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r * v . AX \a:\ - v / ITHACA > 6 . PRQFESSIONAL CARfto, J EUGENE BAKER. M.D. dtteehoors fi to 9 A. m., 2 to 4 and ? to 8 p. m V v? J. W. JUDD, M.D. OfiCRhOWSlOA M. to 1 P.M., 4 to 6 P.M. Physicians and Surgeons. 108 W.Eeneca St. Telephone 116 DR. A. BISHOP, p ly of Ithaca, who. makes- the treatment specialty, has located in 08,Chenan- r™nKhamton. N. Y. His treatment is ,,-ifferent from othermethods; and is ft bloodless and disease not liable to re­ w rite for particular*. rT DR. W. CHESTER DOUGLASS, NtteB* E. S tate St. Honrs: 8 to 10 A. M,, 4 to 6 and S-to-Pn. M. Telephone No. 189 P Besl- dSBCS 414 Eddy St. Residence telephone No. 147. DR. ROBERT T. rtORRIS, Win? ooettpy Dr. Eirkendall’s office in the morning and evening of the flrst Monday of •▼My-month.- Patients will please bring notes . OrtnfTOflnction from their physicians. 1 COR. PAUL RICHARD BROWN, QfflnpclSS E. State street. Office hours: 10 to 18 4 and T to 8 p. m Telephone No 188 P., uBesidence 209 South Geneva sweet. M. A. DUMOND. PtaricSSB.atod Syrgeon. Office and residence, ■!» 3t.rItb5ee. Hours, 8 to 9 *. M., 1 to 8 , / .. DR. ANDREW B. BADIB. Homoeopathic Physician. Electrical treatment ot-aiervotLs. diseases, weaknesses, rheumatism, _ Office, % East State street; reafflanoe, Tj. m.HortfciA.-arora street. Office Hours: 9 to 10 * 4 and 8 to 8 p. m. Telephone. ______ 1 r CHAS. P. BEAMAN, M.D., Physician and Surgeon. Office, corner oppo­ site nt#troffice; residence, 109 Bast Seneca Jfktec& v Moxura, 9 to 10 a. m„ 9 to i and' 7 to 8 Rim, Nervous diseases ana diseases of women --- —iys, 8 to Ida. m., 4 to 6 p. m 4 to g p, m. Telephone No. 143 F. rtARTIN BESEHER, tf.D., i«Hr I Wnwntto ^ionoano a'xA -of women and andyte,S> m. _ _ d*no^, 40 Sduth Albany St. Telephone at of- DR. JOHN WINSLOW'S .^jwsved to. residence, N. W. comer of B .; aand Quarry Sts.,- one block from-street , ,yi . Telephone 83. Always-epen. jmmpw-iw hours a, m., 12 to Land 6 to 7 ;80p. m, >ovrnj’tWil^etafe^BuEdfcfc. opposite jjoi sm esaagesai W. H. LOCKERBY, H.D. ties, are, Bar, Nose Mid Throat, and m o f the Larynx. Office, 88 B. Seneca Mite .Savings Bank. Hours, 10 to 12 * --i 7 to B p ,~ BLN A GRIGGS, ItD,, r. . and office, 2 B. Seneca t, hours, 8 to 10 a. n*.» 2 to 4 and office, 9 E- Sene SL, Ithaoa __.ox. .o. qto4andt ta8p.nl EUOENB BAKER, fl.BL, i -and Surgeon. Office, ..No. 10 Weet Office boon, 8 to 9 ft. m., I to 4 end S U B U R B A N N E W S . WEEKLY REPORT PROM THE T0WN8 IN OUR COUNTY. [To O obrwpoot > xhts .—Be brief. W plainly and take special pains -with nai --- Write on one side o f the paper only. Attach yaur name and dddreae to your eommunioa- tion, as.an evidanoe of good faith. Write nothing for which yoU- are not prepared to he personally naponnble.1 GROTON. Mary Keefe, of Lookport, i* ia town. C. Rhodes Is patting a large,up todftte soda fountain in bis. store. ' Miss Place, of Sayre, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs, Prank Conger. * Vernon Davey, of Edit Orange, is the guest of his father, G .W . Davey., Bertha Whitman? of Syr&euse, is visit* Ing her brother, R. H. Whitman. Randolph Streeter, of Rochwter, l ith e gneit of bis grauauQthori Ms «. w. ft. Streeter. *• A a Episcopal Church service w ill te held at Baldwin’s H a ll SuOday, M a y 13, at 8 o’clock by the Rev. L. J, Obristler, ol Homer. KING FERHJY. A. H. Smith I b buiffiiijg a new barn. J. J . Shaw is hjjjgHbg lumber prepara* toxy to butidiug a^arge ham. The German measles are quite thor­ oughly introduceddn