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tmtmtwc uJrilntnc ttBB Vol. 104 No. 12- Gouverneur, N.Y. 20 pages- 35 cents Wednesday, November 7. 1990 'Christmas in the Park' new concept for Gouverneur C of C In a new twist to Christmas season promotions here, Gouverneur chamber ofi cials are planning a day of outdoor winter fun in the village park. The event- to be appropriately dubbed \Christmas in the Park\- is slated for Saturday, December 15. A mam focus of the chamber's Christmas present to the community will be a snow sculpturing contest. Eiion Conkhn and Mike Cloonan, who are spearheading the project, are hoping that a number of Gouverneur area business, church, civic and school groups will sign up to take part and try their hands at fashioning a statue or design out of snow and ice. The creations w ill be divided into four categories by type of entrant (business, school group, service organi/ation- adult or youth, and an open division). There will be cash prizes for entries judged first, second or third in each of the four categories. The start of construction is set for 10a.m. that day. Judging will close the contest at about 2p.m. In the event snow cover is thin in early December, organizers intend to make arrangements with several large lonal companies who will be encour- aged to stockpile snow next month from plowing operations in their parking lots. In a pinch the material can be trucked to the park site. It is also hoped that the sculptors will have access to water- via nearby fire hydrants- in order to ice down their creations. Organizers intend to approach fire department officials with that request in the next week. -And while the snow artisans are busy with their projects that day, there'll be a number of other activities for other local folks to join in. Among the activities being discussed by the chamber committee are snowshoe races, a snow ball tournament (winter soft- ball), tug of war contests, children's games such as three legged races and a visit from the jolly oV gent himself, who'll likclv have sweet treats for the kids. Christmas music w ill also fill the park thai day, piped around through the public address system donated to the village park by the chamber several years ago. Jt is also hoped that one of the local groups will make available hot refreshments for sale in the park that day to Lake the chill a*ay from participants and spectators. For information about this new event or to sign up v join in some of the fun, contact cither E-'ldon Conklin at 2K\*-2P2O or Mike Cloonan at 287-4012. Rec. Committee will plan fund-raisers without HUD funds By Lisa L. Reape Members ol the Greater Gomerneur Recreational Committee have applied tor a tax exerr.pt staius with Ne* York stale as their next step before beginning i'ur.d- raisirh: h>r trv proposed nui:U-u<e recreu- s a^ GOUVERNEUR MAYOR LAURA SLATE was happy to be the first to donate to the Henry J. Curtis Chapter 161, Disabled American Veterans' (DAV) \Forget- Me-Not\ drive, which will continue throughout this week in the Gouverneur area. Buster Sullivan, adjutant treasurer of the local chapter, said proceeds from the fund drive will benefit VA Hospital patients in Syracuse and local community service efforts. Tribune Photo Dr. Robert Saidel. \\ ho t'A o u eek ^ approachedihe Gouverneur Village Board about making a commitment, to release {•jnd> for the project, said the committee will not wait for upfront funds from the village to conunumg working on plans for the pr- po.sea faci'.i:>. Dr. Saidei. commit ice president, had asked the hoard to consider I jrnir.g over a portion of the approximately $l55.