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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 23, 1904, Image 6

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: r S M m i i T M A i 0 / / - ' Th 0 community ww nhijclted and maddened T««sdiy Cty^ninf to wioelve tb« new tfiat t'^o old and respected tesidents had passed away withi; ^ -ahdit time of each o%er. A peotiliar keepsievOemetery, ^ Mr. Sutherland is the las,t one of the four prominent men in 'Washington coincidence was the death .of these two friends at almost the same time, and , they were both trusted employees of Thomdale Stock Farm. jraiCXS WHAOBN Tet owing to jsome stock being late in ar­ riving, we have gifts a plenty for the late purchasers After ah illness of two years, Mr. *TTi.-i._ 7 ------ “ hed Tuesday - I California and Florida Oranges Malaga Grapes, Grape Fruit All !Ef!inds of Nuts phristnias Gandy Clanis, Sweet Potatoes Jaipes Whalen succumhei eroning, at six-thirty o’clock, Decem­ ber 20th, 1904, entirely conscious uutil' the last. , . He was horn -in Gelena, Illinois, September 29th, 1856, and was the old­ est son of Mr. James Whalen,, who Jives on Tower Hill. At the age of four years he became a resident of Hew York State,'and lived home Until I879j when he accepted 0 position at Thorndale, where he has 0 been employed.ever since, and held a responsible position which he Was: oompotent to fiU, and his faithful body will be taken to Long Island and cremated. Interment in the Pough- Hollow, who were famous in the old fair time ddys. Mr. Frost,, Mr. W’heel- er and Mr. H. Simmons having passed away some time ago. vice will long be remembered. On the first day of October, 1882, he Celery, married Miss Mary Wetheral, daugh­ ter of Mr. Patrick Wetheral, of Oh'ef SM ITH & BURCH mLLBROdk, N. Y. Millbrook, Friday, DEO. 23 FI m U m at the numbet toll your name on the addreea of tbto paper. ollowlng 645 ■your subscription expiree with thie BnmlMNr, -and we hope you -wl}l kindly • tavor us wltlna prompt renewal. GEAOE OOTRCH OHKISrMA3 DAT 25, 7.30 a. : Sunday, Deoeml Holy Communion. ' 11 a. m., Choral Celebration of the ■•Holy Eucharist and d-ddress. 4 p. m. Festival Evensong. Child­ ren’sB Service, .T- S Christmas tree and- Ca Ho Sunday School in the morning ■' .y^PORBCED OB^ECH -> ■j The' Reformed^ Church-* will have . special music and a Christmas sermon -■^Sunday at II a. m. The.church will •‘be 'decwgted with \wild smilax long ^needled pine, magnolias, fable palm 4w'd tha^gri ST. JOSEPH’S CHtTEOH Bo'ard of Supervisors The Masses in St. Joseph’s Church y 'will be as follows:— on Christmas Bay 'will b) 5:30 (High Mass) 9 and 10 o’clock. ' .Tribe Gradually, DylncK. Samoyeds, a rape of Mongolians in- the shores of..the Arctic habiting _ ___ ^ _ _____ _ ___ _ ocean, maintain themselves by hunt­ ing and fishing. They make use of the same implements in bona and stone, besides cherishing aperstitions, as were cun tone age among the Inhabitants of the same rent in the western Europe. They clothe them­ selves In reindeer skins. In fine weather they wear the hair outside, and when it is wet the tunic Is re* versed. This interesting race is gi ually dying out, owing partly to scourge of smalliwx which makes rav- among, them, and also, to their raw Spirits, which leads tfon find ml! ages among, tl fondness fon..r them to degradation find misery, i te’Eusslah merchants take advantaj AKu'd the. gray-mpsa from Alfanta, Ga., |Fhich ,i^as shipped here-specially for khifi purpCHW. ' . V PEIEED S OHTIRCH There will be a Christmas Sunday morning, to-which ,ev kinytted^akeleYen o’clock. Sermon to - which ,every one m o’clock. . at ten o’clock^ and Evening service at seven-thirty, at which then 8 re will be an appropriate ad- of this to cheat them when bartering for valuable skins and wjglrua teeth. In fact, to such an extent do, these traders diipe them’ that the Samoyeds sometimes are reduced to a state of f amine and have recourse to cannibal- i»m. 