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^tg.fi ^msliea^'-but \cmupotitorfe must \fur- OTTO - printing topis and sp'e- ^ctal frqrklng clothes. ^fj;.Asaejw.' feature ,is the offering of goYaH - , ^jand''&lver modala for highest scoring^ 'J- • '.v ^-fejittor,• cheese, milk and cream; Thq &o ' *i',;vnll be'^valnable medals, beautifully en* vity\high bat Jail to%lii: ajid. silver/medals. • ho dairy department will b'e\ \under y(4Kff 'gejiqraj supervision of Gommissiorit Pearson 1 , but under the immediate ^'^uperintendency of Mr. George A.' •who baa been commlssioner-in,'' M 8° V number of years. This year superintendents will loolt'.af\ Wasso3 of eaSiibliis as 'e —BTA. Reese, Lowvillo, N. Y. E. Griffith, Madrid, -N. Y, and Cream—R. %. Kirltland, Philadelphia, N\. Y. Specialties—C. A. PuMow, .Y. ^ ^active attentiQij which the de-j is receiving from all the peV-1 jjonnoc'ted with it insures a very display. Intending exlrib- ter'o\f-tho\'st'b.ck s tqjbe fed'mu^t.'b^tak­ en-Jntp consid^4tion/t?y.enr^detehnin-; iugHhe* best .time to cut. Sfn -'tbe case j^jittiothy for cttttlfi -at-yfluld-probifej T^e^ei^-jjjj^-air'lt; is nicely ''in7TSlobm.\ Perhaps- k drijr. of two befora' fhe v '|Mt bloom or a similar length of time after the second bloom will answer the pur­ pose,. Orchard grass loses its palatability raptdJy^ after blooming andj therefore, [should bti cut very, shortly after the blpoming~pfiridd. -On ink other hand, brsm^grsss Retains-its pa\atnbility un- til the. scend* is ,dead ripo, even the' stlfaw -'frony -which -the ripo seed has been&tbreshed' being eaten readily by both cattle and hors§s._ The season for cutting- brdme grass and others liko itj' which' .iuclud'o blue grass, Italian rye grass and Bermuda grass is a long After all'is- said a-ncT done, the best tlmo to cut hay will depend very much on-individual Conditions o£_a£asana f xa- rioty of gr,a §9 ,'.\tlie .purpose f or^ which the hay\ will'' b\o _us'ed, ,'otc. In general *erabmlier''that fcorty cuthay is'superior t\o~so'called'late : put, and-in no instance^ should '{he hay b e allowed to' become' dead ripe, not only in seed bead, but iu stalk asTVrelir ''\^ ( ; . Curing, and Storing Hay; Mueh.jhightbe written abou^tbe cur­ ing \o'f Sayi frit fanners wil .experience •Utile, difficulty 'in\ Ihis^tpp'oftant oper- a'tfon. if w,caj;her; T co^HUon > B^arB propi- Mo^SiteE^IEaiL-Cajritni^ -drying of : should'write to Secretary S. C. blo'om Uiocki Syracuse, N. Y., for full' As Things Aro Out West. , — w - as evening in tho great West. The golden sun had gone down ovCr 6 ,\ cornfields, and all was silent. Maria, what di(. vou do wit'l with tho,t gs €JRubeiiB that came today?\\ iyi .hung it np in tho art gallery, <V| ^Wp got a wireless today from thej saying it wouldn't be ready <»a\\l?»ext week.\ T ^ at ^i^ 6 0110 °*, them c i^\ijfeurs of ours an excuse to bp idle. got any of them chaps to help the hay. How is tho new Frencli ^^cafaetint.\ , ' i -li^ir ^jpine. But I had to telephone for ^ew set of tire.\ < ^'hW.^b.Ottt,that first £oli%^ v . -! \ here.' '- Kansas, farmer, romoy«jj v clothps and putUSglpii ! went out on tho ostotd- Vi\ .,..1 . 1 ,-„kf -wile? wnh'Arf J ^i«?o^v A VMliiht5havi,when' •roomTma^e^ag^wuuKnTBiown >-oejng p|paBw||ii|f^^^t^«itai' jlrjf'enSfSe'jWa^'ord^M gaponal-niriistry in Plymouth church, ^^^^S^^^&if^^cgt was much as.niatufeVgrasse8 Jincl^e-htoiconJ it and the \reSulting formentailon/ The best.lrtff is that S'bich can be cured wathp'ut^?ain ft^d ^ith the least possi- hotter pie'sun,', the better tho hay day This -fs'$ue.