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is:-' I'ft. aUDE BULL MAKES MS.PECKWfiE 8 TLl MARRWE MUST BE BY A PRIEST CAMPUS EMPLOYE EMULATES OR THE SIXTH GOMMjiNDMENT URSUS OF QUO VAOIS. j WILU HAVE BEEN VlO^ATEp. Wa* BtUling Bovin© to a Draw W»ih ^ After Next Eaator the C>thotic Church ------ AM t'*4AIFIft ^ m. , W \ . Mm » Will No Lon|;er Becosnlzo the V©l- idiiy of Givil defetndtiies^LoVo too Noble a Quality to Oe Tnfleil Witih On and after iie*t iiister Sflnd^ Oathi ’ - . - -- - - ' ----- -- Graeco—Roman Clutch on Horn and fail When Fellow Employe Called Time With a Pitch Fork. Like Breno in “ Qao VadiP»»’ Eugene Pick ^Ith . . a »mh- Ba« HD rte ^ orHed prie.t or b I bb .h^ feo».n Oalkolfe •rncrgB Horn h» Oaarol. wiU rcgrra «, b pith-' aigmty. • Pethups cha.ct B.noiion .ad ii TioMoa of m<h a poa™ =a, olBBrao- fta m r c ^ M M a to Be a draw. Peek ”»“ ;“ Soa, .ao m.rriagB hal .a Sraceo-Komaa otatoh on the •« ™Bd, c a c p t .hBa B»h.r or aoih>B toU'B tall with one hand whUe with the «>»‘'aott\« Pame' w™ \»> haptic .a. other he gratp H it= horn and waa doing hi. best to keep himselt from being ^ thrown and gored. The bnU aod Eugene I ”»‘ed/«\»«. the Ksv. WilUam^ L r n h i ™«i„n from their iBortB “ G O T E S K O i R H U 6 f l B S ■ I S I I S T E E B S T E D TO PROBE T OBEROULAB HERBS AND EfiADiDATE piSlftASe. Growing Out of the Anrtdaitieml|i Made by Dr, V. A MdOP6 the Meeting of the ' Tompk!iJ|l Oftunty Medical Society Last Week. Aiincanortdeeiifl noF pade that feV losriDg Dr. Y. A- Moore^a atateinent; Itiade ihthia Ciity hefpre »be !fortt^k!|r OoUntf Medidal ooelety last ^e8«| that seventy-two pff c6ot» pf Bllj: tl^e herds of ©attle in the state are footed with tubeicolosiB, that Goyern(S|: SogheBiSto nBdertake the considfra- tion. of the prqfeleiH a» lo whethorfegiS^ idiot] ehonid not ha eectited this sesaiop^ 0 ihake poes’ble the probing of cniar herds with the idea of eradicatm^ the disease It is said State- Agrionltnral Oomvai t Bioner Wieting will have a talk with tHd^ were b<tth pnffiog from their < ff jrts. Mr. Peck is about thirty years old, is married and lives on Cobb street. The ball hails from Trumanshnrg, and is being temporarily cared far at the Uni- vareity barn. His disposition up to yesterday waa said to have bean gentle, but high feeding from the University managers raised his spifita. Peck says that the puli'took an unfair ftlvantage of him, ¥hen.he was dSiogit a kindness. He entered the stall to feed the animal and as he tried to pass ( n>, the bull charged and attempted to spike him sgaiost the wall. The ball is a short horn which probably explains its lack of manners. SUN SAYS ITS CORNELL. New York Critic Lauds the Red and White.“ Five ” (New York Sun, Dec. 23.) The early season games have been un­ fortunate for the larger, colfoge teams, Yale and/Penneylvania especially. The New Haven, men in starting their long vacation tour were beaten twice, Syra­ cuse andtSochester tarning the tricks .. against the Yale five. The victory in the Boohester. game apparently is aecribe^ not a little to experj| throwing of fonls in B contest which. W^s extremely tiihgh..: Syracuse brorffV^ greatly, ^y bavij| in the game pugarman^a freshman fellntly made eligible,,fori |he yatfsiy sport.f T'Pj t coreA a tkfA6/the’Syf|Eei|6h'pom^^^^ ^ There hasiheeu'dnly one gamaimgM will he no’nsore-Bntil-January- • ll» • -Gel-. cent encyclical of Pope Pins X on Chris tirn marrisge, at St. Patrick’s Cathe­ dral, New York, said in the course of his address, as reported in the New York World: “ Women must be made to realize tha^ they cannot jump into mat­ rimony as they would go to a picnic. Love is too.noble q quality of the human, heart to be tiifiel \fjith by either men or . women. The churcb says there shall be no marriage without Ipve^ but that the contract is one of holy matrimony and that\ if the love is not airthat is desinpd it makes uo difference-ythe bond re­ mains nnaffdcted apAnncbapgeable, “Now what has the Pope charged to eBpoasais?’’ he ,aeked. “ He Ms made clear that hereafter an espoasallp, have effect mast be a written promisel|q . marry signed by both the -mafi and thh woman before a priest, whose signature is also necessary, together with those pfo witnesses. Ail priests have hitherto been worried by the absence of p ro^ln cases of alleged breach of promise^4 but this reqnitement of the Pope wUIttAk© all this worry away. This second change made by |he en­ cyclical in the law pertaiaingi^o ma|riT mony is tbat greater must ba Blven ta ,BB,m> 8 S 5 , K S e . ^ ]l}CScofaderUel^cdmaiiba^aWo»^^^^^ Bp^lp b:gti|jig.,4h«''fe^hiopY formed. Such' marriages after next O H A t a R C Q . M U L B T E i There h a t ^bedtt little hppcirfiinit;? to get a good line on the cbmpfttative ca|»^ abilities of the Yearns in -ipteieolfogi? ate leaguey. It is apparenti that they are, hardly up,, to tM Cluality of the past three Beaddni; '^ebnsylvania is weaker, as the .defeat by Poly Pr#p serves to show, Yale omtainiy is not strosg, and Princeton is bardlT as good as expected. Columbia is jnstfbir, while Cornell, to judge fiom.thqyictoiy over Rochester, is better than uenal. It may he the chance of the Ithacans this eeason. ITHACA CONTRACTING CO. INCORPORATES AT $10,000 A certificate of Incorporation of the Tings Bed Brick Company was filed at the cotmty clerk’s ofliee Dee. 19 The company is capitalized at p.tt,000 |ivid'- ^ __ ed into fi;0OO shafes-of eaoh*^?l|i^prb|*\ pjommittee oipai offics will be tn Tthaca an% ^the ' q . Stewart, yarions committees. Copies of t,he char­ ier will be made in order that each member of the committee may have one. This action was iakcii last Ji very small on HOgi 0. Stewart, who ti . t/OOKj Samuel Howard, Charles H» Chapman, Peter Harris, Wilson Toliyef, John S. Williams and Elisha Johnson. Articles of f|p^rpor«ticm >cxo filed by the l«haca Contracting Com­ pany. The capitalized valhe of tMeom- pany is $10,000 b||t bnainees will be com­ menced-with $6,800' Tne principal of­ fice will he in Ithaca and the duration of the company is perpetual. Toe board of directors will consist of fonr members as follows: James Hillick, Willis O. Hine, William Brown and William D. Rock­ well. CAMPUS NOTES. -^Supreme Court Instioe Ponnd^form-; erly of tbe Cornell law faculty, is con valescing from his recent severe illness and will be able to resume his jncicial duties after New Years says a Lockpoft dispatch to the Buffalo Cdurier. •^Fre|ident Schurman’s cffioe has re­ ceived a copy of tt e London TTiburie of December lat for Harold G Crawford, Cornell, ’79, who lives at 9i Cottriel Gardena, Sotith EeutBington, Londof. The iBBue contlipB a ibtferfifom the Ker, W. Garrett Hblder, Who Y|s a 8atb ■iBY.ENp, 0 |*;;JOT^EY: ai'.n'’ • -:v. Last CampfiHlfb Now H tf IhjL kWolPk of Compretipn~Copie$'iWilI BbJn Hands o f - Revisionists for Final Action at the Next Meeting; The committee on final draft of ,(be charter revision committee now has the work of drafting the complete new char­ ter for the city from the reports of the ifl taken last evenmg at leting of tbe revisioti^ [gSBtiop gt:Senator^ !bought.ths,t^<pdk. be necessary ih Albany by