'This Beedis to acount ftr the name' Samdjted, which was given them by the Russians, add which signifies in their language self-eating. Every year In mid-Lent these queer-looking pepple travel down In their Teindeer sledges from Archangel to Et. Peters­ burg and take up their, abode lempo- xarily on the frozen rlThr Neva;:, where tney build themselves circular J composed of a framework- of pt over which are- stretched reindeer •skins. Here they traffic for the prod­ ucts of civilization. During Wednesday afternoon’s i sion of the Board of s •visors in ring assess­ ments were ordered. $2,500 on town Poughkeepsie the following highways; $600 of Washington outside corporation of ing highways; $5 for bridges; $53.93 for distributii Millbrook, for workii town moneys; $1,194 03 for town ah lowances. ,nut Ridge, whom he leaves a widow with seven children: Miss Julia T. WhHlen is a music teacher in New York; Mr, James F, Whalen, who, like his father, is employed at Thorndale; and Anna, Elizabeth, Tincent, William and Ella are students in Thorne Mem­ orial School. Mr. Whalen h a ^ made many warm friends during his life here, who regret that his life was' so brief. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus. A sad feature was that the older child­ ren were not with him when he died. As he grew worse Tuesday and it was \ led the end was near,- messag! were sent to different-members of the Silky Breed' of Fowl*. Silky fowls are not extensively bred In this country, hut In England they ipnlar. Their soft, wob- when In prime condi- rections, ance of weight ?hehe T half t are exceedingly loose and fluff; ■ from the boil ng the fowl- large bird, Vhich does- not Justify. standing out from the body In all di- ■ing the fowl the appear- large bird, w their cocks weigh from two and a four pounds, wl) of the hens is from two to two and le the weight pounds, sfiys -a govi letln. ■ \ ‘ / 'he ' birds are ofr rather square, compact Cochin blood, chested, the family. Through complications-of.not being able to catch the 8:41 train and driving to Poughkeepsie to meet the belated one, they did not reach his bedside until he lia^ died. A kind and affectionate husband and father has passed awsy, and much sympathy is expressed to the sorrow­ ing family. Funeral will he held at St. Joseph’s VliPLIAM J. StOXON ■William J. Noxon died at his resi­ dence in the part of Millbrook former­ ly called Harts Village, Thursday morning at one o’clock. He was the son of the late Elmore Noxon, and was about sixty-eight years old. His life was mostly -spent in this, part of Dutchess County, ex­ cept that he responded to the call for volunteers in the civil war, and went to the front with the 150th regiment New York Volunteers. He took part in a number of engagements, from Gettysburgh, until the close of the war, was with Sherman on the March to the sea, and was mustered out with his regiment in 1865, He was employed at Swift Brothers memorial service was held in tb Ghi'lstiao Biblical Institnte on Tuei day afternoon, which was impressive and beautiful, the tributes paid to het lovely life and character werq of such a nature as makes us all wish to live as she did, that oUr end may be as full of lod works. 'We all feel that knew ir, that our lives have been made bet­ ter because of our coming in touch with her, and the memory of her short sojourn with ns will alwa.ys be pleas-, ant. Interment in the family tomb at Massachusetts. The Sabbath Sohools are busy get­ ting ready for their Obristmas exer­ cises. Those of the Baptist church will be held on Friday evening Decem­ ber 23rd. On Saturday evening those of the Methodist church, which pro: iseto be of a high ordtr, two can tat for a number of years previous to his lastast illness, andd provedrove* himself a faith- l illness, an p ful workman. His wife died about two and a half He is survived by his wife’s death. The funeral will he held at Friends’ Church, Friday afteruoon, at one- thirty o’clock, to Which the relatives and friends are invited. Interment in Nine Partners Burial Ground. Sympathy is extended to the daugh­ ter and her family. OSWEGO , VILLAGE MOOEEE MILLS Miss Susan Murtaugh left Tuesday morning for Passaic, N. J. J, W.