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tTH E I T H A C A W g E a g l.Y JO trB 1<TAll.. THTTRSDAY^ M A B O S g,,1905. Mfi- MAItCH 190S |E6l27 T u . W e . Sar. MOe>N'S PHASES. 6 “s I © s : 14 SS I on 11:50 m A\J _p.m. ilrd nn 4:S8 larter 4 / p.m. IT H A C A i J O U R N A L . oebindthezi ?S.OO, Is it hot heat to; w y a th e SD ee&ts by paying In advance? Thursday, March 2 ^ 1905. WHISTUB SiaNACJS Of Mynderee Vafl Cle^f, No. 'm North Gteneva street. • Ifrlv OfW liie jprefiefit ^occupant fe to imovfr tp her Sheldyakp home. aire. S. P. Sherwood, of Tru- mapshurg, ii to reside with her son, rr^he -M^ of the Suprerae dourt wiU convene in thiausity on March young delivery boy named Hast­ ings in the eiaplby of Watizer 4 ^owell v feUoh an icy ' Sidewalk: Taeaday.-and sprained his right wrist hadJy. -^“ Ib does seem to me sometimes as though you are only half-witted,” said a nervous motbec -to her lO year-oid eon.' « ^ e li, molher, you know I am ohly half grown,” was his quick reply.. plaps now under..consideration l^y S. M. Oltz-'are carried oUit, he, will.con­ vert his planing mill in North Albany street into an apartment house. This plant is now idle, Mr. tlltz having trass- lerred his business to his new establish­ ment on Third street. ' — A handsome picture, of a fishing scene in Canada, waS' tendered to County Clerk, Van Kirk last Monday through District Passenger Agent Milla- paugh olE tho^ Lehigh Valley as a gift from Eobsrt^Busgby, of Cortland, of the Grand Trunk Nailroad Company. ___ ... rningr- h^s &s6zi stmnded longr blasts (Of six ssooMs duraMon) refer to Weath- ee And ahorfe b lasts (of two seconds d u ration) refer to teuiperature; those for weather to be Two h)i^— _ _ One short?- ---- Twc short ------ Three Short __ Indicate. —Pair weather «Bsm or snow -Lower tempetatare -Higher temperature - ---------- -Coll Wave . -^Spring is coming. ^Bpys are p l ^ i n | “ miba” on th^ street, -Orchardists say that p e a c e s ^arCAil right up to the p r e s e t time,'in} this region. ' ... : - ^ 4 ' .'-.v uga street for $1,000. - ^ —The final accounting in the'cjBimti'of Enoch Morgan W a a - h ^ in gate’s Court last Satfird:^.. ' ' ; \ ' ' —Trainmen tm the dP^enitVallmalis. in thi§,-pg^t of the' S t a t s . r^orfev travel is exceptionally light. , • ^ —It is rhaaored that a imndsdme tesv idence is hkely to be built, i n the V a n ­ ity of jDeWitt Fai'ki- possihly thffefium^ -® iel8em ingt6n sait has lo far this wce^ shipped o u t 45 car-iohds of ssilt;^ One shipment wnstiteted a t r a if of 22 cars. -^The annual meeting for the installar tion of officers of Tompkins County Po­ mona Grange-will be held §^atUfd^, miQwf xemp^c. , —M h hefiedt m u sical to hn given a t ^.the home of Mrs. E, G. Wyekoff,;hnder the auspices o f the Child Stua|^Cfnb, ^ ^ e ^aca ^ Tn^day, March yth: —A Sfeiie^ o f revival meetings wih be . commenced at the Pirs* Methodist Epis­ copal p hurch nmet Sunday., Mis. Walk­ er, a fine Singer^ of Syracuse, .wili assiSti ■—4 reBldent of- Elm street says that^ every few days robins are seen Und are heard'Binging on f em posed that they have beem here all win- NEW Fitww. Aaron Pbyer is confined to his house by fliness. - Mrs Cora Seabring, of Spencer, is visiting berei . George Adams, is BP6bding some time Mm. Jennie Damance,, of Norwich is visitmg relatives iih>towm lyNMmi. f la p k is^sitiag relalivep in UwiaiW , Niagara County. ; .rThe’Eaptist society guye u dinner iu mo ,chufCh morns ;W ^ l^iiM a ryl^njrbP. of Eostsii. theJaheral of h Pecb,^atutday. . has purchased tb 4 ^ Creek, com^ .tmnjng about