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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, October 03, 1844, Image 3

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without war, wfth the common consent of the Union, and .upon just and fair terras.” 4. “ I do not think that the subject of aiavery ought to effect the question of annexation one way or the other;” Stow, as I said above. I believe Mr. Clay will not take Tyler’s method to annex Texas, buf lie will do it by compromise, and in all his letters and speeches, he has said nothing to the contrary, and as he says he is nut personally opposed to the measure, but lhal'lie should be glad to see it. I see nothing ill the way of his compromising Texas into the Un­ ion, if it should be as I have stated, that is, if lie has fifty-five majority in Congress in favor of the meas­ ure, what will hinder him, as he would be glad tosee it done, to compromise with Mexico with some of Uncle Sam’s money, and so annex Texas into the Union. I think’ if he has as great a majority as fifty-fire in Congress for the measure, it will nullify all and every objection which lie has stated in any of his letters, if he should join them and annex Texas. He says he does not think the' subject of Slavery oujjhi to effect annexation one way or the other. Ill this L think he does not agree with Northern whfg orators, for they make annexation their paramount subject in their public harangues, and they would fain.m ake abolitionists believe that if annexation takes place, that it will make Slavery in the Union perpetual, but Henry Clay does not talk s o ; but lie °9ljs it will have no effect in the perpetuity or the .abolition of Slavery. Now, I ask, will it not be honorable lo compromise •with Mexico for Texas? Will it not be without -war? And will it not be with the common consent of the Union, if lie should have fifty.five majority in Congress for the measure? and he says ff all these obstacles can be removed, he should be glad to 6 ce -annexation take place And we need not look for him to prevent.it by his veto power, for the whig? -say they are opposed to the President having that power. JO S E P H M A N N IN G , Abolitionist. ‘ 9. Resolved, Thitf we a te in faVor o fthe pro posed amendments to the Constitution by the State, adopted by the Democratic Legislature of last year, and that the Senators from this district be instructed *o vote for the same. Resolved, T h a t the proceeding.* of .this Con­ vention be published in all the Democratic pa­ pers of the Dlstiicf, and the Albany A rgqa and Atlas. - \ Resolved, T h a t ihe. Secretaries of the Con­ vention be instfueied to call lhe next Conven tion at the E a g le Tavern in Btph, on the last W ednesday of September next. W M . S E Y M O U R , President,. Wm. C. R h o a d e s , { J o h n B o a k d x a n , ( Secretaries. Democratic Senatorial Convention. S I X T H D IST R IC T . P u rsuan’ to a-call of the Secretaries of the last Co iveniiou. the D-legaies fiom the s- veral counties assembled[in convention at R. Brow­ e r ’s Hon-i, in Bath, on Tnursday the 2 6 h of Sepieuihe -, to noiuinuie a Candidate to be sup­ ported by the Democrats of the 6th Senaiotkil Dist i ice W IL L IA M SEY M O U R , of Bmomp. was appointed Pres'ideii* • and W m. (J. R h o a d e s , and J ohn B oardm - a s . Secmaiies. The following 1> legates appeared ^and took seats in Convention: Cattaraugus —-John Board .nan, Daniel R W heeler. L i v in g s t o n — F r e d e r i c k H o u se. Allegany — Orlando . B rown, Charles G il­ mer. Stuhex — William Hunter, John M’Burney i •> Thomas J Reynolds.^ Chemung — William C. Rhoades. 1 Tioga — Charles P. Avery. Tompkins —Casper Miller, AJfrtd Wells. 'Broome — William Seymour. Chenango —Samuel A. Smith, Jybez Rohin- non, Silas Shelburne. 116] .On motion, a Committee of five was appoint­ ed to draft Resolutions lor the conside.ation of ihe Convention. Whereupon the Chair ap pointed the following gentlemen : Messrs. House A.very, Brown, Wells, .<nd Wheeler, On motion, the Convention proceeded to bal­ lot for a Candidate for Senator, and on the for­ mal balloting. G E O R G E D. B E E R S , of Tompkins, having a majority of the votes of the Convention, was declared unanimously nomi­ nated. The'Committee ori Resolutions reporte d the .fallowing, which were unanimously adopted: 1. Resolved, That in relation to the result of lh e ‘present political campaign, we have an abi­ ding confidence in the honesty of the people, am) that the great body forming the Democra­ cy ofthe nation, will never suffer their poli deal destinies lo pass into the hands of H e n ry Clay, - “thegreat embodiment !” of ail-that is offensive* - in-morals and conupt in poli.ics, nnd that we _ utterly repudiate the leading measures of na­ tional policy of which he is the peculiar 'lepre- seniaiive. 2. Resolved. T h a t as Democrats we still re cogniz'- those pn o n p k s ol Democracy which marked the administrations of J* fie son, JVladi son, Jackson & Vun Buren— principles wlveh — in the language of their imtnoi (al founder— -Iforni the blight constellation u hid) has gone ibefore us and guided our steps through an age =o.f revolution and reformation,” and that wh .have the fullest confidence that those principles '-will be triumphantly sustained in the present crisis .by theelec ion of J A M E S K. P O L K and G E O R G E M. DALLAS, and handed doun by them unimpaired as a sacred legacy to sue ceeding administrations. 3. Resolved. T h a t S I L A S W R I G H T and A D D I S O N G A R D I N E R are emphatically Democrats w.hom the people dt light fo honor, and that by entrusting the helm of the Einpirn State in such .hands, we have, no reason to ap­ prehend that our .political destinies can be strand- •ed on the quick-sands of federal ism. 4. Resolved, That we appiove of the mea,s uros of the present Democratic State Adminis­ tration. and particularly of the debt-paying poli­ cy ot 1842. 