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/ % s iS 5 *.*' ^£*$* ^ j j&< i- Vol. 4 Lowviile, N. Y., Thursday, March 0, 1913 MUCH ACTIVITY NOTED AMONG ^THE FRATERNITIES. NEW FEDERAL LIQUOR LAW. Order of Eastern Star to Hold District Meeting,, Changes in Post Office Force. Business Firm Dissolves. Anabaptist Church. , There was a stated convocation of Lowviile Chapter, No. 223, R. A. M„ at Masonic Hall, \Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock, Degrees Were confer- red. The annual roll call of Lowviile Lodge, No. 759, I. 0. O. F., was held Wednesday evening, March 5. The third degree was conferred in full form. Tb.e Puritan bowling team defeated the Silent Five team on the club alleys last Thursday evening, winning two out of three games and taking, the match, by 80 pins. George O. Goutremont has Bu: chased the interest of Eli Jones in/tljre firm of Jones & Goutremont, boot and shoe merchants, and will hereafter conduct the business. At a meeting of Nokomis Rebekah Lodge, No. 186, the initiatory degree was conferred on a class of several' candidates. Visitors from Carthage and Chicago we#e -present. Refresh^ ments were served after the work. The first quarterly session of the Lewis County Pomona, Grange for the year 3.913 will be held at Lowviile on Thursday, March 6, commencing at 10:30 a. m. The fifth degree will be v conferred on several candidates. Dan Kent reports the sale of 27 Fords to March first, this year. He has just placed a carload with George Cannon, at Lyons Fafi.s, who will handle the Ford car at his new gar- age. The executive committee of the Lewis County Sunday School Associa- tion has accepted an invitation from Port Leyden to hold the next annual Is Discussetl by Current Events Club at Delightful Meeting. With Mrs. O. B. Phillips Monday Evening. The regular weekly meeting of the Current Events Club was held on Mon- day evening at the home of Mrs. O. B. Phillips, on Collins street. The usual number of matters of current interest were considered among them being that of the servant in the house from the point of view of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson's views, as recently expressed in an interview. The passage of the law divesting al- coholic liquors of their interstate char- acter over the veto of the president, the second bill to be so passed by Con- gress in fifteen years, was also dis- cussed. This is the law which en- ables states to actually control the liquor -within their borders. The club is growing and gives promise of becoming the most im- portant organization of the sort Low- ille has ever had. TI HIGHWAY lETIN TOWN SUPERINTENDENTS MEET DISTRICT SUPERVISORS. Pre-Nuptial Festivities. Mrs. W, W. Stevens entertained a company of friends recently at her home on Shady avenue in honor of Mjss Mildr,ed Stevens, whose marriage to Leo'ri\ Smith of Beaver Falls will take 1 place in the near future. The af- fair -,was in the nature of a kitchen 'shqweiv The dining room was hand- somely/decorated with festoons of hearts and flowers, the color scheme of red and green prevailing. Covers were laid^for 12. The guest of honor was the recipient of many useful gifts. To Test Syrup Cans. Under directions from the State Superintendent of Weights and Meas- ures, Dr. F. Reichman, all sealers are directed to test maple syrup cans, as Huaple syrup must be sold by liquid measure and each gallon can shall contain 231 cubic inches. Dealers throughout the county should see that r they purchase cans that are guaran- convention at that place. April 3 and j teed to ll0ld and do hold t:h e required 4 have been decided upon as the dates j 281 cuuic inches of syrup. for the convention. On and after March 4, 1913, no clerk ' or carrier of' the post-office depart- ment shall be required to work over a 10 hour period each day and acord- ingly certain changes in the local office will be necessitated. J. Harold Cooke will go into the office as clerk /and Harvey L. Day will act as(-car- i. rier on carrier's route No. 2. The Anabaptists of the town of New Bremen have purchased of Ira Gallup the stable on his premises, which they have torn down, with a view to util- izing the