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HEAVY- DEMAND FOR -SPACE,, %-Ru«h Upon Part'qf ExhlJ?iior* to/Qet fiev/ puiir <|!oflr-Not .QjttJI- State wtrHifi~qf its Fafr--W4t« 'Arty Progress Ma3e In Its Development. T -\then the New York shit* (air opens on-Sept 14 tbe .public willi ^ftsi ^fflte to-stufly an exhIbitIon-| VJffi the statgg ngricuV ; :> tura^\. ana manufacturing ta- Ifenibers of the New York upstateiftlr commission, the orgattb&fion •'' named'this year by Governor Hughes to direct the management of the fair, i* 3,eTe that Jt 18 about to take Its *)!?V- <rplace, .with th.e..leadJh& fairs of the , country. - • , *',' ' The thousands of visitors will be en- ' lightened as to what Is meant by \per- \ ii manent fair grounds'' and what has been done by the state In that direc­ tion. Towering above all other build- BATMOWD A. PEABSON. (Commlaaloner in charge of dairy prod­ ucts.] working order, and New lorbcfs had come to Teallze what a stare fair really meant to them. The gradual Increase in attendance, the nnhiber and charac­ ter of exhibits and the favor with ings on the grounds and gayly ddc- 1 which the added fer turos were recelv PRIZE Tti BE\ CpMPEf ED'f 0|| Colonel S.ldnsy ^••^'^\tfff^f^'^f - posers •r'ATso to Be Settliof -^Alfi ^ii;^^^' • tletoe an«f tSbldenrod'Sug'dcMM^^ If the next Oklahoma legblatnre^ convchuigjiariy. in, .T^prtrjjof.t ^^iS^ ij'ing. year,;'does>nbiE 'jniir^^&Ks^tf^; adopted as the^on3ciar:'a&fr&^&t&^ It TfOl aoV-be^ejttfdlCpi ^^i ^^l ney Suggs of-Ai-tjimdrej^ je^for^^e'r)of; the Dally Ardmorite, an' e'n ^pisiastiUn. good road building and carrier of nearv' L 4y 300 .pounds ot flpshv. IiytietbSE^ilS [-ten recently to Governor •' OhMles.^N^ Haskell, Colonel Suggs M^sihy-^i^-^i '-\I believe that the tlmeja&.la^tied? in the history of the new state .tij^ect, a patriotic song for Oklahoma. I^ouid'\ suggest that you notify the musicians;; of the state that such a song is? desired and have the words selected from the toa.'w;ear8 s J %''plaint black Oufty-the~Bbrso' nothing \bpt.a orated with flags of many colors will > ed no longer left any doubt about the con8tltu tton and set to\ some new air be seen the new $225,000 Manufactur-1 future of New York's annual exposi-1 and caU npon ^ musicians'of the I state to compete for a prize.\ crs' and Liberal Arts building the first! Hon. * pf the structures and the most costly J The development of the fair was en- j It was further suggested by-Colonel called for In the permanent grounds; couruged by Mr. Woodruff, the first guggg m t^jg i etter daring the plan adopted by the legislature last I head of the commission, and Senator: next geggj,,,, 0 f the legislature all the jft'lnter. This building is the largest ( White, and In turn by Frank Waylnnd. c0mpetHor8 & Gnthrio and sing ~Hlgglns. Mathew Linn Bruce and Lew- j Lsongs beforeamuslcal CBmmlttee JWherp ihP\* umi) mv l eiiio: fo~pass upon the Tjuallty-OT and most complete of its kind In the world Is Stuwesant Chanler. Prom the headquarters of the state were deficits, which the state was. ^ maslc and ^ general tone of the fair commlasllonjt is stated waiver called upon Jo, make^ good, there has , poetry mya a Gnthrle (o^) dispatch - .... .o ... ^ ^ ^ Louis Post-Dispatch. Then j he would have a Jaw enacted adopting in the history of the state's exposition have there been such demands upon the part of exhibitors for space. Ev«-ry square foot of space in 'the new build­ ing, which is larger than Madison come an annual return t the state treasury of from $20,000 to $30,000. ] : ^ailo^Ui^ei:M^om : pefie^to^^. : »wii^^>'n'^uig r ja^-.fespert tforsewo- •nia^^nVtl^i'llftli^rronblb'In Tceeplng her -sear.';\'\ *' ' ' ~ 3V%\en^comIn8 , .'