5. Resolved, That we hold it a s an axiom in -politics, that ‘ it the people ;ve (capable of self- government, they aie capable of choosing their rulers, and that we are the refine m favor of i estoiing to ilv- people lhe right, so far as it can cooSi.'ti ntly be done, of b ioirmg the merits oteves y CundidaU for a public office to stand the test of the ballot box. 6 Resolved. Thai in the language of Th.om- ris Jefferson, we believe that \Each generation is as independent of the one preceding, as n>at was ol all that had gone before. It has, then, Jike them, a right to choo>efor itself the form of ^government it believes the most productive of in* iOwn happiness—consequently to accomodue to .the ei cumstanet-B in which i’ finds itself, lhai •received from i s prtdecessf rs, and it is for ihe peace and good of mankind that a solemn oppor­ tunity of doing this every nineteen or twenty -years should be provided by ihe Cor.stiuiiion, so flhat it may he handed on. with periodical re­ pairs, from generation to generation, to the •end of time, if any thing human can so long en­ du re\ .7 R ijso]ved. Thfit we view the incarcera'ion rof Goverr.or Dorr, of Rhode Lrand, and the se- vere and ignominious treatnxent he receives at the bands.of federalism, and the w illing, sub­ jects of the Charier of King Charles the'2 l,as a ■blot upon onr naiioriul escutcheon, which we trust will.ere long, by peaceable means, be re­ moved. . 8 Resolved, That We regard the adopted ■Citizen, whatever or wherever may have been h isb ir b .a s equally with the native born, enti. lied to all the privileges and franchises guaran- leedby the constitution of the United S ates, »od that the recent effort w hich has b«en made and ismaking tocrusb a large portion of the in* dusuSal classes, w ho have emigrated to our shores, that they totr might repose under the broad shadow of a free form of government, as **pugwtut to the spirit of toleration in which % W **1 JOKrnm ent bad its origin. A f f l i c t i n g C ir c u m s t a n c e — W e deeply regrt-i io learn that ihe R«-v. E lisha Andrews, the respected pastor of the twenty-seventh Melh odist Episcopal church, Was drowned yesterday in the N o rth River, under the following pain­ ful circumstances. ‘ Mr. Andrews was going to the cnmp-meetjne at Sing-Sinu, by tho (Jolmnbus steamboat, when a slijjht fiacture of one of the conveyance pipes causing a consideiable emission of stiatn. The- pnssengers became somewhat frightened, and the greater portion rushed aft. M r Andrews seeing the confusion and the tinti-iml emission ofstfam , probably concluded that 'he boiler had burst, and iminediaM y leap­ ed oveiboard In less than five'm inutes he sank >o ri.'fi no more. 'I’he accident occurred off lrviri*»’s landing Mr. A. was silting on the upper deck reading. Thu boat was densely crowded, a great pro portion being ladies nnd children, otherwise the accident to the pipe would have scarcely anrac- led’attention. T o the crowded s ate ol theb'.at may also be a'trlbuied the strange circumstance that no information was conveyed to^lhe captain that a pas-enger >»as oveiloart*. M r A was only mis»ed when the boat w'as landing her passengers a’ Ta-ryUnvn. W e learri that 'he deceased was in feeble health. H e has bft five orphan children and a circle -of attached friend* to momr; his loss. [N Y Commercial A d v crther. D ea t h from t h e B it e of a R a t t l e sn a k e .— A i-onsi finable t-\c.v nmol has exismd in our village dtirinu the past week in conm q n e n t r oft lie death of D r Studlin, ol th e fi’ in of Set l>;t!il & Soicllin. Irom the bite of a lattle- snake. Thu f rets as we have been able to ga ther tlieui. are .these: D r Stadliu, f'om some strange infa uu’ion. lias- for seve al months iast. kejit in a sm ill morn in his dwelling, some fifty snakes of several kinds, about 25 r.f which were raulesimlves. ami with which he used to mingle with perfi --1 unconcern, and handle and pet wh'h as-much freedom as would the more camions person n kitten. W e are m id that the most of the rati It snakes had bet n deprived o{ their poi­ sonous fangs This may be so, or may not — T h e D o c or had «o much confi.h nee in certain preventives he had prepnnd against their bites, that-he paid little regatd to this important point, as will be seen by wha' follows About a .month since, a person caught 8 or 10 of these dreadful repiiles. which he brought to this pi ice. anil sol 1 to Dr StaHin. w h ici wc-re pi.-.ci d in their wild and native state, w irh those he had before col­ lected .one o f which was a monster in ,-ize On the 12 lh inst. ne believe, the Doctor, accompan­ ied by several persons, entered the rooms iin which these horrible e.oatures were confined, and as usual, commenced handling nnd petting them ; for the purpose;we suppose, of domostica ting them ; and in atti mpting to take hold of a large one, wnslvlteh on the right hand bet wren the little and adjoining finger. Almost as quick as thought, the hand comrmnced swelling, and before the preventive could lie applied, the place of the bite was swollen to the size of a butternut, and so closed the wound, that the medecine. if there is any virtue in it, could not take effi*et. W ithin one liournfer he was bitten, he was so overcome bv i's efTei'ts, thtil he could not set up; went to his bed, was bled as alien' ns once «n hour during the succeeding- night, lingered through the next day- until about seven o’clock in the evening, when he died, a victim to bis own folly. W e understand that the Doctor has inoculat­ ed himself and fitmily wjth the pohori enrt'ained in the fangs of these snakes, under the tinpres- ihat it would nrevrni fata 1 results ensuing In Union, on the 27th nil, by Rev. D. D.