-,so far as'tho. drying out procesij is concerned, but tho rays of the sun s.stop jthe^ fjtvorable -f ermentq- tioa which\^ives^Bay-its' excellent fla­ vor. In til#caso-of. the lighter, grasses such \^btoe^rass and\ wnen the day jg.a'dcal, tlie\hay^can: safelyjbe raited in iBg. .Heavier growths naturally req ^jiro The usual praC' tice- is .for the farmer, td mow his'hay; in^ the for <moon\and 7 Take it af,tor din' ; • . The lenst \ rain and sunshine that Touehes ^tuo hay the better iwill be th ,e color httd\fla'vbr the better the 6elljng :»priqeiljlie''- f time b£ ,: le 'aving1 imcd 11 vM&tsk- auantity 0 X>% '&ny#is piif ^a,6iugfQ,:mo>.-,lir, i l!agin!^fffS$^^ ^|K ^a8h °I |*g^n^'ttna^^ Gongregational pul- :;liealth' tho'/^^Baptist parsonage' lawn last ^j^r^di^ v feye;ning and netted the &^~drae|.'*(^pi ^^^^b4 tbo '§ea-;; ^hurcbr-i$14., - ' • *• BOB will await alf-coinersr'- \—Mrs.' ^ane Chapman is the guest —A family from Brooklyn are occu- of her son, Elbert Chapman. Lpying the'cottage on' ,tbo ,r Iiant..farM:: '^Tho-Indies'Aid society will meet ^fp&the summer; ' \•>- - v ^l^'Si r -^vJj ^fh/ftrrtt-^Walface :D\eekeE .Thursday —The diligent daughters\ meet* with'\ aft'erhbph. w Miss Blanche Howard, Saturday after-^ —CbUdren's Day was observed at '\\~>on. ,\ r \\\\'i- . ' the'iiaptist church last Sunday even- —E. B. Gifford and' George Brpwri ing;.'„There was a good attendance and are- doing jury, duty at Hudson— this-ptlnrchildren all did nicely, special rnen- tipn .being made of Miss Bertha Fin- weok. —J. V. V. Williams lost a good work horse last week with colic and an ex­ cellent cow with milk fever. Both were decidedly useful in his busjneBS and he has our sympathy in his hard luck. —Although a hot morning a good congregation greeted our pastor on Children 's Day last -'Sabbath. The -Y,-^.-.,v-.<---.-y*,T ^-'.--i--•'••<'.' - church was beautiful in rosen, plants ^a ^n^^^r ^^^^^B ^^;% , lICac.-.|jui 1 bunting, filling the air with sweet- |^0^<^^i ^^i ^is»;.f^iB£% A ft- ness. Our jtustor's discourse to the Haigh .t 'o^^rgQklyn:-,; ^ childron on the career of Joseph ;-.^^uner ^fem ^ ; .waa beld «4u J3rook> proved very interesting to the pldcrs Jy^.^^|||l^^i|!t^9A.ilL' tke GOB? 'also. The evening entertainment ^regatidnaT'^urp^Bt^ in good music, recitations -the. fcoiJ9 ^nfe*AVyY^Tl»« , .casket* -was placed before 'the altar where go years ago -hitt--pitrent»7tPpk for him the vows pf baptisin,; a ^id where > at'the -'age of 16 -years, lie redeemed those vows and publicly professed faith in Christ. Ths* address was .by Revi G; H. Bachelor/ the isingingSby a \qnar \ette '-ffomMrrpy. ^he internment was in the family, lot in Cemetery^of^vtirgreens. , r , ' • ^ Dr._EvejresiT was' pn ^exanipra^ of ^iig. kle's recitation wMiss iL P. Babcock is again in her old' homo and -entertained Mr. and Mrs. .Poole last weeki —MrB. \51izalmtlr \Richmond is Visit^' ing in eastern New York state. duots and class exercises, all apj>ro]>ri ate t o the day and the time of rosea and daisies. A flower drill by eight young ladie's was verj- prettily execut ed. Tho children all did their share nobly and won abundant applause, and sustained Supt. and Mrs. C'randull and their assistants creditably, collection $9. 