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• Contribution* of Practical Articles, Recipes, Etc., for : t£ils~I>6^arl3Best are {Solicited. German Pork Croquettes—How to- Pre­ pare Baked Corned Ham—Egg Sandwiches Put Up in a Novel Manner. FEW TABLE TRIFLES TlDUIT3 SATISFACTORY TO EPICURE. THE Chopped Fig*, Added to Nut and Ap- —pte. Salad, Makes Distinct Improve­ ment—Crystallized Mint Leaves Made at Home. , CryatjiillzSd mint leaves, which come •rather high BO tar as price is con- yuyUUiA cerned. though weighing very light, may bo made at home from the mint which the butcher fur­ nishes. Make a sirup with half as much water as granulated sugar and ^ trace of oream of tartar. Boll the alrnp until It is at just the point of discoloring but not until it discol­ ors Then scrape the sugar from the BHBB of the dish and stand the pan at onco in another one of cold water to stop the cooking. Remove It while attll hot and dip the leaves Into the sirup, one by one, straightening each one out and placing It on oiled paper. The leaves are a delicious accompani­ ment of afternoon tea with the bon­ bons, and give a trosty look to the bonbon dish. Fruits and nuts may be cryata &lEed In the same way. Try adding chopped figs to a nut and annle salad. The flavor Is Im­ mensely Improved. Not much of the ~fig Es oaod; just enough to give a sus­ picion of spicy sweetness. Parmesan cheese sprinkled thickly oveij stewed tomatoes that are later browned In a baking dish gives them aa added seat Chocolate russe is both more ap­ petizing and less sickening if it Is flavored with sherry This should be atirred tn carefully or the cream will curdle Bread pudding' takes on new dig­ nity when it Is flavored, with chocolate. Make a chocolate oustard and put It In a baking dish with alternate layers of bread. This can be eaten either with or without cream. Minoe meat is much better for stand- ins several weeks before using. It sboald not be kept over summer, how- Aver, as it soon spoils. Waffles are much lighter if made with soar cream and the batter kept > rather thm. To eafwlQi them, try chlca- aavsr&TT orolnnampp and sugar mixed, or-In>npq_t .-•»_' sugar m«ltnrt down aid served hot German Pork Croquettes.—Chop an onion fine, fry it In butter and add to one pound of minced raw 'pork. Add also 12 boned anchovies chopped fine, a table- spoonful of Chopped capers, two heaping tablespoonfuls igOiaaioi a Sj « a a a a A THE FIRST ffSSIOMRY • April 18. OB—(Acts 9.1-30) catcher, has left for Harrisburg, Pa., where be will play the coming scaron with thft'Tn -State league of that place. '1 he Vulutie baseball club will open the season on Saturday, May 15, with some strong out of town team. John C. Decker who has been man­ ager of tho Pbilmout baseball team is;— —• Of all the great men who have adorned or developed the Christian Church. St. Paul confessedly standB the last three years, has been succeed at the head What Moses was to the ed by (J A .Jones. Old Dispensation, that Paul Is to the | F u jtou New Dispensation, a teacher to ail generations. Great pulpit oratorB. re- ,, . ^. , , .j ' eru team, does not reallv know lust nowned theologians, profound phllos- . ' ' \ uu ™ J UI \- ophers, immortal poets, successful re- 1 ,vl \ ri ' s,u \ d3 ulld wh ere bo will 0 *| formers, and enlignteued statesmen l' ,ll y tlua season The following taken three have never disputed his intellectual from an uj> mate paper shows his pres ont outlook for the season. bread crumbB, unbeaten, eggs, three: and sp t r ltaal supremacy, to all alike •alt*. T^j&iiflevbaJls- that are nsad with sorrel or any cream soups are made is this wise: Cook together half a cup- fat of milk ami a tablespoon ful of bat- tar. The moment this mixture reach­ es the boiling point add a scaSg^ne- hsif capful of sifted flour and beat until tho pasta can .be pressed with the finger withbut~ltr sticking. Take bom the Are and cool for about ten ntlnutes. Then a'dd two eggs, beating la oca after thd other. Dust the mold­ ing lightly with flour, lay the paste u>on It and roU out until $ little thick\ or- than vermicelli. Cut Into balls about the sise of marrowfat peas and fry in boiling hot fat^ They will swell up into tender hollow souffles and