-Grego- ry, Mr. H k n rt E. Houoh aiung of Bin'ghaqilpa U>. MiU Semxatiia Gariiakdt of the former place. . Alep on lho 22d ult, M r. I?i3HAiiD .'*aui«*A *»f Bing- ham ton'to Miaa IVI aroarct A. hn -C akiiakdt of Un­ ion. \ JO H N S O N 'S FHOTOfiRAFUXC MINIATURES. - M R. JOHNSON begs leave to say jto his friends in this village, that he will be at home fur a very few days, and has opened a room 'in lie Roy Place, for the purpose of taking Miniatures by the Photographic Art. He does not feel H.sposed to boast of the excellence of his pictures over thpse take* by othe'r operators, b u t earnestly solicits his friends to call .and examine his specimens, and judge for themselves. 'His stay is positively limi­ ted o a very few days, and those desirous ol obtain­ ing correct miniatures o f themselves will do well to call without delay, - - - ■ Binghamton, Oct. 3,-1844. N E W G O O D S ! N E W G O O D S !! rfX HE subscriber be§s leave to inform the inhabi- J . tants of Binghamton and its vicinity, hat he has f ken the store recently occupied by Horace Hills, opposite tt«e Binghnrnton Hotel, and is now opening a general assortment of choice Famdy Groceries W I Goods , Crockery and Glass Ware. selecteckwith g.eat care in th? city of New-York, consisting iri part o f Hyson, Young Hyson,' Hvsun Skin, Imperial ttrnl S'»uch ng TEAS; St. Croix, Porto Rico,and Carolina M OLASSES; Bastarro, Porto Rico. Loaf, Lump, Crushed an i Powdered SUGARSt- J? va, Rio, Laguira, and St. Domin­ go COFFEE; No. 1 ,and Sweet Chocolale, Cocoa, R >rsins, Currants, Cassia,Pepper,Pimento, Cloves Nutmegs, indigo, Rice, t obacco, Spanish Segars, Mustard, Plain and Fancy Soaps, Powder and Shot, Lead, Sperm. W iiale and Olive Oils. Mack­ erel. fi'errlngs, Shad, and otnur articles too numer­ ous o mention'. All of which will be soid at prices as low as at anv other Store in Broome coulrtv.-— For ea-h or its-equivalent in country Produce. Please all and examine. CHARLES BOURNE. Binghamton. Sept 30,1844. A T BOURNE’S, J UST received, 50 bbls. Syracuse Salt, gnd 2500 /bs.Codfish, forsale low. Sept. 30, 1844. * ~ N E W D R. M cARTHUR, Exchange Buildings, has just received a large suppiy of GOODS from New York, which he oilers on the most, approved terms, viz: DRUGS' A N D M E D I C I N E S , A general assortment o f Family Medicines, se­ lected with great care. J)ye Woods and Dys Stv'ffsfor Clothiers and Fam ilies Camwood, Madder, Alum C pperas, jBlue Vitriol, 0:1 V itriol, Ind go, &c. &c. sion from their bitt [Saratoga S' nt. J o s e p h B o n a f a u t e . A letter from F l o r ­ ence, of the 3.1 o f August, states llmtlhn body of the ex king of Spain. Joseph Bonaparte, \vn> depo.-iled on the 21 in the vaults of the church of Santa Cruz, the temple of honor of tb«* great men of Italy. It had been exposed in.state for eight days at his residence, simply covered witib a black dress, and bear'ng the grand .cordon of the legion of honor, and the chain ofthe golden fleece. H e is siiidin haw*- left to his widow, and fits d aughter, who is married to her cousin. Prince de L-tdgnan, son of L'lcion Bonaparte T h e mind ofthe ex-king had out­ lived -1 he chilling effects of age. and his heart retained its pnstine vigor. H is conversltion was most agieenble. and full of intellect, a bounding in brilliant sallies, full of good heart edness. rich in .anecdote, and alw ays defpfi- stamned wi'h up 1 ight and elevated sentiments H e almost always spoken! France, and neither age dor exile had. altered the waruith of his patriotism. L IS T o f Littlsrs'V^maining jn the Posy- Office at Binghamton, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1844- *; Gafojiue Abbe Abram L -w is D»*rich Adams J r 2 “ W alter Leech v ' Abef A^veiyJr. f D M Mcst rol«. ’Sy l vm Austin'' — Charles Andrus S -W :A ll-n .- ThadJeus M. Ames E k z u b e th A Jam ' Ebwiez^r J Brown. M rs M Bvrne A b raham Recier Andrew Buoren VValmrlS Birchard M a ri« B ogart Samuel O ' Bidden W illiam Butler R-irhel Bales William Brmvn •‘•Mr B ing Hampton” Plinv J B'O-wn . J Tayler B odt John Glapf) Thom as Ghappel P:j.rd«;e C lark - Thomas Conner E liza J Co Mins H enrv C u v N S Divi* 3 Wm B Dmildeday Robert Dobbie Sea John N Dutcher G eorge J Edmond John E l is 2 Jacob E ils R ichi-l Elliott Isiiac FI. ther Ma y F G iffio Nic. olas Grilfoid A u 'h o u v G aveiit I.) S Hall Janies M inkier Calvin E via her H aley M organ Maihd»v Molloy EHenezer M ilk r Alexilnder McCloud W illiiiin A N ik s 3 SainueJ J Olmstend H enry O’G .ady - W illiam R O.othout M ary Ogden Prim & Sampson C h a s F P a . k Edw ard H P- inee Catba. ine M Pofls M ercy Au'n Pow e rs M arv M Po-ter James Pet'et Jerem iah Rogers Benjamin T Rider Lv v i Rose Green Randall Hi Ziktal Row land Elans, n Rose -M s A E Rowe .Francis Robe-ts' Joshua Roseli • John E Sampson 4 Joim D Smith < G rorge S Sand 3 HG S iaffiyrd • A-leltit M Striith- Hiairy Sampson M ;ity A Shear Cathm ine E Stoppard H arm an Sniders Caleb N Soule Frances E H iirin g to n D S Shepuid Sim ii I Hawks H e n iy Hiili & \Lvdia Sco t H o r a tio H u n tly M a ria H a s b io h c k H o r a c e H ills Jr B '-njnm in Jones B 'l i ja m i n Jam e s P e ter A K im b u r g S 'c p h e n L K riigbt L -S K .'o ler Ez<*r .L i'-iiigston Amasii D ’Oiiard Da. iii.l London Johnson Jo«* piiem- D Smith ‘ S F Slosson S-a 11 'i'ayior T 'tim m W hiting W>llaim West Amos Wiiieon Sali y WulUer A VV hee|or G anvilie S Watson Jash'ia B W eaver A a r o n W a l k e r Thoin-i<* W'tjlse.y JiiiiifS Wtia'fifoner Cathriiine W illson W at riner Logwood in Stick, “ Ground, F u s tic in Stick, “ Ground,11 Nicwood, in Stick, “ Ground, Paints. D ry, and Ground in Oil, N o . 