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T he M onroe G azette VOL: V. NO 44. MONBOB, ORANGE COUBTY, NEW YORK, FBIJ)AY, DECEMBER 27,1912. New Year Cards and Booklets CHURCH AND S O C m NOTES. GREAT VARIETli ALL PRICES PRESBYTERIAN. Rev. J. Francis Hagen of Prince­ ton Seminary will preach in the P res­ byterian Church on Sunday, both ■ning and evening. Morning :c, “ The Value of a Man,” _« G. R. PALEN, Mgr. topic, “ The Value ol ing topic, “ The Supreme Decision.” Mr. Hagen is deeply interested Sunday School work, was in the i ? of the State Y. M. C. A., for r; has done evangelistic . ................. j lumber camns ( sylvania, charge of a in the em­ ploy of the State Y. M. summer; has done evang< work in the lumber camps of Penn- md last summer had church in South Dakota, at Princeton pursuing ex­ studies in sermon delivery and bible reading. Rltibbers Boots ^ Arctics iFjiotiiipar “ Where they put the wear in Fuotivear'’ Doremus Block _ . - - Monroe, N. Y FIREMEN’S OPERA HOUSE Saturday, December 28 th V I O N ’S MOTION PICTURES TH E BEST THAT CAN BE PROCURED P r i c e s lO c a n d 3 0 c METHODIST EPISCOPAL. The topics of the sermons in the M. E. Church next Sunday will be, “ The Wedding Feast,” in the morn­ ing and “ A Manly Religion” in the evening. The Epworth League service will be led next Sunday evening by Miss Helen Rider. The topic will be, “ The Passion: The Measure of Jesus Loyalty to his Message.” ♦ G race C hurch . Sunday School a t 10 A. M .; Morn­ ing Prayer at 11 A. M. Services at Highland Mills—Even­ ing Prayer and Sermon at 4 o'clock. The Christmas Festival of Grace Church Sunday School will he held this afternoon, Friday, at 5 o’clock, at the church. Everyone cordially invited. Next Sunday,Dec. 29, a t the 11 o’clock service Rev. Hi; Hulse, Archdeacon of Orange Rockland counties, will preach sermon and administrate Holy Com­ munion. The Ladies Guild of Grace church will meet at the Parish rooms on Friday afternoon, January 3, a t 2.30, All members are urged to be present TOWN AND VlClNin NEWS. A ton was born to Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Decker on Christmas Day. The Monroe school does not open until Monday, January 6th. The Central Garage received a 1913 Oakland touring car last week. It beauty and is attracting much attention among auto enthusiasts. Lawyer Elwood Smith and F. B. Brooks, the real estate man, have their offices now located in the new Post Office building, and their new apartments are very neat. The bodv of the unknown man who as murdered at Highland Mills last Tuesday was buried in the Monroe Cemetery last Friday afternoon by Undertaker George Hull, The first snow storm of the pre­ sent winter commenced falling at 2 A. M. on Wednesday, and before it ‘The Beautiful” even the small boy with a now sled. Seats may be reserved for the “ New Boy” by applying at Frank Relyea's store. All come and watch new year ring in, while dancing, course the dancing is free. Tickets 25 and 85 cents. Seely Bull, Monroe’s correspon- the Independent Republicai PARCELS POST ON JA^ARY 1ST The Parcel Post mailing system goes into effect January 1. Accord­ ing to the regulations governing the parcel post system, promulgated by Postmaster General Hitchcock, per­ ishable'articles may be sent through the mails only under specific restric­ tions as to their containers and the distance they are to be sent. But­ ter, lard, fish, fresh meats, fowls; vegetables, fruits, similar articles likel; dressed r articles likely to decay quickly, may be sent for short dis­ tances when securely packed, for local tedered the newlyweds, Mr, Alvin Jansen, “ Serenaded by Fellow Bondsmen.” That being i Seely feels about matrimoi tory of the reception swlyweds, Mr, and Mi ilivery lerly in a container, any distance when each egg is separately packed in a perfectly .secure manner. No' restriction is placed on the mailing of salted, dried, smob cured meats, but fresh meats transported only within thi Fragile articles, including milii- ry, toys, musical instruments and tides of glass,in whole or in part, must be securely packed and marked “ fragile.” Articles that may not be sent by parcel post include intoxicating liquors of all kinds,' poisons, poison- :s animals, insects or reptiles; oked, or 8 will be PERSONAL NOTES OF INTEREST Walter Hall, of Washington, D. C,> is