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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 23, 1904, Image 3

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Is a necessary and important duty. '' See what a pleasure we have made it, and how easy for you HOUSECOATS, BATHROBES, FUR CAPS SMOKING JACKETS, FUR GLOVES Mufflers, Umbrellas, Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, Pajamas, Dress Suit Cases And many more useful articles not here mentioned ALL AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICES POUGHKEEPSIE, M. SHWARTZ 01 t 01 | 01 l 0 «| 0 « 0 «| 0 ) | 0 tl 0 l| 0 )| 0 i | 0 l| 0 r lGildersleeve& Co.f I 314 Main Street ^ Poughkeepsie, N.Y. | I Telephone 173-A. g Discount to Grange g fOn I sChristmas § fMorning | ^Mother, Biitw or Friend^ owoQld be delighted to find emongS gUer presents a pair of warm andS Xpretty Borneo Slippers. 5 § « i s TABLE TALK The Methodist Sunday School will ^ celebrate their Ohristmas festivitieB M this (Friday) evening, Beports of the drought still oontin- uaa to be heard. Poaghheepsie is now saffering from lack of water. The arrangements are not qnite com­ pleted for the re-erection of the Alta- mont barns, which was destroyed by ksgiving. ' o V „ ‘‘Romeo” Slippers | £ strongly and neatly made of felt, S ^ S lined with separate felt insole, and § o trimmed with a heavy roll of fur. o S $1.00, $1.50 and $3.00 a pair, for m o g Christmas gift to please I g ItOllOllOktOltOIIOltOltOltOKOllOIIOltO sjriptions for $1.50, It is seldom we are called upon to chronicle so many deaths in one issne ofour paper. We feel partionIarl.y sadden^ since all were old and well known residents who will he greatly missed. Several correspondents have failed to send in their letters this week. They will all be missed, partionlarly the Dover letter, but everything is exons- able in the completion of Ohristmas o preparations these last few days before o the great holiday. New Advertisements. For Sale One stack of nice cornstalks. A. P , S w ift Xmas Oysters We wish to place before the public the celebrated N. H. City Point Oyaters, nnanrpassed for quality and flavor. All orders will be delivered promptly and satisfactorily. Collins & ClrarcliiU MillUrook Market la without A Fresh Lot at A L L E N 'S Drug Store. SPENCER’S BUSINESS SCHOOL Kiflgglos, N. r. [ Incorporated] lal trata!) S tenofraplay, toiielt-ty]>ewKltlair, tele crap1iy,koek-keepliii|r, kanktH g a s k ilu g l l e k . S a illy raacbed b r W eet Sbora, K . Y. C , WalMtHl Valley, U. * and 0 . A W . Rallwaye. ktlO O sfaduatee filMnf gocd poal- >ae. MomtA a u k ro o m , $* p o r w e o k »S‘ An Ideal icboCl for yonng men. and women. Tboroegh indlTldnal trataiag. Conraae in - ' typom Onr n«w Ad. column is the bent way we know of for yon to reach tU* pub­ lic eye. For twenty ftte cents place year ' ‘want** before four ihoi end readers. Try it once whether yon went to bay or sell. FlilDAY-, DEO. 23 THE MiLLBROOK ROUND TABLE Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Millbrook, N. T, SmOM OOPIKS THBBB OBNTS fire Thanksgiving. If you wish to take advantsge of the hristmas offer, printed on first come in before January 1st. Two simil- great holiday. At The Beformed Sunday School the Christmas exercises-are to be very sim­ ple this year. They announce some Bible stereoptioon pictures and Christ­ mas hymns, sfter which there will be a Christmas supper, to be held on Wednesday, December S8th. The Christmas issue of the Millbrook Mirror came out this week. It la a handsome twenty page paper, profusely illustrated with portraits of Millbrook men, residences, and places of busi­ ness, well