1, E x tra, and P o re, W h ite Lead. Sum m e r’s L in-eed Oil, Copal V a rnish, P itch , T a r , Rosin, O a k u m , &c., wholesale and retail. P a p e r EL-.ngir.g,— 1000 pieces of .well assorted Ppp r H a n g ings, cheap. W indow Glass, ass >ited sizes. N A ILS A N D SPIK E S . C a st and W r o u g h t N a ils and Spikes, Butts, S c rew s ,D o o r L- tehes, Sad \rons Padloc-k-, C a n ­ dlesticks, Kn ves & Forks, Pen and Pocket K n ives, B a r Lead, &c. &c. • S tone W a re, T a n n e r ’s O il-by thebarreZ, Lam p Oil, C ider V inegar, N o v u Scotia G rind Siunes, G R O C E R I E S . T e a s, .Sugars, Coffee, M o lasses, R ice, Pepper, spice, G inger, sm o k ed B ef, smoked H a m s , Cod­ fish, N o . 1 . M ackerel, No. 1 , shad, H e rkam e r Clidcse, Salt by ihe b..rrell and sack. -- _ SH E R IFF’S SALE. ~ B Y virtue of two exeeutiui', issued out. of I he Court r f 001111110 \ I'lensof Broome county, *.r.d to me directed nnd delivered, one ngni ist the goods and clia l.es, lands and tenements,, of William Carl, lhe -other against th<> goods and chatties, lands and tenements of John Carl, I have levied on nnd siml! expose f r sale as the law di­ re' s, at public auction, at lhe Phenix Hotel, in lhe village of Binghamton, county of Broome afuresuid, on Friday the 22d day of November\ A. II. 19-14, nt 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, all lhe right, title, interest, claims and demand of lhe said William Cavl and John Carl, of. in arid 10 he folio- ing described premises, to wh : All ib a t Cf-rtair. p i e c e o r p a r c e l o f l a u d , s i t u a t e in th e to w n o f Sandford, county of Broome, and st itc of New-York, being a part of the what i~' called the Gospel lot, lying in a square form, and. beginning at a stake and heap of slonps standing in the norih bounds of a 105 acre tract, 75 linics westerly fruh the n->rlh-east corner of said 105 .acre tract, thence north thrqe degrees east thirty one chains and sixty five links to a chcsnnt post and stones; ihence north eighty seven degrees west thirty one chains and sixty five lioks, to an iron wood post and stones stand­ ing in the western bounds of ihe su'd Gospel lot; tbencc along the wesZ bounds ol the said Gospel lot to thp old line sou'll ibrec degrees west thirty one chains and sixZy five links'll its south west corner*to* a hemlock post and siotics; Ihfrtee south eighty seven degrees east thirty ofie chains and sixty five links to the place of beginning, con­ taining one hundred acres of land, be the same more Air /ess. Also, all, the rrght.r tjtle, interest, claim and demand ofthe said VViLHam Carl and John Carl, of, in and to the following described premises, Jo wit: All that certain piece oi parcel of land, situate in the town of Sanford, in the county of Broome and s ate aforesaid, being 105 acres in a square form, lying jn the Fouth west corner of a lot of liitul kuoWn and-distinguished as'/he Gospel Lot, with the exceptions and reservations hereinafter mentioned. Said Gospel lot'is bounded i? part as follows, to wit: west by lands of Patent of Warren Hurpur, south by Clinton Patpnt, by lot No. 3—five acres reserved around the lower sawmill. Together with all ar.d singular the heredita­ ments-and appurtenances thereunto belonging or iirany wise appertaining. Da ed this 30th day cfSppt. 1344. tda JOSEPH BAKTLETT, Sheriff. ~ W HEREAS nly wife EZecta has left my/ted and board wiihout any just provocation, t there­ fore forbid all persons h a 1 boring vir trusting h er un­ der the nenaZty of the lav, or paying her anything, or the children that afe u--der age. 27'3-w REUBEN PATTERSON. Binghamton Sept. 16,1844'. Persons calli':g lor any of ihe above letters wilt please say adveru'st'd. T ROBINSON, P.M . ^ D R Y G O O D S , T H E . Subscriber is constantly receiving new supplies of Dry Good—Groceries—Nails— Crockery, Boots and’Shoes—Ladies w: Iking shoes and slippers,andL..dies Tuscan/Leghorn and Siraw Bontie’If-S. The cloth department as tKUal is well stocked with the finest assortment of England and Saxony cloths of alxnos every shad^ and finish. Also a supply ofSuperfine Flour, Received fresh from the millseverv week during navigation. W M. M. ELY. _Binghnmton, May 2^, 1844. W O O L ITV O O L ! W O O I.! /A / WVPOU'NDS wool wanted, for which O v / j i V y l J l / the highest price in cash will b paid; the wool to be delivered any time after the the first of June, at the Boot, Shoe and H-»t Store ot B. JONES May 22,1844. T T T c ASES NEW PRINTS, just opened and JL K J selling very cheap at FORDS &Co May *23d, 1844. B ackino O u t — T he Hanford Tim es states that a b n ol $ 1 2 5 wasasr* nl upon, ort W ednes­ day by a* D*'nine rat and W hitr. on the ltd tow* itto States-. $ 2 5 on eaoh. viz: .New Y o rk, Penn- svlvania V-irgittia Tennessee an:I N^-vv Jersev. T,en dollars forfeit money was put up nt the litue. T h e Di tnucrai went wilh his monev or. F .iday. but his opponent cave up the forfeit mo­ ney, and refused the bet. Hi* had hemd from Maine, and probably became satisfied course of public .opinion — [Plebeian. Cattle Show and Fair. 1 *he anntial Cattle Show and F a ir o f t h e Broome Coiurtv Affrienl oral Society w ill be h> Id at Biiiahaintnu, o» W E D N E S D A Y , the 16th dav of October next T h e amount of P re­ miums lb be 'awarded cannot nmv be-accurately ascertained, b u t,a ill not be-less »ban was paid Inst year. A li rhe subjects of p temium s mu* be nctually ownrd by the pe-sons presenting ih»*rn, and no animals lo which .a premium has been awarded, tvheii young, will be entitled^ [p another until it shall have w rTl^bat maturity. It is- desirable* that pll anifitalf/should be i>^ the ground before njK»n ottbe,4My of .Exhibition, and hay o r past«i>e.4ill be provided for those which are bioughtjrotn a di^aitcCjjem the pre­ ceding day. , \V * G * 'Phe Execrnive Ck»Vnnii'l>r> i«rhesilv solicit * general nuendanre o f he Fartinert'of Brnome County, and *h EvhibUMM of k large amount nfagricuhural production*, in the h ope of exci* ling a m ore general intereat and emulation a* mom? them, oo thid at) im p o flaal atihject. @cpt 14. 