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The Waddington pioneer. (Waddington, N.Y.) 1877-1???, December 15, 1877, Image 2

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:/V. ; Pi6»«mt. igiPliOK Pi6»«mt. v , x tit iras be/n the custom and practlc if oossible—nothing k\0V$ ti with the g/od folk* ot onr <uiiet littl Yfifoga fr^'in th.» tune it first became ah' inyiorj/onitetf village, down to A'ki f hlJ f the fi^t took j'w-'\itll Svei^e wealthy and influen; ye»r» ago we had families who had. a, rigl't, to will deter them. They iw fashVnable p>u ty doojirod,. thefinerynnd that can he p^g hoir.e r.cgardless.Gt the tact thai tkere d l home, and i\«t very U coming Worn- TUiij is'no tion; there are more thiiit one tutuihjr of fhetn have either • ( fiwr parts, -or passed away to joijy l d hih j / / y ,w»i liVjjje, a imttep p.nd higher ejass / thaa vfcras tite'frlot to etyj|y 'ftere on and Vi ,i . -Vltft VIVA «LLJV4 IUU^>U t^gi.^^iUVU *-* *w«M '••m 3£rs. Ogde.ii, relict, of the late Isaac v ' C%deu, who closed her eyei in.aeath .•on New\ Year evening, »t tlio ripea^e of '14. years, l ; ke second class was,, and is, 'iill'flnoge who, hy tbeic rank, rf'tlveirf.itl'ii , are entitled to » phtoe iu •, >nd of thia tiMpeak niurfe fully. TJus of our society, perhaps, in , verj perfectly isitiijiied to be one grade Juwer than Hie first that flioy. were not just as good bu t soeiall r. Socially they \t<zve not requal. They \\ ere not equal in iiiituei.c'o and'weattl—. nd. wealth is the strongest advocate we can have tjwurd placing «a iu the much covet: in this* class* but iu our little village today tfmt stand either moved to next door to the poor house, t|jafc aid) 'not pay an honefii debt,- either Ixrfee or small, vet it is this class that w4 find tod\ ing ronnd afte'f tups© whi ttiey consider tlte heads of society. While if one ot mir hotclbcepecii nii tlertstlcos to got up an o^tei'\\s*nppei 1 !/; and among Ihis latter class is esteemed ed first class, Or, sis the city tcr.rt is, the \upper teiu\ - ' / But the eecioud «fiig$ ot ouraii-.iery cri\. b-nlny are altOiietilur dittftteut t'rom :\nf of iUnner days, a person cannot fiud.^ut Satisfied »j[>peaiHitee : iH tii \ '-,- \! and djiiice, .svith the very beft ©f tan- 'W 6\iiy he is tiie'jWsuu' that thej >it O(3 people will turnout HnE givcj him a fug worth , nientJ geutlcman,, atixtoub to help the unfoif tunate host, deK'i'uiining to attend and with tlrs >iiea in lii<s wind he re- pairs hi his hid} 'A nwidenwo tOijBt her to coii«oil,t or i>rtiitj'.s(! to attend bun, this is ahmst t'ne snlistantse o tlieii; conversarioii; t: We'll Mary, Mr G——is going: to have u dnnee, and iv,. but 1 think , as thaw will bo a sind |itra>W won't, bejljere, and B alsd^aTi'd: \\\ fact iioyc ofVocK , will go t$ snch n,j>liwie iiifiyliovv; dear Q-eoi-ge, you Ji^d better stay at 'iofne also. Why, what woiild'Mrs \ say if aiiy of oiir camping\ pJvrty &'go-to this low dance? -Whyj we have to fnll .back in Onr old second class again, and ttart Vt'cnffd be j»\vhvl you-know, lia? decided -atid not to go. Se lit,' she liad bytter not PKtmiurf lipon theifc'»ged in^nlgent itsiftle* amf. awats, wh(> have ' not tUerstamana to» eoiapej them tov ;,eiWn' ait 1 Fionest h*it>>( ] : It yB-hTgh time th«t a be effected ?n. oar; littl* to ww. Wffch tlje 6x- plres, bpt. ?ri its place o»ar subsisribera will receivo a lurgerani! bettor pipei% y are alVont t5 take possession of ofiBua a short distanee trom here. R wtf l l can't associate with the hired gMb-of] Wadding ton, and, ot «ourse, it she «'On*t go I can't.