the later.part ,of January. By having copies of the rSptirts of all ;»ufocommitieeBn eiach'»member •'may osme to the next .meeting prepared tck argue and point.oUt defects in any pur* tlQh in which he may be interested. Tbei next meetiog will b 3 called by Chair­ man Wing after the copies have been mads. It will probably be the second week in January. lidN’T BUILD THE M e t h o d i s t s : t h o u g h t : t h e y ; iCOULD SAVE SOME MONEY. Jiilrt the Contraclors W ^ ld Not Mal^ ; n Reasonable “ Cut” in the Contract ;|i|^ the Cpngregatiorf Repiiedu : ' i e f fhe Tower, Tower.” ' twd irssK'* mmnt>&\ff of Ihe ooPgregation of the Me.’'hodi«t Church have been watchini?' atroctlon of the tower on the new'sW’ch hhiMing, And as timber upon titS:fiMk.r i'^S erected many of them wondered i# ' Jhe,. b°bders were ever going to stop. Somo of the members are ^of the Opinion tbat the tower would conform better with the church building, if it was lo wer thail it is at the present time. Consequently a delegation appealed to 'the contractors and asked them if tbey would “ throw off anything” if the tower Vjfas mot erected as high as originally '|ti.;nned. The building committee stood Governor and lay before him the jgg^.jo “cut thw tower”, if the con- situationtion in thisis statee and the PfOblem?|:abl0mii t^ietora Wonld “ent^theprice.” Are- situa in th stat and the p in oonneotion therewith whiotfe* all local health departments t(? Agteati^. or less extent. , i - The state departmenff^s; tested dtti^, ing the year 2,7^cmkle. QI this nurm her 628 reapondim't° tuberculip test^and wef^k|ii|d.. In every instancl.e the.poBt^moi^k showed the existenoe of tnbe*c»^^i|,.,. . , . The o|mer| .rf6«*lyeA $9,819,- wfafob averBge|i^;Hltle more Ihgn $10 a h^m , The,sta|e law allows the payment ,qf forty^er cent of the value of any animal by order of the state veterinarian fThis is considered too small a /age by the farmers'-and induces them ^(tO;cover up the condition of infected ° ' animais. Commissioner Wieting believes the owners should be paid a greater per- tsge, and thap the only safe way to eradicate the disease is to kill off all the infected animals within a given period This would require thousands of effi- oials and the reimbursing of the owhers on immense ontlay. But he feels that the state will eventually be forced to come to it. Stiiot inspection shottld follow, he thinks. Although the per­ centages of infeoted.-.^animalB given by Dr. Moore are considered high, Cbm!> missioner Wieting believes they repre­ sent, the condition trathfuliy. ■ L.^gislation . coveHog all praoEcfi ui dairying will be attempted tb(% coming sesBon, he believes, ^ and will have Governor Hughes as :its chief exppnqnt. ;j‘Dq,Yott know one of the things that will happen, ast a • resnlt ;of .* this state- %leiaHi bf pR- M lorel'’ saidi -a! dormer ofo rfi^tsl'i “ f^uu! wMJ!«ee,advcyliwewieutB trictora Vonld . . . , duction offlOfowas ask.yd. This amount was refused by thw-pontr^biibif^* , “ Let the tower, tower jhe.V’ the dele- rgation is reported to have said, and as a ref alt the work as planned by the archi­ tects will be ©ontinued. There! were several members of .the church, Itho,\ who wlribed the tower to Uifi the highest* in the city, and these few' are nawirVjoiciug to their heart’s con­ tent at-the action taken by the buUding ^Omihittes. -.Tne tower will rise ninety feet abave the roof ofc thectiuroh proper. Sib REM'S OE • A Y O U N t t M A N IN 1903 GARRET P. SERVISS WAS A PROMISING ATHLETE. The death of Garret P. Serviss, Jt., ooenred Monday alter a long illness