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INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER IN NORTH EU.V NEW YORK OL. X. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MEN ARE CONSTANT ADVERTISERS MADRID, N.Y.. THURSDAY. AUGUST 28, 1913 THE MAN WHO ADVERTISES IS THE MAN WHO SELLS No 13 MADRID HERALD Published Thursdays. S1.00 per year. §1.25 m Canada. Notices of meetings for pecuniary gain, 5c per line; other notices free. Contributions on topics of interest gladly received. Orville A. Babcock, Editor & Publishei ^ Hunt the buyer who wants to buy and the seller who wants to sell through these columns, then your deal is two- thirds closed. *jji^u salesmanship is required under these circumstances-—and salesmanship costs money—many times the cost of a want ad. IJGet that? Special Column. Wants. For Sale, To Rent or any adver tisement under this hearting, 6c. * line. No ad. received for lest than 2fi centB. FOR SALE—a farm, of 70 acres with, p-ood wood lot, 3 miles from Waa- dta^ton village on toad! .to Chiasei Mills. GoodfTiouse anidj foam. 3 ' good: -wells. T&sfpus teai3oiua p ole. Apply to Mrs. Julia A. Tiefraan* Oak-s«.,Wadkiingt(Hi, N.Y. 13-15 VALUABLE 'PIN LOST—at Bucks Bridl?© on Tuesday evening, 5th. Pin is of 4 tang gold Wuggatei placed! on long narrow gold toat in f orim of an, $L Pindtet kindly notify jmie andf receive literal re- •wardl Mrs. JoitnJ D. tStodige, Mad- rid., Springs, N.Y. 12-15 FOR SALE—1913 Model, Mo tot Cy- cles and Motor Boats at \bargain prices, all (makes, brand! new ma- chines, on easy (monthly payment plan. Get our proposition tief ore buying or you will regret it, also (bargains in. used Motor Cycles. Writ© us today. Enclose stamp for reply. Address Lock Box 11, Trenton, Mich ff-lOw Subscribe for the Madrid Herald. First Mortgage Farm Loans at 6 and 7 Per Cent. I can sell you a 6 percent straight 5-year loan, or a 7 percent 3-or 8- year loan by allowing the borrow- er the privilege of payjng his note at any interest-bearing date. No charges are made for recording pa- pers or collecting interest. You can not make a safer investment than a first mortgage on lftft acre* of good wheat in western North Da- kota^ / • For reference write the First Nat'l, Williams County, or Farmers & Merchants, Bank's, Williston, North Dakota. Abner K. Veiteh. ••• FLORENCE. E. FESSENOEN OPTOMB \CRIST <L ^ Main Office, Mooers, N.Y. ( , My system of testing vision is scientific and correct. Years of study and practice have given me extensive practical knowledge in the art of correcting errors of refraction by the _ use of my Special Prescription Lense. I have produced wonderful cure of brain fag, dizziness, nervous headache, caused by eye strain. I can prove it in your case. Why suffer longer. •| Atmyresidence,lBucks | • Bridge, Wednesdays. $ WEEK'S NEWS STORJBRETOLD Events That Made a Stir Con- densed to a Paragraph. WHAT WASHINGTON IS DOING News of Interest That Trickles From the White House and the Various Departments—Catalogue of Crimea and Casualties. eimnnmiiiiinmiiiiiiiiuiiiiHiimiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiHimiiiniiiiniiinig' I Washington | f.NUiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiimiimiiiimm.iHiHiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiimiiiiiiii;! The nomination of Francis Burton Harrison to be Governor-General of the\ Philippines was confirmed. President Wilson nominated Fran- cis Burton Harrison, Representative from New York,, to be Governor Gen- eral of the Philippines. President Wilson's programme for free sugar In 1916 carried the day in the Senate, ylien Democrats rallied to the support of the Tariff bill and defeated all amendments to the sugar schedule. The House majority caucus, aided by Secretary Bryan, defeated the foes of the Administration's currency bill. gmuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiuiwiiMuiiimiiHiiiiiiiiiuiiHimiiiHUi I Personal f E.iimiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiuiiiwiiiHUiiiiMiiiiiiiUHmiiiiiiiiimg Lord Strathcona, Canadian Highway Commissioner, has signified his in- tention of resigning. He will probably be succeeded by the Hon. Clifford Sif- ton. Mrs Miller French of Tarrytown, N. Y., met her father, 84 years old, a civil war veteran whom she ha3 given up for dead, for the first time In 50 years. James G. Shepherd, retired million- aire of Scranton, Pa., has sued for divorce In Reno, Nev., on the ground that his wife objected to his going to church. