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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, January 11, 1922, Image 2

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PAGE TWO ECHOES FROMVERYWHERE E ' Odds and Enidi of Newt, Mostly clipped from Other' Nowapapers NpVentber_.25th to December: , Mrs. Andrew Webber of 1 iriMit was obtained THE FMEMAN’S JOUltNAL Wednesdar# January 11, 1922 EASrWORGESTEE ipson and lan retu^d= »eni Sunday in sister,, .-Mrs. MIDDLE VILLAGE Mr. and Mrs. OWen FUssett are the proud .parents of .a pair of tWinE» a b^y ^rid a ^|ri, born at their home 'Ught. emetery., >astor of ! J P i l M S P S ; . » V n a i -m>pi.6v»a-grjti ■ ' banding timber which he is now con- ■bleskil erting into lumber. Two saw mills,: ■to bon ighteen Lumber Jacks, numerous the e ■ earns of horses and -the usual eqr\’- ! aent for such a vast undert~ , ieing used in the work, ■ i-erienceJ lumberman es onv^rting cutting the timber into lumber. lind tl ■ A package mailed to a Buffi ■tie a l^ess on. Dee. 6, 1916,jvas ji ■nsive. urned to the s ’ ' \ ord,'”* r > » ' : S I .jral prohil joliee office It!\ at ■ &'NS oy Fred J. Stevens ippointed a federal agent, in a ’ ■ 1 thee hath roomoom onn thee ; oanel in th hath r o th stroke of 'twelve Saturday night p ] the old year passed_ out j i igh when 1 the new had frsTNational Bank of Walton following its usual custom ‘of New 3 y Year’s gave each of its employees a loh month’s extra pay as a bonus. )ut 'phe biVTe floor of a coal bin in mid- ° 1 winter for once has afforded some- thing besides regret. Last week the ‘he proprietor of the Grand View Knit- iting works at High View, Sullivan ^ ..g ( ' fjgounty, while scraping the floor o f his Bjects bin, found a diamr\'* \5’’ ■aty I jbe had lost during the Ipa\-a '» I ---- ;;---------- • 1 I driving his automobile through Main sent street, St. Johnsville, one night la.st ' week, deliberately sent the ‘ car gainst the curb rather than run lown a hoy coasting on a hand Isled. 'leel of the car was broken‘'and and p^^sul i P ' jA wheel of the car was broken'' ; the driver was delayed for a day, but he expressed pleasure over the fact that he did not- hit the child. The United .States Supreme Court at Washington handed down a deci- , sion Thursday reversing the lower courts in the action that has been . carried on by the , Beech-Nut Packing. Company of Canajoliarie for sevei'al years and through various lower courts (where the company usually WQU) for the right to establish resale prices of its product and to refuse to . sell jobbers and retailers who would lys at Ira Briner’i Rev. G. S. Martin was entertained at dinner at the- Van Sunday. . Alfred Earing on business Fridi Luther Hill \vith his wood Sidney is to'have a new industry in Mil j, I j cera which -owns the patents to a new ■h '•> i , pi-ocess for extracting the gum China f c 1 1 I K ftflPe i j'S that -village.. ' jji^^ ,3^^ Thursday _fep4t ^ f to shut down the power, his -^oat ■ I ) caught on the shaft and wound ■‘'A' I about it, tesi-ing off his clothes I t breaking one arm and bruising K m -H .body badly. He was released by j.ur til I gSSES-iJSl.'Sr^.*^ P r s j i' years of age. V Over half a million dollars 'was spent T for the protection and propagation of fish and game by the state during the s' last fiscal- year, and thd results are I apparent in the profusion of both fish I and game reported by hunters and I fishermen. The Eleventh annual re- I port of the conservation commission I shows that there was expended f h . i fei marriagel th e y '1 ------- , ----- law. Both lived to he successful farmers aiid' died respected by their many friends. It is a strahg% coin­ cidence that these mep bom two“ days, apart, at