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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 23, 1904, Image 2

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m e p B a a s ^ I'- CadUs’ Jackets 50 left, will go at one-tliird regular price. ■ $9.00 Jackets at $3.00 $14.00 Jackets at $5.00 to $6.50 $4.50 at $1.90 I'HE MJllBEOOK EODNB TABLE Published w eekly by THE MILLBjROQK FEINTING CO. Subicriptiou $ 1,00 a Vear l a Advance We will close the balance out at these' FBIDAY MOBNIlSrCl X>OWB& Smith Beuham butohercia some mora hogs for Ohas, Hioks, olBith gow, Monday. 'JChomaa Whale® and family were at Dorer Plains Sanday> to see Mrs. Whalen’s mother. David Briggs was here calling Fri- Miss Neva Halluofc, of Stanftrlyille, visited her nude’s Smith and David Beufaam the past week, Miss Hallook was on her way ]hoine from a six weeks' visit with relatives at Sassex, Passaic, Highwood, Flessautville, ST. J., and SYsssaiC. David Benham and daughter, Bath, called on Lithgow friends Saturday. George Seaman spent the past week lephen Benhi Reduced KELLY’S Prices IVlillbrook L tjoket , P l a t t & C o m p a n y POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Club Kates. Millbrook Bound Table and Poughkeepsie Eagle, “ Enterprise, Agriculturist, Oosmopolitan, Tribune Earmet, Tri-weekly Tribune, 2.50 1.75 1.75 1.80 1.25 1.75 1.70 tl.75 ^orld, Sunday School Times Subscriptions need not begin at' the same time. The premiums will bagiven with any of these offers. Law Suit December 23, 1904 DAVIS VS SOIiMB HAVE YOU BEEN The case of William H. Davis against Alonzo E. Miller was tried in tho County Court Tuesday. The jury found a verdict for the fall amount $100, for Wm. Davis. On or about July 1st, last, Mr Mil. ler bought the Bnllis farm, and at that time sold the hay on it for $125 to Mr, with his oousia, Stephen BeDham. Mrs. John Sink and son Harry were at Mabbettsyille, Saturday. Stephen Benham and sister, Hazel, were at Millbrook, Saturday. Mrs, Thomas Jones is in very poor health again, and her friends join in wishing her a speedy recovery. John White is busy selling fish oys­ ters, etc. Ernest Marshall is cutting and de­ livering cord wood this week. Mrs. John White was with her mother, Mrs. Thomas Jones, over Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Decker are visiting his parents here this week. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Benham and son and daughter, visited Mrs. Ben ham’s mother, Mrs. Welling, a few days laht week, and returned home Monday. A merry, merry Christmas to all. IN THIS STORE Davis, standing, reserving ten tons of itt forr himself,self, agreeinging too leaveve itt to Mr. Davis what amount he should i fo him agree t lea i to CLINTON COBNEBS The aunnal Entertainment of the Friend’s Sunday School, Clinton Oor- FOR CHRISTMAS YOUR PRESENTS If not don’t miss the chance this week. The untiring effort of weeks has been put forth, just to make this store an ideal spot for you to come for all your many presents. charge for the ten tons. This agreement was set forth in a letter from Mr. Miller to Mr. Davis. Mr. Miller contended that he afterward made a second contract with'Mr. Davis in which he agreed to out ten tons for Miller and ten tons for himself and pay $75 for the balance. Mr, Miller was corroborated in his testimony of a second conti'aot by his wife and a Mr. Miglet who resides with the family. Mr. Davis claimed the ten tons was worth $100 which Mr. Miller refused to pay ; hence the law suit and a verdictfor the full amount for Mr. Davis, Elijah T. Bussell represented Mr. nvis, ai Mr. Miller. Friend s Sunday School, Olmton uor- ners, will be held in the Church, Tues­ day evening, December 17th, at 7:30, Diologues, recitations, tableux, music and singing, will be an attractive feat­ ure of the evening. The music will be under the direction of Mrs. Louie Wing, who will preside at the ' hear the children. All come and h You can hardly find a home without its A y e r ’s C h e r r y Pectoral, Parents know what it does for children t breaks C h e r r y P e c t o r a l up a cold in a single night, wards off bronchitis, prevents pneumonia., Physicians ad­ vise parents to keep it On hand. Throat, Lungs Otlhlelhiitii. Holy Land la an In- CltriatmM* In Christmas In the Holy terestlng experience. Indeed it is one never to be forgotten, and every Christ­ mas thousands of persons from all over the world make a journey to Palestine In order to witness the various ceremo­ nies held there during the festive sea’' SOB, Every one almost puts up at Je- rnsalem and on Christmas morning makes his way to Bethiehem, which lies (almost due south, about slxr miles ay as the crow' flies, over a range of Is. No highway the world over pre- its such a motley crowd as may be .seen streaming along this thoroughfate y on Christmas « 8 morning. ntECTOR QP S t . LUKE Aslibnriiliaii), Oiitarto, qreatifies to tlie OoQd 4 w a lltle» of, fciia*nbortain>» CougU Honied.)', _ Ashbnriiham, Out., ApriHS, 1903.