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Wfctffi . 5 »» i- PAGJE EfGHT e £ n RIVEH^DBMoeRAT • . iiafi&fe^''-^ S4B*\i PORT LEYDEN MkS. MATTHEW CONWAy, Corr«p<md«. r 1NNUAL REPORT VSLUBE PORT LEYD! r » f 25.00 i Leon Simser, salary 6 mos... ] Mary L. Williams, clerk's sal- i ary and supplies 51.00 ! New bal. Mar. 1, 1942 2,461.08 Annual Report and Financial State- ment of the Village of Port Leyden, N. Y., for Fiscal Year 1941-1942. The follow ins; is the annual repoit of the Treasurer and financial state- ment of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Port Leyden, X. Y., and of the moneys received and expended for the fiscal year beginning March 1, 1941, and ending February 2S, 1942: GENERAL FUND Receipts Bal. 0 n hand March 1, 1941. . $3,015.10 Back tax 143.26 Mer. and mfg. tax 5.05 Beverage tax 494.57 Income tax 12S.52 Mortgage tax 10.62 Fines 10.00 Dividend on policy Xo. 23003. 11.60 Rent for engine house 1941. . . 40.00 Refund from sewer fund to correct error 9.24 Received from collector 1,822.57 Delinquent tax 147.23 •STREET FUND Receipts 1941 Bal. on hand March 1, 1941. Received from water fund.. 55,837.76 ELECTION NOTICE 7*' .?£-tS£& % 115.88 1,700.00 1.00 Total $5,837.76 Disbursements 1941 Apr. S, Guy P. Wilcox, elec Upstate Telephone Corp... R. Lee Wilcox, bond for treasurer 41.40 Central X. Y. Power Corp., sewer main 3.58 State insurance -fund 96.00 May 2, Neff-Field Agency, ins. 235.13 Wormuth Publishing Co 74.84 Ray Wilcox, rent for dump.. 15.00 Hercules Powder Co., chlo- rine foi sewer 14.50 June 3, Chas. Gookins, regis- trar vital statistics 19.50 Anna Bailey, Coll., postage.. 2.GS Upstate Telephone Corp 2.65 Central X. Y. Power Corp., sewer main 1.24 July 2, Central X. Y. Power Corp., sewer main 1.24 Upstate Telephone Corp 2.50 Irene Stevens, 4 mos. salary and supplies 27.50 Pfluger Business Equipment. 4.99 Hercules Powder Co., chlo- rine 14.50 July 2, Wallace & Tiernan... 36.25 A. J. 'Belang, bond & int 245.00 W. Foster, treas., Port Ley- den band .\ 100.00 Mrs. O. .Sins, siren & tel. ... 10.63 Aug. 2, W. Foster, fees 10.00 $l,Slo.8S Disbursements 1941 Apr. S, R. Carpenter, payroll.$ 107.60 •May 2, R. Carpenter, payroll. 84.40 Standard Oil Co., asphalt.. . 15.95 J. F. Walsh, wrench repairs. 5.00 June 3, F. Rocker, oil, gas.. 11.60 Ready-Made Sign Co., park- ing signs 1.04 Roy Carpenter, payroll 118.45 Law Bros., rental bulldozer.. 6.00 July 2, R. Carpenter, payroll. 79.65 F. Rocker, supplies 5.28 Aug. 2, R. Carpenter, payroll.' 82.30 S-ocony dil Co., asphalt 16.50 Doyle Hdwre., supplies 10.55 Sept. 4, R. Carpenter, payroll. 77.60 John Teal, trucking 4.20 Standard Oil Co., coldpatch. 16.50 Oct. 3, R. Carpenter, payroll. 82.60 J. Burkhart & Sons, supplies. 45.94 J. Teal, trucking . ..: 2.10 Standard Oil Co., asphalt .. . 16.50 Nov. 5, F. Rocker, supplies. . . t>.51 Roy Carpenter, payroll 112.05;.99 NOTICE is hereby given that the: Annual Village Election will be held in the Village of Port Leyden,' New- York, at the Engine House on, tie .17th day of March, 1942, between the hours of 1:30 and 5:30 in the after- noon, and at that election a Trustee for Two Years will bs elected. At such election the following proposition is to be voted upon: \Shall the BoarG o: Trustees .of the Village of Port Leyden, X. Y., be authorized to raise by tax upon the taxable property of the Village of Port Leyden in'' the current year the sum of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) for the maintenance of the Port Leyden Band?\ Dated, March 2, 1942. A. RAY WILCOX Mayor MARY L. WILLIAMS, Clerk. Season to Last 17 Days—License Holders May Take Six Animals. \Legal Nojttlil, >*++++++++*»+»+++**++*+f+»++++»ntrf et ff.