78. » —Our public school closes for tup sunlmer vacation, Friday b'ei£. pro.4u.ct o 'f'Christiah. home -Cultire | '—'Miss Ella R. Abel visited Rev una andHhe New England Christian -college A M>s. Bickard in Troy Sunday enriched by the rare natural gifts of J' '—The Center has five entries in tlie mind and heart that endeared \him. to^/ graduating class of Chatham High all his. associates. 'He was one o'f Na -J BC jio6L Miss Emily Van Ness, Miss ture'rBfae'Sl'noblemen, an ar<Jent jover Mary Tobias, Edward Gifford, Edwin of the gooo^ the true and the beaut £J Crandell, Calvin Tobias, ful. He was liberal, tolerant, but flnu\j —Everything was benefited bv (he ond-unswerving'for duty, the truth and grateful rain Monday, right.- . -—. — 4 J Master.JSeanetll O'Connor fs wear- In a Valhalla of Nature he rests .in^.a sling a few days, owing to a turn among the hills that bounded his boy-JbleJtbat cracked bis collar bono. P r H^rridon did him up. —The Goold residence is rapidly ns> 8uining form.\ He will have one on the house soon; roof we, mean. ^ \••s—Possibly the CTOWB aro posted on the Andubon thepry, a t any rate farm­ ers are having trouble -to got their sharp of the growing coin \crop. -rrMiss Abby ; Shay is visiting friends in New York and- Jersey. City. PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES ATJSTERLITZ. —Georgo Thome has gone to. Cuba on business. — i —Our school ends Wednesday, June IS. Our teacher, Koy i„hufelt, has giv- < en great satisfaction j. —Mr Petitt of Red R.ock has moved here and is working the Poland farm\. I —(irandma Harvey died last week, I ngpu 81 years, buried in Austerlitz cemetery —Last Saturday the Tigers baseball pluh defeated the Old <'hatham team by a score of 7 to 10 It was a close and exic-ting game throughout, neith er aim having much advantage ^ est o^er und Borden were the battery for the Tigers, and Redmond and Rpdmond tor tlip Old Chatham team , Vext Week the Tigers meet the Client team at Ghent hood> vision} -youth 's dreams of useful­ ness and bonoThrealized, \ Earth fe- conflicts all behjml -bim; And Go^'s -great peace \before.\ EAST NASSAtn •I wry-pretty wedaing was solemn­ ized at St. Henry's church, Jiine 0th at -10=\ o^eloslt^ whenTIiss~Anna Enff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Feljx Ruff EIDERS MILLS. -MB and Mrs».John Scott and son, Of East Nassau became -the bride of Ainswortn> of , Albany, were guests of John Brack of-M^don.- Relatives and Mr6r Js & Holland, Sunday, friends were assembled to witness, tho _ Xhere ^yi be no Sunday school or ceremony which was performed by the proaoli i n g nt tho Maiden church next Rev. FT. Miller tyith a nuptial\ mass, gun^ay. Tho decorations a t the church were ^ ^Rehearsals for tbe childron, Tnes- very pretty, .^ho bride was becoming-.^ Thuraaay ma Saturday afternoons ly atj»red in a beautiful princess em-i^g ^HJ^I^. , , about that newl^drowl4wb^r^^ *.\* h6 ' T^k^,~ The - Conquering ' TTT ^Z^^tT^.^TL^^ mm ^ Wlth ^ uche83 la< 5° ^'^^\Cross will be rendered in tbe Maiden hat and plumes to, match, .and carried. cbuTch noxt s 'nhday evening by the a shower, bouquet of white .carnatipns., ^jj^ asaistea ... by ^Eari •-Ferguson, coWietist and Professor Biiliqgham of Thp,nia.\a of honor, Misa'M* Elizabeth. ;Ruff offipitts^eld, -Mass., a neice ofr-tbe: bride,- was. gowned in, pale blue .nuns. Hudson, ••violinist, commencing, at 7.80. TJO Holt, Sr<,'Tiad iho misfort- vemn ? ,,, : hanasoinely trimmed in ecru -f^J to have the Hnd wheel . takcn off IMS with .Itat. of tusean straw., and .^c bnggy by an fcVrtomobUe whicn Pfe es; t?- ma tcb ;-8bscamqd,A bp.uque-t.l i4aSi e - oei ^-KS V »; pfeco wide fm*#°*» * nd M P««^/^j %aiffi ^*kr^eral 'VeblcTps - to pass fWoitbout J -any- } Rouble.. The •occupants ... .