fifty acreH. Twfghfe, StimBey and family ^ a v e Moved to the far m which Ihey reoeHtly^ puyiMaaed on Laugfarffl'Eflli ^ Jhere was a dagemg p a tty - in Pitdley aail Friday night. The; ahair went off ; very ptealamiy, ahout forty conpIeB par^eipatiugi. TEe4dwn hoard held a meeting Mon­ day night to consider matrnrs in relation to the appeal from their deeiSibaln the latfetihim meeting. ^ . ‘te a . Lottie Jliimaey wM return to Ithaca to reside, April itest*; She came here from Itha'ca'to care for her father, me lam Wesley Clark. - . A good attendance is deirired at the meet&g o f the teBooie vLodgm Friday; —The sick list growsJarger every day and the physicians state that that there is more lUness a t this tim$ of the year from grip, broachitis and pneumonia than at any other., - —Senator Oassidy Feh* 223, iutrr- dUCed a bill in the Senate providing for an appropriation vof. $15,000 for the im ­ provement of the h arhor.aad backwater in Seneca Lake at Watkins. --E.' J. Peattey has rented his: n e w ' houses, corner o f Lake avenue andIpas-; cadilla Btreets, to F . T,-Dudley, the drug­ gist, mid George S. Hopper, a-traveling agent now residing on South Geneva' ■street.^ V r>'' -Farm e rs m Ibis p a rt of the country are being aupplied with electric bells in their houBea, attached by wire to their maU bosesy The free delivery carrier presaes a button and thus notifies ihe household Qf his a r t i ^ l . . —The many' ducks now on-Cayuga Lake are a great tem^tataoft to huntets, hut the boys all fembmber that'the sea­ son closed panuary\ 1st, and there is a heavy fine for. shOQtmg at them, so take it put'in wishingW|hterlakeu Bevfew, —flaistead HiroBett, who has,served three y^ars m the EjEmira refSrmator}. where fie was ‘emit from D^ng lelaudK has been n a roiei to this city where. be has {secured ehaployment. During his parole Bennett Wm he in charge Pl OMcf ofPoU c e V a n O ^ e r. -'-Mm. Beebe, the Ci^ misBionary, makes an appeal for eontrihmions of ciildrea^s clothing Goats and trou8er§.|or boys irnd ebadren’s shoes are capecially desired. Mrs. Beebe has a number pi needy c b i l d ^ in her chmge between the agss of F and 12. —The fortmimtly eooial gatherings, held under the direct personal aOpervi- siod of Father Evans, in the paritti hoHse of the Catholic Ghurchtire lantfftr attended and thoroughly enicyed by those who do attend.: More ttum twn hundred went a t the last soMaL —Oharles E. Sherwood teitefi of Commodore telloggthe r e b ^ iwidimoe The Athletics dCfeated the. All. Dtica baeketfeallfeam Thursday eveningi score 45 to m ' - Mrs, George Oscar Brown of Stamford, Conn., is visiting her mother, Mrs; J. H , McCarty. ^ , V ThomW Bulyer, who has been here for a short time has Jett for his home in the City of Mexico. 1 ■ . ' • Mrs. A. ly, McNett has goW -to Eitts- bnrg to s^ n d .sotne time ;Fith / h e r daughter, t e s . Stuart* T O W N N E W S . ^ Continued from Second Faee. 4 tery ohserved in the. schools jshd seyer- al private parties wcm held to celebrate the day, •; - ‘ Son. and Mrs. D- W* Van Hoesen ssiled Saturday from New York City for Porto Eico and others of the West In­ dies Islands. j Division Freight Agent W. 1* Wood of the Lackawanna, has gone to ^oridA for his health. His wife and daughter accompanied him* ’ Clayton H , Bueii has eo_^far Recovered from the coasting accident as to resume bis duties as correspondent of the Sun­ day Elmira Telegram. Miss Cathprinp Himes, of Hew York, has been engaged by the Adlauff Bchool of Music to assiat in dramatic, work in the elocution doj^artment. - , linioM revival-jsfervices^ w e re h e l d all last weefc and still conttpne in tbe First o£ttie‘meetings* Town meeting ;:^ p d quietly last Tuesday, Febraary 21 . The chief iater- ^ eal was cm excise |u TSomer and Oort- at^ijwent he proposes |ci; match Some ostrich eggs in aniUenhatoA Aoriy days itissaid WiU b e ’i®«ded\tb hatjch them. ! ^The bl^rity h a ir w a r n u o h a4acce.B8, t h ^ Cleared neariy-fiibOb for thehos\ pital and in Qrder;^to make a n eyemthfng of it is to h e h ckarity^ whist party heldat.the hotel SattBCday after- nbou, March 4th* . Mrs, Lada. Widger eartumi iaet Wednesday uiiht at - ‘ t a ^ g Chtorolcirm. S e t hti h e r in i e b a f e ih h w h ii tt i^ water ghd a h a ttl? orchlo bpitom, t t » thQhght e h ^ been deranged,She Albett HoffmanV Cortland, died last a t the home of-hia dauimtfer,^ M r^K e ree* at Great NeckJ/Ii. i, i His r C E ^ ^ were hronght ME._ ;and ' Mrs*^ !,oi Sniff! :nffMo,-arp in toWii. They. Duj^ey Haff*,Satu*4av,.^H^ 4th.* wilLhe addressed % ^ P l cps^uctor o f Farmer^-Institnfes, andJ I?.-W -./ 5 , rj,,,.,,.,! W. Peckwas o’clock.’ The^ev.MW-.EieglesV df^th. acs; officia^d. The ffiterm ent’ was-in BrooksMe Cem eie^- . , : . , - - . The regular meeting of t ^ . ,Woman’e. - A large portion o lih e ivy v inet|S i: ' ^ ® has been an object of beauty hn the southweat front of the Eff^SchOprbiiild- ^ iug has been broken Off a fOw feet above thegrpttnd. —About $100 was realize^ from .the. Maccabee fair. The gold watches i^re won by Harry Eyerson, of Treman, King & Co., and by Mrs' Scott,.. of .Me­ chanic street. ^ VanMajetef, o h F riday aftefnoom March 3i a t S Mclockr All are c o f-^lly invited to.attend. . TRBMBULL GORNeRS. A, L. BishopTs v^y poorly. S, tt. Soule and Joseph Drake are hprii hbie to he o u f on the Streets again. AUj-msenfeenji^ea-thfe sermon by the new p;-B6or a t the M. E* C hurch Met Su ^ i s s Anna Eresga is spending a fort­ night at C. Fv-Snoith’i, near Jacksoh- wale*/- . ; Mrs. J* C, SaxnbU .is- gaining. Her d^ght&r, MmiMrank Eo'e» ie haring fori Mrs. Anna WilliamSjL Who haa been in,' Newfieid for Some time; returned ^ e d - n e s i a y l' : ■ MJsA 'N o ra wifi apettd - th^ aumaikr with Mrs* A^ftie Smith» near fiacksOnvfilA . ' . Z ' ■ ; Little Freda Andrew, as yet,.> has ex- perieneedno trnnbla im m khe swallowed a week ago. Thft L* H* S-'soeiety will, take dinner with Mrs. S. d* EtiDQShy oh .Satnifday* March 4 , Afi are cordially Inyited to Uteud. A m m B m i m B m - t / CORtiAND* *. The wgathe^ &epas£ week has been fine.. * J : - Mrs. A. N. Wsbsler of Atibiiwi. is the\ ghest of friends in town, Gyraa Enapp, of FrdevBle, is visiting h!8 8o«, Dr; Enatip, i u tfaif, city. There 18 tb he no banquet this year a s , ■ja usual Qu.the eve o f '%. Tatrick’e Day. lugbwr.,MrS. btuart* - . g . r*-vmage lecsureu Washington’s birthday was hppropriV' beforethe Lazy.Giuhat Gornellon MoU' ..r*: evening, his subject being “ Fruit Growing in New E ngland.’’ , ,186*. Groton avenne.' He was 66 y lars of / LUbl^wyiLLE aylvania, are at.hiome, for, a vacation. are Mrfft Av.M^PodPovkf Mr* and Mrs, D, Lum h ard^na Mr. Rodgers. .ThAcpnCert heM/Pn |he 25fe in the iFreabyterian Charch was a sacoess, an d : enjoyed b ^ a il, as, a^oei every .nffmber had a'xecail./ ' . . / / “ : Charles E,. . Wood haw purchased A farm’of ninety' aer(^, located five miles north pfthAviilage. fe^Wn as the Jacoh Sw ^ z e p laoei''/- : . . / t f :■ ■ Dr* Lodeman. lQs|''a' valuable horse last week. It* was b o n d ing a t S, Misrey’s on Greek street, and was found dead in inthe moraJiig.' Mr*, and t e s , J , >H*'Pl6ylen started on