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turnsd'i^rom an i Etandel Tf**t WedDQffday \u u terr pleaMnt tin , b u t _____________ ■till the banner i ito for snow, havinir •MD but little Qi b[U itapie article weit —Hiia Qem B rch l i spending severiil M 'i” r ^ Hinkley, Brown, of Of last week g K g j M l e i a ( S o M t m W toaM B y L T . jitABOH 18. 1889. .I h a SobleNctaer ZtUung of Brealau. pablisbei ID alleged telegram imot dm o a, tbat the Oennaa frigate OJipi b embudea Xstaafa^ camp; tbat t*eaptaiiM>f tbe. American man-of- aal# ^jicesnmaUj the IfTipeic,) protest- edj 4M1 jihen ihd hinleat was'disregard* ad. fired a iheU which exploded on ■iwnrdtbeorfipk; and tbat ftaerlsttfr then directed a torp ^ o a t tbe American ahip wbicb 1>lew'her up^ with all hands. Tbe ■imryu'diacreditedatibe state depart- a e n t in Waabiogton. Inter advioes proTA' tbat the abore at&y WM a e a n a i^ A German merchant In flim S'ranclsoo, it la auppoaed, wanted toboom a o e itainllneof buaineu, ao he oabtodtohia oorreipondent the naval aaga||i(M i;t|ninst wij^ inifrmotioi liiia w tt'-done until a n e s i ^ i ^ g e t b o i a oH t, when it came haelc to tbb country. In the city whence B i t e i e d l t oreat^ great excitement Satnitay. aa added to it was a lUte- m u tt that the Ooeanio line iteamer Al­ ameda bad been captured by the Qer- nans a t Samoa, th e aafe arrival of ttis Teasel a t Sydney set a t xeat the ad­ dendum to the Story, and tbe reiteration from ^Uie’navy and state departments that the origin^ tale was a mere fabri­ cation, baa dianosed of the whole canard. ^th e f iftieth Oongreie, which expired hfooutituticmallhaitatioaon'lCiioh 4, was one of the'moat remarkable in the biatecy of thp country. Ita began tbe firat Uonday in Ita liiat session r i December, 1887, and continued practically until ‘ October SO, 1888. In December the second aeiaion began ending Monday. It h u been in aeaaion longer than any previouB Congress. During the two ses­ sions. 13,689 bills and 968 joint tesolu- ' tions wore introduced in the 'House, while ,8,998 bills and 144 resolutions werfrihtxodueed in the Senate. Of all theie bills and rNolutioni, 1,701 becami laws; of wbiob number, 1,190 originated in the House, and 601 in the Senate, Tbe moat important bill introduced during the two sessiona was the Mills tariil bill. Disouasion of this meaauie was what prolonged the first session. Three hundred and. .thirty-three bills which passed ‘ the House foiled in the Senate while 64S bills, after pasting the Senate failed through one cauu or an­ other to rekoh the Fceaident. iving sent ...v — , , -------- - ison county the evidence in namtiTe form, that he may'make such amend­ ments as he deems necessary, and appear before the trial judge to settle the case. This the district attorney has not yet Kief is 88 years old, of medium bight, and weighs 140 pounds. Whon he en- tered the jail he weighed 1S6 pounds. He has atralght blsok hair, black eyes andmouatsAe. He says he is not guil­ ty of the odme charged against him, and if he can get a new trial thinks he can get clear. The facts that t* was i^ u it tte d and the. man on the fourth inott inaufnaugur- One hundred years ago, of March,'Washington was no i «ted, although he had boea elected. On thfrfto# ■Wednesday in-January, 1780, tbe first presidential, electora were voted for by tbe'pisbpW On the first Wednes­ day in febroary the electora met in their several Sta<9 caj^tfdf.sOid unanimoualy oast their votes for Oeorge Washington. The moating of Obngteu w u set for the first Wednesday in March, which hap­ pened to be the fourth, O fithat day a a^nte of cannon waa fired, and eight •enatora and thirteen repreaentativea In their appearance; but so long w u delay of the rest that i t w u not until ApiU thirteenth that Oongreu had a quorum to oanvau the eleotoral votes and inaugurate the fint FrOildent. It w u tiM frtot that the first tkmgreu w u to meet on March f o u r t h ^ ! filed tbat date fr>r the inauguration bi the sue- luuy, wiien questioned about the c,,mo, “She’s a pretty piece of furniture for me to kill a man fort” He added if he had told what he ought to at the coroner’s inquest he would not now be in jail. C his examination by the coroner WU uked if he bought arset while a t work for Howard. H e u id “ ■ lot. It w u afterward proved tt ppUed at a SyraouM drug store 1 110. He u k e d for several pounds to rats with, but failed to get any there. He told me that Mrs. Howard w u a good looking woman, but he put yrould not kill a man for her. He the claims to be perfectly happy in jail, and mtll only u k s that a new trial be granted him. He is not inclined to talk about tbe crime or hit life while at Howard’s. During the summer of 1884 ' A bill h u 'b e e n introduced into the Canadian. Fuliament, authorising the surrender of fugitive criminals in Cana­ da, not \included' in the extradition jteuty of 1843 between the Dnited .Stideaand.Grad Britain. T h ish u cre­ ated soaie alarm among the <*boodlers” *ad other fugitives frdm justice who have fled from this country to Canada. The direct tax hill w u vitoed by Cleveland on Saturday, paiaed over his ▼eto by tbe ^ n a