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia, is organizing, under the Carnegie fund, a commission to in- vestigate the atrocities of the Balkan wars. jimiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiimipj = Sporting \ KiUiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi Oscar Egg at Paris broke the world's one hour bicycle record, unpaced, by covering 43 kilometres 280 metres (26.92 milesJ. Norman Elberfeld. known as the \Tobaaco Kid,\ who for many years held down the far corner for the Yan- kees, will manage the Chattanooga team of the Southern League in 1914. Lord Northcliffe gave $10,000 to the British Olympic Games Committee, and many others, including several American firms in business in Lon-' don, have contributed. Reese, the bone setter, after attend- ing to Ed Walsh's arm, ordered him to rest for the remainder of the sea- son and declared that he would be as good as ever next year. A misplaced tendon was discovered In the pitcher's arm. {imiiiiiuiiiuiiiuiuiniitiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiNiwimimiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiimiiiiiiniiimiig [ General I SiwiuiiHiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiummiiiiiiiiiKiiiiiiiifiiimiiiiiiMfiiimil Secretary Bryan will stump in Maine for two days in the early part of Sep- tember. Alleging violation of the live stock transportation law, 16 Butts for ?500 damages each have been filed in Chi- cago against six railroads. Representative Sloirray, of Massa- chusetts, urged a favorable report on his resolution calMng for a ioint in- vestigation of the anthracite Industry. Mayor Gaynor will head a third ticket in the New York city election, Edward B. McCeH having agreed to accept the Tammany nomination for Mayor. The Public Service Commission of Maryland, authorized the Pennsyl- vania Rairrtiad to pwchaae and taka control of the Central Railroad of Maryland. Pasauale Sirico and Jamee Mahoa were held in ?10,000 ball each by United States CommlaBloner Hitch- cock at New York, on a charge of white slavery. Robert Ed-win Gray, 71 years old, mouther of the old First City Troop of Philadelphia, which acted as a body guard whan Lincoln'B body lay In the State Ind&pendeno© Hail, Is d«Ml in that city. The Assembly Judiciary Committee decided to ppush the investigation meant to tUxyw Governor Sulzcr was the author of tbe charge thai four Republican Assemblymen had voted through improves Influences\ to Im- peach him. Oscar Hammarwteln, in defending tbo euilt to keep him from re-entering s grand opera field in New York, charges violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust law by an alleged monopoly at tho he&jJ of which te the Metro- poHfcan Opera Company. Vernon L, Whitney, Governor of Jo- JG*. \ffias flllghitly wounded when attack.- TAMMANY HOARY AID BESOTTED IN CRIME, BRIBERY AND FILTH Some otherwise good people still insist that Tammany is unfairly charged with bad character. They say: \You can't prove anything against Tammany. You simply don't KNOW anything about it.\ Let us see. Of course, the entire Tammany Society never votes on any one proposition, so that if murder is committed under Tammany auspices, one cannot say that all of Tammany did it, but, by the same token that the Black Hand, the Mafia, or the Camorra—the three Italian blackmail and murder socie- ties—are believed to be enemies of,the public welfare by certain, tokens, so by similar tokens, Tammany is an enemy of the public welfare and should be exterminated. Samuel J. Tilden, one of the most illustrious Democrats, fought and whipped Tammany in his day along -with William M. Tweed Avho died in jail, where Richard Croker ought to die and where Charles E. Murphy, present Tammany leader, should die. The Lexow and other investigations have shown New York City reeking with graft and licensed crime. Common testimony from New Yorkers, themselves, is that judgeships there are sold for cash. The Becker trial revealed a whole police system trying to thwart the trial and procuring murder for cash. In fact, every election in New York ©ity is the story of a struggle of the decent classes to throw Tammany off from their necks, but Tammany usually succeeds because of her hold on the vicious and degraded by the cruel exploitations and briberies of the millionaires who run Tammany for their private profit. Very frequently the better class of Democrats in this State and the country over denounce Tammany unsparingly. At the Democrat national conventions it is an x>pen secret that the support of Tammany is such- a disgrace that it hurts that can- didate with the rest of the country Do you remember how Bryan flayed Tammany at Baltimore and beat Champ Clark who had Tammany support? Didn't Dick Croker swear brazenly on the stand: \Of course I am in politics for my pocket all the time?