Bavnrday, thrjs^lb, for/ their new» home c a a g a b l^ f t^ ;They have resided here for nine years. te s . Charleft Ca»pbell had themis- tor|pde to.3am her head aga1n8t the back of a chair injuring it very badly. A doptbr was, oaii$d*, '-‘The E'ev. M*'A* Soper pondacted the ffineral o f Mi». Eathbrine Laraev last I^D B S iay, the 22 n d / Mr. and' Mrs W ^iam Laracy, of Ithaca, were in at-' ,;t6idatiflev-: //T h e Misses Anna ' and Joaepbihe Howefij Jhiia ErotW ;and Marguerice Efari united with the Methodist Episoo- Tpal Charch in foil membemhip p» $ufi- d|^,thc26tb, Mrs.'CorMah hAd the miafoxtuhetu hC hlkin the,back by- a hoard which flOw otta -pieebof machinery at the salt plant last w eek. She was . taken to her h p ^ e attdA physiciAn was called; The funeral of .the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thoniks McGill was held' list week at their home* The Eev. M* Ar Soper conducted the short sartice. Mias McGUl, of A u b ijm ,:ffs' prCient, ^ oMBy heiqht A. Mr. and Mm* fiohn Wood. of. Athens; ra „ are spending some ttme With bis brotbeL'Fi q. Wood*. . Jay Hamblin bas sold' a quanity of hay to Seaman’B livery stabie.at Itbaoa J J i . and is now drawing i t ts platee. Mr. and Mrs. W, E* Hamblin re­ turned last Tuesday to their home in MecklenbttTg after spending a week vis­ iting friends in tWa place. * PROSPEQ7 WthLEf, Meetings are being hMd a | the church every this week wmsAting Satur­ day nighte / ’ OlarenUB Ohilds ha* ptti^u«ad j , M. Allett’«hdtte9.iit.iE^ ahAua^eets to move into i t a t once. ' . It i* rnmored that j / M. Ajien haa bought Cfintrih* MaynV fattn J^re and, mtehd* In iMThon tt i w t week; . . A\'- ?7\~FV-'7T^ -j, S -ffl# S' Eaymdnd andiAdee WagAref Elmiras aie visiting at Ezra Brown’s. - ^ The price Of Milk w a i ieduead to |1.80 per 100 pounds At the local station on the ItU/h, , ^Mr. and Mrs, Bert |*ane are the , par­ ents of a spn born Wednesday j F ebru­ ary 22nd. , ' Some froth this village attended an evening party at. Orchard Place on the State Eoad on Saturday. John Sharpstein moved bis household goods from LanSing on Monday and With his family is now occupying the Mount house, •' , George EhapP Of Pleasant Valley and Miss Anna Obllini, daughter of HartSott Gollins of this Village Were married by W. P. French on iSuEday* 0. E. Ghapman of this village lectured '/^GANliolhv/ } } ; ; . AndreW/rucker is gainmgilhwly. - Fremont Eirk is 'qflitesiek with grip. Mi0S Mary Lagrunge Eas moved to Owego, Scott Gone will occupy her home* , Geprgp Ahart who'has been quite rick for a few days is now able to resume his work. • - , Married,^ iu Owego, by the Eev* Father Sheridan, M ss Mary Mooney andEu- genePareiia, both of Oandor. Fllis & Moore have purchased the upper grist mill and plaining milLpf Bostwiok& Johnson, and Will run both mills in the future.- Leland HollisteFof Slaterville. Springs has purohased the hard ware husineas of A. 0 . Hart*» The Store is . imdergoing 'repail's and a new stock fis being put in* .The firm of G; Baylor & John Meloy has dissolved partnership. Mr, Mje^oy Willcontinueyrorking inthe shop audMr. Baylor will move to Hubbard Towa on? the farin he recently purchased. WORTH l ANSJWQ. Hasted Shaw is improving. ' Mr. PersoniUs h\ovea from the Oonklfu farm to the Captain Tiff farm this The Ladies’ Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Andrew Brink, Tbursdayj March 9th, for dinner. . Mrs* Hattie Buck spent a .few days last week with her brother and familyi The Saturday, 'edition of .an Ithacs daily paper rather “ calls down” your correspondent on an article he senjt T he ITHAOA JopENAL last Week cpngratulat- ing Superrisorjdbunt on the majority of 170 given him at the late town election, ■and added that tlie official count gave Mr. Mount b u t VO and that he received the smalleat majority excepting one o f any of the’ candidates on the .