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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, January 11, 1922, Image 1

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AND THE QNEQNTA P R p s $2.00 PCT YEAR IN ADVANGE THE' OL'D RELIABLE DEMOCRATIC FAMILY NEWSPAPER OF OTSEGO COUNTY ESTABLISHED IN 1808 - V O L . C X I V , M O . 2 4 ; C 0 0 F J S R S T Q : ^ V X , O T S X O O C ^ U X T Y , X . Y.-r'WEDXBSDAY, J A X X J A E Y 1 1 , 1 9 2 2 . WHOLE NO. 5910 I TWO LEADING COUNTY NEWSPAPERS AjlE NOW COMBINED IN ONE -TH M ® E E M AN’S-JOURNAL ABSORBS THE - '•-'•\'BBEOim ; BR E ss ....... ; ' ^ Added Circulation and Influence for.County Seat H ew sp^er-if Editor Miller’s Val- Victory With this, issue, The pkEman^klco. of Coopersto.wn. Those su^seri-; in Otsego County, the ■Oheoiita Press, Press and those who. now take both which for several years under the I papers will have their Journal suhr: Serving Sentence For Animal Cruelty Oneonta Man Arrested After Three i Months Chase Now In County treatment of his horse about three: months ago, The man was arrested; Wednesday by State Troopers and’ taken before Justice^ of the Peace,; Hitt at linddilla, who imposed the. N E f B D A R D i E T T O W A N I Z E y,^ 3 A 1 BiSrdsleidsC^ : has been an iinportant factor in the politics of the county. With the recent curtailment by the State Legis­ lature of most of the patronage here­ tofore alloted to political newspapers^ ' many such papers are facing the al­ ternative of suspending publication or going on at a loss. The publishers of The Freeman’s Journal believe there is yet a living in.Otsego county for one county newspapel' of the Dein- ocratiC,faith, and will continue the effoi't to ---- be a cr( publish such a paper as will ■edit to the county and the ^stoWn about 3 months' ago vfh 'se stumbled aiid fell. I , was too *weal? to get up a the heartless driver declined to 3 lieve its misery and vanee. lieve its misery and left it by- the “I wish first of all to extend . my; road side to die. 'The horse lay-where' heartfelt thanks to the thousands Of it fell for three days slowly starving^ toitHe roll cam loyal subscribers,who have supported to death. The matter was reported tbe completion of the roll-call,, the Press during the past twelve: to Mrs. W. T Hyde of Cooperstown, p M, Smith moved that a rising vote years. I have made many warm ;county agent for the Prevention of joj. chairman. This result- hei county, hi 'T still retain the printing equip- meSV,and shall continue .to do job printing on a larger scale. We hav( a new Model 14 Linotype equipped ___ with eleven different faces of type paiTy. This can be done if the Dem- and are in a position to do trade com ocrats of the county give their support to it- . from time to .time to make The Pres Legal notices and other current ad- pjant one of the most complete vertising contracts ’ made with the the county. Oneonta Press will be completed by ’ “I was born in Otsego county a the Freeman’s Journal, much to the j^emoevat-and Otsego county and advantage of the advertiser becausb 4est efforts on behalf of the Demo­ cratic organization and may at some future time resume the publication of B newspaper here. “In transferi’ing The Pre'ss list to the Freeman’s Joijjnal I feel that I am consigning it mto good hands. The Journal has been pleading Dem­ ocratic newspaper 'for over 100 years. Its present editorial and business management is alert and progressive and I look to see it take still higher rank among the weeklie.s of the state. “I hope that Democratic supervisors and other officials will see the wisdom of having one good strong county j party organ, rather than a number of fs,,\veak ones. Recent changes in the and I statutes have taken away most of the j I patronage from political papers and ; there i.s 'now none too much to re- of the larger circulation of the co«v4/i I'ined publications. Thi.=i added cir­ culation should be a matler of inter­ est to Journal advertisers, also.