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W lbK lS D A T , BEPT. 18, 1880. T a r l o w i T o p i c s DlacHMMtf b y o n r I» oumj teipecti tlie gale p bich raged north AtliratJ? lust ynein-wwKSK mote disuttoiu t&Kd tlio memoieble blizzard o f jUkrch, 1888. All •long the Long b land and Keir Jeraey eoaata the damage to atunuer resort : proper^ iatinprecedeated. BoiaUliave been b adiflajured, or entirely mined, innnmwrable unaller buildingt haTO been wrecked, nUroads, race oounea and drircs washed out, and acres of beach * obliterafed. Sommer resorts along the Maryland coast also auSered severely. Y mm I i are reported to have gone aihora at many points affected by the storm, and, not unlikely, the-loss of life will be considerable. Even in Kew York harbor many sailing vessels had their canvasa whipped to pieces and some were damaged, by pounding against the docks, and a score or more of yachts, congregated a t the vanous club houBes, were capsized and sunk. Along the water front in Hew' York city cellars and basements were flooded, involving seri­ ous loase A Altogether the damt_ property will amount to many millioni , of doUars. imdonbteaiy iGcepted and tba announcement made by'to-morrow, is belie-red that a marsbidabip w ill offered, as i t is ssid that President Har­ rison will not countenance bit appoint* mept to soch an important office as that which Oonoral Bomcrans now holds in the treasury, and which was ipok< of at Ur. Tanner’s refusal should he r sign the oommissioneTship of pensions. The’Candidatesforthe vacancy that the resignation wiUmake, include Ez-Fen- sion Agent Poole, of Hew York, Ex- Ohio, and of lator Hiscock was closeted ______ mt last night urging Poole’s appointment. Telegrams u e pouring it g th e President not t( anner’s resignation telegrams are from ] Commissioner Taune At London, on Monday, William O’C ^nor, the champion oariman of the United Btatea and Canada, waa defeated by Henry B. Searle, the Australian. The latter came in aix lengtha ahead, SS;43, - The race waa for £1,000 and the -championahip of the world,, rowed over ' a course four miles snd three furlongs in le n |^ . O’Connor seemed to be over­ trained. ■ The Hew York f!r«M has published a table showing thh estimated population of each State and the United States in 1892. According to this table the pop­ ulation of the United States in that great ioentennialioentennial year will be 64,462,- Hew York State will contain qnadr j 6,257,981, with. Pennsylvania following Beyt ia order with 5,858,614. Pension Commissioner Tam tendered his resignation whlCh hi y the President, Mil t o t accepted by the President, or baa not yet been named. Sept. 16.—The leaves are ‘falling re- ardlesB of frost. —Improvement i t the order of the —What’s going to happent' Brookfield bid three betutuul d tyt for ber fidr. —The postoffice'mxkd. drn^ store build- ifss: is teing movcJL on. to -fee newr lot, « which will b« a dscidedimpeoTemeiit —O. L. DeLancey and Mr, Vosburg, of Oneonta, were pleasant guests here during the week. —Mrs. H. 0. Hooker is visiting her n in Binghamton. issman Brown, of Ohio, Ex-Congressman Thoi who has been a cand! ___ lldate lot any ten men since Hiscock w u closeted to-day urg- Bcoept Ur. ■es of f friendi lisbeliei atial pressure is very great, that the President is so overjoyed the resignation so easily that he __ )t hesitate or delay accepting it, The occasion of the resignation the action of Secretary Noble in i marily ordering CommissiODBr Tanner’s suspension during the investigation of the charges against him. Secretary Hoble first requested this, on Monday Corporal’s refusal ordered • •oner ir Smith to 'ake ' Hotbing rema to do b u t to Mr. Marcus Willard, of Utica, apent Bnnday, the 8th, in town with his moth­ er, Mrs. U. Thurber... .Kev. Wm. Avery and wife, of Atlantic City, H. J., have been Spending sevsMl days in this vil- lige....M r. OliverDelAncey and ion- Sha.yTj Mr. Voabuigh, of Oneonta^ called'Upon frleada la towa a : since ___ Mfs. John Town, of spending a time with relatives Uisa Kukla lelps attends the State n in Binghami —^Nelson Ph( ir. —Prof. W. E. Locker will preach in the South Edmeston Free Church Sun­ day, Sept. 29tb, at 