visiting his parents. Hall and family were guests of his parents over Sunday. Miss Gladys Griffin is spendin; the holidays with friends in Hillburn George Hall and Percy Pembleton are spending the holidays In Virginia. Arthur Todt has been spending th~ past week at the home of Jam; Hall. John Burns and Tom Guidera, of Warwick, were in town Monday Arthur Elchenberg spent Christ­ mas with his parents, Mr, and Mrs, Orville Elchenberg. Miss Evans, of Middletown, spent Ghristmas with hpr brother, Edward Evans, of Monroe. Fred Terwilliger and family, of Suffern, spent Christmas with Mr. d Mrs. A. R. Galloway, Clifford Rogers of Middletown, guest of his son, George )gers, Christmas day. ' Vincent Ayers, of Penn State Col­ lege, is spending the holidays a t the hom’e o f 11.00 PER YBAB BASKET BALL . OF THE mm. The Monroe Independent fivm de­ feated the AH Star* ehaznploiia oT Dutchess ■ \ \ ly feels about matrimony, lains why he remains a bachelor. At the annual convention of Stand­ ard Lodge, No. 711, P. & A. M., held on Monday evening, the officers were chosen: A. 1 ■e foll(^ inds,' poii mis, insects or reptile plosives of every kind; inflamabie articles, including matches, infernal machines, pistols or revolvers, dis­ ease germs, any obscene, defamatory or scurrilous matter now prohibited by low; live or dead animals, or birds, or live poultry; raw hides or pelts: or anthing having a bad odor. Books and printed matt; his parents in town. Francis W-, Maxstadt and Irvin Ashman of Cornell college, Ithaci e home for the holidays. Miss Blanche Baxter of .Teraey City, is in town visiting with her )usin Miss Hazel Corbett.' Miss Edna Miller of Middletown he holidays with her pa- ‘ster T. Sanderson; wood C. Smith; J. 'W., Ezra H, Welling; Sec., Stacy A. Gaunt; Treasurer, C. Arthur Brooks; Trus- 3t rates, P®* • of third ’ tee for three years, Fraink yea. Master-elect Sai announce 1 members are urged to be 0 be prepared to sew. Christmas Exercises at Sonthfields. The Christmas'entertainment held Monday evening in the M. E. Church Iwas, as usual, a decided succ; long miscellaneous progi rapt attention of the large (sent from start to finish. i W. Rel- inderson will appointive officers and printed matter may be forwarded at parcel post ra but only on poqnd rates class nsatter. The rate for parcel post packages tries with the distance same is to Tied. For this pu Floyd J. Abrams of Susquehanna, formerly of Monroe,-Is spending in town with relatives. Neil R. Peckart, of Paterson ;ueat of Mr. and ! over Sunday purpose zon; established, snd within a radii '0 miles from the mailing office t pound package will be can cents; 2 Iba., 8c; Mrs. W. S, lay and Christmas, ton spent Chriatirtas Mrs. W. J. Stephenson, Lewis 01 at the home of his parents, Mr. I, of Moi Grandfather and Grandson Killed. CCPS3. crowd present from start to finish. Among the most attractive numbers of the Thomas Broome, nn aged reside; of Denton, and grandson, Lloyd Se; man, about six years of attempting to cross the Erie tracks at New Hampton Thursday morning at about 11.15, struck by Train SO, and so badly injured that they were W e d n e s d a y , J a n u a r y 1 s t SPECIAL NEW YEAR PROGRAM John Schindler says: Get shaved early, for I am not going to miss this show a^ain. COMPLETE CHANGE OF PROGRAM We thank you all for your patronage and wish you a Happ3^ New Year characters, Minnie McElrey and Edith Hall; Monolocue, “ Ba; Squashvillp,” Maud Jone.s; Reel tion, “ The Band o f the Titantie, Annie Welsh; Dramatic Sketch, “ The Traitor, ” in which the princi­ pal characters -were Fred Comptm as Benedict Arnold and Willard Hall as Major Andre; Pantomime, “ The Star Spangled Banner,” Bessie Green; Dialogue, “ Why she didn’t hire him ,” in which the characters of the Irishman, the Dutchman, the Negro and the Yankee were imper- •sonated by Frank Welsh, Frank Fischer, Andrew Doyle and Fred Compton respectively; Pantomime, ‘Santa Claus Caught,” in which Jennie Junes was Santa Clau.o and Bessie Duyle, Pearl Hall and Russell Hall the precocious children; Dialo­ gue,“ The Value of Principle, ” char­ acters. John Hayden and Andrew program were the following: logue, “ Spoiled Children,” lea cters, Minnie McElr tal, Middletown. They were driving across the tracks and did not seem to know of the approaching train. The wagon in which they were was pletely demolished but the hor not receive a scratch. The man and boy were hurled upon the pilot of the engine and carried some distance before the train was brought to a stop. When they were taken from the engine it was apparent that they were fatally injured. Mr. Broome, who was terribly crushed and bruis- died in Thrall Hospital two lock the same afternoon, and cents; 2 lbs., 8c 3, 11c; 4. 