thisvicinity. O. E. Slocum and John E. Burgett, a t­ tended the Demooratio caucus at Mora­ via last week. J. J. Shaw. a . y z . Atwater and J“. A . Oreenfleld, are attending the May term of court at Auburn. Quito a heavy snow storm Thursday night and the thermometer 28 above zero most have affected the prospects for fruit. A small Are was started last weak the Dickinson clearing spread over many ap^es,, burning small buddings, many cords’1 o f wood and doing other damage. . JACKSONVILLE. Wm. Allen, sr., is making improve­ ments in hie house, • An automobile passed through this place last Sunday morning, Mrs, Fred Fowler, of Ithaoa, so u t h lansin G- ■* V;-\ Spring seeding *• about done. Parry Bond, of W est Groton, visiktfl S h e Kev.-Benoni Ires, a fcrm ei^ftp-, lkinofthe Auburn prison, preucHedtftw the North Lansing people lastSuUdiff evening, ■*- The Rev. Mr. Roberta’s sister, gave i very interesting lecture list Sunday evening a t the church. Miss Roberts if connected with the Salvation Array in thelwrge oities. James Townley had an auction of his. farming ntenBils last Friday, a week, preparatory to his departure to Hoff­ mans, near Albany, where he will work! for the E lmira Bridge Company. KENNEDY’S CORNERS. M r . Tilton is oh the sick list. Sunday night water froz^ h alf a n inch} thiok. - “ . - ^ Bennie F ish is working D. Van Gord-.. Cr’a farm. . • ‘ .■ Mr. and. Mr«. Dr. Solovor Vrldfcy in’lthaom.- r There will be a maple sugar sedial at th« ohumh^Triday n ight. , , has purohaeed 50 acres of ihnd from Gibbs, Belle Thom ii Js visiting her sister, Mrs. Ool. Williams at Watkins. Natha&Bttfih. otl?fl#fleId, ii moving in part Of M n . Magt^tU’s house. J»rp. Frofessor Fairchild, of Roonester, is visiting her brother, Raymer Egbert Mrs. Dibble Van Horn and daughter Julia, spent Sunday w ith Fanline Marion. * • r - : Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Rockwell, Monday^ April 30, a n 8-pound girl, OorK gratulations. - ? - - v Ifc if something unusual to wake up on the-Sth. of May an d find the’gftpuncl white with shou^. . > Thera will be an EpworthJJeague ben- vention a t W olcottthe 19th a n d 20th Oi this month. Wilbur Sheffield is ohosen for delegate.; GORTLANP. \ Arbor Day was appropriately obseryed in all o f the sohools,, , t Professor George Bailey of Oazenovia, was in town Saturday- Dan Kcrnan, of the North Cortland House, has moved to Syracuse. Mrs. W . A, gto<&weU has gone on a visit to h er ri|f«4|s |n|M hwaukee, Wis, AM- reappointed glook, Aumta SA., Ithaoa, tt. T. Dstt- In slI its hrsaOhM. Honrs*8a. m., to C TriephoaeltB. v J. A. GBNUNG, ^ Surgeon, graduate of Ontario Vet- lOUege. Offioe a t 22 South Aurora SL, l a t ^ P r o g p e c t St. ■ ________ . MURRAY E.POOLB, Aftornev and Counselor-at-Law, 121 Bast State St.,Ithaca, N. Y. “ . ,y P. P. ncALUSTER, Attorhvy and Ootmselor, 73 Bast State St. Pttanpt attention to collections snd all legal matters.- ;, ■ ;. . CORNBL l . UBRARV ■ Boom. Open honrs for “ -from 10 a. so. to IS ____ _____ i 8:80 a. m. to 10 p, m«; t«dles welcome during the day. ttENSILAQB GUTTERS. ^IiEjPSiRN^HARVESTERS. **1 CH*LL80;PL0WS, -HARROWS, t i i « > V e r y B © » t ! TSaat mtid Slnde 'Harness and part* of Harness, U«lt«r anS \Finding* Cemants, OU*, *»c. Cash for Hide* and P«Its and Tallow. Headquarter* et “ ; HEDDEN & CRAWFORD’S, ' ii^ E u t Sfat* S t., Ithaca, N. Y. ’.Grinding by Steam.