should be allowed to color a delicate brown To Bake Fish. All housokeeepera know how diffi­ cult It 1B to wash a pan In which fish has been baked, the glutinous skin' of tip flsh adhering to the pan until vig­ orous scouring is necessary to remove It Butter the pan well, and then spread In It a piece .of thick waxed pa- por, preferably the kind used to line aracker boxes. When «the flsh is baked It can be easily lifted from the paper, which in turn slips easily out of the pan. Cincinnati Coffee Bread. Pour one cup scalded milk over one- eighth cup sugar! one-third cup but- -^tw and one-eighth 'teaspoon Halt When lukewarm add one. yeast cake dissolved in one-fourth cup lnkewarm water, two eggB; and enough flour to make a stiff batter. Let rise, beat wall, and spread In a butterod pan. Cover with bread crumbs, Bugar, but­ ter, cinnamon arrd'jiuts mixed togeth- •«r. t<et rise again. Bake about 40 Minutes. C^eF-Puddlrig. Work one ariaTa-half tablespoons v ..of butter till creamy; add three ta- ,, ! >lespoons of.aa*ar,_iaie_« 8g ; beat an .->- '.(together until-Hgjitj' now pour In half ~^ T«>cup of! cidar^oa^narter cup 'ot ^-XKirttotoi and^^^wulj* of currants \%^^^l^'kfiihiit- «' a cup of tu^jpptta ;of .clnnainon. one'' cup*. x ^)»*^*^': :; 'P«ir Into weir MAKE8 DAINTY CHICKEN SALAD. Royal Icing Adds Much to Good Qual­ ity of the Dish. Pour hard-boiled eggs, three ounces cooked chicken, one lettuce, some wa- • ~ tablespoonfuls of sour t.er cress. Cut the eggs neatly into ' cream and pepper and nutmeg to taste.! halves lengthways and put the yolks Mix well with the hands and form , into a basin, rub them till smooth with , into cutlets and saute in hot fat They | a wooden spoon, add a little mayon-' can also be shaped Into croquettes naise sauce gradually. When these and dipped In egg and crumbs, frying are well mixed,* stir In the chicken cut In deep fat. in small dice, two tablespoonfuls of ] Baked Corned Ham.—Soak ham cooked peas and half the lettuce and over night. In the morning clean and , watercress pulled into small pieces, pare and wash with vinegar, but do, Season these carefully and fill each not dry Put into a roasting pan, skin I half, of egg, neatly heaping the mix- side down, covering the pared Bide J £^* a Jlfl bo ™ ture up. Have ready some neat oval with a thick paste of flour and water pieces of fried bread, on these place Mix together one cupful ot cold water, the pieces' of egg. Arrange on a dish half a cupful of vinegar, a tablespoon- ful of onion juice Pour over the ham, cover and bake, allowing 30 minutes to the pound Baste frequently. Take | tho former Chatham catch­ er, who has been signod by a south • ern team 1 win re be has been a model and a marvel The grand old missionary stands out In history as a matchless example of right living, as well as a sure guide In Christian doctrine. Chief of Sinners. I And yet, tho first thirty years of th'ls man's life was as contrary to the next thirty as light Is to darkness Bdrn In Tarsus a city of Cillcla of and garnish with the rest of the let­ tuce and watercress, and, If liked, a little chopped aspic jelly Roll it out about half on inch thick, stamp it into rounds the size of the top of a teacup, put them on a greased baking tin, and bake them In a moderate oven. Leave them until cold Spread a thin layer of white royal Icing on each, then pipe the date of the pear on in stynle pink icing. To make the royal Icing One pound up the ham. scrape off the paste, re move the skin, sprinkle with cracker crumbs and brown In the oven._ Serve either hot or cold ^ ! Sandwiches fcr Tea.—The great • number of girls who ask friends In for five o'clock tea to meet some guest or friend from another city want some- 1 tiling new and paiatable to serve They , Roman citizen, thougn tn religion In the strictest sense, a pharls&e His great peculiarity as a young man was his extreme Pharisaism, devotlou to the Jewish law Its minutest cer<^ monial rites. According to his own confession-- 1 tie was narrow, intolerant, fanatical Detesting the religion of Jesus as an innovation he was a bitter persecu'oi of the disciples Breathing on' slaughter\ he chased them out of the country, and bounded them to dp \even In strange cities \ He was no Inquirer after truth He consclentl ously believed that je had the truth in all its fullness, and that he was \It hums Fulton wants to go to Troy, .