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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, June 17, 1908, Image 10

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^afte^nTdjthe.' news c>mevfr.om \YPnsh- jn^tpn^that therolhnaVbecna deel&ra- ,tt^'%om&tlie White~House thftt the. ite. tor tU'e.'se^ond.' place'- Bb'ouid coine from Iowa the bopm \Vhs given UWlaten the temporary ft of' Ufe, an* the e^atw-s s rnesnr B „J fiends were ^Uluig to say that his assured. trip from Daunt'% Rock to Sandy 'Hook „„ „„„„ „„„ In 4 days 20 \hours 8 minutes. In one \^^^ffittW Sno made 641 kn0t8 ' *•* ftt8teSt §Si |^:fate as,prepared and. published juid as 1 ^ 'senator°Dolliver who do not -want twenty-four bouts' run ever made'by ^ a HM^^^ Tb^LusltauJa kept up ^£jj|Si;address followed by the temporary of the 1 convention! With i^flif ^Fthat end, in view, -the following pro- 'ffl^&.gxgt&vtif'lix the first two days of the j ^gj^.^cpnventlDn ^\ns arranged: called Harry mbnts,of coastartillery. - CUpplpg-seSm-mto'utes-6ir4hej fair­ est .transatlantic i-ecord.-the Cunfitdej , u ^rvsgg-• i^^ia^to me tnatS.e,' Lusltanla now has all the laurels of 4he oceanto^er credit Sbi^ad,^ ^^g^af^A^ I'dency-more than;a\ny;ot tlie other ca%f dfdntes. foV'tbK'ofiffpe.\ sold WWIs •Abbot^'who I? fc'npwji us'-Mn Bryan's- piC5s.agent, and they refused to attach much sig- if* «Jf salt of 24.83 knots which nificance to the Washington'pronounce- * ls 02 » etter than the MauretanhVsrrec- ment The DolUvcr boomers gave just ord. as little heed to a letter of their favor- ] In view of the recent activities, of ite in which he authorized the delega-' 1n e Prohibitionists and the recent out- tlon to withdraw his Dame, if it should Jawing of the traffic in liquors in south- I be presented. erh states, the convention of the TTnlt- nntin i I li banter bolllvcr should be eliml-, c d States Brewers' association at Mil- i.„ »t»i * • £ 0D i m ;, ?; Jnnted, the contest as now pnesented • waukce formulated plans to tneot and P1 ^4hl ^r Moldoon of. would lie betweenTlce President Fair-stem the tidal wave of prohibition. f^S &F T^f^\ „*- „„„ , . , , banks and Representative Sherman of ' The asspciation adopted a platform f 1 C i Cbalrman New York, and both received much, of principles In which it pledges itself MW..^.?\* 0 - m I encouragement. It was Stated on he- to the abolition of the unmoral saloon. I£ WankS th \ t * Coincident with ttrmfttfMF. ^-vInt^dductlQu' of -iemporary chairman. of 'temporary chairman. noted he would not accept. 1 members of the Rational ,ABsoclatlor< The Nebraska delegation decided , of piano Dealers for their annual cou- after a discussion lasting several hours j ventlon in itfew York came the an- Senator—La toilette .announced that Heffry JP, Cochams of ' Milwaukee- would placd-him. In nomlnatton-<for-*tbo4 presidential nomination ,at the Repub­ lican national convention. John Hoys Hammond -will .receive the support of the t)tah delegation to the Republican national convention in his candidacy for the vice presidential nomination. * _ - - The Rhode Island delegation to the Democratic convention showed Itself l_evenlj,divided on the qu.eatlQu...oi.:Iii-, •\dotting W. j.'ftryan. The. Oregon Dpmo«|Hc \state con volition passed rcsoui .ons indorsing William J. Bryan* for