of of tuberculosis He , bad been an inva­ lid since last April aiid 'was obliged to give op his studies at.thd University last January. Mr, Serviss was a .member of the civil engineering class of ’03 but on ac­ count of sickaesS did graduate. He aftetwaids changad hlsjOQUTse but t was unabla tovfinieh hiaiiStedies, i.He jwas twenty-six. years.of^ages;). * . Mr.. Seryias-died at ■Hie home .of his aaat,-M|:a. EUka Mabi«y, 441 Ktorth Au­ rora StrSetj where he had Jivad lor th© past six jj^arfe.) Hisawnly. immediate SD^^Lvink relafive 4s biai father, • iProfeSf< aar Garmt P{.t8erslB3^ the well kuOWBi istronomer who wiliamye tonight irom New Yotk to. mSksr apcaiagemento for f^lhejujimrakservicsj^ ■ was ^uhknow n ^29row.(nei.£act i|3 (bat (aboroalosis, gerxbfl*‘^VeTai«y (nrolea-‘aa‘ a (rstolE: atbiefo. \ta ' the duali meet <^sfa P r iza a e to a Ml! tklfeatu# in 1903, ifo W'O'n plaCe^ lh^»th& broad jdmp,\'aiia tn' the sameyefr broke th&^ntercdUegiata redbld^ il^tfie-iadbor- high jump, making theitcord six feet 1 inch. . < * ^ ' ■\ ■I 'He gaW promise Of » batted work; aad'nhdiotibteffly ' wblfli have -attained 'an ehvia'ble^raputs’tion b-A^eriiBah Eth-- ktics, if, unfortunately, iis career had not been terminated, before he really reached his prime. - cannot pe hilled under 210 degreaa •Fahrenheit.' To heat milk%l> that* h^&ii WibUld change it to a curd- like cheese. Raw milk'YSthe'natural food' -and^the' iii^piy'should be proteOled'b^^he ‘state %t an^'cOnt.-- , - ' . '. l ! ■ . ' /'ll.. '■ ■■ ■ ■ V bHRISTMASRUSH M 'TOSTbplC E LONG LINE IN WAltlNG AT STAMP WINDOW TODAY. Many Merchants Purchased Stamps and Weighed Packages for the Convenience of Their Patrons— Carriers Looked Like Santa Claus RAILROAD RATEfS; Re ports from the ] differer .t railroads ahou-t the country to the effset that the two-ctmt mileage law has not increased kraffie and that the measure has resulted in loss in the operktiom of the lines is not particularly oheenng at this time, when conce rted efforts of political mischieji- makex.s threaten to hamper the in<jAB- tries of. the land, in the opinioiiQ ol The Scrantoii Tribune,. Few per. sons of oommonsBi.ee are sur­ prised at annoancemenS that the two-oent has not increac ed traffic. Why should R? People who have bneiness abro.^d ai'e not, as 8 Tnla,anx- ions to take trijos on a railri'Sd simply becanse they can' ^ buy tickets cheaper tKam^fbey dhJ a y e i r ago. * But many SpppOtii^ that the V,orffinary profits of tion shd still ileriveAib^dao ne mooma; ffiY^tHeftdqkhiflders,'V c =:!^rWo.cont mfeage oik . . tbm d ii PdfiUlfhf |*#i M t ;BY8r fteeR iii- .Ike ihebiliU WKd Monday was one in the history-of the local postoffioe. Aasi tiatant Postmaster Tompkins iavs that: many pAckajgea are^ being dispatched, bntm common with other partsurt the- oonntry, people are not sendiag such ieXpenriive articles as last year and- the parcels are m^ob lighter. i AU. day Monday and Tuesday, them was a lopg line in front -pf |he- atamp ■ window in the inner room in the post .' office lobby. Fully two scQra of per­ sons were in line most of fbe time, and the clerks were oontinually pasbmg out Stamps and making cbangei ihe crash baoame so great at one. time, that many AN ARABIAN BARBER. ’ Youth’s Companion. The usual Arab instrnlment for shav­ ing,, declares M. W. Hilton-Simpson,the author of “ Algiers and Beyond,\ is the ordinary sheathknife, on which the Arab gets a vei^- hne edge. 'He adds that, when in eathp in* the Hibaamed couh- of the-busiest days *hae seen a man kUl ‘ and skin a 3oal postoffice. A s--ab^li-p^d'li with the‘ same khife in lesathan half anhonr. 