\ And tlits result was that one would not go because tae left wesre^it. going, aud th« public bstll wa? $ failure. of society is what really i'.omi»ose the second i-rade of Wad dintrton in/ha* iitunts. iFrom this chiss we will piiss to the tliird and last— 1-l.is xrade i« composed- of the sor principally, and also ot the ffoiting part ti? the populace, as polil ticiaas call that part (if the voting «O 4 innuniry tliat cair be bought and sjld. Some parts of this class afo a« as any of the higher they are servants-—they of he Un'b ! hired jiiiia roing to invite^ any or servant^ attd.1 think wo will have u ^uod time,don't yonf \Oh yus, 1 suppose so, but really,'I don't think I i;.an attend, us t wsi-ut Ishonld 6U«h> place. L nun sorry: to d ji y the jniblicivtion of lfii» paper, but aa we iind that, while a good many have aided us, a gi'eat many more have tailed to do so, and as a more lucraj tare fie\d is ope.u for h», wo think it - p to our i dvantaae theeliange. We tat« this opportunity of thanking those who..Iiave*helped us by sub: sorjbinaj jnd paying for tlio-pappi' 15 mid otherwise »nd we insure tliuii Ihiit they wiil lo*e notliing, as it in our itvtetition to send each of theii> a. paper till ihe time fe»r w|ii£ih* they hnVe psid has expired. It'niav bo a siiorfc lime before t'ue new paper ap: ,peai\s, lint it will eome in gnod tiinf5, and, wo trustj-give satist-ictiou t^ all V; L:\tmnei Co Datrymsa's AswoiaVoa The St. Lawrence Ooiuily Dairy men's Aasuciuti^n will i tv, and be INOKPKN ^ than be clashed in the second .uici apin_r sifru 1 the iii>t,-and..b»ii)w y* i* vdry'eSkltt'iJJ but at thtj ' giiine ttiuo, tlioy •tesvB atridea witlvrtt-tiieiusolves-iiever j'toru_»|)9, tuado*public, that they are tottiitied to a place iii this coveted eit etc, \\ui they too pijuiily sho>v. by their ]8t,'.4cplidiit;t tiiH-ttliP-y do' not / ,itV bytttive in w'lutt the^ 1 * ate \iu%> A careful ob^ei*ver 'cat» .y \Jail ttv notk'^s tl»HJj*|)iug. tiidy illial ia so Vety Jilainly'shoWti by toward ili/b'e. wlioirt they their <imi sfect^t hearts -to a better dia.u thetriS*»We***'- We iutvjf i uotlce thii aping di«j very, ffetj;aently : »moiy{ Oiyf; -1 15* U nothing* iudepeijderit oc yg here seems* to Uey i»f*y 4» or say something tliat .ay be uie^teftri to those tltfiy eon; ' fchaff tUei»^elVep(» Tody: in tlieir e^6ry,raovfc , ^feai' ever before them. Ctmi tUeiy ^s^etjopa wilt not meet tl)<? ) approbation of th.OM) they try ap liiird i If th«i« •hottld. hap[>en td be a se; pMty »t the residence of some of .>V^^;tidiwtt!ttn^ii > ;;:».nd thfcsfc young folk* we tarored witU *n ir<vi iiit)(rti,th« good\ ft»ik§ who give the .jtaity,do not lose utmny EOUM 1 ilwep Utiiiking if thelnvited giwti would u «i- MitJBi WidA thtir pr«NS«»c Not \ u u«i- g thtir pr«NS«»c. Not Wriglit -'& dington on Tbnrsday, February 7th ;have to earn thoir.bread, by t! e sweat afternoon and evoiiinsj. The subjects ^f their brow-'tftey ure uniortnuxte of bntternudcaro of dairy stock wilt. in'beiiiL' }>• s esed of pride th>i,t will not allow them to becoma a bul'den ,t.o t\icir friendj and par-ents—they iil-« wilting to tako their chamses in the third eliws (if w. Rim York Assoniiition', b of the e>fpectod A p to b,0 present to bis pvesoiit to read .paper on euro pf dntrv. stouk, and O B f V' d S '1. p si, -BQisretary of Vannont's dairy- men's association cm butter. M R Wait, on mixed tannin^, lion 0 T i iluTbert, G-eci jSlXxleason, and otliers ' are expected to- ri«ad or speak* Nf> / pains will oo^ Enured *»n. tlie part of j tha <>ffi>M* ot''tliesi>Bmty-fco make it, -' a profitable itio£u<J; s aniiouiice to \?zb& ptiblic tliat their $to<jk j.s large m& complete.' Tkeir stoves are it is 1 hoped ^-^jfcrrifi^ ^itera WXi uf tU« pri^ildge, wnd b hi?li Coin*pook the best ia tM market. They \have \ 3B '&QZL, patties' th$% they li^va set. ffe^'if^ mices eali aaid fay E. iKiiiia^^lsost, p _^ ^ giving their views and experience oil the subjects under dist'iUsioiv X\ir ( 1 \i| ers afio iirvitod to exhibit samples their tartn ]iratlu«t; ospeciully y .thing ram thufc pioinwesJ t<) be of vat •lie, A premium will; be given fbr,thii beafcjjuuiple of wintisf uiado bd coloi'ei Or uneoloi-ed. . 1 wish to extend my thanks to tho ladies of Waddin^toitfor the khd att' tentioii to us as stwuigei's, tihd Regret- that- my time has bo&i so. liudted «4 to ina^e it impossi'lii&. for xna to vel turntlie,calls due tliem, aiiddo nof •' wish them to tlvlnk it was through': nesjlotjt.. Trustihg'tol Wrill tafce't'h^ wij.l-tuf.fch.tt p Mw. G. A, , in. AdiJis*i&!i 2S tee«^ #ta.denii i5(?tfc See AM. indebted to % tit- e to cailaiUl settle at oiie6i as y«S wisli say*, jjo te - ' ! jjau't ^rrite i article* out week.,,./ %'X v-r;Si.vr;s •».-•.

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