material in the erection of a church at Dadville. The use of the • • timbers from a stable has a certain -.symbolic significance stable of Bethlehem. Trial of Silas Marner Held Wednes- day by Second Year English Class. There are fifteen pupils in the train- ing ' class\ this term. ' ' l The commercial law class is finish- ing up the work on the subject of ontracts. The classes in economic designing are studying the different types of architecture. The class in United States Govern- referring to the'j ment is studying matters in connec- l tion with the changes now taking Upon the request of Mrs. Clara B. place at the head of the government. Koster of Port Leyden, right worthy The class m home sanitation is con- district deputy grand matron, the dis-1 sidering the matter of furnishing the trict deputy grand matron, the district. different rooms of the home from the meeting of the Twenty-third District! standpoint of sanitation and simpli- will be held with Zenith Chapter, No. i c.ty. 346, O. E. S., at Lowviile, April 24. , gome o £ the articles just belng conv This will also be the occasion of the I pleted in Ule sewin , g classes are the official visit of the right worthy dis-1 fo , lowrflg: Long kimonas, underwear, trict deputy, Mrs. Koster and the right worthy assistant grand lecturer, Dr. W. G. Cramer of Copenhagen. Of- ficers of the grand lodge will be pres- ent, and it is expected over 300 mem< bers of the order will be in attend- ance. American Women's Leaj £. Through the kindness of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boshart, the members of the American Women's League en- joyed a sleigh ride to their pleasant home Tuesday evening, where the reg- ular business meeting for March was held. The bakery Com. reported $15.50 realized from the bake sale held at the office of McGratn & Schle- ider, Feb. 21. A vote of thanks from the League is extended to McGrath & Schleider for their kindness in the loan of their office, also to Mrs. Dry- den and Mrs. McPhilimy who donated their services as sales ladies. After the business meeting selections and recitations from several of the mem- bers helped to pass the social hour very pleasently. Also the motion song by Mr. and Mrs. Boshart's little daughters assisted by Irene Gallup was much enjoyed. Delicious refresh- ments were served. The next meet- ing will be with Mrs. Frank Peckham on April first. shirt waists and aprons. Principal Breeze has just received several lantern slides of Canada, from the New York State Education De- partment. He will soon issue an in- vitation to the men of Lowviile to come in some evening and see them. The schools of the city of Amster- dam have just been closed on account of measles, scarlet fever and small pox. It is reported that there are 70 cases of scarlet fever, about 50 cases of measles and two cases of small :ie trial of Silas Marner was held snesday by the second year Bng- Ksh ajass. The charge was theft. How- ard Kohler prosecuted while Maynard Cooke acted as counsel for the de- j fence. Gerald Donnelly took the part of Silas Warner, Agnes Caiman that of Sarah and Eugene Gaynor that of William Dane. Part of the class acted as witnesses while others serv- ed as jurors. MEN'S CLUB MEETS AGAIN. Technical Matters of Highway Con- struction Discussed. New High- way Law. Explained. Relative Im- portance of Work of Town Supts. The meeting of town officers called by C. E. Putman, county superintend- ent of highways, was held at the court house Wednesday afternoon, with every town superintendent ex- cept one present, in addition to which there were twenty-live justices, a num- ber of supervisors and altogether an audience of over a hundred persons interested in highway work. Work of Four Years. This was the fourth annual meet- ing of the sort and in calling the meet- ing to order Mr. Putman reviewed the work of the past four years, show- ing that in addition to the 15 miles of slate highway that have been built, there have been built 165 miles of town macadam, not quite' so well grad- ed, perhaps, but as to construction and metal, the equal of the state roads. Mr. C. B. Perry, of Deposit, one of the district supervisors, was