able piece a Christmas greeting. If any proof of the truth of a certain old proverb were needed onr obituary t ^, columns this week might fnrnish it. \A green Christmas makes a fat Kirk- ^ard.” does not go this year. The real fact is that the steady cold weateh* ir, thongh doubtless healthier than if ih were changeable, is very fatal to people at all enfeebled by age or dis- snoes, and places of bnsi- printed, and a very credit- of work; to them we extend vicinity; Mrs. Wm. P. Wetheral, of Nev# Tork, came up to her home Friday efChing. Mr. John Byan, of South Mill­ brook, went down to New Fork Sun­ day evening. Mr. and Mrs,Theron S. Dean, of near Moores Mills, speat Sunday at Miss Margaret Brannon*) Mr, T. Houghtaling*s horse, which WAS stricken with spinsl meningitis last week, died Friday. Miaa FicreUoc Seeley will be at home for dhrialmas, coming up from New York the last of this week, Mr. Hasrik Knidierbocker, of Bang- All, WAS in Millbrook on businesa Mon- dAy, and called At this office, Mr. and Mrs. John Brett have been euiertaining the latter’e mother, at their home on Franklin Avenue, Mr. Benj, •'Woolheater cdtothe in Xnig]hti jtreaint. ^ Ceorge Lovelace has been Miss Annie MpDonsld went to N'ew York Sunday. Mrs. Anna Henry spent, Wednesday in Fonghkeepsie. Mrs. Charles Mastin was quite sick the first of the week. Mr. W. 0. Knseell went to Pough­ keepsie Wednesday evening. , Dr. Pingry and Dr. Mackenzie went to New York last Thursday. Mr. and, Mrs. Joseph H. Davis were in Poughkeepsie Wedhes 'ay. ^ Mr. Frank T. Mastin has been sick in bed with the grip the past week. Mr. S. S. Benbam and alother, of Tower Hill, were in Millbrook Friday. Misses Esther Xi. Swift and Annie Pizie spent Thursday .in Poughkeep- Mr, Wm. P. Wetheral, of New York, came up on the Thursday neon Mrs. John Sanders and Mrs, Anna Willis were in Poughkeepsie, driving in and back. Mrs. .Joseph Berwin is improving a little, thongh still suffering severely from pneumonia. Messrs. Charles Whaley and Stephen Bonham drove to Poughkeep­ sie Wednesday. Mrs. Charles MoCleary went to Newbnrgb Friday afternoon, return­ ing Sunday morning. Miss Annie Tarney will come up from New York, and spend the holi­ days with her parents. Miss Abeling will spend the holi­ days at her home, departing from here Thursday morning. Mr, John M, Ham was awarded bronze medal on bis corn exhibited at the St. Lonis Exposition. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kreamer have moved from Evanston, 111., and are now located at Chicago. Mr, Frank Sealey is athoraenntil after the holidays, oomiug up from New York Friday evening. Miss Nellie LovelaCe and Jasner [Eke drove to Dover Wednesday irning returning at- nig^t. Mr. William Noxon, who was re­ covering nicely from pnenmonia, has not been as well again ibis week. Mr. Cheater 8. Honghtaling. i companied by Miss F. Mae West and his cousin spent Wednesday in Pough­ keepsie. When tired of hunting for your ? X m a s P r c s e i i t s ,' comG to us, where Iuoc“e t . ’^‘*“ will be glad to here of his | yQ■^ a l w a j S f i n d tfiO l a F g e S t a S S O F t - 'ted the sleighing excellent from rbankto MillbTook. LOCAL COBKBSPONDBNOE Mrs. Isaac Lester has been qnite 1 . Mrs. Henry H. Swift was quite ill last Sunday, Mr. Smith Benham wa» in Mill­ brook Tneaday. Miss Mary Story was in Poughkeep­ sie this week. Mr. Yalentine went away on the Sunday evening train. Mr, Benben Storey was in Pough­ keepsie Wednesday. . . Mr. Joseph Bird and daughter,! of New York, Martha, spent Sunday'in MillertOn. Hr, Biohard J. Socles, of Passaic, N. J , spent Sunday in Millbrook and will remain with her until