— I think it is only right that’ j should tell you what a wonderful iberlain’s Oouj Chamberlain’s Cough Bemedy has produced. Tho day before Easter I wasas SO'O' distressedistressed with a coldld andnd u’JV S S fZ ™ w S d with a co a cough that I did not think to be able to take any duties the nest'day, as my e congh. FANTASTIC CELEBRATIONS, The same day I received an order from lem^ Myaterlea anU Horalitlea at C|iriat- juaa lu Miaaie A«ea. During the middle ages Christmas was celebrated by the gay fastastic spectacle of dramatic mysteries and moralities given by personages in gro tesque masks and singular costumes. The scenery usually represented an In­ fant in a cradle surrounded by the Vir­ gin Mary and St, Joseph, bulls’ heads, cherubs, eastern magi and many orna­ ments. Then there were the Christmas car­ ols or some which recalled the songs of the shepherds at the Nativity. These songs w’ere attended by dances to the rhythm of the various musical instru­ ments. Everybody joined this merry­ making, and the wild music and sing­ ing were kept up the livelong night. Of these ancient Christmas carols but few have been preserved to ns. Thefore- ; seemed to be the custom of all )tlan nations dmdng the middle you for a bottle of your Cough Bei edy. I at once procnred'a sample bottle, and took about three doses of the medicine. To my great relief the cough and cold had completely disap­ peared and I was able to’ preach three times on Easter Day. Iknewthisrap- id and effective cure was due to yopr Bemedy. I make this testi- Cough I, being thankful to have found such a Godsent remedy. Bespe tfuUy yours E. A. LANGBEIiDr, M. A., Eector of St. Luke’s Gliuroh, To Obamberlain Medicine Oo, Dean Bvos. cceedingly erished Is school Friday, for the holiday vaoa-| in Italy It was the custom of the tion. Calabrian minstrels to descend from The mercury in this place the past the mountains and discourse their wild reek marked 15 below zero. I music before the shrine of the Virgin Miss Irene Ham, ofVerbank, was a|Mary. In England and on the couri- uest of Alma Griffin, Griffin Hi^ 1“\^* iaturday and Sunday, Many are enjoying the sleighii and we hear the pleasant sound BarKundy’s Christmas Carols. In Burgundy carols are excee opular. Indeed not more cheris le German’s Christmas tree, with Its Uttering ornaments and the' Christ ihild, or the Englishman’s red holly erries, mystic mistletoe, blazing hearth fire and smoMng plum pudding than are the ditties sung all through advent until Christmas eve hy the good Ik of that province. Among other 'istmas season were the so called bells. Mrs. Louie Wing and Miss Libbie There are thousands of gifts in this store. They have been brought from far and near T.ve reasonable prices, too, allow buying so many for m iderate su m s , that you can provide for dozens of presents and not have to spend a large amount. Colwell were in Ponghkeepsie Tuesday, purchasing presents for the Christmas ighing, feasts of fools and asses, in which ev- of th e .erythlng erythli Ceriors showing the proneness of man 'thing serious was Burlesqued, in- ip as their superiors and great men becoming playful, the lole showing the proneness of i ser feriors dress jwing the proj 1 thee order of B il l i o u s CJ’lc UreveMtcd Take a double dose of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrho a Bemedy as soon as the first, indication Of the disease appears and a threatened at­ tack may be warded off. Hundreds of people use the remedy in this way with perfect success. For sale hy Dean Bros. society and to Methodist Episcopal Church tree for the Friends’ Sunday School. The Sunday School will have the Christmas exercises Friday evening. A cordial invitation is extended to all. ... The services on Sunday will Our given ing entire immense store is over this week to supply- your Christmas wants Christmas services. The morning sub- manity.anity. 