\lauaner Koy Miller of the • cildhburo, .N ( , learn is going to of fer some slight objections and obsta • les The ihumes of Fulton landing with the Trojans look more promising |. evory day and this afternoon if noth j ikk' wionj;, he is going to seel -Manii^rr Murphy, if Murphy arrives, I ami aiiitnpt to bettlo the matter Now | Mil.er Has Fulton's contract it seems ' Mini vi}« ilint he uants $l.\il> for the Ml any l .ai *Mo [i <if course this is out \f the ipirstion U hilo Harris is good lie in not ul good enough to warrant an outlav of a I undred and a half If Miller ihcks to his dett riiimatiuu, he wiil have the pluii-mrv of knowing thai In has Men a Uig lniHlruiree tn a man :r \i :i^ to j.:nn hast ball reputation NrVERVULE. of Cod Liver Ofik the of life-and enjoyment •f tMe to thousands: men, wtooi and children. When appetite fails, it restores it When food i£ a burden, it lifts the burdea. When you lose flesh, it brings the plumpness of heatta. When work is hard and doty i&JKavy, it makes life bright It is the thin edge of the wedge; the thick end is food. But what is the use of food when . you hate it and caa't digest it? Scdtt'sEmulsiin of Cod Liver Oil is the food that makes yoa forget your stomach. saldigniTogaty'tb bo toaM\io$&3£j \Sfflireu. Witness. Hon; WiiOaGJEE^S^ FT Q * McCTiELLAN, Scrrrogata, -,suf tf^ [US.J *he Surrogate's Office in ttaS&S*.'? . city of maron. jg^t, t>o*%l fifth day of Aprif,Sin the yci? jSg? of onr Xiora-j?ri©> tionsariO nl&a M?. hundred and nine, - J>% JOHN V, WHITBECK, J^, • -#? Clara, to th* Surrogate Ja Co^-.v - NOTICE TO OBEDITOESf—By>rdW of Hon. George MeClellan, Bax*o«&b of tho County of Columbia, aotjeaVIa hereby given, according to hm.Wydi prisons having claims or iwiifc ugainst Elizabeth Thompson, 4atS^St the town of Chatham in said Caaaivv- Se»d this kdvcrtUemcnt, together with Btme of piper In which k appears, yoar addraw and four cents to cover posuce, asd we wiO M&d you a \Cmvlete Urady Atlas of the WerU.\ SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St- New York deceased, that they are required to hibit the same, with the vonehars lis support therof, to the subscribers, tks administrators of said deceased, at tits place of business of Hugh MeC. Potter,, at Chatham, Columbia County, N, 'T., on or before the loth day of Osftf ber next. Dated Hudson, N. Y.. this 19tk*ar of February, A. D., 1969. <— Charles B. Thompaoa, Hugh MeC. Potter,'. ! Administrators of etc, of IDirrtiJjfc Thompson, deceased. John C. Dardess, Attorney for Administrators, Chrtbam. N. T. Wages Not Increased. Tn. we i k -Id .. .lax p. r tun .1 t ' <> \ . r n. t I NOTlC E TO CREDITORS— By I of Hon George MeClellan, Surrogate of the County of Columbia, notice ife hereby given, according to law ta ai persons h »ving claims or deauuMb I against Anson Oilbert, late of Mfc . ' rown of Ghent,- in said county, dectai \ v 1 ed, that tbey are required to exaiMt | the same, with the vouchers ia> M- taa a*- ministratrix of said deceased, at hw place of transacting business aa a*A iriminiBtratrix, at the law office at ..n nf llodson a few | » asi. an increase of for the eight hour : port thereof, to the subscriber, the ui^ maHons ot thi . . • i ..ns, it is stated, the i lir a .ha can make excellent egg sandwiches of confectioner's sugar, one white of by a recipe that will give.satisfaction ^ Mrvl b h , per8ecullng egg and Juice of half a lemon Sift i to all The yolks of hard boiled eggs I the sugar into a basin, add tjje white are rubbed to a paste with French I of egg and lemon juice Beat the mustard, olive oil. vinegar, salt, a bit Icing well for ten minutes—this will of minced pickle, a teaspoon of wilten It course in ridding the world of the fol­ lowers of Jesus. Transformed in Flash. —There will be no chnrch se r viccs in the afternoon next Sunday League I meeting as usual led by l.ydia Thomp j sou j —{ hester Boyd and Ray Van Hoesen chopped parsley and three olives The conversion ot Paul Is the stand-] have returne d from Mieust a S I minced. If the stuffed olives are used, lng mlracle of the *Z ea Between sun- , „ herp thoy have been for 80mc tlme RASPED ROLLS ARE UNCOMMON, tjie sandwiches will be that much nicer ' r ^ se \<>•»««« of one day be was / Caught \Em With a Net \ hui ,. i t ..iini prutertor tojk a trij. y\er ii't.i ( olumbia county anil iiia-ie -iv l.