2 o’clock. —^Every one is watching fo itory in the C oubikb . —We notice that George Elibree, of the Quarter, drirea a little faster than usnal. It’s quite a young lady boarder at bis home and she will no doubt stay with them some little time. —Kinney Bhtwler, of Utica, w u in town the past week. It. is reported that he has disposed of his interests in that city, —MiletusBi . resident here several years sgo, b visiting his old friends once mon —Mrs. W. H. Caulkins is sper few days with frienda in Utica. —Our community has been shocked by a u d and fatal accident which oc- Wednesday morning, llth inst. Mr, Charles Phelps, of tms place, waa assist ing his son-in-law, Irwin Langworthy who lives a short distance below Bout! ___ __ ____jd, of Bochester, is Tuilang her brother, Mr. Halph Kirkland, and hil family. . . . W a m v Wallace la a t h jme after spending some months in Oneida with the famSy of h& uncle. Dr. Wal­ lace.,.. Mr. and Mm. Leroy Hubby, of Bhorbnme, called upon friends in town of hut week. Tuesday of h ut Fuller h u at Is eta.,; At cts.,, V be Commissioner the Secretary uid be m ® who lives a short distance belo thi. irporal’s refusal ordered beneath it. He e livi '• ussi Smith to t - — - It is g iven o n the w( Harrison that the ^resignation ■ for him. It'is also kni President ght for hit ition asking the him beni isametime Phelps was a brought Sulliyaii, the pngilli^ t o announced blmaelf at a democratic icandidate for cmigreM from the classic d ty of Boston. Ohanncey M. Depew returned from Europe, Wednesday night. He was acco^ed a hearty welcome. «]^»DBiaAX. KSKTEU. Thme baa been a snow storm in Da­ kota and a dameging frost in Wuconsin. ' During a mutiny in Trinidad, Bolivia, x ^ n t l y , 24 rioters and 11 soldiers were I etaiue of General Qrani k Fort Leavenworth, ; eararasy. Heavy Itoate in N ebtuka and Hinne- •ota have done a considerable damage to the corn crop. By a railway bolUaloa at TioM Junc­ tion, Pa., Monday, two were kmed and 28werainjnred. The temperature in the deepest oosl mines in the world, which is in Frimce, is ninefy-five d e g rto. Soon 4,000,000 acres of Indian Ian< in northern and central Minnesota wi be opened to settlement. W. G. Campbell, aged 20, went safely ~i the w h l i l ^ l Tsplds a t Niagara asked for the Taone of a cabinet c and only the stronj r Tracy, who lend, prevented act signation* The removal of Corporal Tanner a foregone conclusion two months sgo, snd as I predicted in these columns at the time, it was only delayed to see what the Grand Army would do in the encampment. In short the tents were hardly folded and the failure of the en­ campment to pass resolutions endorsing the Corporal to the end telegraphed to Washington, when the resignation was asked for and the President returned in the middle of bis vacation to accept it. Under the circumstanoeA the accep-i tanceofthe rengnation wfll call for some public announcements of the President’s reasons. This will be de­ manded by the* Commissioner’s thous­ ands of friends among ex-soldiers. The ibarges against the Goi^oral are based mon sense and a we The re-rating of pei Pension Bi him without a snspicion of wron] many cases bis construction of law erroneous and be ran bis office to a Biderable extent without regard f law, other than that of sentiment For a man in trouble, Commissioner Tanner is very unfortunate’in not hav­ ing the friendship of members of Con- ------ ----- ---------- m-------- lent. The jacket Sunday afternoon; thiongh^tl The funeral of Congressman Cox was TUT lugely attended from the F in t Presbyteriati church in Hew York Fn-' Almost every incoming steamer brings Arabs. The Edam brought 160 to New York, and they were detained to await an examinstioB. Bodies oontinne to be taken out o f the debris a t Johnstown as the water in the On an average two river is receding. On i bodies tie found a day. Airsngements are between Jem Smith and Slavin, the Australian champion, for |2,000. Smith will also be matched with , ton ten rounds for $5,000. The London dock strike h u Bams and Tsllol ide for a lock stnke h u ended, im s snd Tillett, for the strikers, signed an agreement with the directors o f the dock companies,'and the m u