* t ,ff t f tttffttttl!t f ttt .fr-r -'-;t».T*r #>JSfer.-.s«^ ! Canfield Auto Servic e Dec. 2, R. Carpenter, payroll. 1942 3 -- D | Jan. 5, R. Carpenter, payroll. F. Rocker, battery Feb. 3, R. Carpenter, payroll. Feb. 28, R. Carpenter, payroll Xew balance March 1, 1942.. 70.S5 92.00 17.00 95.90 79.90 542.92 LIGHT FUND Receipts 1941 Balance March ], 1941... Received from collector.. $1,815.88 I 393.45 1,700.00 $2,093.45 Disbursements 1941 Apr. 8, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights $ 323.84 May 2, Central N. Y. Power Corp., sewer main 1.64 June 3, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 164.52 July 2, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 163.92 Aug. 2, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights \.\\.\ 163.92 Sept. 4, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 164.92 Oct. 3, Central N. Y. Power Corp., engine house Mary Williams, treas., library 300.00 J Central \N. Y. Power Corp., Central N. Y. Power Corp., sewer main 1.84 W. IH. Ayres, collectors notices G. P. Wilcox, electric bulbs.. Anna Bailey, Coll., V 2 yr. sal. J. S. Ko&ter Hose Co., field day donation Wm. Foster, treas., Port Ley- den band Hercules Powder Co., chlo- rine Upstate Tel. Corp Wm. Foster, Treas. Port Ley- den band Sept. 4, Upstate Tel. Corp Central N. Y. Power Corp., sewer main F. Rocker, supplies O. Chant, coal O. Chant, labor Wallace & Tiernan Co., sewer main Oct. 3, R. Lee Wilcox, bond for collector Central N. Y. Power Corp., sewer main Jay Markham, lime Williamson Law Book Co., assessment books Upstate Tel. Corp Wallace & Tiernan Co Thos. Walsh, police A. RajvWilcox, sal. 6 mos.... Henry Bolton, village dump.. Mary Williams, elk sal. 6 mo. Altsie Wilcox, sal. 6 mos.... Leon Simser, salary 6 mos... Nov. 5. J. H. Pendleton, labor Central X. Y. Power Corp., sewer main A.Bailey, col., school tax.... Upstate Tel. Corp Irene Stevens, salary and supplies. 4 mos Doyle Hdwre,, supplies Doyle Hdwre.. supplies R. Lee Wilcox, paint G. P. Wilcox. supi.|>s Dr. Vadney. H.O.. 1«U Dec. 2. Chas. Gookins. ivg. vital statistics -[f P. J. Ulrich. re-ord':!.: d--'-,; Central X. V. Power Corp.. sewer main Central X. Y. Power Corp.. lights, engine house Doyl^ Hdwre.. sunnlies .... W. H. Ayres ....'.' Neff-Field Agency, ins. on squad car Upstate Tel. Corp 1942 Jan.5, Central X. V. Power Corp.. sewer main Upstate Tel. Corp Walla -e f.- Tiernan Co Mrs. p. Sins. tel. service . . * Ray Wilcox, rent ior d'.'.m; 2.50 1.65 25.00 25.00 100.00 14.50 2.50 50.00 2.75 1.00 10.08 70.55 12.30 .53 11.28 1.00 ».60 13.50 2.50 17.50 21.00 50.00 75.00 51.10 25.00 25.00 1.25 1.00 150.84 2.50. 27.50 12.5S 4.90 l.no 110.10 2.00 161.92 lights Nov. 5, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 164.76 Dec. 2, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 161.92 1942 Jan. 5, Central ,N. Y. Power •Corp., lights 161.92 Central N. Y. Power Corp., engine house 2.00 Feb. 3, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 161.92 Feb. 28, Central N. Y. Power Corp., lights 161.92 New balance March 1, 1942.. 132.93 $2,093.45 WATER FUND Recepits 1941 Balance Marci. L !&!«• $1,359.02 Water rents,' Marc&^f;' i941, to sept, 1941 ' : :r:...%. 1,039.52 Water rents, Sept., 1941, to Feb. 28, 1942 1,165.64 Disbursements 1941 Oct. 3, Coughlin Supply Co., receipt books Transferred to Street Fund.. New balance March 1, 1942.. $3,564.18 > 11.65 1,700.00 1,852.53 $3,564.18 Recapitulation Received from all sources. .$11,611.27 Total disbursements 6,621.81 Xew balance March 1, 1942.