present and explained the provisions which the department of highways has recommended to the legislatuv, • and which are embodied in the measure which as passed the state senate. Provisions of New Law. The most important of these recom- mendations are that the state shall contribute $500 per mile to the con- struction of town macadam roads and make further contributions for town bridges and that the term of office of the town superintendents shall be in- creased from two to four years, with provision for removal upon charges, to be filed with the state department instead of the town board. It is also proposed to increase the compensa- tion of town superintendents, the min- imum to be .$3 per day with $5 as the maximum. Town System Praised. It was pointed out by thes peakers that.if the $180,000 which has been spoilt in Lewis county by the state for which the county has 15 miles of roads, .had been spent by town super- intendents for the macadam roads 'which 1 they are 'building, 'the \couritj' would have 120 miles of roads for the money instead of 15 miles. It was also shown that after the ex- penditure of the entire hundred mil- lion dollars, the town superintend- ents would still have more than 60,000 miles of roads to build as against some 12,000 miles which will have been built by the state. John Gyer, of Watertown, district supervisor in charge of this district, paid superintendent Putnam a high compliment, declaring that the Albany records showed him to be one of the most efficient county superintendents in the state. Mr. John Gick, of Sara- toga, another district supervisor, also spoke. The question box was one of the principal features of the meeting and most of the discussions hinged on the practical questions brought up by those present. PERSONALS. Henry S. Parker of Castorland was in town Tuesday. Mrs. Philip Flint s'pe'nt Sunday with her sister in Watson: Malcolm Barney has J)een in Buffa- lo for several days. ... ,f Justice Merrell is holding court in Watertown this week,- C. L. Grumert of Groghan was in town on business, Tuesday. Miss Marjorie J.' Hatmaker is the guest of relative in New York. Miss Loretta Burns of Carthage is the guest of Mrs. George Haberer. Mrs. George F. Buckle of Consta- b'leville is the guest of friends in town. Miss Hattie G. Reed has been spend-_ ing a few days with friends in Utica. District Attorney Perry G. Williams was in Croghan on business Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Stoffle were tlie guests 4 of Croghan friends re- cently. Miss Stella Barring has been the guest of of the Misses Closs of Beav- er Falls, Mrs. 0. Fred Boshart has issued in- vitations for a card party to be given next week. Mrs. O. N. Wright entertained her sister, Mrs. F. C. Pierce of Croghan, last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bates of Brant- ingham have been yisiting relatives in Lowviile. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Edwards of Croghan were the giiests of Lowviile friends Sunday. Ira Gallup has received his first 1913 Reo car, which is in no way afraid of snow drifts. ' Miss Mary Boshart and -Miss Ethel Carman have been ttye guests of Miss Klein of Croghan. Miss Susan Darling of Buffalo is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bar- ney of Dayan street, Mr. and Mrs. James Dryden spent Saturday with Mr.' and Mrs. S. J. Barker of Castorlaiid. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE TREAS- URER OF THE VILLAGE. Sources of Village Funds and How the Money Has Been Spent.—Half of the Disbursements Went for Labor on Streets. For the benefit of those who may not care to make a study of the 're- port of the treasurer of the village of Lowviile,, printed below, we note the total receipts for the year were $15,- 430.14, of which the highway fund was charged with $7,3S9.15 and the con- tingent fund with ' $8,040.99. The largest items of expense were for la- bor, $5,614.20, for street lights, $2,539.- 96, for road building material, $1,406.- 60, for extending water mains and in- stalling hydrants, $992.62, for new fire hose, $308. The total amount received from taxes of all sorts was $10,931.52. The total disbursements, not counting transfers between accounts, $13,396.