^tieiket. Oar authbrily is no leas a perSonage than Mr. Mount himself wfip had the official returns as taken from, the vot­ ing machines, the night of election, and verified by the town clerk, the’ for r Justices of the^ow n and^he Groton Journal pubfiahed the foUowing day. Mr. Mount’s plurality exceeded that given any other candidate, tbe currant false reports iiOt WffhStianding. GRIOLEYVILUB. Ray Allen is rick With grip. It is repotted that Eay.Downing will movp near Ithaca this spring. Revival meetrogs are hrid ip Prospect VaUey at th e ' Methodist Ghumh this w e e k ,'' ■'' ,. ' . S»hopl-*«B««seB4 Itt^BteWo* Bo. 3 \■ SoIOnOH I>y*emfiii i^oarrag faoli. Mr, ^ d Mrs;*^rthur Deyo, of Gwego, reemt jnests afr^h-^ homesof OrinllyKe-*' man in this t laCe a n d Splonps Dykcman in F r o ^ 4 Valley.- ' ; . ’ *' Nellie Blocum, Who has been visiting the past week id this Vicinity .rctafned to her t o i l iff Bjooktoii SgtiirdAF/Sbe dnes in tdneb with ibe ontside-woridi and the happenings afi ab'ont Us, wbicb is thoroughly enjoyed by its many read- ,#8*. '; ' } .John WiUia. is hauKftg slM^e bblta to Ithaca. ' . Arthur Wood is bauHng some saw logs ' to Trmnnnshuiit-^' ■- f.'- •- .-c'-'-'-v-* ; -Some in thiS: vicinity are disposing of their beans; in Interlaken, Wifiiam Almy recently, p&rch^ a Tuluable cowoj Charies H«rkeri Mis3 -A«na*liire4ri** ‘iOf TrumbfipOorU- ets, is Visitgig tier mnclp* Charies F. 'Sm ith.,/ W ..P. Lykei of Efpm Gorners, sold ;his big£eam 0 f.SQffels*to D* U Boss, ,of Enfield G e n t e r / l a s t y ^ ; p , The. maby friends of F i # G* Barr, of- Ithada,:were i i c h to learn of Mrs. - Baw^e'^de&tb; and extend their sympathy iri flte bereavea family. , : I t wfii; ho donoF please many of the patrons o f tbA' HalseyriHe grist, 4miU to aiow that John j e t e ^ in the spring ) mstall one o f the latest improved steel mms f o r gtMding/feed* This milLwill not only p ^ S ttop a much-better quality; Of feed -bat will also d h lar more rapid woik than-thnoidAtone mill, Oharies HtfffinirA is convalescing typhoid feyer.; V / / ‘ The roadA-are , in bad;Oondition from the recant thaw. . ' / / *; Mrs.' FU^aheth Eerst, who has been suffering from'a fait and bad cold iss muobfiW roved.. . / ‘ \ The'*you’ng people under. the auspices of the ii. B* S, arh rehearsihg for an ex- hibhiott to he givon'in the town h»ll, March Itlth. An inyitation-is extended Jto all* A sinri^ admission fee will be charged a t the doori , vA,_meriFl^^^ people young and*old after Anjoymg a sleigh rid© , ggye Mrs. Ghauncey EristapcL family a surprise at her homaAt thfipoint last We&xesday; evening. Molasses candy, And gaines were tednlged-in. Leop Wwtervelt was the driver a n d ' a feature d f ia e ride was the m«f3^ jingle Of his c o t befi^^^ _ ■ •■gAhtNioQg*' G o W t i i r e F M ^ ^ . , :: \ Iv jm D a r i|li qdttfiH. : . . , Oharles DHt^nden i f reported as bring iff in.a hOfritaLim \ 1 :;}Abra;m efineblaek teitta- a tri haMAse*' ; i T r a c r E n ^ w r i* tiff.w o rk Mrs, Cora Gampbril’s farm the. eomitKseabn* ' ' The M- E.' Ohnreh dime social hrid a t the honm of H r. a n d Mrs, ^ roy.M ann, listF riday evnoiag, was weU .attended and a t s t y ©njoyal^ affair, NAt -t«n- / ; J m a LanringriUe ^ s l - o t d e r . ^ouAapJIfc a a d '. ^ * Dr. Enapp, of Dryden. Henry Barger is moving from the George Bower farm to the farm of Mrs. E, McGordus, on the lake road, . ^ T/omaa Small was caUed to Clevplandi Ohio, last Wednesday % y 4he sudden; d?ath of bis only brother, p(?Borgei Smail.