she regains her health. Mrs. Collins wss tsken-serionsly ill at the boms of her brother, in Salt Foiht, Sunday- She was somewhat better Wedneaday, and was moved to tbs home of her daughter, Mrs. Theo. Churohill, by her ion, Mr. Collins We hope she will entirely recover good health, Mias NevA Hallock was in Mill brook Thursday, on her way home, after A visit of six Weeks, during which time she visited in New York, Brook­ lyn, New Jersey, Wassaio and Tower Hill. Her father and sister, Mr. Egbert and Miss Lens otet her af Miss Louisa Benham*s and took her Bev. J. F. Lysll was called to fiud- Bon, New York, last week, to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Anna Clapper. Mrs. Clapper died very snd- inly early Frida v morning, and was Mr. Clarence Brown, of Matteawan, was the guest of Mr. Isaac Jones over Sunday. He returned to his home Sunday,evening. Suite of three rooms, first floor, southern.exposure, front and back en. trance, rain water in kitchen; for r( Apply at this olHoe. Miss Libhie Howland has just re­ turned home from a visit with her nephew, Mr. Albert Davis, of New York City. Mr. Davis is a motorman in the great New York Subway. He .has served fourteen years with Man batten L. Bqad, beginning as a ticket chopper and working bis way up to engineer. When steam was dis- I laced by elictricity he was one of the first men to be given a position as motorman. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, as well as Brother­ hood of Locomotive Firemen, bolding the office aa Past Master, in 'anization. Mr. Davis is . in tl rtion. Mr. Davi: ■ned man on the ooustraction and iration of the air bi ake there is in the latter aa well s voitowQWoaioMoaioiloMoiaowowowoJiowojAoatoicowoMoilowoiloitowoMQti iALLEirS fearmacy I I Concerning Proctor’s 0 ment of the latest novelties, and | » useful articles- We would not a t - 1 try and describe our stock, | „ but want you all to comeand see it, for S stores. At this time especial- X ft ir of the shops is most trying ^ S e e i l l g IS D e l i e V i n g . £ lit to Proctor houses not only 2 2, Come and see’ ns and receive a | 1 Christmas present with every pur- § The Christmas shoppers, especially \ those from out of town, find in the o t e H l l l t tO Proctor theatres a haven of rest from * ^ the fatigues of a trip through the crowded i ly, a totir and a visit restores quiet of mind, bat at the ser­ vice of the patrons is a matron and oonvenieuoe of the toilet. The shops are now oatering to their patt with retiring rooms, but these overcrowded at this time and greater comfort and privacy is to be had at the Proctor theatres, to say nothiug of the mental refreshment that comes from »-view of the smart specialties with which the Proctor bills abound. The admission fees are so small that even the most economical shoppe finds it possible to enjoy a visit and profit by the many conveniences oourtoonsly extended. A ticket tc Proctor’s is better than a box of h* ad- aehe powders to the woinau who hat exhausted her ntrvous entrgy in mak ng her progress thr ough the Christ­ mas crowds. Transfera of Proi>erty Mr. W. H. Tompkins, of Verbank, ^ ~ • r> i was in Millbrook Saturday, aud S^^ith to Came Porter Verl Mis* Libbie Howland went to La- Crangeville Thursday morning, to as­ sist in caring for a sick member of the family of Mr, Townsend. Miss Butler wa« called from New York Tucsda.V evening owing to the critical condition of her 'father, Mr. Thos.Butler.She returned Wednesday. '*^Mra. Chas. Welling continnes to im­ prove, though slowly. Her daughter property in Staufordville, $1 Baym C. Bossman to Ha-riet E. Bossman, property in