* T O T H E F A R n E R S of Toppkius and Adjoining Counties ,w<rajre now la shape for grinding y o ir iluckwheat. Also want to buy. OrindlBg a specialty w ith u». ifiA S C A D I L L A h i l l s . AS kinds *! druin and Feed for aale, F r A , Townley. Qeo. Campbell, I niTMAOAfN.Y. 0 LWBST SSTABUSBED «4 MOST RELUBLE P h o tograph G a llery IN THB CITY. PaniaMaad ether*, ws want your trade. Given* a chance te shew you ear work *i qa«£t**£**rFricM •«! wS win doth* tm l ^ p i i l y P h o t o g r a p h e r , v H O W ® ® ‘ t I J a y BnUdy started > for Buffalo on W ill last Thnrsday their wheels. The W . O. T. U. will meet with Mrs. E. H. Farrington on Wednesday after- noon and the L. B. S. with Mrs. H. Van Order Friday afternoon. ATWATER. Fred Todd and wife are assisting, a t George Atwater’s. Mrs. Oorena Skinner spent Sunday with relatives in Auburn, Delos A k in of Ledyard, has been here this week soliciting orders fpr a life of D. Li. Moody. UharleB Chittenden, a life resident of this vicinity, has taken up his abode in? RooheBter, Mrs, E. S. Shangle and Mrs, Delos Gheeeman, were Jn Ithaca, shopping, one day reoently. Dr. B. I. Ives gave an able and enthus­ iastic appeal last Sunday atDansingville in the interest of the 20th Oentnry fond for the M. E. Ghurch. Arbor Day was observed: at the Bell ToWn school house by appropriate exer­ cises, which were weU carried ont. Mr. Gobb is a very successful and efficient teacher. * W arren H. Dyon, who used to livo^ here and who h a s resided mTthaca for # number of years, has been delivering some fine maps of the United States, for whioh he recently took orders, CENTRAL CHAPEL. Milton Evans visited neat Ithaoa Sat­ urday and Sunday. Mr. English, of tillis, visited his son, Feter English, laft Sunday. A little son a irivedat the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Gee last week, Work has bpgun in the-new cemetery and oh the sheds a t the; chapel. German measles have made their ap pearanoe i n t h e place and several have been exposed. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Reed, of Ithaoa, visited, their grandmother, Mrs. M. Reed, recently. Sunday Sohool will begin at the obapel next Sunday at 1 ;30o’olook. The J, j A, S. meet with Mrs. Voung this week. Last Saturday moming the ground was white with snow and the air was alsuost a's cold as winter. The seasonal* very laite and farmers are b^in h ih g to look troubled over hay mows. Forest fires have been raging and some damage done. A fire broke ont in the woods on the Reed place last Satur­ day and eonsiderablq damage was done. A shrill whistle was heard Jaatbtfom the fire was hl*ooVer«d and i t te thought the fire was set either pnrpoeely ot l » aoddent. The plao# is owned by three ladies and but for th l efforts pf kind neighbors the loss would have been Vet: heavy. It is to be hoped more oare will be used by smokffiw and hunter* in the. future. preach \at m« S M a y-8Q th>, ; The anatveti League w i l lb e j heat Stmday47f TherexUs|ifi'| were’. Mt. Ra0«y^ th £ t^ o f - lf c r i$ fsnd.fchx^ler C Luther Kopei Tuosufy. \\ t P^rn to M & v n n a l M»r tot, asoji^ uaht-way? O .S.JI a short' ' J * Fpk Sr r seooud f Boftwiok . w b —^ r Ja-Sunday, the * ipw d rth 4 J t E^Ghurch sf-J. Hf#Bailey Jaturday last. j a resident, Df Sdied at Town- f,' w a siu'to^u AVed l A i U tesdfly from •..iSagtteefe. iken ground lenaloen- Qhuroh Sunday monung. Mr. and M m Seymour Ballard, of New York, spent Snnday in Cortland. May 16 they sail for Europe. The local circus imason begins Friday, May 11, when-E^i Sautelle’s show comes' from Homer Where h e is now located. Mrs. W. P. E d # , of Ohetopa, Kan., andM rs, S. R.HlUrofSouth Otselio, art guests o f their sbtcTr, Mrs. J . B. Kellogg The Cortland Sayings Bank is now open for business #t the new location, corner of Main and Fort Watson streets. Professor J. E. Banta will have charge of the department of oivios and history in .the Ohantanqna snmmer sohool; thia season. * - Miss K a te, Cobb, d f Homer, sohool commissioner for the second district of this oonnty, and M. A.