^, . • - Mr&JMary A.- Small-attended the^nfis-., Sionary cohventlmt in Syraepse last weekiremainingfia the;city over Bunfixy.; COBNlLh SECOND GREW TO BOSTON. WILL ROW. HABVARB’S SEOORO, EIGHT. ON oharles river . \ XW b I s rietTirn of Ccprtesiea Slate the O r ^ s o s I B a S R o w e d Aa^ojea £ « r Xbrre. X e ^ S —Xos»l6lA .Rintriea fo r .Ajnerican Renley Grow. FiSw»r anU Fewer. On Wednesday Judge FraUk Iivl'ne, presidentAf tfie Atbletic .OonneU of Cor- neff~~HmyerBity .,made' the official an­ nouncement that Gornell would send a second eight*da|;ed Varsity crew to Bos-, fern to row the Sarvard second crew on the Charies river on Saturday, May 22. An Associated Press^ dispatch from Boston, Wednegday stated ttiattheH ar- vard athletic, committee had granted permierion to their second crew to row Oomeli ..there and it was in response to this that Judge Irvine made the an­ nouncement. For the past three years Harvard has^ sent her second crew to Ithaca to row on Cayuga Lake and it was .thought best to have the race 14 Boston one year^ in order to give . the people there a chance to see a Cornell crew and- its system as taught by Coach Courtney. In the races on Ca;^ga, which bave bemi along the Eastern bank for two mfies above Einney’s Point, Cornell has Slways been successful. Except last year when Cornell and Harvard rowed alone in this race, Penneylvania was al­ so a-contestant when her own regatta.in the American Henley kept her away. • The race this year will be roWed on ‘ike.rmle and seven-eights course on the C h a rl^ river, which separatps Boston . f ^ j ^ m b r i d g e v j ^ ^ the Dmon Boat Glubto theLongwOod bridge. TheHar- on her return from Byracage. ; / /GRGTriri., - ■/ . Mf? and Lincoln have a ’ easily scfen Harvard will eater .: second brews in the Aoaerican F t e n l^ on the Schuylkill river, Philadel­ phia, on Decoration Day. Sometims ago it announced ffbm Philadelphia - that Cornell, 'Harvarl, Yale, Gblumhia* W and George-, town besides PeanBylvania, would com­ pete mJffeAmoriean Henley th^re. ^ . Now since Cbrliell and Haevard Cau- Hptrpwjbere anA^G^umhia is to row Aun«pSS|irat Annapolis aboUt the saiue '^ tim e liiat S e Henley is tq come off fhe^’ fof W aebinglbfi/ D* C*i * to attend t h e : ih&ugjaration Of, President Rgosevelfr. Jdiaia Mabej, Gotauch returned' home last ThUradiiylrom a viirit with her uncle ^ E e V * - H e n / y F ^ ‘ ■-- •WiUiam Wood i to Ithaca to live. Watrous will'occupy thAIOohis ttitthb Atwood block vacated by Mr. Wood.- James P T itchft^ tegs Manfi m baderij filling^ Mrs-' Sykes’ pll0« The’ pioneer Sosa ''eompnny their, triy. succsssfjil fair on Fridgy njgh#, With a fireman’s hail^ The . company, cleared oVer.4veItiuadred doUarSi p £ ^ .of which will be used to purchase ne w uaiforma* OARQLINE. Tbe funeral seryiees of Frank Earalfiy were held Tuesday,: February filst, at the home of MS father, Frnneis Earsley, in. Gittqpe* , There -werVE lafge hum- b e t of friendiAfid rela^ves prelenir* The deceased Was ^ yeri:e:oM» tritff the exception Of a shott time spent in Mi^hi- gaa*,.