looiitfle.an d A d d isqn H . Laffin,,*ba‘and ‘are hereby appointed a Cfomraitiee 4©' ascertain w h e r e and op w h a l tefips a suitable place can be .procjilred for a B h r ial G round for thia village, and to report thereon ait a m e e tin g o f th e elec­ to r s to be- h e ld o n th e 8,th day o f June Resolved, T h a t tlie T r u s tees he re­ quested to call a m e e ting o f the e lectors ^ th e village a t the time- abovp meri- tionedjrfor th e purpose o f r e c e ivin g .and* .acting upon the report, of the said com­ m ittee; * BES^BtfciWE r i s E iH ' r i i i c i : ' - ~ ' 8 o ’clock o n Saturday m orning l i s t ajfiifo broke out in th e drug store o f R . R , S m ith, 112 Geneseev8tfpet;-.ea-*' ; 'tirely consum ing the building and s tock. M r .. S m ith ’s loss is estim a ted aft from $I2,;0b{^ to $15,000. H e w a s insured in . f o e . A tlan tic, $3,000 iii tho. Lorillard, atid $2,000 in th e H a rtford C ity— $ 8 ,000 iii a l|. The- b u ilding was ow n ed by T . L . K ingsley, w h o se loss is abdut $ 3 ,5 0 0 . Insured $ 2 ;0 g 6 fo fofe H o w a r d , o f New Y o r k . T h e inllam a b le character o f the s tock and a - s t if f breeze, caused the fire to spread w ith great v iolen c e and rapidity an d the flames w e r e soon com m u n ica­ ted to the stores on either s ide— T*. K . B u tler & C o ., D r u g g ists, and J*D o o lit- fle , D r y G oods. .Both experiejace ’ a h e a v y lo s s b y fire and w a ter. * T , K . B . & C o ., w e re insured on their stock ^$10,000 in the .® tn a o f H a rtford, and H o w a r d o f New Y o r k . HISTOirv WTTAXtROriSli. ’ In speaking o f w “ H istory o f California,” by E . S. C apro n , B e q ., the Ydrls 'M irfbv iiSgs. follow ing, la n g u a g e ; ^ ' H istoR Y op ' CALipbRNiAj— T h is is th e title o f a v e r y readable book, soon fo be*issued by th e enterprising pub­ lishing firm o f J . P . J e w e tt & Co., Bos- ton. * * B eyond its own. R m its c o m p a r itivelyJittle‘'has .beem know n o f the particular history o f its . N- T. CENTRAL R. B.-T1ME. TABLE. On Monday of this week the new time fable for the N. Y. 0. R. R. went into effect. Below w'ill bg found the number of trains passing at the Herkimer sta­ tion. Those designated by'an asterisk, stop. . ^ GOING EAST. ; Express, 1.30 A. M. C incinnati E x p r e s s , 5 .5 5 A . M. E m igrant, 6.25 A ; M . A c com m o d a tion, 7.S 0 A . M .* Local Freight, 8.10 A. M. Syracuse Accommodai’n,' 11.30 A-M* E x p r e s s , 12.40 P.-M . T h r o u g h F r e ight, 1.20 P . M. Way Express, 3.25 P. M.* o f the m o d es and op e r a tion s o f m ining, and o f the v a s t a irio u n t o f c a p |t a l which is invested in th a t ladventuimus busi­ ness; N o r -has h d e s c r iptioii o f ..the m a g ic city o f San P e a n c is c o , it ’n(?W exists— o f its m o rah sricial, arid com ­ m ercial state,— b efore 'been w r it t e n ; rind’th e public a t a distance from th e scen e , h a v e been en a b leffto v iew it on­ ly in a faint and glim m e ring light, • T h e early history' o f the S l ^ e is carefully and accurately* com p tledi arid w ill befou n d to csn ta ia m u ch inform a ­ tion o f interest, to the Californian and to th e general reader. T h e book is vvrit- tefi in an ea s y , fam iliar sty le, arid the transcript frorrPlhe autbor*s jqum a ? ,% f his Voyage* thither and return', gives a correct idea o f th e 4wo riv a l lines to -C a lifornia; w ith o u t expressing a pref- 'erence'for either, he g i v e s th e sim p le facts, and leaVes h is readers to m a k e up their ow n m inds in regard to th e su- E x p r e g t 4 .1 5 ’p . M . ' -M ail, lO J - p . ■ T iirougb F r e ight, 1 1 , ^ P . M , GOING w e s t . E x p r e s s , 9 .2 0 A * * Throrigh F r e ig h t ,4 2 .1 5 A . M .