$ 4,989.46 Bonded Indebtedness Pumper $ 1,000.00 Sewer 23,800.00 $24,800.00 SEWER FUND Receipts 1941 Pal. on hand March 1. 19*1 . Mai'. 15. back sewer asses meat. ' PORT LEYDEN NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. John E. Johnston gave a reception Friday evening at their home in honor of Rev. -R. E. B. Hall, rector of St. Mark's Episcopal 'Church, and his mother, Mrs. Hall. Twenty- four guests were present. Vocal and instrumental music was enjoyed. Cards were played, followed by luncheon. Edwin Bolton, Norman Rocker, .Clare Hutchins and WiHiam Sheridan left Monday with the Lewis county continge/it for Fort Niagara. The body \of Earl Miller Jr., who died in Utica the past week, was in- terred in Calvary cemetery Saturday. Mr. Miller's mother was the former Miss EllaWalsh, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin Walsh, this vil- lage. Port Leyden friends extend sympathy. •Mrs.KatnVine Burke, son John and daughter Kathrine, visited the for- mer's daughter. Sister Mary Patricia, at Watc-rtown, Friday. Mrs. Loreita Coffey and daughter Mary, Lowville, visited irisnds here Saturday. John Donnelly left last week for Middletown, Pa., where he is em- ployed. Mrs. James Secor, Ogdensburg, is spending several days at her home. Other guests at the Secor home 'Sun- day were T. JjRiley, Arlington, Vt., Misses Rhoda Riley, Utica, Calista Riley, Rome.and Basil Riley, Ilion. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Chapman of Utica were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Buckley and relatives in Lowville. Miss Emma Claffey was in Utica Friday to attend the funeral of her cousin, Earl Miller. (Mrs. Forbes Mutchler, Gldversville, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. iL. G. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett and daughter {Jennie, Utica, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ben- nett. LJoyd iLoekwood, Plattsburg, and Miss Kathrine Keesler, Rochester, were weekend guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lock- wood. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hines and daughter iSarah' Lou, Boonville, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. N. B. MoPhilmy. Walter 'Lyman, Ilion, is spending several days with Mrs. Mary A. Ly- man. Mrs. D. F. Buckley is spending the week with her son-in-law and daugh- ter, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pettingill at Ilion. Miss Nora O'Brien visited friends in Utica Friday. Mrs. William Webster is confined to her home by illness. Her daughters, Mrs. Hugh Gillette, Constableville, and Miss Laura Webster, Utica, have been spending several days with their parents. At the village caucus held last week. Harrv L. Drake was elected Harr y L trustee to succeed Miss Alstie Wil | cox. whose term expired. I The regular monthly meeting \\'•-° ! the Willing Workers will be held 17.SS ! Friday evening in the church parlors, j Ono trapping season—^or mink— end Sunday; another, for beaver, will open,and five days later the first of fwo separate closing dates for trap- ping muskrats will occur. Announce- ment to this effect was made today by the conservation department. The season 0 n mink has been in effect since Nov. 5 and department spokes- men said that in their opinion it had been below the average of the last | few years. (Likewise, they character- ized the muskrat season as definitely , affected by drought -conditions. This year's beaver season will get under way Sunday, and continue thru the last day of the month permitting trappers a full 17 days. Counties in which they may be taken