1844. J JAC50B M O R R IS , See'y R C A % G ENTLEM E N ’S, Leghnm rnd Pulm Leaf Hats bv tire dozen or less quaiilily&t FORDS. S A L T . D, M cArthur has just received a bo1!! Zoad of Suit direct from Syracuse, - -which he will sell at the manitfacturers pfieesadding trans, portation. . W H I T E L E A D^SD- KegsW hite^Lbarh “ And 50 Boxes 7 by'9-& 8 by 10'Glass, of a good qna/ityfQT sa/e^cheap at S.. H. P . H A L L ’S. May 20 tn 1844. . . ' ' . B RUSHES.—A general--assortii'ent of Paint Varnish', scruba?td W h ite W?sh Brushes, /?. C. T R J V E T T S . L OOKING-GLASSES and CROCKERY.—A Large assortment selling cheap at Alay I, 1844. _______ H A L L ’S. P URE LA M P OILS, Sperm and Lard Oils of the best quaZity at RO.BT. C. TRIVETTS. U NION Spring W ater for sale bv L. -M. R E X F O R D . Aug. 25. ' - P AAS-J LS, Sun Shades, U\'brcl!s at _ U. M. STOW ERS. P ALM LEAF H A T S —Bonnets & Parasols a g >nd ass'.rtinent at S. A.. NEW T ON & Co. Junq 6 h 1844. . __________ 3 _________________ F LOUR. Superfine Flour eo»sta\tly on hand and for sale by U. M. S T O W E R S . June 3d 18-14. OPE Twine and Cordage, f different sizes and descriptions at R. C,- TRIV E T T S . R O h i o g , ina.«’ones, superior to the'Nova ^colia. for sale by D. M cARTHUR. C ASH paid'for Old Gold and Silver,bv Jan. 15, 1844. JAM E f II. HOES. N o t i c E is hereby ’given that the Notes, Books and Accounts of Benj itbin Jones have been as­ signed to the subscriber. They wilZ be found far the present with Joseph White at the Office of B. N. Loomis Esq., Ali person ' having unsettled accounts witfithe said Jdnesareieqiies cd to caZl snd s-ttle them immpdiately ' ISAAC V. W H ITE. •Sept. 25 1814.. 9 7 1f. ‘ W atch Kepairin\ Jewelry, &e. T H E SUBSCRIBER HAS JU S T 1D EC El VED a lot of B lack & White Bugles Gilt JLv and steelBeeds, Silver Pencils, SiZver thimbles Guards, Pens, Vatl in Strings, Sp?ctacles &c. &c. HealsoM ANU F A C T U R ^.S dnd Z'eepson hand Silvar Table, Desert, Tea,<3re<.m, Mustard, and SaZ Spoons Sugar : «>ngs &c. all of wh»cb arrw ar- ranud of sterZmg Silve . CLOCKS ^ W A T C H E S o every descrip ioa Repaired and war.ented at the shortest 1 notice by . T - ALFRED J. EVANS. Binghamton. Sep.l6,1844. L ADIES can be supplied with the most desiralli kinds ofMifZinery Goods, Florence and Eng­ lish S raw Hats, beautify/ Camelion Ribbons, &c. they are just right! No Lower down than opposite the Binghamton Hotel.—May 23,1844. U. JVI. S. G R A IN i f G R A I N !! “ ' C 'lO R N for forty four Cents a Bushel & BUCK J W H E A T at three Shillings to be had at the Cheap Cash Store of H orace Hills. May 21 1844 1 A D FlRiCINS. putter w.anted iiit ’edia’elv 1 U also Ogts, W h eat Corn, and Wool,-with allkinds produce,and a liberal priec paid .bv. S. H . P. H AA L . Bjnghamton-Se.pt. 12,1843. . „ * - C U iN C U U R E J iT K i i S b h U T W i N b . - . RESOLUTION . .v ' Proposing .certain Ainendineuts.toihji ConslitLtioii, 4n re- .alion to Stave debt -.ind tiaUility.-- • . Reaotvedj (if the Senate, concur,) ThiZlthe following ar nendm-yits be proposed- to the Upjistituiion oi this slute, nnd tliat the.sattie be referred Co fhe legislature next to ke ch isen, auct published in the urunner prescribed hV lite eighth article of the Coiistitution : AMENU.MaNTN- 0 .-l. The pledges and guaran/Les of the aeZ entitled “ An act to provide for paying ihe dcb/s, an:; preserving the credit. of the f late,” passed Marcii 29,'1342, are hereoy coritirui- cd ; and the revenues opccinetl. therein shall' he applteu to-the purposes/herein specified, including- the fepayuien/ of tjie United States-'Depbsit Pund 'atld to-the Uoutuiou School fund, ofalZ moneys of the said funds*; whioh- h.ive been o' shall be inve»/ed in.pursnance cl said act, in such jqua! annual sii-nsas -.vili ue smficiertt lo pay m full, botif, principal and interest, a/i the debts'uud iiabiii ie=s ol'the -ta'.e, as they existed ai the tiiiie'of the passage ol the suiu act; and also a /1 the. debts and .liabiiuies of ilies/j/e r.u- ihorized by said act io be creaii.-d and incurred, and which have bf-en created and incurred by auin /rlty of, and pur- snant tO saiij act in the period nf iwent' two^and a halt year3'from the lime said act wae passed und took effect ; and the Legislature shall not divert any pai/ of t he reven­ ues appr.opriated by said act-, requisite to pay in full, both principal and interest, all the debts and Liabilities of the slate hereinbefore specified, within the fixed period offline ;r din the equal annual sums hereinbefore oxpte'ssed, trom the purposes to Which they-are hereinbefore directed to be ’lppiied* .AMENDMENT No. 2.' The I.egislature sintll not.iu any manner create any debt or deb.s,.liability sr liabilities of t he,state, .direct or eontin- rent, which shall sjngty, or in the aggregate, at any time- pxceed one miliion of doilars, except to repel invasion, oi repress insurrection, unless the same shall be authorized by law tor Some single object or Work, to. be distinctly spe­ cified .therein ; and such law sliaZl impose and proy-ide, for '.iiecoilectiojj. ofa clirec. annual tax-uincieot to pay the in- rcresl. of such debt \r liability as it' fai/s due', and aiso