<;OOof HUD I'li-an Development Action Grant repayment funds the village has available towards a recreation facility. Dr. Saidel had suggested the lund.s would be needed b\ the group to show local resider.t.s they were senou^ in their intent to see the proposed facility built. Now he has revised that as'se^mcr.;. sa> ing the group w ill begin planing the needed fund-raiser.s w :;hout the village show :ng the color oi :l> mone>. \I'd ;ike •10 see us r^ve» a minimum of S1 i KM \M\— -but S150,000 -A ould be nice.\ Dr. Saidc! said. Ai the re-ues!r,f:| li: village !wK:r:i'.\ !- lov. \:\ c \ the (X-obcr meeting. \'illage Ad- n* migrator Scott Hudson, representing ihe village, and Dr. Saidcl. representing the committee, sat down with the village attorney to discuss \possible ujvs of obtaining village finaiwmg for a jor'uon oi the project.\ Vr Hudson said. \A presentation will tv n.aJe to the \illage board at their next rr.ee!;ng • V \. 1 v i lor or.c possible scenario b\ which ihc vil- lage could comni;i monies to :he project. 'There's a rough outline w hw h * ili be presented to the boa\rd —there's >uil some fine tuning to be done to be in accordance u ith Lhe laws of the stale of New York.\ Mr. Hudson said \If this i> the process selected.obvious!) b^th pa: es -riv t :IJ ne in agreement.\ Continued on 2 BRADY WOOD. Gouverneur goaiie, top center, is carried on his teammates' shoLiGws just after he stooped Gyden^ourg s chance to tie the score in a second-round, sudden death Shootout to determine the Section 10 champion. It was so dark, spectators on the sidelines could barely see, yet Brady stopped a direct kick, setting up Ben Hassett, who scored the deciding goal. See inside for stories. Tribune Photo Clarence Evans Sports Consignment Sale U inter Sports Equipment Consignment Sale A w inter sporis cqu.pment consignment \J: W I'A bo held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday Nov. 10 at the Fir.si Presb>ierian CHurv-h. 22 Church St., Gouverneur. Fifteen percent oi the proceeds w :i be useu tor ihe Rural Rehab N;jnisti>, and will be reflected in the prices. .Serviceable items for the sale w ;;1 be accepted from 9 a m. to-* p.m. through Fr.day. and also from *-S p.m. Th^da> ai ihe church I r^oid items must be ricked up dunne the week oi N -v. 12- \h i; m a a.m to - r\v\. :-r more inlormauon, cai! ^ 31% tax hike getting public scrutiny pv.-sed. ih.. loiul h.gh appropna- tior.s , j'.-:de ir.e \;!la^ Ih Lisa L. Rt-ape Two years ago the outside town Lax rate major rvoriionuf the irurea.se in the h: 1 Id- Mtc. and aNo r-dic.!t\\: he wanted io hear r\id_:ei as another area -A her: CJI> .01 Rcsidems oi ihe Town of Gouverneur v-as S 7 0.22 per thousand. (Ta.\pJycrs!asi ingsalk^imen:. Irom SI i .i-\ to S-^ : .2' *• •. •' x ! ine ia^ f \i>er- on -Alicther uricy sup- K e niaJe \o io^er ihe L.\ rate will ha\e an opportunity to express their >ear saw a tax cut ; Another ^]; .000 ol that acc\»ur.i wculd ;• ir r..! the rj-:ne_ _ Wr,, e he sa:d iu'.i.:w ±c J~ .^n: oe- i:.-- SI-^.^- io $~~'..*•*/>:•. wmch in- Mewsonapr posed 31 p^ercenttax hike in Inside the village. Lhe proposed La\ ir.- be carmarkcii K»r luei. S\.e un,e:;j:.e; lhe proposed town on :. pa:r::.g : •-•a.> ^ouid r;art :he town .n ci'^de- emp'.o\ee salaries and benefits ric.M year's budget at a public hearing at crease would not be as greatly Jeh. lhe . 1-jjge:. the tow n ar.d ;r.e ^Miage ofGou- :..ture state .jd. he said ne !e:i i u e '.•> :> ot.::.ned ir. the r.^^av workers' con- the town bam. In aJi. t^rec pjbhc h s a proposed lax rale wouid be S2-V25 per triousand. up from S22.\\ in the current land Re\enut> owr ar.:,eipates an ir,.:. u\edior the 1 ir-1. at \ p m., w ill be to h^dget. which corr,p..re^ favoraM> w nh p i: \rnent^ ir lieu c A Ui.xes .p;i h.ax .C'rr.r.entv on the pr, p^-sed SI K5 ; ^ the S2?//i per thousand lax rat. ir^m 5 ^5.>x' : to >-\. c - <;. rjt trial m.r. a>e is mc^l ha> beer rea. r .ed. Go'jver-.ejr Volunteer Rescue Sjuad l^K : >*s budget. o!f>eib> a ^iu.(>Of) de^rea>e «n NUie aid. crnira:;: ih.e second, at \15. will be 10 from Sf 5 > Mi to S- c . ! 'V«i ir. ij-je \^^\ (ientrui Fund Kc^enut-s hear.orr.T;er.