* JExpress, 10.20 A . M . L o c a l F r e ight, 1.20 P - M . -M a il, 12.25 k M.^ N e w Y o r k E x p r e s s , 1.25 P . M . periority or inferiority o f e ither. W e can recom m end the book as b e ­ ing a v e r y entertaining v o lum e, em b o d y ­ ing a great deal o f v a luable inform a tion pleasantly given in a narrative style that does not w e a r y the reader. Copies o f the work m a y rie • h a d o f W . H . W a ters, B o o k s e ller, L ittle P a i l s , at 0 0 per copy. T elegraph across the A tlantic . ‘ / cojtg M ss . * ' g W ashi ^ ton , May ' S en a t e .— T he Cffair laid before the Sejtrate a sfafem ^ n t-from the Secretary o f f o e Treafo:ry,'in reply to aresolu tiob o f the S e n a te, a s t o th e am o u n t o f stock^ and other governm e n t securities re- ^ d eem ed siricp M arch 3d, 1853. Th< w h o le am o u n t redeem ed since thaj date, is $ 1 8 ,813,714 75. Prem ium najd on th e sam e , $ 2 ,657,902 93 — leaving KfouTstanding liabilities to the'am o u n t o f $ 5 0 , 3 1 5 , ^ 2 52. ^^iJHtoxrsE.— T h e H o u s e has reached f h e N e b r a ska bill after laying aside seven­ teen bills th a t had precedence. A vote w a s tak e n on each b ill-*^yes about 100, noes 20 or 30. W h en the Jfebraska b ill came* a lo n g ; the H o u s e w a s a i c e n e o f not a liffle tum u lt. Member.** w e r e ‘ on ®their feet and clapping, o f hands w a s heard i n all parts o f t h e i i a l l. A m o lidh to la y on t h e table w a s de­ feated by 85 to 105. Gerrit Sm ith o f N e w Y o r k , and Breckenbridge o f K y ., w e re appointed tellers. Som e offfhe m em b ers hitherto o p p o s ­ ed to 4 h e bill, now vote for taking it up. A j n o t io n w ill probably be m a d e by M r. Jones o f T e n n ., to substitute a bill for D o u g las’ ; n o t o o n tainin'g tho clause for the repeal A)f •the’^^Missoujrl Com- proraisd. ' T w e e d and W a lbridge, o f N e w Y o r k , both voted to take up th e bill. T o sO i. U f g trR e ts. • r ' V „ . Y oiik , May FDouE-r-Favorite stating,7S ; mixed 16 faii- j cy Michigan 8,g0a9, Ry© Flonr,^6a§.2§ fdt |,rfine ; C&r.>i MeaW-41or Jgl- G kain —Sales fair red iJ. I. at 2,00 ; com­ mon red squ^erC 1,90 Rye l,15al;16, Barley l,12al,18, Oats—56a57 for state -, 59a§iy for •Hrestern, Corn—85a86 for western nyxqd^ 81 aS8 for round yeliovr. - PROVISIONS—Pork— ■go ; 9,50a] .country rand cify prin “ISO b b ls a t 9 Ja 9 | {of com m o n t» pi ter, 25a28 for fresh .State, I4al7 for Cheese 10a] 2. ■ &UTAL T reatm e n t of . a n E xecu ­ tio ne r .— T h e N e w O rleans Picayune of. the 20th inst., gives th e follow ing acco u n t.o f an inhum a n act perpetrated a t F ranklin, L a . : A negro ha'd b e M sentenced to death. T h e execution w a s to take place la s t , w e e k A f ter som e researqbeg; the sheriff at la^t foand a than _to (nfoer- take, for a few dollars,'the d u t y ,o f ex­ ecutioner. T h e negro W a siianged, and QI?