- 36. HIGHWAY FUND. 570 S2 4.1S3 OS Balance on hand at last report.. Taxes collected Taxes paid by banks 166 50 Clement walks 1,468 41 Repai r walks 7 51 Poll taxes received since collec- tor's return 61 66 Uii-t sold 19 20 Labor 4..4 :!S SO Oil streets 14 67 Rent of crusher 60 50 Received from contingent fund. S00 00 Out . Paid . John Moren, labor Rober t W. Moren, labo r I Ernest Billinger, labo r I William Mumford , labo. C. Terry , labor ' Thomas Moren, labor . j Howard Henry, labor . . I Lloyd Howe, labor ! C. Overton, labo r 1 Prank Hall, labor J. LC. Peebles, labo r .... Edward Hall, labor .... i Gilbert Jones , labor .... Andrew CHIT, labor ... Seymour Wright, labo r ; Alex. Wright , labor Rober t Bruce , labo r Prank J. Claffey and Daniel Claffey i j^'^Varker 8 ' labor'' spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. ' C. Mattis . labor I Martin Wood, labo r Fred Moren, labor \ Josh . .Tones, labor | Timothy Yirkler, labo r Roy Beyer I R- McKay, labo r James McCarty, labor . ' S. Cavanaugh, labor ... Tnnpci linvp ! Bei 't Small, labo r Jones nave , K11 iiigworth, Ulbm . . been the guests of : Mr. and Mrs.\ Ed- Hudson Rutphen , labo r ,-., ,. T-, . -n „ i R. W. Moren , team win Closs of Beaver Falls, i tieo. Rousean, , labo r Daniel Claffey,- at Greig. Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Wright entertained Mr. and Mrs. of Chicago over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John B. I Harold J. Richardson paid Water- i i town Lodge No. 49. P. & A. .M. an | j official visit Wednesday evening.' ' The Picnic Club] passed an enjoy- I able • aftefjio.n. atv'jpp-'iioirve of, Mrs,,. Harvey P. Parrirtgtbn, Monday. Mr. James W. Person's, referee in bankruptcy of Buffalo, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Hatmaker on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Wetmore of Glenfield and Miss Belle V. Moore of Watertown spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George M. Rice. W. B. Robinson has been awarded John Cana labo r ... M. Overton, labor Foster Fossil, labo r Prank Gates , labo r Martin Segovis, labo r .. L. Mattis, labo r A. Morden, labor Fred O'Brien, labor JiiQsoiVSwa&t, ©Doi'-Tr. W . 1). Mason , labo r .... D. Orendorf. labo r Chas . Morris, labor James Nefsey, labor ... A. JSflly. labor A. H. Garrett, labor ... Walter McGrath, labor Edw. Maney , labo r .... ' J . H . Wider, labo r iThad. Hull , labo r I W. Urendorl\ labo r | C. Williams , labo r : Frank Sutphen, labo r .. I John Hellringer , labo r .. Ed. Wetmore, labor Raymond Wilder , labo r i the contract for the No. 4 mail route | fay Wetmore, labor .. ... _ , . ,., i James Moren, labor ... I tor tour years. Mr. Robinson was the i c. u. Rogers, labor .. 1 lowest bidder ' chils - Lamont - f\*o Meet in Martinsburg. The womeif of the W. C. T. TJ. will hold a social meeting at the home of Mrs. James Curren in Martinsburg on Wednesday evening, March 12th. There will be readings, recitations and music. All members of the W. C. T. TJ. and then- friends who wish to attend are requested to meet at the Baptist church at seven o'clock where conveyances will be ready to take tliem to Martinsburg. pPlJirt iv'ely a Men of the Presbyterian Church En- •«, fli°y An Evening of Fun With Tur- key Dinner at Studor's.. ty-eight men more or less act- ely affiliated with the Presbyterian* church, drove to Studor's Monday ev- ening for a turkey dinner and general good time. Captain Crawford enter- tained the company with Avar reminis- cences, Judge Hilts gave some read- ings and music manufactured direct by the crowd, was also enjoyed. The men of the Presbyterian church have discovered how to enjoy an evening of relaxation and other meetings are planned for the future. Fire Escape Installed. A. G. Virkler has taken a contract to provide a fire escape from the Ma- sonic rooms on State street. The fire z will be of the same original i as that recently placed by Mr. ir on his own building, a design % many advantages over other icapes. BY TI STATE Sells Land to Which It Cannot Give Title and Cannot Return Money Without Authority. If a private individual