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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, May 25, 1971, Image 1

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I • Do-lt- Yourself Trinity Center is a small mountain community whose residents are as independent as the wind that sings through the tall pines. Thus when the growing town found it needed a new fire house, directors of the Com- munity Services District de- cided on an approach that harkens back to the pioneer- ing spirit. They rejected the ideas of tax increases, special assess- ments or bonded obligations \which create added costs and often serious inequi- ties.~~ The dJrectors, de- clared, instead, that \each member of the community should be permitted to con- tribute labor or cash to the extent of his ability. 11 By avoiding involvement with public funding,\ they said, \excessive engineer- ing costs, expensive frills, interest charges and govern- ment reports can be elimin- ated.\ Thus the $40,000 structure will be built on donated land, with volunteer labor and us- ing materials purchased through voluntary contribu- tions. The directors are convinc- ed that their fund drive will be successful. They say: \We believe that the inde- _pendent spirit of our fore- fathers is still alive and that our small community can achieve on our · own this 'needed major civic improve- ment.\ -PG & E Progress (San Francisco) Voter Registration Scheduled ALBION - Gerald F. Lynch, commissioner of elections, has announced that ·oct. 1 and 2, Friday and Saturday, are the dates set for local regi$\.ation in Orleans County this year. Registration on these two days will be received in each of the 37 election districts of the county. By recent legislation the number of days for district registration have been cut in two and now held on two days rather than four. The measure is done in an effort to affect an economy as voters have practically the entire year to register at the central office. On Friday the booths will_ be opened at 4 p.m. and continue until9 p.m. and ort Saturday at 11 a.m. and continue until 9 p.m. BULLETIN Draftees WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Senate refused today to ·exempt draftees from fighting in the Indochina War. Legislation that would have barred the assignment of draftees to combat roles in Vietnam against their will after Dec. 31 was rejected, in a victory for Nixon administra- tion forces. The vote was 52 to 21 against the amendment. Opponents of the measure persuaded the majority that any such step would wreck hopes for an all-volunteer Army, destroy military morale and create a new class of privileged soldiers who could wear the uniform without fighting. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis., and three other Democratic 1m0nsors of the proposal contended it was unconsciona- ble for the Senate to force young men to give their lives in a war which the nation has disavowed. The measlU'e was one of dozens of amendments to a propoSed two-year extension of the Selective SerVice Act due to expire at the end of June. HI LO TEMPERATURES NEW YORK <UPI>-The highest temperature reported Monday by the National Weat'!~ er Service, excluding Hawau and Alaska, was 99 degrees at Palm Springs, Calit. Today's iow was 28 degrees at Evanston, Wyo. Deaths BOYLE, MRS. ERNEST HARVEY, MRS. I.UI.JE DECKER, MRS. CHARLES P'El'ERS, MRS. FRED STILLINGER, CLAQ E OURNAL-- . -. . . Serving The Lake Plains Country--Orleans. l\'1aga_ra. Genesee VOL. 69--NO. 80 Parochial School Aid Compromise ALBANY, N.Y. (UPI)-Back- ers of additional aid to parochial schools today drew up a com· promise bill which would pro· vide about $35 million a year to subsidize the cost of teaching secular -subjects. The bill is drawn so as to avoid conflict with the Blaine Amendment ban on aid to paro· chial schools and similar provi· sions in the federal constitution, sources said. It was still not clear how the prowsed aid