ter lighterman conceded the demands of their men. Deputy Harshsl Hsgle, who killed Terry in defense of Justice Field, wm ’ Gardner, from the west, also his mother United States aopr Hogpicking in this section —Soloaaon Taylor is visiting in Pitia- —Mn. Mary Wright and Mn. Ohu. F. DIgnsn spent l u t Thursday n * ' ftiends in Brookfield. —A vary pleasant party w u held at tiie reridenoe of John Keller near Ed- meston l u t Tuesday evening; a I nnmber were, present and dancing en jo y ^ u ntil morning. —D u id D ig n a n ^ d Miss May Dignsn ^ m ^ e ^ M p to Snowden Hill one ■ day —M ta Henriette ifcore, of New York, is the guest of ber .mother, Mrs, Washhnm. —^Mr. Tunk and wife, of Vienna, and Miss Jennia Dixaon, of Amsterdaso, were etoctauied at William Yank’s during the past week. v. t . k . w u seu»d from his itle- While sitting in his cffice Tuesday .sdternoou of l u t week talking with Jnd- son Field and Drs. Taylor and ton, Congreasman DeLano w with sudden dizziness and fell chair to the floor. The medical g< . men a t once rendered him all the a anoe in their power sod be w u spe restored to consdousneu. He i r u con­ veyed to his home ia a carnage snd by the following morning had. recovered and w u himself again. This attack w u ascribed-to his havii% been out the night before a t the fire, and trouble with hia digestive organs. His friends will he glad to know of I hb speedy recovery. ) O M iito to le U » •« Vretty. •’ ‘tA O h iiam a o isnot pretty to look at, Snd hiariotbes do not fit himliketim tradi­ tional ‘ paper on the wall,’ bat I think attire tite most comfortable in the worl said a . t o n the other day^ “ To begin with,’’M resnmed, “ the Chinaman wears a soft, low-orowned, broadbrim felt hat, -whirii ia easier on tiie head than a stiS derby or rilk hat and a greater protection to the eyes. Then his neck is dressed more comfortably than ours, too. He wears but a single band around the neck, or two at the most. Have yon ever oonntod np what wowsar? Hoi j Well, just figure it out now. The undershirt band is one, a poeai- Ua (tost iproteetor is two, a shirt band is t]^ ,a e o l l s r i i f o n r , a necktie is five, a vest eoU u k tix, a coat oollar is seven, an OT«n»ateoUar is eight, and a neck scarf •CBrnthnee m a to the total nine—nine bands atoaad the neck. What ariumee for mbMoaJ n s tth e Corporal t n bis manifest inc self esteem, msionera e mployed in Sept. 16.—Mrs. Julia Clarke, of Berlin, b u been visiting amonj friends here. —As Benben Crandall w u dnving home on Edwin Dresser’s milk team the other morniim one of the f came off. Luckily the steady as the driver so no — Onr trustee, Mr. Searle, b u engaged Mr. Talbot, a son of H. 0. Talbot, to teach the school here th!!i winter. w ill begin the twenty-third dt month. 9t Friday by invitation a fe Isdiespssiedapleuant afternoon wi< Mrs. Wilkes who resides with her soi in-law, Bev. A. Lawrence. The occa­ sion w u the sixty-ninth birthday of Mrs. Wilkes. The ladies ages ranged 1 sixty-seven to eighty-five years. ■Mr. and Mrs. John S. Coon left for Alfred Centre l u t Tuesday to visit her son, Eeed^urdiqk. }mmis8&ner Tanner had o secure bis appointmeni Hew York delegation w u against him, and only a few Oongresaman could be induced to go to the White Hoi him. Strangely enough, when appointment w u made, he entirely for­ got these friends and paid ho heed to their advice. He thought hard times would never come again. He had one daughter a p p o in ted ^ private secretary and another a clerk in hia office, and into the little house in Georgetown went three neat saleries every month. He told Congressman Flood, “I turned old John Sherman down aivl I won’t stop at toping you down.” He thought every- 5ter who succeeds without powerful friends. The death of ‘‘Sunset” Cox is of the nature of a personal beieayement to thousands of people not only here but everywhere where his kindly, genial nature exhib­ ited either by his sui his charming bo( sunny personality o: ;s b u been felt. • o n t l i B r o o k f ield . * Sept. 10.