should sell property to which he could not give good title and refused to refund the money paid therefor, he would get into several kinds of trouble. When the state of New York does this, it takes a special act of the legislature and favorable action on the part of the Board of Claims lo untangle the situation. So a bill has been intro- duced in the Legislature by Assembly- man Van Woert to confer jurisdiction upon the Board of Claims to hear and determine the claim of Bernard S. Sampson for damages alleged to have been sustained by reason of his payment to the state of money for the purchase of 45 acres of land in Lewis County, McComb's purchase, great lot six, township one, which the state was unable to convey by reason of the land being in the forest preserve. f Wheeler—Allen. Eajl Jerome Wheeler and Miss Lo- retta Allen, of Harrisburg, were mar- ried at the Baptist parsonage, Febru- ary 25, Rev. J. Morris Evans officiat- ing. They were attended by Miss May Fitch and Bphraim Alien. D. A. R. Entertainment. The two divisions of the Daughters of the American Revolution of which Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Bowen are the chairmen will give an entertainment in the opera house, Wednesday, Mar. 26. \An Evening With Aunt Samantha\ promises to be a unique and delightful affair. Some of the best amatuer tal- ent in town will appear. Wilbur Seymour. The remains of Wilbur Seymour ar- rived from Sodus Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, to be taken to West Mar- tinsburg, where funeral services were held from the church at 3 o'clock. i I Miss Anna Foote left the first of the week for New York and later will go to Cocksackie where she has ac- 1 cepted a position. ] Henry Lynch, Ray Hilts, Clarence I Osborne, George Osborne and Beck- i with Closs of Beaver Falls were in | town Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Donnelly and daughter, Louise, were in Port Leyden Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. George Niece. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springfield and Miss Irene Springfield of South I New Bremen spent Sunday with j friends in Lowviile. George W., Post and Homer B. Wil- son, of Port Leyden, attended the roll i call of Lowviile Lodge, I. O. O. P., 1 Wednesday evening. Ex-Senator Joseph Ackroyd of | Utica, a past grand master of I. O. 0. I P., has accepted the invitation to be I present at the annual roll call March 15. | Ernest Dodge, purchaser of the I White Kjtchen, has moved to Lowviile j and with his family will occupy a I part of the Wise house on Dayan i street. | A. P. Metzger of Syracuse, formerly ! of Lowviile, arp-ived nere Tuesday to ! spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. | James J. Donnelly, also to attend the I. O. O. F. roll call March 5. i A company of the A. W. L. ladies met at the home of Mrs. Ira Gallup I Tuesday evening and enjoy d a sleigh- ride to the home of Mrs. Louis Bos- I hart where they spent a pleasant j evening. W. J. Milligan spent Sunday at Gouverneur. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Milligan, who spent 10 clays with Mrs. E. J. Peck of that place. Mrs. M. Josephine Leonard enter- tained the -Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church and ladies of the church and congregation at a thimble party Tuesday afternoon at her liomt on State street. Ward Ramsey, labo r Frank Prevorce, labor .... Henry Schantz, la.bor Wm. Billings, labor James Ca.nimn, labor Douglas Kusblow, labo r , Elmer Curtis , labo r Morri s IJe Lawyer, labor 15. Segovis. labo r Frank Gerard, labo r j Frank Latder . labo r I James Quinn , labo r [Geo. Simmons, labo r J. Goutremout. labor ! \). Elliott, labo r ! Frank Bosworth, labo r j Perry Butts , labo r i Theo. AYatson. labo r . Miller Moren. labo r A. G. Yirkler , labo r j Tbos . Grace , labo r j Fred Hicks, labo r I Chas . Ingersoll, labo r j Jerome Wood, labo r fbas. Grimm, labo r -,3S9 15 712 35 407 10 3S2 50 275 70 275 00 271 50 254 SO 235 SO 200 40 1(15 30 1S5 40 171 00 170 50 109 10 150 00 J 20 00 112 20 100 60 04 00 70 00 50 SO | 57 40 • IS 10 | 44 00 43 50 I 42 00 ' 37 01) ' 35 20 35 10 , 32 30 30 40 i 30 20 I 25 00 I 