would be paid for. Governor Rockefeller and Assem · bly Speaker Perry B. Duryea have insisted new taxes are nec- essary to provide the aid but Senate Majority Leader Earl W. Brydges said a way might be found to avoid a tax hike. The state funds could be used to pay for a wide variety of non- religious items, including teach· er salaries, supplies, books and equipment. Non · public schools would re- ceive about $27 a year per pupil under the plan. The non-public school aid for· mula is weighted to favor schools in disadvantaged areas. QUAKE DEVASTATION IN TURKEY-Only this rubble rem~ins of·a village in Bin- go! Province, Turkey, after earthquakes rendered thousands homeless. oviet ea<. ·. ,.. • • rr1ves •·n -g·.··· ·~ .. ··.p. t ReBssurance Sought in Ties Between Nations . ~ ~ , \' . ' ' . \ . I . close relationsllip. between !Jle two nations. He was ~VlDI today along 1 with Fo~. ·~nister Andrei A. &romy.ko and other officials, aqd after - laying a wreath _at Na.sser's · tomb he was ieJq)OOted_ . -to: · JO . 28 1970 fired a number of into almosf im;nlec;liate disCUs· ~yUnitedPresslnternational g~vern~ent and .cabinet offi- sions with sa~t. . cials this month ' in a major How long the SoVIet delega- shakeup apparently caused by a tion was ·stayinJ. • was not planned coup. Among those to announced, but ,polj~~~ so~ . go was Vice President Ali said t~e.y probably . ~~d 5abry, known as Moscow's remain m the Egyptian c~mt_al chief man in the Egyptian until Thursday, or Frtday, government. depending on how the tails Soviet President Nikolai V. Podgomy, apparently perturbed by a major shakeup in the Cairo government, opens talks with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat today on whether the special relationship between their two nations will continue on the same warm basis. Sadat, who took over after Gamal Abdel Nasser. died Sept. Podgo:rny's unexpected and went. . . . - unofficial visit -to Cairo ap· . The VISit was annom:ced oiiJY peared prompted by worry that hours before P-Qdg~rny s am~al Sadat's action might strain the but workmen quickly d~ked · _. the streets with. th~ SQ\Iiet, and· 0 • · • Egyptian flags •. altholJih tile· O :n.-e __ - 188 - 10 visit was rat~ .as \imoftitial\ ' · • · and no agenda was announced~ School Bon'd Costs Are :. · _ ln Copenhagen, visiting ISJ::'ae- li Premier Golda Meir sald Monday 8adat has the opportu·· d R • nity to go down ~ history \as a F t . B· get I se great leader of his people\ if he . a C- 0 r I n U uses his position of power \to enter negotitions for ~ace Medina's Board of Education and is continuing transwrtat~on It was indicated by some board BARKER-A 2 -car crash west on ToWnline Rd. Trooper ~:!:~!! making impossible Pass NYC Budg.et last night approv•ed a proposed aid at a satisfactory ~ate, Medina !Dem~s- that after : ~om~!e several miles southeast of here James Mittlestadt said the Botts Israeli military spokesmen school budget of $4,189,466.25last ~as. appa_rently lost ov~~ _$70,000 m~bon of th~ bu ding! Y yesterday afternoon. claimed car \apparently\ did not stop for reported a sertes of incidents _ night after wrestling for weeks m a1d which was called high tax are m accord With budgetmg as the life of Mrs Fred (Bernice) a sign at the intersection. with Arab guerrillas Monday. with the questions of loss of state aid\ ~aid to d!striets which ~y a much as poss!bl~ all!luaUy to Peters, 54, of Ifuight Rd., Town of Mrs. Peters reportedly suf· They. said gue_r ril_la:s tbre.w aid and rising costs of operation. certa!n applied. formula are keep .. that building· m sound Somerset (see obituary, Page 3 ). feredextensiveheadandinternal t 1 Supt. of Schools Robert Cogger spendmg mor~ m money ~d condition b~~use .the prospect of In the same collision, according injuries and died at Medina grenades at ~rmy pa ro s. 1D and School Business Ad· ef~ort on education .. A cb,ange m ~new ~ milli~n high .school here to State Police, Mrs. na Botts, 