* TH4*,|>ublic debt Of \fHe U n ited ^ a t e s redeem ed» d uring tlfo p a s t w e e k amofEcts to $ 6 2 5 ,0 0 0 .. O h i o - JUST AS WE EXPEfffEB. * > We have always believed that ^S&cJai^SSt, richest and- best selected stock of goods, of­ fered at the lowest prices, would, other things being aqual, secure the largest trade, ancC crir experience the past year, serves to demonstrate its truth.. We have hotvever, oul-seives, been irprised;rprised thee footingooting off ourr na%ta%t year’sear’s su th f o ou n y sales (although we cannot boast o f lar^e pz^f- its) and can account for its magnitude only on the principle above named, and by the fact that we never intend to represent an article to He better than it; really ia, and are atvv'ays ready ,to show our goods, -whether a person is prepgr- id to purchase pr ind customers to i icrease thereof.— -’Gold and Silver Watches, Si GuardChainSjSealsandKeys,— Diamond Pins and Rings, Lockets, Ladies’ Brooches and Ear-rings, And in short, every conceivaljle variety of elegant rich and tasteful jewelry, now -excels any other* before offered in this city, Wq h§Te GoliJjPei^, of equality and price never §x- dlocksj running from 30 hours to 30 days, ices from fo to $100 of many most beautiful Ladies’ Reticules, Port Monnoaiesr P-ocket- Desks,jgks, Sewewing S Birds, Combs, and a. thoHsand other arti- ' P . M . A c com m o d a tion, 7 30- P . M ,* T h r o u g h F r e ight, 11,20 P . 5 l. E x p r e s s , 9 .5 0 P , M .* Express, 1.45 A. M.* - T h a N . V . E T a n m g P o r t s a y , the laM • 1 e -»T r 11 1 \i • . . bad saved him from the arrival from -Newfoundland brings m- necessity o f performing the revolting telfigen c e o f th e charter o f a com p a n y duty^ locked up the eSiecutiofier. by t h e t i t l e o f “ T h e N e w Y o rk N e w - j nightfall,- how ever; a furious mob foRndlarid.and L o n d o n Tnlfegr4rpH Com- f as m iserable at least as T h e u U io,ete o « e o t « e T e S gentlem en Jn terested in th is project Is and under the scou r g e o f the lash forced th e establishm ent o f a sub-m a rine tele- Him to run througb the streets o f Frdnk- graph. to connect N e w foundland w ith ^®^* m iserable efeature w a s so A P o r t r a it OF S ir C harles N a p ie r . -A farmer-lookingman with a fat face, foick lips, and a tremendoqs nose cov­ ered ivith snuff I large ears like-foe flaps of a saddle, and Jika “ Dncle Ned,” in l|ti'c’’hisCory, vMth no wool t o speak of on the' top of -his-iibad, afthough bis phrenological developments displ£«y.an exfonsive surfece whersi;the woBl dught to grow; the bead placed oh the/^ody of a stm^ed afoerman, whpse clofoes appear to have been pitcHforked on his back with' one shirt foollar up and the other dowrif hk WaistcOari buttoned awry, rind his shirt-front smeared with 'anuS^and you bsr$ the portrait of Sir Charles Napier. If there is a thirst/or 'foiptber Of more mintite ’ partiqhjars it may be added that the Adiutral wears Biucher boots, and takes siiuff with three fingers. ‘ ' 2 'C u b a n BpiES*.r-Tho H a v a n a corres­ pondence o f t h e NeW rYork R e p u b licap, dated-A p r ii 22,-says , * Two officejfa (oria of them attached to'the bureau o f thejjnitafy Secretary) leave to-day,in the Isabel for the United States. These high »officiaIs are sent by foe Spanish goyernment to keep a ^close eye on the acfo pf th^administra- ^tion, and to watch attentive^ Ihe move- m entaof the filibusteros. The (Saptain GeaeVnl has gifen two pasfoprts to eatSi of them—^one deserib-! Irig them as private citizens, and the 'Other ks officers of foe arnjyrrto be used a'a circumstances require. ■\V* entertasn a conviction that the cause of iridependenco will qjtimately triumph, and tlii»coimction i« confirm­ ed when we^srie the Cuban gorefijment atudfng hark On a smrtA mission, fodi- «d»atoui>on wlum tigiiknm Spanisii’ d a m a l i c i ^ i r i Cuba reO tf. . . * JoRN H endrickso n , J b .