^The Freeman’s Journal will now be^^ore than ever a county newspaper, the field haying beep widened considerab­ ly by the absorption of its only Demo­ cratic competitor. The circulation of The Freeman’s Journal has grown rapidly duiiug the la^l year and there are now few papers in the State of N'ew York .vvliich cover their county more fully Tt is the policy of The I' ieeiu.iit s 'Jo..i.r*.,'. piiiit the news, ' political and otherwise, in a fair and unbiased m.anm'r. thereby command­ ing the ft'spe' t of 0.11 p:nties. j(ompense one newspaper in the coun- The final i.s.-.ue of The' Oneonta 1 ty for what it may do on behalf .of the ?ared lust week, containintr party. The Press withtb’aw^from the Press appeal the follovyinr v-aledictm'V by Editi “With this issue the subscription list of The Oneonta Pre.ss passes into the hands of the Freeman?s Journal .lino- (lai ty. The Press withdraws from the ... fieltk in the hope that The Freeman’s ^ Journal may enjoy the patronage and siipport not only of supervisors and Ueinoeratic county officials b u t of the members of the Demom-atic party throughout the county.” Attorneys ^^Lse^ & ^hnson of Onc- For 725,000 Sheldon II. Close and John G- John- .son, well knuun attorneys o f Oneonta, have commenced - ------- \ \ “s \’\'’rainst the New York Have Started Action ;Homemakers’ Program in Libel Suit Is Very Extensive Women Visitors to Farmers’ Week ; Cornell May Talk Over Variety of .Problems The fourteenth annual homemak- s’ conference to be held af Ithaca in. with Cornell Farmers’ lary 13-18, announces' th% following speakers: Dr. Amy Daniels of the Iowa child welfare research station a t Iowa City, a recognized authority on the nutri­ tion. of childieii, will be Cornell’s gue.st thruugliaut the week. Besides giving several addresses on health standards for children and child feed­ ing, Dr. Daniels will be available for 'vith individuals regard- bloms. Sarah Louise mens college, Boston, ! .Abbott, Chief of the idu, U. S. Departmenf ionta, CIS coniere proceeding ag connection Times Conapahy for Week. Febi ” Oneonta civil libel, according to th e Oneonts Star, it being their contention that during December, 1921, the New York Times, a newspaper published by that corporation, printed an. article cast­ ing reflections upon the manner in which the. attorneys conducted the de- ' fense of George Brazee, who recently paid the death penalty for the mufder ; secretary; in .inniie anu uounuum- has as y e t ' '' I'lpn membp'v of the home economics -would or-| staff and friends Will hold simple cn- 1 Otsego conn-• tertalnments, socials, dinners and the home .of‘a friend and Saturday :ourt. (parties, using the furnishings jind tnorning when hio lifeless body was Hiuipment of the average home. found hanging from the branch <' maii'lilSSpervisbr l i j l l i H f T E g O T O ^ Board l a Two Day Session Gompletes Organization and ~Votes Big Bond Issue ?:he If thp : that the hors ■rant issued by nninger’s arrest. Th . the hands t t the ! case was put :ate police at For tMee months the troopers tracked zinninger through half a dozen counties. He Was probably not irying to- dodge arrest btit his -Work ;ook him from place to place and the police were always a to-wn or two be­ hind him. On Wednesday he was lo- ------ Broi ■ KichfieM Spa. Man ^ KmedbrFas^Trairt Thought Coming. Train was that which , .W.as toJTake JHim to Nlew- York Used Tracks Instead of Siibway Vith ’ MoriieMuf-rp hesifeateci fb-r i MttOment‘in front of the Take Shop Express tram at HeHahier last Thiirs- running, 40 miles an hour on the wiai) line through that village. MontemiirTO, -who r^si^gd^ in 1922 Board of Supervisors with ...jitibership as announced in our last issae met at Cooperstown last W^dnesd:ay and Thursday for the pui pqse of organization and to. transat 4w»■mcaffavc r»f K ticitii 3Q« of Milford, who was business. Mr. Haight, reported' as be­ lt and ansvrered Getting’ Ready to Collect Income Tax Forms Mill Be Ready* For Distribu­ tion Thi^IVeek or Ne.\t iiistiict Director P’rod J. Graff of Utica is in .Ailiany this week at a gen­ eral conftff'ence of officials ’ of the State Income Tax bureau to put in smooth running order the machinery for the collection of the 1921 tax. Rcvisi'l regulations of the bureau h , and all 'of the new fnnns vyill bp ready sruv fo’’ distribution at the cii.slrict oniccs ilii.s week. As in past years, taxpay- ; who previously filed returns will m lie sent a p-oper blank for their wh’*h may he filed on or and nine- - , . . of Laurens, Mr. Beardslee being t by declared elected. Mr. Hand then iiicved that the election of Mr. Beard- slffi be made unanimous, and the mo- tim was carried. Mr. WTiipple next moved for a ris­ ing vote for clerk of the board. D. J. Kilkenny, newly appointed county at­ torney and former clerk, was unani­ mously elected to continue in the of-, i r . Beardslee and Mr, .