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Ithaca weekly journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 189?-19??, December 26, 1907, Image 1

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Ivi-' \ ■ f w f e l v e P a g e s . j i i : V. ;i ., j , ; . ! \ :.'^- Twelve Pages. VOL. 93. ejse, t ^ O V , THEEWawDHE N r M T WISEOlBElffHtNT E»ctcf A. P o rtcf a Gdod Enough BACK ARRAlQNEO. rndlctid BWghemtortJatt Ertt•Mk^ PUe ©r N^lCuHty^ ; / ; Bmg^sietoe> Bcfi, 2S.;:^An ^diolin«i>t 'Ei>' fBlci. Mr/B«ck, who wift formerly cq*t»rW o| BroombOaucty propenj^^ana good roaii, was um iw e d , OetoM Joatlci Qiorgeii: Lyon today. The indidtmoiit iaidentfdwl with i ^ t against former Coaatyl^roa^nrer BayidKing foje mis. ^V ^ S W O R tH 'S C H u W \b O L D Cannon RecQgnfxoa New YorKor Fin- ^ ^ „ U ...A V « „ •>• • « W m » e “ 1'(“ *' FOR ASIXVEAR TERM. Washington, D ec . .21.-S8nator Cnl- Ion today^introdaced a joint reHolniiqn prpposiiig an amendment to tbn‘[c msti indanilmMDg the term of^prasident.and’ ^maprei^ito^ to six years. Under thie nmeiidinept no prertdent nor vicejpireiiF dent, eithejf V ' felbofion or BUfiopision» ‘ would again he-eiiii^ible for re-eleetioiii. ^ ^ ^ ^ i n f i o i r Was ^ terredto the am - ally Comi Worked or N|Ard From ^Coring Setsionr-IndenendeneeCit^oareigii^ _ __ Waehin|ton, Dec, 23 - T h e moot point of the polttieal status of Bepresphtatiye Pfcter A. Porter, representative ot^lhe’ Niagara Balls dietript nt Bevv T^rt^ i f the House ol Representatiyea,. wMik; nuBU suu.. aetwou .rT'-'V. - ganizition of tfio Honee- mat.ptalanl of Hit. WilUam Lnck, of cordod asaBspnblicanjbtttht^epam Roinoke, to her hnshand today, was be is docketed as a Democrat, ke and ' , £ S v £ 3 2 S S S *\*\•“ \\ ‘K a 5 ars.*i£c ■■ fii^mHUAN m TfiW^WdRFARM j 3 fie Lacked Cavid IHariim’s H o r ie w Rsa a i \ Repnl iteepcrt, h. 1 , sec. 24- accastomea to Jukurfse from , of h<w;Jib Botil re^htlyi wh of an fqheiri taneo of f 101 MiiiNe ICE CROP. Harveat Will Be oh Small Scale This Winter- Angilfeiite.;. Dae^ 23.—Ice cuttiog opontione irh ^ n e -during the preseiit win^ter wiii b#‘ Bcale than for tome years^. The sttmmer was not at ail f«^l*ahfe to theJee industry, and alt thehig e o h ^ ao^^avestock enough PASTOREMANDS D $ 7^00 uni GETST I Aked*s CuhgrdgatidQ Makes Gjod bM iM icit New Xo*kf h ec, 23.—Nearthe close of idspiQinhaMei^ica^c t h e A Asenue BapWet dhtirch—^Rmkefeller’S chn* ch\ —the'^pastor, Rav, Charles F. Aked Bomewhat hlontly told^bls oongregaiioo that the chllfeh needed $7,000 to m-jke goodadefleit ihat was a heritage from aha pwi:ihit»« was aotconnwtM thechnrdii He said that ke did.not. like Baan^^ hwo • ’^ e n iheO h e k saiit; the basketeware Aged womas ICillfd by train. JDiUHOB, aws. 19.—Mrs, Janiw ©rad; S S .S S 5 S S S O P ^ ^ y e thfM a y . She was ?h HtninTSK iNEmiEiiew Dealers Haw Never . Kfown. S u c k . 0. donditfoii JFREIQHT YARDS BLOCKEC BY I t New York State Farmerg Aidinc \ rn the. over Supply of • 8i«A lt P O inl^hflea SofRirtoir from at One Time df 8ueh ; a Vast .;^Mai^ •rovidehce, a I , Dec. 1 Which dpaieys ea^ is nnprmil , and there ^ Aye. n r o | | ^ ; : ■ S S S ^ ^ ' S . l : ill ii® 'BP,: No* t t n # I lriintoid.lhiw.ia it& thto S S ton.;; ________ _ , _____ ^ can now;he_bou8^^Afo¥ |23:*a^.