—T he ex- fo^me'sentened o f foe Iaw.(,was visited upon this unfortunate man, in the Al­ bany jail, at about half-past eleven o’­ clock Friday morning. . A limited num­ ber of persons were present to witness the execution; but ^around\ foe jail a large concourse were assembled.\ The Sheriff had taken the precaution.to sum­ mon the military companies of the city to be in ritteindaace; in order to prevent any disfofbinee. • The prisoner foalked ffroiri his\ cell to ih e j^ace fo^i^e%u|ion, wlfo ap|fareri't firmi^sj,\_qird ' durfrig the ’\prelim W 7 , pr-oceedinjs exhibited but little emo- riom < The deitk warrant lyas read by the Heputy District Attorney, Mr. Sears, after which the prisoner was 'asked |f h© desired to- make any rej- 'marks; k®hM©' I have said to the Rev, Dr. Kennedy A n d iiR 3BdI| ‘ A f®irferit*iTiid ptsiyer ll-ail^effrbredhj^tl^’RdK forl'Keririri- ■4y, fn b e W t f o r ‘ ^ e , j ,t ( s 9 s » f ; ,d w ^ ^ whTcb-he A few m o m e n ti o f i> r ^ a ftless-silen t* bBfoedj 'wheh th e i i g n a f w%s j^iven, rind the w r etched m a n yvas hurried into the presence o f h is M a k er, A n exclainar tion^of “ Qh fo w a s d istin c r iy^ ^ a r ^ /in m h i J i i j l s t h f wfiteW m , arhicB-R. ls, th d u g h i h l i l t e r f i l . -JH iilieeK wriJ^hdl ^ broken, and a ll sigS^ o f *:iife **wrire tio c t in abopf e^htm inutes.'\' ']|*he b o d y ‘ rejnfon?d^su% )en^ec| for,4opjfc th irty , m in u t e s ; i t h e n i t .was takan'daw n . a n d ! delivered to h is friend s for in t e fo ien l. C?*, W e are” a g a in .under obhgatfons To H o n . B ishop P e s i ^ in S j ' M- ^ ffom. ti4s Di§lm% far.valgslf^levpubite Docu- P* i S catorv . —-A num b er of fine fish were taken In th e wid^ w a te r o f the E r ie ^ n a l near-M o h a w k , a few days since. A m o n g them wris a large pike^ # h ic h w a s distributed to M r.*L, LEwis^ th e proprietor o f th e n e t. T h e w e ight o f th e p ik e w a s 10 J pounds. I t con­ tain e d on e pound en d fifteen ounces o f Jpaw n . M r. M a rshall, vof' the firm o f . S tillw fol ^ count-: j ’ e d th e n m h b fr in a q a a r ter'A f an ounce o f the spaw n , and ascertained th a t i t w a s ab o u t 1500,-w h ich w o u ld in ­ d icate th e w h o le num b er o f ovals in t h e fish to be not less than 1^ 6 ,000-fo *’ N ew C oinage .—-T h e n e w gold coin o f the denom inatfon o f Three-jpollars is .saidfto b e b'eautifiilly executed, It, is in siz e a fraction sm a ller thrin-thd fiye *aiollRS* cjWBces, but not s o thick. On one' *si3e is'® raised w reath, forrafo o f w h e a t liea d s , corn busks, and th e different grains, em b lem a tical <\T th e agricultural inui^s^try o f fob country. W ith in th is Wreath is 5 dollars,' 1854.^? * reversq side is the head o f L iberty, w e a ring the Indian head-dfre'ss o f feath-) ers, and aroRUd th is pesd, upon ri plain* graiiiitI‘Work/ reads “ U n ited B t a t e s io f •Am erica.” r i i ;have bought the lines already erected by the Newfoun'diand Electric Tele­ graph Company, and have- their plans so far advanced as to believe that !8t. JoBns, Newfoundland, wit! be in tele­ graphic communication with all the cities in the Union, by the end of Sep­ tember nexti I t i l asserted- from Copenhagen that Sw e d e n has positively e n tered in t o a*secret treaty w ith R u ssia by w h ich an = o b s o lete enactm e n t forbiddin\ m ore th a n four s h ips at oneg tp’^erifor a har- b g r h a s been restored, and ;exten |lk to Norway.