the. presidential nou^nntiou. . _ _ s ._. _ ' The Kentucky, \Qtglnin and' Utah Democratic conventions indorsed Air. Bryan's candidacy. Wi^ivij'- —•- ! to place the name Of Oovernor George! nouncemcnt of the first step towau \v1^ m ^ tlQa -^ t .gavel.to. temporary i Tj Sb ^ Aoa ; n nomination for vice' the formation of a piano trutf \by the -| chairman. • , president. Senator Xdttls Brown will combination of several well known con- of temporary officers. I wake ^ nominating speech. jcerus. Articles of incorporation-of the ^^f\'^ 16 ^ 011 of, cpmmittees on perma-1 At its. caucus the New Jersey dele-1 American Piano company, a Now Jer- P^feSffS <x&>>to»&<>ti. \»le? and order of^ gatlon wns -'instructed to vote solidly , soy corporation,\ were signed, ' \ tg4qa W , ^ tBSOhlttoni - - -f*or -former tjorernor'Franklin- Mur-' upon Mrs. Hugh. McLaughlin, wiaqwt ^°Si 1 ^ na ^ nsl °f s ; , t • Phy for the vice presidency. nf Hugh McLaughlin, formerly Demo- t0 meCt aS Kellogg For ^co^P^. I cratic\eader in Brooklyn, has been feil ^ftnan^t -i ^totzatlon, parlor JC14 The Minnesota delegation dt its cau- conferred, the title of marchioness by - rcxm-mnnwnrfam B. Kellogg to suc'Poi* ^ foliar dlstlncUon-hae., ^.©uies>d^Ser «f business, parlor} ceea himself as member of the nation- « only three other Americans , Kansas CIty , Po Sta i as t e r.l3dw'ard .W. CRIMES AND ^Admitting -fliSt regis- tere'fi mall pouches containing SlOO.000 in CASUALTIES. u . unslt ^etw ee n .Los haSr !i .SHgelesanxl\ JSTew \Toiik were\ lost in % MeB.s; v Union ^M^e Ov$x-\& K alls 5QcV 60C and 76c. -' 3 Men's SuitBiiiB],ue> : I li ^ro-WP, |}, ^K- Qtayv ~plaids\^niil many w & Qflierpattern? *5.50; $S;U0;rf 1 $10.00, m 2.00,. $1'3.50 ^lld §. I Boy's Sai€s,><2.^ah-^^.^^vf i^t3fcher Sjiitct m'^)Sj^Brpw ; ti,\# !» Bine' '*2:-50;*:^^50,. *iU0 i», iauestiori^Cqnte^Still^OnJil t thuslastic in proposing the name of new noiseless firearm, gave the first of -this weapon- shot from a 32 heavy books. line.' \ 13Erlsten-' HilEven,\ +w^p-\tormierlyc-\ re ^J: fiildejl In toQVei^\V\l3,. T and^wtq: mysterl- 1 {oiisly disapp'eai\etl^fomctlier& in:T!90(J' the burning : nfter E piu U S his\-faJF'm for \• ^,000 in-| the click ofjae.tjash^ls J ^b^^^%bff^tt;j|ejun i , a^S^iKgK'.-r;^^ • t_ \ • I mwirurouy wttn ins xeiiow ueiegatest\\'\^'<--*= • vw «..u <.-i« K 5 ^cash-is Ite«o^-«d*ttf,Adv&-been a-vletini Q- Waters and- 'told them-that as- the -sttmxtlcnrjhammer-- descending -upon -the- 4mlldl^^ 'IS ^-ff^^^^-S ^^V _ f now stands he would prefer that hls>ere.heard.v r l ^ol- T ^SSfff2to ^f 0t fT\**** ? cred «« a » s - *° withheld.- ' I Henry Phlpps. the millionaire of j w^cU ^mu, bscrtbed (Siored ll&l ^^niltte on credenrlate is not !• Next to the vice presidency In popn- j Pittsburg- aud New York, who five ' ^ttbX^bkIm &&^^m^ ^ J T rt, J^K 0ther b \ 8teeS8 of i lar • totere8t come! ' tl,e I\\ 1 ^. espe-'years ago founded the Phlpps Instt \ Tll^^njT&^^^S be suspended and dally the injunction, antitrust and rail-State For Tuberculosis Research In : Jorte KV ^t |mS ^ff& marching clubs wlU be re- road planks. . ' Philadelphia with an endownwat of ] deTiverod at Mrs' Annals' e0j?$^%f h V* e con ^o\ - ' \ The fight over the ankinjunctlon j $1,300,000. has given a sum said to «*: | s . fln 'S 'iSwLvinnr'\. W«' ms&i *'Amr the .contention has acted -on'plank promises to Be the feature ot'eeed $500,000 to Jobns Hopkins hos-1 ,™> ^taada^. .M^^»?»