-'out ot the surf, which is. oftefl\JdgSltb.e f 'horsevls often swept backwar^jbyfiiarec^ngjwave. An on-> gry sri^'gives venkto T the mare's dls- approvalr On-reaching-the beach Miss jKayton^dismounts,,and. a grown takes- \^Ihe horse tei the stable. The darhig young 1 wdinan'tnen trips to the bath- ing pavilion amid- the applause of th~e assembled.crowd. ICEBERG IN DINING ROOM. The first sign of success In the move- j ^ 80ng ag^tedthe official song of I «°e*»ty Woman's Plan For Cooling a ment for suitable structures of durable. the 8tate j Very Warm Room, material appeared last year, when the' Thls ^ oxaA not be ^ content ! Copying the Idea from that in effect legislature passed a bill authorizing a I of>lts klnd ta an offlc i a i Oklahoma as- many or the \summer show\ thea- speclal appropriation with which to, gemhiage While the constitutional ters, a woman leader of the \mllllon- meet the cost of the nrst building. • con^ntion was in session late in 1906 j aires' colony\\ ffi Bempstead, N. X.. ! VCt0Cd ^ 6 i\\ aDd «\> n *ttw of selecting a reading clerk [explained that hfo reason for doing so\ 0 ^ and ^ delegates voted to was to have a definite plan for improy-1 var ious candidates read be­ ing the grounds settled upon before; fore tne conventlon and t0 select the construction had started. \ He asked j ftest read?r keeps cakes, of ice to* arhldden.tank in her dining room. This room by an architectural mistake Is, so' situated aa to be extremely warm in the dog-days, ». — ! oes >- reuu «;r. Five aspirants mounted j though sunny and comfortable in win- , mU uw, u« m lugcmer it,wu mmi the legislature in special session to p i at f orm and read selections given iJter. The hostess, wjio. entertalna Oibfeiclvcts, The skeleton of tlie,bu!!dlng is make an appropriation to permit the\ 1 1 0 them Tne place waa won by Bob I er ally at this time, decided something , commission to advertise for competl I tlve bids for the contract' of furnlsh- i lug the grounds -plan. An nppropria- rfT65 \or $10W0—was-provided.ior_thls ' purpose, of which $0,000 was turned j back to the state. A competition wtjtch ' attracted the leading architects of the ' country resulted in the selection by [ the commission of the plan which was ' approved by the'legislature; Willlama^.a newspaper man of Altus. j must be done to cool the, atmosphere In connection with Colonel Suggs' I and finally decided Ice in b*ulk was the idea. It Is contended by V. 3. Russell, | only thing. In a corner of the dining' chairman of the executive committee room she Bad a^blg'tin tank built, and of the—Democratic State Press asso- lathis- to kept filled with cakes ~ of ice, elation, that the state's official song ! 6ays the New Xork Press. Around the has already been adopted. Mr. Bus- j wall just above the tank are fastened tell, a newspaper man, was present i three noiseless electric fans, and the wheja the constitutional convention I w-hqle Is surrounded by a hedge o&.| . ,. ... .„, .\held Its Initial session. While the del- \giant' ferns and other plants^-enrirely S ^i^^L 8 ^ 10 !!^!!!!. 8 I «*«*«. ™* gathering the represent*- I concealing It from vlJ. 7 tives of the press, together with nu- • No one was toW of the new device, tnerous political hangers ori~who were 1 and In consequence the guests pf the awaiting the parceling out of the Jobs,. woman were astonished to find the began staging, \How Dry I Am!