—Mr. and Mn. D. J. Bink­ ley attended the funeral of their broth­ er-in-law, Mr. Stetson, at Waterville work with their teams on the U. & V. E, B. near West Edmeston. —Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Huntingi ^ n t l u t week with their mother, M Huntington. —^B,B. Calhoun b u begun work on the foundation for a new house on the lot formerly owned by Df. Obesebrongb. —Will Chapin received visits last jner, from the west, sister, of Holmesvill -Mrs. H. A, Crandall received a pie of fine russet apples of 1888 last week from Mr. Herbert F isk of Otsellc. —Mn. A. O. Austin went Friday to Truxton where Mr. Austin is engaged in school teaching. —School opened here Monday, Hiss Grace Coon, of Leonsrdaville, teacher. —A sad accident hsppened last Wednesday at Irwin Lanj ----- 'tby’s. attemptingttempting too closese thehe igwor a t clo t movable side < his silo i t tipped over upon Mr. Lang- worthy and nis father-in-law Mr, Charles Phelps, of South Ehmeston, the latter siving injuries from which he died nes were nt from which he dm ng. Mr, Lsngworthy’s inju lot of a serious nstoro. 'W ent B ro o k field . Sept. 16.—Mrs. A. L. York vli it sisten in Shelburne recently. —Quito a number of teams went p u t here l u t week going to the fair while your humble correspondent remained at home and prepared dinner for five hun­ gry mpU who were at work repairing the damue' the big rain did to L. C. York’s, mill dam. Five men working there nearly a week have the dam almost done. A few more days’ work will xsomplete the job making toe dam bettor than it b u been for a long time. —^Bessie and Arthur Crumb will re- tnm to Hew York to attend the school they have patronized before. —M ta O. Carr has been quite sick b at is slowly imptovinjir. —W. Belaen *nd family, of South Hamilton, were guests in tbm vicinity Sept, 8. I —Mrs. Nellie Cockett, p£ SmyruA vis­ ed here last week. —Angie Dresser b u been visiting at _ ir brother’s in South Hamilton. —Jared Chesebro and Alvin Ohese- bro and-wife, from the Union school- hons^ and Perry Brown, of Lynn coun­ ty, Iowa, were very welcome guests ir this place Sept. 15th. —H. 8. Dresser and family, of South Ismilton, were in this vicinity recei ~ Cut Hails, $2, Base; M axboh & Cooir. p c n s lo n a . Comrades and soldiers w8o consider themselves entitled to pension increase, will do well to consult Andrew J . Aus­ tin, Pensioa Agent, Brookfield, H. Y., u he is having very goodAUcceu. Barbed lYire, $3.66 Cash; M axsoh & C ook . ir-Hole Ban]gemade; i M axsoh , B e itF fCooH, Honioe BugMi MixtoH fit Ooof, lesto it. H U Mr. Langworthy w u ti and w u injured now better. ashing red hut about six caught at i to quite der. Mr. t being bom and brought up on toe farm at thia place now occupied by his son. There were seven of the children, six sons and one daughter, this being the first link broken in the family circle. Mr. Phelps had many friends in this valley. He WM 75 years'of age. The faneral ser­ vices were conducted by Bev. Jones, of Earlville. W e s t G f im e s t o n i. New tmong ber • few- T5 )f t l d ^ Is WATSfiTILIJi. The present maricst is anything but looungiog for the growers. Hnmph- r e y T S j w l l ^ b o ^ h ^ u l o w u 10 oto ' the bMt price now obtainable u 18 en d th r t* fenoy price. The late teacher in field, OtU{ Of Coll son^f Mrs. Green'^cb, Connecticut...'.Dr. Hazard and family have ipent a number of daya camping a t ffilver Lake. —The news of the fatal accident to Mr. Chatlee PhelpA of South Edmeston, w u received by the many scqusintsnces of the family in this village with a great * ' ' ' ^p^syropat*^- _____ Jig or Other will not give market an npwaf^ turn. Since lu t Humphreysumphreys haveave beeneen soldld u Friday H h b so u follows: Fred Smith 21 balef at 12 ctA -A. B. Benedict 10 tedee a t 12 cts., F. H. Hubbard 27 balss at IS eta .,. John Downey 8 0 'b i l u A t ctA,, Wm. Shields 10-bales a t IR ctA, D. K. P. Camp a t 12 ets.,Cbina Smith 1$ bales a t m u . , p a n ieljraim ^ ^ at_ 11 .1 cts. Ths r e p o r t s ___ _ tost many are tbrougb and plckera have left and that while some yards that were Struck with blight and were lousy are spoilmg vary fu t ot 'll picking well. Many betterr-^Id - ^ I d fror *'•“ This apaoe wfll he oeeupied next weekby Comstock & Felton, Harness Dealers,*Leonairdsville, N. 7 . sie lousy i e still picking well. Many growi port a b e