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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, December 23, 1904, Image 1

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M illbrook R ound T able O O W i a T A K T r L y P B i V O T H i P T O T H B II< r y : ^ « . g g T e i Q g O H iIV T H A lL, P U T O M B a B B I. YOL, XIII Business Directory, Jliulwook, T. ■ FRANKLiy AVEBiBE. BANK OF J«1X i .B B 6 0 K , J((inei8 iReudon, PresideRt. MILLBROOK, N. T., DECEMBER 33, 1901. No. 645 FR E D . H. SW IFT, No1»ry FuWio SMITH A BUROH OeneiAl Merchandise. BANK O f MILtBROOK MILLBROOK, NEW VORK O B a A N IZED 1801 Capital and Surplus, ST R S T F iSE Y MOORE HUlinei-y IAMBS BBARBON, Hardware. Farin Machinery. C. B.‘ REARDON. Furniture, Carpets. MattluKA Trunks, StoveA Tinware and Flumhin*. I W. OLIVET, Shavlnc and Hair-cutting. ' S. L JACOBUS, M. P. Office Hours until » a. m., 12 to 2 and 7 WILLIAM GEMMILL, ComwMtrcifcl Man's Horn; ______ le. Livery Stablt 5 n J. PIZIE, , Tinware, Roofing, Plumbing. Atche«. Clocks, Jewelry. P. H. PAULU8, _______ Millbrook Bakery. JOHN H, ALLDN, JB., PU. Or. PruffS, Physicians’ Prescriptions, __________________Paints, Etc. ARTHUR de GARIS. P . P. m o M A S W, PEAN, Life, Fire and Accidental Insurance EEOKT STREET. F , T. M A S IIN Town Clerk ___ _ XP l A P . P . nlAPO P A P P , Fruits, VegeU b ie s, Fish, loeOream . BENJ. WOOIiHBATER Practical Plum bing and Gas Fitting. JOSEPH S, 8HBLPON, P>rugA i Soda Water. leneral Merchandise. MRS. J. R. HORTON, MUllnery and Fancy Goods. GEORGE LOVELACE MILLBROOK PRINTING CO., Bound Table. Job Prln WiStflKETOtlt ArENIJE COLUNS * CHURCHILL Millbrook Market. B. B . KELLi: , Mnnafaotnring Clotnier KEEETTA H ioFB \ ^ ; Fiye and Ten Cent Goods. TABER SHBROW, Shea, Cycle and W atch House & H. CUNNINGHAM, PhotOdiapher. , . rlnArjr Surgeon, Telepbone call 8SD N9ETH AfENUE. I. C. JONES General Merchandise. MILLBROOK INN - Mr. F e lix F ieger, Manager JOSEPH HOLMES, Haraess Maker. SWIFT BROTHERS, Lumber, Goal, IJine, Cement, Gates. B. G. BORICK, Carpenter and Contractor. MBREltT ATENVE. HBNBT SHAW, VINCENT BROS. Carpenter and Builder. E.L.FLORENOE Maton, Builder and L o c i I Contractor Washington Hollow, N, Y. H a a o E a n d O rgans Tuned Aftd Repaired. Orders left at 0 , B . B » a » do »’ ii Furniture Warerooms w ill redeive prompt httention. A ll werk guarenteed R iD E E ’S MUSIC STORE, 888 Main Street. Poughkeepsie. JOHN F. GRANT Organist o f Grace Obnrch, w ill reoeife pupils In Voioe eulture, piano hndorghu iusti tlone and the tbeorj of mnsio. F ou »» ai » P hao * Officers * ' JA K E S R E A B P O N , President WM. E. SM ITH , V ice-President W A liT E B P. H AIGHT, Cashier On the W hy tp Manatee The color line began to be drawn the boat from Philadelphia to Balti- taore, and it isniece.'iBary, for crowds of Africans are returning to the Bunny South at this season and a long second olaBS quarters Unust baye rei>embled the bold of a $ 9 0 , 6 2 0 . 0 3 cegsion of them filed past the ticket dow, till the second oiaes quarters t ha of them were'rich and occupied state rooms reserTed for tbeir nse. The aame was repeated on the Bay Line Steamer from Baltimore to Norfolk, which by the way proved to be fully as good as it appeared, and landed ns in good time after a oomfortable night. We went on withont delay by the Seaboard A r Line, so called on account of the boards yon see a t the numerous -aw mulls along tho route. At once ve were in the country of one and two room log cabins, inhabit­ ed sometimes by large fam iiies of dar­ kies, who seem to have figured the problem of the “ Simple Life'’ down very fine. Numerous little stacks in the fields p' 0 \ed to be peanut vines, and when you see a whole African family gathered around a little fire on the ground, and surrounded by piles of vines, they are picking peanuts John J. Donaldson, Oakleig^Thorne, DIBEOTORS. Charles P . Dieterich, William E , Smith, 'William B . Audereon, James H. Haight, Reardon. N. Haight, ACCOUNTS, LARGE OR SMALL, SOLICITED Millbrook Land and Improvement Co. [LIMITED] Offers for sale it* desirable prop- erty in large or small plots. Enquire of JA M E S REARDON, Agent W h y Not; D epew Again P To what purpose is all this talk about a possible successor n e s t March to Chuanoey M. Depew as United States Senator from the Empire State? Why should there be any question as to his unanimous re-eieetion at the hands of the Repnblioan majority, aid­ ed by the Democratic minority, of State Legislature? 