74 , Memorial Hospital at 4:30. Mrs. three tow.ns m: ·the. occup:! ministrator William Leo released this formula has apparently IS not m the unmed1ate future. f Quaker Rd Somerset and Botts had extensive internal and Gaza . Stri~, wounding th initial data on the budget and said stripped away thi~ aid to Medina . Furthe~ de,tailin? ?f budget ~- Grace Ke~yon; 72 , or' Lake facial injuries, .according to the·, Israeli soldiers and two Arab. booklets containing full .in- Central School D1st. . . informati~n IS due m ~ooklet Rd Somerset were badly hurt. report and Mrs. Kenyon internal passers-~y. . . formation are being assembled Under costs, the maJor 1tems form available to the public later ·• injuri~s · . . . Guerrtllas also ftred K~- ALBANY' N.y. (UPI) - The now to be ready for the public which put a squeeze on this year's this week. Police said the crash took place At the time -of impact, the tyusha r~cke~s . across th~ New York State legislature later in the week. By law, the budget are the payment of a at Carmen-and Townline Rds., Petersautowashitinthedriver's Jordan Rr~rer mto ~n Israeb missed its original adjournment budget must be finalized in its $155,000 capital note plus $8,525 in 3 \I lay Race Town of Somerset about 2 : 55 p.m. door and, spun around, ttie settl~ment m the, B~Ian Valley! target today, with major issues proposed form by Thursday. interest on the complete • fJ1 Mrs. Peters~ the deceased, was trooper learned. Mrs. Peters was dtawmg return ~Ire from Israeli sucl) as aid to parochial schools, This has put the Board of replacement of the high school drivmg· south on Carmen Rd., pinned between the seat and door forces, they saip. 'J?lere were repeal of the abortion law, the Education \in a bind\ because of roof, mandated increases in h 1 while Mrs; Botts, aceompanied frame. Seat belts.werenot in use, no reports of ca~ua14es. New York City tax package and two unresolved matters of cost teacher and employee. frjnge · F s · by .Mrs .. Kenyon, was h~d~ said the trooper. · a number of other major issues and revenue·: (1) The benefits, general rises in costs of o· r ( 00 B·a· ··sl.e still undecided. . negotiations on wages with saun_pdpli_·leas~tT_ya,te~~a.els :~d_s_te_ ~.· ~-CJ~_r_' Bo: d. s· . .Biadt\' --..;. ' Ma>'n- K- l.lled\·. \'l·n Senate Majority Leader Earl teachers have been declared at . · · . - .\\'iea·' :. w. Brydges, who had set this an impasse and a state appointed payment on the 20 ·year ,,bOnd sr, . e~st . . - . ,A•a_. :/_ ;-~~ ~ ~·_--·' ~r~~;.,~o~!~~~~~~=er~ :ifs~~~~~!:. ~!la c~~t~~r~!! iss;hefor n~~wneT~~~ ~~~ol Ul! -· . . u· - _F, . h. N. • - .,ht f v'.' . ., . ML'I;I ~~e~ ::rsr::;~ution f~r ~los· ~~i!t~~u~:: 1I~::·is ~~aJ!: ~::~:~; ~at:;~~~~ rir~t.tw~ y~~~:r:r::~o:::r:J:nC: OUrt I\ 0 -. ·10 ence co::!'!~s =~~;:u::~ As has been the case smce adjournment but has not yet been payment of $91,000 m mterest on Board of ~ducation in the elec- . . Jl' · er of a monsoon doWnpour January, budgetary items were definite on certain aid formulas the bond anticipation note, which tion set for Wednesday, June 9; CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. officers being fired on.\ charged an Am!!I\ican ~\ the main headache of the to schools. was t~en °~ the s~~ool s con· the day following the amrual (UPI)-Police shot and killed a Describing Anderson's death, behind a mortar bal'J'age before adjournment bound legislature. For these reasons, the local structlon while Waiting for a school meeting on Tuesday, June young black man in Chattanoo- Walker told· a news ·conference dawn today but were driven off In addition to the unresolved school board has used the be!ilt favorable market to sell bonds. 8. ga 's fourth st·raight night of that officer!! observed a person by the def~ders with ~e help New York City fiscal plan, a available figures 1to compile the Se~o~d, a payment ~f ~ 8 0,000 <?n The Rev. Oscar Amos, pastor violence Monday night, but crossing a street at about 11· of U.