include Cattaraugus, Chemung, Chautauqua, Clinton, Columbia, Dutchess, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Lewis, Orange, Rensselaer, Rockland, Sara- toga, \Schuyler St. Lawrence, Warren and in those portions of the -counties of Oswego, Oneida and Herkimer north of Route 57 from the city of Os- wego to Fulton, Route 49 thence along the north shore of Oneida lake to Rome, Routes 46A and 12C t o Tren- ton, Route 2S thence to Poland and Route 8 from Poland through 'Herki- mer county via the villages of Ohio and Nobleboro to the'Hamilton coun- ty line. Each person possessing a New York state trapping license may take six beaver during the open season. Not more than 10 traps -can be used by any trapper. Traps of the leg grip- ping type having teeth in the jaws or a greater spread than six inches cannot be used and traps shall not be set in such a manner that the beaver\ when caught shall be sus- pended alive. Each op%rator must have his name stamped on his traps and it must be legible at all times. Each trapper must visit his traps at least once every 24 hours. Beaver dams, houses, bank burrows or other abiding places shall not be molested or disturbed. Pelts of all legally trapped beaver must be tagged by a game protector or forest ranger before they can be sold and all pelts must be tagged be- tween March 15 and April 3. The tags are to remain attached to the beaver pelts until the skins have been tanned and made up into commercial fur. A person cannot have in his or her possession any Beaver or green or raw beaver pelts^ prior to March 15 or after April 3 which are not tagged as provided. Drastic restrictions placed on bea- ver since the start of the century, according to conservation department officials, have been largely respon- sible for the remarkable -comeback of one of the state's mast valuable fur- bearing animals! Decision to have an open season again this year was reached after surveys in the more than 50 counties inhabited 'by beaver in this state. Last year 3,055 beavers were taken, a harvest worth more than $60,000 to 1,251 trappers. 'ihe open season for mink is a gen- eral one throughout the state run- ning from Nov. 5 to March 45—ap- proximately 130 days. Between five and six thousand mink are trapped in New York state each year. The musk- rat season which opened Jan. 1 -covers two zones. In the northern zone which includes the county of Wayne and that portion of the state north of the main line tracks of the New York- Central railroad from the eastern boundary line of Wayne county to Al- bany and north of the main tracks of the Boston & Albany railroad from ^ r ! Albany to the Massachusetts border, the season runs through April 20. In the rest of the state, the muskrat THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF New York, To: LUCY MOFFETT, JENNIE MAIT- •LAND, BAiRNET -HASKIN, HORACE HASKIN, MATTEE M ' R O B B IE, BROOKS 'LONDSEY, MAGGIE BUNT- ING, JACK HASKIN, MARY DAN- GERFIELD, FLORENCE ETHEL M'INTYRE, RUBY MINERVA LUSK, JESSES LEAH NASH, MILBOURNE EARL HASKIN, LEWI'S RAY HAS- KIN. The distributees of Davis' E. Has- kin, late of the town of Diana, in t the County of Lewis, and State of New York, deceased, send greeting: Whereas, Maud A. Haskin, formerly a resident of the town of Diana in the county of Lewis, -State of N. Y., now residing at 386 Wood Ridge Avenue, Wood Ridge, New Jersey, the execu- trix named in the last will and testa- ment-, of the said Davis E. Haskin, de- ceased, has lately applied to our Surrogate's Court of our County of Lewis, to Isaye the said last will and testament, which bears date