27 SO ' 26 50 | 21 20 20 SU ' 10 00 1 19 no i IS 00 i W-B» 13 60 13 00 12 SO 12 40 12 00 11 90 11 90 11 20 11 00 10 50 10 40 10 00 9 00 9 00 S 40 S 00 5 00 7 00 7 00 0 SO 0 50 6 00 5 40 5 40 S 20 5 00 5 00 4 SO 4 SO •V SO 4 SO 4 60 4 110 3 HO 3 00 2 75 2 60 2 40 2 00 1 00 1 00 SO 50 50 40 Tota l labo r account Arthur Grain & Coal cement, etc $ Louis Rush , cement, etc L. B. Parker & Son . sand and gravel Good Roads Machine Co., snow plows John Moren , crushed stone .... M. M. Lyman, stone Erwin Ro?.i, gravel and dir t John Moren , use engine Warren Bros. Co., ston e Farrel! Foundry Machine Co., jaw plate s for crusher Total IjT Balance un hand .$ 5,614.20 .'$ 4S4 OS 307 20 1 223 03 .' 100 30 139 95 115 75 75 00 6.1 00 Oil llll . Frank Cowing, nigh t watch , . June 10. John 1'. Selgel, dynamite L. C. Burdick , rent water commissio n office Eureka ; Fire Hose Mfg. Co., supplies fire department Frank C. Van Namee, service s lire department ,. , Howard Henry, assigne d to Cook & J^ryden, scraping .... June 21. Louis Buff, culver t iron Frank Gowlng , night watch.. 'J. Fred Kohler , Repairs and special police July 2. James McGovern , errSneou s Chas. M. Stowell, erroneous tax ' Oren A. Fenton, erroneous tax Edward A. Arthur, erroneous ta x ' Lamont 1©?Fitch, making poll list X Jul y 24. Frank Cowing, night watch.. Fabric Fir e Hose Co., sup- plies Nichola s Courts , erroneous tax Arthur G. Zoung , specia l police August 5. Wetmore Electric Co., lights, engine house ' Frank C Van Namee, labor, engin e house Henry Asmus, repairing August 19. • Frank Gowlng , night watch .. Chas . F. Sunderhaft, dirt .... R. Rea Smiley, spreading tax , 1912 Adirondack Water AVorks changing hydrants, etc Ellis E. Foote , plow point ... Howard C. Bingham, inspecto r election Plerbert D. Fairchild , inspec- tor election Frank J\ Grinim, assessor and inspector election Myro n M. Lyman, assessor an d inspector election John D. Dence , assessor Ledett A. .Bostwlck, assessor September 16. Frank Gowing , night watch.. Porter J . Allen, special 'police Fred Touissant. special police Arthur G. Young, specia l police Frank 13. Moore, lumber Black Rive r Telephone Co., fire alarm system L. C. Davenport, fees, regis- trar C. O. Salisbury , erroneous tax Chas. E. Peebles , repairs and erroneous tax Octobe r 2. J. Fred Kohler , specia l police Moor e & Levis , Insurance, fire department buildin g Octobe r 2. Adirondack Water Works, in - stallin g hydrant, et c Octobe r 21. Frank Gowlng , night w.atch .. John P. Seigel. dynamite .... Wm. G. M.andeville, photos State street Miller., G. Sherwood , services stenographer November S. Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., lire hose, et c John W. Jones, us e roa d roller Fulto n Machine & Yise Co., lire depart supplies I3r. H . A. Pawling , filing birth certificates December 0. M. M. Lyman, rent dumping- ground Frank C. Yan Namee, labor, engine hous e S. S. Snell, surveying and maps L. C. Bui-dick, rent wanted commission office Black Rive r Telephone Co., fire alarm contract Frank Gowing , night watch... \Yetmore Electri c Co., lights . Walter Liviker , damage to meadow F. E. J-iosworth, trucking- at fires Noah Yousey, general re- pairing December 10. Frank Gowing, nigh t watch.. Adirondack Water Works, ex- tending main , West street ... December 31. . Frank l>. Moore, agent, lum- be r John R. Baxter , Jr., services civil engineer Jacques Bros., supplies, etc... Klnier De Lawyer, assigned to J. .1. Johnson, scraping 1013. January 211. ft. W. Atoren, scraping A. H. Linstruth, scraping Paul Sunderhaft, scraping ... Horace Bush & Son, oil, etc.. F. O. Snyder , filing fire ex - tinguishers February 7. M. A. Stoddard , supplie s .'.... Frank Gowing, night watch.. J. L. and E. Klett, general re- pairin g > A. II. Linstruth, scraping ... R. W. Moren , scraping Howard Henry , assigned to B. L. Schermerhorn, scraping Fred Toissant, special police.. B. L. Schermerhorn, kerosene oil : P. James Belnois, janitor ser - vices ! F. C. YanNamee, labor, en - gin e house February IS. David A. Baker, services chief police Frank Gowing, night watch.. George Sherwood , expenses fire department Transferred to street lighting account Transferred to Xjowville Band account Transferred to highway fund 12 is4 20 73 62 50 10 60 19 00 22 20 13 03 13 15 S 75 00 CALL FOR MEETING WMfbH VtlLV SELECT omCSRS. 