to pay tod discharge the principal of such debt or 'Lability within Lightcen .years from the tiioe-of the contracli?ig thereof; an-i no such law shall take effect until it shal , at a general “Zec/inu. have been submitted to the people, aud have re­ ceived lhe sanciion of .a majority ot all the votes cast for and against it af such'election. And oh the final passage >.' every such bill, in either house cf.tbe Legisia/nre, the question shall betaken by ayes-and nays, duly .entered on the JournaZ.and shall be, “Shtjl this bill pass, aud ought; the same to re­ ceive the'sanction of. thj people?” and he assen ofa majority nf the.members elected toeach house of the legislature shall be requisite to the passage of such biil; and such law sntli be irr.epeal.dbie mill sue ) .debt or liability, and the Latere t there­ on, are fuZlv paid and disc.iarged ; and the money. • rising tom any Zoans of s ockser.atingsu.ch deb < r liability, shall be applied o the object or w o k specified in the act authorizing such debt or liabili­ ty, or for the paj m a tt o f such del) or liabi/j.y, and ono --thej' purpose .whatever. Wuer.e a deblor li- ..’piZilyon the pari of thestaie shall be creL.ted tore- (>el'invasion or suppress insunection, the moneys -rising from fhe loans or stock creating such d.eb- w liabili .y., shall be applied to the purpose lor which .hesame, were raised,,or lor the repavmea.t of such debt o; liability, -nil to no other purpose ry a a lever, S T A T E O F N E W -Y O R K . > I n A su R mbi . v , March 21, 1814. J This Resolution having been readthe third time t majority of all the members elected to the As-r sembly voting in favor thereof: ResoZved, Tht t he Resolution do pass. By order of the AssembZy. . E. LITCHFIELD , Speaker. STA T E OF NEW-YORK, i I n S enate , April 15,. 1844. ) This.Ilesoluti 011 having- been readriie.liird time, a majority of all the me Jtcers elected to the.jSLnate voting in favor thereof: Resolved 'hat i. e. said Resolution do pass. By order of the Senate. D. S, DICKINSON, President. a majority ofall the members eZected to'lh.e Senate voting in Ihvor thereof: Resolved,' That the Rhspri RUion dqpass, By orfier o f fhe-Senate.* •* • ' , D. S.' DICKINSON, President. - STA TE -O F N E W - YO RK, ) : la Assembly, May 6 ,. 1844. f Thjs Resolutien having-been rea 4 *the thfrd;time, a majority ttf ail the members elected, to Ihe'As-. sembl.y voaug in fa vor thereof: Resulyecf That. the liesolutlQu do pass. By order of thVAssfohfcly, E LITC H F IELD , Spe<»k<r; STATE OF NEW-YORK, .) ’ ; - • : Secretary’s Office. - -y . , I h.ave compared t -e preceding with the o riginal 1 Resoluti- ns dep jsited'in this office,and I do cjerijfy' - that ths same :• re Gof?-ecitraiiscriptstherefraiiTtyarKl. - of he who!; of sa id originals, S. YQUNG. AZbany, J n ie 23,18-14. Seely o f State. _ nlfi 13\y •. W O O D , F O L G E R ^ M E S S E R , No 219 P e a rl Street, -New-York. \ T H E Subscribers have received by iece nt arri­ vals from England', and from the Auction. M «rket, a targes ock.of Birmi tighatn and Sheffield HARDW A R E & C O T L E R Y -kndbeing the A* gems foj some o f the leading -makers of the superi­ or Cast Steel A m e rican Cutlery, -and of a v a r iety of' the domestic Hardware Manufacturers; makings t teir assortm enti>t goods so extensive: as to be v ery. inviting to purcna.serS irom any part of the coun­ try. in their- asserim-'nt the following Goods may be f-iund, viz;—Forbuck, W hite Bone,- Cocoa,- Black 7 ip, Belt Tip Buck and Stag^Table and Dessert Knivesjind Forks, Carvers and Steels, with a,large* ■ stock of Ivory Handled Knives and Forks of beau- - tiful finish. ‘ • Rodgers & Son’s Pocket Cntlery, Scissors and Shears in-dozens and on cards, together*with an>- assortmen't of “ Heinish’s” superior’Newark inak,e nf Tritnt'fiers’ and Tai or’&Shears; commonPock- et Cutlery;, a great variety of razors, in dozefls and in case's, ineZnding an assortment o f extra fine, in cases containing a p air each. - ' ' ■* ■ Beef Sl ices, Shoe and Bread' Knives, . .Sheep Sheats, Bu.crefs’ and Tal-Ze Steels, Coopers’-and Garpewters’ Broad and Narrew Axes: and Hatch­ ets., CarpenterT.and Coopers’ A dzes, The stock includes ait .unusual quantity o f C a s t Steel a n d G n ’mau Steel files—such a s Fl;it,:Round-,. Square, T a p e r, H a lf-rounds.Ruff, Bastard, Second Cut, and Smooth Files of a ll sizes: Horn: and Shoe , H a sps; iVJiil-sa-.vr^nd H a n d -Saw Files.- Peging, Brad, and S e w ing aw ls, A u g ers and Au-i get-bitts, Shading Boxes, Brushes, and soaps, Iron ' nd Brass-pipe Bellows; Cut Brads, T a c k s .aiid Spa •’abb s, W i ought T a c k s and Clout N a ils ;i'Scale ' Beams; Patent Bdlan.ce; 'Ciothp H -jir, \ \ h.ne-.wash, Scrubbing, H irse, Shoe; Tooth a n d P a int B rushes; T a l l c , H a n d and Cow Bells; Cast B e t t s ,. R,ound' and F lat Bolts; B races And-Belts; T rnnlf, Chest, P a l, Cupboard, Closet, M ortice, 'R im and Door' Locks; Snuff and Tobacco Boxes;- B lacking;- C u rry Combs; H o rse-Cards; Cordage; . Clothes, Fish and Chalk linejg Fish Hooks; Haller, Jack, T race, Coan and DPg C h a ins; B rass and \Wood Cooks; Faucets; Sash Cord., Compasses, Spring 1 D ividers; Iron, B rass nnd Plated' Cham b er and Mantel. Candlesticks; Guns* Pistols, Gun Worms, W a d s and Locks, &c. 25-1 m R E S O L U T I O N Proposing an Amendment tothe Constitution, in re­ lation, to the Court of Chancery. Resolved , tifthe Assembly cu.icur,) That the fol­ low ng Amendment be proposed to the Constitution of this State, aud that the same be referred to tne same ne referred io the L gi&laiure next to be cho­ sen, and jjubiL*hed In the m inner prescribed by the. eighth article o. the Coustuutiu I. A M E N D . E N T . The Court of Chancery shall consist of lhe (Jhan- -.