-Losee and sister delivered poultry at Ponghqnag Saturday. • Edward Maroua and sister, also Miss Anna Cutler, spent Tuesday with Mrs. 0. N. Rickes Wiilia'm Hall and Emmet Hunt did sofiie carpenter ■ work for Wm, Bost- BANGALL It is with sincere sorrow that we re­ port the death of Miss Georgia L. Stone. In last week’s report it was- thought that she was better, but a udden change for the worse put an epd to all hopes, and the sad news oam.e to us last Thursday that she had entered into rest It is but a year and half ago that she came among us as a teacher in the 0. B, I,, but 'in that time she endeared herself to all who came in contact with her or came un­ der the influence of her sweet life, A are to be given, also some fine music, A Christmas tree, with present children, will be a pleasing fea Christmas exercises in the Christ- feature. Ohuroh, Friday morning, at ten o’clock Members of the Knights of Coliim- wiok the past week. Wm. <?oIe and Enoch Lee will help 0 reqU( 5 sharj [We regret that the picture of thq jceased could not be gotten from our engravers in tiin will appear in next week’ Table.] > gotten from our this issue, but week’s Bound ompaci ock’s c crest running back horizontally, while the hen's, is.globular; five toed, feather legged rose comb, lumpy In ap­ pearance and dark 'purple In color, lurple tinged With ‘ “agr black, being of ear lobes blue-or it,'a; the covering of the bon< Ing of the bones t _ color; shanks dark blue or and downy, .egg of -B pa to fwenty-fl) the same color; shanks da black; plumage white and downy. this village, where he was esteemed and valued as a friend by all knew him. Silkies lay a small buff color and lay ten before wanting to sit They uiak© ex­ cellent mothers and are very valnable to hatch and rear the tender little ones of the mote aoilcate varieties ployed on the N. D. - which he accepted a position at Thorn- hichhich dale Stock Farm, w he retained until his health failed obliged to femain at home. The deceased leaves a widow and 'It is announced this day that Mr. Santa Claus has decided to open Ms stock M five children:’ John, the oldest, is employed in New York, Margaret lives at home and dresimakes, Mat­ thew, who is employed atB. J. Pizie’s, Mary and Daniel, who also reside at home. He was a loving husband and father, and the sympathy of the entire village goes out to the bereaved family. The funeral will he held Friday morning, at 9;80 o’clock, December 28, 1904, at St, Joseph’s Church, DEAN BROS.’ STORE : J-kd , will . thcf'& until mns eve remain Ckrist- . h IL To furnish men ivith ' - . ■fcs* Collaf -boJCes, cuff boxes,’hafteikefehiefi, tieckties, || fancy Cbfistmas Wtitihtf ^apef, smoking sets, shaving sets, \ ‘ good wintef caps^ gl6i?es* and otbef akictes of every style t Me will have for ladies f etfuwes, fancy lace bandketebiefs^ combs, bwsbes; gloves, boxes.fancy writing fiapct, pocketbboks^ looking glassei fancy sbirt waists, fancy neck wear, 4bdpefs^ Sc., %c. Sc, J?fr the ehTbdren m DAUlBn OABBOXiIi Mr. Daniel Carroll’s death was a sad shock to the village. He had beep ailing since last Julj’-, when he was first taken iU, but it was not thought his condition was so critical. He was born in Ireland in 1841, *iid for forty years had been a resident of the creamery firm gather ice at Ver- Alfred Briito left on Tuesday to visit kis lather in Oonneotiout. Walter Duncan, of Clove, made a short call in this place Tuesday after- Mt. aud Mrs. Cyrus Perkins enjoyed a sleigh rideTuesda; TAr^ «%, a We wish all our readers and also the Millbrook Round Table firm a merry and happy Christmas. ian Ohuroh will be held on Sabbath evening Deoefcabes 25tb. The Fair held for the benefit of the. Methodist church passed oflf very well. lisplay of fancy articles was given. We are pleased to report that $150 was cleared. The ladies of. the church wish to thank all the friends that so kindly helped to make it the s it was, household goods of the late Mrs. David Shtldou were sold at auction Saturday, December 17th. Some of the things were bought by the present owner, Mrs. Knapp. Mrs. Travis and son, Walter, of Clinton Corners, visited friends in Bangall Sunday. Tuesday was excursion day for Christmas shoppers on the P, and E. Railroad, and a largo crowd took ad­ vantage ci it to secure their Christmas gifts. Mr. Gurdoa Swift, of Millbrook, passed through this place Wudnesda; calling at his brother’s, j The Christmas reunion of the Knapp family will be held at Mr. Adrian Knapp’s Saturday, Decemter 24th. * d ’ For a number of years he was em- & 0. R. R., after PROMINENT IN WORLD’S AFPAIRS. Senator John F. Dryden of N«w Jor- tay: It Is a geuuine pleasure and a great privilege