the same place, should die two days, apart and be buried in the same cemetery -afl ,CdblgS]nll. . Mr. the [ } ■, A few days ago a. section of V second flftoor,, over-weighted-with-co-fl. detised milk in the stock room gav( ates Gfbamery Co. Smash -vent doym about six cases all filled Vith cans of com . milk ready for. shipment. ■thousand: “dndensed power development. ent postmaster not take the « the place. .Harold, WORCESTER at Decalui 'eek. He called on lid attended meetings at Decatur, outh Worcester and Westford. At uiatidns. With Hiln are named Wil-I c w S t tee^ i^ w ^ r e \ ^ elStld- Im Ham A. Grr,'formerly secretary to , gnyder, chauman, I. W. M o ™ , p, Governor Whitman, two Bronx poll-; committeeman, Henry Rhoc Governor Whitman, two Bronx poli- tidans and a dozen or more drug iiyg, Mr. Hart s^ays^ that, the in- _ ;ment is the work of politicians of his own party whose orders h< fused .to obey, and who, in seek to injure him. eman, Henry Rhodes,, committeeman. At South Worcester Arthur McCflintoc'k, chair­ man, Harold Bellew, pooling commit- I t'‘<?nian, Eli Pierce, live stock com- revenge,!3,itteeman. Frank, the little son of Thomas agles, who is at the Parshall hos- M A P L E V A L L E Y ; pltal, suffering from gunshot _wounds is slowly improving. .VIr. anil Mr.s. Fred Ilinkleman spent Sunday afternoon at i'Ls._Anteman’s. Mr. anil Mrs. Flo; day mqniin^ ^ Lemuel Buddie has been pressing,; Wanier Fassett spent Tuesday in Cooperstowh. .M Mrs. Fayette from, visitin ineh has returned ing her parents in Water-, OBITUARY James Brady James' Brady, a well known and much respected citizen, died at his haine in Lake- street Fri.day mofningp January 6, Mr,-Brady was bom ,.in 1889 in County Mayo, Ireland, 'Af-' teg coming to this country he settled; inCJohnstown, Pa., where he wgs Con­ nected with the Cambria :Steel arid; .Irop Company. Ip 189J^ a^the time jed, and at this, time they came to this village to re­ side. Mr. Brady for twentyTfive years, ’las been connected with the Standard >il Company, although liot taking an ictive part iii the husiness for the past fe.w years ori account of failing health. The funeral was fram _St. Dh’s ' church Monday mornii .o » i,1.» V sure of a hearty welcome. He is sur- Hyed by two daughters and ' happy parents of a nine pound boy born at the home of Fred Butts Neil Year’s Eve. The young man haS' beei, ■Edwin. , ailed at the home of .. __ Monday evening. rlr. and Mrs. Hp-ward Frepse mov. ed to the Chappie place injGrayvillt Thursday. ’’ Miss Anna Ingalls is ill with a cold. Dr, Frink of lichfiold Springs’- at4 tends her, Mrs. Will Richards is caring for her daughter, Mrs. Owen Fassett, anJ twins. Alonzo. Bradley passed away at his hoine Friday noon,^ The funeral' Was held from the home of Geo.- Gray Sunday afternoon at two ‘o'clock. irment Was made , ........ - Jartwick cemetery. Mrs. Foote Sunday afternoon at tw o‘o clock. ^ was born in .the town of flurlihgtoP, ^Dr. Olin VanAuken m 29th,^1878 ^and spent most nesday afte - . . / t P ■Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Brown speni Sunday with Mr. gnd Mrs. Warrer Fasselit. ' : S C H E I ^ U S Smokey Avenue was the scene qf considerable excitement Saturday night, when a portion of the harness gave way on the corrveyrance of Mrs. Leslie- Roberts -to-4hc villagf son, niece and tire Miss Florence Jones, letting come against the horse __ ed the imposition. After spilling, the occupants over the edge of a cul­ vert the horse proceeded to free hex- die- Roberts, who was on her way Coo'pi -to-4hc villafre, adebmpanied by her Thedi niece and the Misses Edith and rence Jones, letting the- spillinj horse proceeded to free hex- self from the -rig,' making straight for the front porch of John Chase and rushing over it and to the rear of the buildings where she was caught. T’ wagon was demolished ami Mi Roberts injured, but it is hoped n seriously. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lovell and daughter,lughter, whoho haveai been spending w h veral weeks with com mo day fax .ciety will bo held at iVii-s. T. *B. Lip- pincoEt’s Wednesday evenir- Reynolds Margaret Braun horntJ- ’■J3r»rsday. aft i llays at Ira Brii C H E R R Y V A L L E Y returned to her;! Mr. and Mrs. C a W ^ o tnpson and lond, and Kenneth Mcl lu iPTTH; T Mr. and mAMinc home in Canajohaii» - idd Saturda:urday. an Sat ___ at Jurgen Braui woo cutting outfit Satur- Mrs. George Pitts and daughters took dinner Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Ford Clark. a 'Mrs EatOrday. ____ _____ -lenneth lers in Fort Pham L _____ Mrs. Alfred Grantioi'* had»the-mis- jJortune to fall from her steps and di.s- locate her shoulder Thux'sday morn­ ing, Dr. Sweet of Utica replaced the bone Saturday. ed by many, also the neighborhood meetings at the different houses. \lott has bee at^estvilm.^^ ^ „ +i, I at the Pearson & Company t Westviiie. (h George Pitts-is cutting ice on the; Si ice pond at .Skinnoi-villc. j State Troi ■ • ' ’ last week. S O U T H V A L L E Y Doris and Lucile Mabie and Syb iturned to Cherry Valley on' Adelbert Keller spent Su: take up their Keili.r in Canajoharie. ;eks vacation. Clark Harris of Rich^.u lan from snemt the week-end vfith Mrs. laller at J . ' Harris. ay, the 3rd, itudies after a two weel Carl Gillett “candy ’ er’I^' Adel roopers were in' this place iri-y Lo.ssee of Canajoharie ’ lek-end guest at William Gra Sunday \yith Rury I'eturned to Cherry Valley on' Tuesday, the 3rd, to take «P . their j .Mrs. Keeler in^C^^^ ^ the week-end ^ t h M^s! E^liza. 1 rplativi sr, returi reopened his S i i i Y l i m i t ” ta- b\n dance at the reorganization of the pjjtt’ii.ion .specialist of the Farm Crop a e,ne, t j i w Thursday aiaal achool but a common aoM c k v V .S '' „ _ I'd Clark has purchased a horse of school for the e\ Mr. Hendrickson of Decatur. ■ Mr. and Mrs. Frank VanAlstiiie were callers at the home of M. J.. Wednesday evening. Braun returned spending here and Friday lincoEt’s Wednesday evening. t J n l ^ X ’S a r i l S p h a t t l n Y a : i.s slowly recovering. John Kochum is convalescing from an attack of pleurisy. . Mrs. Annie_ Lewis was called to care for her who was in- Baturdai 3 ?SSrla»i\'pi\L jurod by an . autoraobili School opeuetl-cMonday following three week’s vacation. Mrs.rs. Mai’gax^elai’gi Booim pleasantly en- uth Seekers last Wed- M M tertained the harvesting„ Ml ^. on the cret... P Briggs has re^^ned where she visited^^'s K f e c . . Mrs. Hall of Cooperstoi ruct a class in basket ispended thp ice Vfm. Wedm le'^of^Mi;rs. R.- V. Tillaj ipaugh A L L E N ’S L A K E I family have ^ Sunday with John and Le.stej- Basler back to Wor-: ^ w fuia^^Y h g ^ ’ has moved^o^alt cester after spending their two week.'--’ S'pringville. and Grover Utter to vacation with him. i Sprout BroOk. .John B. McManus, superiiit. iiJent of Fred Walton and family have mov- schools,ools, calledalled on our schooi Thursday ed into, the Wm. Van Valkenburg resi- sch c William J. Ring'.- m iv tenant ai-riv- ;d from Ilion last Thursdj Louis Brazil/, Orsor vife were gue.-t.b Sunil Mr.s. L. .Marks of Cooperstown. Ml.