tte from the aaiqe acre­ age than l u t year, while a few report leu. It if now estimated that toe entire ■ Marshall and Sangerfleld •will i what it was lu t year. Of ty not enough u m p let of toe prietor of a large knitting mill — ----- here looking over the ground; find! the water power adequate and the antiei- p a ^ railroads all that could be desired for ebippioe purpoiec. —A concert (complimentary} was given at Sidney to Mr. S. H, Burnside, of that town, Saturday evening toe 7tb. The urogram w u rendered by Mr. and U ri.'F, T. Arnold and Mrs. C. F. TYright, of this villsge, and M iu Slater, of Sherburne, the New Berlin orchestra performing the instrumental portion. Several from this village were in st- quality not enough __ variety have been shov ' ideAeA Therehere aren mau'j good id T a In th^oM lity howev ogive a very ly choice hops leu u tendance. advertliet Wednesdi neu of the weather the tal in the chapel ?md a large took of toe refreshments they society o f the Kmg’sDaugl ____ id a lawn fcstivil for idnesday evening; owing to the cool- a o f the weather the tables were set dispeniod^by young ladies. -The Iffil Family appeared at the “’ueidsy evening of lu t A London. cabl< ^ Km « says;, Frir buain doing ii in home growths and Germans. Amer­ icans to arrive offered at 80 to lOOshil- lingt. Ho sales retried . D o jifon w ^ u it a -W e u r The EagU Steam Dnllmg Machine, operated % ,G ^ . P. Hudson, of 'Del­ phi, and B, F^ Wilooz, of Eneville, ii now at work at E u t Hamilton. \We guarantee to s|rike Water, and o urpriou are toe loWestfor this kind of work. If you want 4 good well write ua and we will take pleasure in quoting bottom figures for the work. Vte also furnish ’X| , N .: riainficM nhi. Sept. 16.—Misses Flora and Maui lass are attending school at West Win 61d. —Miss Emi —Miss Emma Swan, who h u been spending several weeks with E. D. Bau and family, returned to her home in New York Saturday. —Henry Brown and Mott Kogera ate spending the week in Albany attending the State fair. —Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Miwker MiH Lena Jones spent Sunday' at D. E. Mason’s. —Geo. £ . Stillman ia under the doc­ tor’s care. —School commenced in toe Spauld­ ing district to-day -with Miss Carrie Holcomb as teacher. —Dame rumor says that Fred Clark has taken unto himiihlf a better half in the person of Mrs. Lina Sweet. Con­ gratulations. in no great hurry to dispose of stock. A year ago the sales of oheese were a week later than the y ear before that, but we are no earlier tow year, and it will take another week to market the August make. On an average oheese is nowaoldoffto August 24, with some salesmen just beginning on their Au­ gusts and a few just selling the lut of: thehe month.onth. III therehere hadad ' t m I t h been no Ivance to-day a good many factorymen ould have held back a part of .their - • - iplaSns of - with, on account of the greater riohn of milk. No further decline in cheese acted until toe September stock is toiles were ta follows: £oU. Boxa. % ................... ................ if2**** 7 . .^ ................ 700...- ^ ............•. .......... dal .............. 14,614 .ilftg price 8ic. Transactions one year ago 11,69^ boxes. Two years ago 17,276 boxes. There were ules of 74 packages of creamery butter at 21@22o., too bulk going at 21ic. fail to read tba Barial ^ ' B t m i a v e n Eanch,” F firm e rn, A U e n tfqo; have recently purebiuKd a new ___ ^owet and now 8A Johuville clean­ er and are prepared to do threshing in the best pouible manner. Thi^ best of work guaranteed. Bates—oats 2 cents Wo Itac p irk guarant r bushel. Bates—osts 2 cenl Wttpox # Bjwmpk, Brookfield, N. Y. 'NSILAQI MAOHiMeny D epot ,- I Baptist church Tuesday evening of week and gave one of their ‘pleuing musical entertainments to a good au­ dience. Their playing upon the variety of the novel initrumenU introduced, fanltleiA and the music from them is lightful to the car. The wondei l^ison phonograph w u exhibit performed its part well, much delight of the audienoe. '^ h e social event of tbo p u t week I a largo company entertained Friday evening a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. OMiT Mitterson. —Mrs. John McGuire hat been suffer­ ing severely with inflammatory rhi tism'; is now steadily improving. —^The friends of Mis# &rah HsU will —Jennie, ths ten-year-old daugbt of Mr. and Mrs. E liu Tuttle, of Colum­ bus, h u commended studying the art of playing the comet with Prof. Holmes. —Mr.