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The Waddington pioneer. (Waddington, N.Y.) 1877-1???, December 15, 1877, Image 7

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' • -\ >^5, ifcf .-Jit Up tjuo; £ pt|j| Tli e' ling 1)6 %veftl'wlp'-JWO- : l in M$ was. stove' standing e lieac] of the third an- discovered the I jufef •$£ he was' retiring, and : , -ti\e of .the ins fedttrfc!k f he ditjetiy lintied it and | ustelicflit to fhe *tove. The boy, ^meantime, had gone'to.bed, and for: i (strings . But about £en O'isjp'cic Mi', Cooley, who was up l\! stairs getting ,apples in. tlis gavpsfc* K- c*ught Ills f&qt iirthe string as he itscojtting dbwifii the> steps, • - - • Ife fell, alid pulled tljd stb^fe over after ihiivi,, aildl—the iiexfe moment Gooie^ .aipan* ot sappiest and fsibotit v forty piece».pf store, stovepipe, grates brick lining, were ratling down a noise like a volley ot • ; jnusketerv. As Cooley lay on the. •^Jandin$f-witlr* a pilfe of apples' and Ii.-^W*, iron . heaped upon him, Mrs* Oooley, and tlio boy and the servants tame rushing out to aBcsrtai'j what , on earth was the matter. As they Approached, Cooley said : .;• • 'Terrible wasn't it ? Awfulest et.rth quake we ever had in this country.' there :n real eaistlMjuake V '1 didn't feel ji, . 'iJidn'tfellit J' exclaimed' taking ^stofe leg out of his shirt-cdj; lsti\ »and brushing the soot from his clothes- 'Didn't feel it ? Why my gracious i Tho Ivouse rocked like a ' cradle.' I thought she'd go over ! every minute. It's tha worst #hock 1 ever felt. Sent me skipping down ' itairg with things a ratling after me :• till lie thought the roof had burat in. • There's soinethiiig queer about these i imtjiral courukions. These\ ecieutif; ic juhen' say- that ! tlie shake a^ ^ ways moves from east to west; so that if it cdmes froin^-Hello ! what ' iS this I'e^claiinsdj Cooloy, discover . ing the twino wrapped around his leg. Who tied that string to that . there stove \ .... As he looked aroiind iuqiiiriagly, : he observed his oldest boy ''Suddenly \. in&uril upon tlie 'baniaterand; glide ',. Bwiftly down ib the first noon wliere j lie stood Waiting for art offensive r Jn;oyem.eht on, the part of(liis fatliei'i * Then, Cooley parted o.Ver the railing, f and, sluing bib Bit* at him said i ,-, 'Yoft^wicked, little scoundrel ! If- '* you atijt a caBdi.d«4;e.fo.rihe gallows j I-anr'noiud^e.- You coinfe iHteve -aiid '.;' go to iie'^and to morrow morning J'll tan jo§ r hid6 for yd«! with'a bed .. ilat. .Tqu iri.ind me ? I-will give you 1 enonofli e*rthquake to make you f dance'from hereto the equator^ \ to^r headed -.outcast V mem Vr enj)nrelias|j mg yoii 1 ^- •>f > l-v tifetul as well as ornameiital Fancy goods of ill kinds, is ware, Earthenv^are. •i Hails forks Sec; step in and see- rjasr. •\!• / ! a ..I :t Y/IJO bf.sa ao,, find coic]>]*»e\'stocd of GOODS, Odoiis &c. &e. A. full stock of few,' tflassware, Cntleryi and JFancy Grocer lag rcgpcf.t\fully informs his patrons and the public generally that DEOB he will open a complete \tobk of and cordially solicits a call to examine THE GilflND TION. •'M Kverj-«flbrt Ii»» Icon Bi*d« for exlill>ll!ngthe:lnt.ut find rarest uQYeHlia, .ndhavin* ilio beet tcjec - - , . . mcutln r.owh, %- .'Jf flirt r'^V.tV- •• - stock AT EXTBEMELY LoW f EICEB. ... . j,. . • ofn»rp»troa»who w j.utoh«vetho FIBS HOIOB.'nnd ilKi'to avoid lelccjing ima«r the mudtoc« r.anltiitoa at Onrlstm* t fiint, uto invited to ' Mike their Purchases tElarly Selectod goods can be laid aside till Christinas if dodired* - ^ \ . • i. .1- . c -*.-•-•. \ Ti • \>-.\. •'/•-\-f.i- ...

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