1 00 3 00 7 00 11 40 39 15 1 00 3 00 4 S5 19 SO 3 00 U 90 13 20 40 00 234 44 70 3 00 3 00 23 00 23 00 20 00 20 00 11 00 16 00 12 00 6 00 25 67 20 00 26 85 ' 1 00 1 75 7 50 16 SO 167 S5 11 90 2 00 4 00 6 35 SOS 00 0 00 4,50 2 00 30 00 19 00 72 50 62 50 15 0' S 00 13 15 11 65 £90 33 20 68 25 00 12 93 5 00 6 60 15 20 22 20 12 70 1 43 19 00 9 25 5 50 16 60 0 40 That Is If Bull Moofe Don't Suit In With a Ticket—-They Will Caucus By Themselves on Monday —Etec- t f •\ tion to Be Held March 18th. in accordance with the Ume honor ed custom of the village, a call has been issued for a union caucus to fee held on the evening of tjie sixth, of March, for the selection of candi- dates for village offices. The action of this caucus is not, off course binding * f and it has no legal effect, except aa f the candidates there selected aie placed in nomination by petition And if anyone desires to stand toi electioh to any village office, he may do so, provided he can,secure the leomred number of signatures to his petition}, regardless of any action taken by tnlil caucus. | But nevertheless, the gentlemen, who are selected by this caucus wlli^ ; in all human probability be the offi-j cers who will Serve the villageffor tl>e£ t ensuing year. That is, of course us-l ' less the Bull Moose party puts a ticket in the field, which is a'matter wni«$>| it will take up and decide about nextf Monday evening. The formal call for the caucus fol : lows: Union Caucus. Notice is hereby given that a union 7 caucus will be held at the court house, in the village of Lowviile, N Y on Thursday, March 6th, 1913 at 7 30 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of sug gesting for nomination a president in the place of Howard C. Bingham two trustees in the place of. Myron M Lyman and Frank J. Grimm a treas urer in the place of Clayton. C Owen» and a collector in the place of \Wil liam Garnsey, to be voted foi at the annual election to be held March 8th, ^ 1913, and to take such other action a-s may be proper. f i Dated, March 4th, 1913. N ~ # Peter McGovein ir George O. Jeifciis j Committee jp 33 4 00 21 00 28 00 12 75 • 10 90 3,000 00 500 00 800 00 Balance'on hand 7,382 30 658 69 20 00 7.274 10 i 115 U5 CONTINGENT FUND, on hand a t las t re- alanc e I port $ [ Taxes collected I Taxes paid b y banks Back taxes I Mortgage tax I From Frank Guwing . nigh t watch, tow n order [ From Georg e Sherwood I From licenses granted Pai d Out . 1.340 5,970 333 •f63 47 100 HO 34 S.040 00 16 (11 23 SS 75 00 llll 00 Lowviile Grange Program. Song, Grange choir; Experiences in Housekeeping, by all present; recita- tion, Mrs. Lewis Boshart; Farm Cur- rent Events and Topics, by members of the order; song, by the Grange choir. This program will be preceded by the working of degrees. Edward Rubar. i j Edward Rubar died at his home in j New Bremen, February 25th, aged about 25 years. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rubar, who sur- I vive; also a sister, Miss Nora Rubar, and a brotb,er, Fred Rubar, all of New Bremen. Funeral services were I held from the Roman Catholic church in that place Friday at 10:30 a. m. Tota l $ 1012 Paid Out. , March 2n. Eureka Fire Hose Mf g Co.. lire department supplies ? 34 00 Georg e Sherwood , expense fire department 0 97 Charle s H. Ryan, expense lire department 3 00 Frank Gowing , night watch.. 5 95 Glenn M. Parker, lumber .... 25 29 Seymour Wright, scraping ... 13 40 Chas . Grimm, scraping 13 20 Pau l Sunderhaft, scraping ... 17 20 , Kobert W. Moren , scraping ... 5 40 1 P. .lame s Uelnois. janitor ser - | vice 0 00 I Clayto n C. Owens, salarv i treasurer , 1911-12 75 00 ! L. ('has . Davenport , salary- clerk an d expenses. 1911-12.. 15s April 22. Louis Bush. coal, engine hous e 1-1. A. Phillips, printing ballot s an d legal C. J. lionnelly. printing ballot s a nd legal Bureka Fir e Hose Mfg. Co., fireman's coat s Geo. S. Hubbard. serving papers Chas, Grimm, scraping Seymour Wright, scraping ... Frank Gowing, nigh t watch.. May 6. Weuiiiore Electric Co., light s eivine house 19 85 .May 0. Henry C. Northam, serviees boar d health 15 00 Geo. (I. J offers, service s boar d health 15 00 Dr. H . A. Bassett. services - health officer 53 80 Ma y 21. -Clement Bowen, scraping ... 