'What has bees done, or left nndone, that should justify our party in turn­ ing him down? What man in onr party in the State, or for that matter in the Nation, has worked harder, more wisely, or longer for the good of his Country, his State, and his Party, than has Cbauncey M. Get the Most Out of Your Food Von don’t and can’t if your *k>ma«h is weak.' A weak stomach does not di­ gest ail that is ordinarily taken into H. It gets tired easily, and what it fails to digest is wasted. Among the signs of a weak stomach ate nneasittesa after eating, fits of neiv yous headache, and disagreeable belch- been greatly benefited by its use. I would apt he without It In my family. l am trou- forty-four years of yeoman ice, year in and year out, and in kinds of political wei tnes, they are pickin g peai Whether they roast them in the fii not I oauuot si SEASONABLE GOODS Portland Cutters, Two -seated Sleig^hs, Heavy and Li^hi Farm Bobs, Cast Sleigh Shoes, 5-A Horse Blanbets, Bobet- and Storm Covers, Hand-sleds, skates, Panning \Mills Corn Fencing, Barb Wire and Staples, Fanning Mills, ( .‘orn Shellers, Grind Stones, Boot Cutters, Steel barrows, garden and B.R. barrows, shovels,mattocks, picks.axes with and with­ out helves, Atkins and Disston o'ne and two man saws. Shelf hardware, Bradley axes, Disston saws, Ynlean nails, wire and cut nails, poultry netting and wire cloth. Wagons Milbum Wagons, Sarven Wheels, Wide and Regular tires; Hollow Steel Axle, also with Wood Hub, Express Wagons. Road Wagons, Carriages, with and withont Rubber l^res, Buckboards, Etc. In Harness Department Heavv and Light Team Harness, Single Harness, light and medium weight, rubber and nickel trnn. HatneBB or any p&rt made to order, repairing promptly attended to Blankets, robes, whips, brashes, soaps, oils, and dressings JAMES EBARDON Franklin Ave. Millbrook. say. Com is harvested after the manner of onr forefathers, peeling the ears ano ing off the topI o: stalks standing. Siloi servici all kinds o f political weather connt for nothing, when there is an opportu­ nity to reward the worker with a justly deserved re-eiection? W hat enooura'»ement is there to­ ward faithful public service, if we play battledore and shnttleoook with onr eminent public servants? Wbat man i s there in onr party who has a cleaner political record than has haunoey M. Depew? When did he over ignore or tamper run down coi been greatly not be without bled especially ach and nausea.and find Hood’* Saraapar ___ invaluable,\ E, B, H ickman , W.ChesteVi Pa. Hood*s Sarsaparilla and Pills strengthen and tone the stomach and the whole digestive system. G B A d E CHUBOH CBTRISTMAS MtJSIO i; 1904. Sunday, December 25th’, 1 11 a. m. H o ly Commanion (Choral) )rgan Prelude—- Pastoral Symphony “ indel (From The Messiah) Hand* Processional —“ Hark the Herald An- Ohanncey gels Sing” Entroit only, leaving the loB are never seen. The roads are innocent of gravel. and jnst beginning to be very bad, will be worse in winter. In Southern Virginia any kind of a vehicle goes, iften a two wheeled cart made of pole^ irawn by an ox, bull, steer, or cow. We saw one wagon with shafts about the size o f a pole tongue, attached to a yoke which rested on the neck of a steer, and a chain over h is forehead just below the horns carried the fewer ley call it a head yoke. W hile writ­ ing this a mule team and wagon went by, with a colored girl, dressed up in riding on the neach, with a pablio or a private trust? Wbat would we gain by replacing him with any man whose Senatorial experience is not equal to his? InaMmuoh as New York is the lead­ ing business State of the Union, is it not to onr advantage that its Senators should be snocessfal business men, as is Senator Depew? W bat man have we in onr ranks who is a better and more stiooessful combi­ nation of bnaiuess man and statesman than he is? In view of these nnanswerable tions it is difiSonlt to see why nol pew again. WALTER J. BALLARD Schenectady, December 12th. style, riding