-Kilkenny each made a fe-W brief remarks of thanks fm the honor done them, in . ----- --------------- -------- .{.g^ and r would uously during the justifical :)u33cl in them. The (5nly matter of business braight up was a request from the Denocratic membm’S to change the des;gnation made to the Oneonta ____ to print the concurrent resolu- Liui;.s and other propositions Cor 1922 so that it might be earned out by ■ ■“ ‘ ’ournal, :1, the suhscrip- tho Freeman’s J tioti list of the J the sub tion list of the Press having transferred to the Journal. On'Thursday morniiig the list ;antlijig committees for 1922 v w as a p p u t t o loavts xvn tncvv j . was tp have taken- a train due iO ;minutes,after the passing of the Lrake Shore Express. Monteihurro, stand­ ing on the north side of the tracks, saw the fast train coming, mistook i t for his and attempted to cross to the station side of tne tracks, although, the crossing gates had been-lowered. As he reached the center of track upon which the fast train running, Montemurro hesitate _ .. minute before the locomofiye caught his. body. Had he coiititiued onward, eye witnesses thiijk die might have crossed safely. Reports.to the effect that persons called to Montemurro and caused him to halt heard shortly after th< lere the body was _______ ... amined the remains. After a half hour of hard work he communicated with the,Yelatiyes, a wife and four childreri, in Richfield Springs, ’ The injuries 'which caused Monte- inuiTo’s death were a tom ’ skull, all ribs broken, punctured lungs, both legs broken, arms and collarbones broken and the fleshy parts of the re laid open’ in many pi; hadd $94.7294.72 on hisis He\'i intemurro ha $ on h per- $35 of which was in gold coin. ......... — ’ ----- to NewTork linutes bef showe erate amounts in several hanks. Car Overturned at Hartwick Seininai;y Captain. William Harrison and. Three Other Oneonta Men Have Fortu­ nate Escape From Injury One, Hundred Years Am t f l E Y I L E S -OF - T H E - F R E E j\I4 N ’S: JO tJtlN A L ' ■ ^ Naval ehgagenient---A singular affair, which resulted in a. capture has taken place, between the United States scho,oner, Alligator, Cap, Stockton, and a' Portuguese, ship, the Mariaiina Flora, bound from Bahia to London. Married--In this village, on Monday evening last, by the Revi Mr. Tiffany, Lt. Col. Augustus Rogers to Miss Eliza Ba'den, lersons indebted to 1 e same. jgusC 2T, 1 Theodore Pomeroy, ■* * * * i* —How many political horses, e The Next President—How many political horses, are destined to run for, the ppresidential plate, is more than we can determine from present appearancesi a number of racers are to be brought a t an early hour upon the turf. But hush^we must not reveal the secrets of the turf; let the proud animal be announced here­ after. There is, says Shakespeare, a noble lustre in those dyes. More About the Spread of Jaundice Strange D isease'is Appearing Several Part's of the our last issue in which led the large number of ja Each Inch Space Sold An Aerp Record of Street Agency, Which Year $20,000,000 »e®„TS Sold Last Yeiir $ of Improved Farms The use of a million lines of classi- ?d advertising, each inch, o f ; the ^ale mentioned the large nun ---- ^ ---- , ------ dice' cases at Bowerstown our ex-1 on the average producing t ^ _ _ changes have been bringing daily, in-, pf an acre of improved farm^land, . | formation about the same situation in ;h'.s- the record for 1921 announced by I other parts of. the state. . : the E. A. S,trout Farm Agency, Inc,, ■ | .That the situation is'^'serious may | of New York, with hundreds of * be gathered from the fact that the; bi-anches in the Upifced States and full resources of the state health de- Canada. [/artment are being; plpced behind a Despite the general business de- statevvide investigation of the strange. agency increase its ftTld. tl\6 divis'^*^ SfliP.c?. in TiiitTlliBi*. finrl OA cable discas-es under d \Health Coipinissionf ,.»d. o , . - ments to the twentv-ei^ghth such com- otrta .men, had fortiinate^^escape i;, I » n! r. --I-.!'