\ and temperature in the room had fallen so , it continued until the\ convgntlqn_waa j wonderfully. One evening, however, i officially opened. j one of the young matrons- decided to State wide prohibition was then un-, Investigate the cause of this \Green- known. It was pretty generally be- 1 land's icy mountains\ air. So she lieved, however, that the convention qoietly-giroved around the room when would Incorporate it ha the constitst- the otbjer guests were bidding\ their tlon; and the song-as given by tbo I nngtmm g n™i ni g hf pprrtnc thropgHiJ porters and politicians was considered j the ferns in the corner, she slipped • offered providing for an appropriation j of $220,000 for the first new bulMlngi I A twin measure was presented reduc- s. o. SHAVER, [Secretary New York state fair'.] Square Garden, and In all of the other exhibition halls will be In use. Many exhibitors will be * crowded out of doors. The Indications are for record breaking entries for all of tire depart­ ing the commission to seven members —the lieutenant governor and commis­ sioner of agriculture ex- officio and five paid members. Mr. Ghanler as lieutenant governor heads the commis­ sion. Raymond A. Pearson of Ithaca became a member ex officio through his appointment as commissioner of agriculture to succeed Charles A. Wleting of Coblcskill. Mr. Wletlng.i m «Tn A r, „ „ i ^U Z^^Z'^' K*\' \ I appropriate. It Is contended that It Ja , and fell iipon what seemed, tojieratar- Wk 1* the .tate fair has been pro- \ forest SeWe f fyrncuse A \E [ ^ ^ approprlnt e now after nine tied senses an Iceberg: Then. Of course; moted annually slnre 1840, only in re- • Perren of Buffalo and Ira P. Sharp of i 11 1 ' cent years have representatives of In- Lowville, oil of whom served upon the I terests wuirh have made New Tork i old commission, and William Pitkin of the Kniplre State come to appreciate ! Rochester were appointed as salaried Its advantages Not until the state • commissioners, assumed complete management was it regarded as worthy of the name. For many years the fair was moved about to different sections, much after the order of a circus,, although it did pot score tbe success which generally falls to the well regulated circus, FROM ARABIAN DESERT. Davenport Will Exhibit His Famous Horses at the State Fair, „ When Homer Davenport, tbe eele- ^•ke i united cartoonist, became interested In months of prohibition. Mr. Russell be- I the secret was an open one. lleves, therefore, that this should be , —. , considered the state's official song. :The ' NiynN'Q MOl/CI AIDCUID first verse and. In fact, the other nine- 1 a,Aun ® wuvfct - Alnonlr. ty,nlne verses of the song are: ' J | nventor CIaim8 Motion of Bod How dry I am. bow dry I ami i Will Guidn New - GoU only knows how 3ry T am' uuiae New Aeroplane. During tho sessions of the constitu- ' A type of Tflying machine, Uonal convention tbe delegates'were f bou t whIch ^ greatest secrecy has always ready to sing. After C. N. Has- D maintained, will appear soon. kell, began to forge to the front ns a „, . „.., , _ . gu&rn^orlal possibility, for-he was a ^ the United ^t„~.,„ .„ .K„ —^H„^ h,. MO„H- fStates iiavy, claims that the new aero- Lewis Nixon, w-bo built the highest ATOM f 0F VKOOD IN iT Structu Omalia' has. the^fli^^fiteel bailooihl •^Ot^^i^Iiktc ^ts-'may *l>e ''^|irrieifon r 'e %da|ivciy 'at l-^tt Omaha,; wlilcli; Is I .?^^r/.. : si^aji«?aflqn. } \\\\ \\•-*•-! _^hlki mpa ^terV;Thiiliffu« T \is ,golng \to^ c0Str ,',ithe~ gov «?riimenr'^p.000.