^hi run n cou^h u]i $87 50 for bettine tn.iit A oxsackie I'nmn Dainty That Will Be Appreciated at the Morning Meal. Put one cup of boiling water into a mixing bowl. In 'which is placed one- half tablespoon of butter or lard, one- half tablespoon of sugar, three-fourths teaspoon salt When lukewarm add one yeast cake dissolved In one-fourth cup lukewarm water. Add three cups This is spread on slices of thin sand­ wich bread from which the crusts have been carefully cut. If one wishes to ornament each sandwUb, tho half of an olive can be put o*%e top. Lima Bean Salad —Among the sim­ pler salads to be served is one of French lima beans—flageolets they are called These are bought by the can and kept in_ t^he pantry for emergency use. The beans are drained and completely transformed He erplaine the change that tool- place In him a» due to a direct revelation from j ^ heaven. An unsae- hand caught this I Prof U aterluirv and K. 1J \u ' drews, Jr, were Sunday guests at K. Andrews. Sr 1 -Mrs. FcltB and Mrs. K Miller are C Dardess in the village mad town of Chatham, Columbia eoaBttL_ i> A. N* Y , on or before the 15th day;-ff*^ ^ September, next Dated this In dav of Maioh, A. B,, 1909 ' -j Frances Coaradt, \droiniBtratrlx of etc., of Ansan <MI- bert. deceased, lohn C Dardess j Attor ?y for Administratrix, , Chatham. Columbia Co., N. Y. J » to devour the Christians In Damascus he was supernaturally muzzled. He \ | 6aw a tight above the brightness of the sun, he beard a voice which spoke of sifted flour mix well, and toss on a geTvedo^ fresh lettuce\lea ~ve7\coVred ! as ne T° r man SPOKE F , HE T ^.^H well floured bread board, and knead wIth a Frenoh dres8 ine which is *° m Le e er arterward claimed unUl smooth and elastic. Use as little thJckl Bpclnkl e d wlth paprika. ' Was the Very same Jesus who ha<1 flour as possible while kneading. | Wb|te Sauce ._ T ake one heaping Cover and set to rise in a warm place. tea8poonfu , ot flour two taD , es po 0 n- When double in bulk, cut down ^ Qf but Qne m without removing mixture from bowl, • bo „ tne muanroom elther one ^ foaming chargi in full headway and on tho sick list hnrled him back upon his haunches. ' Mrs. I Shoemaker and children Just a3 this roaring lion was about I nave returned aftor spending a fort been crucified in Jerusalem, \Last ->f all He was seen of me OIBO.\ And when he emerged from that supernatural experience his whole be­ night in New Jersey —Mrs. A. T Bennett has returned to her home in Madalm —Everett Wilderinuth spent Sunday in Craryville o SPENCEBTOWN let rise rnraln When lleht shane as ? . «\-\er one ana a , , n ch angeC He was a new man c >' v »' * u , half or two and a half and \'a i In Bis sDirlt his aims his entire atu-1 bath Buns; place on a buttered sheet. t0 the sauce a few mlnute8 before! 1°.. \F .Jl J*\_ 3 ..Tf: /.\\I! ' this time two inches apart (they must not touch; rem0 ving it from the fire. Add a llu each other), cover with a tea towel, [ Ue whlte to muBhr00ms When light bake 25 mln ' Bet to rise. utes in a \bread oven,\ until the en-j 8uet p u ddlng. tire surface of each roll Is a uniform j glft together cup ' fulfl flour a brown color. tablespoonful soda, a teaspoonful cin- Then grate off a thin layer from the | namon ^ a tea3p oo n ful mixed ontaida cruat with a grating machine.. c , Dve8 ^.j novice. Add one-half cup- or a coarse horseradish grater will Tul flnely ch ed 8UeL one c fu] anawer for this purpose. Great care, each molaB8ea and mllk a half cupful must-be taken in this process that the I geeded ^ dredged ^th flour, and outer thin brown crust may be — moved evenly. re Recipe for Chill Sauce. Scald, skin and mash enough toma­ toes to measure one gallon; add six onions, ten green medium sized pep­ pers, chopped very fine, bring to a 'stow boll; add one cupful vinegar, one amall cupful sugar, two table­ spoonfuls salt Tie In a fine bag two'tablespoonfuls each of cinnamon, allspice, cloves, ginger or nutmeg. Mix