--. Eniim t Mabie is ill 'with th' pneumonia. Dr. M. K. Engell of Sew ard is attending her. She is getfihj lod as cart be expected, ipie of Seviard called at O. XXO.I s Sunday night. Raine and Barber are lo.cated on the farm they recently bought of William J. Bing. _______ _________ E L K C R E E K . School opened Jan': - 3rd. after a week’s vacation with /Mrs; Ernest Bar­ ton as teacher. Lr Y. VanHoesen returned ..to hi lome here on Friday after a wee] pent With his mother in Oneonta. Mrs. Ira D. Tipple iS sufferin; from an attack of neuritis in her righ ed into.the I. -. . ... donee on Maple Avei Fi-ed Launsback is assisting An­ drew Fonda in his barber shop. The Community Sing at Grace church Monday evening was . well at­ tended. Electric ^ghts are being installed in the residence of Charles Yerdon on Elm stteet Miss Dorothea Whitbeck was . a business caller in Cobleskill MondayY Miss Edna Whitbeck is spending '--me time in Albany. A. B. Cox of Hackensack, N'; J., is spending a few days at Glensfoot George Roberts -who has been spending a few weeks in Sprout Brook has returned to this village. Mrs. Mary Thompson is in New York where she was called on 'ac­ count of the illne.s.s. of her .son-in^Iaw, Ge'orge Fowler. D E C A T U R rs will have a- dii an. l4th, at __ -lewly elected installed by Past Mi dinner on noon, after officers Will aster R. ■ J. iohie Bureau yvill hold a hcisi ness meeting'at the home of Mfs.: Arthur Hughey' 'Frjday afternoon, •Jan. 13. ■•Walter Sfraedei’ giid family wete guests on Sunday. at the home of Oscar ralineter. • Mrs'. Bowen Telfe jurhed Her m^bhS. l£dh’rSd^prSmptly my house I-would have been burned. ■ ‘ Three size,s., 35c, 05c, ! ■great staff.”' 1,25. Sold and sn'Son spent Sat-: a.d Mm. E I * T T £ neeting held here one day last week . Mrs. Abrilda Banker who has been spending: some time iWith her sop li'ving Banker at Schenevus, has re­ turned to her home in this village. Owen Mo-wers Was employed: on the ice at, Worcester’ last week. Miss Edith Babcodk of East WorA cester spent Thursday and Friday cretia E< Dailey, Superintendent i of Primary Department, Mrs. Ira Sjny- Mra.. Willard Michaels our “hello girl” wishes to thank all tho.se who r<j.mpmbered her at Christmas time. K°}i lartwick. A Polish family have tak n possession of the Potrikus farm. Charles VaiiHorne of Richfieh ield the was a ^uest Sunday at Edwai’d Mosher and wife have mov- 1 to the Bordenorden farm.rm. ed to the B fa Little Dorothy Hollenbeck spen: part of last -week with her aunt, Mrs W. Vedder. Mr. and Mrs. A. E, VanHorne spent New Yeax'’s with relatives .in Mo­ hawk and Mr. and Mrs. W. Vedi were New Y’ear’s guests at Les H-ollenbeck’s. Charles VanHorne is trimming bis orchard which was injured so badly in the ice storm. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Vanllorpe and daughter, Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn V’anllorne and son, Gerald, and Mx*. and Mrs. Ernest Bailey and Robert Mosher were guests Friday evening afc the Vedder home. Anthony Kurkoiiski and Frank Pi linski spent the week-end at 1 Peplinski hoxtae. ~ w i s T F O R ^ The Methodist Sunday School .elect­ ed the follawiijg.. officers for the ensu­ ing year: Superintendent,, F. G. Tyler; assistant superintendent, R. D. Baty; retary, Ina Earing; treasurer, nn Whiteman; missionary treasur­ er, Ina Earing; cradle roll ,superin- tendent,' Mrs. Jane Hall; organist, Ne- ris-der, Maggie Lynes ______ out to the Farm. Bu­ reau meeting on January 5th, All re­ port a worthwhile meeting. Commit­ tees -were appointed to pool Orders'for organize for. Elizabeth Lansing visited her sis­ ters, Mrs. Ralph Wilbur and Mrs. F.' “G. Tyler last week. The Methodist praye'f meeting has been changed f-rom Thursday to Satui-- day night. CASTOR IA ' For I n f ^ t s and dhildrott In Use For OveirSO Years Always bears Signature of tl—^ m inii i i;rL .v ':i,th ., .. bai..g '\ m S S i m e o n 1, v«y l. » at “ \ ' this, writing. , Mr. and Mrs. Chester Peters of Mr. :and MrS, Gtto Nosborn are BURU^GTON a Behjam|h returne the.