'ill speak I Gift to* ject will be ‘*The Holiday Mr. Si ay Hum ’* 1 . , In the evening the pastor will speak p ‘Heavei Earth.” j The Sunday School at Verbank will render their Christmas progiam on Sundi to children, on “ OhristmMi^^j^*? WASHINGTON HOLLOW Mr. Hiram Sutherland, who has been ailing for so long, quietly passed awt ing att eleven o’oloi iay evening a utherland had li to reverse th order ridicule Its decencies. In England Christmas Is a term at once for-^a religious and merrymaking festival tor every rank and age, the festivities commencing on Christmas eve and lasting till Candlemas, and ev­ ery day being a holiday till Twelfth Night (J - - - lerland had lived nearly all his and will be greatly missed. emas, a In the houses of i W h e i ^ t h e H e a v e n i i O p e n . Poland It Is believed that on Christmas night the heavens are open­ ed and the scene of Jacob’s ladder Is re-enacted, but only the saints are per­ mitted to see i t In Holland the peo- irlt 0 and Mrs. B. B. Morey drove to A merry sleigh' loadfi from Millbrook Ponghkeepsie Monday. ‘ ' load m Iffue and we -wondei passed through here Monday evening, r blowing hems, ringing bells and all lay . f t e . 0 0 0 , atS:80, . . a a “ tUe pastor will preaoli a 01mat-L„, it (Jan. 6). vide the rarest amusement and whose rule lasted from All Hallow eve ndlemas. They lived on the fat minted, whose duty It was to pro- pie enter thoroughly into the spirit the Nativity. In nearly every Dutch at 2 o'clock Christmas morning town 8 the young men assemble at the mark* place, sing iging the “Gloria” and other One of them carries a lai ringing bells and The sleighing or more are not oat and, and all of the tenants'were Invited in to share the general fun and merrymaking.—Houstoi Wednesday evening, the Ladies’ Aid le Ver bank Church will Coma to the largest store on the Hudson Hiver to find the largest assortments. You will find here, already waiting for you the very things yoij want. esday e Society, of the r cu u»uo. vjxurcu wiu give a “Hat Social” at the home of Eugene Tompkins, at Verbank Village. Hat Social LUCKEY, PLATT & 0 0 Bemember the “Hat” social at Eugene Tompkins, Verbank Villa! Wednesday evening, December 281 1904. Asil-ver be furnished elected: Master P o u g h k e e p s ie, N e w Y o r k i offering will be ed and a good time will Several farmers have commenced Atingtting their ice, and it all looks to be ge of good quality. wishes to Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Swift for a pleasant, healthful win­ ter in the “Happy Land of Manatee.” A merry Christmas to the Bound Table and all its readers. At the annual election of officer? of Pleasant Valley Grange held Decem­ ber 18th the following officers v for all who come. Friends do try and come and brii all the family, company, etc., and h( make this a Christmas , u u m p u u y , cm ., n u u xioip jl . cbduioi ;rand success and also a Lecturer Overseer Treasurer George Donaldson Wagm 0. Smith Dry goods, Carpets Furniture MILLINERY Ck>me and see the tremendous bargains in dress and ready- to-'Wear hats, now selling for - one-half their value Mreu P* T. Moorej Franklin Avenue To the Editor of The Tribune Farmer. Sir: Again I greatly appreciate the fact that I can come to you for advice. I would wish that all the farmers f'lU; estimated the value of The New Yor] Tribune Farmer. It appears to me i periodical of its kind, rich in al itsts departments,epartments, batat especially soi in choice i d b especially s all that pertains to veterinary science. I have been a subscriber and reader Co-operative Insurance D u ring the winter 0&nd ap- pUeationa to 0 u h D O N S w i f t M iir b r o o k ECZEMA and PILE CURE Knowing w h at it wa« to anffur, 1 X X tJ O p h e E o p c h a r g e , to any af Salt Rhaanil fllctficl a p o iitiv o c n r s f o r E c z e m a , i E r y a ip a la i,R ile i a n d a k in d ite a a a a . I n i t a s lie f . W o n 't e a f te r lo 'n g e r, W r ite P . W I I .L I . 