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' . s ._ - 2%‘ 915“ L ' “' ’v~5-1.2-,r;?\5q ~ ‘ ~‘t+,.3..;.‘ -.J'f2;‘~\»a Aucusjizs, 1997 THE SAG HARBOR EXPRESS REE} Gala Celebration Town denies benefit at ‘winery AZurEiS%t Celebrates Fifty Years danger to the public lsafety.\ Ferguson also questioned‘ the pros- pect of the Moebias Syndrome Foundation's-plans to goforward with their event when they have -not even been issued a special event permit. Under the town’s.special' events law, a permit must be applied for at least 30 days prior to the event. in the case of the Moebias Syndrome Foundation‘, their application came to town 15 -days before the scheduled event. \The very idea that an event of this scale would «be considered for organi- zation without there being in exist- ence in their hands a .perm'it: that al- lows them to use the space they were anticipating for a 1,000-person event, 1- find aston‘is=hin‘g,” said ‘Ferguson. Halsey concurred with this statement and vowed that no longer will any special event permits be accepted if applied for less than 30 days in ad- VEHCC. ' continued from page 3 hold such an event, «especially at a» time when the town is purchasingtthe property for the purpose of preserving open space. She aisopointed out that changes in the traffic patterns on the Turnpike demand a st«rong,-police-prey ence, but Halsey said he had been informed that a private security firm would be patrolling the area for this event. That, contended Ferguson, is not enough. by Annette Hinklc 'l_lhe‘ Azurest Property Owners Association (APOA)icel’ebrated the 50th Anniversaryof the Afrlcan-American resort community with a gala celebration last Saturday, August 23. Over 250 people attended the celebration, held“-under a tent at the Azurest Beach from 7 to 11 pm. Hi‘ addltlion to Azurest residents, neighbors from the nearby communities of Sagvlhlarbor Hills and\Ninevah« were ‘there to iolrtzln the celebration, as well: as Sag Harbor Mayor Pierce Hance and Village Trustee Brian Gllbride. ''‘It is a very heavily traveled [road], and we are a n'ei'gh‘borhood« that has a iot of kids outat dusk, and my feeling is that were there to-be any consider- ation of this special -event permit that it should not be allowed uniless there were asouthampton Town Policepres- ence,” she said. \The addition of 400 to 500 cars on the pike in a concen- trated period of time in a night time activity in my opinion constitutes a According to a chronicle of Azurest\s early years, based on oral history and research by the AWPOA, the community traces its begin- nings to the 1930's and early 1940's, when young, middle-class~African-Americans,imany from Brooklymbegan visiting Sag Harbor dur- ing the summer. Theivlsitors had heard of Sag Harbor's Eastvilie neighborhood, one of the oldest African-American and Indian settle- ments on- Long Island. E ME One early renter was Maude ‘l(en«ney Meredith Terry ofllrooklyn, born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1887. She spent her summers in East-ville and often visited the beach by way of a path through the woods. Her walks inspired a vision of homes among the trees. Mrs. Terry began to search for the owner of the 20 wooded acres between Hampton Street and Gardiner's -Bay and found Elsie Gale of Huntington. Mrs. Gale's son, Daniel, had been unsuccessful in his attempts to sell the prop- erty. Mrs. Terry approached Daniel Gale with a plan to subdivide the property into lots which she promised to help sell through her network of colleagues and friends. The first survey of approximately one half of the tract wasfiledon November 13, 1947 and ”Azurest\ was born. Mrs. Terry selected the name after considering Heavenly Peace, Blue Rest, and Blue Haven. 472-4545 24-HR ATM, Mon.-Thurs. 9 AM - 3 PM, Fri. 9AM-6PM,Sat.9AM- 12 PM Manager, Tom Rickenbach DARREI1 I. SHARPELLETTI Attorney at Law 216 Court Street R0. Box 1183 envision these as year round homes,\ says Mrs. Helen Logue Aubry, one of Azurest's founding residents. \We came so our children could have a summer out of New York City. It was close enough for husbands to commute.” \This was really a community of women and children from Monday through Friday,\ recalls Mrs. Aubry. “Then on Friday the husbands came. We all knew each other from the city. lf there was one mother on that beach, we knew that every child regardless of whose family it was, was well taken care of. 