on th< seat v isible. r no box nor ig the Di houses averaged better, i painted up in some of them large and painted up in good shape, th< ly a ll set on logs or brick piers, have no nse for cellars in the 5 & 10c STORE Holiday Goods ■ WE have the largest colleetloii of holiday goods ever shoim ia Millbrook.. TOYS, CHINA WARE, GLASS WARE, NOTIONS, You \ivill fiad over 10,000 articles to spleet from J. E. KELLY Washington Avemie* Millbrook After p assing the D ismal Swamp the South. Most of the stores make an at­ tempt at style by putting on battle­ ment fronts. Cows and hogs run loose iu the roads and fields, bat th< razor back hog and scrawny cow seem gone out of fashion, w e saw but few of them. At Norlina we were allowed a rest of four hours, and had the good fortune to find a small cotton gin iu operation. The white cotteu is a beautiful sight as it comes out, a bale in two hours, and the negroes who work aronud it are tufted with w h ite from the crowns df their wooly heads to the soles of their half bare feet. The cotton crop is nearly all in, we fonnd some not yet picked, and will send a sample home by mail. At Hamlet numerous spittoons wer. brought into the car, iu consideration of the habits of onr Southern bretheru At Southern Pines one passenger said '‘This station will em p ty the train,” and it did take a good share of the passengers. Another remarked as we g ot off, see what it is to have a good name and be well advertised. For Southern Pines has not a single natural attraction more than a hnnd- red other places in that region, bnt the persistant pushing of John T- Patrick with the aid of the Railway Co. has MEERITT & COLVILL 'West Shore Stoves and Ranges Dookash and Manhattan stoves and ranges. Hot water, H o t air and Steam heating. W e are the only agents for the Btandurd w ick and wiokless pipe sheet iton, and repairing, jacket pumps, rubber bucket pumps, W ash tubs, clothe* 'tringers. oil stoves, b e s t in the market, made by the Standard Lighting 0 Tin, granite, nickel ware, Akron vitrified sewer pipe, lead pi tin and slate roofing, gas fitting'and fixtures, slate roofing and r< Red j DR. L. r. 8TANBR0HGR, DENTIST, Nixt door to Riading^Room, __________ _ York Qjperatiug rocra ou ground flloor A ll work appertaining to dentit performed in a skillfftl manner and warranted. The saving of the natural istr^i teeth a specialty. Fresh nitraus o xide g asadmiuii for the painleaaaxtractlbtt of teet ^ r e d ' .9mm IMM*f Pnmrim r mmmtalit ( E. G. RORICK eXSPEHTER anil BUIID.R SI aa A 'urakMir K-v M lX iLSliooM , The J anuary Smart Set The contents pa.'c of theJauuar; Smart Set is the fir-il; indication of excellence which is to m ark the maga­ zine for 19 »5 The Smart Set was lohg since conceded the title of “ the magazine of cleverness,” and its plans for the coming year a ’ready embrace a list o f new contributors whose names stand for the very best in the fiction and verse of the day. With George Barr McOntoheon, Frances Aymar Mathews, William R. Lighten, Em ery Pottle, Rupert Hnghes, Ed :d Boltwood and Herbert D . Ward Hendelsshon Psalm 85 CredS} Tours iu F. Offertory — “ S ing and Rejoice” Barneby Sanctns ’ Tours in P. Agnus D e i Cooper Gloria in Excelsio Tonrs in F. Recessional -- “ Sing, O sing, this Blessed Morn” Hopkin* p. m. Choral Evensong and Sun­ day School Christmas Festival: Processional — “ O Gome a ll ye Faith­ ful” Traditional Psalm 85 V in « a U u O . OAEOnS BT SV}p}XX s O hooi . “ V?hat Child is This?” “ S ee Amid the Winter’s Snow” i_ .llGood Christian Men Rejoice” ‘Once in Royal David’s City” M b , J ohw P. G b a w Organist and Choirmaster The Lecture Course Savars” drew a well filled honse, at Thorne Memorial H a ll, Friday aveir- ing. The Life-Saving view* were clear, and the fact* stated by ths lec­ turer interesting as well as instruct­ ive. Various other moving pioturas were shown to fill in the evening. . seven other names, m ost of which are standing out from among twenty- mes, m ost of w ely known, and especially familiar Smart Set readers, the January widely kno' to number promises well for the oomi The D i y 'Weather The general drought is becoming senons to farmers and manufacturers in the northern p art o f the state. Pa­ per