-first of the week after several days spent at the home of her brother, Percy Benjamin.^ ' _ ' family,. ! .1 . John Hall is ill at present writing' and under the care of Dr. Bishop. The ina'tty friends here of Mrs, Will! Foote were pained; to hear of her; death at her home in Hartwick,: and Marthas: Vineyard wberO he will spend some time with his daughter, Mrs. top Flate.^^ en grandchildren; a brot Correspondent. Rose Lasher Foote Rose- Annanna Lasher,her, wifeife off Willii . A Las w o William Foote, died at the family home oh .Sooph Street last Friday morning at 5:30 o'clock. She had been in poor health for several years but her con­ dition had not been considered serious until about three weeks ago when she commenced to decline. Funeral ser­ vices were held at her late home Sun­ day afternoon at 1 o’clock. Rev. Geo. of her life at that place. She mar­ ried Ml'. Foote and they conducted a farin at Burlington until about five years ago, when they sold the farm and came to Hartwick where Mr, Foote has since been in the employ of the S. N. Y. R. R. Mrs. Foote had many friends who learn with great ■ her death. Besides her bus regret of her death. Besides 1 band,. Mrs. Foote is survived by one son, Curtis Foot of Burlington, one daughter, Mx's. \William Murphy of'fler rs. Will iwn and tlmee gx’andcL.—. id Erma Foote and Prai Mui'phy. She also leaves three broth­ ers, Henry and Hex-man Lasher of Burlington and Fred of Adrian, Mich, lartwick Correspondent. Thomas J. Ross The annual meeting of the Baptist church was held Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs,-L. M, Loomis and son Frederick were at Burlington Flats Sunday afternoon to see their gi’and,- lothex’, Ml’S. Sprague, who is ill. The annual meeting of the B.- B. A. will be held in the hall this Monday afternoon. Jay Cur-i’y visited friends at Schuy- ' Lake Sunday. > Dr, Mead, veterinary of Edmeston IS called to town the past week. ^ founcLdead in bed on Thursday mofning, Jani*ai'y 5th. He had been in poor health fof over a .war but hjid been as well as usual Wedne.sclay and his death came as a great shock to everyoiQe., He was b6g*ii 111 Utica twenty-five years ago and was £i son of Joseph and .Mar­ garet Wagner Ross. After attending the Utica schools he was employed by Aardell brothers and at the Yati’s hotel, corning to work for Evan Da- vi.s last summer in hopes that the change would! be beneficial ,to his health. lie i.s survived by two si.-- ter.s. Miss Mary ' Ross of Oriskany Falls and Mr.s. Vincent Greenfield of Little Falls; one brother, Njehola-; Ross and an aunt, Mrs. John Hard­ ing of 124-Bi’oatiway, Utica. The body wa's taken to Utica Thur^ay after- i;oon..--Plaiiifii,ld Center Corre.sponJ- Aldnzo Bradley he dark winged angel visited the home of Alonzo Bradley and femov- cd the beloved husband who was a faithful companion for many years. Ur. Bradley has suffered from heart rouble for some time. He leaves an aged widow to mourn his loss, two daughters, Mrs. George Gray, Mrs. 111 . Sunday at ixeld Correspo G A k R A T T S V I L L E The conaition of John Mather is Oneont who. is '. Bi Ip had Dr. Latchei? of counsel for Owen Miller very ill. Mrs, H. E.-Cummings is in Oneonta „ , - ------ Eugene Howard of n.dme.ston e.xpeet very soon tc 31- a few days Merton Hull ^ them what they can as they are young people and %ve hope they will make a succe« of their undertaking. “ spipSsfial; coffee. Come and taste for yourself as tais is for everyone. Dinner serv- ed from 12 until all are served, Qix Bishop was called to Burling­ ton Flats to counsel with Dr. Lough Sun'^nv fl Sunday. - gentlemen of M. E, Sunday School will I serve a !se Hall from New LTsfion to^Hatt^ck'' Monda-y evening conducted by Miss Clara Jdaxi Colhoon. The, singing, schools are free. All are invited to come and enjoy themselves _Mr, and Mts, George Foo ed the funeral of Mrs. 