% —' for the of j^?tSlteSKmm ^a? y .\ I In accepting a concession from the PPppitten. rules and order of bStj momeot\ tEe^rovTslons \oC «,^<M T ^ mt ~^ 80t ^ tl<m ^ members became, known. Speaker Canuou has • and the complaint of the company ^ aU - na ^2a2l committee, I directed the fight against the provision' that the railroads have so discriminat- of honorary vice presidents. ' from his quarters at the Union League 1 ed ajtainst New York that the grain ppf^>?!»-^ e ma rebing clubs In attendance at club. Just what progress has been of the country Is being sent abroad by -•°thfi 6)nrentlbn will assemble' at 12 made by the friends and the opponents way of Montreal Is being JnvfiStlgated r«S-^.v.i/mt- nn •\ftr.ht r ^„ „„i„«„ ofl.of the provision is brie of the questions by the New York Produce Exchange. si'clock,' icon, on Michigan avenue, at* ;<j? itin'o.fbot of Adams street, opposite the bistltuf§, mffifcli* downrMichlgari gt%-cnne- t to-entrance\of-thecoiiven- --^on hall,\into the hall, up the aisle, and • out entrance \D\ on Wabash avenue. :~ -,. g?h 'e temporary-officers pf the conven- \tion ar* as follows 1 : <• <; -• tfettniorary chairman—Senator J. C. ' Burrows\ Mlchlgaa. • Ge^icfal secretary—ijohn R. Malloy. •Columbus, O. ./.v-.'. Chief'.assistant secretary—Lafayette ' ,^^,'GIeaipn, New York city. —.- ^SQr|;eSnt' l at arms^WUllam V. Stone,.] ' — ,$5r? ,/.-'ChTef assistant sergeant at arms—Ed d ^,^l?a^er«Greenfieia, Ind. '1 • ' ^f^Jlanientarlan'— Aaher O. Hinds, ^^^fla ^al'^eporter -T M..ty\. Blumenberg, ;^^astiih : gt6h.' ' •..'.« \ . > ^r^hlef^c^porkeepcra^tephcn^tr^a--: J. Muldoon, •Waters, Chi- i Rey.^Tob&s^c^anfarber, Chica- i JofiniWciaey;.Hiii; New York ; Kev. Lorenzo-D. Case, Chicago. , .AssIstant J secretarles-TChatle's Brooks Parkersburgj W. Ya'.-; EraestJ ^alkefftSinfth, Harfford, .Coria,; Ehfllp : '-itiHeCrfelei SL.LouisV^O.; it. J, To-; bin;\Hnton la.'; Gha'tlesr;2i:'' Harger, -a^IeneTSSate^.' AHei£ HdiltXf-.Con'cordi-. '-Reading: cjerks—Thomas W. WUJianir I Ill.i \Albert Berg/] . .«J^uaefee^fitlnitj- <^6rge,- At'TOlson, Ia..;.%. J. S6ltz;.Wes.tLib.. / If.* Tttil>, clerks-^Royaiii 57atklnB' I! GranQV which will not be ascertained until AfterJI week of hope and nncertaln- the plank Is finally passed upon in the, ty Senator Thomas P. Gore qf Okla-' committee. \ bama, who has been totalV Blind for-| Wants Plank Eliminated. , more than twenty-seven years, learned Senator Hopkins, who, It is said, is tna t ho could never see again, al­ to be chairman of the committee, Is though every possible effort was made known to favor the elimination of the • b 7 Washington oculists to restore the plank from the platform. Falling In 8l Sbt of one of his eyes, this. It is understood he will favor a As a result of Inroads on business of .much more mild expression on the sub- the great steel audi iron manufacturing ject of modifying the power of the • companies' by Independent concerns, courts •to-'lssue injunctions In labor ( followed in- turn by a cut of 50 cents | disputes. j a ton in Iron ore the leading s.teel coji- It was reported to Speaker Cannon' cerns of the United States baye been that the delegations from New