manufacturers are obliged to shat down tbeir plants on account of the low water, even the Hndson being nn- nsnally low for this time of year. In Pennsylvania many of the towns and oitice are on the verge of a water la- ,ade it a flourishing and quite popn- In Florida we find the banana plants are not yet faded, and look much less disreputable than they did last year. Thera seems to be sn increase in the number of truck farmers, which is not remarkable, considering the great profits of the business. The railroad now rnns its trains on time, a great improvement over last year and has carried ns quite comfort­ ably. We hope to arrive in Manatee in a few hours more. W. Jj. SWIFV. ad. column is the best way if for yon to reach the pnb- i’or twenty five cents we “ before four thous- onoe whethet you Our new we know of 1 , Ho eye. For twen ty five cents place your “ want” before four thoi and readers. Try it ■want to buy or sell. BiaMflw ISigBstm N CHRISTM AS O P F E B A Year’s Subscription at H a lf Price From the 20th o f December 1904 nn til January 1st, 1905 any regular sub­ scriber of the Millbrook Round Table, not in arrears, may renew their snb scription and have an ex'ra subscrip­ tion sent to any address for fl.50 Many o f onr subscribers after read- their paper wrap it up and mail it to some friend, this costs them 52 cents a year besides the trouble of wrapping and m a iling it and the friend gets the taper late. Remember our offer and the date We mail your friend 52 papers, one iry' for SOots. The clubbing list printed below < also be taken advantage of. Gxand Prise and Gold M edal Tbe Prndential Insurance Company of America has received the Grand Prize and a Gold Medal at the Bt. Lonis Exposition for its exhibit illu s ­ trating the Company’s bnsinesa m eth­ ods and vast and snocessfal results. The Prudential and its policyholders are being congratulated on the fact that this award makes The Prudential the m ost highly honored insnranoe inatitiition in the world. In the faia- tory o f life insurance no other company has ever received a corresponding award, although numerons exhibits have been made by insnranoe com­ panies in the United States and Enrops. The award was granted by a jury of qualified experts, and places the seal of highest approval on what by th* common consent o f visitors to the E x ­ position was one of tbe m o st interest­ ing snd instructive exhibits at the St, Lonis Pair. • Such a comprehensive exhibit ws* possible to the Prndeatial o n ly hy rea­ son o f tbe perfect control which the management o f the company exercise* over its great organization and the v a st details o f its business. Bevrave o f €onnt«rfei(s. every Thursday afternoon for one year. _____ • g p o a E U x - A . a ^TliiKWYMHutAlwqsBi Tbe Millbrook Bound Table and ■• Poughkeepsie Eagle $2 50 Poughkeepsie Enterprise 1.75 American Agricttltnrist Cosmopolitan Magaziui CASTOR IA Xor In&titg fuli unu^wS. t i l KM Yn Hm Ahtap BoqiM BMW* the of osmopolif ribune Farmer 'ri-weekly Tribune Tri-weekly World Oonniry Gentleman sw York Press (Dailj’) 1,76 1.80 125 176 1.70 2,00 4W Harper’s M agazine 4.00 Success 1,80 Rednetions on nearly every pnblica- iio n t r ated, and we will be glad to obtain rates on any other Magazine not listed above. If two or more papers are wanted, ledttct |1 from every qu « except the , first. “De'Witt’s is the only genuine W itch H azel S alve” writes J , L . Tucker, of Centre, Ala. “I have used it in m y family for P iles, Cnt* and Bnrna for years and can reeommend it to be tiro best Salve on the market. E v ery family should keep it, as it is an itt- valttabie household remedy, and shoald always be k ept on hand for im ­ mediate use. Mrs. Samuel Gaga, o f North Bush, N. Y., says; “ X had a fever sor e on my auklefor twelve year* that the doctors conld not cni*. AH salves and blood remedies proved Worthless. I conld n ot walk for ofer two y ears. FfenUy I was pweSttaded to try Do Witt’s Witch H szel S a h e , which has completely oared me. I t ia a wonderful releit “ DeW itl’s W itch Hazel Salve onres without leaving • scar. Sold by. Sold at Allen’s Drug Stior* tiM t fW M HiS E M ^ y i U s e r * awNiellttlexils.

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