‘.'\n r’ampbeii. tile Ford acdan in' which they wore soon he sen 1021 return, v . . - repents its suggestio.. , ..... of some weeks ago that taxpayers -r...\ whoso 1919 mturns were affected by r •; rh<. deetsinn of the Court of ,\ppeals' T-\ in the Klauber ca.se, should file claims ] < for refund. The opinion permitted ' taxpayers who sold property in t'’at ^ \ear which they bought before Janu-1 ary 1, 1919, to include ns ineonie onIy'.H„,,j,_ 'the actual profit on the tvansaction, r-'. getting aside the previous avliitriiry .if m I.v.ntin <>f fam'.rit nollK—nicnciio. P. ,»i SmlUi. CniMidl. ^ A.*4HvBNnif nt Itolls—llunl, HalfllU, l>i( knoll. CiimplivU. Ililil,frb<'ck. U«s*’rs, Mtl- t.i ri. Ti.ll’oL MtUDfU. i 1,. ■ - li J .-•tiiiF. r lu.'k- sou. Kw.ix^y*'. . x r ’1. r.Avf.u-. n.ytvu Mtiurti-, - iT.ilu’s. Tab- getting aside the previous avliitriiry valuation of January 1, 1919. Tt i.s believed'that thousands of taxpayers who raid .additional assessmerts on their 1919 returns are now entiled to have them refunded, hut the llnreau points out that if they waht (irnnipt netioH they should send on a full .statement\ of their cases. OHierwi? it will be some time this sunnier bi fore their 1919 accounts ■ ” of this tram provides for the ve-exanoinatii of the 1919 returns and the refunding in proper cases of overpayine-it.*i made bv taxpayers, due to the decision i“ the Klauber case Committed Suicide At Fly Creek H.ntio no'1 Apportionmont- ini.li'rlU'cU. Tnlhnt. Jm-orimra-tPil fomp.mii's—'Haiti's. Rogers, Ti|. K mmvs I . u -WUlpplp. U. .1. Smith, trToless B53y' oT Antonio Mazrozick .4ntonio Mazrozick, aii Austrian 14 ye.H b uf. age, committed suicide by hanging near Fly' Creek sonietime'bq- Iween Friday evening whian lie' left f i a ' S S S ' S S - S s H ment on the murder charge. They, <'f children, doth: with James J . Byard, Jr., of Coopers-* selection and labo town, conducted the case throughout will run throughout thi the trial, which ended oh March 14,' ing the visitors to Farmt . 1921, a verdict of murder in the< first ''quivalent of a short coi the trial court, a plea for i clemency xva.'? made to Governor Mil-' ler. - ■ . - ! During December, 1921, the New York Times puyished, in a conspic­ uous place in the paper, an artiej^e i n ' 'which it stated that JohPspn and Close' irst '‘quivalent vas' making. _ ______ ^ ______ Pay Check Raiser Arrested ^t^Oneonta one of the attorneys for the defenPe , was accordingly. paid for 18’ hours’ is that the article cast a refl-eCtipn Up-r fense and so it was decided to proSe- pn their abiUty and .integrity in the . cute. , He .was arrested Monday and defense 6? their client. .Naturally. when arraigned waived examination If from out We’d hie us The well-rknown war cloud to bhserve' And hear the loud Balkannon roar. | lloWed with\ keen in.tei’esti j ■■ Fares Farmers’ Week lmy^'bofo;cmr^ 72 Xfo?Z I aftcl-a-half times the one-way ffala 1 Detailed programs telling the name i of each speaker' for every' hour of 'ictp for found hanging from the branch of i tree. Dr. Floyd J . Atwell conductei ■,m invertigation by dh-ection of Coron ■diet of suicide ' Oneonta and a the lo rd aedan in- which they %vore riding overturned completely. The men were able to free themaelves, howevej;,. and escaped from the car hout a scratch. ■'■r* V »• ns*' HH-.k. r»*‘ F.Xmt. N’nlson. 'tiA Scbrt’>l Hishway Taxes—. ifvi at>*l Taxes — nog^ers, OllU^-rs ami r oinpi nS^tUon — F. M.. .1. Sinuii. KLwjff. Iiorc the iVh W'-rk H-r.ffmAn. UOg- H.i.iifltl. B'xl! .TuetIC’*\ Sherifl’s A' (r.unts — Hakf, s Cerri*«ilt>ii *irnl iti’CormuUou WvlK - n.lKun. , ___ ________________ _ 1 to them as if the machine hs tumed ' ’hitrltks- Hiill. Haigtu, Nelson iSoltilera anti Sailors Relief—^Dickson, Uleut-.A,. .Vt Lvn. lIlKiiv yv Wiiipiil.. T vk I T, Fitvh. Flnotirn— F M Smith. Bhckus, Hand. R. J. Smltb, greatly the purch prevalence of jaundice in their prac- f.'U'ms next year, according to tl tice. ''iJgency, tlm trend conUnu,ing to be the di.sease has been reported, it.has classified advertising '21 years agp,\ . been noticed that rats and mice have .