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? sag. Ms]. mus. or R 1-nemcmn “ .4§*9URv:ScnoeLs vo1..— 93', Na 3 ‘re-iv \~4v~ ~« 1 % omcm. vmnmx: ram; new WW 185531553119 mftmsmrij ? in Anv ‘V v‘ ‘t .2. V 5‘ N , 4:.‘ . ,.-. ..,, '?«~' «r—-‘ r~’r»’ 1%’ am a'« 7» a-*-‘~*_r»~‘Vr»-~'> »' r»~‘« »-'1 «- r-+ '-r» : N7» rt‘ A3-3' 2-f’—-‘ r5*«'~’ 3'»: fr’. W srw‘ re‘ r=~‘ 7' 3% ’r«*P~ PM I Santa Glaus Ereeted by v of Kiddies at tegian ! Party The Roving Eye” Eomunily: arses’ Hoies ;Pier§§en Pupils Present 7Pleajsing Program; :_Prove ;§Perie’el Performers By Marie Frgttailone Christmas has a di mean- mg. To some pqfhaps the fol1oW'mg: Ah, iriends, dear friends, as years . . by BeV0l'i}’ Nolan Mam women and children alike a$_3§i11b1ed in the auditorium oft -P—1.e.,.1\§011 H\igh.School last Thursday _ » Zxfingigrf to enaoy the annual Christ- » ..~/ Or . ‘ ' was 4openedm\:lvIi1’cclf1e’s¢::l1e1c:(ti[:>11?1l: T3: band; . 3' ff; The program consisted of a mus- ‘‘-‘‘=‘‘1 Play» “Volumes of Christmas,” 7 t ! Igoristwagner and adap- * 1 ‘Play Ppined a living roongn was seen. ‘ Maia‘ gtr5¢fi;§sOutha » ~ _; ,.;me_ a e pe - ormers to illustrate 95 “F9 —*‘.‘‘1°.? °f ‘the different volumes. day .n;g‘h:;i:senaerkear ‘by the sweet, ‘it “me the Primary and junior zvouag; the stuaem-, cllglfusess a¢c0mpaniedi by Mrs. Ed- Choral This proy;°;a‘n; wards and Beverly Nolan respec- reneaté the HOSDi§§1m,:‘§9r‘ the t.1V91”-‘A sang Several selections such patients-ion \“\ ' ,,a,s Jingle Bells, Suzy Snow 30311983 E N-‘S.-\.i§tl:§’1§dé{1.the Here Comes Santa Claus and the s°11*h331113.t011 Nurses’ ' Twelve Days of Christmas ,1.u_t‘” gm-‘d _?”,\“a1 X”‘?5‘-Pa °“_iV Between the acts, the school band .esday, Dec. 17th at the home of under the dire t- E Mr _ Jean l)eLoiselle, Gondola Gardens,‘ 1, -.1 * °\°“ ° » ‘ R.e\‘°\ North Sea. Co-hostesses wereiiilelen 5 an‘ -9 ayed 3 few 13°“ Ctfnstmas White and Dot Anthony and others‘ .°a?°‘S- The center °\- am'a.°t1°n dill\ present were Janet Lavinio,.-Rose‘-mg A“ 11 W35‘ the Se Chorus. ‘.I*IIs';1§%\”'Irrna ;S0I_n,e4 of their selections were: I ’ Polly, -‘Wander as .1. ‘Wancier,. What Child Is ’gardtK’ra‘siewski, Tess Mahar, Lee’ This, Rise Up Shepherd and F01- ‘Slotki, A;nit_a Gosiewski and tIrene’1er'and7;Sing:We Noel, -‘ Lad- Gusewicz. The cashmere sweate.1.\.1ow Bever1ymNolan- Linda C n [was awarded to a Michigan lady. at.‘ Dor’othy Worth a d’ B 1; 0 ca’ Nancy Lawhead. of Allen Park and‘ th . . ,n e Sy Butts that makes a little story of it’s“own;‘¥[ere e. soloists of the glee °l“b' it seems Betty McPherson, a loyal ary A Crawmrd was the 39‘ alumnae member, who is attending‘; °°m_Pam5t- Mm H0331‘ directed the courses there, sold her the winning’ Senmr Ch°1'11S 35 W611 as the Junior share and although ‘it would have; and Primary Choruses have been nice to see that luxurious’ Following the the singing sweatefr on a local girl, it will be of We Wish You a. Merry Christmas more un imaginir_1g_Miss Lawhead b the ‘ ‘ i ‘ ' telling where and how she got it. jfmea ;iIth1:fh:c::§d’ :2: callligiirsce Again, an out-of-towner was fav- and sang the m ch 1 d .hr- es cred, when Miss Paul, a faculty in- ma h ‘ u We C 1513‘ structress at Morrisiania Hospital 5 ymns’ Hark’ the Herald An‘ ‘in New York was awarded the gels sfngi 0 _C°me 5*“ Ye Faithful iclock, on which the Student Nuns- .and $1191“ Night ' {es had been selling shares, the pro- -Principal William P. Crozier ex- gceeds of which go toward the pur- fended the season’s greetings and gchase of their class rings. This invited all to visit the classrooms event took place at their formal to see the lovely Christmas decora- dance at Parrish Memorial