te, b u t fuled to do so in the. House. The Oklahoma, bill M e d to p u s - ' Them two meuures will be introduced in the jie i t Congress, which meets in D u m b e r , unleu called in extra seuion by-ifae B ruident—which <d(^ not at this writing seem probable. The following, according to various eotrespond^s by Freiident Harrison ^ United States Samqan* cfonfi oowespondtonts, are possible nomlnationa by President Hat ' to tbo Jlidm A. KassoW;; Dialed States biiaister to Berlin, General B. P . Butler; United Statea tninuter to Mexico, Hathck Ugan. It appears tltf^ Senahor-eiect ^ggins, ofDelaWare/tipon Ida 'recent visit to Indianapolis, lcft..ihM i^lAeUa in the libraiy'of Oenend H a i ^ n , 'BeoreW^, Halfcrd returned i t to h im in 'Mhiduiig- ton. I t avgiin well Iqr the'. honesty Of tbe administration., ' A u a n i n W m teri^kbtaeaW 'a bliz- laiger than it.' * anmiended ' m i s t e r A i ^ i c i n consnlatea' The British nchooner Gkanec was •eized a t Booth Bay; Me., thenther day for non-entiy, and can he fined f 1,000. Xz-Preaident Cleveland w u electeu •an.liOB<*ta» member of ttie New York dham h e tetbangreubyavoteof 90 tc Tbe gold fields in Dower OaUftmia cwrisoue to pan out rich. It it believed UkU tba gold ledge extends two hun­ dred miles, terminating finally in cop­ per, ............ I t turns out that the hoys in tbe sol- diera’ orphan school at M ^ lu^fivllle, Pa., who were supposed to be aflieted with a peculiar mental diseau, only p l i ^ m a y . ... ............. .. The deeput ooean^ souadinga wen .S T K A n o m CAUK OX» K I S S '. AK A T KO e X O V W KAaMiACKK. m j a i l O v e r s o a r Y f i a r a ssitauwre o f x c t u r d c T - ^ c a e e W l t e r e U te M a ts w m K e l d a a d m e w o m a M s e t F r e e ^ v i t t f e r t l t e W iiaaow o f th e G a iiow u M o re T i t a n T w o 'S 'e a r w ^ l i e M n r d e r o f Albert D. Howara. Hiiiuduuu naol, wuu u uiiUgSL ---------- murder of Albert D. Howard, and who h u been in jail four years. Albert D. Howard, a young farmer of the town of Fenner, died suddenly in December, 1884. After bis burial snipicions of foul play were aroused and the body w u dis­ interred. An autopsy showed the prea- anoeof aruD iointheiem iini. In Jau< tisry, 1884 » coroner’s jury found tbat Howard’s death w u caused by poison, I Mn. Howard, wife of the ' \ ' - f, the hired; the same. u i^ u i t e d and tbe. man convicted gave Edef couaiderable aympatby a t the time ofof thehe trialrial andnd thishis sympathympathy has t t a t sy been rather iaoreaied a t the long and needleu confinement of Eief. He h u a good many visitors and newspapers and lowers are sent by friends. Many of hit meals are u n t in to him. He is not at all n vicious looking man and h u many friends among the ladies. His cell is nicely fitted w with pictures and little ornaments. He h u the use of tbe corri­ dor of the jail during the day time and ia only looked up at night. He ia also alloiied many Other pmilegei, n o h u going out of doors with an attendant. He doea more or leu work about the jail premiaet. Ho it an excellently behaved prisoner and h u no desire to ru His father, mother and brother Peterboro, aine miles from Horrisville, andthey frequently visit him and bring him Clean clothing and food. Mri. Howard used to cau on him b ut abe w u finally refused i come any m o r e .____________________ knew the woman quite intimately ;when lived in the family, b u t said disdain- proceec _ old Gerot, just The slaughter w u most brutaL Wo after wound w u inflicted before the death shot w u given. Ho body con­ tained lest than ten builetL and the re­ mains of Vincent, who made a desperate struggle for life, were completely rid- died. The savagea passed the moi in mutilating the bodies and pilla •ed their outfit. The women were neatly 'he scalped, and their long tresses, imstted with bloodi dangled from the belt of the Chief of the Indians. The heads of the eked and their bodiei fright red. The Indiana found men, but tlie quantity w u not iniScient to intoxicate them all, or they would ■ ■ ■ L have fought th o a o fth e _____ lends, who, u they ran „ other, would halt an I give one of the bodies a back with a knife. Finally the muori, earned by the the quantity w u not dottbtleu ■elves. The clotbi donned by the fit from one to the instant to give ol ______ o r a g u h w it h a knife. Finally the marauders, wearied of the bloody tout, and packing the efioota of the dead peo­ ple on their ponies, set fire to the wsgons and loft. Ferry, who w u nearly dead from fright, emerged from bis biding place when the Indiana bad de;»Tted, and at once itaited for Canyon City, tho kuiuK Buu jiuuu. “e««»t settlement. Tho guide had be> 0 can on him b ut she was co w demented by his.euftering and admittance and did not «<>?h f,. PO*“ b u been Kief admitted that he organized to sccuTe the bodies of the gag^d in tiav e lu | about^the Si'pau H o w l ’s houto quito’frequontly. Howard w u in poor health, and hired Kief to work for him. Kief uied to rnr M ewcw,' as sne- mwer- w a too ill to attend to it hinueU. Eief and Mrs. Howard used to travel about to­ gether a good deal, and there ia no doubt they were