LaCrauge, $1 Samuel Thorne, ns snviving trustee, etc, to the Millbrook Beformed churob, property in Mabbettsville, $1 How’s TWs? We offer One Hundred Dollars Ho­ ward for any case of Catarrh that can­ not be cured bv Hall’s Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O, We,the undersigned, have known F. J.Oheney for the last IS years, and be­ lieve him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and fiuanoially able to carry ont any obligation made by his firm. WAiii)iNa,KiNNAN A M abvik Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter­ nally,acting directly upon the blood and mneonA surfaces of the system- Testimonials sent free. Price, l5o. per bottle. Sold by all drnggists, Take Hall’s Family Pills for constipa­ tion Sold by all Drnggists. 76c. Take Hall’s Family Pills for oon- iipaiion We carry in stock at all times men’ and Vromen’s bunion shoes, Isrge and easy for swollen end inflamed joints. Glildersleeve A Co. Bead Shwartz’s new ad. this week. denly early Frida v morning, ai buried Sunday afternoon, at thre« o’clock. The body was placed in the tion« mentioned in Beaben Goldbnrg’s initial- receiving vault at Hudson, where it sd this week. Everyone can be suited with Holiday Goods at P I ^ F A X / i r P ^ Q i ’R A n k l i n a y e . r. n . rviiA\vc.r\.o,and c h u r c h s t . chase. 1905 Diarys just received. BEDELL’S Mammoth Clearing Sale style. We are isting to yon.. En Cassimeres, Scotch Cheviots, Eng­ lish Tweeds and Worsteds. That were $23 and $25, now $16 50 18 “ 20, “ 14 50 “ 1.1 » 16 50 “ 12.00 “ 12 \ 13.50 ” 0 00 “ 9 “ 10.00 » 7.60 363 [ling loa't Rather Cutting. Silas—Hiram is going around tellii people that summer boarders doi Cyrus—No wonder; he starved them. Why, the boarders got so thin they cut all the quilts and sheets in slits. _ terminats Molei. lenj, • Woolheater was initiat-receiving vault at Hudson, where iti mysteries of the rank of page will remain until spring. The entire : of Pythias Wednesday community sympathizes with Mr. |Lyall. I wish to oali attention to my ad. W. Bourn. HALCSH^rfK; Perhaps you like your |rty hair; tfaeit keep It. Pei 4 flpe M il then remember—Hall’s Hsir Renever alirayt reitwrei (M ^ it .. Stops fallittg. hair, «lso. ,, '■f ALLEN’S PHARMACY I *ito«tostostoatostostoMo«;oatoitoitoitoitostoatQitoktoitoatoMoitoseoatoitoito O TAETINC^'TODAY^^we wBl place on sel^at^greatlj redneed prices sll our has been a little backward, and we find a large stock of Fancy Suits Fancy Overcoats left on our oonuters. Every garment is a model in itself, all handsomely tailored. Cat in the very latest models, both single and doable ited^ The patterns are all smart and snappy, aud every one this seaaon’a to close these raits^an^oyerdoata so as to make it inter- lan a saving to yon of re going to close these suits and overdoata so as i And when we say EEDHOriONS, we mean four to six dollars under the rngular price Fancy Suits Fancy Overcoats In Hough Scotch Cheviots and Tweeds- Belt Backs. Cut very loose aud Boxy, That were $22 and $25, now $18 59 » “ 18 ” 20, •* U.50 “ “ 15 “ 16.50 “ l*.t» “ “ 12 “ IS 50 “ ».00 \ “ 9 “ 10.00 “ 7.6© 1 All our nigh Grade |3.00 Soft and Stiffllats reduced to $2 00 all in the newest sh ipes and shades. WM. S. BEDELL Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher 365 Main Street, POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. To Exterr When Queen Alexandra heard bWW the moles were destroying thn_««i» In Wales she ordered A moleskin tm t. This set the pace lot other womm. with the resui^hat the dettmud for moleskin muffs Is rapidly extwnahztt*

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