\ and hasn't the wrath of thi£ state made him feel safer to live in Ireland ever since? Is not Tammany a universal synonym for the foulest cor- ruption? Do not public men of every party and station in life, men who stand for *exalted character, speak of Tammany in severest condemnation? When was Tammany ever mentioned by anybody for ever doing one single good thing ? Are not even her so-called charity dinners but the foulest bribes to keep the ignorant and the vicious still in tribute to her ? The Italian Government still has its Mafia, its Black Hand and its Camorra to struggle with, but the records of New York City's courts show abundantly that with burglars, white slavers murders practically impossible to convict in New York City's courts because they have the pull, that we, too, have our Tam- many selling privileges to commit Iftirglary, white slavery and even murder for a price. Why, in last week's Outlook magazine, there was an authen- tic account of actual fact of an honest Italian who, with his fam- ily, has narrowly escaped death from bombs by the Black Hand to whom he would not pay money, and his business has been ruined. YET THE CRIMINALS CANNOT.BE PTJNISHEK IN NEW YOBK CITY'S COURTS BECAUSE THE BLACK HAND HAS HVCU A PULL WITH TAMMANY. Do you still defend Tammany ? ed by two Moros at a camp on the Island. Ho killed both assailants. Harry K. Thaw won a week's delay In Ms fight against deportation or ex- tradition from Canada when Justice OobleJiBky at Sharbrooke postponed hearing argument on the writ of hab- eas corpus. John Noonaix, sixty-two, a fanner employed for twenty-six years by Thomas Henry Grant, of Middletown Townanlp, near Hod Bunk, N. J., was gored and trampled to death by a bull on the farm. Wre swept four Wocts to Ifersey City, destroying eight factories and seventeen dwellings. The Administration decided to go back, to tbe policy ot non-Interference ta lAei.Ux> President Wilson went \scouting\ with EOIBO Boy Scouts In the Wfllto House grounds. Five Btleka of dynamite were found outeldo of Mayor Qu.yttor'% office in th« New York City Hall. The Btrlklng miners at the Coal Croek, Va,, mining district hare agreed to accept a wage Increase of 11 per ooat Raymond 12. Smith, the tnisslug Treasurer of the Eo&eTllle (R. 3.) Trust Company, was fount! to be short ?airs,ooo. • Ijlarry K. Thaw, who escaped from Matteawan Insane Asylum was ar- rested at St. Hermenegilde-Garforde, Quebec, Canada. Wearing overalls, Governor Major, of Missouri and Governor Hodges, of Kansas Jed an army ot 350,000 good- roads workers in Missouri. Senator Jones, of Wastoln^ton State, Introduced a bill setting aside a space near the Capitol for erecting stei/tuea and memorials to women, i George W. Griggs, missing million- aire bachelor and grain dealer, was found in the Mississippi near St Paul. The police say suicide. Robert C. Ogden's will wae filed. Jifls two daughters and Wa brother get the bulk of the estate, which totals from $2,500,000 to |3,000,00O, The Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy Company's report shows that^damage to corn In that line's territory in Ne- braska is estimated at 75 per cent Edward Asmuth, of New York, and MIBB A. M. Grub\0 a trained nurse, were killed whon their carriage was struck by a railroad train near Sar- auac Lake, N. Y.* Preston C. McGoodwin, of Okla- homa, nominated as Minister to Vene- zuela, will bo allowed to anawer charges \before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Harry Blionski failed by 300 yards in his second attempt to swim from the Battery, New York, to Sandy Hook, N. J., a distance o£ 21% miles, after swimming continually for 15 hours and 15 minutes. Assemblyman Arthur A. Quinn, of Perth Amboy, was chosen president of the New Jersey Federation of La- bor in annual convention at Trenton. The convention adjourned to meet in Newark next year. Katharine Packard, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. William L. Packard, was drowned in Seneca Lake, N. Y., while bathing. She sank without being seen by her younger sister and a nurse nearby on shore. The Senate committee rejected the President's Currency bill. A sheriff's jury assessed damages of ?100 against Si'gmund Greenberg, a house owner, because the disposition of a little daughter of one of his tenants was spoiled when the jani- tress accidentally threw an ash can on her. Governor Sulzer will be formally charged, before the Court of Impeach- ment, with usurpation of office. It is ^,lso planned to charge him with Hav- ing tried to \threaten and cajole\ As- semblymen against voting for his im- peachment The bodies of three sons of Thomas Fleming, who have been missing from Ticonderoga, N. Y., were found in Trout Brook, near that city. Four years ago three La Rose brothers were drowned in the same place. Allie Burris, 17 years old, was drowned when she attempted to save her father trying to rescue a sixteen year old boy who had fallen into the water at Stockdale, Tex. The boy was drowned, but the father was res- cued. Mayor Gaynor, of New York, said Magistrate Deuel disgraces the Mag- istrate's bench and ought to be re- moved. He