-^aid E. A. Strout, president of the.. become so numerous as to become aiagengy. “In the face of the devel- pcst and it is thought by the depart- , npment of display copy and big space, , J \ ’ ’ \ ---- ' ...... --1!--,^ of iimining how the disea'se is trans-: growt ;ed. ' , tbrou,i \nllM -Ti-nm t-b.> lif'nftB ilnn.-ii-f:-' aiir mnv!> rn.m .... . ...... , T» x -niMi-rb. ck, lIirt-lffiigiF- T.ix''s--n!cR.i hippie. Talbot. f 7 .W. Smith, In addltioh to this, Mr. F. M. Smith introduced a resolution providing for the issuance of bonds to pay the in­ debtedness of the county for highiyay construction and improvement. This indebtedness includes amounts , of ' 48,S62.'3lJor^the ^Mojrjs-Oneopta in of the Board of nintersigned by the ’ -disposed of Mazrozick Came from New Yorl; Thur.sday, aceompanied by anol Austrian to visit a friend who leeent- ly purchased a farm near Fly Creek, On Friday evening he went out for a walk and wheni he failed to return Ihe family conducted a search bu-t could find no trace of .him. The body was found banging to a tree on thei farm Saturday morning. , The body has been shipped to Phil- aJelphia where he has four children living. The man’s vvife died about two years ‘ago and' it is understood that he\ has been in poor health since that time. • Would Exempt Ex-Sol­ diers from Income Tax tfiS $148,S62.'3l for part 2, Mo.'1409 and extra costs dii. treasurer has only $2875.01 ch hand to pay such indebtedness cessity of a bond jsi amount Of $260,000. The boiids of $5000 each are to be issued M^rch 1, 1922,_ are to be of the coupon form, paying interes Supervisors and ^ ------ county treasurer .sand-disposed of .at ■ith-er public sale or by sealed bids for lot less than their gar vglue. The. groups of sum of $6600 is to be levied on the [able property coiinty fop the. A bill de.signed’ to exempt former service nien from the provisions of the state income tax laK .-was ijitro- ■luced ill the legislature Monday by Assemblyman Michael E. Reibiirn, Democrat of New York. 'Under\its provisions; single men who saw- service iia the World' \War wouid not be subject'tb income taxa­ tion on incomes up to $2,500 and mar- rjed men would receive .exemption on incomes up to .$4,QOO. DeGroat Taken to €(^ersto,wti Jail . C. DeGj'dht, who has been held, : ■ustody a t . ^ e o n t a since :Friday,- i'e he was/«rought from 'Little k, AT'kan.«a.'to am .... . gmr»l larceny in the xi'lioi) ,i>f 1 was taken to Cnnporstm can.^a.'to nrawer a ir»l larceny in th first 'hei's he was/dfrouj lock, Ai;kan.^a.'to ,pire. ^Woutli »en<i also, ..ocuro l-he bail of $2,500 sot by City ' _ j he Procured fri^m the county'ag-en.t J’o.stiee i'tun-tin,gt'Qrt, < all the . Tribune. . (legree, Monday nf- :tion of her 1, 1924. At each of the second, gjs^it dar apnual sessions of the years at thi i-annual interest due ori Bdarch 1 falling due on the first of M? S S l S f S S S l n l t semf ' \ • ' ’ (ogetht ......... - , __ .... ... have charge' of the preparation and sale ( f the bonds and the committee, the phaiirnflii, the cler3c and the coun­ ty treasurer are to be bonded to the: atnoiilit of the is.sue, with sureties to ho approved -by the county jud; t5--' ‘‘ on its side, but had turned a com­ plete somersault. The car remained fixed in this position, with the -wheels in the air. The men, Who were but slightly in­ jured crawled out through one of the doors and phoned to Oneonta sistance. Veteran Commended -For Important SejrYice Grovet Bostwick of Cooiierstewu Junction Receives Divisional Ci­ tation for Gallantry in Action weeks, and so far no fatal cases have ’ terial increases. The possibilities c. ill, and the gi-eater occurred in isolatec families were „i..ny businesses jr number of cases, profit by it.” ir ¥ h i f i 3 s ' i S d f i £ ' of which Bostwick-Was a meinber. “ ’ He has also received St. Law m tjd Jury Disagreed at MoHiiari Trial ,j Out Until 3:30 a. in. And Discharged ing eighteen, J.d.