14c; 5, 17c; 6, 20c; 7, 23c; 8, 26c; 9, 29c; 10, 32c; 11, 3Gc. Within 160 miles but beyond 60 miles, the rate for one 32 . pound is 6c; 2 pounds, 10c,, and so i)e on. There are nine zones in the jjjg United States. The rates are much by express ; will prob- iccordingly. Miss Dora Burton, who la spend­ ing the winter with her aunt, in Newark, N. J., is home for the holi- Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ball, of ■ooklyn,passed Christmas with Mr. than now charged companies, and the latt; reduce their tolls Ball’s mothei Monroe. and Mrs. r,Mrs. Elizabeth Ball of Berchlel lily, of New York Cit} ■istmas guasts ity^ ' Doyle; Dialogue, “ The Rival Speak- ___ ers,’” characters Jennie and Emma T ? . T n i y Y T n 'T t / r T ^ ~El~fR. T I E H E j IE^ rJone«: “ The s tar DriH,” in which I the participants carried lighted can- I dies and decorated a large evergreen Uvreath with gold and silver stars; Drill, “ The Gleaners,” in which ! the participants carried sickles and decorated scythes; Sketch, “ Little Grandmas in Grandma Land, ” char­ acters in costume; Pantomime, “ Yankee Doodle.” The program was prepared by and under the man- I agment of our school teachers, the Misses Terwilliger and Ryan. That le presents were chosen by Mrs. ruce Crauson and Mrs. James Hall ' is sufficient to state that they were priate and considerate. Rev. Conro offered the opening prayer and made a fe'w fitting r appropriate closing remarks. Frank W . Relyea, Lake Street iVlonroe The \J. M. Shock Absorbers” issued from this office a in the form of jainst the Automobile Policies protecting the owner under his liability in Jaw, against t financial shocks caused by his car injuring the person or property of others, by damage to his own car if injured by a collision or by fire, or despoiled by damage thieves. The facilities of thi the interests of our clients 1 by “PATERSON 748 JAMES MADDEN Insurance Specialist CITIZENS TRUST BUILDING Paterson, - - New Jersey YORK ADDRESS: 20 VESEY STREET F. B. Bro( insurance , the real estate and lUtea after his grandfather. lon, and the irloa a few Harriman. H A Y Of a very Fine Quality we are offering to the trade; also Long Rye STRAW GILBERT CARPENTER CO. an, is giving away i 1913 calendars, while they last, to all those who apply to him at his office in the post office building, Mrs, Mamie Koonz Norris, wife of George Norris, dropped dead at her home near Burlingham, Sullivan County, Monday afternoon, aged about 40 years. The cause of death is attributed to acute indigestion. Be­ sides her husband the deceased is survived by her mother and tv/o brothers; E. A. Koonz, of Monroe, Henry Koonz, of Roooa Gap, A. Kooi iry Koonz, Sullivan County, with whom mother resides. Semi-annual election of officers of Winape Lodge, I. O. 0. F., tonight, Alfred Cole is visiting his grand­ parents in Wha-ton, N. J, Remember Vion's Motion Pictures will show seven reels at Gillette Hall, tonight. Friday. Irving Smith,of Columbia CoIJege. is at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Smith, for the day vacation. Principal and Mrs. Johnson, aic spending their vacation in Harriman, the Misses Ballard are visiting friends in Scranton, and Lapurte, Pa., Miss Lawyer Is among friends Albany. The Harriman Union School closed •iday for the holiday vacation, sercises were held in the lower grades, where a Christmas program was rendered by the pupils, who re­ ceived a box of choice candy from their respective teachers. The pupils of the High School entertained the teacher and pupils of the seventh and eighth grades. The reception was held in the High School room, which was tastefully decorated with red and green, while the boards were filled with free hand drawings done by The Reception Committee consis'ted of Principal S. Albert Johnson, Har­ old Smith, Pre.sident of the Class ’13, and Miss Olive Blackburn, secretary of the class. The guests v/ere served with fruit punch, homemade