*V l^lhi task otmayfeg “■^^iaiHtiart:; J . enwt oHrottiD enongh to wOTrant tbe hope ttey wonld SH^NS,-»S“si'' fsaasa:\*■’•\*•“ “ m ig r ation t o SIBERIA. f^ssian Mihtoter # a Glowing Pic« lure of Prosperity. . V St. Pelershark, D3C.23.—The uoparal: leled volume-of emigration, to Siberia SKlSigS^SSS!? FIRE ON PASrilOJN ^tC O FARM House Cectroyed at L<Me ciif About #6d,C^aia—Famoo* Old Pinhe. ^ n l o n , Ni L , Dec. 2 0 ,-?ire has ootiibe dlsf4yi^#»>» «hat attso^^ »o«r«^. stables were eeteectoe and the etahhoasC was The loss amopnti ________ Heinke M »f a MeTdeo'M City of ktoklo^y « H^too.-. Diei 23 — svttg m ^ ■M vmm led erwhv be overlo ONONCAGA fo r h u g h e b . Republican Leader C ut in Support of Hia^cmdidacy.',;’; - , y SyraoQie, Dec. 19.-Ray B. iSmithr chairman, of the Rspnhlioan general committee of Qcondaga, today said to ,®te!||a£ 5 g » ! “ : 55 SS.'tSS.'St.S sjs.asw.'*'®^ c^ded to «he government hOtise, the ad- overprodncMoir i ■kiks.: TH«TISITOHITE V T W HOjiSEJTLlWSOII Gave O raG u la r^arnink But nu 'T ip Washington,. Dec. 19.—Thomas' W* Ihe jadges of the Bedersl Court at Ghihuabtia bse ju«i rrodared a dtetoton ly advarfe to the Atteiieaa eialmaii& to !d the fimnteDotoree mine at SantirLa tnat ----- ------- |nakltitoatton,M tUetravei ^reuih cansed him to i ^ h e TefvVJf a ^ r te d that hehad h^no**^^^^ m m s m B ‘'''' fir e in DETROIT, TWO Firemen Berlouely-Injured by Uncontrolitod Deimi*. D?C.. 21,-Fire eaHy today daumgid the eik-story hrtok heitdind el ttmeoreerof ^Iffersoh and W o o d i ^ aveeitety ocom^ed by- jSiwinS. Qeamp N O . 3 ( ! RoelAkM^day teoeiy^ and accepted .tht^sfeiittoh of AearAdmirai WiUatd H i AI oWir of the bureau of, ihVrkMghatto effect. i^ . ^ n d Oaptftia Cameron itoV.-has been appointed to ifo reason for the Hottsei ^ ^ANK CLOSED. y QlVen a s Cauia ^enaton. ^ a i l e l ^ opejff its* ^Vj^^tWvPostodon It b'aa^ tfi'l been sTEnp-BONera - , ... \ -,' ■\■■• ■' Sfttisfaetdry Signs Amidst Pre- 'YAilin'g Gloom A G R lCU L tuR E MAIN BCLWALK Farm era . Are in Strong Financial Condition, and not to Be ^haken bytWeii Street* f e h to - ^ o r e s ^ iie and l^dustrai Conditions GeneraHy Sound—No Talk of Overproduction New York, Dec. 21v;|-The only way to 'aat .tjbe present:sitnation « to at once ijiointed re- | recognize changes in fandsm.9Qtal con* |dijto.ns,wluch,^^ daring It the ihsdl^Q ^ . li frhiBdh e b d o tiJllj?biiM ^ en ea- fecrefftbm ^Wonia^iioti ceedingly iow.Jevel,uand the, succeeding ^^eM ofreadjhatmittLls paiofni b«tJ is is i^^hRnised and ihst^ promptly ar- - fangetoehtaAve^^^ go . ahead on '1 the new hasia, the. quicker wili.be the real rec every/. While .there are. atU 1 ,many uDB6tUing elementp in the situation 4 toeatisfaelory.toobierye son^e cam- |?0jBS«Hd»t wbieb may be too esieily lost stringency. > T O F S P A I N New York, ttec 2t .