Hall. tions_ ., Ano er Nurse’s relative has ‘ brought honor to her family, her school (Sacred Heart of Mary Aca- demy) and to the entire village - - that young lady is Valerie Kulczy- cki, daughter of Tony and Rose Kulczycki and niece of Victo ia Kulczycki Lewis, a St. Mary‘s H§s- pital graduate. Valerie‘ is the win- ner of the orator-ical Contest spon- sored by the National Catholic Ecr- ensic League in Amityville, Dec. 14th and competed {with students from nine other leading high schools. Although ability is certain- 'ly required, her parents and teach- ers deserve much credit in it's prop- er recognition and training. Con- gratulations! Roberta Ward, Brooklyn Hospital graduate (Roberta and Donald; Ward are newlyweds) will be wel- comed here as a permanent resi- dent when Donald completes his Naval assignment in the spring. Springtime wip. bring more happi- ness to Bette and Gene Ward in Windsor, Vt. when a little one ar- rives to bless their marriage. Bette is an R. N., too. ~ :3 ~ -.-\f '5 . :I-~:‘- 3.-I»L_vi::..{-»:§f:: ,':Z'*‘ \ ' ' \5'-“-IA‘ \$3.?-‘E.f:§:{.};I1L‘. 3.35;':7:§3Z'~}:‘:;:?:’:;~=E:1£‘:-'3’{.}1>%-3».-. ‘-.:s;3:3;,>'.::-:':=; ., \5.553-7':'53\-3333,4353.:::33Eq13?1< \\'-:1: i,'I:-1': $:§:3:2::2: 3115;: :;‘:‘—_‘,,:'.-:',f,_.;.:: ' > ~ V.a»~:-',‘ev::'»-2;-=::;.‘£-:;:=:s:=~s¢::.: »-:-'.:;:;:..:a‘,:::3.—»::'&::ezf ;-:- .2\ .‘,:_:-.{«,,-,;;4 I. On time, as scheduled, Santa ittlaus arrived in front of the Am-‘ erican Legion, Memorial‘ Building. _on Bay Street, last Sunday after- noon, to be greeted by hundreds of boys ‘and girls, accompanied by their parents. ' . Santa was supposed to arrive on his little steam engine but was un-‘ able to do so because one of his as-I sistants forgotato_ put water in the radiator and broke the block otthel engine, which had ‘to be,Iaid up for‘ Ijepa-irs. However, through the ef4« iqrts of Richard L.\ Ward, who ar- ranged Santa’s visit; on behalf the local Legion Post, the old boy was- able to bprrow one of thev_1~‘ire De.- 1oartment’s to ‘bringrhim and his gifts to the party, _No.sooner had he arrived when the whistle blew long and loud and: the truck, had to disposses .$a_nta’and take off to a fire. Claus was not to be outdone, however, for he soon found another ‘base’ of. oiiérations and destributedcandy balloons toys’. and other to ‘all the youngsters present, and then shook hands with the very, very little ones whq were present in dad's or gnonfs arms, and who in most instances, were not the least bit shy in letting $anta know what they expectedrzforc din-istmas. St. Nick also stayed to hear the entire C,\f11:istmas\7fE'a11c’£ Concert‘ giv-_ -en‘. by the Sag Harbor Band, under the direction of “Pop” Mazzeo, which was held on the lawn of the Legion property. The music was excellent, the sun shone brightly and eveyone including the grown-ups had a wonderful after- noon. Mr. Ward regrets that the Legion was unable to provide the rides promised because of unexpec- ted circumstances, but the kiddies had a good time anyway‘ romping around the Legion Ballroom, ‘play- ingdand dancing to phonograph re; cor s. go on and heads get gray, how fast the guests do go! Touch hands, touch hands, with those that stay. . Strong hands_to weak, old hands t9 young,‘ around the Christmas ., board, touch hands. The false forget, the foe forgive, £91‘ 7. every‘ gue§t wil lgo and every burn low and cabin empty staqd. Forget, forgive, for who may say . that Christma‘s~ day may ever ‘ come to host or guest again. _ Touch hands! ~¥ .~; . ’ John Nortaorrs Vagabcmd Golden Greene of East j~'.'iamb~ ton, Sonotone agent, is now 1oc_at'gd at’ Karl's C_1e'aners, place of busi- ness on Main Street. Miss. Pea’rl. Walsh has resigned her pmsition thire .a:£ter thirty some odd years. 