'Will at_ Hartwick Sunday, also H. P. Cum­ mings. - Arthur Foster of Skaneateles is ■ itmg at Albert Tylers for a. few di _ About a third of New York State Pastured; a new bulletin from the State College at Ithaca-, tells how was very attractive and if ithe old, legend is true Mr, Cady will live tq celebx’ate over'40 more birthdays. Wednesday, Dec'emher 28th a note­ worthy event took placb, when nearly er'yone for imles around gathered iix r little town. The ladies coming, 1 coming, the, men SI axes. The mo)st delicipus\ ie dinneii, in the meantime lyeje filling the yard of our lacksmith with logs which The results of the----. day be-. buzz sa... — , ---- ^ ------- - - ing between 25 and 30 cords of wood, and when night came all went home ! were better fx'iends’ and feeling we ” )ors. : MORRIS ■ The movies have staxfeed jzp again n Morns after being clpsed for the last few Weeks to have the machine opahed so it coxxM he attached to - he elpcfcric lights. Last Saturday light; was the first one .and the ma- hxtie ■worked WOll. : le annual roll call; o f the Morris: iis't Church was held laet^'W^dries- rts of the^ dif^ - ------ - v-vinneCted with the ihurch were read and Were, found to seems to ^et along nicely and the work runs smoothly along; Mrs^ Geri^iide Sanderson and Miss lire, N. Y. i several weeks. , The tractor plant started up again Monday morning after bring closed down for inventory since, Jan. 1st. ■' _ At a.meeting of the directors of the First National Bank of Morris recent­ ly heldi a semi-annual dividend of 3 per cent was declared to the stockhol- ders; This bank has not paid any dmdends the past few years, but the pas^ year has been an unusually good one for them and they have' done, a largely increased business and invest­ ments doing better made it advisable to pay a dividend: The management of the bank is to be congratulated orx the increased business. Rev. and Mrs.' H. E. Brooks and chad returned home Friday from their Yilnd-^ ® H?, .among friends in Northern New York, and Mr. Brooks resumed bis duties in the M. E. Church Sunday.' ^ Mrs. Chas. Lawi’ehce is - so much improved that she gets out of doors when the weather is pleasant. Sho Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Curry and son! be conneetec of Bui'lington Flats were visitors at ing system. Frank Curry’s Sunday. ' Georgc_W(eatherry’s Miss Leta Telfer 1as ........................................... ... vacation from her v ville, but being' ill, i -turn fo woi'k on M'oi up Patrick Hill apd is getting lumber to build a house on the si the near future Electric wiring i irn’s house on Lil ineeted with thei electrfe light- 5 Sunday. 'elfer h been having wox'k at Garratts- was unable to x’e- Jeox-gc-W house on Liber­ ty street has been-wired for electric- JNEWUSRON~ ... .......J ---- - ----- --------- , Fred Tuber' visited his brother, eir sistei', Mrs. Foote, at Hartwick, Frank Taber and family at 'West One- Sunday. I onta Monda^^and 'Tuesday. Mi.ss-Mildred Shepard retumed to I Frank Dhroe who has been out of lier .school at Utica on Monday after town the past week retux'iied Tuesday, spending her vacation with her. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. 