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THE COURIER, BROOKFIELD, N. Y , WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 192T HUBBARDSVII.LB Mrs. Ella Troop has arrived home, after spending a few days in Nor- hert Rhoade on r riaay. Last week’s paper should have stated that Mr. Hines left five sons arid one daughter, instead of two sons. .About 40 attended the rook party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Rhoades on Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jaynes at­ tended a bridge party in Waterville, Saturday evening and called on his cousin, David Conger. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Horton and two children were in Utica, Sunday after- Miss Esther Tanton of Utica spent Sunday at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Green of North Brookfield and Mrs. T. R. Vidler were in Utica Monday. Mr. Bliss of Colgate Theological Seminary conducted a very interest­ ing meeting in the Community He Sunday evening. Next Sunday, 18th, the Gospel Band of Colgate be with us again. Mr. Gates will lead the song service and Mr. Lathrop will favor us with a bass solo. A cordial welcome is extended to all who wish to come. Let everyone be present! Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Rice of Ven Center spent Sunday at the home their daughter, Mrs. Lester Onyan. TOeir son Frederick accompanied Misses Dorothy and Grace W hit­ taker of the Cortland State Normal spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Myers. Theft was once regularly punished in England by applying a coat of tar and feathers. Diamonds in their natural state usually of a dull lead color. Christmas Furniture Our large stock of furniture con­ tains many choice pieces suitable for Christmas gifts, for man, woman or child: Smokers for men, a great var­ iety of chairs, mirrors, floor lamps, chamber suites, dining room pieces and suites, kitchen cabinets, spinet desks, bookcases, etc. Ours has been called “a city store | in the country.” This is true except | in one particular: our prices are less. | You will enjoy looking over i beautiful stock. Benedict & Kehoe ^ Sherburne, N. Y. LUMBER DOORS LADDERS SASH When in need of anything in build­ ing materials, remember we have a full stock, including sewer pipe, drain tile, brick, roofings, shingles, etc. Quotations cheerfully furnished. Load lots delivered free. P. N. LEWIS Waterville MOVIES at Waterville THURSDAY, DEC. 15, Ranger (a dog), Harold Goodwin and Helen Foster in ‘^When a D o g Loves'\ Also 8th Chapter of “Whispering Smith Rides.” 10c & 25e SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, Jetta Goudal in ^^White Gold\ Also 9th Chapter “Fighting Hearts.” _________ lOe & 25c TUESDAY, DEC. 20, Claire Windsor & William Haines in \A Little Journey\ Also Single Reel Cartoon. _______________________ lOe & 25e THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, George O’Hara in ''Ladies Beware\ Also 9tli Chapter of^“Whispering Smith Rides.” 10c & 25e LYCEUM TH E ATER F. M. Betts, Prop. SANGERFIELD Dec. 12—^Mr. and Mrs. H a rry B. Livermore were in Utica Saturday, attending the Oneida County Farm find Home Bureau meetings. On Tuesday evening, Dec. 6th, eighteen young people from W ater­ ville and Sangerfield met at Harmony Hall to help George Ruane celebrate his seventeenth birthday. Games and dancing were enjoyed and a most delicious lunch served and all joined in wishing George many happy re- Mrs. Christian Heidle, who sus­ tained a shock over a week ago, seems to improve very slowly. Her daughter, Mrs. Rose Duvelow, is caring for her at present. Mrs. Katherine Bogan and daugh­ ter Margaret, of Utica, were recent guests at the Gallagher home. Mr. and Mrs. Aden Livermore and family have moved to the home of their daughter, Mrs. Volney Tilbe, in the Tinker Hollow district. Anna Mae Kelly has improved somewhat from her recent illness, and has been moved to her parents’ home She was taken ill while at her sis­ ter’s, Mrs. Royal Plante’s. Robert Helmer had the misfortune to break his arm while cranking his car last week. T. T. Williams is having an elec­ tric water system installed. Floyd Faulkner Electrical Co. is doing the Mr. and Mrs. Fred Havener of Verona spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gallagher. Steven George of Bameveld was in town Sunday. A stray dog killed about forty of Timothy Gallagher’s pullets today. George and James Ruane and Lawrence Wightman went with the W. _H. S. basketball team to Richfield c._.:-jgs, Friday night. The game a regular “thriller-,” score a t the being 13 to 13. Five minutes ;ime was played and Richfield seded in making four points. WEST SIDE Mrs. Alydia Burhyte is spending some time with Mrs. Beebe a t North Brookfield. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott, daugh­ ter Pauline and Miss Marian Green spent Saturday in Utica. Miss Helen Cook is one of a chorus f young people chosen from Morris- ;lle school, who will be heard over le radio from station WIBX, Utica, *uesday evening. Mrs. Alydia Burhyte spent Dec. 2nd and 3rd with Mrs. John Ramsdell, North Brookfield. Several young people frhm here at­ tended the party at Leon Cook’s, Fri­ day nigH. Mrs. T red Heath spent the week Binghamton with her sister, who ’“’•'\’’'•’y ill in - ’ ----- —ital :en on the sriously ill in a hosp Mrs. C. M. Cook has be^ ck list with grippe. HAMILTON CENTER Irs.* P aris Miner and son Harold, Raymond Mires and son Ray- i mond, Jr. were guests at the home of their brother, Frank Booth, Thurs\- i Howard Cranston is spending the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron House. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Squires of Hamilton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunham. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dart and Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Dart attended the funeral of Mrs. Olive Dart a t Earl- ville, Tuesday. The Domestic Science Club will neet with Mrs. N. E. Reed, Dec. 15. spent Wednesday evening Johnson’s. __ Hlshop I Pierce’s, Sunday. The ladies of the M. E. Church are to hold a sale of fancy work and home-made candy and will also serve supper in the Community House, Sat- ' irnoon and evening, Dec. 17. _Mrs. Robert Howe were in Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Maxson were in Norv/ich, Friday afternoon. Agrigraphs To be real inviting and to make buyers come back for more, apples must be handled with great care from the time they leave the trees until they reach the consumer. After haying and harvest is a good time to get at that concrete dairy- stable floor. Cornell has a bulletin that may be a big help, for such floors last too long to take chances on having them right. Ask for E 140 on a postcard addressed to the state college of agriculture a t Ithaca, N. Y. Spots on soft felt hats may be easily removed by rubbing with fine emery THE- Chrisfmas Burglar By JAMBS J. NONTAGUB !■ MU—url r«rw«r I BEAR ■ m titii la tha hall, ■ The creaklai a la chair; A shadow steals alon j the wall, A step Is an Iht stair; A muilled tread Ihnds to and Ira While, shrinkini In the glsom, I watch and wall, for well llincw A harglar’a In the roam. . A burglar! JnsI when Santa Claas Has scanpered up the Hue And madly dashed away, becanse There’s much raore wark Is dot A burglar, with an ei.geriice And wide and shining eyes J bs I as the sun comes up lo ebasa The darkness irom the sklesi Bat what a reckless burglar Ibis— A burglar wllbeui tear, Vbose rapturous Ultle shrieks ai bllsa The household wakes to bearl Who tumbles bundles all around And searches stackings lhrsn(h And cries aloud Ikat he has hand That SaalB Clans Is Irael ■e had his deahls hat yesterday His iailh began to tall, Bt leared tbs reindeer lad lie tieigh Were bat eieUy tele; far sometna said—but they wart wriag. The prayed-lor leys are here. The lallb Ihol he has heldId se long.ng, se lo ind deer. shines. Kreee at NORTH BROOKFIELD FIRST METHODIST CHURCH A. A. Sturgeon, Pastor Dr. Shepherd congratulated the church on their excellent reports. Some needed repairs have been made on the church, a good piano has been purchased and a new piano installed, and the regular church budget is in good condition for this time of the The supper and sale were well at­ tended and a substantial sum realized. We extend our thanks to all who so kindly assisted in making this a suc- Sunday services: Sunday School, 1:30 p. m. Afternoon worship, 2:30 p, m. ?heme, “An Exhortation on Faith.” BEAVER MEADOW Mrs. Herbert Chesebiw seems to he gaining slowly. Curtis Ingalls, Myrtle Smith and Nettie Crandall were in Norwich Wednesday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Theron Denison, daughter Thelma and Mrs. Bert Al- dermah were in Sherburne Friday. Miss Bertha Ringeavich of Earlville s jeh t the week-end wifh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ringeavich. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Denison were in Sherburne Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Denison spent Sunday at Chester Denison’s, East Hamilton. GORTON LAKE NEWS Stewart Quinn of Utica was home over the week-end. G. L. Stewart called on Seward Livermore, Saturday. John Lambert and G. L. Stewart played the part of Santa Claos too days last week by delivering Christmas trets to Brookfield. From there the trees were trucked to Utilai where they will be sold. ' A cold wave reached this vicinity last week and two days' the zero mark was touched, but now it has ^ r m e d ^up and it is snowing today, Christmas is getting nearer every day and the people in this vicinity are now doing their Christmas shop- Boys and Girls Baby Minnekado Lame was re­ cently christened on the steamship Minnekado,' on which she was bom and on which her parents were mar- Jackie Coogan, yout and millionaire, has a possessions a large an Graduated from a county school at forth Kensington, Eng., 45 girls 14 ears old have been declared qualified to run a household establishment. Elaine Arnold, a Houston, Tex., school girl, has won a musical schol­ arship and will study for opera 'with the^am e d prima donna Mme. Sem- ■William Hay, 15, dived into water infested with sharks and saved a drowning shipmate near Sydney, T SNATTY STUFF Odd \Bits s f Nekfs, Gathered from Far and *^ear lames Bridgewater, 89 years old, „ Ladford, Eng., is the proud father of a baby son. Bridgewater was mar­ ried two years ago for the fifth time. John Cridland of Melbourne, eup- posed to have been dead 50 years ago, has been found by his brother at Carines, Queensland. Admitting he had three wives, Johann Dikaus of Sheffield, Eng., said he had been unable to get work and \needed support in some form.” James Curtis has sent from Amer­ ica ?5 to pay a butcher bill he in­ curred forty years ago in England. : Cant of Bakerstone, worked daily ip his garden day of his death at the age of 103. Maj. H. B. Ostler, a London school principal, was sent to prison for whipping several of his pupils. Mrs. Jeanette Respodee of Brus­ sels, who hired her divorced husband as a gardener, has remarried him. Ivan Szalki, a peasant near Odessa, owns a full-grown horse with five J. R. Francis of Wolverhampton, Eng., is exhibiting a 90-pound cab­ bage g r o w in his garden. Suing his wife for divorce, Thomas Surridge of Norwich, Eng., accused his father of stealing her love. A hen owned by Andrew Collon of Sheffield, Eng., laid 360 eggs in 365 Jens Vaersen of Copenhagen killed his wife because she bought a new hat with money he was saving for Mrs. Rose Perello, 96-year-old grandmother of Denver, Colo., has filed suit against her 55-year-old husband asking $100 a month ali- niony as long as she remains unmar- Herry Molar of Sheffield, Eng., who married two years ago when 14 has been granted a divorce. Dennis Halloran of Dublin was smoking^ his pipe in bed as he died. The shock of falling into a canal restored the speech and hearing of Thomas Hugh of Wigan, Eng., who has been deaf and dumb 14 years. Terrence Freeman of Belfast de­ nied the charge of intoxxication made in court against him, declaring that he could drlng 44 pints of ale with­ out getting drunk. Miss Amy Callan of Chicago had Peter Benham, her former fiance, arrested for sending her threatening James O’Donovan of Belfast willed to his aunt a pipe which she had many tipits scolded him for using. Emulating 'William Tell, the Swiss hero, George Manzich of Geneva jjjg brother in trying to shoot ne, Eng., until the labor itral station ____ —^ ____ d in New City in 1882 and the second manufactured ^as plant in the coun> try was established there in 1823. The Empire State leads all others in cost the State of Nev 989 working days a year. The first electrical c e n t r ^ . ..... ....... in the world was started in New 'York City in 1882 a ' ' an apple off his ‘ An egg laid on E. M, . Welbin’s farm, Elgin, 111., weighed a quarter of a pound and contained another egg of ordinary size. Peter Gannon, A Communist tailor of Sheffield, Enp., was buried in a red coffin by his dying instructions. James Devin of Cork, Ireland, has had his pet terrier, one of whose front legs had to be amputated, fitt ann articialrticial limb. •X in trying a 1 Richard 