'l‘he women chatted, read and knitted. On I-'riday night it took on a different atmosphere.\ \There were no invitations to parties then, as long as you saw lights and heard music, you knew all were welcome. lt wasa great time in our ‘% 250 people came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Azurestand pay tribute to some of its founders including (tap)Thomaslne Smith, Muriel Long, Anna Fultz, Helen Logue Aubry, lrma Hicks and Adele I-lairston, who were being lauded by Audrey Gaul at right. ln near are NY City Councilwoman Helen Marshall, and Lynn Hendy, the gala '5 chairperson. In photo above, Barbara Wilson(l) presents APOA President Andrea Cottman with as Ms. Marshall looks on. denis ca\ Photos R h N» THE AWNING CO., ‘INC. DESIGN-‘CENTER 1688 Sag Harbor Turnpike Sag Harbor, NY 11963 (516) 725-3651 From 9 AM Mon. - Sat. Sunday by appt. only Riverhead, NY 11901 (51-6) 727-2226 Appointments available in your home or office. N V: CALL 725-1700 TO HAVE YOUR STORE LISTED lives,\ says Mrs. Aubrywhose children and.grand- children were here torcelebrate with her. \To me it's surpassed only by the serentity and safety I feel here at my age. It's been a very rewarding experience.” Mr. Gale gave immediate consideration to prospective buyers who were referred by Mrs. Terry. A second survey was filed for the re- Launch Sag Harbor Online . _. ,{ ..h¥ Bryan Boyhan . .. Beginning, this‘~weekend,' the Sag Harbor Express will launch an elec- tronic Internet publication called Sag Harbor Online. Designed for readers who have access to the World Wide Web, the new publication will feature the week's top news stories as reported in the Sag Harbor Express, as well as offer an expanded‘ calendar of events, links to stories on arts and entertain—- ment, the weekly newspaper's classi- fied advertising section and letters to the editor enabling readers to view the section, or correspond with the paper directly via e-mail. resource information. modationsinthcarca,testagramsand Wi“’0ff¢’-F °XP3nd°d inf°Ym3 Of other;-bu5{nes§e5,;an¢j‘w|]j£ be _ab1e_ xo the Sag Harbat.Histor1cFest planncd linketorother sites operated by local ptembei 19-20. ~ \ .; -~'I-«I 7 In- an effort‘ to introduce the Millage. to those who have never been ‘Here before, included‘-will be a walking tour with photographs showing the com- munityand links toinformation about the village's museums. Plus, there will be a section on recreational opportu- nities, with links to stories on golf, hiking and swimming in and around Sag Harbor. businesses and‘ institutions. The site will be ava~|Tl‘&B1e’iit In the immediate future, the site www.sagharboronline.com. Five tortun7‘a“fé'\Fi_c3it~i'é’E’>‘\‘\N”'r\1:'e”'i'“: havi chance to eliminate outside painting & beautify their homes with the 97 Lifetime (never paint again) Vinyl Siding, at dra- matic introductory savings to create neighborhood interest. Sag Harbor HistoricFest returns continued from page 1 Society will lead a pair of walking tours through one of Long lsland’s oldest African and Native American communities, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. which will be preceded by a lecture and exhibit at St. David's A.M.E. Zion Church. And the Historic Committee of the First Presbyterian Church will sponsor a walking tour of some of the village'smostimportanthistorical sites. Also on Sunday will be pony rides, face painting and a juggler on the lawn of the Custom House, courtesy of the Sag Harbor Youth Committee, and the annual clam shucking contest to determine “Shucker of the Year.