York, forced to abandon their policy-pf main- New Jersev. Pennsylvania. Indiana 1 mining fast year's*prlces> ami jtvmois ana rormaily .declared against the injunction plank and that efforts, to obtain similar action by oth- -er delegations gave promise of suc­ cess. Pjreafldent Gompers-of the Amer- tam federation of- Labor TOO-OTTer ^ tQ j^^Uns'-uni- union leaders are waging vigorous ^/tlLii „ J Ji\ , Ji^n S war. In favor of a strong plant and verslty for ^ e study of \ Da ^W- declare .that they are hopeful of suc­ cess. That the friends of the administra­ tion and Secertary Taft will have a good' working majority on the resoltt ttons committee was. assured • by the ^ er fi 1 *? 1 ?\!^^ she^would. b e in-a action of ,many of Jhe' state delega- condtUon |o keep In. a fight ttons\ infehoosing their .members.\ The circuit cdurFat Findlay f re-'] wt - ^ .hate cQurfc%liicJi^fbahd?thcStandard, T^^al-JoucheS; to-the resolutions. .$ a . CO m'pany.^nt^.Vof;,'0p.era'Ung' 1 fc .•wfrrbe^ade^n-subcommltte^wnlch. .tfebSa^of todft?an^:nnder''^;hlch : .has,ateadj,b^n r? Mctlcally dec ded| ffna i ns ^pa^Iudge'Banket.assess- rwtraintf'pf ^ttade^' andi.nnder x ^nlch - •ii.--\ n ;~^- r ~-'• v* . t^i'SaaJas; Srapaie^Iudge'Banket-•*°' 4 ^'\- upon. It TrJ^-^'conioosSa: o|:Mn«. ^vi^^MSMfc- ^ ^^L^'E^J^ ¥fep>HE¥^ Henry Phipps-'of Pittsburg and New York, who founded the Phlpps Insti­ tute For Tuberculosis Research in Philadelphia with an. endowment j)f *\ 100,000, has glven J a sum said-to ei- The test by torpedo o f the monitor Florida took place- in. Hampton Roads, and naval officials' declared it was 'sat­ isfactory. The vessel-was seriously, though- not vitally. Injur rea; and If she Olean, N. Y.,\tcCButlana and Bellows; Fulls, Vt, ThecerAvere. forty, .couhtsrin; the indictment, eirch repi^entlngyicy tton-;0n R-car .of^Oll, The maximum, fine on each couht';iiJ,$20,#)p, or a total for the whole of\--'the 'shipments-- 1 of $800,000. . .. A fine -x>t f10,000,\ the maximu'm pen alty»- was 'paidj.~;ip ,the= TJnlted States district' cOurt-hb Portland. \Me. by, GeorgQ F,. TeAy^th'e Watervllle malfj order house proprietor^ The sentence was imposed\ recency for- oonspirac-y ''iff-. defraud the government 'of postage ob,' second class mallvmatter. - , - ji^ A remarkable doir^nstratlon, liiJfrppt ™r ,M have given noUce of a: OF,INfEBEST. f ur ffi g^^ Ml ^j^j n -j the price of meat^the-^d-Rattc^ being attributed td th§'\shortage of ,cattle\iiij '•SJreat, Britain and.'.'tiie sca'rclt^'/l^.; America/ \. v ^What ia belleved^to be\ ah extreme^\ ljr- important jilscpv,ery- In Ihe '^ocuij<i' tlon of anlnmls^retuberctilosls w\as .announced dij*. meeting.^l-Uie,\Wenna 'Medical sobiej^gli^jtrofesspf,. ,G.:)Bfej£ manst, a.,, S.w^s^i^lMtlst^^l^fg]^r Seymans.saysJtbaKt&SeliStf fildfeaii for dealing. w.ltK;'\t^rcW6s^ and that ,i|,-i8^^tt)n7^^UW v tUV8ge^ a 'ihettfod .inay tesj^'e8t^liy,f i i£i ~''\-'' i -The,, megitoV ^^ieh?^Ulg >^wardl Trt. ana^nii ^o1 ^1cn%^¥«b^plk^ have ilonsj between Great ; :Bri^n>and':Busi %s^ta%p^9?denlal^ . . . ..„, l^^ce^fSh'eTnprt^ K^TIiB. Store that saves-You 5ft ' *<AW#*!t*^ - «*,»it*%%Ji. ? v $ 8- S ~^We^do -not- -v^t,^nx|moneK^? 'unIes^^£ S ^e ^^^5 »&a ^Y » Lticns^wo 'BlaceJk^itu^h^M^ati£*J ^''•:ptfiSt |-L___

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