said that because Mr. Deuel had asserted that restaurant guests could drink after 1 A. M. liquor ordered before that hour. giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiE I % Foreign l The King and Queen of Roumania were shot at while automobiling near Sinaia. King Victor Emmanuel and Queen Elena of Italy will visit Montenegro in September. * President Poincare, of S'rance, cele- brated his 53d birthdiy at his country home at Sampigny. The first woman judge to be ap- pointed in Norway is Ruth Soresen, 36 years old, of Christiania. Dr. Piacenza. the Italian Alpinist, scaled the summit of Mount Nnmz- kum, a 20,000 foot Himalayan peak, in India. Three men were killed and five oth- ers seriously injuted when a naval gun exploded while being tested at Pola, Hungary. The International ^Harvester Co.'s plant at Hamilton, Ont., will be re- opened. About 1,500 men are employ- ed in the plant. Roger Thompson, who drove the car in which Harry Thaw escaped from Matteawan, threatened to confess un- less Thaw's lawyers got him out of Sherbrooke jail. Miss Consuelo Rodriguez, saddened by many -deaths in the Mexican revo- lution, leaped from the liner Mexico among sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Judge Charlton, father of Porter Cbarlton, has engaged Onorevole Camera, former Italian Minister of Finance, as chief counsel for his son, charged with killing MB wife at Lake ComW in 1910. William Marconi declared Uhat a 60- year concession had been granted by the Brazilian government allowing fche company to establish a wireless ser- vice between that country and the United States. When tho British Retreated. One of the speakers before the ban- quet of the Massachusetts society of tbe Sons of the American Revolution told of an experiment which ho made several years ago. He first consulted historical records and ascertained the exact time of day thtft the British left for Lexington. He then started to go over tho same ground. From a fast •walk he soon found It necessary to break Into a run and then a sprint Then he found himself getting so far behind time that lie had to take a trol- ley car. He left Lexington at tho time Ot day that the British left, anil, al- though they are said to have reached Charlestown at 7 o'clock In the even- ttigr, be did Dot get there until after 750, thus proving that tho British beat tlio time of tbe modern trolley cars.— Boston Traveler. Wolf Clautlfled. \How did you list the money that fortano teller got from you?\ \I put It under the head of prophet and lost\—Baltimore American. Culture Indicates superiority, and! su- periority Impresses otbors.—Mncden, FREDERIC J. MERR1MAN ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. Fire, Life and Accident Insurance placed. Hadria, N. Y. FAY G. MANN UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Lady Assistant When Required Day or Night Calls by 'Phone MADRID, NEW YORK. DR. O. P. COLEMAN DENTIST. .MODERN DENTISTRY I N ALL BRANCHES Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty A work guaranteed. Madrid, N. Y When in Ogdensburg visit the CRYSTAL PALACE and try our famous Ice Cream and Soda Water. Ice Cream for Wed- dings, Receptions.^Socials, Dances and all Entertainments given prompt and satisfactory attention. MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED When in Ogdensburg Visit FARLEY'S RESTAURANT A Good Dinner For 35c 21-23 Ford St. Report of^the ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY SAVINGS BANK 79 State St., Ogdensbtu'g', N. T. i KESOrRSES Bonds and Mortgages ... $268,675.1i Stocks and Bond investm'ts. par Val. 605.600.18 Cash in Banks and on hand - -ji, 73,793.46 Collectable Int. accrued but not duoi** 7,801.11 •~ _ . fc.JT -***•&«* \\\\ ' 5855,770.11 LIABILITIE S • Dne 3,201 depositors\\' -...'' 838 09174 Surplus computed on pa r valne .?* - 17,078.37 Surplus Giimpufi'd \U . invt-stment'Sfc value, Sl«,TO.7B.__i_ ^L S 8 jux.enn.im S855 ' rml1 AKDREW IBVTNO, President JAMES E. KELLY Treas Madrid Bank t Interest from | A date of deposit * t paid on certificates of t is I | deposit if deposit + left six months. $ $ S t • 4* | A. D. WHITNEY - President MAKE A START During PALL OPENING ALBANY BUSINESS CQUIGI { Sept.TiilH r a to 0, 1913. Twnty-sh;; superior leii'-li'Tx. Kmplnynicrif, tor grwAnatm. JUOOK. KKI'lTVO. SlIfUlTHANn auil fi'fKKOTypY. SoiiU f\i free '\iiJitlnKUf 1 , CAHNKIX& HOJT, Albany, N.Y. Economy Many people j^o through * life thinking they are econ*- + omical, when the fact is, • they are only low priced. t •s* One experience with our % Clothes is that economy can t only be found in real good * Clothes. * | SUITS and all accesses * * ies to wear for men and '.', ± boys that will prove econ- ;; * omy, , * % Friedman & Fisher 4V Ford St. Ogdensbwrg

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