1larry of Aberdeen, Scot mt to prison for Kissinj land, was sent to prison a railroad train. __ R. McLaren of Leeds, Eng., set aside $50,000 in his will to buy Bibles for guests of English hotels. False teeth fitted to a London dog enable him to crunch bones as well as' ever, Evan Hughes of Swansea, Wales, was fined $500 for taking a bet in church. The London county council has ordered all fire stations to be insured against fire. Fred Kolber of St. Louis had a liking for fancy socks, and was re­ cently arrested for stealing many pairs of assorted bright colors. Sir ^Richard Thomas of Birming- 3 robbed of $17,0W ham, Eng., worth of jewelry, dinner guest. was robbed of $ ___ tably by a. Two men and a woman escaped from a London asylum by means of bedsteets made into a 40-foot rope. KNOW NEW YORK STATE merica which is s as built in 1724. ire has recentl 3 Port of New York ___ plant with a capacity 275,000 bales of cotton. Eighteen lighters can unload their cotton a t one was ouiic m There has recently been completed in the Po rt of New York a cotton storage plant with a cap^ity of It is estimated that strikes, lab disputes and similar disturbanc cost the State of New York 7,52 ______ ipire State leac ____ _ the use of these two services. One hundred thousand deer-hunting ’■-3ued in New York _ ily one guld. ___________ _ ____ by his own party. The Metropolitan district porduces more than six billion dollars worth of manufactured goods a year and now contains 30,000 manufacturing plants. No industrial district in the world can equal these totals. The Catskill and Adirondack mountains in New lo rk State to­ gether have 123 peaks 3,000 or more feet high. King George, once known as “the sailor prince,” is said to enjoy naval review more than any other of­ ficial function. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of Albert E. if the County of ng to law, to all persons having ___ is against the estate of Charles W. Talcott, late of the town of Brook­ field in said county, deceased, to pres­ ent the same, with the vouchers there­ of, to the undersigned, the executor of the estate of the said deceased, a t his residence. North Brookfield, in unty, on or before the 14th day NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of Albert E. I of the Count is hereby give) .u all persons hav­ ing claims against the estate of Sarah Kenyon, late of the town of Brook­ field in said county, deceased, to pres­ ent the same, with the vouchers there­ of, to the undersigned, the executor of the estate of the said deceased, at his residence, a t Hubbardsville, in said county, on or before the 31st day of December, 1927. Dated this 21st day of June, A. D. William L. Burke Attorney for Execu Hamilton, N. Y. Interior Work During the cold weather, when there is comparatively little outdoor work, is a good time to do the inside jobs— such as laying new floors, building cupboards, putting in new doors or t i immings, or putting in new'cement floors in cellar rimmings, or pu1 lar or basement. We have everything you need in building materials— lumber, casings, doors, cement, tile, etc. Now is the time to put on weather strip; it 'will soon pay its cost in increased warmth and saving in fuel. Conkling-Rogers Co. Lumber & Building Materials Earlville, N. Y. 0O«r WORKV ASOUT'SHEIkS,* (VUUM13. IM K \ WILU lOOK MICKIE, THE PRINTER’S DEVIL owee I WAS lu a STORe awd A uenuspapeb AAAM CAMS lU AMO «IME M6RC»4AMT SAIO.\ MO, 1 OOMY WAMT AMV AO IM NOUR, PAPER.* ADS pour OO AVH <SrOOOx. \ OOMY BELIEVE IM Aouerensiwtrl\ MEWSPAPER, MAU UAFFiEO A>10 SAID, \ WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHEtUER, BEUEVe IM IT OR MOT*?^\ 0 By Charles Sughroe OWwHm NcMp^ LUe« AOAIA OtOMY eeUEVE rr MATTER.0) ip we ate 'THE APPLE '* MOAW'S MEIGHBORS OlOMT BEUEVe IM 'THE PtOOO* G t AULEO’S FWEMOS OlOUY beu e v e t w eart M was BOUMO» (SbLUtABUS WVED AMHO people w ho OlDWT* BELIEVE WE COVX.O PIMO LAMO BS CAlUUQ ' 'tvie SAVAGE ooEsifr beueve im & oo , TUB CHILD DOES MOT BELIEVE tWAT PIPE WILL hurt it . por . cemturies - people WAVE BELIEVED IM FALSITIES AMD OOUBTEO •murmS. VOUR OMBELIEF IM PUBUCnV DOES MOT AFFECT THE VALUE OF True WoriS! V n --. ■ ” '1HE a u K T iO U IS,’ will AOVERTlSIMlTSea (SOODS*! ’ AMO 'THB AMSWER, IS THAT OOfc BEST aUSIMESS AAEM HAVE PROVEM BEMOMO nWE SHADOW OF A DOUBT T W IT W ilt, SO THATS THAT! »

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