'ThelirbeH iparketplace at BiskYa are oerta|niy a moist rongh-and-' ready lot, And the sight of one of them ;«i dnedl them With a hfiid of hair, quite ad- In^ir liiTifr tbiWlr ' Well!' section of the revised charter oh account of the small meeting but the matter o'f division cl wards and the election of alderman was again discussed. Mayor Newman asked if there had been any action as to the increase in nnmb&r of wards and the election of part of the aldermen at large. , Senator Stewart stated that no action had been tak^h in'iiis^s^ommittee, some members- thinking an increase to ten aldermeii would make it neoeBsary to hill out too many men for a meeting the . WiU flot have rnneh to do when . the hoard of public works ia formed. Apotlrer pressed with the prefixing of »be epithet dyer that amount^ * “Saint” to Miss Nightingale’s naine. He Igrees that a woman does hot have tobe dead to be » saint. —Glleiii Bewipapeti lor ihelf ihd ear*' ^et iiaeilittoit ilTeii awaytl TEi fALtSM . , . convenience. According to Assistant Postmaster Tompkins, the mail has been distributed with greater dispatch -hiff t year, the distributing clerks havh been able to keep their, tables cleared, although each mail brings and takes out a voluminQUB number of paefcagest . / , ^ The registry clerk has also bjead veiT busy as quite a large pefOeniage of the parcels axe wgistered to iOSttre t^olr *af®' delivery. :y. The oavriert loOkeA, 4ike an army of Sahta dlattsA as ,tkoy left office this .morning;. ThSir bags-werd piled high wild papkagls aitfhhy l.ok.4 « u .«,««»#. BHlBWe uniform to makj 4jbg llfiilioB d0UlpI§k9< tffifdh'Saturday imd i9hife Bifoekway -pidd-td®dhunty/v; .-- -''^v - ‘ 7 ' Detraels from your b n i ^ s , is distaste. ^ TH®li'-A''MTTLE Before any I|haoandeprivea an Ithaca store Ofhis orh#;patro»ag8 s bene­ fit of outside dtiWers, we asl; fuJI con-, sideratiOn for the* lines fqllowii’g: • If you bay fro.j^Jo catalogue housei— Yoh pay in ml W o e . Yon buy th|i goods Without Se-ing Your mo uey Is sent far away.’ . - You carl ^ 0 goods from tho de po tJ, You fiQdf i hat redf^BS is not pp »c lies- ble for unsati 'sfactoty goods) -- You havo.diWuby ^ W ra Urc^| ooi'opany if go w|s are damageUin traiMj*-. porta, ^ion. 1 > ^ M e ^ n f i a s k i n l % _ it B]| m a UR2 LAMBERT. r - ^ i 1907. by E. C. PurcellS. S superstition; had e^lained old Mrs. Prentiss, 1 ? if you look into Ton or onpr«, You pay a “ oniyappar; entlylow.1 If yon buy nf your local dehlexrt You may reetdye cxi 'dit. You make a c tW con, ’P®” wus and se­ lect Irom a variety of sty les and sizaa,’ Ybur money helps to build up your community. Yon can hava tlie good4 delivered to your home. The articles are ea ^ y exchanged if not satisfactory. Yon will receive them, in good oondf- You haya no freighter exp lesti charges; to pay. Yqn get quality goods at right prices, support of many newspapera^ whfise 'publlshefs were led to bdlieve that a two-o4nt fare would be a great bleSjsing even upon the penmns who never ex­ pected to travel. It was favored, of course, in response to “ dem mda of the people,” Sines the law has been' in force it turns opt that the “ dear people,’’ as a rule, did not care a picayune about the bnsinesB. The measure vhicb promiSea to ciipplS the railroads and forcef theid to cheapen equipment, han leaUy bene­ fited buMew. Of course there are pr. )babl:| many theorists about the eounrry. “ who toil not,\ who would be p’ eased to see ^ckholders invest ftheir money xail- mad interests and coutinue toxon the business at a W But thera is no legislation at present that will force them to do so. U n W leg^slattow of the near future is mofe lenient 4toWf',rdB the railroad interests, it looks as though Btrehnons times will be ah€ ad of all Who are identiSed iftte railroads in any V POINTED F^RAGHAPH^ Political conventions seldom gd dn bossed., ■ The secret of .B-Uc.