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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, January 11, 1922, Image 3

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W ^ n e 8 d^)rr-X«niiary 11 , 1922 t t f f i F « E W W * S r o U ^ A L What- f S?^i?lla|o f Hplcian Mas Do-«e Fo!\ Humanity Tl;o pictur e whLIi appo Dr.J’j.rcc «; jEnffitiu, JSJ^V. in into. As a yitting inaii HARTWICK The:■Social eluh o f the Baptist :hurch met a t the home of Mr. and ■ - • ler last Thursday S i ' s Mrs. r the even-- ered dish social time presehtv Mr. Irons and sister o f Fly Creelc have talien .possessiori o f their new home that they purchased o f James Ainsiie some little time h g o .' SOUTH HARTWICK a& S 'iiu\; . ^ ii^ t o w n ^wef e callers ^ t GM eton Mr,, and Mrs. moved to their es Maxwell have house oh Main DeForest this Winter. 'wm.' ..hough' of j ■\piiirdisra' iiieHiicii'm m Tonhsvlya and was tiu-r.ua far and wide\!.ir •,great Succetis in alleviating disease. Me; early ninWed to Buffalp. and pnl nip ill ready- ti -nse term,, iiis Ooiiifni Miflioal' Diseovery, , the well - hiiovj. n tiinic for the blond. This strenatb- builder is; inRde from a forninlf .whteli Dr. Piere'6 fuuiici m o st, effective -in clisca-ses o f ll ,ie blood. It contains v . : alcohol and is an extract of na;iv.> roots with the ingredients plaiiilv stated on tbie\ wrapper. Good rod blond, vim, i^'igor and vitality are pure ,to follow it you take this Alterative Mxtract. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical ^ Discovery ckuirs away pimples and ' aiiiioyhig ctsii U oiis and tends to keo' MIDPLEFIELD day evening, JanuaiT 13? % e d W k s are requested to briiig a hat and Easter bonnets made early.' A OorMial’ invitation is extended to all. Charles Fckler and Eex Stan-ton were Weelc-eii dguests of Mrs. Charles Bprst of Oneonta, Mrs. Fannie Stiles^, Mrs- Mafbfe of Frank Brown of Hartwick visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bfp'wn Elwin Irons and family-pf-Har^twick and Wm. Wart and fam ily of Laur- ^•••^-'\vitrteg’ -M-'CarMQn •boa. Sattirday: - , Mr. and-M rs. Dprr Eds on and Savage will stay sain her health. ■Ehe Home Bureau held a- very . ig those Who have already joined and thdse who have promised, tteiere will he ahout twenty-five members for the ensuing year. At this m eetinr of^ MILFORD CENTER Miss Eva Scott Spent Friday with her grandmother III Milford. ? Plpyd Bates has heeu spending a; few days at his lumber job near GiB; _ David Gpwell o f PortlanBvilje. , *^'ciLde“l&m^^ has: been , visiting lelatives in Syracuse and' titica. _ Homer- Preston,,. George: Townsend, Friend Scott arid Eldred are now em'- ployed by the Gneonta Ice Company^ Mr. and .Mrs; Ilobert; M to ' ^ and Miss Marcia riDakleyj visitors at J, . P A G E T H m y l j M I L F O R D T I B I NOS W. G. McRpriei Milford Raproaentative for News, Subacriptidns, Advertisinp and Job Printinf George Mumford Sells Business George’ Mnrnfqrd; sold his business id the buildihg in wbi_eb i t was locat-: Munifoi'd’s A s been f ne of tbe best known business places in Milford., Th< Local Ha^peuiii^s Bchoql .re^apened Monday mofeii-g: Bkating has: been excellent on tv Sweet porid for several days. Born to Mr, and Mi's. Lucius HOoi - ir shop in town, And: in addition ,t 6 ' lat ■ Mr. Mumford has had an ica cream, , soda ahd confectionery busi- , There will' be a daiiee this lYednesday night. Gqlle-fs ore blood. ATiiufi Dr. Pierce’s Invalids Hotel in IliaLblo, pi. Y., and receive conflderitL',1 medical advit,e without and ■ Mrs. Wm. .. Eo-ugh \ . _ SfSS IxriSrAS ’LSi- street.’ A t the annual election of the M. B- ■Sunday kebool the following oflicers were elected: Suporintendeht, Bur- a s ‘;'t,^\i;”’s 45 ?air'seS Myron Harrin.