> MdDiarmid, of Trtaton, were married May 8. The funeral servfcei of John Ireland yrere h^ld Friday. He has been alum- ' ir dealer in OorMafid fur a long time, tt. Ireland^#W6fydam^of age. A large humber of arrests have been made for violatton of the bioyde ordi- ' M nW ew, all fare alike—no partiality do they show. The members; of .the Congregational:; Chnroh gave a retoeption Friday evening to their hew pastor, * the Rev- Robert Yost and Mrs. Yost in the p a rlpn of the* church. ■ . ■ ! ■ / Dr. Hume a n d h it wife are in town to give some of their. wonderM seanoes. Mrs. Kate Hume d ftimi.to materialize faoss^anS forms and bring the dead baof. to earth• ■■ • Mto. Rbberts, of Nebraska, w h ^ p ^ h e national organizer., of the Wtehkan’s Home Missionary Society of- the M. E. Church gave a n addtoss Saturday after* noonintheOhuroh. Mrs. .Mabel Conklin, leotnrer of the national W. O. T . t li g a v ran address in the First Baptist Ohhroh Sunday ipom f ing and also addressed men only in the First M, E. Ghureh.at d o ’cdock. t The funeral 9f Mrs. Eliza Jones w » i held Tuesday afternoon in the F irst Baptist Church.; Qfrlata years Sh« h a t been superintendent of local charities w ith the Kings Daughter* a n d has been, verymieful/ -and whl be sadly;missed*1 She was 58 years o f age and is survived by an «Wed moth«r aucl sister, Mrs, H. jj, Jameson. ■ 1 Mr. Mahan has made ont bis list of beheld thc second week ;hi June/^runw * u r, Beall. oonductor, assisted by Gee. Oeoar, Bow es; Mii«Kj|ta Fowler aoeompaniat; Um*. BarUi, aoprano; Ib«lG u lick, boy aoprano; Miss Alioe Thurlo W, oontrelto; J . 0, Wiloox, batittma; A. A. Parladd, baujoisti Conrad Booker-, violinlbtj the, BeiMer Bteipg Quartette. Mr. Mahan hopes to toaks thiis u inlaresting as his iptovtous festivals have a i m * been. •totydsbnr* and New Yorkoity, ia hoise< .T h e 'G reat Chief of Rfloords o f t h e Improved Order of Red’ Men, M. J. U’Hara, ia to pay an official visit to Caughannock Tribe of Danby oh: Friday evening of thia week. ? | high FORD.. {Mm. Arnold, of Auburn^ is spending a f ew. days with Mrs. O. H. LyOu. , Miss Graoe Fleming of ^ieminstville, waa^a gueat of M y ra JRawlejr Saturday., j B iL l t . h. Smith and w ifapf MsTathon spehfe -Sunday with his anut] Mrs. G. M. Geer.; . . 'W e h a v e a new meat mwkqt a t the old f ad beingoohduoted by John Woodard MoLeanv . . '' • v, : T im Edwards h a * h is ;photograpbu located on the green by L,- V* >y'S'hofcah V— : . Mr. and Mrs. Agnstus Hartman of S^raouse, affl viaiting her brothers; the Messrs. Laoey here. Mrs. George Mnrzy of Berkshire spent the last of the week with her daughter, Mrs. A.B. Moreland.\ ’ ' Miss Minnie Rawley, Newark Val­ ley, spent a part of last week with her oonsin, Myra Rawley, ' - ( Miss Ina. Smitten of. Newark Valley j»pent. from iFriday until Saturday - w ith her friend, Vera Alien.] ? Mr. and.Mrs. F r a n k } Barney aud son, oj^Auburn, are viBitinghis parents,-Mr. sad Mrs. George M. Burney. ‘ ; • Mr. and Mrs. W illtim P. Rioh' and ton, Clifford, of Blatefrille, spent Snn­ day with Mr. and Mr^ G. W; Rawley. Rev. J, W. Hamilton, of Auburn Theological Seminary] preached to the: people here Sunday morning and even­ ing. . . . . ■ n ■ ,.. .. . _ . U n d e Reube was played on Friday eve last to a foil house and eaoh and. every one doing their parts well. The receipts were $86. , , Mrs. SusanGreavasiwhobaB spen*tk& winter in Lisle and .KlUawog- With her ohildren h ai returned to her home here to spend the summer.' Ei F. fielden w e n t to Boston last week to accompany hie eon.j WiUiam T, dtofhome? H e h a s lMmin a hospital there aevcral weUks, *Tm phoid fever, and-U Btih very feeble. !ffis wife ’haft been with h i ^ during his UI- mi'r , ' . i;?\. , Mn& Irene Btooe reoiplvedtbesa^hews of the d efth Of hersietop, Mrs. William Orana, aged Sfrrfato^watb diedat\the \ufher; ■ •***'\“ '■ ' PROSPECT VALLEY^ m rbor Day w S b ’ observed With appro- m^ate exercises in our sohool *M rflliaggie Hughes, of Ithaca, visited her father, J o h n Starks, a few dajB last, feek. ■ ,--r The morning of the 5th of May the ground was white with snow Jn this Yfciuityi ■ ■ QotteLa number from this place at-: tended the funeral of RoberTFaller at WfllseyVUle, last Sunday. Epworth League meeting Sunday evening ‘May 13th, at 7:80. Topic, Virion,”. Leader, Mrs. F. D. Fuller. Ohauncey Kies,formerly of this place, and Mrs. Nathaniel Lynoh, of Candor, were married b y the justice of peace, J. M. Allen, last Saturday evening. ,. * u ■ ■ ■ * • BESEMER* Sohool oontinues five weeks longer. Jphu Head it able to be out on crutches. - - Several inoubators are being used for chicken hatching. ' Jy y Mrs, Irene Snyder spent a week In* Gorttandvrecently. ** y Mr*- Nancqr Hungerford is *taylng * t her old kifeae h ere. ■ •; . • Oharley Simpson haa reoovereJl from his fall from a train. ^ , Several snow storms within\ a week;. ic e al*6 *ev«M d /morning*. - - A r b o r D a y w a a appropHawtely observe A' with exercises a t Bethel Grtive. -Road Commissioner Runner has in town several days on J. Quick, Who has with a bruised hand, ha# ered. * * * Katherine Bull, of the Conservator/, ( spent several day* at BuA B u ll’s lw^! week. , ~ Religion.0 eervlow have boon fceto sev­ eral Sundays at Bethel Grove sohooV onse. ... 'M .■ / --(i Emma German is home from John Tucker’s, where ehe has been several weeks. . t ^ M. Slonghter, wife and ohildrwa, of Halseytdlle, spent Saturday rwith his parents. |, Mi** Julia Bull ha* resumed her posi % tion as teacher i^ Ithawa, after a vaoa- tion two weeks. Fetcr Geuung, of Ellis, was in town Sunday calHbg on friend*. He is 83 years old and as bright as usual. Mrs. B.J&. Cook entertained recently WiUiam Hallock of Slatorvllle i, and L. J . Quick of Halsey Val­ ley. has moved his family ’eQtato the tenanthou«e Vfhosnhehas been ajdasa, spimt #:.(|ay. m d ..m g iit a t Mrs. B. B. pook’f, on their Way . |pthetom p toi«uoe#t Oohoewn, n . y? f FREEVILLE. i Arbor Day was observed a t sohool Fri- d*y, Mr. itod Mr*. F . R. Willey drove to Ithaoa Monday. Jennie S tanton and Eva Boice, of Mc­ Lean? w e rein towij Monday. Deputy Sheriff < M. D. Shaver was home from Ithaoa, Wednesday. O. JQL Monroe was in Ithaoa Saturday a* delegaee to the Demooratlo convention J.' E . Edfell is in qnite poor health re- qniring a n aaMlstant in his barber Work, E. Case, o f Ithaoa, who has been visit­ ing relatives here returned home Satur- CAROUNE. Martin Yaple is very slowly improv­ ing aqd is able to walk out a little. Caroline Heights were white with snow last Saturday morning, May 5. Miss Matie 'Tobey is visiting her brother Charlie, a t Binghamton^ N. Y. Ray and George Barnes, of Cortland, were pleasant callers on onr street