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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, March 26, 1924, Image 4

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l A ' r \ t * ,'X J PAGE FOUR THE FREEMAN^S JOURNAL Wednesday, March 26, 1924 ' ' i * -B f e j _ ._ '\a-?4SS Treat S m a l l e y ’s T h e a t r e Big Treat Last Call-^f hursday and Friday ) March 27-28 -f CHARLES RAY HIS FAMOUS CHARACTER. RGLB IN “The Girl l Loved” BY JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY A Great American Poet’s personal heart romance transferred to the Screen with all the fervor of Ray^s impassioned artistry. G-BOY— SATURBAY, MARCH 29 . DOUG FAIRBANKS ONE OF HIS GREATEST ^‘The Mark of FROM THE “ALL-STORY WEEKLY” NOVEL, “T H E CURSE OF CAPISTRANO.” RETURlSf DATE BY SPECIAL REQUEST. 2-REEL COMEDY PATE^E NEM'^S I M 0 H.y KENNETH HARLAN andand EILEENILEEN PERCYERCY Tucs., Mch.31-Apl. 1 I E P ‘EasT SidE-WesT SidE” A V iU ! ) and VITAL ROMANCE—A PICTURE TH.AT WILL BRING YOU BACK TO BY-GONE DAYS. ALSO “FIGHTING BLOOD” ROUND NO. 5— PLUS PATHE NEWS BIG DOUBLE SHOW—RIOHT-0 W ®NESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY Three Big Bays—April 2-3-4 P M A R Y V SR lC K fO R D HOhiSROOiC B L tN N photography by Chariej' JioJ'hei^' * AN ERNST LUBITSCH PRODUCTION A Seldom-Seen Phase Of a personality jthat is known ^nd loved the world over is e x p r ^ ^ by “The World’s Sweet­ heart” in a love story intermingling romance and tragedy, laughter and thrills. ■■ Intensely, Vitdlly^Allutihg (^. AlY BIGGEST AND GREATEST PRODUGnON— BROKE ALL RECORDS AT NEW YORK CAPITOL PRICES— - lOc. 17c-, 35< I ' Since 1917 Builds 6 Million Business ieaving Otsego County Marked Success. isiident of Cooperstown frona which w e pniiit extracts' which will be read with interest by his inany frieiids here a$ it contains facts cpneerning the growlh_ofi^ ,tjie . sreat compahy of which \Ee is president arid his own career since leaving Otsego county which are not generally known: A smasher of prejudices, a .fanner h a w ' S i l 6 . « 6 . 0 » , )ss, an active Democrat and ■ megular^ fellow is Eugene Davison : Stocker, president of the United States Hoffman Machinery Gorpora- tion and the Canadian Hoffhian Machinery Corporation, Here’s the man ivho has banished iggy-kneed trousprs from America, le mian who has increased the vdl- period of seven years^apti what’s mope, he is a native New Yorker. L-ly training e in signs, , but the You’re On Time r i g h t n o w y o u c a n d e p o s i t y o u r m o n e y in our in t e r e s t . d e p a r t m e n t a n d r e c e i v e LNTEHEsjr MAY FIRST a t t h e g o in g AND GROWING RATE OF ' „ 4 '% c o m p o u n d e d q u a r t e r l y ANY PORTION OF THE ACCOUNT IS AVAILABLE FO R YOUR • USE ANY BUSINESS DAY CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT ISSUED WITH INTEREST ,, , f r o m DATE Nothing to Sell but Service CONSULT US AT ANY TIME IN RELATION TO YOUR ' INVESTMENTS WE HAVE MOODY’S COMPLETE SUPERVISORY SERVICE a n d RATING BOOKS AND WE WILL GLADLY Gl\ E YOU ALWAYS RELIABLE AND VALUABLE INFORMATION IN ler or not he was taught Mr. Stocker has ..,= vci uuu ou<= . — - ---------- ---- ------------------ . , \ ' dS'irnpomntlolel^^^^^ TO SECURITIES SUITABLE FOR INVEST.M E N T played an important role in the shap- • i ing^of his career. Back in im , I PURPOSES. Stocker was attracted by a sign read- ' / STATE INCOME TAX RETURNS MUST BE MADE BY a t a H o r ^ ' \ APRIL 15th. we take pleasure in stating that Mr. H. V. Farrell, New York Stale er thought of the unpressed rahRmia/' Auditor^ will be at this H^nk March 31st and April 1st, to assist make “pressing conschm?^ ° ' l o f he | taxpayers in making their .state Returns, instantly spruced up interest enough ^ with the Volunteer Labor On Scout Organizations Doubleday Field; Are Consolidated; Volunteer worker w’ho love base ball i so well that they are willing to work ^ i for it are making a fine start on the Obituary jand Mrs.