^ss « td aim higb and stick to ft. Nature seldom stores a lot of b r ^ S behind a pretty lace, \ Be itire you are Wrong before yoftgp away back and f ft down,, , . It*s easier to 'drive seme men to drink than it isto hdld them back. Men seldom fly for thffir lives wheiT they meet a woman who is dressed to kill. ^ Jd thick . . . grodffied Engliahman. He took a seat near future is moife lenient i»Wf'.rdB the upon a rickC‘7 ohair, a u d ' '■ having mpistened the hair with Water, pi*ooeeded to shave him as b ild as a coot with An old Europaan razor; wfth^ W making tbe very elightest cut upon bis skin. No soap was used, and the nperbtion took only ah c ut three min- afes.” ■ ^ . Fox Froxeu To Railroad Track. EbiladfelphiB, Eedord, Here ia a fox hunting Story from For- eSt.:Oonnty: On Noveffiber 16 Frank De- Vilder.,while walking down the track of GJouah’s railroad, betow the Beaver Q lough’s railroad, betow the Beaver Meaduwiis; nctiqBda fox: on the track. HIS front feet were on thk railg as if in tbb act nf eroESinti Mn iDaYildee sbdt, but tfoe fipx refnained as at first nofleed. - Upbn a inquiry ft waafoonbd that tbe shnfMtthekrces tMijuMn^ the animali And Mr. DeVilder proceeded , to Blay him wfth .tbe butt Of bit gun, Wan has had to pay ilear for tbinga’lie fej| a l ) B B « Iroz«B l*M tia « » rail,. ili‘,Iotthe«veMgeiB«Bto^ OorMellolM ofla oittia 0B6,»f« doesn’t try to get even with Bome;nttV sooner nr later* ..Many a man knows from experience that ft it far easier to flud a wife than ft istnloseher, - Hpneai poverty ranks at high with --- ------------— Sifter the face the SSS-wt? lintod Wltji arraait nonsense.” ^j^p^^*^^ndmother made a gesture of .<Ye didn’t call it nonsense in our -<ay Sus?e,” she protested. “We used to na-^n a lot of fun bobbing for ap­ ples and all that sort of thing. I .^efjs Myrtle can be a good girl, even ir she does bother her pretty head Uxiout the Halloween rites. It’s high time She tried, ihem, anyhow. We can t go back/again when we grow up and find out vsrhat we’ve missed as ehil- idreu.” The-Jyounger Mrs. Prentiss shrugged her shoulders. Her own youth had known na such foolish fancies. She had been brought up with Puritan ri^dness 7dnd sought to mold Myrtle’s mmd,/eYea as her own had been farm­ ed, foi ihe rigid cast of conventionality. At/eighteen Myrtle had never had uu:^of the^childish diversions, and the urgent of her paternal grandmother, ^(^th- this new lore of Halloween, was like the visit of a fairy godmother. It was the first time she had seen her fa­ ther’s mother since, as a child of four, she had been brought west, and. al­ ready ■ the kindly old lady had oofiir, pletely won Myrtle’s heart, ' 'The revelation of the Halloween mys­ teries was the most important disclo- sui^yet made, and Myrtle threw her- selfVwith interest into the idea. Her grandmother lamented that there was not time to prepare for a Halloween party, i but it was agreed that Myrtle should prove her fate by the well test. Wells; were few, but in the orchard was at welled spring, and this, it was ^decided, would answer the purpose. Myrtle had never, had a sweetheart. ^Sweethearts for very young girls were ^ frowned upon as being frivolqus, and ‘ talk of love had been rigidly