4:? ’:-.\4-‘ Qapt. Joe Karl, chetw excellent, cooked up a wonderful pheasant dinner for the fire police, last week; We not only heard: about it, but tasted it. Joe is churman and the gift of his cooking is not; only wholesome but cabbage included. His neoi are a special-. ty out of this jworld. The main course (the pheasant) of the boun-_ tiful repast was '2: gift from Ed Bradford 0: the. Bradford Oil Co. “— - to gaiurther - - the pheasantslvqgnxfg om {George Scheiiingefs Farm. Ndthing but the best. Feeds -‘are worthggzhile attending when Chef Joe presides. _. Village of —-If\arB.9I:;.; PRESENTS. . N » ANNUAL Enwnnmmmzmv . 3133 following resoIution.was»-in- -troduced by Justice .2B'u'tcfhet\ and seconded by Justice I-Iallock and duly adopted by this Board on the atnanimous vote of the members present:- _ , the Hon. Fred C. Orth has served as Justice of the Peace of the Town of Southampton for twenty-six years, and WHEREAS such service has been performed with great ability, integ- rity, dignity and honesty and with constant and full regard for the best interests of all the people of the Town of Southampton, and WHEREAS besides his many at- tributes and merits as Justice of the Peace he has also endeared him- self personally to all of the pea.- ple of the Town of Southampton and more particularly to the mem- ‘bers of. this Board, the Sup’t of High -vvays, Town Clerk and Town Coun- sel, and -WHEREAS his term of office as such Justice of the‘ Peace is now drawn to-a close and he\ will no longer attend with the members of this Board at its regular meetings, NOW THEREFORE the members of the Southampton Town Board the Sup’t of Highways, The Town Clerk ‘and ‘Town wish to extend’ to you Jutige our sin- cere regret that ! us and our real appreciation for hav- ing been privileged to» serve with you as members of this Board‘ and our very best vzishes luck and Godspeed. ' ’ “ ; Hesse. misc eonxeg The membe1;s_.‘of {he iN03'£{c_~Civie‘ _Coun¢i1 met”\at the \A;meI°ican Le- _gion Hall on Thursday, December 12 for the regular monthly meeting and/the ‘annual Christmas party. \ Mrs. William Koch, correspond- ing secretary reported that Dr. Rus- sell J. Smyth that been invited ‘to January meeting to discuss school problems but replied that he would be unable to attend a Tuesday night meeting. Since the Council is very much interested in hearing Dr. Smyth speak, Council president William Everett set the date for the January meeting for Monday, the thirteenth. T Beginning the Ax:adé'my’s Annual Christmas entertainment was a var- ied instrumental background, pro- vided by the school band, under the tutelage of Antonio Mazzeo of Sag Harbor. T ’Spea*king about~- Captain Karl: there will be a buffet, favors and fun at the Ship Ahoy Tavern New Ye'ar\s ‘Eve. By the way, the holiday decorations on the back bar were done by a real artist, Bill White- head. That additional tinsel, stockings, and trimming Main street has been. the talk of the town and were just, getting around to say that Mary Fator and Ginger Babcock did some of the shopping and planning (according to the grapevine re- ports). The huge laurel bell decor- ation was made by the scouts. The committee this year deserves a great big hand because they were willing to take on the responsibility so late. Amy, Jo, Beth and Meg, as well as their compaizions, of Louisa M. A.1cott’s classic, “Little Women,” then came alive on Sunday, Dec. 22, in the Academy’s auditorium. On stage appeared the entire March fainily as it progressed through the situations which Mrs. Alcott sets