exceedingly well ac­ quainted with each other. He and Mra. Howard used to visit Oneida an ' buley. He would sell tbe gndn L Own name, and checks would be made payable to him. He said tbat this was done at Howard’s suggestion. Howard had tried to sell the grain in Oneida and had been unable to secure a utislactory price, and he told Kief to lell it u though i t belonged to him, and then draw the money on the checks, and give i t to Mrs. Howard. Bo Kief says, when he got the money on tbe checks he , would turn i t over to the woman, who waited for him in tbe wagon in front of tbe bank, while be got the checka ouhed. The testimony on tbe trial ahowed that Kief and Mra, Howard bad tome high old times together while in Oneida. It is quite a remarkable ciroumitapee that of the four persons tried for murder in Mtdison county within tho p u t few years three have been women. Two of these wcpieh have been charged with the muraer of their husbands and the Other with the murder of her child. H n . Angenette Hilgbt wm ifiouud ' killing her tansbsnd, and convioted murder in the fint degree, u charged in the indictment. She w u sentenced to be banged b u t Hon. Grover Cleveland, who w u then j;ovemor of this state, commuted her sentence to imprisoc fur life, and she is now in tiie Pnoi tnty penitentiary a t Syra( le Mrs. Howard, who c ___ irgtenna Myres, lal is fresh in-the minds of the people. It is another somewhat remark­ able fact that all the defendants afore­ said have been represented by Borne The late M. D. Barnett de- dtha other'tbre free. Then Mrs. Qeoi whose trial ■ - ' • attorneys, fendedled M>s.frs. h Haight and the other' th have been defended by J . L Sayles. Mr. Bayles uys that a year i^o he srved upon the district attorney of The distnot^attonmy told me tbat be expected to argue the case a t the gener­ al term in April. Before tbu is dgne. however, the attorney a on aitbar' aide must meet before Judge Tappan and arrange the points on which the appeal is to be taken. This is called settling the case. After this the case and'points must be printed. There is considerable work to do to get the matter ready for appeal. In any event Kief ftsnds a good chance of remaining in jail at leu t another year.* BalrilirtilK e Mmumfteh- The King of Kandavis, whose Ameri-: can name la A. A. Tnttle, is now in San'Franciaoo. His majesty is six' feet tbtoe inches high, and w u bom in Chenango county, 1816. il*^u wrecked »ud only and two e.then escaped and were '400 miles from any land. The nearest 'were the islands of the Navigator group, bat tbe. storm, being b%h, wp ,dtifted southvrest. After several days . of suf fering we reached tha island of Hands., via and found an abundance of banana andoocoanut trees. While eating the fruit we were surrounded by cannibals and p ut into pens, where they pro­ ceeded to fatten us,~-Kink Tico had just died, prior to our arrivsl, and the nstivM believed he would sgun return. Seeing tstoos. on my breut, similar to tboM on Tico they u ld 1 w u the king returned from the cloud land and waa to rale over them. This w u welcome news to me, u I thought being a king was better than being sacrificed as my ■ ■ \ iBded w B e d lo ^ coming alomc X wsf '\iiM iM torbpw rf CnexBira*, Wyo., March 10.—A h alf' breed hunter and trapper, who arrived hero from the extreme north-western quarter of the Territory to day, brings tidinga of the atrocious maasaotte of a party of five French tourists in Vellow- stone National Park. The bearer of the news hesrd the story s t Csnyon City, s new mining town near the park, where Hank Ferry, tho guide and aole aurvlTor, reported tbe slaug^bter. l^erry says his chargesinoludeflM.LeOlsireandl wife: J. Vincent and Paul Geiot, father of Umo. Vincent. He entered the service ■ the sightseers at Virginia City, Hont., ntrac,ting to show them through tbe park in violation of tho United Statea statutes, The strangers wens very wealthy and said they had joumed. over­ land from Ban Franoiseo for the expreu puipoie Of going through the park dur­ ing the absence of the horde of summer excursionists. The party enjoyedi them- lelveihugel} in the park, affiliating with the poacheni, who were slaughter- iota were heard and roused Ferry. Hi realized the situation and, crawling through the brush, took refuge in the mouth of a sleeping guyser. Here he beard piteous grosns and begging of the foreigners, iningled of thehe red-skins.ed-skins. w i t h f i l i n g t r Tho latter ieded with the murders, and killed } tho sun w u rising. fully disfigured. The Indians found a •tore of liquors, osmed by the F^«noh amoug them- victimi murdered people and if posaile to isvenge their deaths. Ferrv is a tough character but bia atory ia believed, altbough some of the miners think tbe hide hunters, who are mostly villiani, may havei mur­ dered the tourists for the purpose of rob- WASMXMOTOM X,BTTM)R. W abjiihotos . March 8 , 1880,—Wash­ ington is slowly recovering from the delirium of inauguration week. The iMt of the great throng of non-ojfice seeking vuitors are preparing to go- home. As the excurafon tioketa expire to-night, tbe office leekeri who intend to remain and fight the good