•eZior and three A socia.eCiidncellors, any one oi -- horn mayihoid the couiu The said Associate Chaneeilois shall have die same powers, be ap­ pointed in the manner, hold their offices by he same icnpre, and be subject to the same ui.-quai\- dica ion? as to boZding any other office or jtupiic .rust, or receiving voies-lbf ai y elective office,as thjCnar.celleiv • - S t a t e o f NEWrYORK, I n B enatb , April -17, 1844. This Resolution having been read the third- time, a majority of all tiie-members elected to ihe .Senate -. o.itig in favor tlxereoi: Resolved. To at the -Reso­ lution do pass. By order ot' the Senate. L.' S. D IC K lN S u N . President, . ST A T E UF NEW-YURK, i I n A ssemboy , May 7. 1844. $ Thi Resoluti.'n having been Dad fhe th'i cl tune, a majority of-dl the members e/ec.ed to -.he As­ sembly voting in favor thereof: Resolved, .That the Resolution do pass. Bv order of the Assembly. E. L IT C rF I E L D , Sp a/cer. RESOiAJIIU-N Proposing an. Amendment to lice Constitution, in relation to Lhe Supreme Court ., Resolved, (if the A-semb.y concur,) That the foZlowrng affiendm&n be proposed to the Conslitu- .1011 of tnis State, and that th same be lelbrred to ffe Legislature next to be chosen, and published in .he manner prescribed by the eighth article of the. Constitution. A M E N D M E N T - Two addition .1 justices of the Supreme Court shaZi ba^p.pointed.w.iOshall itavethe satngpowers, be appointed Sh the same maimer, hold their offices by the same tenure and be subject to .the same dis­ qualification as to holding any o.her office or trust, or receiving' votes lor any elecdve office, as the other justices of ihai court. ST A T E OF NEW -YORK, ) ' IN SENATE. Aprii 17,1844. f _ This resolution naving been read the third t me, - majority of ail the members elec.ed t the Senate,- votiug in f-tvor thereof: Resplved, That the iles- Au ion do pass. By ordei of. the Senate. D. S. i -ICKINSl/N, President. ST A T E OF NEW YORK, i In Assembly, M y f , 1.844. ) This ResoZution having been read the third tape, a majori.y ofall tliemembei’s elected’to the As-, sembly voting in favor th reof. Resolved, That the llLolution do.pass. By order ot the Assembly. £. LITC H F IELD , Speaker. . , B N I G H I M T O J } H O T E L , ' B Y . : . H . % (NEAR T H E BRIDGE',)- L s q a . ® s i & m ^ <© s i - s r » i t * ’“ J O H N D. H \ P A ILK. ' ' ATTOIINEY AT LAW AND. SOLICITOR AND EX , AMI NER IN CHANCER Yt • Office one door east of the Binghamton Hofei*, Court Street, Binghamton N. Y: J A C O B M O R R I S , ; ATT0KNEV AND CODNSELIVIR AT (,AW, AND BOLICITOB * AND COUNSECI.On-lN CflANCERV. O FFICE on co'-ner o t Cnurt and Franklin street, one door west of Eexfofd’s, Binghamton, N. Yoik nSG-.tf.V J O ^ k P l T B ) U G H T O \ V ATTORNEY ANDCOU-' SELL' R A T -L A W , AND SQLIC1TOR AND COUNSELLOR:. - . IN CHANCERY. . r ; O F F IG E iu the Phenix Buildings,directly ovef. he Post Office, Court Street, Binghamton, N ; Yy NOVEMBER, 15 1843. . \ . J , ’ P H E N I X 7 l i Q T E L , •; 0 ^ Ini (p [B’iJ (& E IE 9 B I N G H A M T O N , N. Y, June 20, 1844, , S E E D W H E A T . BUSHELS Gcriespc Coimtv Seed Wheat (to he fipre on the 24th inst.) for sale one d6or- West of the Post-Office at Binghamton. W. P. POPE. August 17, Id-14 - ALSO.—A* few; barrels Extra FLOUR from NEW WHEAT. G. W. HOTCHKISS, LA W OFFICE, C ORNER of Cqurt and Franklin streets ovei Rexford’s store. ■■ BINGHAM T O N , BROOME CO. N. Y. D. S & J. R . D I G K I N S G ' n T ATTORNEYS AND .COUNSELLORS AT LAW, - ANB i SOLICITORS A N D C O UNSELLO RS I N CHAN C E R T . . ■F.AOtiB “BUILDINGS BINGHAMTON, N V. A T A S U R R O G A T E ’S COURT, held in ahd for he County of Broome, at the Surrogate’s Office in Bii gh mien, on the 2d day of Sei t.—A. D. 1844—Present, Jbhn R. Dickinson Surr gate—in the matter of the Estate ei'Diadama Van Ness decease ed. On reading arid filing the petition of John -C. Moore aud-Sacjlvi 1e l H. Cox Executoi ol the Last w-illand Tes ament ofthe said Diadama Van Ness lateofChcnangOjin said county, deceased, by whlch, it appea rs that the personal estate of ike said deceased is ins fficientto pay her debts, I ti- ordered .th 'tall persons interested in the estate of. the said deceased, appear before the said Surrogate, a t h is office in Binghamtionv on the 28th dfav oh October rielt, at 10 o'clock A. M, to show eanse why authority should not be given to the said Executors, to mort gage, fease or sell, so much of thereat estate ofthe real estate o f thr Mid deceased, as shaB be nece&sa. to pay her debt* - JO H N R D ieK IN 8 f )N, ^ 7 4 - w r fu r r e g a te. f t M . & J. f t C O L L I E R . ^ ATT-GRNEYSaATP L A W^,; - S 0 1 *I C I . T O R 8 I N C H A N C E R Y } « r I . L A W OFFICE. . la A U K E E O . B E U D E N , ' A T T O R N E Y AND C O U N S E L L O R ,.* SO L IC ITO R IN C H A N C E R Y Exchange Buildings Binghamton. E i s f l , . V A7 ® ^ arid 2 Mtickercl and Codfish for-sale at,No.. and ?■ Exchange Buildings, by T). M’ARTHUR,.’ IM P O R T A N T TO DYERS & MANUFAC* ' TU R E R S . ' . Fustic CLpperas^ . ■ Nic Wood, Cream T a ft, ‘ Cani'vrtpd, Coohineal, Blue Vitriol,, * Alnm, Oil YiirioJ, Acids. &c. &c. - . Argols, Annatto, - . . ’ ; Ate offered in any quantity, at.prices whirih wiB'' compete with any o.ber e -tablish.menf in the state. Pletise call and examine. . ' II C. T R IV E T T . . Sign of the Golden Mortar,\ L o g w o o d , Indigo, I RON, steel, & naiZs, a t W. S. GJIISWOI.I), M. D H A S locatedin UNION, Broome County for the purpose of practicing Medicine snd -Sur gert. Having received his degree from one of the Ins itutipns in Philadelphia, and also having had the advantase:of the pr-ctiee “of a large -Hospital, he leels confidence in offering his professional seiv yices to the^ptiblic. - • ” . H r Office at 0 , W . M ersereau - ' s , Union. Cor n r»i M arch 20, 1844. _ rot 5 no 52. \ D O C T . S. D. H A N D . H AS removed h is residence to Collier street, di­ rectly east from Evans Basin—-the house for- merly owhedby Ri S.fClose. ; Dr* H . will* as usual, give prompt aUehlion, to all who may n e fd his services in the practice oi iMedicine, surgery and Dentistry. iBinghamton, July. 3,1839: . . . 