^oh; Assistant Seci Jessie Bines;' Assistant C Miss Francis Palmer; Home Ralh’m 'sf'Sm ith mssW iiary xreas- urerj Miss Mexlo Harrington. Last Friday evening several of, the a ”i JSg Af w V S £ and Mrs; J. Telfer in Mew Lisbon Where a large party of neighbors and 1 Discovery, fur trial pi. BEPOBT OBP 'THE CONDITIOIJ OST The Wilkr National Bank KESOEBOmS U. S. bonds asnd other securl- 151,266.74 4S3ij85.S6 6000.00 , KIABELITIES ‘i i l ..isasM 'm T o ta l ....... - ........... . ................. |4,02 4,09».76 State of New TErorlt, County of OtsoBO, b s : • • I S v i s S i S , -a boforo rto this N o tary Public, m m Farming i s a business. M ost busi­ ness houses pin their faith to accu­ rate bookkeesping. The way t o begin is to take nai inventory. • Aunt Ada^s Axiom s: A sm ile is worth-a dozeiiTrownsdnranjMmarfeoL- . and is casien: to produce. i ' \Ray Jeribs is confined'to the hous.p suffering with A hard cold. Ma-s. Oscar Reynolds has so far re-' covered from injuries-reeeiVed by falD S . f S ” f .*11 m S' su ■¥fl.I?ai.S?SSg.fwbob.s.be» suffering With stomach trouble and ,a h a rd cold is thought to' h e gaining ieers are> P^s., urday. ■ ^ Mr. and Mrs. W . G. W right and son Clyde were business callers in Coopers^wn :Satur«^y. _ '“S irned t George D.- Culver who .v-as so s ■■■■ 'toi£;i-sfns^Lty£rc£r| over a week ago,,, is now able to, about the hau.s_e. , i about the same. MI’S. Albert Center of Oneonta vis­ ed relatives and friends rin t< St week. and Mrs. D. C. Talbot -who visitingisiting their two have' been v Benjamin and Blaih I parents, 1 lan Hughes. ■ * Wm. Carr remains in very poor health. Hobart Bennington has been suffer­ ing With a hard cold and painful gathering in the ear. He i s now bet- Mrs. Flora Hamm of Lena, visited her daughter, Mrs, Ray Jenks and family Sunday. Mrs. Clarence Markel who has been quite sick is better. Their daughter, Mrs. Norris Kemble of Mt. Vision spent the day Saturday with Enimett Folmshee, Secy and At the next meeting to he held Jari. 27, win he the first evening aflfiair. Each member and family are to he entertained at Mrs. Leon Roberts. The faihi known as the Johjrt ^ o k farm has been recently sold t o Her-r , bert Roberts, formerly of 'Wesfeville, The road from Milford to' Middle- field has recently been surveyed on. the ekst side of the creek. It 15 an­ ticipated that a state road will he built on that side eventually. Mrs. Collins who is spendinp; the winter with her sister, MrSb Daniel Pitts, is Improved in healF Andrew \ 10 % have h .pibbu 111 Viicuxiuet cvcxuixft, ax-, ter a serious pperatioxix Funeral ar­ rangements will not ike made until the arrival of his father from Florida. Born, to Mr. and. Mrs. 'Clifford Cox of Dutch Hilli ah 8 % pound son, Gor­ don Kenneth. Friend Scott and family entertain­ ed friends from PVard (usines Sunday, and Mrs. callers idrew Wilson and Miss Cora C 8 been 'spending a few d by the trip, tiine while Paul Robinson and brother Chann- ing of South Hartwick have hired the Clark .Garage in this place and w ill take possession February 1st. . Rev. J. A. Dillon is visiting his sis ter in .Schenectady for a feW days. Mrs.' W. G. Harris was in Oneonti Tuesday on business errands. Mrs. Jennie -Murdock returned SUMMIT LAKE dVIr. and Mrs. DAhiel Smith a family spent Sunday with Mr. a Mrs. C. F . Armstrong of Warren. Miss gannie Van A lstine of E: Springfield spent the week-end w Mildred Sha-ul. Mrs. Albert day 'With her WD it,,, Mrs. A. C. Brown, A sst, Supt,, ana Mrs. Leland Mowers, Secy, and Treas. Next Sunday the Christian Endeavor will he held directly before the preaching services at 1:30 p- m. The Sunday School will be directly af­ ter preaching sei’vices. PLEASANT BROOK Layma: LENA Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Talbot rotuxt from their sons’ in Toledo, OP, Si day. Mrs. Rosooe Card of Pittsfield call­ ed at j . B- Tompson’s Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Harrington vis­ ited at John T. Curry’s Sunday. Ralph Potter and Grace Whi-tney were at William Potter’s Sunday. A Rat Breeds G to 10 Times a Year, Averaging Ten Young t o a Litter Remember this, act as soon as you see the first rat. Got. a pkg. o f RAT- SNAP. It’s sure rat