discour- \'Oged: At the time even her mother ■(^otild not • prevent Seth Haskin from, bliislimg redly under his tan .when ho : jffii^|:^d to encounter Myrtle, and, he had heen ref used, permie- inaJie the -srefelsly -can, -wnicU In. ‘■Uta-fe'seetloBi -was iJie' preliminary dec-. IftjUhtlon of more serious‘Int^tion, the ,^r,w a s mbre acutely conscious of his pre§once than of the few ojtner men she met jn town or on her weekly visit '■to .chpreh. '■ Her grandmother, a bom matchmak­ er, had already sensed the situation, andiiif Myrtle’s mother had known that the old lady had found opportunity to drop a hint to Seth her passive ac­ quiescence in this frivolity would have “become active opposition. As it was ishe argued that since Mother Prentiss stay was to be short it would be possi­ ble to regain her lost ground after the old lady should have returned home. In John Prentiss his mother found Ian able ally. He gleefully recalled his |own Halloween celebrations and in­ sisted that he could still duck for ap­ ples with the best of them. »‘N e^ year,” he shouted, a regular party, mother, felt so 3 'oung in years.” He bent aj over the tub to plunge his rud^y after the elusive! grimly regardinj form'ance, shook her head In disap- iproval. . 1 But Prentiss was too absorbed In his 'fun to notice the head shake, and he insisted upon trying aU the tests he knew. Almost before they knew It the clock struck 11 and then half past, and Myrtle, shivering deliciously over the adventure, stole softly through the orchard to the bubbling spring. There was no moon, but stars span­ gled the sky, and their light made It bright enough to see her reflection in the little pool. Obedient to instruc­ tions, she leaned over the placid sur­ face and began to repeat the verse her grandmother had taught her. Her heart stood sfoll' as she heard the ap­ proach of footsteps, but her blood t i o s ^ lir horror when two men took th.efo stand on the other side of the .hedge and began to talk of'their plans. te Ixain will be alooig in about ifhMy minutes,” said the first. *T bet she gets smashed up Some this time.” !, » A m tr m r n : ; r . o™*. Half . mite be,oa#-wa8 . was \evident that theyf l the spikes from one of i ^ that the train would pitl gulch. Even as she knelt over wondering what it would be best! to d3 the sound of a beH came floating' dowq from the house—^the signal th^it'it -wad 12 o’clock. In the water , of -poo] a second face.was r e f l e e t e d , - Myr, tie gave a sigh. *. *1 “If it only was you, Setk,’^ '^ e VhiSi pered. “i need you so.” ' . 1 . “It Is Seth,” --------‘ --- - whisper. Even in her excitement ed deliciously at the word:;; the first time any one haa.;-eane# hei . “dear’ in that ton^ She h ^ f ios her feet “There are two men side of that hedge,” she “One is Bill Logan and th< of his men. They are go! the express into Cat hfe Their whispering was so Iqllpi could not be heard by the ^ „ shadow of the hedge. . ''Se 1 %-;Cd|ched by Myrtle’s grandmother, '\^ap­ proached so softly tiiat eveft ; liad not heard him coming, I ■J outlaws, ignorant of their talked freely of their plans. From their talk it was evide^'%Vi1 they were armed. Seth was ffofii <Du1 there wepe a lot of fallen braneh^. on the ground about them, and cauHpi he selected two stoufostieks. 'i i l . M - men to be.- With a stick Vin ‘ eithe\| hand he separated the shrub#, until iff was able to b ‘ ‘ ‘ \ ' ' crushing force upon the skul^qi....,^ two outlaws. - • '^ 4 '..'