40 d M a n h a tta n A v e n u e . N e w V « tk . DaWIW* iKifl Salve m s s I B u rns, Bsrsse K a S M S y n i i a a S a r a Secretary Steward Ass’t Ste'ward A Practical, HelpM Parm Paper ray Lady Ase’t Steward Bessie Boioe Mrs. W. P. Masten Lewis F. Bing Wilson VanWagner Christopher Bosswi Chaplain Pomona Flora Trustee Mrs. W. P. home after spending four weeks with friends and relatives in Paterson, New Mrs. J. Edward Laird John Bates Mrs. Miller Mrs. E. VonWagner Wilson VanWagner Masten has returned iding four weeks with present the three kings Bethlehem. it guide* B o B u tvk Not a minute should be lost when a child shows symptoms of croup. Chamberlain’s Congh Bemedy given as soon as the child becomes hoarse, or even after the croupy cough appears will prevent the attack. It never fails, and is pleasant and safe to take. Dean Brothers Effects of Drunkenness. The National Society for the Preven­ tion of Cruelty to Children estimates that of the 140,000 or 160,000 cases that come under its notice yearly one- half are caused directly by drunken­ ness and consequent neglect by par- York, Brooklyn, and Mount Vernon. Miss Laura White, formerly of this ill with typhoid fever at of quite a long list of agricultural pa- ■e “ “ ■ Trib- heipful assistance than any I have place, is very her home in Poughkeepsie. ers, but to me th New York ne Farmer brings more real practical, ever read. There may be other as B for the farmer,. good, or better, paper) but11 -' have to discover them as yet. Yottrs rety truly, C habi . es H. B odhan . Gonverneur, N. Y., November 28, 1904 Through a special agreement with The New York Tribune Farmer we will send it with the Millbrook Bound bed in Vassar Hospital. He is not much improved. The law suit between Mr. Carroll and Mrs. E. Bymph has been amica­ bly settled. LIBEBAL QUANTITY OF L. & M. Paint given to churches whenever they Don’t forget the old man ;itli the fish on his back. For nearly thirty years he as been traveling around the ;orld, and is still traveling, itinging health and comfort wherever lie goes. T o the consumptive he )rings the strength and flesh le so much needs. To all weak and sickly diildren he gives rich and strengthening food. To thin and pale persons H e a d About to B u r st from Severe B i l lio u s ABacB “I had a severe bilious attack and felt like my head was about to burst when I got hold of a free sample of Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver Tab­ lets. I took a dose of them\ after sup­ per and the next day felt like a new man and have been feeling happy ever since,’’says Mr. J.W. Smith, of Jnliff, Texas. For biliousneBS, stomach troubles and constipation these Tablets have no equal. Price 25 cents. Dean Bros. le gives new firm flesh and ■icli red blood. Don’t pay $1.50 a gallon for linseed oiL Children who first saw the old naan with the fish are now Trees Alongside o f Roads. Not only should brush and weeds ba removed from the roadside, but grass should be sown, trees planted, and a side path or walk, be prepared for the nse of pedestrians, especially wo­ men and children, going to and dom­ ing from church, school, and places of business and amusement. Country roads can be made far more useful and attractive than they usual and this may he secured by 1 small I oil from the barrel at 50 cents a and mix it with the L. A M. 5. gallon, le; Paint. gallon. Call iHmith A Burch, Table, both papers, one year, lor$1.25. Send your name and address to the Paint. Millbrook Bound Table, Millbrook, It makes paint cost about $1.20 per grown up and have children of their own. N. Y. Millbrook For the best rubber footwear, and at j Brownell A Son, IjiaGrangeville lowest prices go to Sherow's. j q a JiM n fk .,^T In l» id Y«iKi»iAliwi)8Btw)it Special bargains in suits andover-| coats can b« secured atT. Sherow’s.* He stands for Scott’s Emul­ sion of pure cod liver oil—a delightful food and a natural tonic for children, for old folks and for all who need flesh and strength. this may be enditure of only a small amouni abor and money, provemenfs are r the surroundings attractlvie Id to the value of prove) inviting and ad( erty and the pleasure of Although such lm» not necesaary, they adlngs attractiv and alue Of prop- the traveler. When you want« pleasant purgative try Ohamberiain’s Stomach and Liv( Tablets. They are ea> disc roduce no nausea, griping or other sagreeable effect* o trimmi N e w We wii prpmptlj Col Mi ALI SPENC grapk) Bugiu: N.Y. c R » |lw » y i roaitidm want*!

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