„ - w , ^ were\ from \MflsstfcHuserts.^ ' m TP?* • '?V^^^' i bright M^M^^m^^^WM^^. CiraxitiSr'-Aid- As- Wash Suits for Summer Ideal summer oouts nn,l frocks arc washalile and tlie\ appeal to the daintv woiiuiu inure than nu\ other kind Of cmir>e it takes a modi greater 'number of washal le frocks to get through the sea.-on than of the non washnlile. and the\ are when handsome extremely (.\peusi\e, it om» counts not onh their first c*»st. but the ease with which the Jauudri\-- mat age-, tn do them tip, ' figuratively us well at lit erally Still not only mav the wouinn of am pie means enioy them but --hp who-c purse is only moderate as HI II fn the latter case, however one should selpct Hie simplest of frock-, eschewing laees and embroideries, and go in for beauty of line simplicity ami absolute freshness. With other *30 Paints $50 .Two Houses -Same Size When you paintryour house bear in mind wliat a gallon costs, $5; look out for your gallons. Shut your eyes to everything else hut gallons. Look out for nothing' b^t gallons. Example 10 gallons-^nother paint, put-on costs $50 6 \ \Devoe \ \ 30 Devoe saves $20 And the paint that takes 6 gallons will wear a third longer than the paint that takes 10. Look ont for the gallons. 0. M. Whyland & Son CHATHAM, N. V. A Good Thing and Nothing to Pay put it to any test ] Keep the bicycle s] Just RPP what l>r <,recne offers to do for all weak and suffering people He is tho most snrre'ssftil living specialist in curing nervous and i hrome diseases. His unparalleled offer to consult with anyone fret- of char^, bv letter oorops pondence i» ilmng wonderful good If you have anv complaint which you do not thoronglilv understand, antl which you would like cured, write the l>oc- toT a letter stating just how you feel Trod what symptoms trouhlp you. HP will answer it, giving a complete dps trription of your case, explaining the meaning of every symptom, and telling how you enn surely get well and stTong. \Ho gives most careful attention to oach letter, and explains vour ease so- ^|^^ Thercx^tarr^ltrJaoflkae<'>«« thoroughly that yon understand ex- • uUrmai S^^^U^^'haithor^*S). actly what ails you. All this costs you ^ MORETBOBBLE FROM 70RCT0IES WANTED-A RIDER AGENT IH EACH TOW and district %m . nde and exhibit» sanple Latest Model \Rancer* * bicyxle furnished by as Our agents everywhere arc rpalrirg money fast Write forfuil Particulars and special <*/fer at <mcf. NO MONEV REQB1KKD antil you receive and approve of your bicycle, t Wesh m to unTTitrt, anywhere In the U. S . witfund a cmt deposit in advance, prepay freight, and allow XKN DAYS ' FREE TK1AL duimK which nrae you may ride the tficycleand u wish, tf yoo are then Dot perfectly satisfied or do wit wish, to p it back to us at our expense and jtru mz'ii not 6e out One cent. CAPTADV DDIPPC ^ e furnish the highest erade bicycles it fs possible to make rHVlVHi rflH/CO at one SIOAII profi; above actual factory cost- You tare $to to $2S middlemen's profits by bu>inj direct of us hod have the manufacturer's gear- antee behind your bicycle. t> 0 NO T Uli V a bicycle or a pair of tires from attyoHf at tn& price until you receive out catalogues and learn our unheard-of /jct+r? prices and remarkaoce special qfftrs to rider n&ontH. VAfl Ufll I D C ••TASHCFTTfk wriea you receive our beautiful catalogue and T0U WELL O t ASiUllldSlCD - u dy our superb models at the wonderful/r (OTO Prices we can make you thin yrtr V. c sell the hifhest grade hicTclcs for less money , than any other' factory. V. c ate sausfied v.itli Jixo profit anove factory cos BICYCliE DEAlfGRS. you can srll our bicycles under your own name plate i cost- . T _ te at 'our prices. Orders filled the day received. 