candy and popcorn. refreshments had been served each person receieved a souvenir which he'had to from a string During the reception Mi.ss Olive Blackburn in a neat fspeech presented Prin.Johnson with a beautiful purse, the gift of the pupils of the High School, Four Per Cent on Small Accounts. The Monroe National Bank will on January 2nd, 1913, receive ; terest accounts for which pass boo will be issued in the same manner do the savings banks and trust com-^ panies. The operat on of the certificate plan has demonstrated the such system whereby small my be deposited from time to time and draw 4 per cent, compound in­ terest. The bank has now outstanding nearly $100,600.00 on certificates of deposit^which prove the need of this form o f ....................... will not plan which will same basis. It Is hoped by the directors that the new interest department will as successful as tl Christmas g of Mr. A, Pardi. Mrs. William Snyder has been ending a few days at the home of of banking in this community. V interest department is to ill be continued on the the people to save mon( thereby in t provide for the certificate This nev/ system will enable of Monroe and vicii ' in small amounts IPS of prosperity to William spending a few days her parents, Mr. Youngs. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McCord and ughter, were guests of Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Sutherland, on Cbr mas Day. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Miller spending the week in Wllkesbarre, Pa., spending Christmas with their relatives. Chauncey Conklin of Bordentown Military Institute, is apendii hoildays with his mother, Mrs. onklin. . and Mrs. John Breithaupt Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Millspaugh, field Park, U. J. O'Neil, of New Paltz, ar Christmas and Nev/ 'Year homos in Monroe. !3s county, of Poaglikeapale, on Christmas eve. 'T h e eeoee was 54 to 39 in the last half. The fame was very clean and fast, made some very good plays for Mon­ roe, in each half. The lineoR was as follows: Independent Five All 8t«ts Brjan R P Brandon Oram L F MeCllir% Rogers Center R{ekarit*M<t Smith R G Hten Welling L G Hathto Baskets—Brandon, B>, McOartliaf, 3, Richardson, 6, Horn, 1, Huybto, 8. Bryan, 4. Oram, S, B o g m 1^ Smith, S, Welling, 10. Fsois, Otum, 4; Richardson, S. The game' between tBe Indopen- dent Five and the fast Powers Five Thursday n ight was sure the heart la Monroe this season, I t was sure some classy game, Monroe fans lould he proud of their team when ley know th a t they can trins World's Champion Crescent stock, nith of the Monroe team followed by Hermannie of the Paterson fire started the point getting. The first half finished with a score of 18 to g in Independent Five’s favor, I* the second half McNsb, who h s s ^ world wide fame in bMketba|J^^i!ise;^^^ ceived a bad cut acrcss ths aoso la the second half, which called for a rest, after which the boys ««me Badk and held the visitors down in great shape. The final score was M to M. Following is the lineup: Independent Five P o w ^ H»o Bryan R. F. Glilson Oram L. F. MaNsb Rogers Center Harmastnio Welling R. G. Sons* Smith , L. Q. 3. Cooola Baskets: Oram 4, Rogers I , 'Wel­ ling 1, Smith 6, Giltion S, MeNadi 4, Hermannie 4, Sonne 1; Fouls, Ora ns N ext Thursday, Jsnutry find, tho dependent Five will play the \ C a l­ v e rts,” of the Yonkere Y. M. C. A,, whOi from press notices to ho seen in the Gazette olAee wintfesr, should put tip a good fast game. Tbo, following week, January Ith, ’Orange Hose,” of Walden. Nuf ding th isp of Ridge- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mapss spent Christmas out of town. Mr. and Mrs. H. VanTasiel passed Christmas day in Middletown, Leverett Hoyt was s aisters, in Monroe, for tha Harry Bull visited his sisters, Clara and Maggie, on Monday of this Herbert U. Cox passed Christmas with^ his sistet Miss Ethel Patterson was a Christ­ mas guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knight. John MoGimpsey spent Christmas with his parents, Mr, snd Mrs. John ! guest of f t boll- Mr. and Mrs. W. and holiday at „ their daughter, Mrs. ton, of Bogota, Start the New Year Right. A good natured Christmas crov/d IS present at Vion’s Motion Pic­ tures at the Firemen’s Opera House Wednesday evening, and greatly joyed the program