- \it- wAsf '^gctcfl -i 0- f o .Minneapolis\ compjiny; 'It- Is r ouiu -ely \.of steeL -=J!Coi; v aa %ibtti Of wood; is',lii the\ building:, ^ven outrages-\ and -prbfeMfl^< ; law-abiainig .l ItaUansj whether '-ricli -or -jpMiC -A ^comii jnlttee of, flf rypromineat.mc^^aa>,aft-/ r pojn'te^toyloplfclftt6- : ^ayafand^mi^nt 'Str T^an^d society ~w)UU hayd \a^memDerahipTj og%ouaa^dsj \ ,' -\^\ : .- v ^T^ifp ,\1A meeting, was Keia^t-'tKe;bffl«f>pf 1 ;2 ^grarflo Lubrn't 87 Nissan streefc^i rwas n ;itoj|:pul^c]y^nn^pn(^-^'tf^w^' ; ' .UcSaftecfenrd.. There yrgs .method..In; moustef balloon,hjra^'Which^'?is,'^pO fect^ long. OO\ feftt'wider- andv~75' ?eet higU. Every steel\ worUer;aiad engineer' In the, country followed the'erection, of the bulldbag with inuch Interest, .ind the governtneut Is keeping in eioSfe touch with the \outcome of the expeifl-? ment • It Is what is known as the 'iChurch truss\ building, having an angular top with a circular lower chord,? From the spring line of the lower chord to the\ -ridge ojt the truss is twenty-seven feet. fOue-ef—tfae special font-ures-Qf tho bnl- loon house la the size of the doors. There Is but one entrance, facing the north. The doors to tho entrance are mammoth affairs, being seventy-five feet high and. ^sjghing fourteen tons. Yet so delicately balanced are they that one man can move them, says the Omaha World-Eferuld. They are to be opened and shut by means of a lever, which can be operated by one hand, These doors follow the truss slides in shape. The building was begun April 22. The steel was brought to the fort in sections, bold together by 14,000\ steel covered with sheets of corrugated iroi, which have n now mode of fastening. The usual method is that of purlin nails,- but the Omaha, building Is put together .by means of 120.000 Norway Iron rivets. The meOibd ot construction makes it practically Impossible for 'the building to be torn l-nvu>. Even the wind,©* cases nre steel, and the entire of- fnlr Is fireproof Tbere Is a continu­ ous nuchorngi* from the concrete piers, which get seven feet below grade, to the spring lino of\ the lower chord of the roof trusses. These, anchorages are fourteen feet apart on either 6ide of the building. Tbe rear of the building Is anchored similarly. On either side of the front is a high tower which carries a door. These towers are elgbry-ono feet high. The total weight of the btilldfng' Is U23\ tons. There nre three parts to the IdenUry^kiiown. _^ •\' Sut It'was^a: representative as 'well as dilermhied. band that nfefc^ At'leftst twelve of. the- men present~fiad been threatened by the Black Hand, and. 'every; one had had personal'; dealings •hi- some?, way with - the organization* A- consIderaDle sum of money was pledged on the-spot, and more wlll.be forthcoming. , After the temporary organization was '\effected it was decided that not only would the new society try to pre- vent the Black Hand outrage's, but it would also relieve the sufferings and help-- In a,, business way those who meet with personal or business' dam­ age from the blackmailers In the fu­ ture. While this feature was not announc­ ed. It wtts said that, a, gnat-system of espionage would be inaugurated. Hon­ est Italians will be emrloyed as.de­ tectives. ' They_ will leara of prospec­ tive bomb throwings or attempts at money levying and will He jready for the murderers and blackmailers when they attempt to carry out their threats. The new society purposes to work onHrriy- Inrtpppnrtpntly _of _lhe. .police. There is a force of Italian detectives at headquarters in New Tork, but it Is said their efforts are practically use­ less because their number is small and-every Black Hand member Jn town knows-them whenever he sees one of them. — - It