June 11, 1920, and which relates to both real and personal property, proved and admitted to probate in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided. You, and each of you; are there- fore cited to show cause before the said Surrogate's Court of the County of Lewis, at the Surrogate's office in the Village of Lowville, in the County of Lewis, New York, on the 23rd day of March, 1942, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, why said last will and testa-, ment should not be proved and ad- mitted to -probate as a will of real and personal property, and those of you, who are under the age of twenty- one years, are so cited to appear and show cause by your guardian, if you have one; if you have none that you Appear and apply for one to be ap- pointed, or in the event of your neg- lect or failure so to do, a guardian •nill be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for you in this pro- ceeding. In Testimony Whereof, we have caused the seal of our Surrogate's Court of the County of Lewis to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon. Miller B. Moran, Sur- rogate of said County, at (Lowville, in said County, on the 10th day of Feb- ruary, A.D., 1942. NAOMI C. WHEELER, Clerk of the Surrogate's Court SMITH & WAEJREN, Attorneys for the 'Petitioner, Office & Post Office Address Carthage, N. Y. 26-4t quired to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thsreof to the subscribers, executrices of the Will of the said de- ceased, at the Elmer P. Lake store at Harrisville, in the Town of Diana, in said county of Lewis, on or befort the first day of Juiy, 1942. , Dated Dec. 10. 1942. BLANCHE W. DUTCHER RUTH IvI. COXE If-G;: 1 . Executrices .'IJ'TICE TO CREDITORS ; i..sjan::e of an order of the Surrog.ue of the County of Lewis, Nonce is h-,>reby given, aciording to law, to all persons having claims against George Rubar, late of the Town of Turin, in said County of Lewis, deceased, that they are re- quired to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased, at the office of Maurice N. Virkler, Ad- ministrator, in the Village of Lowville, in said County of Lewis, New York, on or before the 10th day of July, 1942 Dated, Dec. 23, 1941. \ MAURICE X. VIRKLER, .Administrator. GEORGE S. REED, Attorney for Ad ministrator, Lowville, N.Y. 19-6mo NOTICE In order to standardize our charges for Classified Advertising, the follow- ing schedule is effective with the issue of The Democrat dated Febru- ary 5, 1942: Cash iii advance, 5c per line, mini- mum charge 25c. If charged, 7e per line, charge 35c. minimum^ ANYONE OWNING OR WANTING male black and brown shepherd dog call William Flanagan, Dog Warden, at 220-W after 5 p. m„ not later than Sunday, March 15. 29-1-c FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR DRY stock, one 4-year-old cow, due to freshen in early part of April. Glen Kirkbride. Turin, X. Y. 29-lwk<$ REPAIRS AND SERVICE ON EASY monthly payments. General Motors service on all makes of cars and trucks. Finn Olds, Inc. j WANTED—COMPETENT GIRL FOR [ general housework; may go home j weekends. Mrs. Howard Laney, phone I 2oS-W. 29-1-c. I PIANOS—WE HAVE THREE DE- j linquent accounts in your vicinity, and rather than return these pianos- to our Watertown showrooms we will rent or sell to responsible party. There is a slightly used Grand. A NOTICE TO CREDITORS In pursuance of an order of the Surrogate's Court of the Countv of j Spinet nearly new, and a small Up- Lewis, notice is hereby given aceerd- 'ing to law, to ail persons having claims against Lucy II. Price, late o-' the Village of Lowville, in said county of Lewis, deeear-ed. that they are re- quired to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, executor of the Will of the said de- ceased, at his office in the Village of Lowville. in said county o;' Lewis, on or berors the Sth day of September, 1942. Dated, February 21. 