14: ly ; 1 P. B. BROOKS,. F H Y S I C I A I ^ A N P S3URGFfON. W OULD Irehpectfully give notice tbal he will as heretofore attend to all Calls in the line ol bis profession. \ “ * • ■ , Oflkbeiu thekerond story, DiBlfbtroton 'Place-Ites- ■Idetfeo oo thOYreet b u l o f tbeChenanro Rirer.lefi h a n i side sscood door Jrafe tbeeointer, t n 4 lttarly opposite 8 *mliel Smltk Baer’s, R E S O L U T f D N . _ Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution, in re­ lation to the removal of .judicial officers. ... Pesolved,' (if the A«se.nbiv concur,) That the fol/owing Amendment be proposed to the Constitu­ tion of .his Stale, and the’same i.e referred to t’.e Legislature next to be chosen, and published in the manner prescribed bythe eighth aiticle of theCon- stilutiori. , A M E N D VIE N T . Noj'udicial officer shr.llbe removed by the joint resolution of the uvo House ofthe Legislature, or by the Seuale on the recommendation of the ^Governor, uoles.-' the cause of such rem o v a l!shall be ente,-edon the Jouruai of both Houses, or: ofthe Sesfate, as the case maybq: aud uch officer against whom the Legislature or the Senate may be about o proceed shall be served .With riotice thereof, ac­ companied- with a copy of the cause alledged ldr his s emoval, at least twenly days be'fore the day on which either House s h a lla.t thereupon, and* ha 1 have an opportunity'to be heard in his defence be­ fore any qustionshall be tnkm upoa such remdvaZ; end theyeas i-nd n a js shaZl he entered, upon At- Journals of the Sei»aie,or Hooses^s the Case may be. - S T A T E OF NEW-YORK. * ; v In Sena'tev April 19, lr-44. ( ‘ This Resolution haying be.eii read the ibi/d time, a majority of aZl the members elected to the Senate voting in favor thereof: Resolved, That the Res­ olution do pass. By order of the Senate. D. S. D IC K l NSON, President. S T A T E OF.NEW -YORK, 4 ' ' In Assemb/y May 3,1844. ( This Resolution .having been read the third lime, a majorityof all themembers elected to the A'ssem bly voting in favor thereof: Resolved, Tbrft the Resolution.do pass. By order of the Assemblt. E. L lT C H F I£i-D , Speaker. O H O E S AND' BOOTS..—500 -pairs Shoes.arid 0 slippers, com prisinga good assortment, forsale 31 '' _ : ' H A L’L’rS' B ISHOPS anti-bilious Pills for sale by ' S M. REXFORD. W a t e r l i m e . A GOOD Article far sale at the “Exc-fianate Storehouse” BY ' C. M’KINNEY.. ' ~ T O ^ P A T N 'r E R S r “ - T 1NSEF,r> Oil, WARRANTED PURE, hy.lhe BAERBt'or JL>G allon , for Sale by L. M..REXFOttDt’ - Binuhiiiiilon,-February 21,1844. . L ILY SYRUP. The price of. this popuiar ffied ’cine for tiie cure of cough and consuhiptionfs reduced to $ 1,00 peri bottle. L .• M . REXFORD. Aug 29, ’43. . • - - . . - . f W ANTED, hyrhe subscribe’-, Oats Gora, Wheatj F lax Seed, for which the highest price will be p^iid^t nbs 1 and 2, Exliange Buildings, near the Canal, by '■ * , . P.. M’ART.HUR. , A'suppZy of Hunts celebratea- \ot % . Me A R T HUR: f H UNTS; Axes. Axes jmst received arid for sale by w A L E R A T U S oy the- hundred -or Barelfat*' O F eb. 2 ____________ F-QRD>& 0 0 |r t O A R E E T S ol the ffiosf-approvfed patefris, envdfcri just-received, also some beautiful paferris Of oil'carpels. TT U.. M. ES. . R E S O L U T I O N Proposing an amendment to the Constitution, to ab­ rogatethi property qualification far office. Resolved* (if the Assembly tou 'tit,) That the following: Anrieridinent be ptopOsed^to the -C.dnsttr' Lutioriof thisBtate, and the^same’be trilerred.tb Jthe, Legislature hejtt tohp chosen, ahd published In ;(fie mariner prescribed by the eighth article ofthe Coif 3t:tution: - ------ N 6 property qualification shall be required' to rerideraperson eligible to or capable o f holding a n t office dr publictrnft in th l<stM e/- . - -;- 'V- > -f f ' Sl?A T E .dlP m m m m s . . : * In Senate, April 18,1844. I P P R K . 10 Bbls first qualify ci - Pori: foYsaleat May,20th 4844.' H P. PA L L ’S . 1 111 \ — - . » . .» . •■ . - - . -‘t ^ * N EW fall Goods a large stock', priees low at* - ■ . S. H . P H A L L ’S. Sept. 12 1843.. ' I ^ LO U R ! FLO U R ! !—For sale by Bbl, or les> . quautity, warranted Superior qualitv. v - - . l m r e x f o r d t r ldBRELLAS, parasoZs & Sun shades. A Zrirge! assorttrient,and.decitLecilvl :0 v a t -. - ' *- _ ^ ‘ ' f U - S k S TO.YYf:R»;. D OW NEi’S P A T E N T K ^ O B 'L A T G H ,- A NEW and^plendid article, which foridrirlhEi- ty, sirnpZrcitv and economv, stands uurivalZed, for sale a t • . . ' * . :S..C ARY.&Co,s. August2nd 1 843-. * - .V •’.*» - TIM O T H Y SEED !’! ;* ' ■ - A F IR S T RA T E u rticle just fI eejved. a t - A l \ '. ‘ \ r. ’ , ,- - FORDAt CC^fc; EED OATS I! Barley, Orits, for sale at FORD •EA.PERYt MeaLtNs.T-A few pieces. D f ^ ; ^ Muslin; beautiful,patterns, afc>tst.7v - ; . -M a reh - lU. * GOOD assort i.eht of Good-Tor «u:mm' 9 r pants •eda's .... • .NEW^TUtST- •* f f i i R w S E W i i i p S l W E E K A T , ^ ^■ALEft ATUS A-few 'casks of ■rOWY WM. M- ELYiv ^ jus'-TeceirCd and for Tale by , W I;NDOW, (jtrAssT a few bOXes.81>7 Ifiy.airiMMfc . v w l'* i ljse ll atUqst for 8bo«[*r-Anolher tari - ‘They4*n‘ '{ x . fitaifcrior to the Ohid,iiSr isfe ^ lbs. at S. A NEW T O N

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