andJndce de­ stroyer. It’s convenient, comes in cake form, nc^ mixing. Mumnnifies rat after killing— leaves no sraeH, Cats 1 4 or dogs won’t touch it. Three sizes, 'faniily n _< 35Cj 65c, SI,25. Sold and guaranteed vacati< md Mrs. Olm Friday with Mi’, and Wiles. The G irl' Scouts m et with Miss Mary Cotton on Saturday. Miss Anderson returned to her school Wednesday after^a week’s va­ cation. Mr. Wednesday with M: Smith of Starkville. Thurman Fjki a friend near Friday. Miss Louise Warner called on.M rs. Byron Wiles recently. William Ostrander made a businei trip to Richfield Springs Thursday Mr, and Mrs.'Geo, Hoose, Sr., Miss spent Thurs- Ada Hoose and Mr. and Mrs. George Mrs, Josepl!^ Hooso, Jr., spent Sunday with Wm. Ring and family. The Ladies’ Aid met at the church larlors last Wednesday. Proceeds BOWE HILL Mrs. Earl Baker and daughter Elsa spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W~ Salisbury. Mrs, A. E. Hoke and children, Atlee and Jennie spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr, and. Mrs, Einory Hoke. Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Montgomery, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sniith at­ tended a dance last Friday night at Westville. The next regular Grange meefh the Hinman Hollow Grange v held this week Friday night. Tee on Arnold’s Lake Sunday red 10 % inches in thickness. horses th e ’-past laceH in m iiio r a . Mr. and Mrs. Mumford have decided just what they Will dox T1 ,, expect to remain in Miiford \and ■tcrj', reside in rooms in the place that they have just sold until the first o f x^iril, or until they can secure a suitable house here of elsewhere. Their, many, friends in Milford and vicinity are hopiiig that they will decide to con­ tinue to, make Milford, where they have hecoihe an Im'p'orilaiit part of the business and social life, their fu-- ture home. ' Odd Fellows Install OflScers OBITUARY Augusta Cramer Beaihes ugusta Cramer Beames Hied at t l ij ho.me of her son, Harley j, 'Beamqs cA.s East Main street Wednesday evenir'^ll about two w« her tw o sons w District Deputjj Grand Master Wood o f Oneonta \was here Tuesday evening ■^S to install the newly elected officers of nil be Manabo Lodge, I. 0 . O. F. The in­ stallation was preceded, by a banquet in the dining hall and a few days linity. Smith spent Mrs. Byron and Mrs. Byi’on Wiles spent isday with Mr. and Mrs. Olin rtaiJfed by iprings^ on parlors la st Wednesday, were $8.37. Isaac Countryman now has \the plications for renewal of autpnic license. Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Countrypaan And Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons and sou visited Mr. and Mrs, Harry Kaaes- kim at Center 'Valley Sunday. ” Mrs. Freemier is ill at the home of her grandson, Floyd Smith. A speedy ivery is the wish of her iriany COOPERSrOWNJCT. William Locke o f Fly Greek is cal- ing on old friends in this vicinity. Miss Ruth Hazard' of Binghamton risited her many friends here last ^ Mrs. Earl Clark of Schenevus visit- id her father, Frank Hillsinger, Fri- ^William Sowles i s home again after spending,.the holidaya w ith his wife in anque Grand—^George McLean, rand—David J. Thorr 'installed: Noble Grai Vice Grant Secretary— Floyd Beach. Financial Seeretray.—P. R. Bennett. Treasurer— E. H. Rider. Farmers’ Institute This Wednesday A Farmers’ Institute has-been ar- i-anged by the county agent for Mil­ ford and vicinity for Wednesday of this week at Maecabee Jffall. Th< __DAyiD R p b R N , II. X.15EAZEE. ------------ Write the Golleg laca for a program of th e wee He’l] iijipredate such a coat— a b ig, burlcy overcoat in for Insfing service;- an overcoat that will give warmt coats are here—an unusually large and fine exhibit; the name of The pmees are low— AN OVERCOAT by THE HOUSE OF KUPPENHEIMER • ' ? 