\ Contact Bayview Marine to register. Ongoing events include tours of a US. CoastGuard ship, and a foodsale by local Scouts, and tours of the Whal- ing Museum, Custom House, Fire Mu- seum andold Jail House. demonstration of one of the community's oldest crafts, carving The newspaper's seasonal maga- zines, including Summer Expressions, will be available through the website as well as feature stories on local resi- dents and organizations. And for those who may have missed a back issue, or are researching a par- ticular topic, the past two years of Sag Harbor Expresses are available through the website's library and are search- able by word. You will also be able to subscribe tothesag Harbor Express via the Internet. ' scrimshaw. But the rest of the weekend will be filled with events that have become popular over the years. Startingoff the Fest will be a bene clambake on the grounds of the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum on Friday night. Saturday will see the elimination rounds of the annual whaleboat races. Finals will be on Sunday afternoon. Contestants should call The Sag Har- bor Express to enter. Also on Saturday the Community Band will play on the green at Long Wharf and the Sag Har- bor Fire Department will host a ben- efit cocktail party for their museum at the Main Fire House. Available in multi-woodland colors, the exterior panels are instalied by factory trained craftsmen over wood, stucco or cement, after a layer of insulation-pen feet for uneven wa|Is—is anchored to the walls. Designedby staff at the Express after consultation with local residents and business owners, the site is being built by Hamptons Online and will be fea- tured on their website. Created largely for readers who do not have immedi- ate access to a copy of the weekly newspaper, or people who are consid- ering a visit to Sag Harbor and want to learn»more»about -the community, the site will not only have a news section that will feature daily updates to sto- ries, but will provide a wide variety of Rccognizing that people's habits are changing, as are: the means by which they get information to plan trips and vacations, Sag Harbor Online also of- fers sections listing hotels and accom- Sincere homeowners should call imme- diately since offer is limited... Monthly budget payments...Phone anytime The Eastville Community Historical \\ 2-4 -‘gage: A-av; :4 »=-. -2'-=. 3-. -=1 ~ $3. \_ :Wm_%_§._,£3, 5.2mm» =:<=*.:°»% 'I“.= 1%‘ -‘:4-..v ‘;.e»~.,~ ;~‘.,;««' ‘*.._;!: :.m>-- ~~:.kéL§ j EAST HAMPTON INDOOR TENNIS Old Colony Homes 6 INDOOR COURTS 0 19 OUTDOOR COURTS 1-800-381-1244 = SUMMER ADULT Cumcs Now FORMING ALL AGES- ALL LEVELS 0 TEEN TENNIS CLUB Too! PAUL ANNACONE T1-zwms ACADEMY 0 TaNN1s+PLus 0 THE Oumoon CLUB 175 Daniel's Hole Road, P.O. Box 4149, East Hampton, NY (516) 537-8012 Fax: (516) 53725906 Iimey Luxury motor coach service between the East End and N.Y.C. year round Luxury motor coach service for you and your car to Florida each winter - Package Express 0 Airport Connections - Limousine 0 Charter - Tours «i'-1.‘, .. ,. , .4.’ j:?x~: > V‘ U» A7‘. .,“;v_:§:L‘ ' w; ~.\p”:a\:\;£ I :‘v ~':’.. « x?_,~£~_4 j '4, ‘ya ‘A A ., 1;}. ' ~.,’_.“<;j_,?,,\.='.'»_‘ 51 6-283-4600 800-936-0440 .,'ii'?,;':f:<:’f\ ». ~é.=.;,«'.-.«:,:<»»‘.~‘: 1 .;.;_{$. 5-£51‘ . .-‘.5;-:5 , s:.:s;,1::§g}4 ‘«2;;;s=1 iv ‘v’‘;« m.‘ \'<\~'/‘I’--\‘)‘V‘\ « .','*rAh* ~rt“'*\ ~ ;~, 4-x.£v{'.:'fv.~.\ 't‘,‘-.‘‘‘,‘,‘‘»~''',~5;f3iC:.‘~’l‘< : -2-§.A,:?~‘,*I‘;\f’?¢<“ci‘}\},\g 4:..:~.'v‘;~.‘.-9¢.e.*‘s“., }.$:‘v’» ~.‘ 2‘ -‘»'-“‘\7:\'!;‘-'1'1‘a’ '7 5 ‘- ;\ .:»1. :< .r!§'.:“ ;sv;;.§{+r=»* ~, '~ . - ~ y.-f\5§Y;; ‘ “mi 2. ‘ ._. ,1 * ..f-.'§*~.~.‘u£‘.-W ’»»».»a-I».-'».'5‘~..u..v A «,,; g t~--»ir‘_\f- r_ ‘. “.3 ~'.~! »..v_\!«_.< Aw, -I n.&.‘zv\i:. ’ T!\-‘ii’ — - ' -§‘»,v'».,',-,‘y4»'»;}; -' ¢‘=;;',‘.‘*F°‘»; r ~~ v. H. \ “ \ \- '\ ‘.:~,- ‘ ‘- \ ‘\ \ - w ‘u N3 . e-.,.v’~: \. \ \ \_ .\_ \ _\V_‘ N V ‘,¢y;,:‘;‘g$,‘ \ “ \““\ \\r*\...-\}a‘_L.._ \ “.r_f‘:‘--‘-\~'3::'.“«‘»i ‘ \ \\'r‘;;\‘s .‘ g‘-.'.'~\\ .l'2\A.* ‘ . .;» _‘ .._..~; _,,.U_‘A lav,” I 53213191‘ ‘gs’;'v.-'.%_'~‘.'.~{-; ii,“ \ _.r. 5? ‘._; (,3; us‘.-‘~,~‘.=.=‘.~.-,-‘r an ..\..».n.a\. ~..-:.x'.-.:»:.a'u-;:n 3:, ;m=g«‘.._',' From an: codes (212, 718. 914. 201) Limousines 516-287-4000 29 Main Street, Sag Harbor 0 516-725~0101 '1 » . £‘«,.. \ '\\\n '\'\.'\rv-N ‘\ K . ~ _ ..\'\.' \\.'-'a-‘\'~.-~‘\'-'\ \-‘\ x\—\'\.‘\\\'~\‘\~.\‘\,\'\'x.\'\\ \ <1 c'u.‘.s.g':x.(x-«‘m‘.s .1; u..«‘». . L «Ix: '._'x m'«\. -« ‘v .«“tln.a:.u'~. u s -7» - \ ~7~c' » - = «'t.w-‘~,s M4 0 «Ar .‘-+’‘-.‘“. ‘T““'V‘**“x“».‘*‘,s‘.“»‘~.’v‘ S‘ £1‘ \“A§*‘*€1‘«¥$’;i*£~ .- ? % ‘ F VOTE DEMOCRATIC ; h ARTHUR DIPIETRO ‘ ; Row B I

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