1942. GEORGE S. REED, tf-Sept2-42 Executor right. You would find them real bar- gains. We guarantee them in first class condition. If interested, write the Curtis Shearn Music, Inc., 131 Arsenal Street, Watertown, Xew York. 27-2wk-chg NOTICE TO CREDITORS In pursuance of an order of the Surrogate's Court of the County of Lewis, Notice is hereby given accord- ing to law, to all persons having claims against Elmer P. Lake, late of the Town of Diana, in said Counts of Lewis, deceased, that they are re- NOTICE Notice is hereby given that License No. L-3222' has been issued to the undersigned to sell liquor and wine at retail under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, at his place of business, E.-S. Tfenter Street, in the Village of Lyons Falls, Town of West Turin, County of Lewis, N. Y., for off-prem- ises consumption. HAROLD A. VADNEY 29-2 Lyons Falls, N. Y. NOTICE AH Police Reserve Officers and Blackout Wardens in Disrict Xo. 4 are ordered to report at the Lowville High School, Sunday, March 15, at 2:00 P. M. GEROLD C. SMITH, Chief. Reserve Officer, Lewis County Order No. 2. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS — Call and look over onr AHis Chalm ers. Xew Idea, Case, Massy Harris Oliver lines of farm machinery. The Haverly milk cooler several kerosent Flectiolux refrigerators. Copelancs electric ret'iigerators. electric ana nower waterpumps, DeLaval, Univer sal and Hitman milking machines. We -uecialize in waterpumps. railkin? ma c hints and refrigeration. Sales and service j H. ROSH. Telephone 274-J. $2 PAID FOR DEAD HORSES AND- cows; $3 to $6 for old, disabled' horses and cows in good condition. Parish Rendering Works, Parish, N.Y. Phone station nearest to you, Parish 84, or Philadelphia 96, reverse the charges. Prompt service, day oi- night. l.iio: June, sewer assessment 1.4ul.30| Thp Rev - J - c - Wetzel1 I 1942 ! Gearhart will be hosts. 1.00 .' Feb.. transfer from general i fund. bal. of sewer assess- 2.00 ; ment. 183.4s 4.92 I Delinquent sewer assessment 43.18 2.S5 : and Silas season closes March 20. •|.D. 25.00 Jan. 16. Win. Sinner, collec- tor Lyonsdale tax Feb. 3. A. A. Rip:), firemen's supplies \ Anna Bailey, coll., V, yr. sal. Neff-Field Agency. *his. on pumper \ ' 46.00 J. -S. Koster Hose Co., annual donation 50.OO G. P. Wilcox, Xmas lighting and lamp 10.45 Upstate Tel. Corp 2.SI Central N. Y. Power Corp., %ewer main 1,72 Feb. 3, Louis Rector, collector Leyden tax 57.00 Central N. Y. Power Corp., engine house 4.04 Doyle Hdwre., supplies 37.73 A. A. Ripp, suppli^ 53.11 Bal. of sewer assessment, transfer from general fund. 183.48 tax rebate to B. McKaBip 1.O8 Feb. 28, State Ins. Fund' 75.95 TJpstate Tel. Corp ; ... 2.65 Central N. Y. Power Corp., • engine>.. house 2.00 Cental N. Y. Power Corp., sewer mstfn 1.12 Louis (Rector, fee on taxes... .57 Irene Stevens, salary and snppHes, ^mos. 29.00 A. Ray Wilcox, sal., 6 mos... 50:65 Altsie Wilcox, salary € mos.. 25.06 ?1,9S1.13 ^•^ I Disbursements 2.6D. 1941 1 Returned to village fund, ! error LOO j j u ]y 5_ p ort Leyden Xational -•$'•>{ Bank, bond and interest... 