~. artillery and helicopter decision remained on the state's tentative budget. pnnc_Ipal and $8 3 , 125 m mterest m of Glad Tidings Baptist Church, Mayor Robert K. Walker said a p.m.-four hoQrs after the gunshtps. . . • supplemental budget and where . This will be presented for the fll'st ye!lr's bond payments. filed a petition with the district stringent curfew had \dramati- curfew started-\with srime- The Commumsts· IU.t a mgltt- to find the funds for such items discussion at the annual public Taken by Itself, the category of clerk at 3 p.m. yesterday and cally reduced\ the city's strife. thing in his hand.\ - defensive posi:tion of .. tbe 2nd as more aid to parochial meeting on the evening of \debt service\ rises about shortly after that Robert Leon Anderson 23 was the \The man turned and hurled Squadro~, 11th Armored cayal- schools. . Tuesday, june 8, at 7:30 in Oak $215,000 under the new budget. Galbreath, former guidance first person to' die in the some type of missile. The ~y-.Regtment, abo~t 21 miles Governor Rockefeller met for Orchard School Auditorium. It was !l~ted yesterday by .director at Medina High SChool violence that started Friday officers called for the man to . northwest of SaJgon. , . Tile two hours Monday with Sen. The proposed :school 1971-72 school admmistrators and. board and now with the IroqUois Nar- night when a soul music show halt. Several warning shots ~erica~ were gl,la~ PlOw- James Buckley, Rep. Emanuel budget of $4,189,466.25 is com- members that som~ drastic cuts cotics Center in Shelby, filed his was· cancelled. were fired. He turned and had mg operations .to clear·Higbway Celler, the chairman of the New pared to the current 1976-71 have been made m numerous petition. The deadline for all Mayor Walker said Anderson his hand in his pocket as if he 1 between Sa:tgon alid Pbriom York delegation and other con· budget of $3,907,252.75 for an areas to _kec;p the tax rate petitions is today at 4 p.m. was shot to death by city police were getting something out. Penh. . . . . gressional leaders from the increase of $282,213.50. somewhat m lme. The Rev. Mr. Amos resides at and state troopers iri the The officers fired.\ One AmerJC~n was ~illed and, state to hammer out a unified Tax rate increases reflected in Major areas covered in cuts 126 Starr St. and Mr. Galbreath predominantly black Alton Park Anderson who· the mayor. 19. wounded. South Vtetnam~e approach to gaining more fed- the budget are as follows and and reductions: lives at 1116 West Ave. Already section where he said \there said had ~ \prior record of militiamen with the ~erie~ eral funds for New York. The they vary because of changes in (1) There will be 11 few:er filedforthesameseatinthisrace had mien numerous reports of burglary,\ died of a wound in lost _ one dea4 ana. nme meeting resulted in a unified ef· \equalization rates\ in the teaching positions next year and is Robertson E. Vosler, North · h · the lower abdomen. , wound~ .. The _Communists left fort by Republicans and Demo· various townships of the school six of these will be in the in· Gravel Rd., who announced his Fat er ' 4.sked if a weapon was found 13 _bodies behind and one of crats, but no guarantee of more district. Some drastic changes · struction of educable retarded candidacy some time ago. The 1 on IliS body, 'the mayor said: \I their men was capt'!l'ed_- aid from Washington. took place in equalization rates children which will be turned seat which the three are seeking h have· gite_n you all the ·details I .. , · Three major problems were this year whe111 Ridgeway over to BOCES rather than is now held by Robert Vosteen, Daug . fefS have available at this. time.