well and boll slowly two hours. I have used and improved on this reci­ pe for 16 years and have never come across a better one. In making the chili sauce one can use her own Judg' ment about the taste to suit the pal­ ate. It Is very essential that the spice be put in a bag, as it vastly Improves taste and color. Danish, .Stew, Take two good sized stalks \of cel­ ery, cut np or dice, put into three pints of water and cook till celery Is tender. Season with salt and pepper. a quarter cupful shredded citron or water melon rind that has been candied and dried. Mix well, pour in buttered molds and place in the cooking vessel with water to come almost to the top of the molds. Cover and boll 15 minutes, then place in the cooker and cook four or Ave hours. Apple Toast. Cut six apples Into quarters, take the core out, peel and cut In slices. Put in the saucepan an ounce of but­ ter, then throw over the apples two ounces of white powdered sugar and two tablespoons of water Stew quickly When tender cut two or three slices of bread one-half Inch thick and fry In the frying pan a nice yellowish color'in a little butter When nice and cri^p place them on a dish and sprinkle witb a little sugar Put apples one inch thick. Serve hot Excellent Poultry Dressing. Chop fine the heart and liver of the add two tablespoonfuls of flour made,*^ a ! lttle „ par8le , y amal '; 8 ^« 1 onion, six medium-size cold potatoes. into a paste with cold water. Then take one pound and a half of chopped beef seasoned with salt and pepper and two tablespoonfuls of bread or cracker crumbs, one-half of an average sized common onion, cut np finer and one egg; mix together' and form into balls and stew for ten to fifteen min­ utes with other ingredients until done. Amber PI*. One cup preservEg (strawberry or. blackberry are best), 1% cups sugar, one cup rich cream, yolks of four eggB, one heaping -tablespoon flour, one ta­ blespoon butter, and flavoring (lemon or vanilla). Cook in double boiler un­ til It becomes a. thick custard. Line pte plate with paste, put In custard, and coot Whip, whites of eggs to dry froth, add sugar to taste. When pie is done spread over top; return to oven to set fawn color. Anlte^Zwelbach, Beat whites of five eggs, .add yolks, one-half pound sugar; stir l 6 minutes (some direction always) tola'cream. Add; one heaping Ubelippon' of anlso seed-and half a pound .oTliour. Stti together awhile. Bake ,ia;'long, nar­ row.* tfigrimppfcd * jwttp'inClf} poasible, In jbUMKfafaTfeat' for-aboutfJ8 minutes. WlWnvpSirtly :cooled cut'in' slices .ot tfif«e^uai£era of an inch''each and brown m oven. Half pound of pork sausage. Half loaf of stale bread crumbs, dampen the crust, half teaspoonful of nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste. Chop all togeth er, then mix well with four lightly beaten eggs. This Is sufficient for one large chicken. Double amount for iurkey. Pumpkin Pudding. Take-one pound of butter, beaten to a cream, with one pound of pulverized sugar. Beat the yolks of six eggs to a stiff froth and stir them Into the sugar. Orate the rind of two lemons and squeeze out the juice; add one wine glassful of wine and .one of rose water Roll fine (our water crackers and stir in; beat all woU^iaiether. Have ready dishes lined with paste,' put In the mixtures and bake. flour one add one^quarter -raw -~ r.-r >iyed)'iVput .-tt&iMr&to:;bo: vwa>hea litojthisfand ;JMOT»;;'top«raturo \vwa^n -^ashlng^sklrt;; ^TWs is 'anlakcellent method' aad-neVerf alia \toiSnaYeTSa-irt lookouts, new. - ,r£r..-»s-- , Making th«lCfothe«)in«'4.a,*t.'.- ,, - vff^e^-Iiorisekoepep' wh£*hlJKYea\'in' |U*g8S;ia. Httio Uiiags\ always^ poiltt Hint for the Young Cook. In making cookies or doughnuts have the dough very cold .before^begln- ning to rolkoutjuad roll a amall,por­ tion at atTme. Eteji'a'oegiBner will have no trouble about-; lta'sticking to the hoard.' if' this -saVies 'Uba ' U fol­ lowed.