^fsSSSte IValdron of Coop- I erstown; eight children, Clara Gex*- jtrude of Cleveland, 0., Dr. Donald R,, olf Hancock, Mrs. Charles A. Clark to seek employment with th e company' manufacturing the presses. | Ye start of his con hffman Company of the undeTOh ieek anufactui ^ Right from thi tion with the H< Stocker was aware o possibilities of this clothes pressing ■ machine and he set the wheels imme-; diately in' motion to develop the: possibilities, but it was no easy trick, j Opposition met him at every turn. Mr. Stocker thoroughly studied- the problems as presented by these three i factions. He worked long and hard i for solutions, and finally managed to' overcome! the difficulties in every ^ instance. | He convinced not only the clothing I industry hut the world at large of* the necessity and the seryice of the ' Hoffman clothes pressers, a fact ev i-; Capital dencecl in 1923 by sales sheet w h ich' $150,000 reported aggregate sales of §5,642- 574. Besides representation in eveiT ' large city of Axnei’ica and Canada, Heofg® H. TYhite, Prenident - Frank Hale, Cashier the Hoffman company has cstahiishcd Charles A. Scott, Vice-Presid,ent ' John F. Moakler, As offices in all the principlim cities. . , - l. JM>RECTORS abroad. . L. Averell Carter Martin Mfxakler Charles A. Scott unforgetable personality h a s ; Ralph W. Ellsworth .Ylexanderr S.. Fhinney Milton C. Wrigh' Mi;. Stocker. Decidedly humane, with , Lee B. Cmttenden a humorous tpuch and a m agnetism ; 'fitUS’F OFFICERS—Georirt Trust Department—You can name the First National as Your Executor—^Your Will May Be Lelt In Our Custody Without Charge Securities—Suitable for Investment Purposes may be purdtased thr.ough us. Moody’s rating books and other financial publications on file. WRITE OR CALL ON US AT ANY TIME. The First National Bank Of Cooperstown, N. Y. (First in Banking Service) Resources over §2,800,000 OFFICERS njukHale, Surplus .ss’t Cashier inde S Fhinney ______ ___________ George H. Wane - - ' TItUS’r OFFICERS—George H M'hite, L, Averell Carter, Frank Hale. John F. Moakler. iiiutccxiiuu Luui, im w a s su u e r i n g xroin any serious malady. He was about his usual duties duiing the week pre­ ceding and on Sundayunday attendedttended church a S a clmrc esaring to all to be in h 1 and spirit. Death was mbolism of the heart or bereavepienl The funeral was hold a t the home on Elm street Wednesday afternoon at 2 o ’clock, the Revfi Edward G. Petrie, pastor of _fhe First Pi'eshyterian ” ‘ “ followed by the ippitf. le, H. L. and offic- Brazee, Adrian A . Pierson, and offi lal 1‘epresentatives from the Maces bees, Royal Arch Masons and Knighi S ' , organization, c -. .. ............ .. ......... ...... 1 he entered the j Templar’ The body Republican of : vault at Lakewood c since olRpe of the Otsego Republican of U-ault a t Lakewood” cemetery^^d^will en^and j w hidi his father was^the Jin'! i interred later in the fam ily plot- the St. Patrick’s Party t ; w ith the manaseffient and success of the Boy Scouts of America that he has sought to have its benefits made 'aflable to the Lone Scouts of Ame nized in 15 Delightful Villag’e Club Hikers Brave Mu~d~andSlusf»' Mauduit^who \TO^ foj. the various Degrees wilUbe. main- true Christian irentlmaii thm-nuJi-mv Lodi's vvero called to bring in wood Miss EU zabetjrC o k n m n '^prSd the piano. The Rev. Father Patrick . Thomas F. O’Connel, Jr., as the eakers of the evening and thei:r majority of them by their fti'st H is business friends, customers ar competitors alike, always have cheery word to say of him. Eat Place Regular dinnei' wif.h vegetable 35c. Home pastry, sandwiches i order. Open day and night. II. i Those 1095 dish-washings a year Avill be less monotonous if the sink is at the right height and set so you get a glimpse of the out-of-doors. late snovys^ and bitter