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Sag Harbor express. (Sag Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.) 1947-current, January 02, 1958, Image 1

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\\:“ % <35 %§§§‘@UGH PUBLIC LIBE?AR¥_ % F ~ \ ‘ ,% \ ; “ — -[-~=-V--—-=...........~ NE: ISLANB COLLECTION A * 3 % ‘ ' X V I _ % { %% L ' ;1% own A ==-§ % A . ‘\/\)‘“T - »‘ \ _ . /A S ‘ ‘A i ‘ ‘ §- ' A .3 _,, 1.’; _ ’z;; ’ >1 ‘ “ Q , m M '7 . ' I SAG MILES l'R0’1'EC' sac. Hanson HAS MUSEUM . ’ 11-t;rn'L1a'\:L;1nnAI:Y PUBLIC PMYGBOUND SEVEN cguucms razm scnoans YAOJ G01 FINE «Combined with; T co‘ RRECTOR (~1s2.2)L and THE NEWS (1909) VOL. 98, No. 4 I OFFICIIAL VILLAGE PAPER ,q\sAc. mmnon, LONG Imgnn, 1»; 35., THURSDAY, gAN.%~2»,19s ‘ u TEN CENTS A 00?! 3- A‘ ' 5430 run IN‘ ADVANCE Soulhamprn Ton % Winds Ilp Successful . AM Prog:'e‘ssive Year Mel Jackson capslured the spiril of Ghrislmas aslllw: Pierson Depl. Rghearsed for Annual Program The Roving Eye Ml Long Island Helped Four Lime thieves to Have Merry Ghrisimas The world's a ‘theatre, the earth \‘a siage, Which God actors By special resolution. the mem- bers o£..th,e Southampton Town Board paid tribute ‘to Jlisticé oi the Peace Fred C. Orth who is retiring from public o this month after 26 years of uninterruptedi sérvice to; the people of the of Strait]!- ampton. . Ad Nature do with Tlie four little thieves of -Glory Road had a brighter Christmas, due to the sympathy and generosity ‘of’ the’ Riverhead Police Department and a hundred Long”’Island'ers from Richmond Hill to Riverhead. Thomas Heywood: Apology for A;ctors.(16712). Only as the curtain for 1957 falls does each of us know how Well we played the roles meted out to us or even if we quit, because the \role was too big for us or we felt it was‘ too small. .. This Christmas Story began Fri- day evening, Dec; 20 at -Police Headquarters on Roanoke A've., Ri- verhead. Hollis Warner,’ owner of several tenament houses on. River- side Dri<7e,e River-head, came in with a complaint. He toid police some body was ‘breaking’ into and —ta'king food from his shacks while the ten- ants were out. .. The: resolution commending Jus- tice Orth was introduced by Justice. Elmer Butcher, seconded by Justice Harold M. Hallock and adopted \on the unanimous vote of the ‘Board members present at their last reg- meeting on Monday, ‘Dec. 23 appeared in last weeks Express. the resolution was formally adopted, Town ‘Attorney John 0’- Keeife presente a gift to Judge Qrth; on behalf of His colleagues. The retiring Justice \in turn .exp‘res- set‘! his appreciation, and said that he had \enjayéa ‘my ascoiation with‘ this Board and will ‘always think Rehearsal is starting for 1958. What.e\er our role in the comedy andtrz dy of life, we can be trou- pvers . . ti nothing else. See you at rehearsal, God will-‘ ing. In” . meantime, here’s hoping “'. you receive that coveted 9-ifzicle. will bring you all *.he succ... . yer feel deservedly yours! Police Chief Stephen Grodski and Patrolman Reginald Underwood in- vestigateé early Saturday morning. The case was quickly solved. The burglars were a tiny boys and his three little sisters, the youngest only 18 months old. The terri child identi h_i1n- self as Johnnie Bogart, Jr. Lifiissk Johnnie, only 7, fold Chief Grodski. ‘he ané his sisters lived with their eegrandmother, Mrs. Beity Mitchel}; on Glozgy Road, iust off Ri-versiae Drive‘. - T ~~-«w,~.. HIGHLIGHTS OF 1957 January: “ William Muller, Bessie Schweins- burg and Theodore Proferes were winners of Christmas_ decoration prizes sponsored by the Sag Harbor’ '0 Round Table Club ,. . . Ellen A; Bates’ book published with Sag Harbor history ~ba.ekgrounel . . . The Peconic Bank has total assets of $2,- 449,375.63 reported presicient for 11 years Charles G. Saunders at the annual meeting; Ed Carlson. with Jessie g ! .ca_:-fh-, . . . In o lW:§‘yo‘;: letters supervisors of East Hampton an'ci.