^Ush^ Gei _____ enung, a former resi­ dent of NeW Berlin, but for the p u t four years with % d ^ goods firm in Sherburne, has accepted a position jn a store in Oneonta. —The delegates appointed from thu Union to be present at the County Con­ vention of the W. 0, T. U. which w u held in Oxford the 4th and 6th of the present month were not in attendance and wo are deprived from giving an ex- ■ ■ :ount of too proceedings. I, of Mt. Upton, WM turcAn Address, H udboh & WiLco: Ctre E. B . Fitch, “Bobin’s Fstoweil.” Caprice for Piano,Ly Fischer. Brilliant, not difficult, u d euy to commit to memory. A cspital/piece for young progreuive pisniiti; fa i l e d on receipt of 60 cts. In 2-ct. p ^tsge stamps, by auy music 2 COIffOCI t miOK, 10 EKABISTL.E, 1 11 N. T. ¥. 6 .BIE,.nitiIIIlU rOBKS II. T. ^ Bubef Wire, $3.66 C u b ; M axsoh & $18,«H),009.( $ll,^,0O O iO 9 Net B e p i ^ n t e d ^ Brookfield, N . Y . rftW.kSent Com v tai {1.00 Cash Capital. HOP PICKING Groceries of all Kinds AT ESPECIALLY LOW PRICES. Kiln Cloth, Hop Sacking, Brimstone, Ahm a few tons of Barbed Wire at $3.60. All. goods at toe lowest R E B ^ ^ T A H S h o e ’ S t o r e ), Sherburne, N. Y. W e have the largest line of the Best goods ai the lowest . pricts ever offere\& in' th is‘market. W e buy from the leading houses in the countiy i wc do own work, consequently our prices strike terror to the hearts of all our competitors and the quality pleases the people. Bargains Extraordinary in all Summer goods, and in Holbrook's Ladies* 'Shoes in A., B. and C. widths, formerly $3.50, now $2.00. Woman’s Pebble Grain Button $1.00. An elegant Kid Shoe for^$l.75. Our $.200 Kid Shoe best in State. A Real Calf double-sole-and-tap shoe $1.50. Our Calf Shoe at $2.50 is bunkome. The best $2.00 heavy Sole boot in town. Buell’s hand made boots are sold at $3.00. I^^Bargains in all broken lines. , - One Price to Yob aadsTonr Ndghbor. Hats. C. TODD & SON. Capa le; M axsoh &.C ook . JBnsInesa Mottces. 1 work team, and 2 young he 25 cords of sfisuned wood. Ei 28-2. VL~ ~ L, 3KmnroH. M A R R IH D . WHITE—In BrooUtU, Scat.A n n lt TtMuxO, ylft of Jam«a WhlU, 41 y»a«i andja Say*. Mrs.^. Bsinbnc 1 W. S. Moon, of Mt. Upton, w u stod president, Mrs. B. Y. Cooper, of idge, corresponding secretary. A G r e a t Offier. It is with pleuure that we announce to our many patrons that we bave(again) made 'BrraifgBffl^TS VfltB tBat~wide^ awake, illuttrated farm magazine, the American Farmer, published at Fort \Wayne Ind,, and read by nearly 209- 000 farmers, by which that great publi­ cation will.be mailed direct, FBBE, to toe address of any of our subscribers who will come in and pay up all arrearages on fiubscnptiOQ and one year in advance from dfite, and to any new subscriber who will pay one y ou in advance. This u a grand opportunity to dbtain a first- class fum journal free. The American Farm eritn large 16-page journal, ot national circulatioc, which ranks among leading agricultural papers. It treats toe question of economy in sgn- culture and rights and privileges of that v u t body of citizens—American Fum - e n —whose industry is the buis of all material and national prosperity. Its highest purpose is the elevation and en­ nobling of Agriculture through the high­ er and broader education of men and engaged in its pursuits. The regular subscription price of the American Farmor is $1,00 per year. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING. From any one number ideu can be obtained that will be worth tbrioeitbe subscription price to you or your household, -niT you OKI rr VBXX. Call and see mmple vuifofrm B M m la a tl o a a t Teachers’ examinations for the 1st Commissioner District of Madisoi ty will be held u follows: For certificates of the first grade i Hamilton..........................Aug. 13 and 14 For second and third grades: imilton ..................................... Ang. 18 __jrrisTille ................................... -....Sept. T Erieville...............................................Sept. 10 Lebanon................................................Oct. 6 Brookfield..................................Nov. 26 Examinations will begin at 9:00 A. u. idclosea|,4:00p. h . B. 0. F£tHOiA School CommiMioner. Georgetown, N. Y., July 29, 1889. ^ Bubed IFire, $8.65 C u h ; M axsoh A T h e re are- many -white soaps, represented to be . j «jng» dc yt>e>d a s th e l v orv»** T h e y are not, but like ' . ^ 1 counterfeits, th e y lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities o f \ the genuine, . Ivory Soap insist upon having it, ’T is soid everywhere. Q I D E E AFPLES trA i f T E i » . O n an d r ,^ f th r S e p t. B .E .& J.O .M O T T . ipt.10, 1889. 3S4 Monroe Bauges; M axsoh A C ook . Rooms at loiest Moos, hAKiH^ POWDER Absolutely Puros JgBOokFIELD ONION SCHOOL & ACiDElI. Fall Term Opens 8epA IT. Aueadance,j;iast Year, 195* Xts most oomsnkaostTS sad snUmstle ooan of study and tb^ best opportuilftlM offend ft t«n«al iBrtrnetfon and fmpustioii fur oolite*- XxotUtat Ubniy sad Urg* aypmtui, elutts, tto. outlt ar utentUo A Superior Corps of Teachers. Ycry PfllNTERS’ I nk . m x n i r a rt u i^it v nt it t« fe«, \a jitml kr aSmUHtt.\ It II Iwri « tti fni sil ZAMtiL <« 7 i «f *Mk aadk tU li tU ItmMttUw ]»ua4-tte ttsli iwmJ. m ts IWSfcrrtf.iJMlUsS sawthnw. It tffiS t>S IS- tta U ^ n i iitsp i^ ^ siTMftiHVteiMs. pOsmTS sttfalw tov, vUs, ytetf |i siwi' tiMflMVttvHttu s4r«hMW‘^ k s v t l U ^ Oaitybt Hn>>9mw‘«Uw!iWk^sw;l|«ir |nik ^ npi4-# 2^4 JiNWtm n wm pirf ttst dWtt tf Ktiiskli tiwMdw. JfywKwfT liwst^rMWlM'anCsakitpyti. fwteis m 0IIM4 kst Tw Sriltis s 7 MI la ttnrtiibfi if so, n a m u 'w z Bsf i w yw k«v w «t- Ms 4iaklt tki s«niM yw sn arr tWfisf itriai- Mf tk Mm. 4 vwrt wisH»tiw witi n t C m »tPn; a umfU ttyy nm n t n n e*sm U R B ^ is * tit ptetiiri ly any tet sslii. Mooikrhv. H i NUsstm If ^ a r a n r m vum tm it luiiy tWr s 4 t H .yiM^ fill M in t. 4Una^- k QEO. W. KOWILL a GO'S ■ KwnrsrwAdTwtiiiazBiinsa r ja«wMsft.,XMryoifc. OASSmiiJE. Get onr elsewhere. prices before purchasing W. G. DYE. Unadilla Forks, N. Y., Aug. 24,1889. M i i i i s ! WORDEN’S LeousrdsviUe, For the next 30 days H s ttl.A .l^ n . sgslnst Dorr B. Hsyns, ai gsr.i'&TKt.ssas™ », day* aflMT th* Mrrio. of tU. minmoDi, mc I m I t . y o n ^ dsbult for tbs nlisi dsmaodtit in the ooi OftMSdteM M^pott-wBo. tMztm, lAcavd.- “ > Xayii. Tb.for.goiiixtnmi&oMlttwr.dnpra y ibUcatlon.piuraiuitto as ord« of Hon. “ ' e JS? WM8WOBXH, tlalntura Attorney. g PER CENT., SHORT TIME, DEBENTURE BONDS, Notth-fffitorolor^oTiinstCo • f SEDFIELD, DAK. What AFe They ? Thtyai»Bomd. iMnri by the Oompuiy In de- -ominatlon of flO and upward., dn. In liz montlui. tw#lT« mouths, olahtesn month, and two years, at the option of the nnyei — intereat at the rate of five per cent (i pa 7 ahIetemi-annnaUy.prin 0 lp a ._ - _ ___ lyable at the National B u k of the Bepnblio, ---- mrk City, or at the office of S. A. Yitob, HamUten.H.T. Are They Secure ? Aboolute!?. Because the Sh>0»000.00 cmh g»pit«i of tno Oompiuiy fi Uible and Ixolden for their payment. And in ----- -- ------ ----- Id an equal; It liaaa on r UBteeii Pavlc Tord. of Kami >Mily Of th< ra the oerilfle re Bonda are jnat onrertible, at the _________ _ — —. Jmo, at their face ----- and scorned intereat into Yirit Uottgi~ Bondi of the Company. ' ManiteeCanlQIitainTtieia? By calling on or writing to the Agent at HamU- ton.H.Y., who baa not only theie abort time Bebeutnrea, but alao onr tfi Birat Uortgage Bonda on band at aU times. S. A, FITCH, Agt., HAMILTON, N. Y. Ai North Brookfield everr Satur­ day u f i Monday. TANTBD- A L E S a E M j^ O T I C l TO C I^ITO S S . Pnranant io an Bnrr^U of the f of Alfred D. Kennedy, ity of MadiaoD, notios la t— iji pertona ___ utorttbetownofBrookfleld.ln aald iwnntT, . praaentthaaame.wlth the rpneha.-a thereof, t the nnderalgned, the Admlnlatratpraof of the_eata<e of theallddeoeiaed. at the n BMeh,inttu ------- --------- BMeh, in the to H.Y.,OBorh.C( Dated thUlOt the eatat _ _ ______ oe of George layofB«,Umb^^D.jl»80. GBOBGK BKAOH, Admlniaqratoff. Farm ^ Sale! The farm knewn aa the OBABY H01O8TUD TASK IH 0(0.111008, H. Y. abont thrcsmllM tiom tbs Oentr*. containing raU watered, weU fenced, with a large- two atory _eaae, and aU neoeaaary ont bnildlnga in good.