=e VVcIC-Will . , report of the sanitary'' inspector received word that h e is , showed that all children in the school militaryilitary decorationecoration frontom , ,-ite-ite inn thee schoolool houseouse andnd thathat thehe to receive a m d fr , , i th sch h a t t the French government. _ j entire neighborhood had been r a t in- The following extract from the ci-■ fested since the sumnier. tation indicates the nature of the he-' Pending complete investigation roic conduct which merited the rec- 1 .he causes of the disease, Coihmission- ogiiitipnj j'er Biggs issued a warning to hoiise- “The following named soldier is j wives to protect food from rats or v-'mif>fj, Cold meats, butter, sugar, let- and other foods to be eaten :ed should be kept covered Grover lantry in action in remaining on con­ stant duty:!, for 48 hours, maintaining telephone connections between the battalion headquarters .and the ad- s*Faj [uarters eom- :ry. Pol' gal- Januar^ Milk Prices Changed Reduction Has Been Made as the Result' of Unsatisfactory Mar­ ket Conditions''-' taxable property county fo y ' tertsTfatlihg^du^ on these bonds ... September 1, 1922, and at the nert teiriber 1, 1923. At tb? second regular her twenty-first and t-werityrsecond, annual session m 1923, there -will be jt was voted by the Board to offer the le-i/ied the sum of $5000 for paying the - ■ '■ - - ' for paymeht of the' interest due' on these bonds on March 'ler twenty-first and t-werityrsec<._._, t Was voted by the Board to offer the milk for sale to the dealers for the At late^r'cL.ferences -with the deal- it was impossible to- sell the ntilk account o f ’extrqnne- market cpndiifiohs ______ „ decided,' therefore, per hundred. These-ace the base' prices for three percent loiilk with the usi|al differentials for frei,ghLand btit- The roll was called orf this meas­ ure which was carried by an uiiani- 'mous vote. ______ Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise. None better, Ifrank Mullcini , The only case taken up last week at the trial court which was adjourned over the holidays was that of Anthony Molinari of Oneonta char.ged With il­ legal sale of liquor.. The jury -Went out Wednesd'ay afternoon and failittg to agree by 3:30 the following morn­ ing\ was discharged by judge U. G. Welch. This case has been postponed for . some time on the plea of Molinari’s ly iR being threatened with illness. At- torneys Jamed''J. Bydrd of Goo.perS- It-IS town and Claude Y. .-Smith of One- the several 3 colne to the ment. Dairymen’s Tjeague At New Berlin Work has commenced on the cream­ ery now owned and operated by the Dairymen’s League Cooperative asso- elation. It isr the plan of the associa­ tion to spend about $60,000 on re­ modeling the present plant, A large receiving room will be' built on the west side, -which will be fully equip­ ped with new and mo-dern apparatus. Many other inqproyemehts .will con-' vert this station into a fine plant capable of ha-ndling all the milk out­ put of this section—‘New Berlin Gaz- Bloofrifield Heads Healtk Comitvittee Senator W. H. Gibbs of Erie was named chairman of the senate eoln- roife-tee on bhe affairs, of cities by Ma­ jority Leader Lusk Monday, succeed­ ing John B. Muilan of Monroe, I’e- signed.' Senator Aljon J. -Bloomfield of Otsego succeeds Senator GibbS as. chairman of the committee on ipi-ib-lic health, final tofpey Adrian Fierson acted iple. It is reported that the . eleven for conviction ' 'liSil s for acqiuittal. sent tffri 3 eleven fo r conviction j This completes. ________ 1 of.eoiirt, inari -was tried last September on another count in the • indictment _ but was. acquitted after the jury had ; J been out over five hours. ' • « Second Trial o f Herbert W. Smith Chenangq County Alleged Murderer A'gain Before the Bar—Jurors Being Drawn At the retrial of Herbert W.'Smith, illeged Nineveh slayer, which began at 'N ' - - • orwich Monday, four jurors wei who were examined,, ^Because of the importanee and extensive 'publicity culj;y in obtaining tw-eive men un-. 'iiased and unfamiliar, with-'tlfe case, istrictistrict ‘AttarheyAttarhey Wardard *N.. Trues-rues- D ‘ W N T dell for the peoplg and fo,rmer Dis­ trict Attorney David 'F. Lee for the defense are. both conducting, their eases unassi.sted as at the f The-prisbneiv Herbert trial, The-prisbneiv Herbert W. .Smlt-h. ap­ peared in court, in thh same .suit Of j grey that became familiar at his first /

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