offered. The program for Saturday e ing, Dec. 28 is another first class finape Sunshine Butter Thins at JZ. Pad- dleford & Son. Try the Gazette; $1 per year. isi arn by clipping it while hoodwinked. Itart the new year tending the show on night, Wednesday, Jat as another special ho the same, 10 and 20 cents. right by i New Yc! luary 1, 1913, H, Fowler the home of Raymond Wal- Mr. and Mrs. John Krouse nounce the engagement of their ighter, Mias Ruth Pollard Krouse, to Frederick Newton Anderson. Mrs. Harry Earl and children of Hartford, Conn., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bcuton I Christmas—Mrs, Earl’s parents. Gus Smith v/ent to Nev/ York Sun- ly to meet his daughter, Alveno, Baltimore. Miss Smith is going to be the guest of her father for the holiday season, Ufred Pearsall formerly of Mon- of late of Jersey City, and em- chauffeur for a doctor in Mr. and Mrs. William Merwin a pent Christmas at W, daughter spen Stephenson’s. Mrs. Jessup and Johnnie Fae ware the guests of Goshen friends on Christmas day. Ralph Corbett spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corbett. Wm. Acker is now employed by Newbury Mf'g, Company, as assistant o _ _ _ _ _ Miss Helen Levy, of New York, spent Christmas with her parenta. Mr. and Mrs. M. I . Levy. Miss Main Klykken, of New York, Christmas guest at the home larry Millspaugh, who for e has been employed by taker George Hull of Monro secured a position with forj some Under- irgeon Nev/ York City, who operates Sev­ eral branches in Greater New York. Millspaugh is to be employed in the main office a t lOGth Street and Am­ sterdam Avenue, as funeral director and embalraer, and i.s to take up hi nev/ position Monday morning, D< comber 30th. A hunting party composed of Wil­ liam Griffin, Edward Garrison, “ Chip’* Bason, James Hall and Her­ bert Smith bagged a rabbit Thurs­ day, near Wa.shingtonville. honors are divided bet suggest Footwear Shop.” Torie Lenses.—The deep curve of the Torie lens eliminates eye-tiring reflections from the back of the lens, and gives a v/ider angle of vision. Come in and let us demonstrate,— Rogers Jewelry Department. 41t£ lors are divided between Bill and “ Chip” winged it and ihed the job. The wild man Who was captured BUI finisl K b Wharton, N. J., ed as a blast f; Try “ Takoma Biscuit,” Cc Paddloford & Son. last week, near Jobnsontov/n, from Wharton, N. J where lie worked as a blast furnaco helper. died had ployet that place, was operated on last v/eek for rupture, at the St. Francis hospital, Mr. and Mrs. George DeGroff had I Christmas guests Miss itker and T. B. R. 'Wright, of 'ashlngton, D. C. Mr. Wright is with the Washington Star, and while in town made a pleasant call at Gazette Office. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gregory, of Shiekshinny, Pa., announce age of their daugher, Miss Nellie ., to Fred Keasol, of Monroe,'We; isday, December 25th. Mr. Ke: I is in the employ of the Orange and Rockland Electric Company. Miss Edna McCord v/ho has been studying vocally v/ith Prof. Welges- ten of Carnegie Hall sang for the first time at a recital given by him at Carnegio Hall last Wcdnesdi night. Miss McCord is also singing in Methodist Episcopal Church choir on 76th Street,, near Broadway. I --------- X • j Hydrot Cakes a t Z. Paddleford Miss Lizzie Todt is spending the iday vacation at the home of her ■ents, h uephew of Passaic, N. J.,spent Sun- Mrs. Oliver Ryder. las guest at seth Ball. in the neitjP \Gij holiday vacation a t the hom parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tuttle and dc, N. day with Mr. and A Mias Edith M. Shnit, who has been spending some time past in New York City, is home for the hoti- .ary Crotty returned home Mon­ day, after spending two weeks 'with friends and relatives in N. Y. City, on returning home, she stopped in Paterson. Word has been received from Flo- nce McKena Boyd of Brooklyn, an intim ate friend of the Misses Alice and Mary Crotty, that she arrived in Jacksonville, Fia.,one day iaat week. E. A. Koonz, proprietor of th« Monroe Music Store, is confined to his home with a severe cold and * complication of ailments, Arthur Giles has secured * poai- tion at Irvington tm-th«-Httda<m, and will move hia family to thiit place I future. lifts for Utility, ” -\Tba Shop.**

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