—The Housekeeper. „ Extract White Without, Yolk* If one ..wishes .touoae only,ti«i whit* ot the egg? \break a, smaU h^e'in'oae end of'lhe shell andl'e\ttae^wMba-'Tuu jn»t Theiyolk^Wkeep^^t^ii -tkift shell tj»-k'.JdhgStime.,^ .? Innovattoa'ln^Hodaok Jkhaels. tude. He had lost his pride and was as humble aa a child. He had lost his bigotry and intolerance, and was broadminded and-*charitable. Within three days he was praying; within a week he was baptized, within the same length of time he had received a Pentecostal baptism of the Holy Ghost and wl*hiu the s-mo period he was preaching the goBpet of the Son of God. wnom scarcely a week before he had hated with all the in­ tensity of a Pharisee. The conversion of St Paul is the marvel of the ages There is only one possible explana­ tion of It—it was supernatural. Revolutions in Character. But St Paul is not the only man who has been thus transformed in a twinkling. Not all men have such a dramatic change of heart, but every converted soul has as real a change. It is not at all an uncommon thing for revolutions to tahe place In the char I Sunday, acters of men as radical and thor- J oughgoing as the overturning of em- I — pi res. Many a .man has been brought to do the things he once hated, not only to do them, but love to do them. And many a man has come to loathe the things that once were all be lived '[ for Scales have fallnn from their eyes In an Instant Just as really as they fell from the eyes of Paul. It is still true that many ot those who go to chu-ch to scoff, remain to pray People whose whole career has been destructive suddenly become con­ structive. There are great crises ID the sou s of men as there are of na­ tions when between daylight and dark thrones are toppled over, scepters are broken, rebellions go to pieces, sur­ renders are made, emancipations are proclaimed, bondmen go free, enemies are reconciled, reunions are consum­ mated, homes are reconstructed, -men and women are transformed. Supernatural Explanation. There Is no possible explanation of such ohanges except on the ground of a supernatural light shining In the goul. a supernatural voice speaking to the inner consciousness, a supernatu­ ral being putting an omnipotent hand upon the individual, facing him right about and reconstructing every facul­ ty of his mind, every energy of his sOaL-jaad every nbef *isfT»ls bodyTThe\ \outward manifestations are as varied as the Individuals themselves, but the experience Is common to all. As Paul himself puts It: Howbelt for this causa -1 obtained mercy, that k. me first ChrisvJeaua might show forth all lo&gsuffe'rlng, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on Him to life everlasting.. Paul was a . pattern saint In his Instant aurrend- e . in \his entire consecration, in his -complete transformation, in his Ufe- ^o'ag'sarvice.'.li his triumphant death. I w* have the record of his sinful life —Mrs Frederick Dexheimer of South Au8terlit7. is dangerously ill at Dr. Mesick attends her —Prof Charles Miller of the l'n ion Free school who has been on an Easter trip to Niagara Falls last week has returned. — Ker J McC White of tho Pres hytennn church IB visiting; in Balti moro, Aid. —Prof N A Shaw aDd family of the Hamilton institute in New York city have arrived at thoir country home near this village —Sanford Oles is in Dover, Dutchess county. —The two sons of Theodore Taylor, ('Linton and Herbert, are at I). W Lasher's — Mrs. Neihoff and daughter, Minna removed this week to Chatham Vnri. i ru i If KDITOHS- »y or ' i Ii 'llan. Surro ' gate of the County of Columbia, noti.e ' .K i ordin^ to law, to i I |'.h. i- 1 1 i \ . i IHIITIH or demands , Mi .:nn <t lu-ori:. I Morris late of the »II of .:!t-nT \illa«'e of ' hatham, in said I ounty deeeabed, that they aro required to e\hilut the same with tln'| \n in hers in support thereof, to the Milm i nl • r- tlie idiiiin ist rat rix and nd j •n nutrator of said deceased, at their line of transacting business as such •ulininiitrat rix and administrator at State Bank < hatham N Y on or be fore tho !6th day of October, next. I'atcd this Utli day of April, A D., 1'iui) lane < Morris, Administratrix. Herbert A Humphrey, Administrator Cardcnier and Smith, Attorneys for Adms. NOTICE TO CREDITORS— Pursuant to the order of Hon. George McCleBaa, Surrogate of the County of Columbia, 1 notice is hereby given, according to law to all persons having claiaas against William I. Kilmer late of the town of | Stnyvesant In the Connty of Colombia, > deceased, that they are required to