was estimated recently that at least $1,000,000 worth of damage had been done \by the Black Hand in New | Yurie city and- that~the deaths Tvhlch might properly be laid at its door run Into the hundreds. Killing. Off Idaho's Pests. The^bounty- plan for the destruction of predatory ahlmals adopted Jan. 1 last by the state live stock sanitary board of Idaho Is proving more effec­ tive than the old method of employing trappers. The , expense Is reduced, j ^^^\^In^relfflu^a^eNdBJOst -noubled. Since that time animals have been building—the central part wEIcTi Ts'to i killed, as follows; Coyotes, 4,977; bob- 416-418' Broaawayr T^lfef .' Livery, Fesd aiid s Exchange Stables IS Horses 15 on hand to let.\ Up^fo- '> ^ ^ '- — date Eigs, (floJI'e.d^: Coaches, Rubber Ere., ; Single and Double. _ Surreys and Runabouts r f~ Pny&ptAttention: to Orders . • STANWIX 5 HALL STABLES fair was an a «rl,ultural show conduct- , tl)e brped , n . of Arablan horee3 ue do . delegate in the convention, his friends, l\\\^ \\'\J\ ^ \™ , ed on a , mnll sen,., and it was en- , , ldod ^hto the very heart 6 ^0] underthe leadership of President Mur- fi^^ J^!^ cournged to struggle on principally by the financial aid It received from the state. Tire,] of Its roving life, the fair ^ t0 deptl]a Qever befonj v , gJtea Dy probably welcomed the opportunity of wnlte men and succeeded m est ablish- settllng dou-n when Syracuse offered it | , ng frIendlT relations with pne of the a permanent home twenty years ago. (trlbeg wh , ch owned a iarge „ erd of The fair was uuder tbe management hor8Cg S o r *Bautlful and fleet of foot Of the State Agricultural society, which rpoelveil help from tbe state and turned the profits Into the im- desert for animals, with blood of the j ray. would frequently employ idle T Andrew D Green purest Arabian strain. He penetrate time In the convention, by singing to ^ \raSJr of toateS^w Tork \ wTs to Charlie Haskel ; hell .be , eni; ne^ ; cohtl lbutB $10.0QO ea?h to finance 8 7 H S or C ,,, Tb n ^ril° tte P |aaB ot an inventor whom I feel not HaskeH's political^ frienda^ how-. Ba ab]e ever, would always .end such ^-, ^ , provemeut of the grounds, located just outside tbe corporate limits of Syra­ cuse and between the West Shore and Lackawanna railroads. But the growth fwero the stallions that Davenport de- I termlned to remain with\ the aVrnbs un- | til he could persuade them to sell him some of the animals. He finally suc­ ceeded In securing, twelve at an enor­ mous expense. In~ order that they might receive proper care and atten­ tion In then- new bona; In America Davenport' brought with him a Nubian slave, who had charge of the horses in the desert. Announcement has been made in New York _ that Mr-* DaTcnpOft Baa' consented to take the Arabian horses to the New York state fair. They will be exhibited by the Nubian, who' rides In the flying robes of the .desert, and should furnish one of the very ! spectacular features of the ,fair. CHARLES A . wnrrrso. [Commissioner In charge of cattle, sheep r and swine.} of the fair did tot come up to the ex- 'perflations of those who believed it-had a right to a place with the \annual ex- • positions in some of the western- states which cannot boast of the ag$- cultural interests of New York, so :! jjlne years ago the state was asked to £$inke: over the fair plant, to place Jts 'JX*' management with a commission\ and to- it a' fair such as the people or -^'ork-ihad-Jrtlght-to expect — then lleutta*^ «ctte governor, .and.feenatot^ jferait mntaiy; instrumental fa, ^^a ^fSfrSene^^pgtpgjj^^' 'i&jamiit* ih» plan ?tiey s pxbp ^a;4TCa9. adoptSaf^a -ith'ft ^'ana'ge ^i4Sf .of • t»,e- planitia4s) Vestem ;<jag ^^>,?