^a#.::Jwed/niP ffiriim ;parents. GontihaeT ;m health * caused him to take ffiis: own fife oh February iSth. He is aurrivefi by h tt parents and two brothers,/Jlmar Earsli^; fif Garo-' linfi, and The^n i^alriey, 0 f Slatervill^ ■ ' - . ASSpRY. - , .Mrs* Newton Brown has the g r ip,' Jnmes Muiien, who has .been quiteili; iSjcecOveriDg, .. te* end Mrs* Smith Wood> are rejoic­ ing Over Xhe birth of a daughter. > Fbsd Mattih is moving his;fnmily from Bishop Boweris house into''^harles Eey- hold^s h o u s e ;.. ■ . . Mri* F. M. Hagin returned home Sun­ day after Bpending k few teeks wfih her dangfiter, MisT* B rit ^ b h i* a t Groton. ... CAROLINE CENTER. ■ J. S. Rockefeller is'to'.MoraVia on business.; ,* / • ' - ' V •/ 0 . Ghfford is -tfie gttwfe of Eev. and M rs*P,J*N il^oiSpeeds^Jle. ' 60OP ASRICOLTURAL POSITIGNS. ; . CpenlngS for thiii Yaar’s Cradnatss Jin 'montftnu Funmplwvs* , - ^ The attention of those members of the ^ College of Agripaiture who expect to graduate thia y?:ar is called to^the large number of agricultural' openinga both \ a Ong the lioea of experimentathMi and alsoin teaching in the Philiopine Service. The Dnited Staijes Civil Service Gom- mission announces an examination for these positions April 5 and 6. Some farther details may be seen on page 31^ of Science for February 24. There are also opportunities for saVi eral young men who poasees a fair k lowledge of farming operations to se( cure employment on an irrigated ranch m Montana for the coming season, ■ No knowledge of irrigation methods Is required, and the wages are $25 per month and board. The employer will also pay the car fare one way. This is an excellent opportunity to become aci quainted with the western irrigation system. Further particulars ihay b ” obtained from J, A. Wheeler, at 105 Eddy street. IN THE SURROGATE'S COURT. The will of the late W. E. Mitchell, of the town of Ithaca, was probated before the County Surrogate today with letters issued to Eugene Mitchell. The final accounting in the estate of the late Harriet Mitchell of the town of Ithaca, was held last Friday before Surrogate Blood. ® The will of the late Harriet A. P /ck, of Newfieid, was probated Wednesday be- . fore the Surrogate. , ' L e tters of ad m i n i s tr a t i o n w e r e issu e d i ■ the estate of the late Susan E* PhiiUps, ‘CaroL^. to Phillips, anfi in ib i estate of the late MaYy D* Smith tb S. Lyman Smith. ■ .a FORWIER STUDENT ri^D . jgnihfp Annnnusfinoots aiinsrif pt Kins* 'A'difp'atch to thp New York Sun from ^Wilkmrhawe, Pa., today says, ^‘Oscar M. riauca.jr,,.Cornell ’96, of Kingston, Pa'., welt known .here !in society andhhe of corps of the Spring Brook mpany,:shot himself in the he*a yestASday, With fatal fe-- ' “ There V a ta k p r that he was diA appointed'ih_a\T® hut the family \Cahnot Vriif|f/tfM can aesign no ©afiSB for suicifib. \ ; *%aiice bad b e e ^ u t all the mornlDg, mififite later thb Sbot wa^^ He was a Cornell gradnatc,- class Ojf/^) ried for Some time was saperm tend^i of the barthagC) Mo* Water 0|>mpany.’^\ CITY MAY OWN SPRINGS. . Water Board ^roenzes an Option tTpen *. ' tUe WitoaUiFVarm:^ The City W4ter commission has pro­ cured an,option upon the Williams farm nem Goy’s Glen, south Of this City, upon which there are n . number ot excellent spriugs of pure water, ' The Gpuimission' «■“ at presedt experimenting with, the OradUBteo Specialist j ; ' SPeOIALTIES t C a l a f f h a a d OisiEiRses of f h i ’OEt aad Israg s . ilY fir and Sexaal Orasn* Positive Cufe of the Liquor, Morphine and , ,^r©.pisans Kabit.. Ctfnsultatidn l^ree and Private at the /C i l i t i o n . H o u s e s f t h a c d s :WIKDHE$&AY, MIttrch 22 M0R.4V1A Hottss, Taesilsy,.March Zt’ j • ^ ' .AeC;e»ery :^or weeks 'tSserB^fts. ' ©FF5CE, 3ti;i P^Wei^Etock, Hc^bester, cveoi SaSii'dey sad Sendsy. . TreApdeatt: fi Uslfieai not to eseesc $3.9 > *yoi . .S f S ' S S ' m 'S .'I S