'Gilbert spent brother and famHy here. . Wednesday in .Morris. Mrs, B. .A, Doclcstader who V I L S I O N : have been spending several days with ■nts called on hi.s niunv j George and family near \v. ,d . ™ . th. I Illy who are I ‘Vlans- her mother I Moms for a time. I Eted Taber and f EDMESTON Wilbur Clements called or friends in town during the past wet •oute from California to Washim 1 , D. C., to join his famil; spending some time with Kenneth Vandervort of IJbertv wa.s‘! Garlton wen at R. L. Sawver’s. I «« I’usim Pm-k- er's at Cooperstown during the Christ-1 “‘\’3 ma.s vacation. j Mi.ss Ella .Morehmise has r„tm-np.l I ‘'P''' Fred Taber and Andre in Cooperstown Thur Ir s LT-ILS\!. i ..... \ answer to the iu\me of Joyce M-5. i Mans Held will be re- A. C.' Morehouse. this place. uncle,\ .A. C. Morehouse. ' Lee Putnam who works in Ilion ,wai a guest of his family here for a' ter day visi nionia present. , , Earl Brainard, mail, clerk at Al­ bany terminal, spent a few days in town with his father, Oscar Bx'ainard. An o^rheated chimney in Mrs. Phoebe \vrenne’s house in Mrs. Kel- larls apartment called out t§e fire de­ partment and nearly everybody else on Tuesday evening. No serious damage rs. George Rose wa's bux'ied in Un­ ion cemetery on Saturday, December 29th, after a long and serious illness the ^ome of her son Earl. Elrhef Boutwell has - purchased a farm and will move to it this spfifif. Mrs. Leona Perkins_ is .spending a few- days with her nie'ce, Mrs. Maudi Dutton on the Borden far ' T W E L V E T H O U S A N D The annual installation of Grange Reex-s and oyster sup-per was held at e hall Friday evening. Kerxneth cRorie of Ely Creek acted as in- alling officer. Mrs, McRorie was also pre-sent to the pleasure of old friends, Claude Chapin of Fly Creek is .■^ponding a few (fays with his parents. Mr. and Mi-s. W. J. ‘McL'ean at­ tended the Ply Creek Grange Sat­ urday evening. A number are entertaining severe colds and grippe. Lydia Adsit is confined to the bed and does not seem to gain very fast. he s of domestic sciemce ‘home economics. It isn’t the name but what is taught that counts. Frank Staffcjrd is working for J. iii. Thurston. The friends here of Fred Wallace of .Waverly will regrot to learn of his very ill health. He it in the hospital for troatineiit. «J. E. Thurston has purchased the bank block at Morris, Roy Gilbert and \vifo were verv plea.saiitly entertained at the home of F'rank Duroe Thursday evening. George Yates is ill a t this writing. The first meeting of the year o f the New Lisbon Home Economics Glnb xvill be held in the Grange Hall Fri­ day afternoon, January 13th at two o’clock. It is hoped there will be a large attendance. Will Dockstader has purchased a Ford truck of Gage Brothers at Mor- Miss Ruth Duroe spent the week­ end at New Berlin. < .Minerva Bdteome was a week-end guest of her friend, Lena Hm'lbutt. The fi’iends of Jothn Pegg of Map!*' Grove, formerly of this ■vicinity, wi!! • bo pained to lc,aJn of his serious ilF Andreif Carleton was in Oneonta Friday. Hi‘-‘ daughter, Miss' Fannie of the Oneonta Normal School return­ ed with him for the week-end. . Mrs. Jennie Lunn who ha.s Lci'n \ wcxrking at Rene Card’s for the past two weeks returned home Sunday. ' - Money put into a trip to Farmers’ Week at Cox-t^ell Fdbx-uai-y 13 to 18 is money invested fo/r profit. Some­ thing for every member of tlxe fam­ ily and reduced fares on the rail­ roads make it dou’oly profitable to go. rite ‘ the College of Agrieul-, ture at Ithaca for a program or ask the county agent. ■Subscribe for The Journal. It Is Economy To Purchase Pure Feeds th a t are low T H ~ F r tre-^ Content. J Woodbro Paffy Feed is - ji ^a Scientifically Balanced No ground screenings No oat-in ill by-products ,No cheap mill feeds Just thfe wholesome ingredi­ ents shown: on the tag,' Increase Y o u r Profits fey Adding ah extra milk can to -your Equipment and Purchasing Woodhro Dairy Peed J' ■ -tea LBS. NET WOODBRO d M y FEED ,. Fibre 10% INGREDIENTS Wood Brothers Opp. D. &. H. Freight Depot Phone

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