- -4*h sen s e lessi T h e rage o f th e assassins, h o w e t e r j did not stop h e r e . W h en they perceiv­ ed the insensibility ofi their victim , ohe o f the band opened bis knife and liter- -ally cut off Che ea f s o f the sufferer.— A n d not a protest- against, the act was to be heard. N apoleon W ants a DivoROEg— T h e Paris Correspondent o f the M ontreal W itness Writes a? follow k i . ' T h e great question w h ich occupies; at present, the Court o f F r a n c e , is foe divorce o f the Em p eror. He no longer hopes to have any children b y h is p r e s ­ en t w ife, and it is said foe thinks of taking .taofoer. ’ The report is not offi­ cial ; but a s i t has appeared ifi s e v e r a l tlnsBfi'sfed x&ipiers, th e truth o f i t can irocured in this region. Tfouble Silver Plated Goods, of descrip­ tions, arid very-best quality. Guns and Pistols, including Coil’s Arid Allen’s Revolvers, War- jw article,! Saloon and Single barrel I. Flanks, ^c. t HAWLEY ^ LEACH ,-' . ' r 122 Genesee-St. corner of Libextyj March 17, 4854» 62yl BE. WISTAR’S BALSAM OF WlLffTHERRY. ner’s repeat!: Pistols at It was known many years--«rgo-thatthe wild cherry tree of this-oliihate n«SselSed vali TQedieinal proprieties.\ Infried,* tkWffdtit kllbi^Si to rite kboHgiheS*, and a Jecocfi'On of elsed valuable . ____ .. ^ ___ _ tkW^fdtit was kboHgiheS*, and a Jecocfi'On o the l»rk of this tree has ever been-re- one of tKe most This leaves or bark of this tre gardecTbyTEeir pFyiicians effectual remediesedies in’^ maany rem in m diseases fact, several years since, arrested the attention of Dr. Wistar, a highly ; tectabie practition- rginia. investigated with care, the healing proprieties of wi|d. cherry—tested i when administered alohe^ arid -when r of Virginia, inves „ie healing proprieties its effects when ^dminis.G.-^u o.,uuc, a in co'nabinatiori with other remedial agents.— He found that its naluraT virtues might be greatly unproved,* and by com b ining it with ingredients, whose proprieties wei-e well proved and generally recognized, a me-) cine was produced which constitutes a- remedy, ot great value in pulinonary affections and disea®- pf tbe chest and throat— diseases which are proveibiaily prevalent in our cities nnd 1 towns-, androften B r L ea HYSTEJiAufe-rMorilsuJiii ’scajcely be questioned. Napoleon III. towns-, amrol of mortality, case with m< r cl'a n proveiroye fatal,at: s much greater e f lost others, we had alm< citjes nnn I ge velling-n^he dn 1 s -iri srA'UBjiirestHie d irpfetfoncfoyiattairiis^' •ft tO^ia.I-'pi^gn* 'Vol^ ’ ■ ■ ■ ■ Alft c r We seeit stefria that “ army noWnumbetrittpWrir^o#am!n|qp| 5 'of figlting mep,—the largest artpy^fojPtj bas eye? been marghaled §ince invaded Greece,—and foe most strbffd-| ous efforts are beirij|made to inferease it.j OS^OFer one thousand liras ham ’ been lost by disasters p.t sea, ^unug t^e \ past four months, apd never^aLvessels! yet to-be heardfroitrwMch are ^upjlosrid to be lost, making fob greatest lo^s-of: life we ever remdmber t(^ hare Wen from shipvrrecVin so ' Episcojial aervico will foe held next Sabbafo morning, at foe Baptist ; House, in trie rfllage o f - ■ mene^g.At lOl o’clock, A. M. , Ole ^vorcSi w5M-rfeleriibi§ in rirery point iffhclet and’ J'osephIfii, who were, as you know^ separated for the- -fiamB .i^aiba. Whether fr<fm'fois*mo- iiCive'iit‘:ariyi-'tRhef, tfhe