1,237.50 2.4_i : ! Julv s. Port Leyden National Bank, coupons ;> \ ' Dec. 2, Chas. Mihalyi. apprais- 1 ing lo j 1942 Jan. 7, Port Leyden National Bank, coupons 297 New balance March 1, 1942 '.65 72.50 10.00 Csntral School News Everyone is invited to a dance on Tuesday,March 17, in the Port Ley- den central school. The time is 8:30 to 12. The proceeds of this dance will be added to the band uniform fund. Betty Mullaney of the Dandelion patrol has passed her Tenderoot re- quirements in Girl Scout work. At the .weekly meeting' Miss Kenealy presented her with a Girl Scout pin. Dummy Periscope BASKETBALL (Continued from Page One) Hartford at 9:15. Saturday evening the 7:45 game brings together Clinton and Frank- fort, with New York Mills, co-title holder with Lowville in the Black River league, opposing Bill Graf's Watertown high school five in the 9:15 contest. DEFENSE BONDS PROMOTE EMPLOYMENT THRIFT that more than 8,200 companies with approximately 9,750,000 employes have adopted payroll deduction plans or are making arrangements to do so. All money accumulated for the pur- chase of bonds is held in a separate account. Payroll deductions continue indefi- nitely. They are not discontinued when payments for one bond have been completed. AH industries and business places in ihe county are now being asked to adopt the payroll savings plan to pur- chase bonds for their employes. J. M. Russum, chairman of the Lewis County Defense Savings com- mittee, states that the sale of United States defense savings bonds through payroll deductions has become the most important medium for encourag- ing thrift in American industry. The j now a\ d C et y° ur beautiful pen and United States treasury has estimated . pencil set free! POPULAR! Yes, that extensioff of The Democrat's, premium offer is mighty popular these days. Come in The 'box scores of ihe Carthage games follow: LOWVILLE JV Lowville- G F McGrath, f 1 ^1 Boucher, f 3 0 Schlieder, c 3 0 Post, g 1 1 Lyng, g .' ,1 1 McClane, g 0**»- 0 21! CXvh^^^ i STATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY' OF LEWIS I A. Ray Wilcox and Altsie Wilcox, being severally sworn each for him- self says that A. Ray Wilcox is the Mayor and Altsie Wilcox is the Trus- tee, and Irene Stevens is the Treas- urer of the Village of Port Leyden, N. Y., that the foregoing a-ccount of the fiscal year ending February 28, 1-942, agrees with the verified aeeount of the Treasurer on ifite-in the-office of the Village Clerk, and that the same is correct to the best of his in- formation and belief, A. BiAY WIUCOX, Mayor Ai/PSIB •WHLCDX, Trustee MBS. ERENB STEVENS, Treasurer. MARY L. WIULilAMS Vlllag* Clerk. <.. Sworn to before Wtiiis Sth day oft March* 1942. FIRE INSURANCE AUTOMOBILE—FIRE AND LIABILITY INSURANCE Workmen's Compencation —BONDS— Moore, Levis & Toussaint SuccessorsIto-Moore & Levis jPhone 23 Lowville, N. Y. Wm A here; with a imaaay<s*g%imffi& foand floating aelr Pearl^ Harbor* Jtesigiied^to few army and navy pateob into wiafbj* bombs, file 4* vwe naemUea «ke vinml «eav of a fUB-aeale wbmaime. Itisbtiimy. rich* hi the warn* ay arias* at •ml \ *•* tti MM. Tata \MMf ( ptfttt JftfS. - CARTHAGE JV G Giblin, f 0' McKenna, f 2 McElhorn, c 3 Christman, g 0 Woods, g 5 Waters, c 1 Renaud, g 1 12 Referee—Bill Trembley. LOWVILLE V G •Shedd, f 1 Chapman, f 1 Wetmore, c 1 Pernasalice, g '.... 0 Hoffman, g 2 Kalkbwski, g 1 Miller, f 0 Boucher, f 1 Schlieder, f 0 MacKenzie, c 0 F 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 T 1 4 6 0 11 9 2 F 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 26 5 19 Seeder, f ... \Ward f Wenzel c Siedlecki, g iLoTejoy, g . Pultorak.g . wily CARTHAGE V G 2 0 4 7 2 0 F I 1 3 0 0 0* T 5 1 11 14 4 0 • ^ j_i »/ 6 <«.*g6 Upstate Telephone Corp. of New York -\ •*- - -----*•''»- •**.

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