pa«- { sent the same with the vouchers therM 1 to the subscribers the Executors of eta!, of the said deceased at the residence of i Mfred C. Kilmer, one of said Executec* I in said town of Snyvesant, on or tSefora ; i be first day of May, next Dated Oct. 16th. 1008. Alfred C. Kilmer, \William J. Kihasr, ' Executors of etc., of Williaai L Kil­ mer, deceased. I O 8. Collier, i Tttorney for Executors, \ Office a^d P O. Address, I KiD <Whook, N. T. THE PEOPLE OF Til K STATE OF NEW U)KK. by the Grace of Ood j j Free and Independent. j To Mary M Field, Ilattic (' Davis i NOTICE TC CREDITORS—By order and Loren Kenaselaer Field, who with ' of Hen. George MeClellan, Surrogate of Kussell T Field, eonntituto all the I the Connty of Columbia, notice is hara- , heirs at law and next of kin of John by given, according to law, ta all par- G Field, late of the town of New {sons having claims or demands agmuMS ' Lebanon in the county of Columbia, Terrenee S. Shoridan, late of- the eHy deceased, send Greoting: of Chicago, state of Illinois, deteeasfl, I Whereas, Russell T Field of Water that they are required to exhiMt\t_» ixlict. N Y , and Edward Lynasen of same, with the vouchers in saMjjMfl Swaouse, N \ . have lately made ap- j thereof, to the subscriber, the *M_B- phcation to our Surrogate's Court of ] istratrix of etc., of said dsteassd, at the (ounty of t olumbia, to have a | ter place of transacting bosiaesa aa certain instrument in writing, relat i suc h administratrix, at the oSee of ing to both real and personal estate I j 0 h„ c. Dardess, her attoraey, at the i duly proved as the Last 'Will and Testa i Village of Chatham, County of Colam- 1 ment of the said John G Field, de | n j ai JJ. Y., on or before the nrst day I ceased, therefore you and each of you ! „f July, next. „, „ , are hereby cited and required person I Dated this 28tb day of Deceaaber.. -Tho Misses Sawyer and H.gg.ns a „ y , ( ) b( f and npppBr b ^ foro ou 7 8aid , A j90?. returned to their schools on Saturday Surropate at the Surrogate's Court in j Elizabeth C. Sheridan, | the City of Hudson, on the 28th day' Adaainistratelx. I of May, 1909. at ten o'clock in the , John C. Dardess, 0 forenoon of that day, then and there. Attorney for Administratrix, » AUSTERXJTZ. ' to attend the probate of said instru 1 - — 1 ment as tho Last Will and Testament • \ — , of said deceased and those- of you who j — Miss Mary Varney of Chatham 'are under the age of twenty one years, spent last week with' her aunt, Mrs. < required to appear by you««uard I II 1 ian ' vou nnvp one '* - vou \ nvp none, , t-mmft mil ! that vo'u appear and apply for one to' — Russell Trebilcox spent Easter at 1 bo appointed, or in the event of your i Homer Seegor's. noplect or failure to do so, a guardian -Miss Evelvn Shufelt is spending | be appointed by the Surrogate to j , , \ , ... , . represent and act for you in these a couple of weeks with bergrandpar ' jiroceedings. \ In Testimonv Whereof, We have caused the Seal of Office of oiir 1 said Surropate to be hereunto I atived Witness George Mc (L.S] Clellan Surrogate of our said I Count \ , at the City of Hudson, I the 0th day of April, A D., j 1909 cuts AFTER SUFFERING TEN YEARS Chatham, N. Y . TERMS OF COUNTY COURT. Designation of Times and Places He Holding Terms of % •County Court of Colombia Cotmty. ' A ii v the .'Acts. of,hU aalvatlon ir Ho­ of v ls i*actIflcation v ln Bphesl- 2&*pit i<* aatisfactIoa-.,ln PJifllpplana-J --oata £ 8ta ^'ilKaT 3M., It his hfoh docaded.to iatrpdnce &i 3r ^-^ih'iKUi ^-^maiihsi^g^^itmji duBtrial b»uehis jn;ihejnjjlIe^M of-Hudson f idt, -tha w«_s s -i|^itt -^Jb^^^^^J^%ur be-taken! ap-at tlu> b^T^g^oj^o^cTm^enee.^ he for thBBO in tho^Wgne'r-^aainiai VVf^-* - 7~ : ~\ Q .. \q- ' \.