weather catch the early bird that returns for spring. The Greatest Camera Value Ever Offered TAKES PERFECT PICTURES. LENS UNSUR­ PASSED IN A NY BOX CAMERA $1 Complete FIIAIS FOR ALL CAMERAS CLARK’S Music and Sporting Goods SHOP speakers ot the evening and thei re- mark.s were greatly enjoyed. Light refreshments Were served and cards Cooperstown Press Type Sold at $2,199 Robinson pursuant to the instruc­ tions of the Refe-ee, wrote many con- type and .showed 'the stork to many prospective purchasers including one man repre.senting the largest print-' mg eo:i^P.;ns in flie cniThtry and froir none of them could he secure so.. 4 id- vantagenus an offer as that made by Mr. Friedmar of tho.roinpany under a judgement of fnipclosip-e brought by the Irving Bank-Columbi,a Tru.st company is ad- V'erri'^ed to — j - - j ? - xt -_ plant and machinery nder a judgement of _ !olumbi,a Tru.st company is erfised to take place in front of nildinr ^ - lay o f this week ‘S EAST SPRINGFIELD Mrs, Vifesley Moore, son and daugh­ ter, of Saskatchewan, Canada, were Week-end guests of Mi^, Cora Walrath and family, Paul L. Van Hoespn of Fort Plain was guest the past week of his par­ ents, Ml’, and Mi's. Burt Van Hoesei Thomas Murphy o f Anisterdam wa Gie guest of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. ihy oiie day last Week. 1^' 5 Mahle Pe'asley of Schenectady week-end gUest of her parents, id Mrs. Joseph Beasley. 3 Madge Van Duseh of Johns­ town and Gelon Vatt Dusen of Schen­ ectady are guests of their home. MIDDLE V illage Owen Fhssett and son, Homer, are ill with influenza. Don’t forget the play Friday night given by the Junior Project Club. Ward Rathbun ’ ‘ ' into the „ . ----- has moved from the Manse into the new hoi Mr, and; Mrs. C. D. 'Monk Richfield Springs Thursday. _ Mrs. Albert Larson is ei oil the Clark favn 3, Owen Fas.'iett is ind’ Mrs, Wi Rich-' were at farm’’ is less lUr farm own emblied with the for country and loyalty to'his home community his death will be deeply felt in many circles which havi ' •' after a little workout on Doubleday Field eaiHer in i.he hioniing. •'Spofi'a good fire was going and “Cap” had Solne tomato soup' ready to eat, and competed to sefe who could eat the most steak and here “Ho-bo” was again victor. All those present tooik advantage o f khe opportunity for storing’ hway good food in camp style and some evidently, overdid th( casion for they returned almost a balf hour later in many circles which have had’ benefit of his devoted entliusias many years. Of a genial, frate nal teinpefament his friends we numberless. He was a life-long and active mem- her pf the First Presbyterian church of Cooperstown at the time of his death holding the office of eider to ’ \’’ueb he succeeded-his father who d acted in that Capacity for years lore him. He was a Past Master Otsego Lodge, No. 138 F.- & A. M., iS ilW iii ei;ans, Knights of the Maccabees, of g t e - s s ise Comp; ed to the r Uian the Fewer hens with plenty of r nay lay more eggs than twice napy overerowded. _____ Uncle Ah says he can’t help thinl g tliat uprightness in high piaci ing tliat uprightness in high in a republic depends mainly ( rightness in the people themsel Subscribe for the Jpurftal Southern 2^ew York Railway, Inc. Passenger^ Schedule^^Pffeciivl!^ Cherry V a l son of Coopers Janet Whiteman Cherry M a k e S u r e of Early D e livery Spring witih its rush o f Fordson orders will soon, be here. To be sure of get\ ting delivery in time, order now. The demand for Fordsons is increasing every day, and you may be disappointed if you wait too long. By placing your order early you will be sure o f gettingyour Fordson in time for the preliminary work which will put it in the vbest condition for the heavier work of spring. Talk with us about a tractor at once, FRED LETTIS Cooperstown, N* Y. F o r d L s o x v

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