&^e«a^-'t^ Tbe chamber Of commerce of Syra­ cuse has taken upon Itself the respbij-- slblllty of securing satisfactory accom­ modations for visitors, to the city dur­ ing-state fair week.- The-orgaliiaftidfi has a list of all of the lodglng.-a'ndi boarding bouses in tbe city.'and.-main -r tains a bureau for directing persons to places where they can obtain sleeping accommodations. It has 'also been' largely instrumental in Inducing many, :ltlzens to throw open private r «st-> fences to state fair visitors; ThaAlrahii*. When our, gdod, ship speedsjonrhw? soaiw' ing night V -7 -j>-r--^-atil And loo* hekMeaf-'outbravea •'' - Or gently rolls on tho blltowy.ught'.' 5-V Of,atmospheric -waves rfi i''^\\<;?.'->'5 i ; Wo wltl'slng a ! -songWwa-Boat,'sibii^):'l^ Of dresms-como true at-leai'Oft'-,--''K-u* Of a sea ths^'s:klss^ / by^^lTOd:ik»rni s ' : mist S -?.<• kWtf&i*a' Ofioyfulantepsat. , . <^£($$0 foamicltngs^ e or- And tashlopedJt weU-a> we^ tooghtTSSiV — Kar;„^,v,.^:-;^vav'-^fefe'; ? ' tor- 'i^^ss^m^M^m\ Ana^ow-wo-ritotTOVtholprienMou^ttJSC'^li i^ha.t5J^Uy.^»-and>fl'ows',^^ l. An '^y*.'*teer;.ouF sTuy-.trhere'f0K^r *rr1 l$haf JAyiaiblo -waVM;lha^-»ffiligiur;' dscSf ^il promptu concerts by singmg to tho same tune, whatever it*.mlght be, the words, \You've got another guess com­ ing.\ The- delegates frequently, too, sang \Dixie \Old Kentucky /Home\ and other southern airs. During the recent legislature a bill was Introduced by Senator Henry S. Johnston of Perry, now the Demo­ cratic nominee for congress in this dis­ trict, making a poem on \Oklahoma as written by an Indian girl, Tahle- qnflh, the official state poem. The bill drew considerable <j*fcment, but was defeated. In addition to a state song, the next •gislatnre will again have under dis­ cussion, too, the adoption of a state flower.\\ This question was thrashed out in both tbe constitutional conven­ tion and the legislature, but no deci­ sion' Was ever reached.'' Win lam H. Murray and his friends always de­ manded the- adoption of alfalfa as the stats- 'SoTjer, bat this was opposed by the advocate* of mistletoe and-golden- rod.?. Jilstletoe by legislative enact­ ment was the official flower of old_.Qkr4 lahoma^territory. ;.jrlia,J0raIn to Biscuit Record. , - ls , . . .--^.r >jfc#t *to* irito in. the nekLWl W ^Tf^^^^^^ '&i**ty*2L- . i^-VJ 'J?,\~t'.,S ^.li, il. ^-^r ii-.^J when .-aV narfvKof ; IrfcndaXfmiH Milm? 1 ^3S »&it«i<k^^«»1^»Wt».i4 1 si«Ai^ Jh»; ( JIlnneal la^oftthwS^ky^iwonbiii ... . ,- 'i';-NotnlDg3anin»es ^n^younginTif; in ore Mr. ^Tlxon assented, but Mr.. Green was slain before plans were completed. The new machine will be. raised by two horizontal propellers. JBy shifting his body in the direction he wishes the machine to move the inventor claims to be able to direct It It has been dem­ onstrated that -one horsepower will' lift thirty-two pounds and fifty horsepower will develop 'remarkable speed. \All that I care to say,\-says Mr. Nixon, \Is that- 1 consider .that this new machine? will startle the world and result in the Introduction of new meth­ ods In the construction of heavier thaii air flying machines.\ NEWFANGLED FREEZER. His. Rstirsd Newspaper Man MaVaa Job PrasW Fr»«M, lea Cream. When William Ju White ofj'Stam* ford. Conn.,, labored as an editorial , writer for Connec%OTt new^kp^e^ iu^i-i work waa £6WA\ fSf .a -lfi ^or*\'oi7orii ^j Inallty. '^OTr^hai reth^liffeE'fortjP years as- af|tfeWip«i(ef'n^*«ttdv'ne'! runs a Uttl*- p 'ridtery .'