to pay tribute pub­ licly to one so prominent in the world’s affairs as the Hop. Ghauncey M. De­ pew. An orator of national and Inter- Uational reputation, eminent in the legal profession, conspicuous la busi­ ngs and public affairs, Senator De- lyy a credit to the grei represents in the Unite but a valuable memb< of that body. A loyal supporter of Re­ publican policies and principles, his been in the Interest w Is not onl a ite which he represents in the Di States Senate, but a valuable member VEEBANK C. P. Colwell received a oar of coal Wednesday^ This was very pleasing to bis neighbors, as they have been waiting for coal for several weeks. Miss Mildred Vail, of Millbrook, called here Tuesday. George Barlow sold soma turkeys and ohiokeus to Knapp Rhoads, of Vlatteawlau Thursday. „ Don’t forget the social at Eugene Tompkiu’s next Wednesday evening. Mr. Frank T. Hall was in Millbrook Thursday. rork has always been in the Jennie Swift, of Cheslaut Ridge, enjoyed a sleigh ride throngh this of good governmeut and for tlie wel­ fare of the people at large. The In­ telligent constituency which he rc place Weduesda; Edward Q 4e Saturday. ay. Edward Quiulin was iu Poughkeep- seuts fully appreciate, I am sure, his efficient services In behalf of his State and country. Michael Onnley, of New York, is boarding atO. P. Oollwell’s. George Gregory and wife, of Moores Mills, visited friends here reoeutlj ) photo- > a 1 ■ B[iBA>t'' 8 tn::EraKnAND Mr. Hiram 8dt1i.erlend died at Wash­ ington H(dlow, Tuesday evening, at eleven o’clock. The direct cause of death being cancer of the mouth. Mr. Sutherland first became known when he arrived from ^Inm b ia County, and accepted a position with his brothor-in-law, the late B.enj.- Hal­ stead, in a store at Hibernia, going from there to Washington Hollow, fif­ ty-six years ago, where he worked for fi kiJne as clerk in thfi hotel for the late S'eamer Tdmlinson, until the death of the latter.' He then w ent'to New York, where he-wiMi in husiaess four ^PREMELY IMPORTANT. $«nater* Henry C. Hansbrough of North Dakota: I consider the re-elec tlon of Ghauncey M. Depew to the United States Senate of supreme im­ portance not only to the State of New York, but to the country. It Is unnee lary to dwell upon Senator Depew’s ?at ability, because bis renown in ct is worldwide. -1 aiilis, visited friends here recently. Mrs, Clinton Thibbedean, of Moor Mills, was in this place selling soap dftj ■ one day the past week. Miss Grace M. Hall called oii Mr*. Melville Mosher, of Freedom Plains, Wednesday. respect is world Surely the or five years, after which he retired^ lent the remainder of his life at Washington Hollow. He married the.daughter Of Joshua Simmons, and survived her about thirty-five years. Deceased is survived by a sister, Mrs. Blaoo, of Hudson, and two neph­ ews, Jacob Sutherland, of Columbia County, and Robert Sutherland, of New York City, an of whom atkndel the funeral, ers at the Round Table office this week left a pair of black gloves. They are awaiting au owner. ^Thg Kind Vou Haw AlwitBMtft * ngWAiwi|» B SBSAXOB HAHSBKOUaH. t af 1 the For the past seven years he-ha* been a permanent gnest at the WheeW House, where he has endeax«d.M,n»eIf to all who met him, and will be -great- stood as one of the gi-f figures In national and inieruational cannot forty years reat central nt ly missed. Mr. Suthijrfond was a member oif the Millbrook Club. affairs and as one of the foremost ex- onents of the print tepubllcan party. Inclples of the great t ump. . ' , , He was.Of a quiet, retiring disposi­ tion, yet genial, good hearted and well Machine at Sherow’s. Have yon at $19.50, equal it if you can. the Vindex Sewing funeral ser Great rsdnetion in elothing men­ tioned in Bedsit's new doable column For Washing and Cleaning all kinds ef Preaeo Paint, Wood­ w o r k , Furniture, Bric-a-brac, Marble, Statuary, Linoleum, etc. A High Grade Cleanser for these special purposes. 15 cents pet package at Wall Taper, Paint and Drug Stores. Sample tnsdled for a cent stamp. Address, THE ABSORENE CO., St. L du I b , M o . -AS- TS.bifi evdY k r Price $ 22 , *2C $16.50,! f 11 and All tl This is moth Of A1 Prices 3 A gran able CJ 299 - I have ? that I d( Have 3 ; seei S h o i s; Sc

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