fight to the more or less bitter ond bavo flooded the ticket scalpers with so much paste­ board that you can to-day buy a ticket to St. Louia or Chicago lot a dollar. Tbe presenre for office ii pitiable. Tbe hotel Lobbies are crowded $ Con- grauman tra beiiegad, and manr — -Bewnave evee-neen erlvaa- i«v _____ , the soUellallona of the anx­ ious p atriots For every bffloe paying 83,000 o r even fl,600 tbme era a icon of applicants, and the number i f tbos< who do not know exactly what they 'dt want is simply Mtounding<, If any one State may proudly boast of its supreme efiergy in office seeking at present, the palm may be awarded to Indiana. That Btate now aSordi active candidates for every bureau head iun thehe Departments.epartments. t D In conversation with ihir hungry army, one is surprised to learn that they expect their claims are to be considered within a week or ton days, certainly i two weeks. Oongreisman Thu, or wel known friend of Hsrrison That hi promised his you are told, ' am after, this influene something elio about as „ When Congress comes back again next winter, the office seekers, depressed but not discouraged will be on hand. They will waylay unwary statesmen in park nooks of the Capitol corridors and force large promises from ttaeir« pallid Ups. And after a while when bis money gives out and the friends of hit — better days begin to avoid WWj the Id. seeker for plsoe will be content to get Of a $000 poluion In tbe -ceniui office or of some ilmilay bureau for tbe disposal of olitical garbage. Then you may see mystcripuily important gentleman who to-day desires tp be, say, Indian Commissioner, carrying bfa )jj;tle lunch basket to a messeger’s desk. There are among all these hm ones, a large number of really ^ men—men of honor jqid usetulnesa at their own homes. Like death, this craze ia no respaoter of persons. I met, yesterday 4a aterlmg a*'fellow ^ ever lived, a riling young lawyer, not to bp sure a man who would ever be a great lawyer,^but a man who might by remain­ ing in Ulinou, in a few years reach a practice of 84,000 per annum. Hei con­ cluded by saying, “yoy know that I have never asked for office . before.’’ the ment. “That’s what I told Ben Harrison during the campaign,”. •» In­ diana Congtossmam ifaying yesterdi >eal “and I t^ e y e I periuadod ^ m of it ing though he did'nl teeip to feel so i ints first. There is nothing so hopojrabl hble as the pursuit of position. Let a grei * man die; what Is hit biography but history of the offices be bss held. The most noted lawyer in tbe world would hiure been unknown was fr not for the public oftoe# ^e haa, held.” What shall it profit a man to agree with such a ipoiliman—wbat fallacy oo;;ld not be more easily uradicsted? The new Cabinet went in yr, flenertil Tracy, for'Beci Quite a crowd « Department I the boijir ar- outside pubija of Mr. Blame. gathered about the Btate and waited patiently until t ------- „ rived wheu he appeared and took pos- sestion. W ith the exception of Secre­ tary Windom of the Tremury, Mr. Blaine is the only member of toe new Cabinet known to-the public. Whether or nut any of them shall looMed in winning laurels, or notoriety, ovenhad- 0 »»d by Mr. Blaine, rm aina tube -Men. Waiuraja’a Itog pemediei-- 0 ld fuhioned, aimpTe fompoquds, pied in tfaadaya of our hardy ferafathors. ^re “old timeni” b ut “old tollable,” T l w comprise • W a r n e r ’a x.«KC«Mia »iirais|NKnUtp. “Hops and Buchu Bemedy,” “Cough and Consumption Bemedy,” “Hair Tonic,” “Extract,” for External and Internil Use, “Plasters,” “ Rose Cream,” for Catarrh, and “Liver Pills.” They are put up by H. H. Warner * Co., pro- [trietors of Warner’s Safe Bemedies, and IxomiMto equal tbe aUudata value o f ----------,- those i ^ a t prepatatioiis, All dn^niists • o n t k KSUBMl March IJ.—J. K Pope bss retu from Washington, raporting a plei time for rainy waather. —Mr. White is now pleasantly located in his new home. —Rumor says our landlord, Mr. Agin, ia going to leave. —The stores here are doing a rushing business. —To keep up with business Expreis- man Crandall has had to engage another —James Vidlet ii the owner pf a two« yesf-old colt that takes the cake. —Charles Hosg’s daughter has gone south to procure the dowery that wm left her by her grandmother. Sisty-five thousand dollars, so the story goes. I t IS hoped it may be true. —Mr. Blackman has secured the right ^ way between this place and New Ber- a, w ith the exception of tw o pieces. —Joseph Vsrley ia quite siek and un­ der the doctor^ care. ■Miss Mary Fsgo has returned visit'wittTfnends with friends atNorv •ONUS M rookriwlto March 18,—Mr! and Mii. John D. Camenga and m t | daughter, Bessie, re- id from an f tended vuit in the “ ' They report a find Brookfield —Mr. and Mis. Tsjlo Bridgowater, apeiit a poHk _____ ____ - Ith T. T. BnrdijkY people. ■Mrs. F . W. fnloo has been pros- id forafew d ijw irfm iB attack of neto .from wjiito' tiio. ^s < recovering —A cow b elq^ig.lofcitre!nce broke througli ice^oii^tl pleasant visit a t No —H. 0. Hooker h u laid out . ........................ is ^called t road througl and is now ( building li to build a V getting lumber. le valley by the a i t won’t be a mt a new the gulf, „ , ^„ne very fine It WU a fearful place and i t new looks like the lumber woods of Pecnnlvsnia. —Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matthews ear a broad smile—it’s a boy. —Wm. Phelps is getting to be quite a horse trader. —Some people predict tbat will be running down the valle; first of July. It is hoped \ eat ways by a t leut. —There were twenty-t who attended tbe sociable i dence of Herbert Hills, Tuesday ev) ing. Receipti of tbe evening $10. -Seven thoauud feet of lumber not much of a day’s ''work for tho s mill here. —One cold day recently the boys dis­ covered a horse hitched to a post with­ out any blanket over him. They a t once ik the buffalo robe..^nd covered him , then giving him a good m euof oats ’ - -------- him to take cr-\ _______ . _______ le way they do bi ineia here. —Julian ia tbe boss ice-cream mak( He can turn out a very fine article, those wy who have sampled it, -B e n . Phillips is slowly recoverir after a six montW struggle with pnt monia. —Mrs. H. Harrington is suffering with ‘facial erysipelu. —Anyone wishing to purohuo a flue setter dog should call on Dr. Wiltie, at South Edmeaton. —Joseph Varley is quite sick with bowel trouble, —The W. 0. T. U. will give a tem irance drama and farce at the South fimeston Free church, Saturday evei g, March 10, Admiulon IS cants. —It is Mid that Olsrence Csulkinsosn lange the mall in less time re Lakl epond Siin- ^ ______ m drowning ----- lugbthe etreUuoas kSorU of some half dozen tnen, who were fortunately at hand. —Mrs. o. W. Hogen Is SO far improved ^ m her accident at tj> be about the ■ - .......................... -,eld. mall in less i on the route, withi neatm ime than an-y He certainly and dispatch. I that. Xlharles does it up w _____ —The latest report- is that. Xlharles Hosg’s daughter baa arrived from tbe ■outn with twenty thousand dollars which she b u deposited in the New ^ r l i n bank. BnrUnKton Plata. March 11.—^ES. A. Hnestis is reported on tbo sick list. —Rev. 8. H . Wood and wife, of Ed- meston, visited'leveral friends in town lu t Thursday. —'Alonzo Light sold h ii bopa l u t week for 80 cents per pound and delivered them at Bridgewater Saturday. —M! m Mamie Doran is spending few weeks with Mra Palmer Gates. —Last Thursday Bert Ackerman, of Edmeaton, passed through here with • l(»a of elegant furniture for Floyd 'Tal­ bott, at West Ezuter. —Miss Aggie Fisher ia spending a few weeks with Mrs, Wm, Griffith. —Miss Belie Meeker has returned from a most delightful visit with re^- tives in Leonsrdiville, —^Pbilo Meeker, Who wU severely in­ jured two weeks ago, is much worse, and it, s t this writing, in a very critical condition. It will be some time before —Otto Dauchy baa hired out to farmer n e u Qarratuville, and bucon menoed bis work. , —Dr. George A in i^ p g , of West Winfield, called on friends In town last. —^Harvey Holliwsy' made' a businesi trip to Cooperstown lalt week. Mr. H. sold bis h o ^ for IGota. per pound. —M is . j . 0. Obapin w u very ill lu t lek,k, b att att presentresent iss better.etter. We pre-re­ istitution. ree b a a p i b We p sume the Old Folks’ concert was too “ utterly utter\ for her constitu —Everet Bristol h u moved from Bur­ in lington to Exeter, where be bM rented ill- George D. Dauchy’s farm, tu —MiM Jennie Burdick, while couting last week, had the misfortune to fsU from.her sled and dislocate an ankle. M iu Lena Nichols remained with ber s few days administering to the many wants of her little playmate. O. E. Meeker and George idd piledilet 994 Wood sawed, out, split an p ____ corda of wood in six days l u t week. -Fred Hopkins h u left old Burling and has sought green putures at mercanL They will occupy the store recently oc­ cupied by Elmer Bergents, and firm will be known u Otrd & Hop- kioi. —J. B. Sitts has'sold his plaoe, con­ sisting o! 99 acres Of land, with dwell ing and bams for the small sum o f 1700. Ohu Burdick is tbe lucky man to_jur- chase it. Mr. Sitte will more to West- ford where be h u bright prospects in iw for tho future. —No need of children going around with holes in thejr Blockings when they can get a pair of all wool-hose'for IS cents at. Mrs. Wolcott’s. jLut Friday evening ■ lively load of young people, numbering lixteen, atan- ed out for a genuine lUspriGe, intending to go to Bridgewater, but the storm in-. stead of decreasing incressed, and' toe roads were speedily drifted full, ley finally arrived at tbe large and mmodious residence of Ohu. Burdick, ------------- id e d ------------ -- ■ sought putures at py the store recently oo- and tti,o 1 POOlTillW* March 11.—Mr. and Mrs. Omrga mitb, of EarlvUlc, have been spending a reek with A. 0. Brooks. -H i s s BKiah Glarke, of HubbardiynK h u been visiting among her fomu aeholars and friends. —Mrs. H. E. Burr, of Sherburne, is g u u t of relstivu here, —The sooisl a t J. L. Bill’s w u a very intnt one.ne. BpeUingpeUing w u one of toe andnd Luctuauctua Holmesoh pleasa o B features of tbe evening.. —James Mahoney a L H have Mturiied fwm Michigan after __ absence of aeveral months. They are looking well and report a p leaunt time. —F. Bullis and R. Kuitohbsck, two 1 bosinea 'bur —Mn, Albert Pali bertPalmer, .. _ ______ _ ___ ____ . b u been taking a much nC4ded rest The funeral w u held in the from the strain of domeitio duties by ohutoh on Sunday, Rev. A. i pawing the week very pleauntly with fioiating. Mr. Elpblck WM n quality. —Mr. and Mn. David Wrench. Now Berlin, were gueite a t D. -B. Wt_ ren’a l u t Thursday. —Irwin Langwortoy h u sold h u wood lot, e u t of toe Unadiilt, to Dell Golden lu, Crego and Mr. Cralne visited at -Mr.'and Mrs. Chu, and Mn. T. K better at gresent.