\ grades ana-for boys: wiil.jepttslst of. / — - ai9 ; M^^l,feaXo^ac~ f8hop-trork*>Tvaiai- t^lami&uln) ta'etp/-* '•'\\ ' \ mth 'the tow oi^ip k anl/a^isiiia^ \tor;Is to' iio Bocursa'-wiih a $_fc«#Ba*jjb % : *iW ..:Sii Cured by Lydla Pink- harrys Vegetable Compound r ^CARLTON^Kj:— I fee^hat -fcytilaEJ Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has riven ihe new life. I suffered for ten rears with serious, female troubles, in­ flammation, ulcer­ ation, indigestion, nervousness, and oould noC-jjleep. Doctors gaW\ me up, as they said my troubles were chronic I was in] despair.anddidTiot —-—_ care whetherl lived or died, when I read about Lydia E. Pinkham'sYeftetable Compound; ao I begin j» takeit, and am wellagainand nilieved, -<ot • all ini-«_t«ring. ,? — ifrs. QTO«ilsJoKDT;B6x40,-:3i£arlton, NJ. - -ydia E. Hnkham'a Vegetable Ooin- pouMf.inade from native roots and nerbtioontains-no aatcbUcs or harm- \ful.drags and io-aay-holdj tn4.S*cord of th«3arj^'nu^ber=<>f tactual cuies x >f female, diseases\we''lriiow <^»nd .thouaandso^TblUnUi^teslimo^ •oni file I 'iui the.'Pinkham; Tibof afor f a'fc X^n/-^aasj,{ ifoin.f ^'onea'j whoT >haVtf „bSto'Cur ^fj6m'alm*o's^'feVerv f orni ot iemftle 'coinplala \tViMahin _tIon t ,.'ia; cwaU ^disi >lacem «»tsjfibroidhtJna 'or^ l JOHN V WHITBECK, Jr , j Clerk to the Surrogate's Court . John C Dardess,. | Attorney for Executors, j Chatham. N Y 1 Citation on Accounting. ' THE PEOPLE OF THE 8TATE OP NBW YORK by the Grace of Ood TrbV and Independent: To Henry \V Urowae , Luman 8. DroTmo, Jaaon A. Drowns, Rolland C. Drowne,.Grace B. Bortells and Mao B. Pryor, as executors of etc, of Mary 3. Bortel )8 ,^aceased, Fannie Drowne, widow, Royce Browne, Brewer Drowne and Fannie Drowne, children and George H. Tucker, executor of etc, of Charlos Nye Drowne, deceased, Lnman V. Drowne, Katie Drowne, Martha Drowne Newton. James Drowne, 8yrns Drowne, Maud Drowne Smith, Freder-. ick Drowne Heffernan Peper Co., j Charles E. Covey, Caodrns Rockefeller,\ Hon. Charles H. Gans, 8tate Comp­ troller, United States Fidelity * Guar­ anty Company and all others, if any, whose names and residences' are\ un­ known and cannot be ascertained, af­ ter diJigent^inqbiry, constituting all the persons interested in the^estate of Mary Drowne, late of the town of Clavoraek, county of Columbia\ State of New Tor k, .deceased. SEND GHEEOCtfTG: You and each of yon are hereby cited and required personally- to-J^B and. appear before onr 'Surrogate...of onr Connty,of Gblumbiai.3s,\t;-his oulco .in ] the Ci ^r of'Hn*soa, 'on. lSo --21st - rla^-j •»f May t ISOSi, at J10< oiclftc .35L,4SC iho 'i forimo'on ot that ^05% _*tt»:XAha' fthejcbi 'i fo ,attoadJttho 'Juai .al^r^tUtmcya'^t;: 'tho-'ascoftnta ot-JTa^oii Al.^pi'dwji^edjl JbSS 0, DaJdoss.- W. ^a .mluist'wi'ors'' Pnrraant to thr prario.oni of tbe Cod* Of- Civil f rocedorr, UJO onden>lvn> 4^.1 ovntv-iJaMe of ttre ounn jo t c lonrtila, ntr&of «n>ilit« •>» ^_ tlraea _d places f ..r holding (he Unu.of Qte <. ounty Conrt if ••! I co nty la aayl for tkm jai' 190S. and nntll oth> rwlfM •ppe4nWS5,'DUBel>': Second lionJi-.) ot Jaaaarj, 10 a. m.. at OoMC Hooae . . . S«cnnd Monday ot Febmaij, ^. v nu, atCMM Hooae. v ' ' UeooDd Monday of Mare% 8 p. m., Bonse. 8o-ond Monday of April, 10 a. m at BOOM. &)£M .second Monday ot May. lo a. m., at Coart U^v'-'S Hooae. Second Monday of ^nne, 10 a na^at Cotets^Jjg oae tk-cond Moi Coort B n \-e H oae tk-cond Mon ay of September, S p aecond Monday of October. 10 a. m.,a*C<»rt Hnnee. • . :' -JSS Second Monday of November, 10 a. «»<.j»*i- 'IjS ; ° rtH -^ . .. »x att> nd the terms appointed to l>e Ueld-Cin tbe f iQdMouda««c.f March ~eptonbfr aid Uecember. t»cond Monday of Sewuber,9>_,atpo«rty^i>.-tt Hon«e. . ' a i ^B 1 * A Tr'al Jnrr w(ll bo driven and jreio'mnn»S to j , %^ which tM-tna an app lined for the trial Uf- of law and twoei> of.'act A Grand Jury t ,._wl.^df^d_auno^fe^ be dia»n or enmmfar\ ——•-•»%•• other term* hereoy app Dated Hnda n, W. > « tJ \-*'«v-;fi;» ronaty^Jte-ofCo.atobla'Cenuii ^jfehWj STATS or NBW YORK, , XgiZm&ffPA CoLUxatA COD5TT t teaa'sjniox;^!?^'!^^,^ '^^q^^l'oseJl^--5rnli. , i A Sspreme - . - Courts of Beootd hetd.;tli«rvln..''<*o • „ Cntr fjourti'v UHNOC a.cd Jta-i»»i .*?sv »,'j >hh ttimo'Iii af trfftt'a'n A., t^mtxi. tnm-'fi^i or tK w) OH ifctreo.*;^*- i-W'&i&g&tm Ix _ti^«Tiiwfji(l(tai«^a*! ^M.'-etai?i«oa.»n<S am»«*.iu<«->«la»7A^ tha>> the Wld-CojrW aW Coaat^tato neilee'Ta ,a«Mbytf^«^-|f^friH_ii^lb'S^' laWj«l'i «a™$'?p«ti»^ I agkikat;-Dr5?Jo*W^:^atti_-;v k^iiAi.*! jto -vta-w*- y a t icMti^'is^^omtii^t of^CaliiB^gii i •iii.^»^n'__»^aii-«--ya •!ve«Mlw\riff'UilaTeof ii .•£alV v «tgthiigi_#: iTO<Mac*>,vC_itsiiMV

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