\ Niagara Man cleared up in the legislature. dropped to 67 and Shelby to 64, conducted in the local school who has declined to seek re- He .said there would be g \full . _ . They were: meaning that they are swaying system. The system here will election. · d · vestigation\' · f·necr$·CO Transit: Both houses gave ap- further ahd further from the then receive rent from BOCES Thedeadlinefor~titionstoday Injure In Walker s~id .incidents of I· · · ~ proval to Governor Rockefeller's original 70 p.c. of true property for classrooms utilized. 'means that the voting picture is violepce dll)'ing Ute night were . . , new $2.5 billion transportation. value. (2) .Supplies, postage, at- now fairly· clear. \dramatically reduced\ from MlDD~T - A Mldclleo ·. bond issue which will now go Ridgeway's proposed school tendan'c:e at conferences, In addition to the 3-way race for ALBION - A father and his previous nights. He .said there port man was fln_e.d 150 -~Y,'_Lc;ek.. to the voters in November. The tax increase in the 1971-72 school mileage membership in the . Vosteen seat, Thomas two daughters were treated for were only 68 arrests, com~red port- 'J'Own Justice Geo.17ge ·.F. proposal, which will provide budget would be $2.98, bringing it associati~ns and other fringes Forrestel. i.~ running unopposed injuries in Medina Memorial to 121 the night before. · Gallagher late Stitlday aft;er be transportation facilities in every to $35.57 per thousand of assessed have been cut in all dei)artments. for a pat:tial term. He was ap- Hospital shortly after 5 p.m. . pleaded guilty tQ :a cluii'ge Of city, county, village and hamlet valuation. . (3) The positions of so-called point¢<~ to fill a vacancy creat«:d yesterday when the car in which , 1 .JJ B d driving while hiS ·Ii~ was in the state, is vitally needed, In Shelby the rate increase IS \department chairman\ in the by the .. resignation of MelVIn they were riding was in collision Y·l age oa 1'1 revoked~ ' sponsors. said, because the 1966 $4.65 to bring the total rate to various curriculum division of Grubel! and now must run for the with another vehicle on Route 63, n __ 0 - _SfS ·A·genda James Cassett, 23,_01 • qar.. bond issue funds run out this $37.24 per thousand. the school system have been remaining 3 years. _Full terms a quarter of a mile north of 1\\ 1 men R4. was ~ by~· year and the current budget is InBarretheincreaseis$4.53to eliminated. The 12 positions are five years. , · Fletcher Chape!_Ro'ad. · ara COunty Sheriff'$ nepijty balanced with $300 million from bring the total school rate to carried extra compensation fur The other race- iJl Jhe school Emanuel L. Saeli, 32, 45.96 Mill ro.Pghfs Jlleeting of ~ Me- Thomas A. Beilem SU!Jdaylll01'Jl.o the new proposal. $39.09 per thousand. ·. teacllersofbetween$400and$500 election is -between incumbent ROad, -driver of ·one o! th~ dina Villitge·Board will mclude ing after he had·been stoppe~ Marijuana: The Assembly In Albion township the increase when they served as department bOard' member ~ Roberts .of vehicles complained of• neck and a discussiqn on renewal of the by the depu~ on (Iannen ROad . slammed the door on prospects is $2.90 bringing the total school chairmen. · · Shelby,qpposedfora full term by head injuries. ~oniElizabeth, 9, a Iandfill dlilitp con tract wi~ for a routine check. for liberalizing the marijuana rate to $&7.83 per thousand. (4) Secondary transfer buses, Mrs. Barbara ,Cotriss of N. daughter, received a cut mouth Shelby~ also a report on bid n..-nuty l3eilein' said Cassett law by rejecting, 74-75, Rocke· In Hartland the increase is one late afternoon bus, and all Gravel ~· . and a second daUghter, Jackqlyn openings for• the D.P.W. truck, \\'¥ .., · 1i feller's proposal to greatly red· $5.86 to bring the total rate to athletic buses after school have The annual budg't hearing and Mar~e, ~· !i bruised .nose. . . and)i_presentation b~ John An- !