^^ —Hard colds and RegenU’week is the of the pceaence a t home of :er at present.'^ -Mrs. F. W. OrsinoipoBt a couple of rlin hut'week. ___ _____ Crandall w u prostrated last week with an attack of neuralgia, from which she h u now nearly recov- —Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lamb, of Co­ lumbus; spent apart of l u t week with their SOD, CIsrenoe. —Brayton Larabee h u hired out to T. E. Craine for the season. —Mr. and Mif. George Burdick and little BOD, Rnmond, Of Yerons, were guesto a t T. T. Burdick’s, Friday. Mrs. B, net Eleanor Olarke, w u formerly a teacher here and h u many warm friends ih,thli vicinity. —l^rs, Huntiagto'n h u been quite ill for several days. Bhe is reported a little better st present'. —Mn and Mr. Doll Snow, of _____ ton, and Hr, and Mn. Eugene Hopren, of Columbus, were ^ e s ta at Mr. war- ren’i Saturday. —Mn. CowcD, of Brookfield, is spend­ ing several days with her son, John. —Our school closed Friday after a four weeks’ teri^.«B^gfC ty~Miu Fanfa'ie Clarke, with iomtf very good rhetoricals which consisted of two school papers, os- uys, reoitatioDs and singing, we ex­ pect our school to continue its present good record u Miss Olsrke b u been s( (ummer term. is so for improved t in, Mrs. Roxana Huson, at Georgetown, Sunday. —Chu. Slpliick, who hal been sick long, died on Thursday. H e was ' years of age. He leaves eleven children, p s wife died about two yean funeral w u held in the Uniyenaiist loh on Sunday, Rev. A. Marshall of­ ficiating. Mr. Elpblck w u much respect­ ed for his integrity and honesty of pur- poio. During h u l u t illneu and the u d ■ precediDg the funeral the neigh- and friends evinced tbsir interest by acts of kindneu and thoughtfulness, for which the bereaved family wish to expreu heartfelt gratitude. 'W eat K d ia te aton, March 11 .—Mr, and Mrs. Angel], of Fittefleld, were guests of her sister, Mrs. Hslcey Williams last week. M ean. Clarence and Claude Dresser irought a load bl cabbages to town the ither day, which had been well win- eifidi and sold them for eight am lentsapi occuion of the pceunce a t home ung people —D J Hinkley i« to be able to ndo o u t —Rev. Mr. Lawtehce, toe he West Edmeston ' chni new putor iroh,' w u >f the West Edmestoi juest a T. T. Burdick’s Sunday. —Mrs. Cteorge Walker reoclved a visit tom her grandmother and uncle, of S'ortb Edmeston, and her brother, of Sedarville, l u t w ' K o rtU B r l d s e w iite r . March 11.—Hr. and Mrs. G. T. 'Hun ley and son, of Bridgewater, were plea ant guesti of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Spici Bundav. —Miu Heatei Parkhurst h u been quite ill but is better a t this writing. —J. R. M okb bad the miafortnne, one day l u t week, to have a very fine horu badly injured. It is d c ^ well under ^he treatment of Hr, M; Wne'eler. —Our postmuter* T. W. Parkinson, turn soon. —M fa Josie Spicer, of Csuville, w u a very p leaunt guett of fier daughter, Miu Nellie Spicer, Sunday. —The 62d anniverury of the mar­ riage o f Mr. and Mrs. & H. Spicer oc­ curs the 19th day of this month. 'We are glad to say they are both hale and hearty. It is not- very often that an event or this kind occurs. They are the grandparents of yonr corres|)Oudent. ----------------------------- -- -------- - BurdicL, — — ------ 4 --, where they concluded to stop and spend Charlei Pbelpa and daughter, Jennie, the evening with tbe Misui- Edith and visited at J. £. Tuttle’s ' l u t week MaudBnraiqk, A delightful time is re- Wednesday, ported by all present. —The following ismTortlal list of the yisitors in town l u t woek^ Mrs. M. C. Bunday, CoojtwntownV a sat Houie, of 1 a Dauony.’i t ' iohigan, at Wilber Price’s; Dia uueitii, of North Edm* ___ jd her son, E. A. Hueatia; Misi me Bpooden, of Herkimer, at Mrs. Wil­ ber Price’s; Edward Ennei, of Hills­ dale, at Will. Hurell’a;Mrs. Green Light, at Aniql Johnfqn’s: Mr, and Mrs.’ G. 0. Mayne, of Eaton, at Eqgene gr*ndall,'wife % Tbe TQstio drama s«ems to be having a popular ruu in New York city. The hardships of a farmer’s life appear ta at ford great amaument when pictnrsd to tb« M om Gothamitet.. . Some «f them, havfi a lingaring remembruioc of the ■osSes M exparienoe in thair youth, whan thay ware country lads and Issus. Tha ways of the extrema urban would. dp furnish quite u much amnu- ;psBt and are not aacasaarilj d ^ m s t ^ f 9 r t^a purpose aitbar.