—That the Obriat- maa bawinees thia year will be smaller ritah It iwae laat year la admitHd: by, moat :^lders^|^I^. T^k^ The crowds U S S w f s NAMES HltST CHOICE . SECOND THIP.Df Theodore Kobsevelt 1,127 va ! Charles K, Hiiirhes 297 Georg\ B.T'ortelyora ±>l I | _ _ ___ _ ___ —. Wl»{^ H, Taft.,-,, :4. i w ' 5 ‘ ms, Port of Spain, Trinidad. iThe\department sends to and officers and men under your cominand \heSt wishes for a s , r s » = 5 ' £ : | S S ' ^ s s WNATdRMAU.ORTDE*0. B°°»»Hy°°Pa. C. prvm intFt F i ,r i d . D,m KT«r w a . N e w t d r k S t a t e s . .SbAruino-''SM'AinTld.'rWMm.. ‘ \■ WMiii *BR \ .Etorvine- ■ Se«eH«h?1fiwm..' „ , .s Jfensaebtop Ka.* 2 ^ ^ l e h a to f ^ Stephen Russell Maltory diedllt 12:40 this toorning. ■ ■>- - / ' ■ - . > W'ashingtcn. Dec. 2 3 .-3enator StePh^ dn^HaaieCTAll#!^ e<fla»j|:ia,^7wM bW nJtoved^ ^ m ; , He entoiM , thn Ctotifodets*^^^^^ in BfG^PKECROP 2,000,odd Bnrrelln Held in Cold Storage / ki^^a, D^c. 20.—There have been averything -that has been given out by f«t Producers and-ccmmiesipn , _ «t the ,«B^fe;that the 1909.. ; / / / , ^ CRUELTY.TO CATTLE. •; ■ uncle ftim i$ to Puntoh it Moet ^ Severely. . _ _ ' 0 M B » » » T h i T » l W i ^ DE BEERS DlViPENORAiSED. Unfavorahie Outlook In liimoiid .■ '-\.TitoieOlvei! a# . . ,; Dse, S0,-:-»l»»#^ daferrea= dividend of the De8s«ii Oonsolldated. iKssaraassss’ mUe ontlook to the diamdiid UNi that U to neeeenary to s trer ■ Y 1 i S £ S S ! l S M s » _ ^ . Atoieted to flte daye a v iikt GREEN an d GAYNOR LOSE. Suprem e C o u rt Denies Petition for Review. Wfiehiogton. Dae. The Supreme Court oPihe United SiatO s^dayiehled the petition for writs of 'certiorarf, bring­ ing into • thiat chart the oaSea: o£ ;the Q ^ n a n a ^ ^ ^ n o ? , im ^ r aentonce tO ;pay a fine o f f 575^749 and to undergo terms of imprtodnment of tout years each on the charges of embezzle- meht' and oonfipiraoy, to eoancotion with OAptain Oberlin M. Carter, to de­ fraud the United States! in connection with the harbor improyements at ^avan- nah.G a i - The effect of denigl of petition for a reyieil' by the Supreme Oontt haa the effect of leaving to force the dee'sipn of the'District Court. The court’e decision was annoiinced by Chief* Just*c a FaUer and there was no wrRten opinion. . GRIPPE GRIPS GOVERNOR. Albimy, Dae. 21.—Governor Hnghee was Obliged practically to give up work today on account of an attack of the grippe. His physician, Dr. Dr. G. E. Gorham, urged him to go to bed f jr a few days but he retosed^to do that and remained at the executive mansion. He has cancelled his eng^ements in New York on Monday, which included the dinners of the New England Society and the Eeninokians. rasSEIfElTIRST F CHOICEFEOPLE O P H u g h e s Show s Up US Second Strong IN^mIGHT G L Stores Crowded But Little ‘ Money Being Spent f e t , second and third choias for preri- dent of the citizens of your conimunity? “ To what, deguge. if any, has toe under any clrcum8lBr4ces accent a le- Syracuse, Daoi' 211-i^Ghaifies W . ^ 4.rthur,^iormerly a Congregational m in-, S S S i S ^ S SS 2 « S = PREHISTORIC MONSTER. Feelh and Bones of a Rare Relic Found in Montana. H elW i Mont., Dec. 19.