*»- palr, within abont one-third of a mile of the Xing Ubeece factory, wUl be ■ObD AT A MEANONABIiB PBIOB to settle np the eetate. Tor fnrtber partlonlan ^nanlr. pf the pf^mat 05 ^ ^ “X ® U e E 8 . ghetbn^ pfipnango Co., H, Y. or otherwlae to appear tbaraat ofthaPaao.,Ooron»tisndoth« ..... . takes any reobcnlxaao. fpjt t|»a appearanoe of any person at snob Ooirt, or who hart tak«i any In. rnlaltiottortba naainaticn of any ptiaonw ier wltnaif. ar* rscpirwl to rttnm inoh nioagnlsano^ rsontaltiottandsuminatloB. tethsiald Oonrt at tb. opmlng tbuMf on tb* drat day of ita attt(ng, Olm nndrt my band at tba Sbsnff-a Offlos in tb* TmH*orfiotTi.TiU*,oatb*SOtb d v of Angnst, thaonly Un. t m iavMiM 4 ^ holds th . d.<— wltbontpln; Mldorijrby HwaU. Bunpl* to* 1^ maU on iMtipt of W owts, also oinnlari.vtlo. BBED E. YOUMG. Nnraeryman, Boebestar. H. Y, A p r e s e n t . If YOU become my agmt auduUglOO,-wUlgivegaforcopyofthlsad. Ont Xsnglit In the v n c A svsD n s fis cojlubge , dUMimMUdttiiith BOOK-X^IHG. SXBHOGHdPHY, iraWBITIHO, BunmM ABitpHUBiiG. ynhvnrEssDAW, OOSBXBrONDXKbx, Olronlars free. a BH1EU> k HBHDBIOX, Proprietor.. SAFE INV^TMENTS. Tbe festem Fan iHto Trust Go, x^M v r c u c e . K s w m b . ; $ 1000,000 , paid In fnU. IXSRST XOBTOAGBB- Oapltai $3,000,000. PBBKHTOM OOUrpH BpXSS—Intsiwt ft and Principal and InUrmt gnseentwd and payabl. jMiU-annnaUy at m^Aattonal\Bank H mt UlDlfCfBESXBOII., OL ? BUY THE LESTER FIN 5 SHOES, nncqiiallcd for « ^ STYLE, COMFORT . mmf. ThgJIESTlathe c h e a p e s t . LESTER a CO. m S G i l A M I O S , N . T . a . J . t s i a u i a w . J. B. BABGOCB & GO, BBOOUIBLB, 1 . 1 . J. E. BAB© 0 eK & eO., Furniture and Undertaking. We have just filled our store with new and modern F U R N I T U R E ' OF TH E LATEST PATTERNS. ANTIQ UE OAK firm and very fine in CHAM B E R ' SUITS, SIDEBOARDS, COUCHES, CENTER TABLES, &c. . A new line of COUCHES in SpecialFatterns, ROYAL • PLUSHES woven to fit each, couch in Antique Oak. CHERRY A ND W ALNUT FRAMES -fcheap and ex­ pensive. Center and library Tables, new and very fine at vepr low prices. BOOK CASES. SIDEBOARDS, PARLOR FU R N I­ TURE, and in short eveiythiivg that is kept in a first-cless Furniture Store. The greatest assortment outside the city. Call and see for yourself. PICTURE FRAMING. A large assortment of mould­ ing always on hand.. Frames made to order at veiy reason­ able prices. U N D B R T A K I N Q . Special attention is given to tbia branch of our bueiness and all calls promptly attended to, day or night, and Be- mainspreierred as long as desired. A full line of Fu­ neral Famishing Goods always on hand a t the Fataituie and Undertaking Rooms of J. E. BABGOOK & C O r — Brookfield, Aug. 24, 1889. ism i. ClilBlU LEOllBBSmU I. T. Opportunities Are offered every day to get more than your money's worth from oyr Mammoth Stock. In the Shoe Department we are offering: Ladies' and Gents’ Nigwam Slippers at 6oc Former price^$i.oo, i.io and 1,25, Gents' Tennis Shoes, soc Regular price $1.00 One line of Ladies’ Kid Shoes at Former price $3.00. Ladies’ Rubbers Odd lines of.goods at half price .goods at half price to make room for a large stock of new goods just received. OUR CLOTHING STOCK is large and presents a variety that cannot fail to please our customers. Prices are ^ery low. ' , „ . A great sacrifice will be made on all Summer\Smts. We are constantly adding new goods to the Clothing Stock, HATS AND CAPS. ’ The latest 5h,aes \'WS®? S 9 !“P [SKiyeJ thlj D R E s ^ o © e a , We hava as bareains—■ Two ] Tbre 15c., l8c., ., former price S(Xl, 12 I-2C., reduced from 25c. Dress Goods Worth loc., 12 i- 2 c., 8 c., and 20c.,—all for one ^rice, Thirty pieces Dress Goods, brocaded, d%rk colors, cotton, 5c p 8c. Hop-Qrowers and PicKefs arg reminded that we have mqde special grgp.^r^tipft |qr tl[\e|n. Hop Picking, Kiln 01otli$ Burlaps, Brimstone, Groceries & Orcokoiy. tw o crates of the last named goods jUst in, con^aqing over three .thousand pieces. MwalirgrliviBttwtliiiM. DIVING 4. CBANDALL. UooKdwUU, Aug. ?, tOS#. . ' - --

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