-few s >vpwni«?rf The March 1 1 . - J. L. Fopo arrived from Wuhlngton, Friday, having 4 good view of tbe President. —Mrs. Freely fi skik but Is c a n ' by kind noighpors^i.., —Clara Morgaifdf.NsV-BerUn, spent lut week with Mrs. F. J. Tuttle. -Gcorgo Gibson hu 'arrived in Tslletto. He has bet n at Now Berlin several months at work for Duane. Crandall. -T b e fnenda of C. M. Fenner will be pained to bear tbat he has bad tbe mis­ fortune to break hit Jeg, again. While helping bitch up the team they jumped jerking him around and breaking it for tbe second time. It w u not u stout u be supposed. Dr Sweet find Wiltse were, sent for biijt Dr. Sweet w u gone to Amiteidam to Dr. Noyes assisted Dh Wiltse. ' He h u the sympathy of the community. ' - t M w 9ai a.coqncj s are enh —A. B Phelps, Esq , and wife, Mrs,' lharlea Phelps and daughter, Jennie, 8POOHXB-^SsrBoIITlUs,lIinll 6, 18W, min Sooner, aged 64 jears. Dhbsck, t [ Sber ere in towit on Wednesdl.. —Mrs. Harvey Sholes w u buried on Ihoe diedied off lursday. Sh d o consumption. —Mn, Malrina Smith and Fanny Hub< rU attended tho funeral of tUeit COU 8 - v o m n i i i p n o n B n rcly co r e f li To Tos Botioa—Vleuo infona your naS«r» tlmt Ihava a noiltivanmedy forth* above nutted dt*. MW. By It* timely nw thonunds or ho»Iaii esM* havo been permui«ntly onr*d. 1 ibtll b* glad to lend tvro bottles or my remedies m x to u y Of jour rsadtn wbo b u s coninmptlon if they wm lend me tbelrexpreei and poet office sddrew. Beipeotfalty. - T .a. IBLOOnK, K O., IBlPeirl 8t..H*wVnrlt. many of our young people who attei school a t Leonardsville. —Hr. and Mra, Herbert Dreaaer are spending a few days with hii parents and other relatives. —Mr. and Mrs. Julian Williams visi­ ted ^at LeRoy Maxion’s one day lu t -The familiar face of Deloa Lamb w u leen on our atreeta l u t Thursday. Mr. Lamb w u formerly a reildent here fi few yeara. -^The ladies’ aowing aooiety will hold its next meeting with Mrs LeRoy Max- one week from next Wednesday. -Mra. Larabea ia viiiting her daugh­ ter, Mrs. Meeker. —Mrs. J. B, Millard and little niei Maggie^ a ^ a p o n d i^ some Sboook. WAirxBvnx*. pven in one or two instancei Dealers to fill orders do not hesitate pay 21 cents for the kind of stock wa' ed. In this vicinity this week Charles McCartney sold 40 bales of choice, also G. B. Bangs, D. NeS, Mr. Buron and Others. About 800 bales coi purchaaea here thia week.—2¥m COOPTOBTOWIT. The market for tbe p u t week h uboen rather quiet, and without any material change. Buyers take bops when they can got them a t the ruling prices. About 100 balei have been purehaud. It is re­ ported that one dealer paid 91 cents for one lot, but the week’s bniineas gener­ ally h at been at from 17 to 20 cents.— ^piMican, OHARAMTfiBD SBCVXUTXEG. euritiM. Tbe beateat off • themi are the ■icb loh are tbaolutely safe and' yet pay o • the wb are abiolutely safe i the highest rate of interest. •“ The- -Nortoweatern Mortgage Trust' Company, of Redfield, Dakota, offer' for sale at par and accrued interest, S»vm A f Cent Bondi (in aumi of |900 and upwardi) secured by first mortgage on unincumbered real estate; and in addi­ tion the prompt payment of principal and interest ia guaranteed by too Com­ pany. ' If strength and safety in invest- menu have -weiftot with you we invite von to examine carefully our mode of doinghusineu and toe securities we offer. 8. A. F itoh , Agent, Hamilton. t North Brookfield every Saturdi and Monday. 48-tf T o o n r ctM tom e n i. e have disposed of our Insurant Agency to 8. 0. Waters, of Sherburm , N. Y., who will hereafter attend to re newing policies issued by ui. We cheer­ fully recommend Mr. Waters to the f Buring public. His long experience toe iniuranoe buimesi ia a guarani., tbat their intereite will be well cared for. C laux B ubdick S o S ow . Mr. P. D. Gould, of Brookfield, will assist me in the buiiness, and will after i t in my abaenoe. —The “ wise” are toqueited to attend terteinmentj giveniven ^^thoh Y. 0.' t g ^ t i ____ __ U. at the South. Edmeston Free rch oaBsturdayevsatagrMarctr'do. ace ^plsy, miiaioD 15 Ota. ’ H n b b a r d a v l l l e . March 11.—Miu Lulu Terry ia i iDgrejaflYB*Sangerfield. —Mrs. HI 0. AcHoy, wbo has been ^ I t o ill the past week, la rhltorted betj The W. 0. T. U. and the reform have secured Belva Lockwood to ire in the club rooms Wednesday ................... 0th. A limited' number —The W. 0. club ba lecture evening,. April lOi of tickeU will be __ —limited numl sold at 25 cents each, leived a telegram . son, William, of ibranville, Fa.| saying that his wife waa very sick.*, Mr.' sUd Mrs. Squti will start toratodre’to-night' ‘ —'J’hia week Fnday ovpning la the literary end murical entertainment at I. S. Alien’s. All a)re cordially inviikd. —Tbelaotureby Rey, Dpyo la Friday eYeqiqg^wei ivoll attended, con- aidering ttw weather, &|id w u , far, “ V i ' --ItiMMayAUMTealwtainedtoeol^ of '80, of tbs W a t ^ i ^ Union school and academy, last Friday evening. lBvsUarMS«rt tffi ias Hut oat delUr * x » mii I. tlumtwiUiottwa4'aeUii*««pwM for nn^ri*- B S O O K F l '! ’ . f l . f ' ■■ Parties who deiire to adverdie summer boarders in the Summer Ho for the coming season, should send in tbeir applications a t once to J. C. An­ derson, General Passenger Agent, Ixcbsngo Place,. New York. -Blanks may be obtained from tbo neareat station agent of the N. Y. O. & W. R’y., or on application to the Gen- CT^Paaaenger Agent at the aheve ad- The book is rsindly nesriag- eomple- t^oa, and will be shortly sent to pnnt* er*. To ensure a good repreientotioK 'advertisements should be forwsrdf without dels;^. FO R ^ siLEI The farm formerly occupied by Bl ttbsD Davis, deoesMd, situated in the ■ “ lainfleld.'H miles east lie, containing about acres. For further information inquire of • K G. W. D avu , 49-tf. LeontidavlIIe. ^ a k i h <* POWDER Absolutely Pure. TIi!spowd*rii*v*rvsrl*s. A bstt *! of p u iiy strtBftB saa w)s(U**oma«siimet*seoBomieslt)Ma thsonUBarjUBdi,aBdesaBet bs sold 1 b eemp*- DRUQSj PAT. MEDICINES, QROOJsmsa * P M o n e i o jfd t QQvhmAM ih m XPIXlSUKq Oi^M. .... MAKKXGD. vl^Md^iH'stSsTurewJef B n s ln e s s N o tioen, TO TXHAKT8 NOTICE FlSIiS AUD BBroaBWATSB. 