='.Southampton Townships ‘pledge cooperation and action in proposed rehabilitation .,f and widening of town-owned Miiidle Line Road . . . Alfred Stewart ‘welcomed as new member of Chellaeig-.Batt1e Post . . . Membership chairman’ Jack Guerin of local Post reports'~»14‘5 paid-up menrfbers . . . Roger Butts“annou1'ic- ed winner of Babe Ruth trophy; Ri- chard ‘Saunders receives Little Lea-j gue trophy . . . Firemen hold an-9 nual dinner in Southampton; Clo-I -ther Vaughnwand Sam Schockett re-, ceive 20-year pins . . . 1‘.'£eniau;k; school board says centralization is close ‘to State Socialism. K February: Firemen ask village board to re- pair pool tables . . . Mayor Barry’s physician in letter to board explains‘, he is unable to attend board meet» ing because he is ill in hospital '. . ‘fl’;-ustee Ward estimates $200 to be cost of removing tree’ in front of Caz‘:-uthers shop on Main street . . . Mayor Barry dies . . . New Ford presented to Pierson for driver training by Lionel Jaife, re- presentative of Pliti; Ford-Mercury, Inc. for this area and Robert Plitt . . . George Dippel receives 50-year plaque as member of Sag Harbor Fire Department . . . Trustee Eliza- beth Hall first woman mayor to unexpired term of late Mayor Bar-‘ ry .§ . . local resident Wm.-Mulvihill authors book “Fire Mission” . . .~ very revéren and very dearly of our gssociétio which I hope will never be v 50-PIECE’ BA:N'D- under direction of M:.*-seuterslmn is hart! at‘ work I115!-‘raring fiat ea:-ob: which opened the program. Two ’;:aro1s\‘i!er§. 111%!- accompanlea lgy‘the band. The band is prugressing very nicely and wogkc d gxttemely hard preparing for this yrogram. Lois Johns‘qg&_;1p'!=.9 plays. the bells, is behind Mr... Réautershan and cannot besaen in this picture. ’ _ . ' A ~ During the rotifine part» of the meeting the Town Boarél also ap- ~pr=‘o_‘yeg1‘ 9f Image x n% §c,ef;g:a§§:a*g;gpe ma pr thew Aadge \ grahh; Mui Co1‘jp.;o£..Foi;e: Hills to iuriisfe atax accounting .. dressograph machine’ -and equi; ment at a cost“ of .$20,'722:.4G. Th: which was the only one s mitted inchzdes insta1.Iaf;ion,~ struction of the operator and a guarantee. «Johnnie and his -‘sisters“,~B“etfy,_.6, A1;ind_a_rT;.4;“ahd Beatrice mg ggaby, red the o £6 ‘a gold, room shack oz_1_ Gi Road. ‘i‘he§:e* was no food in the ice box, fueE oil for the heater, and ho gas for the twoeburner stove. Mrs. Mitchell, 65, cried when Chief Groiiski told? ‘her ’cI}e children had been stealing, es from Mr. Wax-ner’s tenants, because he was her Iandliorzi too. She said they had been ‘without food for; almost three days. ' The old woman said her daughter, and the chiIdren’s mother Christine Bogart, was dead, but their father _John Bogart, Sr., was in jail. After a pqiblic hearing schedulz for 11 a.m. failed to turn up a: opposi ‘to the advertised p1 p_osal to take War Way into Town Highway System, the me; bers veized to «approve Judge I-Ia. 1ock’s resolution to accept the ro: subject to ‘the ‘town attorney's proval. “ The members in addition he Gerard Cambria of §outhampto1;, quest that “She Board install ‘two Police records’ show Christine died from a shotgun blast in a brawl on Riverside Drive 18 months ago. Amd Jail o revealed the fath- er Was released Dec. 21 after ser- ving 15 days for an assault convic—- tion. Bogart, 34, was ciescribed as a “bad actor” by police. He has dis- appeared-. wells at“his*p1ace of ‘business on North I-‘ since, he said, insurance ra had jumped cen from 75¢ per $100 of assess‘égi valuafion to $2123 per $1110 ‘Fitter an izispeetion by the Bvoara of‘Fire Un- derwriters. fact 1h‘at ‘build’- (‘Continued on Last Page) E Y CHORUS, kindergarten throtigh three, rehearse under Mrs. Iioganfs direction. This chorus , or nearly one hundred twenty voices sang four lively ! carols. When Chief Grodski asked Mrs. Mitchell, “why -didn't you contact