forth. Mr. March’s illnes, the de- velopment of his daughters’ person- alities, and the meeting of the girls with their lovable acquain- tances all rang true to the authofs familiar story ‘and furnished an en- tertaining hour. . The successful conclusion of the party for the young ones brings ‘to mind the planned‘ New Year’s Eve Party .for' the grown-ups on Tues’- day, Dec. 31st. John Martin and his orchestra has been engaged for fhe evening and will provide a11*t'he ex cellent music desired from 9:30 PM to 3:30 A.M., with noisemakers, fa- vors, and‘ a bu supper all for $6.00 a couple. Reservations should be made as‘ soon as possible so that the steward will know how to prepare for in the way of co . 4- ‘ It was mentioned that, since few people can attend.’ Town Board meetings, held during business hours, the Council might consider appointing a delegate who would be free to attend the meetings. No one person could assure the Coun cil that he would be able to repre- sent the Council at every meeting, and it was agreed that having a group of delegates would guaran: tee the Council a representative at most Town Board meetings. The Christmas (lecorations com- ,.mittee reported that the tree at the Noyac school» house was trimmed anddighted and the signs along the road decorated with greens. Can- dles alongside the signs wish “Sea-\ son's Greetings” to all. 7 A1t\th close of the business‘meet- ing, Philip Jones entertained” the members by playing Christxnas -car- ols while Mrs. Edward Smith led in the singing of the carols. Don -Weatherell and Ayhner Pugs- ley agreed to exhibit their skill as “tree trimmers” and, given orna- ments, tinsel, icicles and a tree, be-» gan a contest to determine which could trim his half of the tree in the shortest time. Although Mr. Pugsley with his usual talent ‘for fun, added ’-to the spectator’s enjoyment for the con- test, Mr. Weaherell’s speed and ef—-- ficiency won him. the prize: the tree and its ornaments. . Generally it isn’t too pleasant ‘to report an error. We are h:appy»to hear (checked) that the Rev. Wil- liam. F. Rohm was not taken to the hospital. .‘ T’ 7 Complementing the dramatic per- formance was the story of “Silent Night,” sung by the Junior Chorus. Mrs. H. Rodgers of Water Mill ac- companied the singing on the piano while Mrs. Rober Aldrich of Water Mill, choral instructress, directed. ‘Christmas’ in the Cathedral was rendered by the Senior Glee Club. Included iziiithis was, “0 Come\ All Ye Faithful,” “Break Forth, 0 Beauteous Heavenly Light,” “Vir- go M:;i‘i§,:’ ';‘fSoftly Sleep, Mary’s CI_;i1d,” “The Holy City,” “Aye Ver- um.”~ The, entire program‘ conclud- ed with the prodigious “Gallelujah Chorus’ from Handel's “'1‘lieV Mes- siah,” which the Choral Club \sang magni other members of Johnny’s mus- ical combination are ‘Jack Moylana of this village, Bill Payne of Shel- tér Island, Larry Hum! of ‘Amagan- sett and Ken Stowell of East Hamp- ton, all accomplished musicians. The Entertainment Committee h01d.~' a meeting Friday,_ Dec. 27th, at 8 pm. to plan the de- corations for the Surf Room for New Yearjs Eve and it’ is under- stqozl-that:tl_1_e-aptnal work will be done nextf Siuiday ‘afternoon. Every e is being made to insure all a gazonderiul New Year’s Eve celebra- at ‘the Legion Surf Room - - ‘sggcome early and ‘stay late to wel- « “come in.\58'.‘ ‘ A . NOTICE FROM Yours truly sends a wish: '£!