^eplaM ^-nt Stamford,- but-bet hsiiiot foi' how to be original., h«Id the lllsl balloons. \vbJctl bsye t nl. ready arrived at the fort, and n shed on each side for storage purposes. The hydrogen gns bouse is ot the right of-tbe balloon bou'e and will not be ready for work until September, when the experiments with tbe bal­ loons will really begin. There will be at least two balloons, a dirigible and a spherical t -uptlre balloon. The gov­ ernment intends to spend nny amount of money on these experiments, this being the first Htoel balloon bouse own­ ed by the g-jx e >-nment TJu?re is bu' ose other ballo-onrhouse, at TPort Myer. Va. This is iunrh smaller than the one at Fort Omaha.- — Tbe government drew up Jhe gen­ eral plans, while the practical details wore made by the steel company which put up the building. Captain Chandler, who Is now in charge of the fort and who bi n, practical Tttalloon mau,. having ijmde many successful- flights, will doubtless bave\*-charge of the experiments with tbe big balloons. Th'e big, balloons will W taken out from tho front entrance for experi- nibnts. Tbo- big doors are a marvel'bf construction and have excited the ad­ miration of all who have seen-them. if there^ls to bit any cJiapce.'of air-\ ships taking an a'ctlvOpartln : .the'war­ fare or\ the commercJaMntereste, of the future, the government proposes\ to, ;be early in the- field: 1 -— —^ t - \ ~'~ cajts^^KL lynxes, 18. Olympus, U. S. A. \Didn't wa beat tho Briton fleet, and didn't wo ihump the Tout? Didn't our cop como out on top, that blue and brassy; beaut? Didn't., we Conquer—the Hollander J«aka-| hoer, son of tiio dike and danv? And wasn't the Swede a baby breed to the slants of Uncle Sam? Oh, Watch -on. Her Wrist. \Believe me-,\\ said a.jeweler* ,*'in an­ other. season ^oy ^o^eyery-womanTWill at her belt She;hl(iS 'jcKrrled, \ii\'(n>.a. watch pocket 'a^d- hunig itffTOm'a;'iieck^ : ir^'^^l^t^^^l^^e^i^ildmja^j look\' 'at\ he >1' .watch 'f wlffiout -tilsmOT&itf teft S 'ria!'th¥?oniy*sate-;j^ a mountain ot a man Is the brawny \ Jawny -Flan When the- hammer head Is whirling for tho trick! Mass^of muBClo like a giant, steely stiff - OB snaky pliant. Though there never waa_a_sniika inside - —a^cfc-itvtoki * Oh, to seo tbe swedp and swing of the discus in the fling When a. Sheridan, gives battle to a HorrI Man alive, he'B goV-the wing-, ot an an­ cient Irish king ) That he's flapping In the face of Mr. Thor, begor! — But wait for a lodge, with a \Tut\ and \Fudge To'/tell 'us at foul and plot: iA,Britisher missed through, a slap on the wriat Or some such blooming rot. And therefore he's put to the top from the foot, , . , While we're hi the class called not. There's a greyhound Just as great as a Percheron of weight ,. When the'greyhound's grace and (at- . there give' us Joy. It Is folly to adjntt that a collie's better As an imago for our Mel, tho Sheppard ,nox. ( •» • / Hey! 'Here's Charley!, Yellow-Head, with - ,-,the\TTlHman hare outsped..- . Only JTsi>kee could set Yankee such a -1 - -•=p*cei l -f-^— • ^ __ v lOh; fhail'to the hordes \of underlofds, ^XJkaj fleas on a Titan's skis; . Whp.v.iealo'usy eaten, proclaim a- man r-;^&tfeatanj •/* \< J f • feWhfn-Till-'ofctl^-worid^Mls^rWtnl'F , /Xa^lpstfqtfe 'rppule';of,-a lleut*'irith the Beeithe-feafhemelghtedX-wrestleri-full ,.;.,V> of ;I >j >Ie ^>A'^&^r£'' ! WhUa:our TUlph;proclaims, a JtoM:is th«: I fhe place .where thr0 most people l^Kiyfe \Wanted\ I v <r and other Classified Ads <[V . is .in the | paper ^.tiia,t?j - S prints-themostof ihettiti^^ ¥'Everybody kn6W~tha&^

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