'The undersigned, agent for the estate of toe late John I. Morgan, will be at the Waterville Bank, in the village of WATERVILLB, N. Y., ON THE XIRBT DAY OP BI'AY, 1889, nntil 4 o'clock, r. u. L oton 8. H unt . Boom 94 Mann Building, Utica, N. Y« Bent may be sent by N. Y. Draft or loney Order to above address. Insure Your Property and Life with F. D. Gould. Can give the best Oompanys and Lowest Rates.' 48tf PAPER HANGING. CEILING DECORATION. ' HOUSE PAINT 1 am on band, aa usual, to atti all orders for tbe above mentioned class of labor. Prices reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Orders may be left at A. J. Stillman's store. D our P . S pencer . l-tf Brookfield, N. Y. FOR SALE. About one thousand Cedar Hop Poh a. 48tf E, H. T babe , Brookfield, N. Y. BOOK BINDING. Those having magazines to bind will please leave word at the courier office. A batch will soon be shipped to the A Cooley Creamer, calculated for I cows. In good condition. G eorge C. L ewis , , Sangerfield, N. Y. 45-4. Buy Your Plows and Spring Tooth Harrows of F. D. Gould Agt. for all Kinds of Agricultural Implements. 48tf TO POULTRY FANOIEBS. High bred White Wyandottes. Knapp Bro. BtraiD, for sale. Enquire at this J. FRANK BABCOCK, HOTABY PUBLIC, Unadilla Forks, Otsego Co., N. Y. Blank deeds and mortgages constant­ ly on hand. 43tf py\HousB and lot with barn for sale. Enquire of 0. A, B ubdick , 'West Edmeston. KASKINE (T H E ^ W QUININE.) GMCiiecr Mead of Despdency; EnereliyDay, .Sleep a t m NoRiiion. THK HOOT eniEHXIFIU AND SnOOESSXI BLOOD PUBOnXB. 8ap«tlOI to qulttlu. A POWERFUL TONIC A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEBTOUS PROSTRATION. Hr*. Oarolin* Anitla, Sitorl*, N. Y., njt: ' \* io M pl^ tom^malMl} BtavayiltUttg in my ob *. th* naw qalnlna. Uili ipaotel nad- '>ottla* for $5. Pries:----------------------- XABXZNS GO.. 168 3> qazi * 8t.,K«w '^ork. PARLOA’S COUK BOOK. lArge Quarto. Litliograpliedl Cover. OverlN.OOO Parloa Cook Bookt bava been lold. SaUed ott receipt of SO ota. by a ar bookaeUer, a~ 48w4 X8TOS; A IAURIAT, BMton, Man. GALL AND SEE -o u a STOCK o x - Chamber Suits, Gents’ Easy Chairs, Plush Patent Rockers and COUCHES, Rattan, Carpet and Ebony Patent Rockers, Misses’ Rockers, Children’s Rockers & Chairs limns, Liyrge aiid SmalL VmDOW aXtlSS-lOzlS to SixSO. GU m M to fait'otti^iBerff. bow of Plctm; Flame StocL . with thaaki for past patronaga, w* tball aa* daavor by sqaar* daaUng to marlt a oontlnnane* of tb* Mm* In tlrai to aom*. Baapaotlnlty Tout, J. E. BABCOCK.8t Co. Bn>okS*ld,H.T. _______ ______ PURE DRUGS & MEDICINES, f s p p i i s COlFOpEg N IQ H T O R d a y A T C . B . H O W A R D ’S. Hisviiis»«'r> BORLIMAME & CO., NORTH BHOOKFIBLD. See What Cash will Buy. W e hav e ju s t received a C A R O F C H O I C E S H I P S which we will acll at $16.00 PER TON. We sell the FARMERS' FERTILIZER, which has had the largest sale of a n y brand sold here for the last four years. In order to make it an object to pay Cash we sell it at $28.00 PER TON, and guarantee it as good as any Fertilizer sold here at 630.00 $32.00. SEE US before buying. BURLINGAME & Co. North Brookfield, March 6th, 1889. A.A.BRAFftCO.,OTI(!A. DO NOT DELAY! But come right along to the Grandest and Largest CLOSmG Carpets and Furniture Ever before beard of in tbe bistory of Oneida County. J L . JL - & O O . , 119 & 121 GENESEE ST., Utica, N. Y., Are closing out the entire line of Carpets, Farnituro, Bedding, Dnperiea, oto., preparAtory to tho revmoval from Utica, a t - Sacrifieing Low Prices. This la a rare opportunity'to bUy Carpets aod Furniture of every name and nature at your own prices. A. A. GRAFF & CO., 119 & 121 GENESEE ST., UTICA. N. Y. WHAT IS MASSASOIT. IRTINfi A. CSASBALl lEONlBOmUli S. T. We Will SeU During February, Heavy Overcoats.* 'H eavy Suits, Heavy Flannels,- Heavy Uderwear, Heavy Cloaks and Jackets^ Heavy Sbawls and Fur Caps, At LOWER PRICES than you ever heard named on same quality of goods. We are busy taking Inventory, but. we will leave right off fnd spH yppany of the above named : gop^ds at a los^^ For Cash, We are selling some lines^of Shoes, to clean up stock, ar*'^'to 50 cents on the dollar. We shall continue in the same old habit of selling Groceries AT WHOLESALE Improve the fine\'sleighing and visit us this month. A Large Line of NEW QARPETS expected next week. IEV IN 6 A. CRAITDALL. WHAT B5 MASSASOIT ?

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