‘o_ faithful old friends ‘ To cherished new :£riendls- to those whose friendship we hope A to ’earn, it is a pleasure to extend; ' Best wishes of the season And may your new year be one ;~ at Happinegs and Prosperity. SCRAP BOOK COMMI'.l'.l‘EE .This committee urgently re- quests pietures, clippings,’ and other interesting items in con- nection with the recent” 250th Anniversary Celebration. A gigantic hook is~being pre- pared for permanent display at the John Jerm_ain Library. Help build it 2 Phone SAg Harbor 5-0064 or 5-0605. Thank You. . J. Bassett, ‘ Scrap Book Chairman “ E. A. Ball. General Chairman to the county and tbwp officials as well as our own village bofard and mayor, Sag Harbor is re- ceiving a wonderful Christmas pre- sent this year. The‘ bulkhead\ at ~1v|,‘_ari.ne Pat}; ‘is being straightened. and a new one bui1t‘in.:Emnt of it.‘ The, space between is beii1“g: MASONS ELECT _'The annual meeting at Wampon-— amen Lodge F 3:: A. M’ held‘- Thursday, Decemher 19t§i...’.l_‘he fol- lbiiving officers\ were eI_e‘c.ted‘ to ‘serve during 1958:-— Master, Frank E. Harris; Senior Warden, William E. Poate; Junior V avid’ J. Lee; Secretary, Walter B. Steams; Trea- surer, Carl J. Jensen. The Master, Edward ‘T. Muller, announced during thepmeeting that the previous day, Dec. .18th, had. been the birthdays of William E.:, Poate, Walter L. Kay‘, and Grover 0'. Johann. He then announced that the day of the meeting, Dec. 19th,\ was the 76th birthday of Richard C. Grave1ey.'Each...‘Of these four men‘ were given a-rousing applause. and: wishes for many more years of hap-1 piness. After the meeting adjourn- ed, refreshments were served in the dining room. Everybody gatheredin the dining room when Mr. Grave- ley entered and the entire membeI:~ ship sang “Happy Birthday” to him as he entered the room. He _was men escorted to thejgenter of the table and presented ‘with. a_ huge birthday cake in the center , of. ..i‘vhich‘..‘was in red on white _ie‘-p ing the Masonic emblem of Squa;re_ asd. ..!v12éch. he was cdf ! mandeii out a3,id’;séi€vé;'t65,pth1ose“ present. x- EVOLA - IVANS Mr. and Mrs. Irving Ivans an- nounce the engagement ,o£ their daughted,- Miss- Betsy .aIane‘Ivans ‘to Lawrence L. Evola, $011.0: and Mrs. Rocco Evola of Flue!‘-dng.\NoA date has been set tor the wedding.. CHRISTMAS. TREE USEFUL ALL WINTER LONG [ }It seems like a dedication to our late Mayor Hap Barry for it was he who instigated’ the desperate need for the repair of our valuable we-~ terfront. He was consulting with‘of- even when hospitalized. That was a year ago next montlh. Unfor- tunately, he never lived. to see his. dream come true. Cooperation of the officials Mayor. Barry called on wgth our ‘village board sulted in beginning A-:’o£ the work. Slppervisor; ‘Topping’ . and Juglge ‘Stafford of East Hampton town and §upervisor Me§chu_tt, Town Clerk Claude Jones and Judge Elmer But- -cher of Southampton Town were among those who backedl the pro- ject. 'I'he two supervisors are also members of the county board. ‘ The marine park bulklheadkwas a problem since the last hurricane The villages lacked the kind oi fnfzoney to repair it on its own. The Waterfront was fast eroding and be-. coming a more ‘expensive problem‘ “”.as»\time went on, Appeals‘ to the townships (Sag Harbor 'iis locafed ‘in both of them) as well as to‘ the ’c9m.:ty for I2.e.19.2ve-se to save‘ the valuabixewatermont. nae esti:,nated;'cost of this repair {is $23,- SECRET S‘AzM’S‘ ADVICE: “Never waste {household scraps - throw open the windows, so the neigh- bors can hear them!” .. Put the Christmas tree ‘to use at- te’i' 3117. has been taken. down. . _ \ Cut 01% {he brairiches and ‘place them curved ends up over when the ground is eXP59ed. This will prevent heaving of soil during the remainder of the winter. Further, long evergreembranches make excellent? winter: protection» fer Iow-growing azaleas; ~a’rbo'rvitae,~ yew, juniper angi rhododendr_on._ “Plant” ~ ‘théni as windbreaks around tender _ shrubs on exposed gites, or build little tepees over the plantings. ‘ GIRL scam: NEWS Troop 37 has lqéen_ very a;:t’ive' during this Christmas season. some of the things that have kept them busy are: making stars forfthe Red Cfossj decorating two ,vil,1age( trees at the monument and joining with troops 38 and 6 to carol at various homes‘ about the vi11age,We would like to thank our Scot Leaders Mrs. Butcher, Mrs.