Empress o f the IFieucb i§ teokihgWeii^TnferriDcfholyf^ It asijlt#5ssi;Bm to' We bbrXWfthdUt bfeiP'g strubklky hfer.efepfe«siafi‘^ d f4 'S a k a r i; ^ . - - _ - V\. *, zt. la£B^ SrRSSUiHNdf foM iiJ.N ibhoisjlrito i- q S f lih e ^ f e a ltH b o r O m o m i> ^ D r im 6 c fat, ► s a y s th a t “ the drinks” are noW^called I ,^A0g .ktsMdtmBP’ m (bat State. She * -gajsi.dtl i s ia iS r e t iry 'd a y Oecurrence for som e passenger in thri''Sta’ge-b6ritihefe-l^ : -wblfo foff Ilktter rim W aiting at hdtels*^ ' Ifojiitiie.rariilshwto say, I guess I’ll get :Ollt#3Klsfoel!3h my-.leg^i” which always, .severe cold—a } «ej)ds In the h b t lls, and intim a tes* that ,ft is perfectly’ astonishing w ith w h a t .iUJbhecked ea s e and frequency leg s are* .n a w -stretciied in Verm o n t.' ' * ihan IS tost said ether efasseatof diseases. examine OLOBELY BEFORE PIJRGHASINO.. ' 'Jke rgenfiihs Bdlsatn is put up in botrlea. WIS-TAR’S BALSAM O F W Iiny-C rH ^ rR K T : E h ila.” blow n i n the glass—each, bottlefoearibg a labef on the frapt, witb the-elghalirie of *- ’ ' ifiterfeitirig the label orr wrapper, (ral Agent, rging the signature ot the General Agent, .w ill be- punished' w ith the uffaost rigor o f tM'Taw _ ■ A g e n t s . —X. G. Bu^rill,^Herkimer ; L. L. Merry, Ilion.‘: JoelTruyn, T rankfort; James Wheeler and C. PrHhat. Little Falls ; Charles McAlktiue, St;. Johnsville : J. H . Babcock. W M b ieiiiijs.’ •• • f - : A ttempt 550 M ur der the P r e s ident OF N ew GqsNApA-— T h e Courier aad . E n q u irer transjlates the follow ing from the* N e w G renadine, o f March 20tlL re-} ceiyed fay the la s t arrival. N o further .inform a tion is gi^en, e^cepj th a t threat-' ening w r itings had been posted upon' th e doorf o f C o n g r e s s : . ‘^At tw o .o'clock on fo e morning; Of T h u rsday, the ’_ R. R* R. By its ?peedy assistaiice to Nature, restored a sickly young^ lady to fobiist h e a lth . M iss H. aged 22. in the month o f Ig'ebruary caught a jgb soon folto-^ed—then litude-—then pains in the ng along the tbfg;hs, with a complete depletion of the body and depres­ sion of spirits 5 nature became t-ardy in per­ forming her. monthly duties, arid the young la­ dy was like the shadow of hex former self.— She .was advise^ to take Railway’s Ready^ Re­ lief‘;*^a tjCaspoonful in,a little water, to cure her headache, alsc^ to bathe the hf^d with the Relief i Hke^^se to take a dose or two o f Rad- way’s Regulators to regulate her system, yhe headache was stopped in a few tninutes. Thp I brlsklyt—the ig ,crime ibllowl-ng m m i a I her mis- Cijf v»na icjuwycii, cum a. ucaltky fioW of the _ menses wag the a-esult» There is no j^remedy l6th |ilt,, - aii. infer«al sd'certain in insuring the natural duties pf a ll discharged a g m s s t. the; organs in the male/or'ffemare System, as \ - - - Rad way’s Ready Relief, and Rad-vvayX Regu­ lators. In on% month ftom the day the’la ^ first ,used R. R. R . she Sainad t-vventy-^^ pounds in -weight . So -rapw a reco-very is sel- rie railroad, w ifohe^,ser.varit.and A n o t r ur S tate .— Oregon wili.proha- tllylr^ r id ffiitted As’a S tate in tbeU n iO n during th e present ^fe‘^io^l*of C o n ^ f ss. Oregon ^ r a p i d ly a^ijappipg. iri V e a lt |i popuiAtioft, and'wfll.sQonfqQciipy u proud p o r i t i o i iA s a oom m o n w e a lib o f ihri confedfitaey. • - - F em a les in A ftsis.