1 good stylo— soft and fleecy in fal ith and protection in winter’s biting it; the name o f the maker speaks for fabric—tailored winds. The maker speaks for their quality. UxVORDINARY V ALHES AT $ 45.00 These Overcoats Jook a s good as they feel; appropriate for all occasions—winter-time classics, price iss a feature—^we are showing what we can do i — other fine -vralu^, $40 t o ^ 5 0 in valuegiving. Carr Cldthing Co., Inc. \HOUSE OF KHPPENHEIMFR IN ONEONTA’’ Iriends. r • Miss Grace Lane spent ' Saturday evening and Sunday with her parents at Center, Valley. Mrs. Siisan Sisum of Riehmond- ville, who has been visiting relatives in this vicinity returned home Thurs- ,Mrs. Edwin Osborn of Cobieskill spent a few days last week with \Wil­ son Lano and fainiljj. Wm. Stringer assisted I. Coun­ tryman in his blacksmith shop last Misses Florence and Mnriou Ecdker- ■ son visited at Lester WikofPs near Cherry Valley Saturday. (Too late for last weekV Wnn’en-.JRing o f Union College, Schenectady spent iiis Christmas va­ cation with his grandmother, Mrs. fenbai pareni , , W. Stanton has pjurchased the Dorr Avery place, occupied by Mr. Shutts. Grover Bostwick has received cita­ tion of honor from the goveminent for gallantry in action, being on duty 48 horn’s maintaining telegraphic con­ nections between Chattam Court, France, during the attack Sept. 26, 191\8. Barlow, county agent, will “Feeding the Dairy Cow,\ nmons were ■stiay on aC- of the lat KBPOBX C <and Mrs. Ha: to Cooperstown Tue: count o f the serious ill tor’s mother, Mr jpassod away in t pital on Thursday. Mm*vin Stringer and mother spent j N ew ^Years with Air. and Mrs. L A. \ Geo. Hoose, Sr., and daughter Ada, and Miss Mildred -------------- r Maricel spent New 'Years with Mr. and Total loans ' Mrs. Geo. E Blue Monday lakes the energy uu of the housewif e. Hitching the gaso line engine to the ivashing raachm Mai’y Caden, Mr. <and Mrs. Harold Simmons wen called ;N o . 031-0 ‘ tu b OdNOlTION or A*; THE'MiLFOUD NIlTIOHitL BANK the .Thanksgiving hos- • A t M ihroun Hard Pine Flooring W e h a v e reduced out p r i c e on our first, q u a lity r i f t h a r d p i n e flo o r in g . W e h a v e only a b o u t 3 ,0 0 0 f t . le f t and d o not ex p e c t w i ll la s t lo n g - a W t h e red u c e d n x k f e ’ “ ^ C, J. Armstrong & Sons L u m b e r nESOUllCBS. City Drug Store, Oneonta, N. Y. one of the distributoxSi .jn this e 'White and Blue package and bewauw and unitaiioh*. — -1''^ - M S , S T O N V 1 M .O .G E N - Y E A S T ' .• xi.jx;oui’frien(Jsajiflr>atroxisto try VlW-O^r.RX; Look for tl V. . H > il x -0-( j :EN _ Yeast-Tablets on a money-back of inferior ,sui tw .I'natco, for the fdiiowittg riit.sons: “ ' • I t is a scientifically cultured, highly concentrated Youth isal- p.-.jda^t. It coratahis all 'rfitnEB -of tiie vita- waysheau- Bftlier’i fresh and i-'s. xjeu. B. HoOSt!. Mr. and Mrs. Seeber Jones and Son lek New Year’s dinna’ with Mr. and TS. Elbert Jones at.BP'itb VaHeV- Miss Irene Stringer of Cobieskill is siting relatives in this vicinity. BOWERSTOWNf Mrs. Barrie Shellner spent Thrurs- ly with her ' daughter, Mrs. Cecil “ ■brest o f South Hartwick. _ ercyrcy Rosenthalosenthal returnedetiirnt to Pe R r )tne at 'Worcester Tuesday monning s w ith his owned: . . . . . . . . ' O ther bonds, BceurltloB, etc.: after speM ing a fetv days w ‘friend, Miss Mary Oltawayi A party of about forty people were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, Friday ndght. Ahout twelve friends' o f this place gave the Misses Mary and Mildred Ottaway a surprise p a r ^ Saturday evenihg ^ in honor o f Mildred O tta- way’s seventeenth birthday. Elvery One snjpyed a very pleasant even-: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ottaway attend­ ed the supper held at the Grange at Westville Saturday night. Mrs. Orlando Bridger : —.. ... —_»WRy• Beatrice Carr of Toddlsville is visiting Miss Marion Hanor, INDEX ME'S, i Ghas. Sheldon o f Hai'bwick was^a visitor in Index a few dayh last ' Robert Lynch of Oneonta spent part of his vacation with Mr. and Mrs. EIls‘Worth Aney, George Decker o f 'Cooperstown.' called on his parents . Sunday. Frank Mele has, been sick But is able to go to work again. Mrs. Percent and daughter, Anna, Phoenix called on Mr. aiid Mrs. Cooperstown spent the ’^“'M isTcSudm e^SM ^ ^ has been working in Binghamton, is ■visi'tihg her sister,- Mrs. '’^ a l ^ ^ R ^ HYDE PARK wtj.cit 0 -pywy w itii HIS p a rents^ ivir. nd Mrs. Henry Parshall. M l and Mrs. Jay Loomis returned 10 me last week. A tvirentytflve cent Supper will be Id at the hotne. of 'Mr. and Mrs. udbn, on the Loses fatm , .Batarday Write at once stating size worn and whether high preferred. We can only furnish her and in stated sizes. I. M. ELLigOT, Gorsetierre, Milford, N. Y. 10,721.83 12,326.00 ■ K i l i ji Total . ...................................... ,...$259,T4S.e6 LIxUlILfriES aar. terest and taxes paid - . 2»2 : \ 2.2 11 3S Circulating notcK I'utstnn.l- ^ CerUfled checks ou’tstana- 10.00 'x ... isiiooo.ob 7th Correct—Attest:’ GAR FOR HIRE or night. Careful drivihg, I S . “ j k V. utility; a agent, w son, Frar . ...... . feo Milfo; i vi3it.‘wr.,4'T ___ --jiHe here. A.'''-' though she had not been in. goc health for several years, lier deal ' ;■ was unexpected and was a. shock * 4 her fam ily, and to her mitay frienc '( here. Mrs. Beames was born in i f ■ m to-wn of Franklin, , Delaware count: _ ■ on March 23, 1849. Fo» several yeai she has made her home witti her chi ' dren and was well knoivn here whei v f she has resided for a part q f t t ■ '? time. Besides the soris mentione ' . • above, she is survived by amother spj G. L. Beames of this vUlage, by _ daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs ^-c l I Oneonta, one brother, Henry Bennet ; ' f p | Oneonta, and one sister, Mlrs. Adeli f.fjl Drake of Treadwell. The faneral w? ‘ \\ held at the home of her son, H. J'.?* iturday aftemoo^n a t tw N. B. Riple ‘ ger’s hoi __ .. The night before ...... ........ ____________ moned Dr. Seeber, who attended hi?' a t that time.- It is probable that ■ had died long before he w a s foun'^™® 3 by. Mr. Sweet, and probafcly befor 3 midnight. Death was due to hear® ^ • disease. o v e r j Mr. Seeger had resided in. and abou' the village for many years, and w a b one of the older residents o f the coirB'^ , „ munity. He was much respected the people of the comnaunEty. He r • ' D survived by one sister, Mi’s . Beokleyjiidiii o f Mount Vision, by one brother, Oirt®h, ville Seeger- of Cooperstown. and b W d a brother, who resides in the South.\ • A brief prayer seivico was h e l ^ Tuesday afternoon at his late hd&K\^ and burial was in the Milford cew ' <j xMfred Klostcr Alfred Klostister, oungest Ion aged 20 jrars, th s of Chris \Klcster die Saturday night at the F o x Memords.: Hospital at Oneonta. About two year ago he had an.operation for append !'1 citis, and he never I’ccovered from i l ' Besides his father, he i s s^irvived b; ,■ two brothers, Harold laoster o f Mil j , ford, and Victor Kloster off .OndontE Jee. .A. If red Kloster resided here for a feiffjen! t i l Special Reduction On Spirella Corsets, Rust Broof and •anteed against breakage. s of corset or low top Alii sides and while 'he w a s inere 'gaiaeAani ral^arrai^iae^'ts^kave n o ^ i^ J r their father, who was a limi The funeral yet been mai waiting for their father, who was Florida, but is expected t» arrive Oneonta this Tuesday-morTii JANUARY TIRE SALE Jifi Ajax, Brunswick, Firestone, Goodyear _ REMEMBER THE^DATES, JANUARY 5th and 6 t h MANY<DTHER BARGAINS E. A. Francis Garage Phone 30-W • Wait for our January Tire Sale. Choice of Five Sta 1 makes of tires all fresh stock, no seconds. lladiM ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1111I I 1 1 11 111 1 I f I i 111 l»|,l Hhl-^ l l.i 11 fcl i 4 i P^y Your Bills by Check and Have a Receipt Open a Checking Account with tke MILFORD NATIONAL BANK m — -m Milford, N. Y. . k I I I i r i 1 1 11 i l l I I I I I I l i i I I I I 11111 1 1 i M i I I I m i l t i i i t ifi i ai : g r e | , -v.;' (:

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