S ^ ^ E W S I a l S I OF MEN AND WOMEN possible view of using wstOr from these springB in connection ,wM water that wifi n aturaHj fiow fWm the arleBian Wells in Oimton. street* The p^ipose of this propositibh is to dd away with the expense of puboping the water from the jattesian wells with thO expensive air piimpa. Dr. Chamot of the'trm v ersity,. ha^ aualjzld the water froi\ --- j — ’ K«s* n . u , nines ot apeeusvine. waier irom tb© springe and has found JChaUncSy Gfiford had file, misfottane tt to he of remark^file parity.' to fall a n d #slbeate jfiis'^ W ’ J / - \ recentty.' /. - : MeSj .jaffies RigMofire. ffia^^i^uwedv ffoio a vislt to friends an Ghftinpng G 9 u d | i y i ■' / ■ _ _ : / '. . '/ / ^ ^ ■/\'■ / D E N Y R ^ 'o M ^ ^ t * / Mauaia^aii^k, who, hap been very ill Chase and family to Laueing, the first of the week Tytmre Mr* ^Chase has taieu a Sriviees Will be-held at thc rerideace .qf J* J. %hoontQaker 5 Sund%, March ■i) f a t 2j30l?» JMj* MUROOptt MiMORIAL SERVICE. ’ At tbB B^vieef ja the A. M.- E* Zion Gjtnttoh ^ a i t y t f t e m o o a i l n mmm of th e tttff i A lSxri^et -A.. Murffiaobr, who wasii twofirif'ktfiojiBibbatfi^^ for tfiir4y;y«wff, ' a ivSxy feVpnt prayer w&s offered hy'the Rev* Tfiomas Afiea, a f t ^ vvbiifilB. M*-NsWton «U elo-: quent eulogy On. the ilfer^-and E0rvi«B Of s j , ; ^ G f c ! N E ’a # ^ e o j | M i j ^ The.succeas of the Oomtdandery Ball to be given in Masonic Hall Friday night, must hO assured when it is known that seV6nty--fi;ve prominent Sir Enights com- pOle the nine com^fctees. . The banquet commfttee is planing for a toothsomehienu, while the committee on danrieg ia aTrangiBg for an enamel ' finish^qn the feaU room floor. All in all this function gives promise of being the down town event of the season. GAYUeA lake CEMENT PLANT. , '.The GayqgaLakB Cement Company’s ; plant at P ottland resumed operation this 'mottling after beiog idle for repairs add improvemeiilis* The plant/now employs ahqnt Y ^ m e n j mahy of whom have rehtei homes in the vill^e of Portland. ' SENAtOR eASSIDY’S^ BlLL: Senator Gaseidy on Monday introduced a biff in the Senate removing airiimita-' J ♦inqioh fromrom'the tho numbarumber off potMleaotaries pabiioub: ' t may fee appoihtefi fey the Goyernor. t f n o n p io SDOiatedrwitbMr. Mutdocht^lh the Shn- d a y t o f i b b l r ^ Jones, and -Mrs^'KittO J p ^ s q a / Tfie pasiqr also made a ttw remarks*^ A s e t of tesoluiioni from the Safehatb School was tead by Miss\ COra Smith* The choir rendered some very appropriats hysmif ,,ri 08 iuf with»/’Will t t i m fee any state in my J ^ e y ^ ’L T^RT B fA C tlf^k 1 1 ,^ 8 ■ populStion in each county, - suR p a iag PARtv. A surprise party was held at Byron Ostrander’s on Snyder Hffi, Saturday ' evehing/it being the 2oth anniyefssury of the wedding of ta d Mai. Ostrander.' -There were about 25 im^ples present. The affair was a ve|y mijoyiblq, one* ARM SRQKEM FALL. Mrs. J. J. SheridAiv of Llaacadilla «^e«t, slipped and fell u^peA a patch o t h lapfis the yard of her home bn Tuesday * ^ ^ fraciutiSd h e r ! Idft arm. The ttae- w«8 reduNd bjy Dr. W a rm . . ^ ^ U l s v e r w ^ r H^TIMONlAUv A Kflock-EmSill # f l W ^ I | d f t o a c ^ @ s a r e a i l s ■; s a ^ a r . a w .5 0 2 § m e rits. T h a t ’s a l l . g« jIASKIN, Sfgr. _ ®mer|as. a OMal Term of the Su- S S I l ^ ' S S V t w S . ! M6I« I S “l r ^ 5 g n ? J , T h T S i 'i irt by reeugni jfereat, and,all j) Wd. othpr offlbers who hav« pzance ,fpr the appearance iiidh court, or Who have tat J r the e^-=— -* — -

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