—While at work on.the Milwaukee roadbed near Helena, wofkmen noearthed the teeth and hdneB df a gigantic Mastodon. The.Iargest. tooth weighed more than TourpqnndSi. . Dr. Ohajlea N. Reinig,. who has made many explorations in tho wilds o f Sopth ifrica and who has a large, collection of ance to tne '«aa had made this tropio region. . . , TAKES HER 0 # N LIFE. woman of 35 Despondent Owing to lii Health. - Watertown, Dec. 20.—By the aid of a string, which she had had fastened to the trigger of a loaded shot gun, Mrs. Samnei Landon, ageid 3^i of Omar, ended her lito I yesterday, the heavy Charge of shot completely tearing away TO OPEN DRUCE GRAVE. Mystery in Duke of Portland Case : to boSattled. ' London, Dee. 20.-The Home Office has oonsentod to the opening of the ^rave of T. O. Druce, in Higl^gate ceme- »ry, and shortly after Christmas the laesdon whether the coffin contains # oody o r a roll of lead should be di- ‘ramation on behalf of Sootland Yard. Ruaaton Automobiie Oonw,. 81. Pstessbmg, Deo. ^ .'-T h e Rnstlan wa* department has ordered the forms pS 255 Kr«S-L^u\“''>‘' POLL IN STATE OF NEW YORK Republican Ue«R«e of ©Jupg MakCB Public Answers to Letters Of In­ quiry Sent to Prominent Men in Various I Communities—Taft and Cannon No Favorites in E mpIreState Washington, Dec. 19.—John A. Stew­ art, president of the Republican League of Olnbs of New York, who came to Washington yesterday, mader the follow­ ing statement concerning the latest poll of the toagn?: Between'Novemb9r26 and 29,incla8- iye, there were Bent o at trom the head- quartets of the Republican League of Olnbs of the State of New York, and tbrougu memhers of the league, five thousand Jetters addressed to men of in- uaenoe in their respective communities, bat ybo are not iCtoatified directly with political organizations, but a t the same time who are men of strong political in­ fluence. The letter in part, was as fol- *°“ Tae Leagi Tae League t le years, is ooi of President iBooiation And Still More Gold. PLANSoHEND t E DIG ^ p i PLANT Hudson River ' Btoctric Co. td Expend $3,232,000 Albany, Dec. 20.—The Public Service Oommission in the second 'district an- noanees that it has approved the appli­ cation of the Hndaph\ River Electric Power Co. to extend its plant and tor' anthority to ia.8U^ $3,232,000 five per cant 40 year - gold Ipbnds to cover the expense of the proposed improvCmenlB and exteneions. The opinion is by Commissioner Decker and in it the policy of tim e ‘ ‘ ' “ ' ^ ^ p | S S £ the property and improvements involved m the Storage dam. at a price not to g ^ d toe amount of capital actually Cotton Bulletin issued. Washington, Deo. 20.—The census SS®IS? . bales es compared with 11,112,789 bales v-i Prevention of Cruelty to Children, is under arrest charged with grand larceny in the second dhgrCB in having Mffiap- > amounting to over About a m q n t^ a g o h e toSignedfrOM le organizatiojBranrpurchaeea a houee, 1 which h«v made, extoneive improve- - - - -Tt -• . > money to i «ae- Wben taken i&to custody hc con- feeaed h it peculatioha.

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