~ ~~ :]:J! cit;tn:;eal: duce penalties for possession an $48.61 per thousand. been elim;;,)ated. meeting,_ will be held at 7:30 on · AcCOJidmg to mformahon dersrin of a computerized water ed had been revoked in. New sale of the drug. In Alabama the increase is (5) A proposed p$ychologist Ju~e 8 in Oak Orch~rd fumishedbytheOI'Jea~Sheriff's billing system. · Conciliation: 'J?le senate ~1- $7.61 to bring the total rate to has been eliminated, . ~wo A~dit~rium,. while ·M~~ votmg Department, the Saell.Ffi! was . York State. ed a proposal · auned at savmg $66.88. per thousand. proposed elementary pos1tlons will be held m Oak Or(!lilli'C\iYm travelling.nQrth on ROuttHJ3' wb'~it: . ~ - · . · · h: · l ... le· ' $1 million through elimination . . \ have been elfimnated, money ~r from' ·noon to . 9 p.m. on · 4he it collided with a cu dtiNen- by flave A· C . '0CK • ,o ;, ofthestate'slargelyunsuccess- ~ethesta~h~sleftthe per adulteducationhasbeendeleted, folloWingday. George W.,·$cbleg-el, 46,~ of . - · . - . ful conciliation service bureau. pupil state ald figure at $860, a main office clerical jlositioq has Harrison :Roaa, wlio was drivfug DES . MOiNES, .-IOWJW (UPI) - Iowa How_.. minori_ty . been drop~; Supt Cogger said south aiJd made. a left tum . in l\'ade· r Dcii.'Coc.·_ft. ra.Jt_· comp!lained Mo_ nclay •. M' thad ...... _. he has requested th.at his salary . front of th6.-Saelf car. .,. · n-\' 10 link be unchanged, teacher, recruiting p d . No . summonses. were issued. left out·ofCS.,tefepJjone ~t iiM\ $JIIem lnsta.._ • GROOM 8S BRIDE 8()..-Mr. and Mrs. Alber-t Brewer eat part of the~ wedding cake ~t Arcadja Nw'sihg Home in Coolville, Ohio, after ceremony. Ht(is !J5 years, she's 80, ' . r expense has been cur:. worlf:shop _ Glfa_· ·. ,e .. · th& GOH_-.· ,P:-i~c~i!!,t!Y-~I'f> • . \retcip ._illation al- . expenses cut and'·.profess~onal G- _ra··_ n\'d·\ .\_-~Ju' ry .. ··~·· ~· - ·pGIIIft8 WJ • .... material pur~)lases reduced. w·tt· -~~ lowiq flilft'lO ......... ,. ... ectllimuntcations. :._, \ ·Professional books and library . . • ·• rurm ~-Hears'.· ... -Def.endil!l,_n. t . :RetVrniftelatertnth_CI.ray, lte·founcl a p .. ,., CUP\. -bo~k purchases have been !!!!! aiJCi.sttinfi con!HtCfion Jaetw•n hiS dHk and that ol GOP . reduced. Mem!;lersbip in the A.~ .... 10- 4'5 ~·- ·:. . : ·-- ... , AlfdhiW v•y . . Genesee Valley Dev!i)lopment \• -· : - !. • ':.· · · · · ~1,t]JI0ll_l; :-~~e .Gtana.r;J:Ill7 - • . · -council has been droppel!. · '. · · >< ~-~ ·:. W6~£v~~·~otAIInie s •.•• Eftjlancl (UPI)- Asitv .. :wmlth ~vde,..., (6) While~ has _been ~llotted ~~· ~.~ed ~tlr\t! production- Georgian wlverwa• and toW -It atr ••--- to salary mcrea~es 1p the . . . _ . . - cf{IJ,'.Ii!~h\~~ ~ r.cau• he wantM tO prcwe that molfern caahn'• -~ curriculum eoordmator and It .was\ noted ~--that fb.e, ::~ .. 00~\:;~ old · . business. administrat?r posts, ~~lor M~-t -~.~ <, \. ..-._V:\'$~!'>\U!a teo aa •::.;.~ -.., :pleaded -~ .... , aL....a- .. ·_,... .· expenses of the two offu~es have GrJal: o., ~ade '~L. . . . \~- SUlt Of - ·• iU--Vim- Cor • - ... ''7 ,.._,._, tllh . been cut a total of$1,800 to cover will !leJ~:41 •.. tbe;.Bfii.Jl. , ., .: Apat\!f!~ll .in MediM ort\ .SJm. 1nli\- '-»•ill i~tk diN and Ulfrl8 them; ... • this. . ~ Wt; r31her f~&~,t~~'* day 1 MV 16. . · with thlt·iiilitd: to dtfrothl. He was •nttqm1111f. tO fllr~J . The $500 contribution to the Stated yeste:i~y~ ~~~ · ~ .i.Jmm•nfty Mrs:~ Yin- years in'\'Jci~-\ · · · · . · · -. - · .. · Medinlt.Youtb Conunissioti has and~ ~.G.f ~~ ..... cent·:~ onller own-be- A_pDIIliJMCill·t.allh•IIJ~..W .. Idn -~:.4 · been retained and a $30,000 fund mittee -~ thiS 1&:45 hoUr IJalf on aclvJSe \' her· atto1nef alWop .. ,.. •. thit-~i Jfff,. ~ Ml Cll ~ • . bas been set up for repairs andsaid~oeJ;lM-z:riestUtate J~ A.. Jrff nrJIL . . :-- · ,... in tf\ilw.of!lf dap·_. c:ttlflliia~ .. not-al , \urgently\ needed to k~p St. Patkdlrnu,.YJ*ely f011o1Y TJi8. Craucf,.Jury ,recessell .at So. 1 diCfltd. tit.~: I':' tW J oo.W do •..,.. . Medina High Sehool in operating tbe ~- noon wqbna/at 1:31 ~~ · · ·'of'* ..areali....a x/ 1 · ' .......__........... '· . . . . . . ...., ' . -- . . ' -·· \ . ~wuvu, \ ; :_~: , ::~~!::- , -. ·~ ~ \ .. . - , . ' .

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