8KCOND HAND BlOVCLliS. W e do not regularly handle second hand bicycles, ba t Qsaaily have a number on hand taken m trade by our Chicagp retail stores. These we dear Out y mt prices ranging from 03 to S8 o*r 8X0 . Descriptive 'bartraln,lists mailed free. . _»—~»—•>-*• « i —»i— cbalns and pedals, parts, repairs an a M1Mn R |ivrr ftlnele wbeel^. imported roller cluuns and COASlCl-VURtSt c^u^nent of alt kinds at katftXe usualrttaxlPrices. ^AM HEDfiETHORN PUNCTURE-PROOF SELF-HEALING TIRES* * ww * r PM « nothing you harp no doctor's feos to , - ^ AJ £ g> ^-^^ ^ not Iet Cho pay, and vim don t have to Ipavp your . ^ — > .J i—. —- homp. air oat. 'Sixty thousand pairs sold last year. The Doetor innkp i a specialty 1 Qr;rtwo hnnfad.thnii.sand pnirtnmr -fa use of trpating patient' throngh letter cor- respondpnrp nnd they nearly always get well He i\\ the discoverer of that •wonderful medieino. I)r (}rej?no's Ner ftirnr blood and nerve remedy Write to him at his oftie\. 0 \Ve«t 11th St New 'S nr\ iitv nnd yon w : ll u^ido'ib* CiHv he -nir|,. ^trna^j nnil well. ro'; Ml 1' \ • • vr ii ! ip <rtns pom' nM M v «oi ri <'r-11 rnd nft'icli •- -t-H »l f s\ \0 eosf V .1 Cirpontrr, Brainard Station, N Y a£StHtlPTIOMl Made I n atl s'.zcs. I t isUvsly- 1 ajjdeasyrtdlng.vaydurabteondlincdin«dewia v a special quality o f fubber, wlilch nrvtr becom« porousflnd-wBich close s up smntl punctures wil noot ftlloTv- . inirthciclrtocscape. WehavtbundmJsof lc (lcrsfrqnisa:is- fiiScost »mersstatlnythaitbcirtireshaveonlybccrfpuniped • uponceortwiceina i w))ole6eason . TheywcishnomorstttoUv i 0 ,|ord:tia'rvtlrc.thepunctuTcrcSis£iti ',qTiahl:c 'tbcinggtvca ' by several\ layers o f tbin, specially picpared ffibnsoafii e tread. l\he rc ^iinxpricecf t !ie«l .irc»ia>3 50 per pli r butCr advertisitippiii-poseswccreTtatSdnFasivc-mil fcctorj-prtcrlo _ tlierx\ «•«icily fs S i pe r pair Ail orUrra slu psyd same da y Ic'Jtcr j s received, w e-^lup C 9. >». on approval. Vou do iiir, pn\- a cent until you biveOTiiiaw and tuuu d tliern Strictly a: rcpre-seulett We will tulow a ca*h OUooaot of 5 per-cent Ulicreby m»ki«.-E th e pn« SAilHS- per pairlif yo a sen d F17L .L OASEi \WlTVfl OBDrJK ou d enclose 'bi s odvernsejner.1. W e vrlll also se -id one, y oickcl plated bras s band pump. Tiresto b e rctortieB nt l>OK •<e>.pev« if for niryreason Oieyatre not Bausfanorvoo exonji-.aitiQn. We are pcrfeclly reliable and money SL-M tonyisnsiof^Minii*. ban k If you'ordex n 'pair ttitse tires, vou wiH-6jn5 ibat «iVv -«»tt Hde 'eadet,yiin -\^er - oMco tUo'fhlolc robtxiv trend \A\' and pvtnetar o strips \B!? and \U alao, rim rtrip TS orciont rlr a cnttlnf*- Tld» tir v -will oocla«c any other mtiko -.SOfr. ELASTIC tllul l^AirV lt^Jil.NG, OiespraaUotMdn«orvpricecjijoJednt>c^iOT^ nncXSnJidyy G«aa^igii«'vv)uctl. „;<;v» de^bes tod quotes all rfjatesandHbds'of tires at About half the asuol'prieiS. : mm atckv uv4fr bottvrUe .113 a postal talsy Dostxr XHHil^OW BEEDfCJ a bicycle- -^«>' < v iSKO VHSu \tW£aM8 «i«tpajr«f tirei fromanypne nbtn yooknow^lienewAttdwonderful •-^5s , offerewareiraating. ItcSaiy'Co^tsttpo^to'leara wiytfcin£.: *TCrtU:ttvKOTOSv» *' -h <A ^'fe^ .... , , v ; ;^^

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