last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Wilcox, of Rich* ford Hill, were to see her sister Mrs. Byron Wattles reoently. Ghariej, Meeks and Mrs. George Oom- stock, of/Ithaca, were at the home of James Boice last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Earsley Mr. andMrs. W. D. Earsley were very pleasantly entertained last Saturday and Sunday a t the home of Seth Sardam at Candor, N. Y. • MrsrJames Boice, Mrs. Eugene Per- sonius, Mrs. Byron Wattles, and Mrs. Sjmuel VanDyke, all who have been [nltoilffiilM'me time, are mneh im- 9d imheallib. , ’ SLATERVILLfe 8 FRINQ 5 . M n , : H, F. Leebofly is Tisitiog in Biqdgett’s.MUIsr ||js s Mary Tobey is visiting her broth- E. 0. Hoyt is’ sj in Bmghiuni Li \ ft few Sutfto are ^ng, Fa. vVMrs.'Lr. Page and sen, W. A. Page, of jfleranton, spent a feW dayS at their cot- tage^here la&t weei:.J?& •■■■ W.%S. MiddafUgh, K. M. Dederiok, Will 'Smith, M a k : James Boice, Mrs. John ^ b e and N&lifl Hildebrant are ill u n d e ffee dootof’s care. ^ Threelrees were planted in the sohool yard Arbor Day, two \in honor of the teachers and- one for Arthur O. Mid- dangh, o f Co. jE/42nd regiment, now a t Manila. - Rev. R. J. Phillips, rector of St, Thomas Church, has accepted a call as onttrte afG g d g fM tor, N. Y., and will p p n h his far^BmrhiGfhhere.Bunclftyl hfr soqjud.California. M r.«Bd ib s . Griu^ wffitf xeridmts of Catottne, Tompktoi counto? itoniany year*. Crane died abont f , George Keynolds, of Cortland? was casing on-friends here the first of the week. ^ The 'road commissioner has opuBed some exoellent work to be dona b n the corporation., , • v^--v B, Brewer, who has been suffering withrhhnmatism for a long time, seems to be slowly improving. Mr. andMrs. Frank VanHorn attend­ ed the funeral o f their uncle, Jehiel Van Horfi, a t Groton, Saturday afternoon. The missionary exeroises at the M. E Church Sunday evening in behalf of the India sufferers were very interesting. Miles 'Greenfield is a t work on the frame for his, new house, wMch he ex­ pects to build soon bn the lot lie reoently purchased, F. E. Darling has his hardware store moved on a new foundation on the same lot, Mr. Darling Vwfil erect a large dwelling house on $pe former store site. ■■ Mrs. Edward Bre|ftand two ohildren, Of Boston, Mass,'; Mrs. MaryOlapp, of Ithaoa, mother of Mrs. Bretfc,~raoently yirited their friend', Miss L. L. Barrow*. .It I* reported that, Ohauncey DeFny, who reoently returned from Lowell to Binghamton, where telegraphy, has position a* telegraph ity. perpatis jfiafiifested^ ^by egard to thft sidepath. U. Shaver is putting to make it asnooess by have the work done as rapidly as possible. , s Mrf, Mlftfy FuderbaujJIytoid daughter, Afiha, are uioely sektloeffiu the blpok -formerly oooupted by f t . J. Carr af % reriauraat, a tthe juuotiah.. Mrs. Pader- bapgh will dead in home-made bake sfeffa a n d M u s Anna wfil^ oontinue* in G o a * l d w f tb l e | the wheelmen i; iQ p m m lasionw s ^ :'* P ^ k V « y e , selling tofta and 4 Dr. Genuhg, who i* having his honse remodeled. WiU have when oempleteda modern a n d commodious dwelling. The dootor, on Aoooont of fill lafgband in* orearing praetiae, wee oompelledto have moribffloefoom, therefore two large of- fiow will take t to plato one. ; *■ *v CRANES HILL. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Nett Snyder, a ton, on May 3rd. Miss Cornelia Elyea has taken rooms at the half way house. The O ld Maids' Conventions the title at u t i o # anthe w ^ a u i! or day tto 99nd. Miss Goldie Clark* of Cranes Hilt, a Student of the Newfleid High School, is confined a t her boarding plaoe with Ger­ man measles. There will be a business meeting on Friday the 18 th of the friends and mem* bers of the Congregational Ghurch, to take into consideration the question of repairing the p r o p e r |y ^ ; . j * ,.iAs the weather for jflxe::^ast few daya has been favorable .mnouht of plowing and 60 wing:ii%ib^^l!fone. bnt moisture is needed ’ bdiffiy for- grass and wheat; but wheat will be nearly a fail­ ure in this vicinity as it is very badly winter killed. Probably the farmers of Danby never purchased ss much hay and grain in one year as they have the past winter. The hap crop was very- light last year, and as the farmers keep more stock than formerly it necessiated buying a large amount of fodder. ‘ ' . NEWFIELD* Miss’Edna D. Clark, of Dundee, is vis* iting a t J . W. Dean’s. Seymour Grover is working at his trade in Montour FaUs. „ Charles Payne is recovering from an attaok of typhoid feyer. Miss Margaret James, of Rochester, is here visiting, her parents. A., H. Roskeily, of Ithaoa, was in town on business last week. I.*N. VanOfltrand spent last week m Albany and Oneonta on bnsiness. Miss v K atharine Stamp, of Ithaca, spent Snnday with friends in this vil lage. Mrs. L. D. Puff and list ir, Miss Hflen Brown? spent Monday with friends in Tramftnsbnrg. Robert O, Fuller died at the home of Sherman Personius, on the Inlet, May 4, aged 63 years. Fred Westcott has sold the farm he recently purchased in Pony Hollow, to Frank Thomas. Stephen Davenport has so far recover­ ed as to be able to be ont of doors for a short time Monday. Archie Brown cut bis hand badly with au axe Thursday. Dr. Smith sewed up the gash, and he is getting along uioely. Augustus Brown, aud Jerome Alexau-, der were drawn as trial jurors from this town, to. serve at the approaching term of oontttyoonrt. . A fire whioh started last week in the woods (^ii'\the [farm, belonging to B . S. MoCorn in pony Hollow? d ida good deal of damage. It burnt over fences and timber tolougiug to Dapiel Curtis and Elmer Tompkins. The remains of Henry Brown, who died a t a Christian 8oienoe Sanitarium in Ohioago, April 30, of oonlumption, were .brought, here l o r bnrial and the funeral wae held a tthe home of his u n d e, Isaac B. Smith, Tbunday at 2 o’oiook. Five membera of the family, indnding the father, have died of this disease! tiro mother aloneaurvivj^g. CAROLINE CENTER.j Mrs. Sarah L. Clark, of Buffalo, is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Brink were in Ithaoa one day last week. » Arbor Day was very appropriately ofc* served in onr school last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Miller, and daugh­ ter, of Ithaca, wereguesta o f Mrs. B, F . Curtis last week. Mr. and Mm. Charles Davis, and daughter, of Siatexyille Sptihgs, visited at John Davis’s recently. Mm. J. E. Findley is visiting het grandparents, Mr. and Mis. J . J . Peteca. Mr. Findley spent a. few jdays here Isat week and left Monday morning fon : Scranton, Pa., where Mm. F indley wiff join him in a snort time. EPEECSVILLE. © Miss Susie Snyder is ill. H. A. McGrath was in Ithaoa, F r i ­ day. ./'• ‘ . i- Mm, Gore has re t u r n ^ fioine from ^ *- Owego. , Frank Northrup has b ^ n ^ eaaiQ g a short time in Ithaca, Mr. and Mrs. John Lason are visiting ; v at Mrs. Jan e . Lason’s. | Kdmund Smith, of Freeville, has been visiting his father, Frederick Smith. Mm. Kate Hyde, of Dryden, is visit- ing Mies JLibbie Muir for a short time. Charles J31ackm.au and mother, of Ithaca, have been visiting a t the home & Mrs. Stearns. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Patch were the 'gnests of Mr. and Mm. Waite, a t NiohOls* the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. George Hawkins visited their son, Harry, in Ithaca, Saturday, returning home Snnday. r M/PLOWVtLLE. G e n tl e m e n ’s S u p p e r } t b e d a t e is t h e 16th. ’ r \ ’’ The base ball team is reorganized #nid practising. T. H. Pierson^ we regret to hear, has had a relapse. Mrs. E. Atwater has been ill with German measles. Mis, 0. G. Benjamin is i& afid ooo- fined to the honse. Mrs. Virgil Little, of Ithaoa, was in the plaoe reo^atly. A son was bora to M r. andM rs. Smith Pideock on M a y 6th. Mr. and M m . B. M. Braee pa8^ Smiday in this place, Aix§ Adelia Moe arrived from Thom&s- ville, G to.en Monday, Mrs. Lyle Nelson, of Ithaoa, has been a guest of Mr. (pobdwiif. Mr. and Mrai WiH Hall occupy rcdms in Seymore Riggs’s reeidenoe. tho I^Mca Hbl^toh- ' 1, U. D, W m h » baen oonfiued^to the house for Many days with grip. Geo. Oonnor is putring a fresh ooat of pamt on Merchant Lyon’s store. Arbor Day’was observed by appropri­ ate e x c ise s a t the Union schtol. Miss Mae Heffron, of Harfczd Mills, is living a t Mrs. Seward Goodwin’s. William Braman,. of New York,‘has arrived to visit his sister, Mm. Margeret Clarke. Mr. and Mm. Pliny Baker, of Lans- ingville, have taken rooms in Mrs. A . Love’s: house. • - -® f - | Ohas. Vail has moved into the house f ] vaoated by Geo. Connor on Main street. . $ ■ Mr. Connor has moved-into the house recently occupied by j . Mmrphy. : j Ensign Nellie Roberts gave a very in- teresting talk upon her experience m the Salvation Arm y . Her work is i n ilieO d - lar, Attic and. Gutter Brigade. She oc­ cupied the M.E. pulpit o n Sunday morn­ ing and was at Asbury Charge in tho evening. Her Christian earnestness a n d intelligence impressed all who werh p r i. vilege dto hear her. • TRUMANSBURG, ,] Mrs. Travis Hopkins is senonslyiill. Albert Williams is a clerk far Sears & Do. - ■ * f. *■! E. Wade of Scranton? Pa.s is this week. Edward Davenport is a olerk a t dhaa. King’s grocery. ] Daniel Howe, of Ithaca, is home, ill with rheumatism. j The oold wave did not do any serious damage to frnlt in this vicinity. ■ A p arty from Ithaoa w ith thelr auto* mobUe were in town last Sunday. Edward Shea has gone to W atkins So take a position in Hughy’s shoe store. . Benjamin Woodward, aged 81, died a t his home in Heotor Wednesday morn- lug? May 9. ' - Pr.JU. W. Carpenter and wife haye re­ turned from Rochester to take u p their residence here again. Mm. Ed. YanOrder has been seriously ill, and Mm. T. Brewer, of Ithaca, has been helping to' oare for her. A. ti, Wetts has gone into the me a t market business in Auburn and expects to move bis fam ily there soon. James Jewett, of Philadelphia, a t d Wm. Jewett, of New York, were in town this week to attend the funeral of their father. William Jewett, aged 87, died last Bftt- urday. The funeral was held from-the residenoe of 0 . B . Douglas, Tuesday a ft­ ernoon, Rev. D. M. Young, officiating. Ben. S. Dickerson, about 84 yearn, tdd, who has been rick tor nearly ten yearn, di^d a tt h e home iff his parents last Mon­ day. Tha funeral was held Wednesday Afternoon. William A. Gale/fonrterly with A. B. Brook*, of Ithaoa? and reoently gi “ edfrom the Bufialo Oollege of macv. has ieeused 4H a nmrithv cleirk icy, ha* seeufed th e position of head s a t Hopkhif’a drug atom. I OontJaue&oa nfthPaea

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