/ 'S i Before they could rec6r^“'’ shock he had s] ing possession ......... o— „ Myrtle flew to the house - stood watch. '. Ten minutes later the two trussed up and were being'ca?i^ the house, while Seth made hfo v the track to signal the appro train. The others of the gahg^ hg^; fright at the noise and h and when the train was bronj standstill within a safe dis^nee the loose rail the two rob| piled on board to be takenLfti^ when repairs had been madeiks^ J Three months later little wedding, and Myrfle Vvi on the farm that Seth had i with the reward paid for.t hension of Logan. As the ia |t o |i |l guests left the house the Prentiss tamed to her daughter^iirl^ “It looks as though thereJvrpEppr truth in Halloween supersi|“ said comfortably. “When they’re helped' shameless .fashion yopi,i: young Haskin.” ' '“Helping me out?” eclio< trss. “Why. l w a ^ h e « That’s what Halloween S J we’ll have haven’t apple, and his wife, g the unseemly per- “Jlm’s the engineer, and he ! raft is- out Until ’spouse: Won’t see that the they’re right on It. Thej/H be hi the guliy before they know, what struck lit, V , , . . V >em. We’ll have the s a i^un* away Talkis said to jbe cfileaA, .bhV iiiaiiT A \hefore they get a hint.” ♦ ‘ • - ' * • ” * * she heeded to hear no MOf© of the conYersatloii to guess at thetiaentlty of : at least one of the speaKers. M imas' if a year the southwest ha* sUffetod from the depredatlohs of a gang of wreckers who operated only heavy consignments of specie, Were being carried by the express com-*. ^In place of the usual holdup they Ale- rafled the train, often with heavy loss nouraced ' fco‘ her ,SoH •tendod '4i> Ill'S.- Morse was ’’Oh. Vlrffif? .'She ■ % Wllliami; wojUd -.perspadei f o p You s ^ d fbh’d never leayeiU§||f “Why,^ ,jt, lsn’fo gwffie ,,|q ,foap honey,” and Yira patted. . , of her young mistress.in a comfprti ing me. He’s been roUrf-, too''’ffiueh] lately, an’ yet if I cas’ him offi he’^ get! into mixtrious comp’nft t’a marrvinat.l im.” V dat boy to sabe hii “Yes,” said Mrs. M o r s i l _ . assured by Vita’s tone, but sIighW b eJ wildered nevertheless, “I know •^nil be a fline thing for him, Ylra, but .wonjj^ he want to take you away?’^' . “Whar he get de‘■money?” ' Yira, returning to her work besfopgl eggs with renewed vigor. t F s *^abed my sister, an’ den up in my hr udder, an’ when he gets ua« fam’ly all rounded up an’ has'tp'^dp- istly you fink -he’g.-gVf^d to hab me toiSoppoN:;| I’ly { lo’t ’em'r^ostly you »e in a hurry to hab honey?”—Youth’s Conip: Delicate Apj “It’s awful trying, tffis’ caffiHng fo> fX sick girl,” Mrs. Douglas cOMessi^|:to the friendly visitor who hadi'eaffied-'to inquire for Anay, i , “I believe this convalescent'^usLgpsS comes harder on me than something that she’ll eat Vlth'A^^lfeh I get all riled up ^ o m etim e^tfyi^ , tempt her.” , . * - ; T \ / ‘ The visitor murmured s6metlfing[ sympathetic, and,. - thus -enconfagedi ’ trs. Douglas went on. ^ - , -e “Only yesterday,” shefasald, -“I gpf her a ,pork c’ ------- luyituiCLu;} Mrs. Douglas went on. d l marshmallows for -T o .tL -sCo.,an.on, - r A Sensitive > - Owen Miidge was a verj; behsltfoe man. More than once afoa liarsh. he had forsaken profitable \work li gone home for sympar ^ ‘ . _ _ p - ^ g ' to clear A field.' - /Toward noon Owen came Mudge sighed and waited stiapathet- Ically for the explanation.' ; ’ “I 3ust couldn’t stand it,” s^iM Owen, . rubbing his Jaw. “When I see that > stump puller twist them roots out it * reminded me so of thd the dentist to get back The first thing I knew I .was .limp as iX rag, and I just ached all oveT.^d had -'\.i. ■ / ; -

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