> on ihcpr. posed S!l>^\» WHFRF THE S (,OF> h.dget. Tola! estimated M-.er.ae* i.-r 1J-V. Go i j%er*.eur 'w >ii:riecr Fire Deparirr.ent lw<; cjual S13-.~~r corr.pareJ \o . :^e t,-w r, a: \>. r t \.\ \s a A, conir.ui. ar:d ire ir,:rJ. at \:3 , on Lhe Genera! Fund Appropriations 512\. ; ~ c :n ihe v'jrrcr.t b^.ijei cap.ta siate a;J :r. ;: e i •'\•• p* p»osed S--5. c ^- u wr. badget P;.-p»-ised appr. pr.ajo,^ i;..:^de ;n- Sl.v>\- ^>;. ::, m ^2r I T w. S-per^:^or Dciaid Peck ha> crises in the lew- ;»,>:: h e . *' \c TT.e IPart-Touri \Outside \iild2f appro- ren; budget. a: Jor.ijrhrs r.ear, ng to explain the town S l. ; V*\ raise. 10 S c . \^\ for V: S.-r-lcy a;>d T r;e u-wr, pn pos v -s a n^reasc ;r. the ap- b-e^aij ^ r:asor.jr.^ and to answer anv S- ^!\.»r^'r *»'asha^ .a^ weila- aS 1 /* ¥ ~TK ?*'aii^r. Ic r ;he G«j'j\ e^> i:r *> : ! J^-'.^T quesii-rr.- '^e p^h.-c r:-.j> p- se increase for e-a^\. ol ihei: .^ U 't J::lv 10 ]Hc>v JC S^ua-J. fr r; Sio,-^ 10 5 .1 ^ ; *. T rielp pr.p-are l^ai re^denis for to- S ; .O*^ for \\:> S.hiey ard SI. M for a-r^^.>:.o lo t~_ t. ei f , rt . Prctt-ction l-jjge:. the lown ar.d tr.e \MlageofGou- :..ture state aid. he said ne teit i u e l.>:i ot.::.ned in the \err.eur ha^e dis^-.:sNed th;e p«.'s.:bihty of c^uid L'.m il> r ad repair r^:, in -^a'.rj a luiil.-'^e wC»de cr!opener: oll'i- ^ 1 ~ c . v 0- \ \\ :.:J.\ w vvj'J ^; e a\ e-l; *-r- :r \---g^' '.^ -^ .^'-'v' -VN.-.J y^-.e j-ne- a !: c p»e::ert increav? m lhe lown e-^er. r.ore. fui wo-id rriear. i:>e to-'. j ;r: pr :c , IK-. r. Jget. jp :':. n S-.- : 8 to devil- v-oLJdiosee r u T vUn.i>' adr.r.:- \ 'L-i tv* C I \^ .= I- »i >7^ri rT. fl\:^2 I.V.J !h r -a.> • p.. Aga:- he s a :d he :> !,\4 -r.g ;o; -p.: r M a^ rr> o^^seJ u \ ihe Go-jverr.eur ^: : .re I>epar:Tjer,;. 3 r :gure that \•.a:-. c^.-Lar.t for ;hc n-c>! two eJ t w ^^deet a: trr;gr.t\s .a>e ,ii S ai ihe p:. P:esS Ntr- N'a>haw Mr P^k said ihe in- One r .g-i .J.-; l iic? ;n ir,c I >^> -.;dgei le>^ town crea.se> are war-ranied because the town i> a p r :• -sj io rr.ake the ^ .*Je er:'. \e- r. .usiiccs anj L v *eir clerk > are doing more rr-er.: ofi'ije: J ?«,!i;inv r\s;ii V ~»n. wr> a r.ov *;>rk a> car Se seer r> tr-e ir^re^se in s^iaj;> ^f S '. r .'** . piu- i: rge V-eMis 5 ^- ar ~a>u-e^ r ea^-e ir Veterans Day parade Y\-\\ THF BIG PICTl RF T k ^e p^;r• > M^d W^; i budget for ihe Jc-panment S\ -'*' r.us Senefiv. ^h:ie De te r>p.\.jiK>r.Nof S^- c 5^-. up from v. -^!d rerru:n the sarr.e h--.1get p'esen:ed to ihe lo^n N^.i ; ir. ihe cur;-; budget AriiCi- 1T»e lew- ^lessor also would receive pc>ed an increase m salar> to S\. S •or •:-: a a: ; for 2 \'.c\cc hene- g r S ard u;i] in:re^v? fr rr, S! Z d rr^.-.j ;he eroc enf^r.er-e'.: pa ted rever.jcs dip s!igK;'.\ m the prc^- an tr^rc^>c. fr,~ S*.i\>*\' to $;2/M\ ipK^d hj-dc::. to SIf*-\>'.f. do^T^ frc-r. M: Peck DMed the i;-»\n is m ihe third p^ g !S2\ \ ! .2-^ '*\ '.e ih*e jr>e\pcr,^CAJ haiarvce ye^arM*a three year reasscssrrer.;. repair- cHficcr J i-liume p* -i:. >r, l\\\i-y rt a :.or.\ :\.•>: ,i ^.ii^: J! IT. .^if. ioS52.y»\.dcr*r. fr^m !S *.*S*.5 f \**• m ihe currcr; budget Ai! of 'uh^ch leases ^he ar-.our,: io be ra.scd b> iiares at S?2^. ^. up frrvm S?^.12^ cz- \.he IOU Community Chorus to rehearse ^i^^z lhe ,'rerea.se der.i> iha: n ;*» -> ;»x k>r.z io r..e;ve uhe The le^r. ^ ^rk •* ~Hild receive a S i r) pet re v evsar, u^'*r» pc *—..;< :c ^»>a-.. ;.»r- h:ie ihe cjep^:> :lerK \* ~uid f^rujuor T!v !> ard fe^ ihe .is^-i SI2* i sr.r^zl \r<':*>.£.Y±<c<l e»r. i«-t:f;e^ ~,a« .'.g ihe rv*s.::rtr :J:i.-7,e ^r^rk N'; Pe^V ^d fc e ih^g w ; ir,; r»:5or a.'i :^r. .c\r.:!- f:-.cr-er: .>f;;:c-::.->-.a--.> *r e S jppr-prijtj C a 5 i p Village Office to be closed :^ evNi\. ^ urrcr.; S^5 \C per ^ u? S vC -^ per L erf' S.I >\*\ ;ten\ ur repay ite rr.,idie ?T. A T. kI of the LT*T, ba^ rx:' a:c<Xir.i.*e for a c;c .^V;

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