- -Semkus and Mrs. Kelman for taking us carolin\g; M_rs.. Bill, Mrs; McC1-osson and Mrs. McAvpy were also kind enough to use their cars for our t1:an§porta- tion. Carol Lee McA;voy, Scribe co1_'r's‘ DIETETIC,_GINGER ALE AND GL_Ul§ SODA 12 oz‘. (No Deposit Btls) ., 2 for 29¢ FOXHEAD PREMIUM BEER Six-Pack Cans $cHMID'E’S BEER Six-Pack Cans LEBANON VALLEY BEER “ CARD OF THANKS The of Igfrancis J. McEr- lean wish to expfess our deepest gratitude to t1;e.<1o1lowing in. our recent bereavement: Rev. Father‘ Staiger, Dex-i_n_g Yardley, Qhelberg Battle Post, No. 388, the Color Guard,.Pa1l Bearers and to all our- Vfrieézds and relatives who were so kin . BENEFIT FOR ANIMAL SHELTER ma ,For_ the bene of the Hampton- Amimal Shelter and the Parrish Art Museum, the play “George Wash-' ington Slept Here” by the noted playwrights, Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, will again be present- ed for one night only. Dec. 28th, Saturday, 8:30 p.m; Tickets ‘are on sale at Corwi1;h’s ‘Drug Store, South’ ampton; agadgaiz the box office of the ,Par’;\ish Museum, the .evenirJg ofthe play, as well as -through Dan 0. ‘Cord, Southamptom. Mrs.’ ,,MorriS S‘; Wedley ‘and Mrs. Erank H611: Water Mill; Qa Videla; B1-idgehampton a”nd E. Mor-. ris osborne, East: Hampton. T Six-Pack Cans 790 SUNSHINE H1 H0 GRAOKERS 141$ Pkg, 29c MERKEUS CANNED RAMS 4 T5 Can Mrs. Joan McE1-lean Mrs. Mary McErIean_ -*' and Family. CARD OF 'I'lI'ANKS ANSWERTT0 LAST WEEK’S RID- DLE: “YE'l',’_’ is the name of Sec- ret Sam’s Dog - therefore the statement, “Secret Sam rode his Horse across the ..bridge, :and, YET, he walked” is not ambig- nous. — We, wish to,~exten¢_I-our deép. ap- preciation to Rev. «Father -Ennis, Rev‘. Father Staiger, Dr; Robert K%ennedy»%9ur_~ir1en and Aneiay- bars for their“ §o1ieifude,' and con‘:- tinued acts of kind_1‘1ess,. prior to, and 53,313.13 pug xeceni pggeavemept. Catherine Hughes. lézardwick. 000, only beéauae. the work is ‘being done with the-<town’s crew and the use of G!1a.§,_La1;razzi’s equipment- _Sag'Harbo‘r’s share 0 this expense is $3,000, it is. repo'rted.. L T. : ~ The repair to this bulkhead will n9t_..,o.11ly- Sag.H..a1_'h.9r. but >£)t:ti1:;ei,g1;horing‘ 'com1:xunities as: w . - ’ - CARD OF THANKS Sincere’ amlreciation to ‘Rev. Fr. Ennis,ADrs. Holmberg, Semlearg of- Marshall Gérypie; relatives and friends for thei:-‘sympathy dur- ing. our recent bereavement. The Cosgrove Family. Kulezycki’s Superelle EAST ‘HAMPTON ROAD I A V‘ . if N‘ A‘ L ' _ -— - A _ .' %_ ' I .::. +, .. ~ \n,...,...‘“‘~x~ 73] 4 { fl ~ , mm \2§ « 1 ii: ~\\::\:‘:\‘ \ ‘ “ N ' K ;‘\~~ ‘ N ,3 ‘ \ 5:» ~* , \. ‘ '} «it. ‘ “ \‘\ <\.;~* \ ‘T13 ”.~‘;-‘R. 2*‘ ‘ »\ V NR ‘ ,\::r£‘E»Cff‘£:\‘ . ; ~ ‘ ~§~ ~.L ~*;3\J¥C)1q(;3¢°xI3y? _ \, (18. I I §\3Igi§§~I ,5, ,.; x \\ ‘ . .A&:&‘gb%Ug:‘:E:§‘%\ ‘ % W “ E“? N § “ A«~‘T.: . , 5‘ ‘K , A *j z:zaNyaaei»:;—¢% » % , ;- 4., » ’*‘'''’:“''”'':‘__”' ff» < '“ v’ x?/7 \ y -:1 ‘ii? 7 A ,, ». 1'5: 3 4 r 'j t r 3 \ :24 - Li ’’ 7 _ 1‘ _».,...>-‘Jr . 3’. I V ,. W‘ v‘ V V’ ; 3.‘ 5: K; a‘ *4’; I _’ ‘v-)‘1,‘yv:_“\ - I ,1. if /. ,.\r — ‘V , .;e= 3.... ~,,:.l ‘ T «W 3 ‘V b\ .::..; < “.!__ - _ , - ’ ' ,

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