23 60 STREET LIGHTING ACCOUNT. 1912. Balanc e on hand at last re- port ?. 1,007 44 Rece've d from contingent fund 3,000 00 Tota l .. 1012 .May 6. Wetmore Electric Co., Feb. 5 to Ma y 5 August 0. Wetmore Electric Co.. Ma y to Aug . 5 Wetmore Electri c Co., Aug . 5 to Nov. 5 December 0. Wetmore Electri c Co., Aug . Wetmore Electri c Co., Nov. [ to Jan. 1, 1013 $ 4,0007 44 $ 605 50 697 50 707 50 430 46 .Balance on hand 2,539 06 1,467 48 LOWVILLE BAND ACCOUNT. Received fro m contigent fund S 1912 July 24. Fred ('. Octobe r 21 Fred C. Bradt, treasurer Pai d Out. Bradt , treasurer 500 00 225 00 275 00 „ Received . 42 Received, RECAPITULATION. highway fund contingent fund 500 00 7,389 15 8.040 90 iEHiSQMSSl [:a Business Man Wc4s Of5e \^ '••yillei's jPaitiiai: pauqhters. S''pretly rJ Ross, Saturday:.; a^sf-oicl^M., their daughter,. Uf¥'^0i'W0' of ty ? \ became the ,\}f.}&; eWm&mia^ma *>^?Q son of Vm^' ks^7C ; moxrls'^^ : T-'l[ pastor^of the^fiapfi^Ghur^l)^^^'*. 'tl ed^the- ceremony fcj'lbi' Rri«*$sl 65 relatives and; frlepife of and grdoiji. -'\ ,v Wsj|.'' v ' ; .- Jr -'„ \ The .brj'd'0 was\ atf^j||fg ter, -Miss -Clara LpiHsu.-JRj prhonor, and Harol^l'v \'\\ er of the groom, Sep^JvjK The bride's maid£ •*>*«&* Jones ot Lowviile Bennett of \Utica Orrin Ross brothel ushers, and hei Theodore Ross i The bude T\OJ gown trimmed v carried bnde s roi fern. The maid gown of light hi mings and cairlej The brides man white and can The parlors w- and -white wi£_ other rooms dsS ried out the o and green Many and sisting of faijver e and .furmtuie attested ity of the yqunfe gjft eleborate dnm°r IVIr .aflji left amid a shower of gbo York and Hudbqn. Tfc at home at 85 Downer after April first. V,*.-. <**•- m-'.- *r u tit, 41 40 05 13 05 highway $ -untingent ,. . I Total lo 05 Pilia .„ I fund ... :i11 | Paid out. I -fund ... i Transferred to street - lighting aeount .... I Transferred to Low- viile Hand Transferred to high- way fund 415.430 14 2 15 j • 9 Oil 5 00 j 12 15 ; 7.271 HI 3,082 80 3,000 00 500 00 SOU 00 Balance on hand, iug account street light- 14,656 40 773 74 1,487 4S Balance on hand, all sources..? Accounts du e village for cement walks INDEBTEDNESS. $15,000.00 of street improvement bonds, with interest fro m Jan. 1. 1913, at 4V4 per cent . Note at Blac k River National 2,24.1 22 S44 85 Bank ...—,«„ „„ Note at First National SalriTSi'-•.'/ -&,M These notes are withQUt-'Igferest/- cept as checks are 6U ; awsi 1 ; oti>5tedS* ; counts to pa y State o r ojt.,lH^5»gV;.c tracts, and property 9*ri8Sfe'aU*r'& J S expense of highway ImprdvraMfci, baS not been paid, as higllwais'S ™»ve pa bee n accepted . The - note, atf the BS&ei River National Barak is on \aeeoMnt srf*' State street pavementv and . at .the. ffixiL *$ National Bank for account B')j,yan..i lS ™\ 3, -\\-~ pavement, which confr-act\ has', iiotf awarded. A t a meeting- of the Board of tees, hel d at the -office of . the February 18, 1913, the fottoWtnk, p- to sectio n 102 of the villag e lfci estimated as the total aniotfo t 'jfc necessary to be raised during'/th^ii year , to wit: **\''-'-^ For highway fund $•/* For contingent fund For street lighting account For Lowviile Band fun d v. For street iro.proveme.iot borS' •••• : % Total -f ,,?.f. The chief engineer of life fi» mefnt has reported that there ., needed new hos e and supplies durl' • year , and we. have recommWdedj* I $400 fo r that purpose, inehided ? contingent tund. + | AVe recommend raising ?.560 last yeaf fo r the highway fUl* purpose of paying the :tffse! ?1S3.42 for the rnatatenait.ee : street pavement, as dWo$ State, and for other expensr\ of payments which we ant' needed. AH of which i s respectf, Dated, Ijowville, N. Y. \ \ Howard C. Bingl Ledett A. BW Myroft- M, Ly: Frank J, GW John D. Be; Clayton O, Owotts> L . Chas. Davenpor and interest Stated -the/, r% M-v*_ r*s**. c •* »'<r-rfri £-7\*v '* >tX3& slllti«MS'

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