the County Welfare Depjartment,” she broke down. RETAREDED XMAS’ PARTY SUCCESSFUL “I cou1dn’t,” she sobbed. “I hav- .en’t ‘had anything to eat,‘ and Pm too weak and ill to even Walk out of the house.” Over one 'h1'mdred parents and chiidren from Rmnsenhurg to Mon- tauk attended ‘Ehe \ Christmas - par held by the ‘Hamptdn Auxil- iary to he Suffoik Chapter of ‘the Association for the Help of Retar‘d- ed Children, held at the Bridge- The policemen left, promising to return with assistance. They went to a store and purchased. a supply of groceries, enough to last for a few days. And then Grods}*i noti Warner that the family was xvithout fuel oil and gas. Rev. William F..Rohm named oldest pastor of Baptists in New York state at age of 95 . . . Southampton ‘(own board plans to lower boom on intoxicated drivers . . . March: hampton Community‘ House Sun- day afternoon, Dec’. 22 from 3 to 6. Charles Suessaps o1‘:'.S'outhamp£on treasurer of. the Auxiliary, played Grodski and Underwood deliver- ed thr. food, and promised the We!- fjare Department would be noti Santa and -distributed gifts to all the children, and they and their elders enjoyed ‘a bountiful table of re- freshments bf by the Ladies Aguxiliary of the Na‘-thaniel Howell Topping Post, American Legion of Bridgehampton. Donald Proferes named on dean's list at Colgate U . . . three-way bat- tle for village offices: Economy par- ty presents Uames McMahon, Jr., for Mayor, Melvane Beebee and Joseph McA'ree, Jr. for trustees; Eh- dep«end‘en't party chooses Trustee John Ward for Mayor and Christy Profcros and Francis King for trus- tees; Advancement party slate is George Butts for mayor and Ken Yardley and Irving Ivans for trus-* tees . . . A committee renews drive to locate branch of Ade1phi..in_eas- tern Suffolk . . ., Economy party landslide elects complete ticket . . . (Continued on Last Page) THE §l‘U'NIOR CHORUS, grades four through six, under Mrs. Hog'an’s direction rehearse for the staging and singing 01f that old familiar Christ mas carol, -“The Twelve Days of Christmas.” SECRET SAM’S NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: “Always be chari- table - anyone can make a rnis~ steak!” [Judge Edwin A, Berkery of Hampton Bays, president of the Auxiliary, and _Mrs. Berkery, as well as Mrs. Joseph Gilbride of Sag Harbor, vice-president and Aug-. ustus (3. Sartain of Southampton, a trustee, helped make. the ‘party a great. sucqess. GUARANTEED TEN-DER CUBE!) STEAKS Ferd T Wagner, postoffice enfgiloyee retires after 41 years service . . . BUMP PORK CHOPS ib 39c [‘ Mr. Suessans. was a hit as Santa, although some of ‘the tinier guests haé somelcomplaints, one of them being Whéiher Santa’s heard was real. . Rev. Geo. ‘Vorsheim former Presby- terian Church pastor here heading for Japan . . .» ‘Emil Fachon new director of Bulova . . . Dr. Frank 33‘. Holmberg administers free Salk shots to Bulova employees, assisted by. Public Health mirse, Mrs. Vir- ginia King . . . ; SHOULDER PORK CHOPS on the kitchexi. committee that pr_epared the, refreshments were Mrs. Philip .Scar1ai:o,‘Mrs. John C03. lick, Mrs. Stanley Strong. sr.,. Mrs. John Mulligan, Mrs. LeRoy Ben. net Mrs. Howard Brannock, am} Mrs. William Collum. Beirkery expressed. grati tion ove;-. the su¢'c<;ss_ of 1;h_e. océa;..- sion and voiced hope that it may be done again next year. BABY PORK LOINS Wholeorlialf Ap»ril{:' .. ‘ Bulkhead‘ and breakwater prob- \ Efcon (in .fourth page) NOLAN’S ‘EGG NOG ~ (Wunnerfu! for nsin up leftover nad stale iikker) . . . . . . . . Qt. 690 Plus Dep. b_ Weekend guests of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Philip \Jones on Noyac ‘Road were their ‘c'hi»1d15en- ‘and g'ra‘ndchiidren,. and Phi Jones, Philip and Patty of .Morr.istown'. A ‘ !(ulezyeki’s Superelie: EAST HAMTTON ROAD -. <Ie~.“*-— ~» :““:\'“~- _.-- .,.,_.a~.x,;.,,r

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