— T h e N . Y , T r i - hune o f S a l u ^ a y states,' th r |e p p f ( formed^ com p a n ies o f o r g ip ized and dig-' ciplined fem a le infantry from Pennriyl- frihlri arid Net*tr Jefsriy,- know n as fo e Fai?:y,Light' Guayd,4F0re to V isitfo a t city yesterday. It is inform e d th a t the “ F a iry R ight Guard”, (Composed o f sdEQD o f , f o e b e s t Odaerited and m o st estim a b le young ladies o f P a tetedn arid *Fiizab6fotown, N . ’ *J., apd'q^.JlJai^J'is- ,riurg,..Pas,-p.aj| betw e e n M -aridl^^yeafs; o f agerrri daughter' o f o Iatft*GaTOfnor o f New, J e r s e y being 4H00ng^ *'•, ^ S ^ f resident Pierce-^ !lMiss Di-x’s fnsane Bifo” ' - * - “ ' home. She. waf, entiriely withgut-ac­ quaintances, and her distress was^-ex­ treme, when the circumstances bqcom- ' ing.kn^ivg to an engineej on th^Jrairi, M foel|ng assured it was no impos^-e, be f adv^nc^ lb her from his own eaufiings, the required sum- ^ A- few^ d?iys since, her received « packa;^ py e^ressssfobm- foe South, upon opeiiiag which, he found a letter o f thanks from the lady’s hq|-* brind, containing the money he bad- foaried, and accompanied by a beautiful rM u a M ^ lql^ '^ a tol;; - ' - Windows and the walls of the.Qfo.verd;- ment House, iu foe street leading from’ the square of the Constitution Jo the yCoiiseuu^ On &earitlgi%,the ealarming Yieport, the President’s ^ard was call­ ed to 4rms, he being ^seriously ill, and ;^yiog received gome medipal applipse-, fions from his wife aod-attendahts.-rr The place having be^^n yeconUpitered where the explosion, had taken ^placri,! .nine musket balls and ^x.pieces of iron were found,-=.Of ^differenf sizes, but all of them about three or four jliiies in thickness, -and f>rpymg tor be parts of an iron flask. - Fortunatqly *tbe authors of the crime had given it a wrong; di-* lection, as the greater.partrof foe balls in all) 'struck foo wall be- JniHgesiioia, <md Bite.-^Johif Knight, Esq,, of Lauricestoa,jyari X)ieQ*lf| i^ j d , infotrS? Professor Hollow%^, by*cletier, dated-March 17, IgSl.—“ That Mrs. Tolmgri; of Hobatt Ttnvn, declatod to hiva fSat'HoT- loway’s P] ' •her lifiir ed with an inward d i, . __ __ skill of the doctor in Hobart Town, and for two years she graduMIygot ivSrse-aiid'wor Accidently meeting with A Treatise HoRoWtsyk (ab o u t 30 in a ll)'stru c k tw e e n liyo w indow s, and'ouJy one ( o f lead ) entered foe w indow , breaking thn __________- g la s s and, s tf ik io g 4 h e shutters^lMHng' - a ' a ' w ^ ^ Indy o f f o n T r ^ i i e o L ; k H undred ,, ---TlJe- history of lyhjn spe Gpened it a fevy. minutes af- this'old rsaim tune, which almost every forwacd.” y - body has been accustom ed to h#ar,everL - ----- ------------ , since tfaey c a n rem em b er, | s the subject ^ |p% rp^om thfeN^Yi^Tribftne, o f a work recently w r itten by an :|q - that fo e final d(yM in^ o f foji Did U t o j acter than a t ptesenL—Concord R ip , I k r , > » - ;ly meeting with A T ©n ffioWtsyian System of-Medicine,” sheSotrif- jHced taking Holloway’s Pills, and found itfli ‘diate relief and by persevering in their nse permpently c u r e d . 35w2 05^ A AVonderful Discovery Las ret-cnlTy Curtis, ol-irijs citjq-iirtfae 'ot Consumption, ASthmtff and all been made-i^ treatment <of Consumption,* A sthw af and a diseases of the Itmgs. We Dr. dor- tis’s Hygeaua, or Jnhdling Hjgean taprif aiid AYlth ffiisneW metiurt, Dr. re^cw-ecl many afflicted ones to perTect henjlh; a# aw evidence of which, Jie hcs li nu- 8 T‘qpd<fe-i-jrietiSenf'-of Me<!i<-a(cd Inbalalinii in ari<’iher cohunn df tbis'iviper, 34\>J

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